Posted on May 5, 2016

More Than Half of UNC Academic Dishonesty Cases Involve Students of Color

Dave Huber, College Fix, May 4, 2016

You know what the implication is when news sites like the University of North Carolina’s Daily Tar Heel put out headlines like this: “More than half of Honor Court academic cases are students of color.”

Gasp!! That’s right, 56% of the cases before UNC’s Honor Court involve minority students, a “disproportionate figure compared to UNC’s 63 percent white campus.”


By now, if you know anything about academia, “simple” explanations for a situation like this just won’t fly.

For example, Iti Madan of the Undergraduate Honor System Attorney General’s office says “students of color coming to UNC might not understand the rules as well because they have fewer resources.”

“I think that the level of preparedness for college is the main determining factor,” she added.

Attorney General undergraduate representative Frank Jiang said that “non-white students face different life experiences” and that these “different cultural upbringings, institutional racism and implicit biases formed by repeated narratives surrounding their identities” play a role.