Posted on April 22, 2016

Racial Diversity Debate Between White Nationalist and KSU Professor Held Thursday Night

Monique Blair, WKYT (Frankfort), April 21, 2016

Kentucky State University Political Science Professor Dr. Wilfred Reilly went head to head in a political debate with White Nationalist Jared Taylor at Kentucky State University Thursday night. {snip}


After Taylor had 30 minutes to voice his argument, Dr. Reilly was given 30 minutes to voice his argument. Dr. Reilly said he disagreed with everything Taylor said.

“Diversity makes life more interesting and civilized and fun. In terms of Spanish clubs and Indian food and white quarterbacks and African American tennis players and so on,” Dr. Reilly said.

“So it may be true that whites and blacks fight a lot in America today but we have to recall that these are both constructed, made up categories. They’re put together from Irish men, Italians, Orthodox Jews and Zulus and Mandinka. They used to fight a lot more,” Dr. Reilly said.


The auditorium of nearly 200 people became noisy at times due to the crowd yelling out comments. At 8:00p.m., the debate concluded. Students were asked to voice their further questions and thoughts on Twitter using the hashtag #ksudebate.