Posted on April 25, 2016

Racial Backlash Against Barack Obama

Terence Samuel, Washington Post, April 22, 2016

Barack Obama’s presidency will always be tethered to the history of race in America. It has, so far, been offered as Exhibit A of how far the country has moved toward overcoming its ugly racial past. Others use it, with equal force, to make the opposite point, that race-based antagonism is so endemic to the American way of life that it will take more than the election of a black president to move the country beyond its long traditions of racism and discrimination.


Noted white nationalist Jared Taylor has explained the backlash against Obama as an overall failure of the integrationist ideal, saying that people of different races were not meant to live together and that many people were simply reverting to the norm by turning against the idea that Obama’s election was somehow racially transformative. Taylor’s racial prejudices are on open display; he believes America should be a white country and that the Obama presidency is just another milestone in the wrong direction.