Posted on April 4, 2016

Don’t Be Fooled; Greece Is Sending Back a Mere Trickle of Migrants While Millions Are Waiting to Descend on Italy

Katie Hopkins, Daily Mail, April 4, 2016

They say history repeats itself.

I just never thought we were stupid enough to allow the same thing to happen right under our noses twice within two years.

I thought the deal was that we learned from the past and refused to make the same mistakes again in the present. In the same way I know not to marry a man twice my age or try and win a pretend job with a short man called Sugar.

But as the Austrian defence force starts sending troops to its Alpine border with Italy, I see we have learned very little from the recent migrant invasion of Europe and destruction of our culture and values.

On the same day we started sending back economic migrants to Turkey from Lesbos, Greece, Austria acknowledged that it is sending troops to the Brenner Pass where a new route has opened up–from Libya to Italy. And the numbers of migrants on their way is truly awesome in size.

If 2014 was a flood, this is the year of the Tsunami. And if you thought the last migrants were just mostly young, single men–this lot are almost exclusively so.

Austria is preparing to defend itself. Italy is about to become the new Greece.

And yet all you see on the news is a few handfuls of migrants, willingly sitting on a ferry to Turkey to start adventures new–as if the European Union has found a solution to the problem Merkel and the ‘Migrants Welcome Muppets’ created.

The suggestion that migrants are welcome is deeply flawed. In 2014 a record-breaking 38,000 asylum seekers were accused of committing crimes in Germany. In Hamburg alone more than 55 wallets and purses are stolen each day, 90% by males aged between 20 and 30 from North Africa and the Balkans.

Stifled by political correctness, the German authorities are playing down the lawlessness of migrants to avoid fuelling anti-migrant sentiment. The cover-up of the mass sex attacks New Years Eve in Cologne was a perfect example of the lengths the authorities would go to to protect those in the wrong.

The legal hurdles to deportation are ferociously high. To be kicked out of Germany you need to easily identifiable (despite lobbing your passport over the side of your dinghy en route to Greece) commit a crime, be sentenced to a prison term of three years or more and come from a country where they will pander to your every need on your return.

In other words, make it to Germany and you are essentially a German for life.

Last year we retched at the story of 50 men, women and children suffocated and decomposing in the back of a frozen-chicken lorry abandoned by the side of the road, dripping blood, stinking of death.

Less than two years later will we be expected to react with some kind of shock when two hundred bodies are hauled lifeless from a shipping container en route from Libya to the Italian coast?

And what will it take to turn national opinion this time? What picture will the newspapers use to melt your hearts?

Last time it took the body of Aylan Kurdi to remind us that action ought to have been taken earlier. What will it take this time — a whole family? An even smaller child with an even more complicit father?

What will motivate the Pied Piper of displaced peoples–Merkel–to sacrifice the safety of her people in an attempt to erase the sins of Germany’s past?

Like brainless lemmings, will we make the swift switch from anti-migrant sentiment to standing at train stations blowing whistles in welcome, Bob Geldof offering up spare rooms in some distorted display of snivelling self-sacrifice?

The German Development Minister, Gerd Muller, says eight to ten million migrants are on their way; currently collecting on the Libyan coast, waiting for the human traffickers to organise the containers on ships to pack them in to.

Make no mistake. Syrians are not just sitting at the border with Turkey waiting for something to happen. They are taking the long road and a different path to ‘freedom’.

I was interviewed by police under caution a few months back for suggesting these people are cockroaches–able to survive the worst mankind can throw at them. But I am yet to find myself disproven.

As 260 willing souls leave Greek islands for Turkey under the eyes of the world’s press, eight to ten million more desperadoes are on their way to Germany a new route through the Med.

America may even reject visa free travel for Germans and France due to the high rates of passport forgery by migrants. How much more will it take to admit Schengen has collapsed?

Build your walls, close your borders and protect your children. North Africa is on its way.

In March 8,405 refugees arrived in Italy. Earlier this week 700 migrants were rescued from 6 boats off the coast of Libya, and four bodies were found.

History is just about to repeat itself. And lefties up there on the moral high ground have the perfect view to watch it all unfold.