Posted on April 11, 2016

Dartmouth College Sorority Cancels ‘Racist’ Kentucky Derby-Themed Party

Tré Goins-Phillips, The Blaze, April 8, 2016

Kappa Delta Epsilon’s annual Kentucky Derby-themed party at Dartmouth College has been dubbed racist, so it has been cancelled.

The replacement theme: Woodstock.

The Kentucky Derby-style celebration, which was condemned by Black Lives Matter activists last year, gave students the opportunity to dress to the nines and sip on Mint Juleps, as if they were going to the infamous races but without having to actually travel to the Churchill Downs.

According to the school’s newspaper, The Dartmouth, sororities like KDE are “part of the problem,” and to host such an event is both racist and elitist, so it had to go.

After speaking with many of last year’s protesters, KDE vice president Nikol Oydancich said the sorority voted by a 96-to-4-percent margin to switch the party’s theme in order to eliminate its “racial connotations.”