Posted on March 3, 2016

White Nationalist Group to Hold Conference on Trump in DC Saturday

Garrett Haake, WUSA 9, March 2, 2016

On Saturday evening, an Arlington-based think tank called the National Policy Institute plans to hold its annual conference in the rotunda of the Reagan building in D.C., with around 150 attendees expected.

The topic of the conference will be the Republican presidential frontrunner, Donald Trump.


The NPI’s website says the group is  “dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future of  people of European descent in the United States.”

In Trump, Spencer sees a figure “energizing” the white nationalist movement. So on Saturday, conference attendees will enjoy cocktails, dinner, desert, and three speakers praising and parsing the “Trump phenomenon.”

“He’s fighting for us. He’s saying we’re going to be great again. We’re going to win again. And there’s this implicit identity to this. There’s this implicit nationalism,” Spencer said in an interview Wednesday. “I think he’s evoking a lot of feelings amongst people, and I think implicit in what Donald Trump is doing is a conception of America as a European country.”


Spencer explained that he doesn’t actually think Trump is a racially conscious at all.

“I think a lot of older Americans they are implicitly white. When they think of America it’s a white country,” Spencer said.