Posted on March 1, 2016

Super Tuesday Preview–#MAGA vs. #NeverTrump

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, February 29, 2016

A specter is haunting Republicans–the specter of Donald Trump. All the powers of old Washington have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this specter: Mrs. Clinton and Sen. Sanders, Mr. Romney and Sen. Rubio, movement conservatives and even British comedians.

Recent polling shows Donald Trump has extended his lead nationally among Republicans, almost breaking 50 percent in a five-man race. However, he is currently under attack in a smear campaign unrivaled since Pat Buchanan won New Hampshire in 1996. Mr. Trump is accused of not sufficiently disavowing David Duke during an interview, despite having explicitly disavowed him the day before. Even those who have been favorable to Mr. Trump before, including Laura Ingraham and Joe Scarborough, are now piling on. As the late Sam Francis often observed, it is the traditional pattern of the Beltway Right uniting with the Far Left to police the conservative grassroots.

The objective is not to get Mr. Trump to disavow Dr. Duke, since he has already done so several times. It is to make Trump prostrate himself before the gods of political correctness and beg for mercy. More importantly, the objective is to morally shame voters into not voting for the candidate they actually support. This is not what Mr. Trump wants the day before elections.

At the same time, the word has gone out throughout the Beltway Right that if you work for Mr. Trump or publicly endorse him, your career is over. This is why the endorsements Mr. Trump has received are so significant. If Mr. Trump does not win, their political influence will have essentially ended. The fates of men like Chris Christie are now completely tied to his success.

Mr. Trump’s key advantage throughout this campaign is that unlike every other candidate, he has a core message. As Chris Matthews observed in an insightful segment, it’s the only slogan any of us actually know–Make America Great Again (#MAGA).

However, cuckservatives now have their own rallying cry: #NeverTrump. They have a slogan, which, to their mind, is just as compelling as #MAGA. The David Duke controversy gives them an excuse to do what they wanted to all along–pose as heroic partisans opposing a rising dictator, even though it’s Trump supporters who are actually risking something.

Mr. Trump is widely expected to win on Super Tuesday. There has not been much polling taken after last Thursday’s debate, but those figures that have been released do not show an appreciable decline in Mr. Trump’s support. He also received a critical boost with the endorsement of Senator Jeff Sessions, the most credible elected official among grassroots conservatives. Perhaps to defend their anti-racist credentials, most conservative talk show and television hosts seem to be deliberately ignoring it, preferring to sputter frantically about Dr. Duke.

Marco Rubio has capitalized on all of this and is unquestionably campaigning with more energy than he’s previously shown. His crowds are larger and more raucous; he is hammering away at Mr. Trump’s personal characteristics, while the conservative movement seems to be just waiting entirely to abandon Ted Cruz. In states that are still polling relatively closely, including Oklahoma and Virginia, this is a real sign of momentum. All of this is happening even as new reports indicate Sen. Rubio deliberately deceived conservatives about amnesty, his Senate career being best described as a long con of his own supporters.

This is a moment of real danger for Donald Trump. While he is expected to win, the consequences of his victory will be portrayed as nothing less than ascendant fascism. Even leaving aside the impact of the latest “racism” attacks, this will motivate his opponents. Everyone expects Ted Cruz to win Texas, but if Sen. Rubio wins any states other than Minnesota, it will be portrayed as a stunning victory. And the official explanation will not only be that Trump’s decline has begun, but that his fall was due to his supposed racism.

Mr. Trump can also expect no less than three days of vicious attacks during the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference. The official conservative movement is now firmly aligned against Trump. The conference organizers have made their preferences clear by giving the keynote address to Glenn Beck, the increasingly unhinged televangelist of a bizarre pseduo-religion, who refers to Trump supporters as “brownshirts.” Making matters worse, there’s another Megyn Kelly debate this Thursday. Mr. Trump may never be as vulnerable as he is right now.

The irony is that CPAC is in some ways responsible for Trump’s rise. They let him to address the conference when they thought he was just a celebrity businessman who could help bring the conference more attention. It’s another example of how the Beltway Right tried to exploit individuals and forces they thought they could control. Now, CPAC officials find themselves confronting a full fledged nationalist revolt.

Yet it’s clear nothing actually unites the official conservative movement anymore except opposition to Mr. Trump. Sen. Rubio, their preferred candidate, has been reduced to making penis jokes about the Republican front runner. This isn’t doing much to “dispel this fiction” that he has nothing to hide about his personal life. Political consultants and Beltway intellectuals are fantasizing about forming their own independent political grouping. (Perhaps they can call it The Foam Party.)

But this seems more like a pose than a serious strategy. Our rulers need to keep control of the Republican Party and Super Tuesday is probably their last chance.

Of course, if Donald Trump fails to get the Republican nomination, his voters will not turn out for the likes of Marco Rubio. The strategic calculus for Sen. Rubio seems to be that by running a politically correct, “soft” campaign, he might be able to edge out Hillary Clinton. This might actually work because Mrs. Clinton is an exceptionally weak candidate, but trying a rerun of Romney 2012 will keep Trump supporters home on election day. And even if Sen. Rubio squeaks past Hillary, the first thing he will do is pass an amnesty that will ensure none of his Republican successors will be able to win ever again.

Even the Beltway Right’s chosen battleground of wonkish economic theory will be a lost cause within a decade or two. After all, more college students now support socialism over capitalism. Even from a milquetoast conservative point of view, what is needed is a candidate with transformative appeal, and only Trump fits the bill.

What is truly striking is the fanaticism with which Sen. Rubio and his backers want to head off the left-wing attacks they would get in the general election. Sen. Rubio boasts that Republicans are “the party of diversity.” He absurdly claims it is an act of courage to “oppose the KKK.” In a sickening example of cuckservatives doing the Left’s work, arch-cuck Matt Lewis uses Senator Jeff Sessions’s full name, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, to imply his Trump endorsement is somehow tainted. We can only imagine his outrage if anyone made a point of Barack Hussein Obama’s names–or Nimrata Randhawa’s.

Ask any Bernie Sanders supporter after South Carolina about the uselessness of trying to win over non-whites with earnest policy proposals. But many cuckservatives probably know this. They’re deliberately supporting Rubio because they believe he can defuse the threat of a nationalist Republican Party that actually represents the interests of its European-American constituents.

Anger does drive voters to the polls. In Mr. Trump’s case, his voters are driven by anger against a self-righteous, anti-white political class. In Sen. Rubio’s case, his voters are driven by anger at Mr. Trump and the insolence of his supporters. Peter Brimelow, borrowing Brecht’s quote about the 1953 East German uprising, said mass immigration is about dissolving the people and electing another. The Rubio campaign is now explicitly about dissolving the Republican base and electing another.

What Super Tuesday will show is how much moral toughness Republican voters have. Mr. Trump is suffering an all-fronts media assault. If he falters, the attacks will accelerate, the purges will begin, and goofy conservatives will rejoice that they have kept control of their glorified direct-mail scam and the moribund GOP. It means those who find employment and identity in Conservatism, Inc. can continue the scam for a few more election cycles. And it means the next political candidate will think twice before sounding any nationalist themes.

If Donald Trump falters, we will end up with an even more restrictive environment in which taboos are even more rigidly enforced. The Trump Organization will be held up as an example, pour encourager les autres.

But if Mr. Trump emerges victorious on Super Tuesday, it means a new age has begun, where public-shaming campaigns and artificial scandals no longer have absolute control over our political discourse. It means Mr. Trump can eliminate Sen. Rubio from public life. And with the Sessions endorsement, it raises the real possibility of a reconstituted Republican Party, explicitly founded on a populist, nationalist foundation which could lead to an eventual breakthrough for white identity politics.

The number one priority for the Beltway Right is to prevent that from happening. Even if it means the eventual defeat of all the policies they claim to care about, the the Beltway Right is incapable of understanding even the most obvious facts about race. Super Tuesday will help answer a vital question: whether the Conservatism, Inc. still has the power to help engineer our dispossession or whether we have at least a chance to ensure that tomorrow belongs to us.