Posted on March 11, 2016

Construction Worker Recalls Uptown Charlotte Attack; 4 Teens Arrested

Sarah-Blake Morgan, WBTV (Charlotte), March 2, 2016

A man says he was beaten in the heart of uptown Charlotte while he was just trying to do his job. According to police, the assault happened late Friday night on South Tryon near the Courtyard Marriott.


“I didn’t think they were going to do anything. They were just running their mouths,” he said about his alleged attackers.


“As soon as he came around the corner, he hit me in the eye and split my eyebrow open,” he said.

The man was working construction when he says four teenagers jumped him, busting his lip and eyebrow, and even pulling out a knife.

“I’m fighting two and one is trying to stab me the whole time and he turns out to be a minor,” he said.

It didn’t take long for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police to arrest the suspects. Dominique Rowell, 18, Jamar Williams, 16, and Nemiah Mcinnis, 15, are all charged with assault and battery, among other things.

The victim believes the root of his attack was his race.

“When I was sitting in that lobby, they didn’t say anything to any African-American or black or however you want to put it. But as soon as any white person went through, they had something to say to them,” he said.