Posted on January 14, 2016

Video Shows White Chicago Police Officer Shooting Dead Unarmed Black Teenager

Chris Spargo and AP, Daily Mail, January 14, 2016

A black teenager is seen being shot dead by a white Chicago police officer as he runs from the man in broad daylight in 2013 surveillance video recently released from the incident.

Video emerged of the death of 17-year-old Cedrick Chatman’s death on Thursday afternoon, shortly after a a federal judge granted its release.

An officer killed Chatman on January 7, 2013 during a foot chase after he was suspected of carjacking, according to authorities.

His family had asked that the video be made public as it sued the city over the shooting, arguing it would counter the city’s narrative that Chatman posed a danger to police.

The officer says he fired after seeing Chatman turn toward officers with a dark object in his hand. Investigators later found the object was an iPhone box.

A lawyer for Chatman’s family says the video will show he never turned toward officers and posed no threat.


Andrew Hale, a lawyer for two officers named as defendants in the lawsuit, said in an email Wednesday that the video will show his clients acted properly. Minutes before the shooting, he said, Chatman refused officers’ orders and jumped out of a car after grabbing the item that turned out to be the box.

‘As he was fleeing, the suspect turned toward the officers, with the dark object in his right hand, causing one officer to open fire,’ Hale’s email said.

The Independent Police Review Authority, which investigates police shootings, cleared the officer who shot Chatman of any wrongdoing. {snip}