Posted on January 29, 2016

Swedish Police Reveal They Have Dealt with 5,000 Incidents Involving Migrants Since October

Lydia Willgress, Daily Mail, January 29, 2016

Swedish police have dealt with 5,000 incidents involving migrants since October as they revealed they are concerned the problems are getting worse.

Officers in the country have been called out to nearly 600 assaults in the last three months as well as four rapes, two bomb threats and 450 fights.

Migrants and asylum seekers have also been involved in 194 violent threats, 58 fires and nine robberies, according to data obtained by SvD.

Dan Eliasson, police commissioner, told SvD an increasing number of officers were needed to deal with the problems.

He said: ‘I am concerned about these developments. I fear that there may be even more trouble.’

He added: ‘The unrest in asylum accommodation is something that requires more and more of us.

‘[The accommodation] is crowded, some people bring with them the baggage of traumatic events. There can be various disagreements between groups.’

The figures were collected after forces introduced a code to distinguish the incidents that involved asylum seekers or migrants, reported.

Around 80,000 migrants are currently thought to be in or have travelled through Sweden.

The data emerged less than a month after a number of German cities saw a wave of sex attacks and mob violence, with the majority of suspects of North African origin.

More than 800 women claimed they were sexually assaulted or robbed by mobs of young men in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

There have also been complaints of assaults in Hamburg, Munich and Berlin prompting officials to give migrants entering the country instruction manuals telling them not to grope women.

Fourteen cartoons have been released and migrants have been told to look women in the eyes rather than any other part of their body when talking to them.

A picture of a man touching a woman’s bottom has a big cross through it.

Meanwhile, aid worker Alexandra Mezher, 22, was knifed to death at the child migrant centre where she worked in Molndal, Sweden, on Monday.