Posted on November 12, 2015

Trump Blasts ‘Weak, Ineffective’ Univ. of Missouri Heads

Tom LoBianco, CNN, November 12, 2015

Some Republicans seeking the White House blasted University of Missouri administrators for resigning in the wake of continued protests, while Democrats said they were standing with students and others looking to address what they say is structural racism.

“I think it’s just disgusting. I think the two people who resigned are weak, ineffective people,” Donald Trump said on Fox News Thursday morning. “When they resigned, they set something in motion that’s going to be a disaster for the next long period of time.”

Trump also called the protestors’ demands for change “crazy.”

“Many of those things are like crazy,” he said.


“I’m listening to the #BlackOnCampus conversation. It’s time to address structural racism on college campuses,” [Bernie] Sanders tweeted.

Hillary Clinton retweeted her staffer Marlon Marshall, who wrote, “Racism has no place anywhere, let alone an institution of learning. Standing w/ the students at Mizzou in my home state calling for change.”