Posted on October 21, 2015

University of Delaware Launches $1 Million Diversity Initiative in Response to Hate Crime That Didn’t Happen

Blake Neff, Daily Caller, October 19, 2015

In a move it says is partly inspired by a recent hate crime incident, the University of Delaware (UD) announced it’s launching a brand new $1 million initiative to promote diversity on its campus. The problem? Said hate crime never happened.

According to The Review, the campus newspaper for UD, dean George H. Watson plans to set aside a million dollars a year from the state-funded school’s budget in order to promote diversity. Watson hasn’t yet announced exactly how that money will be allocated.

Watson said the new initiative was based on a series of events that happened in the past year, such as the selection of the racially-themed novel “Just Mercy” as assigned reading for first-year students this fall and a visit by the book’s author, activist Bryan Stevenson.

But Watson also said the new $1 million initiative is partly prompted by an incident last month where students believed they found makeshift nooses hanging from a tree in the middle of campus.

Within a few hours, police had concluded the “hate crime” was anything but, as the nooses were really just the remains of paper lanterns from an event held last summer.