Posted on September 16, 2015

SUNY Jumps On the PC-extremism Bandwagon

Editorial Board, New York Post, September 13, 2015


The nation’s largest public university system has just adopted a sweeping new policy in the name of making its campuses the most diverse and inclusive in America.

Mind you, SUNY’s made impressive gains in minority enrollment over the past five years–largely through active outreach to recruit more such students and faculty. At rural SUNY-Potsdam near the Canadian border, for example, minority enrollment is up from 18 percent to 42 percent since 2010.

But the results aren’t enough for SUNY to keep up with its peers across the country. The University of California has a vast diversity bureaucracy; SUNY wants one, too.

And so the 64 campuses of the State University of New York will each get a chief diversity officer plus faculty specialists to impose “cultural competency training” on all staff–and track performance records in multiple categories.


There’s more: To make students feel more “welcome,” SUNY has signed on to the full PC agenda–and its mind-numbing jargon.

Students will now get to self-identify from a list of seven possible genders: man, woman, trans man, trans woman, genderqueer/genderfluid, questioning, unsure–or some other label of their own creation.

Same with sexual orientation: They can identify as straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, queer, questioning, unsure–or, again, create something new.


The whole project is a huge waste of time and money, at odds with the real mission of taxpayer-subsidized SUNY: providing a reasonably priced college education.