Posted on September 9, 2015

Black Man Suffers Another Racist Beating–in Whole Foods?

Colin Flaherty, American Thinker, September 9, 2015

Another black man is the victim of another racist beating–for no reason whatsoever. Or so the media would have us believe.

This time in Oakland. And we know that because of what the CBS affiliate called an “unprovoked violent beatdown” was witnessed by one of the world’s top authorities on black victimization, Dr. Zoe Marks.

And she is spreading this story around the globe.

The violent encounter happened last Thursday. CBS news in San Francisco started the tsunami of coverage by calling for the arrest of the security guard who administered the beating on a black man who was doing nothing more than just trying to buy a few groceries.

Soon hundreds of news sites around the world picked up the story:

“Black Customer Bloodied After Attempting to “Buy Groceries with his EBT Card” said San Francisco Weekly.

Private Security at Whole Foods Brutally Assaults Black Male ,” said the Atlanta Star.

“Whole Foods Fires Oakland Security Guard Who Beat Black Customer Unconscious,” said the International Business Times.

“Private Security At Whole Foods Beats Black Man Unconscious, Leaves Him In A Pool Of His Own Blood,” said he headline at ThinkProgress.

“Shopping While Black? Avoid Whole Foods. You May Get Beaten Bloody,” said the Daily Kos.

This is a long list.

The sordid tale of racial violence all began with one witness: Dr. Marks.

“It was a very asymetrical one-sided attack by a much larger individual on a person that was just trying to buy some groceries,” Dr. Marks told KPIX news.

On her Facebook, Marks posted a few pictures of the bloody and unconscious shopper and added a few details: “I’m sorry for more graphic images of violence against black citizens, but I was here and spoke to the victim (to keep him conscious), perpetrator, several bystanders, and cops. Armed private guards cannot be tolerated in our grocery stores and communities when this is what they do to paying customers.”

Dr. Marks began her quest to expose the evils of black victimization at Georgetown University–where she took a minor in African American Studies, then pursued it (the African part anyway) at Harvard and Oxford.

There she writes and lectures on African “victimhood and survival.”

So when Dr. Marks came upon a black victim in a white grocery story in a Chocolate City, she knew the script. All she needed was a reporter to ask: What happened?

They did their part. She did hers: She talked. They listened.

But much in the tradition of Paul Harvey, there may be more to the story.

Over at Yahoo News, one reader claimed she saw the whole thing. And it looked quite a bit different than the tale of “victimhood and survival” Dr. Marks was so busy sowing around the world.

I WAS THERE WHEN THIS HAPPENED. Here is the truth that the media isn’t reporting. The incident took place at the Whole Foods store on Bay Place in Oakland. The man had a variety of items in his shopping basket. After the clerk scanned all the items the customer tried to pay with an EBT card. The clerk told him he has to pay for the household goods in his basket with cash, because they are EBT ineligible items. The customer had beer, soap, and cat food along with his food items.

The black man got very irritated and asked for a manager. A manager came to the register and told the man that it is illegal to use an EBT card for the purchase of the non-food items in his cart. The black man started swearing and throwing all the cat food on the floor, breaking one of the containers and spilling it on the floor. The security was called to escort him out of the store. The black man spit in the security guards face, and that is when the altercation took place. Fists were thrown and the customer got the #$%$ end of the stick. Not a single reporter or officer approached me for an interview. There were numerous cameras all over the area and I cannot wait until the footage is released.

Over at San Francisco Weekly, another reader took it to another level:

This customer came to the store drunk right before the closing time. While in the store he sexually harassed several female employees. Using an EBT card at Whole Foods is allowed. The issue is he was trying to use it to buy other things that are not allowed with an EBT card . . . non human food items and alcohol.

He argued with the Cashier (a black woman) and slapped and spitted in her face when his EBT card was declined. He then punched another employee in the face. He then spit in the face of the manager (also a black man), then broke open cat food and dumped it on the floor. Then the guard (also a black man) was called. A customer was asked to leave. He kept spitting in the guards face and that’s when he was physically removed. The “witness” in the video is a social justice warrior that has one of those dubious doctorates in “African studies” degrees and ties to look for racism where none is present. Everyone involved in this situation is black. A customer, the cashier, the manager and the security guard–are all black.

Except for Dr. Marks. She is white. And still convinced that black people in Oakland trying to buy groceries are routinely beat For No Reason What So Ever.