Posted on August 27, 2015

Top Racists And Neo-Nazis Back Donald Trump

Andrew Kaczynski, BuzzFeed, August 26, 2015

America’s white nationalists have spoken, and they’ve spoken loud and clear: Donald Trump is their presidential candidate of choice.

From former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke on down, the proudly racist fringe of the American electorate supports Trump. For his part, the candidate is not welcoming their support.

“I don’t need his endorsement,” Trump told Bloomberg TV of Duke’s praise. “I certainly wouldn’t want his endorsement. I don’t need anybody’s endorsement.”

Although he also told Bloomberg on Wednesday that he didn’t know anything about Duke, in 2000, Trump even cited Duke as a reason he would not run as the Reform Party candidate. “The Reform Party now includes a Klansman, Mr. Duke, a neo-Nazi, Mr. Buchanan, and a communist, Ms. Fulani,” he said at the time. “This is not company I wish to keep.”


But Jared Taylor, who runs the site American Renaissance–which argues that “one of the most destructive myths of modern times is that people of all races have the same average intelligence”–is an avid supporter of The Donald.

In a recent post, Taylor contended, “If Mr. Trump loses, this could be the last chance whites have to vote for a president who could actually do something useful for them and for their country.”

In an interview on Wednesday with BuzzFeed News, Taylor further explained that his support for Trump was based on his desire for whites to remain the majority racial group in the United States.

“Why should whites want to be a minority?” he said. “Answer me that question. Why should we want to celebrate diversity when celebrating diversity means celebrating our dwindling numbers and influence? And to the extent that Trump succeeds in putting the brakes on immigration, he will also be succeeding at reducing the speed with which whites are reduced to a minority.”

He added that this was the way “frankly that all whites feel, we just never dare say so.”

Brad Griffin, who writes under the pseudonym Hunter Wallace for the white nationalist blog Occidental Dissent (“We don’t want to see our peoples be submerged”), said in an interview that he supports Trump for other reasons. In addition to his staunch opposition to immigration, he also noted the candidate’s positions on “trade, political correctness, and campaign finance.”

“I like the fact that he’s funny,” Griffin added.

Peter Brimelow, the founder of the extreme anti-immigration, agrees.

“He just shoots from the hip but his hip seems to move in a very good direction,” he said on a recent podcast.

“They are stunning,” Brimelow said of Trump’s immigration proposals. “They were stunning.”

“In the Meet the Press interview he gave, just flat-out said they have to go. And he doesn’t say that in his actual position paper, but of course it’s good news and of course he’s right they should go,” Brimelow said later. “All of them.”


On his podcast, Richard B. Spencer, the president of the white nationalist National Policy Institute, said while what Trump is saying isn’t that different from other Republicans, Trump’s passion “inspired” him.

“Trump says things, says these in a way–mundane things–with such gusto, with such visceral energy and toughness, that’s why he’s gotten under the skin of his critics and that’s why he’s kind of inspired people like me is because he gives us the impression that he gets it maybe on a visceral level and maybe not on an intellectual or policy level,” Spencer said.


Asked about a comment Trump made Tuesday on the Simon Conway Show–“We have to bring the people out,” but that it would be “very warm and humane”–Taylor, the American Renaissance editor, said, “If he does it in a warm and humane way, then he will ensure that practically no one actually self-deports. So I think that’s a stupid idea and a very ineffective one.”

Taylor has previously argued that an effective strategy of encouraging self-deportation would be to broadcast “television images of Mexican families dropped over the border with no more than they could carry.”

In the same vein, Griffin, the Occidental Dissent blogger, said, “It troubles me that he wants to deport all the illegal aliens and then let them back.”


By the same token, Taylor says he will remain behind Trump regardless of his doubts, because he’s “the best of a very sorry lot.”

And when asked whom he would support if something happened to Trump’s campaign, Taylor would not answer.

“I realize that the purpose of your article is to discredit Donald Trump by, ‘Look at these wicked horrible people who support him,’” he said, “so I don’t think I would give you any ammunition against any other candidate.”