Posted on July 31, 2015

Immigration As Obama’s Vehicle For ‘Fundamentally Transforming’ America

Investor's Business Daily, July 30, 2015

Immigration: The open borders movement has long been suspected as a scheme to turn red states blue to ensure permanent Democratic rule. A slew of new reports shows that the plot is real–and may be succeeding.

Democrats have long had trouble selling undisguised socialism to the voters, but are not without ideas. If U.S. voters won’t buy the bigger government programs they seek, well then importing new voters from elsewhere might just work. After all, socialism is attractive to many poor people from less-developed nations, and that’s who gets visas these days.

That’s why immigration is rapidly emerging as a trump card for Democrats. No party has benefited as much from the million or so visas issued to new residents from third world countries each year–29.5 million from 1980 to 2012–nor has any other party fought so hard to extend amnesty to millions more illegals.


“The bottom line is that more immigration favors Democrats,” wrote Byron York in a 2014 Washington Examiner column. “There is no prediction of Democratic electoral ascendancy that doesn’t rely on demographic factors as the main engine of the party’s dominance.”

This calls for a re-examination of what’s going on and whether it’s in the broader U.S. national interest, outside of party politics.


The sooner this issue is distilled to its raw political equation, the sooner we can have a national discussion about what kind of immigration benefits America, instead of what kind of immigration benefits Democrats.