Posted on July 24, 2015

Donald Trump’s Support Remains High Following John McCain Controversy

Kathy Frankovic, YouGov, July 24, 2015

Donald Trump leads the GOP presidential field again this week, though controversial remarks about Sen. John McCain may have dented his popularity among Republicans

Donald Trump’s rise in the Republican contest for the 2016 presidential nomination doesn’t appear to have been slowed much–at least not yet–by the recent controversy over his criticisms of Arizona Sen. John McCain’s war record last weekend. In fact, although Trump’s favorable ratings among Republicans have declined, he is still ahead–and far ahead–when Republicans are asked to choose among the 16 currently announced candidates.

In last week’s poll, Donald Trump received the highest favorable ratings of any candidate from Republicans, apparently helped by his tough position on illegal immigration. This week, however, Trump’s favorable ratings dropped 11 points, and his unfavorable rating has risen 15 points.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is now the best-liked GOP candidate. 63% of Republicans view Rubio favorably, and just 17% are unfavorable. Newly-announced candidate Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin also is rated more favorably than Trump.

Trump’s 42% unfavorable rating from Republicans is the highest negative rating given to a GOP contender from partisans, though it is just about matched by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s 39% negative assessment. More Republicans like Trump than like Christie, who gets a 46% favorable rating from members of his own party.


But there is clearly a core group of registered voters who identify as Republicans that has coalesced around Trump’s tough talk and proposals. He is even more clearly in first place than he was two weeks ago when Republicans are asked to choose among the current candidates. Two weeks ago, in the Economist/YouGov Poll, 27% of registered voters who identified as Republicans chose Trump as their first or second choice for the nomination. This week, 28% say he is their first choice, and another 10% rank him second.



This week’s poll began on Saturday, the same day that Trump criticized McCain’s status as a war hero. There is no way of knowing how many respondents were aware of the controversy, or whether it affected–or will affect–them. {snip}

Trump runs even better with older Republicans.  One in three Republicans who served in the military or live in households with a veteran say Trump is their first choice for President, suggesting that at least some may not have been affected by the Trump-McCain controversy.


A separate YouGov poll completed Wednesday suggests a reason why the McCain controversy may not have affected Trump as much as some expected. Two out of three Republicans view McCain as a war hero. But fewer say they have a favorable opinion of him. In fact, Republicans in that poll gave both Trump and McCain similar ratings.

The differences between the Trump favorable ratings in theEconomist/YouGov Poll and the daily poll are not significant.


Even more striking, veterans and those currently in the military are more likely to have favorable views of Trump than to have favorable views of McCain. 41% say they have favorable views of McCain, while more than half are favorable to Trump.