Whites Moving to Detroit, City That Epitomized White Flight

Corey Williams, My Way, May 21, 2015

Whites are moving back to the American city that came to epitomize white flight, even as blacks continue to leave for the suburbs and the city’s overall population shrinks.

Detroit is the latest major city to see an influx of whites who may not find the suburbs as alluring as their parents and grandparents did in the last half of the 20th century. Unlike New York, San Francisco and many other cities that have seen the demographic shift, though, it’s cheap housing and incentive programs that are partly fueling the regrowth of the Motor City’s white population.


No other city may be as synonymous as Detroit with white flight, the exodus of whites from large cities that began in the middle of the last century. Detroit went from a thriving hub of industry with a population of 1.8 million in 1950 to a city of roughly 680,000 in 2014 that recently went through the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history. In those decades, the city’s population has gone from nearly 84 percent white to a little less than 13 percent white.

In the three years after the 2010 U.S. Census, though, Detroit’s white population grew from just under 76,000 residents to more than 88,000, according to a census estimate. The cheap cost of living, opportunities for young entrepreneurs and push by city-based companies to persuade workers to live nearby have made a big difference, experts say.



Eugene Gualtieri, a 41-year-old lab technician at the Detroit Medical Center, took advantage of an incentive program. Live Midtown, offered by his employer and several others in the Midtown neighborhood, allowed him to take out a $20,000 home loan that he won’t have to repay if he stays in his condo for five years. The program is aimed at getting workers to live closer to their jobs, which can benefit employers and employees.

“The condo is eight minutes from work … super close, nice neighborhood and really reasonably priced,” Gualtieri said. “Like any part of any city, I’m sure there are good parts and bad parts. You just make sure you don’t end up in the areas you are not supposed to be in.”

Live Downtown is a similar incentive program offered by employers located in downtown Detroit, which is home to General Motors, Quicken Loans and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Three professional sports teams and stadiums, three casinos, restaurants and bars are entertainment anchors.

Blacks appear to be weary of waiting for Detroit to turn things around and have been migrating to nearby suburbs in search of comfort, better schools and lower crime.

The city’s black population was nearly 776,000 in 1990. By 2013 it had dipped to an estimated 554,000.



Susan Mosey, who heads the nonprofit planning and development group Midtown Detroit Inc., said about 1,150 people have participated in the Live Midtown program, 38 percent of whom are white and 38 percent of whom are black. She said it’s great to see whites moving back to Detroit, but the city needs to attract more people and stop others from leaving.

“The reality is this town is not diverse enough,” Mosey said of Detroit as a whole. “We need new immigrants and more whites to move in. We lost so many of the middle-class African-Americans during the recession. We need good numbers of all people to come back.”

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  • This is why I haven’t given up hope. If Detroit can turn around and see an increase in the white population, then anything is possible.

    • D.B. Cooper

      HAaaaa Ha ha ha!!!
      I’ve been reading this article, nearly word for word for over 30 years now. Here’s the cycle (same outcome every time): After an area is ruined by diversity, Goldberg and Silverstein will buy it for pennies on the dollar. White liberal yuppie moves in. White liberal is robbed, raped, and burglarized. Recently turned white conservative-former liberal moves out. Diversity moves in.
      Rinse, repeat.

      • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

        Now now, better watch yourself or this thread will be closed too! Can’t mention “them”, ya know.

        • Rob

          Yup sadly we cannot mention them. Iam glad you noticed.

          • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

            So much for wanting wanting truth known to the world, eh?

          • Alexandra1973

            It’s not the truth. It’s a smokescreen.

          • journey

            The rest of the world knows except they want to copy them. They are seen as smart and successful except just not welcome except here. They control white countries, for now.

      • Chip Carver

        The natives already have the pots boiling. Huge pots.

        • SoulInvictus

          Hey, got to eat something in those food deserts right.;)
          We do look pretty tasty though…and most of us are well marbled.
          I’ve been there, and it’s sad. You can see how beautiful a city it used to be. All the whites I met north of Detroit are wide awake, vocal, and have absolutely no desire to live in the city.

      • FiHadoration

        Thank you, my friend, for providing this comment!! You remind me why I have not lost all hope on my people, yet.

      • evilsandmich

        Yeah that free twenty grand sounds like a deal until everything he owns is stolen once every six months.

      • Alden

        Arthur Rubloff (note the name) real estate company started doing this in Chicago back in the 1940’s. They would select a neighborhood that by any objective criteria was great. The city was planned with neighborhood parks and commercial streets about 8 block apart. Big homes surrounded the park and look out on the park. Then smaller homes, then small apartments then the commercial street. The area would have excellent transportation and most important, a Catholic or Lutheran high school nearby so White children could be protected from blacks. Of course every Catholic Church had an elementary school; very very important.

        Rubloff would buy a house or small apartment building and fill it with blacks. The blacks would be under instruction to rob and harass local businesses as well as the people who lived there. Pretty soon the Whites were in full flight often to suburban tracts built and sold by guess who? Arthur Rubloff Inc.

        Rubloff would buy the buildings from Whites at fire sale prices and sell or rent them to blacks. Rubloff Inc is the reason Chicago passed a law 60 years ago forbidding real estate for sale signs. It was supposed to stem White flight.

        After a few decades of very profitable slum lording, Rubloff would start evicting the blacks and planting articles that the neighborhood was coming back due to the wonderful anemities like the park, the lovely old homes that just needed a bit of fixing up, the safe private schools, public transit etc.

        First the gays and single men would move in, often with roommates in the big beautiful old homes, then a few families who could afford private schools and a stay at home Mother or driver to take the kids back and forth because public transit is just not safe for White children in Chicago. A lot of the private schools have their own buses and parents often car pool.

        The notorious Fillmore district of San Francisco experienced the same thing. In 1940 it was about 70 percent White 30 percent Japanese. Many of the Whites were They Who Shall Not Be Named. When the Japanese went off to the concentration camps TWSNBN bought up the Japanese homes and rented them to blacks who destroyed the neighborhood in about 6 years.

        35 years later a few gay men bought the beautiful 1880’s homes with high ceilings, properly proportioned windows and best of all, real kitchens and living rooms.
        The gays have moved on and Fillmore is now filled with White and Asian families. One great thing about the Fillmore is that it was mixed as far as size and price of homes. Some of the homes were real big mansions. Others were modest 3 bedroom townhouses and flats

        The black population of San Francisco in 1940 was miniscule. Among the detrimental effects of WW2 was that it brought blacks to the Bay Area to work in the shipyards. Many of the Fillmore blacks worked at the federal mint just down the street. The neighborhood was famous all over the state for being a crime ridden savage black slum. It was most noted for hordes of teen and younger black prostitutes who were basically slaves of black pimps who often murdered them.

        The blacks howled and yowled when the gay men moved in. 60 years, same buildings, same streets and transit, same parks, same schools, but what a difference the race of the people makes.

        At one time before the Rodney King riots the city of Los Angeles was in such despair about S. Central LA and Watts that it offered police officers a free home in black areas. The city would buy the home and just give it to the officers. But even bachelor black officers didn’t go for it.

        But 35 years later with the hispanic arab etc invasion, Watts and S Central have come back. Crime is way down, the schools are safer and quieter, police can arrest criminals and give tickets without fear of a riot. Everything is better when blacks leave and everything is destroyed when blacks arrive.

    • JohnEngelman

      Gentrification is one of the hopeful developments in contemporary urban America. Many slum neighborhoods have beautiful nineteenth century mansions and townhouses. What they need is better neighbors.

      • Tempest in a Teapot

        What changes for the better that wasn’t previously changed for the worse? Black and brown people aren’t magically disappearing. This big anomaly called Gentrification has a specific life span, just like all of the other social engineering attempts to build a utopia or oasis on the foundation of a multicultural/multiracial America. There’s nothing special about it.

        • Alden

          Much of gentrification is real estate companies publicity and falsehoods. They buy up slum property in the hopes it will come back. It is all publicity lies.

      • APaige

        The key is better schools. That is why single and gay Whites are the spearheads, no kids. Once property values increase, Blacks leave, White families move in, schools improve and even more White families move in.

        • What you’ve stated takes some superior contortion of logic skills in order to make any sense. If property values alone keep blacks out, then how did those areas ever become blighted and ruined in the first place? It all sounds like such a plausible and nice and tidy way to have negro free schools and neighborhoods. But tell me, what happens when the local black officials and city government figures out they can just bus in the “diversity” and give loan assistance to not-so-White families in order to stay within the good graces of the Diversity Gestapo?

          • John Smith

            A few got govt. loans and drove the values down enough for the rest to Africanize the area?

          • Lexonaut

            You know what they say … Integration is the time between the first black moving in and the last white moving out.

        • JohnEngelman

          There must also be at least one source of good incomes, and adequate law enforcement.

      • newscomments70

        Baltimore was being gentrified…look how that turned out. Whites cannot successfully gentrify a black city. Only hispanic communities can push the blacks out; and they do that with gang violence.

        • A Freespeechzone

          THAT is exactly what has and is happening in Compton, California.

          • stonepillow

            In Miami it was a two stage process first the Cubans got them on welfare out in the county by taking all the hotel jobs away from them on the strip and then started with the gangs.

    • Hope shouldn’t be reserved for something that has already proved to be a complete failure. Those White people didn’t just spring up from the Earth, they came from somewhere else that was probably much, much more White. They could have just as easily been part of a tax base that was funneling time, energy and money into a White-majority social/economic structure. Instead, they are just a fresh host laying down and providing the new teet that will have to support the Black Plague that devoured the last host. All that is being done now is to swap one version of multicultural America for another one. The players might change, but the game and end results will not.

      • phillyguy

        Just wait till the few whites who move to downtown Detroit get hit with the water bill that the negros refused to pay.

      • stonepillow

        “Instead, they are just a fresh host laying down and providing the new teet that will have to support the Black Plague that devoured the last host’ this is so on point!

    • Oil Can Harry

      Here comes the neighborhood!

    • Light from the East

      One thing is for sure: Rising house price will also drive black people out.

  • MekongDelta69

    Whites leave: “Racist

    Whites return: “Invasion

    • JohnnyMangoes

      I guess now you feel what it likes to have any of your actions condemned by the majority group, rather than taken objectively.

      Asians aren’t argumentative: meek and supplicant
      Asians are argumentative: uppity and aggressive

      • BlueSonicStreak

        Asians are argumentative: uppity and aggressive

        I have literally never seen this argument in my ENTIRE life, and I spent 15 years on the “anti-racist” radical left. Where do you come up with this stuff? “Uppity” is a really old term too, almost exclusively reserved for American blacks.

        …Since when do Asians have even an iota of a reputation for being “argumentative” anyway? Asian people seem to be incredibly apolitical as a group. I only ever saw a few Asians on the far left. And for the record, those few individuals WERE “aggressive,” quite “objectively.” One ran a blog called “Kill All White People.” Don’t know what you’d call that if not “aggressive.”

    • WR_the_realist

      Blacks complain when whites leave, not because they like the whites, but because they need their taxes. When whites come back, blacks complain about whites taking over their neighborhoods.

      • John Smith

        And wallets and purses.

  • B.E.L.

    They need whites to move in so they have someone to prop up the blacks. They need whites to move in so the city actually has a chance to survive.

    This is what the militant blacks do not get, without whites, they have nothing.

    • journey

      Blacks are too stupid to get it. They truly believe they are either smarter or just as smart as whites and that they built this country. The whites were just incidentals.

      • stonepillow

        No they get it – it’s why they are so angry.

        • journey

          You truly believe Michelle Obama gets it? She been on a tear lately about her blackness. This means admitting inferiority.

          • John Smith


          • stonepillow

            She – absolutely gets it. Again it’s why she’s so angry and aggressive/defensive. People which are secure and accepting in their role in life or legitimately proud never act that way – they’re always nice guys, a pleasure to be around. But not Michelle Obama, she sleeps with a knife in each hand. Probably whups on Barack for the same reason.

          • sl

            She has an inferiority complex. One of the symptoms is aggressive behavior in compensation.

    • Lexonaut

      “This is what the militant blacks do not get, without whites, they have nothing.”

      I feel a song coming on. I think I’ll title it “Been Black So Long It Looks Like White To Me”.

  • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

    What a bunch of lunatics. It’s not a good deal if you get murdered, silly white fools!

    • evilsandmich

      Arabs live in Dearborn, not Detroit, nuff said.

  • mikey7777

    You just make sure you don’t end up in the areas you are not supposed to be in.”

    So,let’s analyze this microaggression.What do this mean by”the areas YOU are not SUPPOSED TO BE IN.What “areas” am I not supposed to be “in” and why.And if I do “end up ” there “who” will be the people that will make sure I am not supposed to be there.Is this area not under the jurisdiction of the United States of America.Do I not have the right and freedom to go where ever I want.Oh wait I forgot this isn’t the United States of America.

  • LHathaway

    Whites are people too, and welcome again, sometime after Whites go from 84% of the population to 13% of the population. Even if there are only 12,000 more of them in total, it’s worthy of a news story about them. The same kind of news story that was never printed, as Whites went from 84% of the population to 13% of the population – except, no doubt, only in regards to how this may have affected the black population, and only the black population, and in fact, only to ask if these Whites were actually racist – if their racism is what had affected the city – i.e. blacks. At least White appear to count to them in this one news story.

  • Denis

    I’ve been saying for a long time, Whites should start moving in and creating parallel communities, Similar to Chinese, etc. Slowly turn it back into the paradise it was in the 50’s.

    • It was a paradise before because it was run exclusively by White people, for White people. I’m not sure of the logic involved in thinking that turning something back is progression, when what it was before was so easily subdued and destroyed by the Black Plague. Race-conscious White people aren’t moving in and turning things around in those places. The people that are moving in are the profiteers and race-deniers who are convinced of their own abilities to make multiculturalism work.

      In short, the modes and methods used to originally build up places like Detroit can more easily be replicated and protected in newer areas, not in predominantly black cities where all of that tax money will be spent on leeches and lifelong welfare recipients.

      • NoMosqueHere

        It never was a paradise. It was, however, a good, productive american city.The devastation of the US automobile industry starting in the 70s was th primary cause of Detroit’s fall.

        Should Detroit make a comeback of sorts, it will have a services oriented economy run by hip whites in “cute” but segregated neighborhoods. But as in many prisons, sooner or later the segregated white hipsters will have to mingle with murderous blacks who surround them. Is that any way to live?

    • listenupbub

      First, we need a true homeland, like the Chinese have in China. Then we can conquer. But survival and group identity come first.

      • John Smith

        Europe is it, so time to do some evictions.

  • Rob

    Soon these whites will be robbed and killed. Just wait and see.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Michigan is a “shall issue” state for concealed carry. If everybody White carries a .357 Mag or 10mm Glock, then that’s a false statement.

      • John Smith

        These are mainly anti-gun hipsters and SJWs. Hell, even Detroit’s black police chief says you need a gun.

    • boodog

      Like gazelles returning slowly to the watering hole after a croc just ate one of them.

      • evilsandmich

        That’s a good one, thanks

  • TruthBeTold

    Detroit is the latest major city to see an influx of whites who may not find the suburbs as alluring as their parents and grandparents did in the last half of the 20th century.

    The younger generation doesn’t have the historical experience and memory of their elders and they’re convinced they aren’t ‘racists’ so they believe everything will be fine.

    • sam sneed

      how long before they start getting hunted. No we need a euopanic state with zero tolerance for other races. Yes it sounds harsh until you see the faces of our 14 year old daughters gang raped by 20 simians. Put a purple spot on every city corner, every street sign. Soon they will learn there are consequences to entering.

  • Katherine McChesney

    So, blacks and White are swapping neighborhoods.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Yep. I think this is a good thing. I’m a city person, and I’d like for our nation’s large cities to become livable again. We should let the blacks go live in the suburbs and exurbs, where things are more spread out and they can’t cause as much trouble due to there being fewer of them in any one spot. I’m tired of whites having to make long commutes every day to work while blacks live in the cities minutes away from whites’ jobs.

      • Alden

        I like cities too and I absolutely hate spending money and putting miles on my car commuting. According to AAA 80 percent of car expenses are for commuting. Commuting expenses are just another tax Whites pay to avoid being killed and robbed by blacks. But we should not destroy the suburbs either. Maybe we can establish reservations in Nevada and other under populated states much where blacks ca live on welfare provided by us but with strict border control so they can’t harm us.

        • GeneticsareDestiny

          That set-up sounds good to me! It’d be nice to keep the suburbs livable as well, if possible.

  • Curtius Simplus

    We need a tax base.

    • That takes a certain level of lateral thinking and unabashed determination, and a core group of people who aren’t content with mediocrity and virtual victories. Unfortunately, the pro-White sphere here in America has very few people like that.

  • Bo_Sears

    When we see hate words like “white flight” which is a label designed to mock the diverse white Americans, why not insert an editorial comment denouncing the label?

    After all, do we hear about “yellow flight” from China & Korea to NYC? Do we hear about “black flight” from many parts of California to the southern states? Do we hear about “brown flight” from Mexico and points south to LA? The label is a toxic one that is never repeated for other tribes.

    • LHathaway

      In the interest of accuracy it would be labeled ethnic cleansing. And that’s all this article seeks to do, distract us from it’s continuation?

    • carriewhite64

      That is a very good point, and I will use it next time someone uses the term “white flight” to me.

  • LeonNJ

    Viva gentrification! Even though the blacks will take umbrage for it.

  • Belinda Boundreau

    Recalling photos of White Detroit citizens protesting the government moving negroes into Detroit back in the 1940s.

    • Alden

      The blacks were moved north during WW2 to replace the White workers who were drafted to turn over Central and Eastern Europe to communist Russia.

      Because blacks were moved north, WW2 was as bad for the northern cities and their citizens as school busing and affirmative action.

  • jayvbellis

    Detroit is something to feel optimistic about.

    Hitting rock bottom, bankruptcy , then…

    Coming back.

    • stonepillow

      I’ll believe it’s coming back when Italian and Jewish Delis begin appearing

  • Fair Dinkum

    “We need new immigrants and more whites to move in … ”

    Good Lord! They’re actually saying that diversity includes whites? My understanding of the universe, of existence itself, is shattered! Never before have I ever seen diversity used as anything other than an excuse for the exclusion of whites. The cosmos reel and wobble! The very fabric of space-time is rent and torn! The stars fall and the moon turns to blood! Never before have progressives admitted that whites are essential to American society! What comes after this? Shall they demand an end to the eating of Irish babies? Will there be a general acknowledgement that homosexuality should be tolerated but not mainstreamed? Perhaps there shall even be an unprecedented and glaringly obvious recognition that humans, considered both as individuals and as groups, are not equal. This, however, would be a miracle on the level of the loaves and fishes, if not the parting of the Red Sea.

    I have suffered a major shock and trauma. I am compelled to retreat to my bed, and will be unable to return to our righteous struggle for at least three or four which I shall expend in sleeping, watching Jerry Springer, and reading trashy novels. I shall then commence, upon my return, to smite the heathen, excoriate the myrmidons of multiculturalism, and immanentize the eschaton.

    • John Smith

      They need people with money to both pay taxes and for the locals to rob.

    • carriewhite64

      Haha. Yes, I am walking around in a trance-like state, too.

    • Lexonaut

      “… watching Jerry Springer…”

      Methinks the cure may be worse than the disease.

  • newscomments70

    With the suburbs full of blacks, what is the difference? One might as well cash in on the cheap housing in the blighted cities.

    • evilsandmich

      Thus the goal of evil developers (I restate myself) comes to pass. Section 8/”affordable housing” causes churn and developers and RE agents get a slice of every move. That lot is worse than lawyers.

  • Joy

    So we use them for shock troops in cities, much like libtards use blacks, but in reverse. I say make lemons into lemonade! If a bunch of our own are naive enough to begin the process of taking back our cities, I say let them.

  • Budd Smithy

    Wonder how many of those once beautiful Detroit brick homes are still habitable? I’m sure most had no maintenance done. Many will need to be gutted, or torn down.

  • Cuddles

    The mindless criminality that’s endemic in Bantus are glued to their souls and can never be removed. Wherever the migrate the bring along the Seven deadly sins with them.

    The ghetto will follow their migration.

  • Cuddles

    They know reality.

    • Cindy

      They know reality but they don’t dare speak reality.

  • John Smith

    You’d have to install bars on first story windows, steel framed/steel core doors, cameras, lights, Medeco deadbolts, etc. to live there along with at least $5000 worth of firearms. You’d be better off living somewhere else and have realized it if you weren’t some mush-headed hipster or SJW who didn’t give it any thought.

    • evilsandmich

      Exactly, they need to see how these places are built in the third world and plan accordingly.

  • Shadrach

    FINALLY We may see Detroit becoming the Mecca of Whites and the Anti-Thesis of Diversity.

  • Uncle Bob

    I can’t see whites with a family moving into Detroit – that would be considered child endangerment. They must be either gay hipsters or young professionals starting out their careers at the bottom where their skills are in desperate demand. Most will eventually move on and those that linger will have to accept living in a predator-filled jungle where you must avoid eye contact with the local wildlife in order to avoid violent assault, while every day could become your last – even if you never leave the house! Forgetting to lock a door in Detroit could mean the difference between life or death in that disgraceful, third-world skeleton of a once-great city. Even the Police admit they can’t protect you in Detroit. It’s been horrific to witness how many other American cities that were still majority white when I was a kid, have now become ruins where empty skyscrapers, dilapidated factories, and blighted neighborhoods look identical to “the D”.

    • Lexonaut

      “They must be either gay hipsters or young professionals starting out
      their careers at the bottom where their skills are in desperate demand.”

      I believe you are correct. No, I don’t have a link.

  • carriewhite64

    Summary: Whites left Detroit, so blacks are following them as they always do. As the black population shrinks, whites will move in to take advantage of low prices and diminishing black population. As soon as the white population growth is significant, blacks will follow them on back into Detroit. Repeat endlessly.

    • Lexonaut

      “Repeat endlessly.”

      Indeed. In the 1890s Harlem was a posh white neighborhood. By the 1930s it had become an almost exclusively black enclave. Now it’s being gentrified. So …

      Now we know that the urban decay-renewal cycle is anywhere from 70 years (Detroit) to 125 years (Harlem).

  • LaszV

    Besides the obvious reasons so well outlined above, I shudder at the thought of the “quality” of the municipal services people there would have to endure..

  • Pat Boyle

    Of course, it would be trivial to turn Detroit around. All you would have to do is to declare that it is eligible for ‘recuperative segregation’. The idea is something like the old notion of ‘enterprise zones’ where certain sections of town had different tax laws.

    An area which is depressed is demarked as free from black people for perhaps fifty years until it can recuperate. Within such a zone it would be legal to exclude black people from various venues. For example there could be malls that exclude blacks. Many malls today in central cities are struggling. But if a mall excluded blacks it would probably soon become a refuge for whites who wanted a safe place to shop, congregate and see a movie.

    Businesses that today are afraid to operate in central cities because of the crime and violence would have a place where they could operate without fear. This would be ‘architectural segregation’ not ‘legal segregation’. It would be like bringing the ‘gated communities’ that prosperous private citizens enjoy to the public arena for all.

    • Lexonaut

      “recuperative segregation”

      I think yours is a fantastic idea. However, the word segregation will turn many people off. Perhaps the zones in question could instead be called future affordable housing zones.

  • rommel10

    the negro needs the whites to move in…why? they know the black man has no money and these whites are a new source of income, they have to have someone to rob, and the white man will be there new income

  • evilsandmich

    And good luck having family visit there, especially after dark.

  • evilsandmich

    And non-white immigrants as well. Recall the stories about selling the city to the Chinese since all the land there isn’t worth one Shanghai tower of flats.

    • Alden

      There are winter coats that cost more than some houses in Detroit. And I don’t mean Brooks Brothers or Nordstroms coast either, I mean Macys coats.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    The Whites can try to gentrify it, but the nigros will follow them back into Detroit: I’ll bet eventually, there is even a policy to recruit the same scum-balls who destroyed Detroit, in order to offer these White pioneers greater “diversity.”

    The “gentrifiers” won’t know how to fight such a policy, and won’t even know what hit them…

  • Jefferson Goodberry

    Quote from story: “You just make sure you don’t end up in the areas you are not supposed to be in.” — What’s with the veiled messaging? Why not just call a spade a spade?

  • Phoenixian Westernia

    Is this for real?

    • Lexonaut


  • Eagle1212

    Hopefully that way their crime rate will fall down 100% and they fix their neighborhoods in urgent need of redevelopment.

  • Lexonaut

    It never fails. Whites are stealing the wealth that blacks created, unfairly buying low and selling high. I’m outraged, I tell you. Outraged.

  • Lexonaut

    “Why in hell would Whites move to Detroit?”

    Because they’re tired of working?

  • Mircea

    In Detroit there are many arabs, which are classified as “whites”. Sometimes, going in an arab neighborhood might be as dangerous as in a black one (As I heard from someone who visited Detroit).