U.S. Split Along Racial Lines on Backlash Against Police, Poll Finds

Janet Hook, Wall Street Journal, May 3, 2015

Americans are bracing for a summer of racial disturbances around the country, such as those that have wracked Baltimore, with African Americans and whites deeply divided about why the urban violence has occurred, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll has found.

A resounding 96% of adults surveyed said it was likely there would be additional racial disturbances this summer, a signal that Americans believe Baltimore’s recent problems aren’t a local phenomenon but instead are symptomatic of broader national problems.

When asked to explain recent events in Baltimore and other cities that have seen confrontations between police and members of the African-American community, blacks and whites viewed the situation differently.

Asked to choose between two possible explanations for recent events, 60% of blacks said they reflected “long-standing frustrations about police mistreatment of African Americans.” Some 27% of black respondents said the disturbances were caused by people who used protests over an African American man dying in police custody  “as an excused to engage in looting and violence.”

But among whites, the balance of opinion flipped: 58% said people were seizing an excuse to loot, while 32% said the events reflected long-standing frustrations with police.


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  • Publius Pompilius Quietus

    Today, blacks can do no wrong and whites can do no right. According to the narrative promoted in all institutions of power, any malfunction of black people is alleged to be the result of racism, and any achievement of white people is also the result of racism. Hence, black people will continue to be malfunction members of society, because it’s justified by white liberals.

    • “Hence, black people will continue to be malfunction members of society, because it’s justified by white liberals.”
      You dropped the ball at the end. Blacks are trouble because of their genetics. Liberals only encourage it more.

      • Jack Frost

        It is amply demonstrated as such if one will only look. We had a hellhole of a neighborhood which rivaled any dangerous locale in the nation. It was just short of Beirut most days. The residents were swamped with daily acts of violence and mayhem. Suddenly, there was a massive shift in the metropolitan area. A much older predominately white area saw a steady influx of new black residents from the war torn area. Of course the saner white residents who were able sold before the markets collapsed! The surrounding white communities saw their property values skyrocket as demand trebled.Now, seven years on, the old white neighborhood, now predominately black, consists mainly of payday loan, title loan, hair/manicure salons. The stores and core businesses have closed or moved away. There are now home invasion robberies and shooting almost daily. Location is not the issue, they carry their strife internally with their outlook on rules and regulations and sense of entitlement! It is so bad now, the college there was previously known as the main campus, has been redesignated as a satellite facility. The main campus now resides in another white suburb community south of the city. The mistake was not immediately placing all the blacks in a homeland on federal lands after the Civil War like the native Americans. There they could rule themselves, have their own laws and crack and drug and abort their race away without involving the civilized part of the country.

    • pennawhytmn

      Blacks will continue to be malfunctioning members of society regardless of who is in power, what political ideology is being followed, how strong the economy is, or how many IKAGOs are used as examples to follow. They are a different species than we are. Just as hamster can be trained to go through a maze, it cannot ever succeed equally to man. Neither can the Negro.

    • DonReynolds

      Has it always been true, that when you subsidize something you get more of it, and when you tax it you get less of it?
      Thus we have more negroes and hispanics in this country.
      Neither group could do well without direct support from whites.

      • Sick of it

        Your analogy is spot on considering that we have fewer whites today with whites being taxed out of existence.

        • Irish

          Subsidizing our own demise, at the expense of our posterity…

    • Ultimate187

      Americans will just buy into that flawed narrative until everything unravels. Apparently people are more comfortable seeing the country burned to the ground than being called racist.

      • TrueNorthFree

        Look what happened in Rotherham in England! Officials there were so terrified of being called racist, for years they refused to act against gangs of Pakistani Muslim men who were raping thousands of white English schoolgirls.
        It is mind boggling what this poisonous politically correct, die-versity mind programming has done to us.

        • Quido

          the British soldiers I knew would never have put up with what is going on in the UK then neither would the American troops I served with put up with what is happening in the US. What has happened to us?

          • TrueNorthFree

            The Brits, like most Western whites, have been heavily brainwashed for decades that is it evil and racist to speak up for their own interests. There has also been extensive, decades long indoctrination that there is something evil about whites and we must allow our countries to be over-run by third world brown immigrants. This type of brainwashing is actually getting more intense now that some whites are starting to wake up.

      • According to this poll, that isn’t true. Most whites appear to have Negro Fatigue.

        • Max

          -but THEY aren’t in charge of anything that matters

          • But the ones who are in charge are grossly outgunned and outnumbered. What if the sheep were to turn en masse on the sheepdog? Make no mistake–that is their greatest fear.

  • So 96% of Americans think there will be more trouble with blacks this summer? Well, at least there is something that we can all agree on. And only a little over half of Whites think the riots were just an excuse? That means we need to educate the other half! If you are White and you think like a black person there is something wrong with you.

    • Jason Lewis

      96% agree thre will be more trouble but the reasons for the trouble vary.

    • TrueNorthFree

      I agree.
      Most of those whites have been heavily mind programmed by decades of very poisonous ivory-tower critical theory, the wost of which is the concept of “white privilege”. The “white privilege” meme demands that whites must think like blacks, and if whites do not agree that all their benefits in life came at the expense of black people, it is because they are racist.
      We need to start a grassroots wave of alternative soundbites and ideas to break down the poisonous and hateful hegemonic power of the “white privilege” meme. I really do believe this will reach those whites who might be starting to feel that something is wrong with multi-cultism.

      • Ah, but the Culture of Critique is finally falling apart. It’s actually a lot of fun to observe, since its main proponents are in a raw panic these days and doubling down on their very bad ideas because they don’t know what else to do.

        • TrueNorthFree

          Yes, I totally agree!
          I troll the Alternet boards just for the pure joy of educating multi-cultists and I notice that whenever the “microagression” meme is brought up, the left multi-culti commenters usually mock it. Basically, even the heavily brainwashed whites ain’t buying the microagression meme.

      • BlueSonicStreak

        I’m not so sure about the Mantra. I think it appeals only to the lowest common denominator. Isn’t our bigger problem that we’re being outsmarted at the highest level?

        • TrueNorthFree

          yes, I am aware of what you are referring to, but…
          We grassroots folks can only do what we can do.
          And we can start spreading our memes like crazy, all over the internet!
          Together, we are freaking mighty.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    Yes, I have little doubt that there will be more rioting and looting this summer. There’s always going to be another black person like Freddie Gray, Mike Brown, or Trayvon Martin for blacks to use as an excuse to destroy their own neighborhoods and loot and burn down stores.

    • ElComadreja

      Especially with the media whipping the savages into a frenzy at every opportunity.

      • But do not ever talk about who owns the media. At least not here.

  • Illidan Stormragge

    96% of Americans can agree there will always be trouble with blacks. Look at our 230 year history of the US.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    So much for Obama as the great “healer” and “uniter.” Don’t expect the MSM to spin it that way, though. If the MSM can’t get away with ignoring the obvious, then it will say that all this divisiveness is occurring in spite of Obama, due to the “inherent racism” of whites.

    • listenupbub

      Obama aint’t doing crap to put a stop to this.

      He should try to use his position of leadership to calm these situations down. I understand that he denounced the Baltimore riots, which is good, but he could get more aggressive and personal with Al Sharpton at least.

      • ElComadreja

        He’s encouraging it. He hates whites with a passion.

    • Irish

      You’ll recall much of the same “race healer/uniter” nonsense was talked about when David Dinkins was elected the first A.A. Mayor of NYC.. That turned out so well that the ultra liberal city next elected a tough on crime, moderately-conservative Republican former Federal prosicuter to clean up the mess.

    • Max

      They will in fact claim that the division is strategically CAUSED BY white conservatives to discredit His Hopefulness after all of his hard work.

  • superlloyd

    Obama will use this to fritter away more money on the undeserving, genetically challenged negro criminals and dropouts.

  • Yancy Derringer

    Media jumps on these isolated incidents, the coverage snowballs at lightning speed, to criticalmass, and the “injured” class hits the streets. A PR guy engineered Trayvon-Zimmerman, establishing the template. But these incidents aren’t important. They do not represent epidemics. They’re anomalies.

  • Jason Lewis

    All we need is for some more posters with a person from each racial group giving a thumbs up and the caption “Diversity is our Strength” written below it.

  • dd121

    Politicians are going to have to grow a pair and stop these riots with lethal force. If they don’t these boons could burn the country down. Do you think that could finally provoke a backlash from whites?

  • Jaggers

    I’m glad 58 percent of whites see the looting for what it is. Unfortunately, 99 percent of the media present the looters as victims.

    • Jason Lewis

      42% are self haters.

      • Jaggers

        Yes, it’s despicable.

      • pennawhytmn

        Many whites still feel that SAYING the Blacks have a legitimate cause and that racism against them is the problem. They think the person the are taking to will see them more favorably. That is all it is. They have been trained that saying, “Blacks are good” is the proper way to feel and makes them morally correct. When things really hit the fan, and they realise saying, “Bub buh buh but, I support affirmative action and worship Ben Carson.” doesn’t win them any awards, they will change their tune quite abruptly.

        • nordicman

          Those whites, if they haven’t woken up by now, completely useless and hopeless. Sorry to say, but when the SHTF they will either be perished, or they will come out thinking like we do.

  • Hammerheart

    Better place your orders for 5.56, 7.62×39, 7.62 NATO, 9MM, 45 .ACP and other popular calibers soon. You never know what’s going to happen.

    • Silly Frog

      Also a good reason to conceal carry and keep a spare magazine. So, help me with the order of threats to my person (U.S. version) :
      1. blacks (of the criminal, rioting or whitey has it coming versions, that includes polar bear hunting)
      2. islamonazi jihadist
      3. other minority criminal
      4. marxist progressive gun grabber or their duly appointed diversity representative of anti western culture.
      5. Caucasian criminal

      • Hammerheart

        Really depends on your region. In the greater Los Angeles area I’d put:

        1) Mestizo gang member/undocumented America

        2) durka durka jihadi

        3) crazed college liberals with access to their father’s guns

        • “At least in New York you know why you got murdered. Out in California you can get murdered because some rich kid got bored playing the guitar.”

          Archie Bunker

    • Lexonaut

      If what we have on hand isn’t enough for suburban Denver then we’ll emigrate. We no longer recognize the country of our youth and we have no plans to die trying to restore it.

      Are we cowards? No, we’re political realists just as we are race realists. We’re prepared to shoot to kill to defend ourselves and our home, but we’re not prepared to live in a country in which this becomes a necessary way of life.

      • TrueNorthFree

        Friend, there are no longer any safe white countries to emigrate to.
        Look at Sweden, for heavens sake, In Sweden whites are being ethnically cleansed in their own country due to years of insanely high levels of Muslim immigration.
        It is mind boggling, what whites are allowing to happen in our own Western countries.

        • Lexonaut

          Within our own country Alaska should be safe from the turmoil during our remaining lifetimes. Outside our borders, Scotland should be fine. There are many parts of Canada that are perfectly okay. And so on.

          I would prefer not to move there, and my wife would hate it, but I speak Russian — or used to — and there are no riots there either. Chechen rebel Radical Islam attacks? Yes. Riots? No.

          If only lily white countries filled with Nordics can ever satisfy you, TNF, that’s fine provided you’re prepared to fight to carve one out of the existing mess.

          • TrueNorthFree

            In Canada, Newfoundland is EXTREMELY white! 🙂
            Iceland is still very white.

          • Lexonaut

            I speak five languages, or used to, but I’m too old to learn Icelandic. They have great utility rates, however.

        • nordicman

          Then it’s up to whites to stand up where they are and fight back. Our ancestors didn’t retreat from Britain or Germany or Spain or Sweden or Russia or Hungary or Italy or wherever. They fought the invaders and repelled them. The same as Europeans will have to do today.

          • TrueNorthFree

            I suggest we start with a war of words.
            The meme “Diversity is a code word for anti-white” was really eye opening for me. It helped to break down years of die-versity and multi-culti mind programming.
            We can spread our white memes far and wide. I believe there are so many more whites out there waiting for someone to help them wake up.

      • nordicman

        I’m sorry, but I’m tired of whites with this ‘fleeing’ idea. Stay where you are and fight. Did you know here in the good ole’ USA you’ll run out of places to flee to? They are deliberately flooding white/Republican voting areas with nonwhites. What will you do then when you can’t simply ‘run away’ anymore? At least the Europeans, despite being unarmed and invaded, are having a growth in nationalist parties and speaking out and fighting back. Greece, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, France, etc. Even Britain and Germany and Sweden (yes, them too) are waking up and will eventually fight back.

        • Lexonaut

          You stay, we’ll go. If you think this place is worth fighting for, do it. But don’t try to draft me and don’t get in my way. I’m no more a traitor than the Pilgrims were.

          • Harry

            Where will you flee to?

          • Lexonaut

            Just read the comments above you. That ground has been covered.

        • ElComadreja

          I’ve been saying this for years. We’ve capitulated to these savages. The white response to their crime and violence is to keep running and it will be the death of us.

          • Since when do we run from cockroaches? They only pose a threat to us because their handlers have convinced us they do. The real threat, of course, is their handlers. Unfortunately, even many awake whites refuse to face the possibility that blacks do not act alone.

    • nordicman

      Everyone should get a firearm or two (long gun, handgun) with at least a case of ammo per weapon, and keep it stored away in an ammo can. That’s my advice.

      • Lexonaut

        If we could afford it we would follow your advice. It’s possible that in three years we’ll be able to afford it. In the meantime, for serious long guns we have …

        5-round pump action 12-guage
        15-round lever action that shoots .45 ACP

        For handguns we have his and hers 10-round 9mm Berretas, and for hunting small game we have a .22 lever action rifle as well as a .22 revolver.

        We have enough ammunition on hand today to kill three waves of home invaders or, alternatively, to shoot our way across the border.

  • IKUredux

    We’ve seen the blacklash. What we need is a Whitelash.

    • Kenner


    • John Smith

      Blacks need a lashing.

    • TrueNorthFree

      “Whitelash” I love it!

  • That figure is interesting, as otherwise 96% of Americans couldn’t agree on the color of an orange.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      If you are suggesting that this piece smells funny, I agree with you.

    • Awww, good point. I wish I had used that line. So, “96% of Americans couldn’t agree on the color of an orange, but they could agree that there will be trouble involving blacks!” HA HA!! What does THAT tell you!!??

  • listenupbub

    I actually am not sure that these events were just an excuse to loot and destroy. That kind of implies that the blacks understand what is going on, and lie intentionally about their motives to “raise hell” for the fun of it.

    It seems to me that these blacks have IQ’s so low, and are so anti-white, that they literally can not understand these police incidents, and lose their minds over propaganda, mainly from black-interest media. Do not underestimate the power of propaganda on the weak-minded.

    • DonReynolds

      Smart or dumb, even a flea notices when they can get something for nothing…..when there is no penalty involved. Rioting and looting have not been punished or discouraged in the least. Shoot a few and the rest will scatter like cockroaches.

  • DonReynolds

    The ONLY African-Americans in the USA are those persons born in one of the 53 countries of Africa, who later immigrated to the USA (legally) and were naturalized as citizens.
    There are no other African-Americans.
    Yes, that includes white South Afrikans (Dutch and British), and North African Arabs and Berbers, and those Egyptians of British blood, Asians (mostly Indian) who were born in Africa, Libyans of Italian blood, and Algerians of French lineage.
    Few things are funnier than US journalists referring to blacks in France as “African-Americans”. They are nothing of the sort.

  • Hilis Hatki

    “…. broader national problems.”

    In other news it may not have been the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

  • A Freespeechzone

    More White guilt coming this summer.

    Not me.

    • nordicman

      But even the whites who hate this and are awake to what’s going on, many of them aren’t doing anything about it. With whites, it’s going to take a white person in a position of influence or celebrity status with the courage to speak out. Look what happened with Rudy Guiliani spoke out on racial issues last summer during the Ferguson riots or Mark Cuban (I believe?) Communism started to collapse when Reagan said ‘tear down the wall’ and European leaders openly said ‘communism isn’t working.’ That’s what it will take again for America and Europe.

  • Ringo Lennon

    Tired of seeing all the minorities (blacks, Mexicans and Arabs) every time I be goin’s outside.

  • Weisheit77

    “Remember that it was their grandparents who hijacked and seized control
    over Russia in 1917 and then eventually nearly half of Europe? If
    anyone thinks that the over 66 million Whites who were savagely murdered
    by the Bolshevik Communists who ran that totalitarian empire is a
    record that will not or which cannot ever be broken – then, you
    obviously have underestimated the viciousness of our #1 enemy.”

    True dat, gnome sane?

  • Herman

    Racial conflicts?

    Don’t we really mean black people conflicts?

    • nordicman

      Yep. Those are really the only group that’s committing the vast amount of violence, riots and destruction. Even a black youtuber said “blacks are the only ones who riot. You don’t see this with Asians or Latinos. Only blacks”

  • Realist

    “96 percent of Americans think there will be more racial conflict this summer.”

    There will always be racial conflict until whites do something about it.

  • If she is a good singer-I won’t comment on that either way-she should stick to singing and stay away from the social commentary. That is part of the problem: We make singers, actors, and sports figures rich, and then assume that they are experts on how society should be run.

    • ElComadreja

      She sucks, LOL.

  • Jack Whistler

    I see many whites in the comments advocating arming themselves should the rioting spread. This is good advice. It is good advice to be armed in any case, given minority criminality. However, when it comes to dealing with violent rioters, that is not enough.

    Remember, you are one man (or woman) against a mob. You are one man versus many, many who have an attitude that you inherently deserve harm. You are one man against many, who believe they are justified in murdering you, raping your wives and daughters, and taking what belongs to you. You are one man against a mob, that believes all you have is theirs by right, and need only be taken.

    “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state. The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

    Those who would disarm you have for years claimed the militia is the national guard. It is not. It is you, and your neighbors. I would encourage every WN to speak to his neighbors on the issue of rioting. I don’t mean putting on fatigues and going to play soldier. You can practice your marksmanship on your own time.

    Make contingency plans with your neighbors. Learns the names of their children, as they will be the first priority for any family. Learns who has skills in medicine, and could look after wounded. Learn the inns and outs of your neighborhood, familiarize yourself with who belongs there, and who does not. Establish the means to communicate, and coordinate with each other to protect your homes and families.

    Alone you are one man against a mob.
    Organized, you are a militia; and the mob cannot overcome you.

    • jayvbellis

      Some Whites did a decent job of this with black looters outside of New Orleans. Not in Mew Orleans.

  • Whites are waking up. Slowly but surely people are getting tired of the constant hectoring and extortion and violence.

    • Sun

      I can only hope.

  • I almost want them to try this, if only because it would finally be enough to push us over the edge. By “us” I mean whites, of course. It’s one thing to read about Baltimore on clickbait propaganda sites like Huffpo and Gawker. It’s quite another to have Baltimore appear in your backyard.

  • mikefromwichita

    shocking that 42% of Whites are clueless.

  • Sun

    There needs to be more of a European awakening.