The heavily-redacted findings reveal there are ‘significant similarities’ between child sex abuse here and the scandal in Yorkshire.

The findings are revealed in a West Midlands Police report entitled Child Sexual Exploitation, which was produced in October last year but has only now been made public.

It is marked as ‘restricted’ and large sections of information have been redacted–blacked out.

In Wolverhampton, the city council’s processes are criticised and the report states: “Inference: There are significant numbers of child sex exploitation victims that are not identified by the Wolverhampton local authority.”

A map showing two ‘clusters’ where there have been ‘high concentrations’ of ‘referrals’ in the city is among the items to have been covered up. Certain postcodes and a list of areas in Wolverhampton have also been redacted.

None of the councils in Wolverhampton, Walsall, Sandwell and Dudley have escaped criticism in the report, which was compiled in October last year but has only now been made available to the public.

Other hotspots in the region are Lye, Brierley Hill, Tipton, Smethwick and Rowley Regis in Sandwell, Willenhall and Walsall town centre.

But council bosses don’t know how many children are being abused and some of the information needed to identify abuse is ‘non-existent’.

All the Black Country councils have come under fire for not sharing enough information about potential victims.

The 125-page report was released by West Midlands Police after a Freedom of Information request. But lots of details remain redacted. It reveals that between January and June last year, 210 children were identified by councils as having been ‘sexually exploited or at risk of sexual exploitation’. But a lack of processes to identify potential victims means there could be many more slipping through the net.

Police said it was ‘difficult’ to say how many were being abused, or at risk of being abused. The report compares the situation to Rotherham, where at least 1,400 youngsters were sexually exploited by gangs between 1997 and 2013. It states: “An assessment of all child sex exploitation profiles produced by West Midlands Police since 2010 identifies a consistent profile in relation to victims, locations and offenders. There are significant similarities to the Rotherham victim/offender and location profiles. It remains difficult to quantify how many child abuse crimes or incidents have actually occurred within the West Midlands.”

Offenders are said to be typically Asian, of Pakistani origin, aged 17 to 40. Most victims are white females aged 13 to 16.

Many are known for going missing. The report adds: “Targeting of victims takes place mainly at children’s homes and schools. Offending typically takes place in private houses or hotels often under the guise of ‘house’ parties. Offences also take place in parks.”

At the time of the report, there was ‘no specific process’ for identifying child sexual exploitation in Wolverhampton. Bosses insist this has now been rectified. Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson said: “The way to tackle hidden crimes is to bring them into the open. I am pleased this information is in the public domain.”

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  • “Similarities to Rotherham?”

    Rother-Who? You mean that scandal that everyone has forgotten? Special Ed Miliband has promised that he’s practically going to string up Islamophobes in the Tower of London.

  • Chip Carver

    The people actually in charge are absolutely filled with glee when they see things like this, thrilled with the results of all their hard work directed at destroying White countries.

  • Jason Lewis

    “Most victims are white females aged 13 to 16.” What are their fathers doing?

    • TheMaskedUnit

      Keeping quiet, keeping their jobs and keeping out of prison for endangering the diversity.

    • James

      I read of fathers going to where the girls were or going to the police station to complain and the police arresting them for being disorderly.
      This is upside down world we live in now remember, where bad is good, sane is crazy and where black is white and white is black.

      • propagandaoftruth

        “This is upside down world we live in now remember, where bad is good, sane is crazy and where black is white and white is black.”

        This is why I proudly serve the Dark Side and howl at the moon. Dark Enlightenment, baby!

  • dd121

    Child sex abuse of children by Muzzies is the collateral damage the left has us accept by pretending that diversity and everything the dark races do is morally equivalent to the rest of society.

  • MekongDelta69

    The English leftists are just as bad as ours.

    They’d rather sacrifice White girls’ lives than be accused of “islamophobia“.

    What low-lives.

    • Speedy Steve

      The English leftists taught ours.

      • Charles Martel

        Don’t you mean a certain tribe?

      • twowolves

        Actually its the other way around, if you look carefully at the education of most left-wing British politicians they have “studied” in Chicago. Its been like this since the end of WW2.

        • Speedy Steve

          England’s Whig Party was bad enough in the 19th Century that John Stuart Mill (no Tory, he) branded them the Evil Party. And all this while Karl Marx was taking refuge and huffing opium in London.

  • Speedy Steve

    Wolverhampton was Enoch Powell’s constituency. What a difference 50 years makes.

  • Hilis Hatki

    Some days I feel like such a wuss for not doing anything to stop the …evil… injustice… decline.

  • George Moriarty

    Yes, normally I would regard a cartoon as per above vulgar, vile, obscene and totally offensive but if this is what it takes to get the people of Britain to wake up, all I can say is shout it from the roof tops.

    • Weisheit77

      We live in a vulgar, vile, obscene and totally offensive society. It’s time to take the kid gloves off and fight fire with fire. The republicans keep losing (not that they are anything to hope for) because they refuse to get down and dirty.

      • George Moriarty

        Yes, the whole western world needs a few “boots and all” election campaigns where they call a spade a spade and just ignore all the shrill cries of feminists, gays, minorities and the rest of the PC brigade. I think in the old days they used the word “guts” when referring to the outspoken politicians that we are in desperate need of in todays society.

        • Lexonaut

          In a parallel universe you emigrated to either Britain or the USA and became an important populist political leader. Why? Because you’re fed up to here (neck level).

  • KenelmDigby

    If you are British and reading this article, then be sure to vote for UKIP today.

    This will be the most important civic decision you will ever make in your life.
    Don’t blow it.

  • Hammerheart

    The unforeseen consequence of all of this is that Europe may slide totally to the far right. Once people have finally had enough, there’s going to be a violent reinstatement of national ethos and castigation of offending minority groups.

  • American Tax Payer

    Do Brits have any kind of American Rights like killing someone in self-defense?

  • Charles Martel

    That is the True Face of PC

  • jayvbellis

    “If you want a child rapist for a neighbor vote Labor”

    This would seem like a winning political slogan for UKIP

    But the former Liberal, founder of UKIP is posting an article at the Atlantic Magazine charging that UKIP has gone RACIST, Islamaphobic and scapegoats immigrants

  • Rob

    Not really. Nigel Farage only wants to stop muslim immigration and to curtail some non white immigrants. He wants all that are in the UK to stay there. So UKIP is not that great either. They need another party.

    • 5Sardonicus

      UKIP is not great but the best of the lot. The others are hopeless.

  • Augustus3709

    It sounds like whenever they can get away with it the Muslims consistently set up their “Islamic sex harems”. That’s what it boils down to. And they’re doing it to our girls.

    So much for “enlightenment” and “tolerance”. In the old days we’d be just one Medieval Pogrom away from fixing the problem.

  • Well you don’t have Ed Miliband (or Nick Clegg or Nigel Farage) to kick around anymore. Miliband is going to rue the day he promised Muslim voters to make Islamophobia a crime.

    But that election was a big disaster for our cause.