Sarkozy Party to Expel Mayor for Call to Ban Islam in France

RFI, May 15, 2015

The French mainstream right UMP party is to expel the mayor of a small southern town who has called for Islam to be banned in France. Former president Nicolas Sarkozy condemned the call on Friday.

“The Muslim religion must be banned in France,” Venelles mayor Robert Chardon tweeted on Thursday as his contribution to a dialogue Sarkozy had opened with the public under the hashtag #NSDirect.

Anyone practising the religion should be “immediately escorted to the border”, he added.

He also called for France’s law on secularism to be scrapped and the constitution be amended to declare that “the republic favours the practise of the Christian faith”.

Responding to the Twitterstorm set off by Chardon’s comments, Sarkozy condemned them.

“I condemn this proposal even if secularism also means fixing limits,” he tweeted. “Rights and limits go together.”

UMP vice-president Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet was more forthright in her condemnation.

“I have called for the expulsion procedure to be started for these absurd statements that in now way reflect the values and programme of the UMP,” she told the AFP news agency.

A little earlier Christian Estrosi, the mayor of Nice who heads the party’s ticket in forthcoming regional elections in the region where Venelles is situated, declared that expulsion was under way.

Chardon told AFP that he intends to stand in the regional elections and to try to be a candidate in the 2017 presidential election.

If he is expelled from the UMP, he will set up his own party, he said.

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  • Zimriel

    He would have been happier in Front National anyway.

    • John Smith

      That’s the way they will win – recruiting politicians people already know and have elected before.

  • I hope people remember this, when Sarkozy and the UMP tries to coopt FN, MLP and their agenda in 2017.

  • Oil Can Harry

    Neocon Nick Sarkozy must be a distant cousin of GOP leader John Boner.

    • Sick of it

      He is related to Sheldon Adelson.

    • jaye ellis

      More like deposed GOP House Majority leader Eric Cantor..

    • Weisheit77

      No, Ed Milliband.

  • MekongDelta69

    I nominate Venelles Mayor Robert Chardon for Man Of The Week

    • Chip Carver

      Sarkozy Party. The man is a fraud. His party is an extension of that, an anti-white organization. Who opened the gates of Toledo? Who opened the gates of Constantinople?

      • LeonNJ

        Along with Sarkozy bring a fraud, the entire UMP party is a fraud. Just like the GOP, they’re too moderate, they have no new ideas, and they try to protect minority people and minority religions in the hope that the few gullible enough will vote for them.

      • bilderbuster

        The same ones who opened the Gates of Granada.

      • Weisheit77

        I read it was an Eskimo.

    • HwitazManwaz

      White man of the week.

  • DaveMed

    Brave fellow.

  • guest

    “Mayor says anyone practicing Islam should be “immediately escorted to the border.””

    Not only should islam be banned from France (and everywhere else in Europe and Westernized countries), but all muslim-loving political groups who betray their countries by fighting for and supporting muslims should be sent to live in third world muslim countries and never be allowed to return.

  • guest

    Sarkozy should be banned in France and escorted to the border. I recommend stripping his citizenship and settling him in South Sudan, where he can enjoy diversity.

    Come to think of it, South Sudan would be a wonderful resettlement location for many people who crave diversity.

    • John Smith

      He’s got some Tribal ancestors.

    • newscomments70

      That looks like Calais, South London, or any US city.

      • bilderbuster

        That’s South Beach next weekend’s “Urban Beach”.

        • newscomments70

          I remember when South Beach was considered a hip place to vacation or live. I was there ten years ago+. It was ok, but I would never go there again. Even some rappers are steer clear of the “urban weekend”. I avoid Florida because of blacks. At one time, I assumed the panhandle was ok; it’s rife with black on white crime though.

          • bilderbuster

            A long time ago an old “Florida Cracker” told me that the reason the Blacks in Florida are so awful is because, as he said “They’re Georgia Ni99ers”.
            Later I found out that quite a large part of Florida’s Black population did originally come from Georgia, but I have yet to find a reason why Georgia’s Blacks are particularly the nastiest lot out of a bad race to begin with.

          • newscomments70

            I’ve met some nice people of all races in rural Florida and Georgia. It’s too bad that the dominant part of the black community is racist and violent.

          • LackawannaErie

            I think it’s more that the poorer blacks who were struggling left for places like Florida. Those who able to support themselves stayed in GA. Georgia blacks actually are some of the best behaved blacks of any state according to statistics about things like crime and welfare use. FL obviously has very bad blacks.

            The same dynamic applies to Northern cities. Black crime rates are much higher in Northern than Southern states.

          • Tim

            I remember thirty five years ago when it was “Heaven`s Waiting Room” Seventy five year old children taking care of their 96 year old parents…Ditto
            on the “I would never go there again…”

          • newscomments70

            Now white elderly in Miami are being brutalized by “diverse teens”…awful place. My black carribean friends used to bring me to exotic restaurants in “diverse” neighborhoods, claiming, “Oh, you will be fine”. That day, I was fine, but sometimes soon after, there would be a drive-by shooting or an armed robbery in the same location. No thanks. Stay out of “hip” areas.

    • BulgAryan

      Mauritania is may favorite. They are black arab, muslim and still practice slavery.

      • newscomments70

        It’s a fairly beautiful place though, I’ve heard. Many white hipsters go there as expats. I wonder how that works out for them.

    • Murphcon

      Those bras make them look fully modernized.

    • AFlaVet

      All those black pot holes top fill.

  • dd121

    Some people are starting to stand up and be heard in France. This is good.

    • nordicman

      This is similar to when communism fell. As leaders openly criticized communism and said ‘it’s not working’ suddenly millions of Europeans at the time living in the USSR had hope and confidence to speak out. Same here as whites in positions of power are openly criticizing having muslims, blacks, browns and other third-world trash around us speak out against it, suddenly millions of our white brethren in Europe will collectively say “no more nonwhites!” and then it’s all downhill from there.

      • dd121

        Let’s hope your analogy proves to be true!

      • Francis Miville

        But as you know, it happened in USSR right at the time the founding people of USSR (not the Russians) had decided to jettison communism as a weapon of choice and rather open Russia to America, now that they had gotten everything they wanted in America from the non-Jewish entrepreneurs by launching the inferior classes against them and bully them into the role of lesser capitalists at the behest of the world elite. It is true the same thing will happen soon as regards race equality and mass immigration in the West, but only at the time the same elite have decided that they have gotten everything they want from the former antisemitic white peoples and bully them into the role of house servants justifying their own relative superiority to darkies by being the best servants of Israel. The dark peoples will then realize like the former left-leaning workers that they have been used as perfectly dispensable people, but it will be too late, they will be dispensed with exactly like the workers whose jobs are outsourced once they have fulfilled their purpose. Racist thought will make a comeback, but to glorify Jews first and describe the other White races as being whiter in the exact measure they are mixed with Jewish blood, with the Negroes having the least. That kind of Zionist white racism was the first racism the English of old conceived of, and remained that of most renowned American authors throughout the country’s whole history.

  • DonReynolds

    A heroic mayor. I wish we had a few of our own.

    • Kenner

      ‘Vive Robert Chardon!’

  • Anglo

    Robert Chardon is a true patriot of France. I wish him well.

  • Hilis Hatki

    Chardon nay, the Muslim’s whine.

  • Spikeygrrl

    Je suis Chardon.

  • HwitazManwaz

    Chardon’s words are the blossoming of something very beautiful in the Occident. It is wonderful to see the cracks grow in number, length and width.

  • jaye ellis

    I walked around the best parts of Lake Front Downtown Chicago – beautiful… but…

    Lots and lots of people dressed in Muslim garb. I made negative comments to the women that they were dressed inappropriately.

  • Speedy Steve

    Robert Chardon for president — immediatement!

  • HwitazManwaz


  • IKUredux

    Mr. Chardon is a hero. When will somebody in this country stick up for Christianity?

  • James Mayer

    We’re getting closer…

  • Zweihänder

    What a surprise!

    This is the same Sarkozy who in the past said that the French must racially interbreed otherwise the state should take coercive measures for it to happens.



    • Anglo

      I remember that swine, Sarkozy, saying that. The French people need to kick him out of France too!

    • Weisheit77

      Hungarian Jew… Are you really surprised?

  • Illidan Stormragge

    Arabs and Muslims should be banned from France, not the religion.

    • Nonhumans

      You can’t have one without the other. And out of curiosity, what about islam is actually defensible. Its a reprehensible “religion” that lends much credence to many wholly less credible belief systems.
      Above all though, France is for the frogs, and the hellholes that the muzztards claimed and created for themselves can remain theirs with their own occupation. France, and the rest of the world, has nothing to gain or benefit by importing these backwards and incompatible people into their modern civilizations.
      I stand behind this brave mayor, but I wouldn’t stop with the muzztards…far from it.

  • nordicman

    Let’s hope the white French in this town/district have the collective courage to support this mayor.

    • Anna Tree

      Well I believe the silent majority could… Unfortunately, the mayor has cancer and in the hospital right now, and the lady who is replacing him, distanced the town from the brave mayor’s words.

  • bilderbuster

    Sarkozy isn’t even French. He’s a Jewish impostor who is on record saying that he wants the government to force the French people to interbreed with Africans and Arabs.

    • LackawannaErie

      He is half Hungarian, one quarter each Greek and Jewish, zero percent French.

      Starting after the French revolution, France was flooded with immigrants from other European countries. These people were motived to come to France by liberal beliefs and moved the country to the left politically and culturally. A large portion of the white population in France, especially in the urban parts of the South, is descended from these immigrants.

      It’s been a factor in everything that has happened in France during the last 200 years. Just like in America, white immigration from other cultures weakened the nation and made it easier for mass non-white immigration to happen later.

  • zamzow

    Sarkozy to French people……” The house is on fire and I just poured a ton of water on the alarm bell. Now please elect me so I can finish France off for good ! “

  • Transpower

    Islam is incompatible with Western democratic republics.

  • Phoenixian Westernia


  • AFlaVet

    I wonder if France still has a plentiful supply of white flags? This time they can wave them as the black flag of ISIS flies over the Versailles. Cowards….all frogs are cowards. Put their women in burka tents….it’s OK with them

    • LackawannaErie

      France actually has made headscarves illegal to wear in schools let alone burkas. France is close to voting a nationalist party into power. France has never had affirmative action. France is a much healthier and saner society than the US.

      Mods need to do something about the idiotic (neo)conservative patriotard types who have been flooding Amren lately. These people are ruing the atmosphere around here. Amren has been around long enough, and the white nationalist movement has been around long enough, that we can have our own space where our perspective is shared. If angry Limbaugh-listening, Fox News-watching, Bush-voting type conservatives who have become interested in OUR issues during the last few years want to come here, they need to learn respectfully before spewing idiocy all over the place.

  • Whirlwinder

    I would say the mayor has a good start on solving the problem in the EU