Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh Threatens to Slit the Throats of Gay People

Aditya Tejas, International Business Times, May 13, 2015

Gambian President Yahya Jammeh threatened the country’s homosexuals in a recent speech, telling them: “I will slit your throat.” Addressing an audience last week in the town of Farafeni as part of a nationwide tour, Jammeh said, “If you are a man and want to marry another man in this country and we catch you, no one will ever set eyes on you again, and no white person can do anything about it,” VICE reported Tuesday.

Jammeh’s homophobic views have drawn international censure before, and both Europe and the U.S. cut off their aid to the West African nation last year, citing its atrocious human rights record, after it introduced a law in October outlawing homosexuality. Three men were arrested under the law last December after a security operation.


About 95 percent of the country’s population is Muslim, and a Gambian journalist told VICE that it still gets significant aid from other Islamic countries.


In 2013, he questioned why he had never seen a “homosexual chicken, or turkey” in a statement in parliament: “Homosexuality is anti-god, anti-human, and anti-civilization. Homosexuals are not welcome in the Gambia. If we catch you, you will regret why you are born. I have buffaloes from South Africa and Brazil and they never date each other. We are ready to eat grass but we will not compromise on this.”


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  • Martel

    Great, now Europe will be flooded by Gambian “homosexuals”.

    • Chip Carver

      No doubt that’s the plan.

    • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

      Aww man I was all excited about this, I wanted more hilarious quotes from this guy, but now we’re going to be expected to take in these people! What a disappointment.

      • Hilis Hatki

        There is Uganda with “They eat da poo poo”.
        I once had a rooster that would put the moves on a turkey hen. One day she grab him in her beak and bounced him on the ground a few times. He never courted her after that.

        • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

          Have you ever seen their newspaper, I think it’s called “Red Pepper”? Utterly hilarious! Hmm…might have an image saved….

    • Charles Martel

      Apple’s CEO cried about not getting pizza served at his gay wedding in Indiana but still sells product in nations that behead gays.

      • Phoenixian Westernia


    • which rightfully can claim and win asylum for being persecuted in their own country. They can not possibly be sent back.

      Next step: any Gambian arriving in Europe can claim to be a homosexual. Or bisexual, so they still can date or rape women without contradicting themselves.

      So, no Gambian can be evicted from Europe, if he is bright enough to claim to be homosexual.

  • superlloyd

    The African pinhead mentality reinforced by barbaric Islamic primitivists. “Homosexuality is anti-god, anti-human, and anti-civilization.” If we substitue Africa for homosexuality we get a truer picture.

    • TomIron361

      pinheads aren’t always wrong…

  • dd121

    Maybe we should vow to support the laws of other countries and pledge to slit their throats if they come to the USA.

  • no white person can do anything about it

    As if any white person wanted to do anything about it. Official LGBTQetc groups would rather see its members die deaths of thousands of paper cuts than intimate that non-whites can be homophobic on a large scale. Because, progressivetard stack. Meanwhile, Official LGBTQetc groups still think Pat Robertson is on the verge of persecuting them.

    • David Ashton


      “Progress. Will this progress never end?” (From “Things to Come”)

      • I have given up trying to keep track of the official acronym. It won’t be much longer until every letter of every alphabet system of every language past or present will be in the acronym.

        • Reynardine

          One person on this forum suggested the “Perpetually Butthurt.” I’ve loved it and stuck with it ever since.

          • Michael Whalen

            How about “Roger Rectumreamer”?

        • David Ashton


      • SoulInvictus

        The Commies call it a permanent revolution for a reason.
        It never ends.

    • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

      I can cheer them on, does that count as a white person “doing something about it”?

      • IstvanIN

        No, just being, well, not much better than the Gambians.

        • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

          Oh, so I’m supposed to love homos and be worried about their welfare? Nah, I think I’ll pass on that.

    • Phoenixian Westernia

      One day, One, DAY, there will be people who are bisexual and transtarded in gender, race, and species.
      “Look at me, I’m a female negroid cat! Accept me!!!”

      • Baaaad! LOL

      • Reynardine

        You joke, but the furries are coming… the furries are coming… just start reading some of the insane tumblr blogs out there, and you’ll marinate in horror at what is no doubt the future of Social Justice.

    • PesachPatriot

      The Gambian president doesn’t have to worry about any hispanic, asian or other non-africans in america or anywhere else caring at all about this idiotic pronouncement…..oooh what a tough guy threatening gays, he should be concentrating on how to prevent the next ebola outbreak in his toilet of a country…..its funny how he gets away with saying something this outrageous because of his skin color, but if a white republican political candidate or minor elected official gives a tepid condemnation of homosexual marriage he or she is the center of a media firestorm….

    • Canadian Friend

      Gays and feminists are actually very selfish; they only care about what they can get out of white men, they do not care at all what happens to women and gays elsewhere on the planet

      in short, if there is nothing in it for them, gays and feminists do not care

  • a multiracial individual

    Hostility toward homosexuality is mostly associated with low IQ.

    • 4321realist

      Hostility toward homosexuality is a natural part of the make-up of mankind.

      Probably the strongest trait we are born with is the instinct for survival. It’s buried deep within our psyche. The second strongest instinct is a deep-seated mandate to perpetuate our species, and some even say that it is part of the instinct for survival, because without it there would be no survival, so both are of equal importance.

      And when mankind is confronted with anything that threatens to end survival or is in opposition to perpetuating his kind his very natural response is to regard the anomaly with disgust and oftentimes anger, just as nature intended.

      It has nothing to do with hate nor does it have anything to do with religion.

      And there is no amount of lies, myths, programming and/or intimidation by activist homosexuals that will allow them to gain acceptance by the vast majority of normal people, because those natural traits will always be there, even though a person offers lip service to the contrary just to go along to get along and to shut people up on the subject.

      Personally, I think if homosexuals find the truth objectionable they should go to a shrink and try to get cured, because the condition is obviously a mental one. Also, the black dictator is right on one point: We never see two male birds building a nest together.

      It’s strictly a mental disorder exclusively affecting humans.

      • LHathaway

        I agree with much of what you’ve said. At least you could be right, but I disagree that ‘no amount of lies, myths, programming and/or intimidation’ can change human nature. I like the way you end your essay calling it a mental disorder. This is interesting because, yes, lies, myths, programming and intimidation can control human thought and behavior, but if you are correct, ‘human nature’ will rebel and express this rebellion through mental illness. I believe Freud felt that most mental illnesses were brought on, had their seat, in repressed homosexuality and/or perhaps the unconscious guilt felt by the ‘homosexual’ (whether they consciously denied being homosexual or bisexual or whether they accept this fact). Now, if homosexuals grow up in a world where homosexuality is fully accepted on equal terms as normality, and if homosexuals have just as good a chance at rearing children through surrogate birther’s, it could be a fair amount of mental illness would disappear in our society. Then again, it, this need to procreate, may be biologically ingrained within us.

        • 4321realist

          “This is interesting because, yes, lies, myths, programming and
          intimidation can control human thought and behavior, but if you are
          correct, ‘human nature’ will rebel and express this rebellion through
          mental illness.”

          I think that’s at the bases of what has happened to many extreme, rabid leftists who would rather die than forsake their perverted ideology of PC. They’re afflicted with a mental disorder.

          And, I think the Kool-Aid drinkers of years ago were of the same ilk also. They obediently stood in line patiently waiting for their turn to drink a glass of cyanide-laced Kool-Aid.

          • LHathaway

            I’m OK with your analogy but I think we’re the ones who are delusional, and more likely to be mentally ill. Sure, the current dogmas will likely be overthrown, but let’s face it, the most ‘insanely politically correct’ run things now and they have for 40 years or longer. The idea that only Whites can be racist (and are racist) and that it’s just great, more than just great, to discriminate against White men, these are ideas that in all likely-hood will be relegated to the past. They’re all insane, and generally they are 180 degrees backward. They can’t even pretend it’s all about tolerance because it’s not. They exist to sew fear and ferment intolerance.

      • George Moriarty

        But note, Homosexuality is no longer listed at a mental illness in the DSM, it used to be until quite recently. (The DSM is the psychiatrists handbook)
        I hope I will not upset too many people on this web site by saying that I almost agree with the Gambian president on this issue.

        • Exuberant Auditor

          People have been executing homosexuals for centuries, and yet they’re still popping up. So it’s obviously not the best solution.

          • 4321realist

            Unless, of course, the purpose is to thin their ranks.

          • Exuberant Auditor

            Are their sexual inclinations really so dangerous that they deserve the same punishment as first-degree murders?

            Killing homosexuals might have been understandable in medieval societies where ignorance and superstition were rife. In such societies, “irregular” behavior from the common does frighten people, especially if it makes them feel icky, and so such a response –although not right– can be understood. Which is why I also understand it in underdeveloped and dirt-poor places today. But people worrying about gays in modern first-world societies is just something I can’t get my head around.

          • 4321realist

            “But people worrying about gays in modern first-world societies is just something I can’t get my head around.”

            You would understand the situation better if you realized that anti-homosexuality is not rampant in third world countries due to backwardness or stupidity, but is due to the fact that the populations have not been hammered incessantly with unending Orwellian propaganda night and day in an attempt to over-ride their very NATURAL INSTINCTS, like first world people have.

            When you look at these third world people, you’re seeing what the situation will be in the West after the battles are over.

            People will return to their natural instincts which tell them attractions to people of the same sex, animals or children are bad and that desiring to be with, nurture and promote their own kind is quite NATURAL.

          • Exuberant Auditor

            Giving to one’s basest natural instincts isn’t necessarily a good thing, especially when it’s irrational. Having harems of concubines and enslaving weaker tribes are also part of human nature and natural instincts. Other species of animals function almost 100% on instinct so it’s not that much of a feat.

            But more civilized, educated populations tend to be more rational, and use their neocortex more than their reptilian brain. If some instinctsdo not concord with practicality, rationality, and/or human dignity then it’s best not to give in to them.

          • 4321realist

            “If some instincts conflict with practicality, rationality, and/or human dignity then it’s best not to give in to them.”

            Sorry guy, but you’re exhibiting the same kind of illogical reasoning as the other homosexual activists use. It’s so illogical its funny.

            “Methinks thou protest too much.”

            A person does not “give in” to instincts that are there for self-protection since the first ancestor of humankind hopped ashore to begin his evolution on land. And these instincts are not base and inculcated in humankind to be over come. They’re all there for good reasons, which serve specific purposes. Life forms who did not have them are the ones that died out, but I doubt nature left them out of any living creature.

            They are there to assure that the organism carries on, which is universal among all living creatures in this universe and beyond.

            “Having harems of concubines and enslaving weaker tribes are also part of human nature and natural instincts.”

            Can’t you see the fallacy of comparing those things to instincts of survival among living creatures and guaranteeing that their kind lives on?

            You’re saying they’re bad and that they’re inborn instincts (But I doubt they are. They’re more like tendencies than compelling instincts.) and because you’ve picked out a couple bad traits, you’re proving all instincts are bad. That’s not very sound logic.

            And your implication further implies that a reaction of revulsion and disgust in people, prompted by instincts that seek to guarantee their survival and perpetuation are bad, because there are other instincts…… like your opinion of bad ones…..that are bad, so therefore all instincts are bad., and something to be “overcome.”

            That doesn’t make sense, especially since your examples are better defined as tendencies and not important instincts designed to guarantee survival.

            I doubt anyone would regard keeping a harem is on the same level as guaranteeing survival in a human.

            “Other species of animals function almost 100% on instinct so it’s not that much of a feat.”

            What does being “not that much of a feat” have to do with supporting your contention that human instincts of survival should be placed in the back seat so homosexuals conduct can be accepted? You’re saying acceptance of homosexuals is a much higher calling than concerns about survival?

            I think you might have more than a few people disagree on that.

            I never claimed responding to instincts was anything but a necessity. And to ignore responding in the manner nature intended is to invite our destruction.

            And mankind can no more give in to survival instincts like species perpetuation than he could to his instinct for survival which compels him to fight to the death anything that threatens his existence.

            Obviously you’re trying very hard to depict homosexual acceptance as something that everyone should aspire too because it’s an indication of a more intelligent populace.

            I hate to have to be the one to tell you, but every society in the history of mankind that has had rampant perversions has imploded, because of the gross deterioration of the culture. So the acceptance of homosexuality is part of the gasoline that drives us towards a mile high cliff.

            And we’re supposed to think of homosexuality as a lofty ideal?

          • LHathaway

            Yes, but you have not come up with an intellectual defense of heterosexual expression. Even if you are correct (and you Are obviously incorrect in at least one regard, in your statement that what is natural can not be over come). In this regard, you sound like an idiotic racist.

          • 4321realist

            “You are obviously incorrect regarding your statement that what is natural can not be over come.”

            Show me where I wrote anything like that. I did not.

            “It’s as if you’ve never left your home since 1880 or something .”

            I’ve never left home since 1880? Was I supposed to be at home then? I never realized I was that old.

            “Since you’re completely wrong about one thing, why not conclude you are completely wrong in regards to everything?”

            I have no idea what you’re referring to, but I wasn’t wrong on “one thing.” If I were, it doesn’t follow that I would be wrong on everything. That’s nonsense.

            Do you realize there isn’t anything you wrote that makes any sense?

          • LHathaway

            “Show me where I wrote anything like that (What is natural can not be over come). I did not”.

            That’s virtually all you’ve said, in all of your posts. Humans don’t regard homosexuality to be natural. You’ve shouted it out and repeated it over and over. Admittedly, the idea that what is natural cannot be overcome is something that is only Heavily implied all throughout your statements. When I think about it, what you’re saying is nothing more than a repeat or a mirror of what racists say, ‘people prefer their own race, it’s natural’ (a statement that perhaps backs up the diversitoids, more than anything). If I didn’t know better I would observe that girls prefer the black race. So this homosexuality thing is interesting, ‘heterosexual relations are just natural’.

            I’m more curious to hear you provide an intellectual defense of heterosexuality. Surely you can do it. ‘It’s not natural’ is the best you got? I’m honestly hoping you can. I realize you’re not a trained seal or something, but you seem to be taking an anti-homosexual stance. I agree with you (now I’m getting scared). I’d like to hear more.

          • 4321realist

            “When I think about it, what you’re saying is nothing more than a repeat or a mirror of what racists say, ‘people prefer their own race, it’s natural’ (a statement that perhaps backs up the diversitoids, more than anything). If I didn’t know better I would observe that girls prefer theblack race. So this homosexuality thing is interesting, ‘heterosexual relations are just natural’.

            Do you understand that you flit from one subject to another, misinterpreting what you have read, and contradicting yourself time and again, with no logical progression of thought? And most of your statements are not only fallacious, they’re ludicrous.

            “…….but you seem to be taking an anti-homosexual stance. I agree with you (now I’m getting scared). I’d like to hear more.”

            You won’t hear more from me, old guy. Your ramblings are just too bizarre to address.,

          • LHathaway

            I won’t disagree with you. I’m guilty on each count (I would Like to think there is something to veracity of my claims (even if they do contradict, which they do). In contrast to me, you’ve said only one thing (using quite a bit of ink to do so), homosexuality is looked upon as unnatural. If you’ve said something other than that (or expounded upon even that) I’ve missed it. Honestly, I was hoping you’d say more. Not badgering you or insulting you (even it may sound like it). I was hoping to read more, honestly. Was hoping you would choose to do it.

          • Reynardine

            People have been executing psychopaths for centuries, and yet they’re still popping up. So it’s obviously not the best solution.

      • Exuberant Auditor

        A lot of things are part of human nature. Our natural inclination aren’t necessarily good.

        However, the smarter ones tend to gauge the potential harmfulness on something on more pragmatic and practical criteria beyond the intial “That be disgusting, Goddarnit!” And on practical grounds, it doesn’t hurt anyone, and the percentage of homosexuals is roughly the same in all societies, despite cultural differences. And most importantly, their percentage hasn’t increased for decades now despite “the propaganda”.

        • 4321realist

          “Don’t you think people in Iran or Saudi Arabia would rather cure their
          homosexuality than be executed if there was such a thing as a cure to

          Not necessarily.

          Many are so enthralled with the practice they would rather try to pervert the entire human race’s natural instincts than stop the perversions.

          And, like rabid liberals so ensconced in their belief and practice they would rather face the possibility of death than change their ways.

          They like what they’re doing. Recent research (I don’t have it at hand, but will look for it.) reveals that the practice of homosexuality creates a portion of the brain responsible for the condition to increase in size and activity and they found the exact same thing was true of drug addicts and alcoholics.

          After a while the condition is irreversible, so it’s true that long practice of perversions DOES make it impossible for an afflicted person to ever reach normalcy again.

          But no homosexual should expect the entire human race to accept what is naturally offensive to them simply because perversions are so deeply embedded they’ve reached a point of no return.

        • 4321realist

          “If we knew what caused sexual attractions that are non-conducive to procreation, we’d start by treating those that really cause harm like pedophilia.”

          Well, since you brought it up, you should understand that homosexuality is based in the same kind of disorder that pedophiles and those who engage in bestiality have. All three disorders are the result of the fixation and desire for objects other than those that involve their natural instincts to procreate.

          There are even some who fixate on inanimate objects.

          Their common denominator is an intense fixation on someone or some thing other than the opposite sex.

          These disorders are what Dr. Ben Carson tried to explain were similar, but was set upon by the rabidly leftist press.

          And ALL of them are mental disorders in humans that can be reversed with intense psychotherapy if they haven’t engaged in their affliction for too long a period of time.

          • Exuberant Auditor

            It’s not fixations. Some people are just born like this. I have a hard time believing it’s a choice.

          • 4321realist

            “Fixations”… You make it sound like it’s a choice.”

            In the beginning it IS a choice, until it becomes an addiction, then it is STILL a choice unless it has been carried on for a long period of time, as with drug addicts or alcoholics. Then it becomes a compulsion.

            Incidentally, they might not even realize they’re heading into the illness in the beginning stages.

            But nothing changes the fact that people have natural instincts and revulsion against the practice, and to condemn them for it is no less than rabid hate speech.

            The animosity expressed by many people about homosexuality is due to the in-your-face despicable conduct by activists.

            I never even cared one way or another until the vicious, crude activists kept peeing down my back on these forums trying to convince me it was raining outside, plus the fact that they began adopting and corrupting little children with the approval of crooked politicians and flakes, oddballs and misfits who wanted their votes.

            Which, incidentally is why I’m an intense advocate against all things that have to do with blacks. Their pee-downyour-back mantra was all black pathologies and lack of learning ability was due to whitey.

            I know better, and I’m going to say so.

          • LHathaway

            Actually, it has been suggested that in times of ‘stress’, that is to say, when there is a great imbalance or shortage of available mating partners of the opposite sex, homosexuality becomes ‘natural’ or exists there as natural among humans.

            My own feelings match up closer to those of Freud, or I believe him. Freud felt that both the preferred sexual object and the preferred sexual act were both learned. We are born bisexual or with no sexuality at all and we learn these things. Freud also felt that homosexuals should be treated, and cured if possible. In fact, he felt most mental illnesses were the outward manifestations of homosexual conflicts in the unconscious mind – that was the root of most mental illnesses. Of course some people are just abused so horribly they become mentally ill. This idea runs completely counter to mainstream or politically correct notions today regarding mental illness.

      • HE2

        Before homosexuality became a high pressure political movement with a strong lobby, it was DSM coded as a “sexual paraphilia,”[deviation]. DSM was forced to change its pathologizing, diagnostic code, to normalize this behavior.
        These days, it is taught in schools as an “alternative lifestyle” within the parameters of normal, even considered desirable. Homosexuals are invited to speak about their “lifestyle” at public schools.
        This, I do not support, nor do I appreciate the raucous parades and ostentatious displays one observes in S.F.
        I believe what one does in the privacy of one’s own bedroom is his business, unless it inflicts harm on another.
        But, keep it private, please. We do not need to hear about it.

        • 4321realist

          “Before homosexuality became a high pressure political movement with a strong lobby, it was DSM coded as a “sexual paraphilia,”[deviation]. DSM was forced to change its pathologizing, diagnostic code, to normalize this behavior.”

          Absolutely right.

          Homosexuality has always been regarded as a mental illness by the APA, until 1973, wherein it was eliminated due to constant loud harassment and intimidation by activist homosexuals. Incidentally, Freud concluded that paranoia and homosexuality were inseparable. Other psychiatrists overwhelmingly concluded that the practice is a mental disorder, also. It has always been the accepted norm.

          The downgrading by the APA was NOT a conclusion based in science but in politics.

          Quite frankly they were bullied into it. Activist homosexuals had taken to camping out near their homes with non-stop harassment, and, as is the case today, they were able to bully their opposition and have their illness downgraded.

          Flushed with victory, they use the same tactics today to intimidate and bully many into dropping their protestations against homosexuality, but they haven’t changed many minds, only the weak and gullible.

          A large percentage of people would rather ignore the issue than fight it.

          If there is an economic collapse in the West like what appears to be unfolding right now, societal norms created about anything PC will be extinguished the first second the first bullet is fired by rioting mobs.

          And any society rebuilt out of the ashes will sire babies who still have their natural instincts intact, so if leftist instigators and their cohorts want to pervert society as before they’ll have to start from scratch, because the preference for one’s own kind as a homogeneous nation and the instincts for perpetuating one’s species will be the dominating traits as they are in all new births.

          But after witnessing what has happened to the West in recent times, I have no doubt whatsoever that anybody suggesting PC in the future will be decorating a lamp post somewhere about as fast as he/she can open their mouths or write that first line of advocacy.

          • Freud concluded that paranoia and homosexuality were inseparable

            I find on average that gays tend to be politically paranoid; their mindset is that everyone is out to get them, that the milieu against them is way stronger way more organized and way more numerous than it actually is in the real world. Ironically, they tend to be blind toward real threats against them, threats to them as general individuals and threats against them as gays.

            Jews on the left are the same way.

          • 4321realist

            “I find on average that gays tend to be politically paranoid; their mindset is that everyone is out to get them……”

            “……they tend to be blind toward real threats against them…..”

            Right on. I’ve observed EXACTLY the same things, especially that they’re blind to real threats, like the dominance of black dislike of them.

          • HE2

            So have I, 4321. They too have bought into the persecuted victim mentality.

          • LHathaway

            They say the paranoid are among the toughest to treat.

          • HE2

            Off the record, psychiatrists of my acquaintance still believe that homosexuality is maladaptive behavior, possibly a disturbance of same sex parental bonding.

        • David Ashton

          Just a few current snippets from the UK left-liberal “Guardian”.
          1.”The Church of England is to debate plans for a ceremony akin to baptism for Christians who undergo gender transition.” (May 22)
          2. “Half of British families now have only one child. It’s time for ‘just the one’ attitudes to catch up.” – Gaby Hinsliff (May 22)
          3.”Women’s colleges should become havens for trans women…it’s time for cis women to see trans women not just as allies but as prime collaborators” – Meredith Talusan (May 19)
          4.”Although some 20 countries have legalised gay marriage, Ireland would be the first to so so through a referendum. Some have questioned the wisdom of…allowing the rights of a minority to be decided by the majority….A yes vote would leave abortion as the last big Irish taboo.” – Henry McDonald (May 22)
          5.”Prof Geoff Hinton, hired by Google to help develop intelligent operating systems, said that the company is on the brink of developing algorithms with the capacity for logic, natural conversation and even flirtation.” (May 22)
          6.”Migration to UK surges close to 2005 peak…the backlog of people…whose whereabouts are unknown is 300,000″ (May 22)
          7.”Children as young as twelve should be able to watch Gaspar Noe’s pornographic romance, the director said [of] his new film, which contain scenes of penetration, masturbation and an ejaculation that – thanks to 3D technology – arcs out of the screen.” (May 22)

          Imagine what a Rip Van Winkle, who went to sleep in 1955 and woke up in London sixty years later, might think.

          • HE2

            Mr. Ashton, reading this comment has driven me to brew hemlock tea. Care to join me? I am sure Mr. Van Winkle would be glad to.
            Tragic. The UK is scuppered.

          • David Ashton

            Not while my grandchildren carry on, nor indeed the majority of our people, but I understand the feelings of the wise yet wearied. “Dead fish rot from the head down.”

          • HE2

            Not while my grandchildren carry on, nor indeed the majority of our people…[snip]
            Agree, nor while my children are still about either.
            To paraphrase Robert Frost: “But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.”
            It is difficult not to feel discouraged, Mr. Ashton.
            The U.N. is pressuring once sovereign Western nations to “resettle” culturally dissimilar White hating dark races, disparaging all spirituality, undermining normal family values by encouraging same sex marriage, and more. All Alinsky Play Book tactics.
            I am edgy enough to think that the goal is not mutual acceptance and genial assimilation but rather destabilization, the divide and conquer agenda.
            Yes, ’tis true; I am discouraged. What legacy am I handing to my children?

      • 4321realist says homosexuality is a mental disorder “exclusively affecting humans.”
        I’m not so sure. Their are two male penguins who hang out a whole lot with each other, and are ignored by female penguins. The pair is, of all places, in the San Francisco zoo. Also, there is a Bruce Bagemihl, who wrote a book, “Biological Exuberance”. I read the book long ago (thank goodness for the internet). Homosexuality occurs plenty in the mammalian and aviary kingdoms, homosexuality and plenty of other non-straight behavior too.

        • 4321realist

          Silly examples like this are not factual, but even if they were the person making them inanely wants us to believe that animals make conscious decisions to pair up with the same sex. They do not.

          It’s just another part of the childish trickery rabid homosexual activist use to create a false reality. I’ve read where some of them claim they went to a shrink for psychotherapy and the therapist turned homosexual during their treatment.

          It’s a childish attempt to try to convince people that homosexuality is wide-spread and normal. It is not. As a recent exhaustive study reported, all the male/female homosexuals/transvestites in this country amount to only 1.6% of the population.

          In the case of animals what the activist homosexuals don’t understand is that even if what they want to portray is true they’re only offering a rare exception, thinking it will render the rule invalid.

          And it amounts to no more than childish nonsense that homosexual activist use, thinking it will help “mainline” their affliction. They want to pee down somebody’s back and try to convince them it’s raining.

          Throughout history it is those societies that have departed from the traditional family unit, homogeneity, and law and order, that failed to exist for very long.

          And with societal degeneration comes all the attendant factors that weaken it, mostly involving economics. That was the case with Rome, and it is situation we see unfolding today.

          This entire affair will erupt into bloody violence and the starting gun that will begin the festivities will be an economic plummet.

          We’re almost there right now.

    • Reynardine

      Some of the lowest-IQ peoples on the planet, New Guineans, are strangely comfortable with homosexuality.

      • John Smith

        It’s a “manhood” ritual to blow and swallow an older man by a boy.

        • Oh, ick. My own rite of passage was a long solo car trip, from Boulder, CO to Santa Cruz, CA.

        • yes. The logic is kids need to swallow a lot of semen so later on they have semen of their own.

          • John Smith

            I heard “life essence,” but one stupid tribal primitive belief is as good as another.

          • George Moriarty

            Some of these practices could give a whole new meaning for the present push to embrace diversity and rejoice in multiculturalism.

    • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

      Funny, because those low IQ people seem to be intelligent enough to realize that homosexuality is disgusting and destroys society. Yes, it exists and likely always will. However, we don’t need to encourage it and celebrate it.

    • Exuberant Auditor

      Yeah, generally the lower the IQ, the more the person gives in to his/her “Eeeww! Burn him!” reaction over the “Well, at the end of the day, it doesn’t really hurt anyone”.

    • SoulInvictus

      Which is why it was found contemptible by even the educated upper classes in… Every? I think, country in the world. Since the dawn of time.
      Brief bright spots for the gays in Greece and Rome in some circles. That’s about it.

      You could certainly say that high IQ societies are definitely the only places people get fat, lazy, and vice ridden enough for homosexuality to gain a foothold of acceptability.

    • a-multicultural-divide comments “Hostility toward homosexuality is mostly associated with low IQ.”
      4321realist comments “Hostility toward homosexuality is a natural part of the make-up of mankind.”

      Independently of the above, I comment “the intensely, rigid anti-gay group within the right-wing are part of the suicide of the right-wing.” Their are some very hard-fighting, fairly intelligent, gays in the right-wing. Hard fighting and fairly intelligent persons are valuable for any group, whether right or left. At least the left makes use of such people in their group.

      • 4321realist

        “Independently of the above, I comment “the intensely, rigid anti-gay
        group within the right-wing are part of the suicide of the right-wing.”

        Suicide? Of the right?

        Do you understand that it is the left that is the minority in this country by a wide margin? They do, however, have control of the organs of communications and the entertainment industry, but that benefits them only in so far as they’re able to make society appear more liberal than it is.

        And, yes, they have intimidated and bullied a few of the most gullible, least intelligent of society into shutting up, but right wing values still vastly outnumber the left, especially the rabid kooks on the left who think their idea of a rainbow utopia is just around the corner, that all they have to do is apply more trickery, false statistics and bogus polls and the world is theirs.

        But those who are of a traditional values bent know full well that it is the loosening of societal norms into societal degeneracy that has destroyed past cultures, and the process is occurring here right now.

        And, sorry, Charlie, but they don’t need homosexuals to advance their goals. When the mobs hit the streets…..and they WILL…..your rainbow utopia will be nothing more than a sick fixations in the minds of radical leftist ideologues.

    • TF

      Acceptance of homosexuality is a sign of a nation suffering from a severe sickness. I agree that faggotry should be outlawed.

  • Luca D.

    Now this??? So hard to believe coming from a virtuous race of African people who are constantly in the throes of famine, disease, voodoo, cannibalism, inter-tribal war, polygamy, slavery, genocide, poverty and a hunter-gatherer/stone-age lifestyle.

    • Light from the East

      Homosexual issue is inevitable when you have large number of people. It’s like natural population control. With the growth rate of African population, such issues only increase. Just let them deal with themselves.

  • Whatever two consulting adults do behind closed doors is bound to be disgusting. Why make distinctions? My wife and I take showers together. It is a lot of fun, and we quite enjoy it. I am 49 and she’s 37, so we know what we’re doing. After the shower comes the screwing. Sometimes I put on my old Waffen SS uniform.

    If it isn’t obscene, you’re not doing it properly.

    • carriewhite64

      Your old Waffen SS uniform?? LOL!

      • I used to be involved in WW-2 battle re-enactment.

        • Tim

          Offering Buckskin jacket and Davey Crockett hat for even trade….

    • Reynardine

      Why is it that mixed-race couples always seem uncomfortably comfortable with perversions? Honest, loving sex between members of the same race is not grotesque.

      Also, I sincerely doubt that you’d be so giddy about all of this if one of the consenting adults was your daughter and the other was one of Obama’s sons.

      • My requirement is that Ariadne will someday marry a white or Japanese guy. If he hits her, I’m going to kill him. I hate wife-beaters and want them all dead. Everyone here knows it, too.

      • Exuberant Auditor

        Not necessarily. I’m not much of a race-mixer, never have been, but I do enjoy quite a few types of kinky “non-mainstream” sex.

    • Tim

      I would have a hard time ever convicting someone over illegal internet porn. What ever the type. I read somewhere that the internet is for all the bizarre sex you would never have the guts to try in real life….

      • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

        Um…you aren’t including child porn, bestiality, necrophilia, snuff or anything like that, right?? Because the people involved in that stuff should be executed.

        • Tim

          I was referring more to “Imaginary” porn. I`m not computer literate but it`s that stuff thats digital and not real. Does that make sense?!?

          • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

            Yes, but don’t you think that the digital, computer-generated stuff can lead people to seek out the real deal? I’ve heard that from porn-addicted people, they want more and more, and more extreme, stuff.

          • David Ashton

            I would think it is a factor in sex crime, but criminological investigations of this probability, if they exist, are not easy to find.

  • Rob

    I approve of gay behavior among non whites, then less of them on the welfare dole.

    • Reynardine

      Unfortunately, a lot of blacks DO practice homosexual sex in addition to heterosexual sex, which is why HIV/AIDS spread so fast throughout the black community.

      You got your wish, but it wasn’t how you wanted it.

      • Rob

        As long as they are gone I do not care how it happens.

  • Hilis Hatki

    More refugees to bring to America.

  • Xerxes22

    The MSM will not report on this story, so must liberals won’t even know about it. Just like they don’t know about Black on White crime.

  • carriewhite64

    I know that this story is meant to be serious, but I found myself laughing at every single thing about it. “Imma slit your throat and no cracker can stop me.”

    • Reynardine

      I am really rather amused that liberated Africa isn’t going the way the Lefties had planned it. The only way to reclaim Africa would be the c-word: colonialism.

      • SoulInvictus

        Good god no, haven’t we learned that lesson already… look where it got us, planet Mogadishu.

        Can’t we just wall it off, chuck our africans and halfricans over the wall, and check back every hundred years or so to see if they’ve progressed enough to join us.

  • Cato

    Africans are homophobic. To a lesser extent, African-Americans are homophobic. My gay friends are not blind to this, but they will not openly complain, because the gay steamroller-of-our-rights would stall were the poster-children of victimhood (blacks) to take umbrage at something said by a gay.

    • Reynardine

      Minorities and pervorities fighting each other to death over top victimhood spots sounds like something that would bring me to watch TV again.

      • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

        A real-life “Running Man”!

  • IstvanIN

    Homosexuality is anti-god, anti-human, and anti-civilization
    Replace homosexuality is with Negroes are and it would be a correct statement worldwide.

  • LHathaway

    “no white person can do anything about it”.

    Thank God. I Knew independence was a good thing . . .

  • ViktorNN

    On some comment thread somewhere, a bunch of white liberals are “safely” expressing their repressed innate dislike of blacks. They crave stories such as these.

    • LHathaway

      lol, are you talking about liberals, or racists on AmRen?

      lol, I am the one who claims they, ‘all owe their true allegiance to groups like hate-watch’. But that is another story.

  • John Smith

    About the one thing I can praise negroes for is that they haven’t fallen for the white Left’s crusade to promote homosexual lifestyles.

  • KenelmDigby

    Expect an enormous influx of Gambians feigning homosexuality pouring into Europe using so-called ‘Human Rights’ legislation to guarantee their entry and settlement.

  • Exuberant Auditor

    Muslims are on average way more conservative on the issue of homosexuality than non-Muslims. Add to that the lower IQ/poverty/lack of education factors which make people more fearful and therefore aggressive about anything different from the mainstream and you have “Let us slit their throats” Gambia.

  • Exuberant Auditor

    Funny how those who say homosexuality is anti-civilization tend to live in sub-Saharan mudhuts or some of the poorest counties of rural Mississippi with cowdung on their rubber boots.

    • David Ashton

      Oscar Wilde, who liked young makes, reportedly said the USA went from barbarism to decadence, without the intervening stage of civilization. Civilizations degenerate and die, unless resistance is mounted.

      • Exuberant Auditor

        Civilizations die from crumbling economies, armies, lawlessness, or from being invaded by hostile or low-IQ populations. Not from having 4% of the male population attracted to other men.

        • David Ashton

          True, but excessive hedonism often has a symbiotic relationship with social collapse. The vectors of the commercialized orgasm and the minority lobbies come together in elevating the “gay lifestyle”, with negative impacts on family life and medical health.

  • Hammerheart

    Blah blah blah no white person can tell me what to do blah blah blah

    Oh by the way, when’s the next shipment of food, water, medical supplies, and dollars coming in guys?

  • 4321realist

    “Of course, none of that changes the fact that in a world of 7 billion
    people and advanced medical technology its’ contribution to the survival of our species is now negligible.”

    Whether the instinct to perpetuate the species is necessary to the survival of humans nowadays doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that opposition to homosexuality is a NATURAL reaction and is not rooted in human intelligence….. nor is anti-homosexuality based necessarily in hate……which you clearly claimed, as just one more homosexual activist trying to employ denigrating tactics to make it sound like people who are anti-homosexual are stupid.

    On the contrary. It is the least intelligent of society who gullibly fall for homosexual intimidation tactics and childish propaganda.

    The boards are full of rabid homosexual activists who make a full-time job of denigrating those who object to their perversions. Most of them believe that if only they could see an end to Christianity they would then be able to realize their dream of a rainbow utopia reach fruition. And their tactic against non-Christians is to charge that those who don’t agree with homosexuality are not very bright.

    It is one unending childish ploy after another. But there’s nothing they can say or do to over-ride the incredibly strong influence of natural instincts.

  • TheCogitator

    I guess the homosexuals he’ll be killing are black. Should I be concerned?

  • LeonNJ

    If they ever need a big donor, the Chinese will fill the void. As long as Gambia has something that China wants, they not need to worry about aid from white America.

  • Phoenixian Westernia

    The Nigga had a Dragon Dildo up his ass.

  • pennawhytmn

    I see this guy is not a fan of the Packers.

  • pennawhytmn

    Why would Europe and the United States be giving them aid anyway? We have White people here struggling to make it through college, and seniors, particularly veterans, who could use some aid.

  • 4321realist

    “Mallard ducks also exhibit homosexual behavior.”

    Do they have their own gay bars too?

  • Canadian Friend

    Unfortunately ” no white person can do anything about it” is more and more true everyday.

    Our pathological fear of being accused of racism and our pathological altruism for people who wish us harm and want to destroy our civilization, culture and race are paralyzing us, in most cases we do nothing or we blame ourselves

    …and more and more people around the world know about this pathological disorder we whites have been suffering from for about 60 years now.

    White nations are now a joke; everyone is using us and we do nothing, like the village idiot of the planet, we smile and do nothing.

    This is sad, really sad.

  • TF

    I am a white South African, one thing we and the blacks can agree on is that these homos are disgusting and we don’t want them in our countries.

  • TF

    Queers are mentally deranged and should not be accepted.