Where the White People Live

Alana Semuels, The Atlantic, April 10, 2015

Last summer, the Michigan town of Grosse Pointe Park erected a farmer’s market in the middle of one of the few remaining streets that allowed cars to pass between the tony suburb and the urban Detroit neighborhoods at its border. It was the latest of many attempts by Grosse Pointe Park residents to close off roads and block traffic between what has become a predominantly white, affluent suburb, and its poorer, urban neighbor.

There were protests about the border, and Grosse Pointe Park later said it would tear down the farmer’s market and re-open the road, but the incident speaks volumes to the segregation that exists in Detroit, and the tensions that can grow as a result.

The fact that these two areas are so close is unique–the border between Grosse Pointe Park and the city of Detroit is the only place in any of America’s biggest cities where a very wealthy, predominantly-white area abuts a very poor, black one, according to research from a new working paper from the University of Minnesota. But the existence of self-segregated wealthy white areas close by low-income minority ones isn’t unique, according to the Minnesota researchers. They have sorted census tracts in 15 of America’s 20 biggest cities into “racially concentrated areas of affluence” and “racially concentrated areas of poverty,” and find that many cities have more areas of segregated affluence than they do poverty.

Racially concentrated areas of affluence, by the researchers’ definition, are census tracts where 90 percent or more of the population is white and the median income is at least four times the federal poverty level, adjusted for the cost of living in each city. Racially concentrated areas of poverty, by contrast, are census tracts where more than 50 percent of the population is non-white, and more than 40 percent live in poverty.

Detroit has 55 racially concentrated areas of affluence and 147 racially concentrated areas of poverty, according to the research, done by Ed Goetz, Tony Damiano, and Jason Hicks. Detroit’s racially concentrated areas of affluence are just 1.1 percent black. Its racially concentrated areas of poverty, by contrast, are 76 percent black.

Cities such as St. Louis, Boston, Baltimore, and Minneapolis have more racially concentrated areas of affluence (RCAAs) than they do racially concentrated areas of poverty (RCAPs). Boston has the most RCAAs of the cities they examined, with 77. St. Louis has 44 RCAAs, and 36 RCAPs. Other cities with a large number of racially concentrated areas of affluence include Philadelphia, with 70, Chicago, with 58, and Minneapolis, with 56.

In Boston, 43.5 percent of the white population lives in census tracts that are 90 percent or more white and have a median income of four times the poverty level. In St. Louis, 54.4 percent of the white population lives in such tracts.

Still, it’s the poor areas, rather than the areas where whites have self-segregated, that get the most attention from policymakers, who have sought to ameliorate concentrated poverty in segregated areas by moving families from black, urban areas to white suburbs. {snip}


Public policy has “focused on the concentration of poverty and residential segregation. This has problematized non-white and high-poverty neighborhoods,” said Goetz, the director of the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs at the University of Minnesota, when presenting his findings at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. “It’s shielded the other end of the spectrum from scrutiny–to the point where we think segregation of whites is normal.”

Goetz and his team are still researching the effects of this self-segregation of whites, but he thinks that a high number of RCAAs may be a negative factor for cities.

“Some people argue that when whites and affluent people segregate themselves, it can erode empathy, and it can inhibit the pursuit of region-wide remedies,” he told me. “It can inhibit a sense of shared destiny within a metropolitan area.”


Goetz and his team also researched the RCAAs’ and RCAPs’ distance to downtown. Areas of affluence are located, on average, 21.1 miles from a metro area’s downtown. In Detroit, racially concentrated areas of affluence are, on average, 24.2 miles from the city’s downtown. In Washington, D.C., racially concentrated areas of affluence are 25.1 miles from downtown; in Chicago, they’re 22.1 miles. Racially concentrated areas of poverty, on the other hand, are on average 6.6 miles from downtown, and in cities such as Baltimore, St. Louis, and Philadelphia, they’re much closer.

There is less self-segregation of metro areas in the West: San Francisco and Houston have just five racially concentrated areas of affluence each, Seattle has nine, Los Angeles, 11. Seattle has just six racially concentrated areas of poverty and San Francisco has 12. These western cities have larger populations of affluent minorities, and are, in general, more diverse. Only 1.1 percent of affluent households live in RCAAs in San Francisco and only 3.1 percent do in Seattle, but in St. Louis, by contrast, 23.1 percent of affluent households live in a racially concentrated area of affluence. {snip}

The racial makeup of concentrated areas of poverty differs between regions, too: they’re predominantly black in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Philadelphia, and Washington, predominantly Latino in Houston and Los Angeles, and mixed in Boston, Minneapolis, and San Francisco.



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  • JohnEngelman

    In Washington, D.C., racially concentrated areas of affluence are 25.1 miles from downtown;

    – Alana Semuels, The Atlantic, April 10, 2015

    Chevy Chase, Maryland is about six miles away from the Capitol Building.

    • OHDeutschePolkaConfederate

      Parma, Ohio is no more than about 8 miles Southwest of downtown Cleveland. Used to be no Blacks at all living there, still very few. Parma is not wealthy. Strongly Polish/Eastern European, many recent immigrants from Eastern Europe still settle there.

      • Rev. Jesse B. Redneck

        Is your last name Sherman?

  • The shocking surprise news from this:

    Upper middle class whites are upper middle class and white, destitute NAMs are destitute and NAM.

    A few points:

    1. The author notes that there are virtually no programs or inducements or mandates to try to move well to do white people into poor black ghetto hovels. As well there aren’t — One of the things that school deseg advocates learned just before it was too late (for them) is that white parents, even supposedly liberal ones, will turn the world inside out if their kids are bussed into black schools. On the other hand, they will tolerate a few token blacks being bussed in from the ghetto to their white schools, and maybe the token “affordable housing” ghetto black or two in their census tracts. The white backlash is far more severe if you try to take them or their kids and move them into the ghetto compared to moving just a little slice of the ghetto into their neighborhoods and schools. This is why the fourth wave of school desegregation is a lot more nuanced and careful in what it does and how it does it, relative to the first three waves of deseg.

    2. A RCAA tract is defined as at least 90% white and median income that is at least four times the Federal poverty level adjusted for the metro area’s cost of living. It does not say whether it’s also adjusted for household size, because Federal poverty thresholds so adjust. As a baseline, 4x Fed Pov 4 household is $97,000 for 2015. That figure will be higher in expensive cities like New York but lower in cheap cities like St. Louis. If the given metro area has a dead on average cost of living, then it stays at $97,000. Yes, $97,000 allows four people to live very comfortably, but it’s not filthy rich. Consider that three such households strung together can’t afford even one HRC speech.

    3. We’re still stuck on this hobby horse that the mortgage interest deduction is Federal spending on housing? Oh well, whatever makes them feel better.

    • Lexonaut

      ” Consider that three such [Racially Concentrated Areas of Affluence] households strung together can’t afford even one HRC speech.”


      • Your income trajectory, and probably mine, and a lot of other people’s, during the upcoming HRC Presidency.

        • Lexonaut

          Rotate it 90 degrees clockwise and you have the direction she’ll take the country.

          • Except the rap against her in her own party is that she’s not left wing enough. Or that she’s a neoliberal. As everyone (well, not everyone) anxiously awaits the Dime Store Indian.

          • Lexonaut

            “… awaits the Dime Store Indian.”


          • bilderbuster

            The left’s favorite Aboriginal American Elizabeth Warren.

          • Elizabeth Warren.

          • Lexonaut

            (Face palm) I’m so ashamed.

          • John Smith


          • Lexonaut

            Wasn’t that name a great Dennis Miller invention? I was watching when he introduced it to the world.

            I think it was Miller who, in the course of telling a story he was ad-libbing, claimed that he would lure John BonJovi into a kidnappers’ helicopter by telling him there was a hairdresser inside.

          • Simonetta

            That was Dennis Leary from his 1994 comedy album “No cure for Cancer”. Paraphrased: “Stevie Ray Vaughn is dead, and we can’t get Jon Bon Jovi into a helicopter? Come on, Jon, there’s a hairdresser on board”. Or, “John Lennon takes four bullets in the chest with Yoko Ono standing right next to him and she gets not one bullet? There is no God!”.

          • Lexonaut

            Thanks for correcting the attribution.

          • WR_the_realist

            The 2008 presidential election (Obama vs. McCain) was the Election From Hell. Hillary vs. Jeb Buswh will be the even worse sequel, Return of the Election From Hell.

        • Earl P. Holt III

          Don’t be so cynical: The usual suspects consider Hillary’s Presidency to be inevitable, and that of Ted Cruz to be hopeless.

          However, these same people have been wrong on every conceivable public issue for 50 years…

    • Deacon Blue

      LOL! OK…let’s look…

      >1. The author notes that there are virtually no programs or inducements or >mandates to try to move well to do white people into poor black ghetto hovels.

      What kind of inducement would be effective in convincing a White {or any
      non-Black} family of any means to move into a Black ghetto hovel with
      any real success? There is no incentive strong enough to coddle any
      non-Black with the means to do otherwise, into living with Blacks. Look,
      “they” have tried to essentially give away free land/buildings in Detroit.
      You see any White takers? You can’t even give away free housing to
      non-Blacks with means to live elsewhere amongst Blacks.
      Where is my motivation here as a non-Black family? Sure, poorer “hipster”
      Whites might move in to a neighborhood but they are the exception.

      >2. A RCAA tract is defined as at least 90% white and median income that is at >least four times the Federal poverty level adjusted for the metro area’s cost of >living. It does not say whether it’s also adjusted for household size, because ?>Federal poverty thresholds so adjust.

      You post mentions $97K for a family of 4. In the Northeast, especially in
      and around NYC, a family of 4 can not realistically plan to live well at all on
      that level of income. At 1.5X that you might “scrape by” in a small coop
      in Manhattan proper, maybe a duplex in Brooklyn or Queens or further
      up into Nassau County on LI. Yeah, you could head south over the bridge
      to NJ and eke by on $100K but not living well.

      Move to the midwest and the situation changes radically though.

      So you are absolutely 100% correct here.

      • dd47

        Haven’t Chinese been buying up property in Detroit for as low as $1 USD?

        • Deacon Blue

          Maybe. But they sure as heck ain’t living there. Perhaps they
          plan to “gentrify” those areas?

          • Irish

            Good luck. With few jobs, civil society, and exceptionally dangerous neighbors, they’ll have their work cut out for them.

          • Deacon Blue

            I dunno. I would not “invest in Detroit” unless I could forcibly
            remove all the people in the city and just level everything in
            one swell swoop. Detroit needs an enema.

          • John Smith

            Urban farming is becoming big there, but you’d need to mount an M-60 on your combine, just in case….

          • Realist

            “I dunno. I would not “invest in Detroit” unless I could forciblyremove all the people in the city and just level everything in
            one swell swoop.”

            Why remove them first?

          • WR_the_realist

            If Japan would just drop an atomic bomb on Detroit we’d all be grateful in 30 years time.

          • Deacon Blue

            You assume that after the radiation disperses the same type
            of “pests” currently infesting Detroit would not scurry back in
            to take up residence. I though cockroaches were immune to
            radiation essentially anyhow?

          • Irish

            I guess I was more shaded than I wanted to be..In a place overwhelmingly African like Detroit your odds of prospering are miniscule. .

      • The 2015 Federal poverty line for Fam 4 is $25,250 for 2015, so four times that is $97,000 even. But like it says, that does not include cost of living adjustments by metro area. Census measures that, and as an example, a very near dead on average metro area was Phoenix (100.7%). The most expensive was Manhattan (216.7%), while a cheap one was Louisville (87.7%). St. Louis was 90.4%. The cheapest was Harlingen, Texas (82.8%), but who wants to live in Mexico?

        Meaning $210,200 for Manhattan, $85,100 for Louisville and $87,700 for St. Louis is what the census tract’s median household income must be (assuming this study uses 4 person households) and the race composition at least 90% white, in order for the tract to be considered a RCAA. You can live a pretty nice life in St. Louis making $87,700 with husband wife and two kids, but you’re no John Danforth.

        • Deacon Blue

          I’m not sure $200K will allow you to live decently in Manhattan.
          Harlem, maybe. Or the Bronx or one of the enclaves in Brooklyn or Queens. If you are curious to see what I mean, look at the price of coop apartments in West New York {part of NJ, just before the Holland Tunnel} and coops in NYC proper.

          Guttenberg, NJ is a perfect example of “NYC commuter
          enclave” for people earning under $200K.

          These are separated by the Hudson River, maybe a 15 minute
          drive in traffic and zip code. And a price disparity of a good
          sized high tower condo in WNY/Guttenberg costing $600K and the same in NYC proper costing $2M+ easily.

          I can’t speak to St. Louis or Louisville but for sure I can speak
          to it being difficult to live in NYC with 2 kids, a wife and 2 cars
          on $200K as asinine as that must resonate with people.

          You won’t be poor but you’re not living the high life either.

          • One source of befuddlement here is that Census’s COL measures has both an overall index and breakdowns by item. You discusses housing prices a lot, and Manhattan’s housing index is 386.7% while St. Louis’s is 74.6%, which is Manhattan’s most expensive and St. Louis’s least expensive of all the indeces, and of course it means the biggest disparity between the two areas.

            Meaning on housing alone, you need $375,100 in Manhattan and $72,300 in St. Louis to get to the RCAA line.

            For comparison, an average housing market is Akron, Ohio (99.7%) and the cheapest is Tulsa, Oklahoma (66.5%)

          • Deacon Blue

            I would guess that $350K-$400K is a minimal annual gross
            compensation for a family of 4 with 2 cars to live well in Manhattan.

            I would co-sign that check.

          • Then there’s another thing. I don’t Manhattan is really the kind of place that’s the beaux ideal for Mr and Mrs and their two kids and two cars. Even if Mr and/or Mrs was loaded to the gills.

          • Deacon Blue

            True that. Me personally? I never saw the appeal & neither does the wife. We’ll fly in here & there to catch a show or something.

            I guess you’re either a big city cat or not. While I’ll admit to being a somewhat arrogant, superficial, chip-on-my-shoulder, race realist, I admit that I actually relish my cliche’ lifestyle
            as a suburbanite in my cloistered development with wives
            who compete to see who can drive the biggest SUV and
            wear the tightest yoga pants.

            Every house in my neighborhood is essentially the same,
            the hardscape, the landscape, the type of cars & socioeconomic strata of the folks who live here…Asian, Indian, White and even (the paucity of) the Blacks.

            We’re actually more alike than different. We’re all
            trying to escape.

            Even our Blacks don’t like other Blacks. Just they get the
            benefit of saying so publicly with no real repercussions where
            I would be drawn and quartered.

            And you know, I would have been OK with all this and just
            existed in my comfortably numb {nod to Pink Floyd} state in
            this festering, rotting republic many of us live in.

            But then the stuff on the news hit me personally. And like
            a drunk having a moment of lucidity, it all came crashing
            down and I can’t go back to yesterday even if I wanted to.

            I could not live in Manhattan or any other big city. I would not
            spend the money to live in a smaller, congested area that
            has Bill DeBlasio as its mayor. I would not enjoy losing another
            9.8% of my income to “city income tax.”

            But most of all I would not want to feel obligated to patronize
            the same social circles as ivory tower, limousine liberals
            who want to tell the rest of the USA how to live, where to
            live, and encourage the further, rapid decomposition of
            America through unfettered immigration and pandering to
            sub-Saharan Black “less thans” at the expense of what
            this great nation used to be.

            The irony here is that in order to dwell amongst these
            nauseating excuses for Whites in Gotham you really
            need to grossly overspend on everything from housing to
            food. You pay so much more to have the “benefits” of
            residing and hob-knobbing with this so-called
            “enlightened, progressive company.”

            So you’re correct QD, Manhattan is no place for any type
            of traditional White family – or even a “partially White one”
            such as mine.

          • Cid Campeador

            Those who champion the Black ” Cause” are the same hypocrites who can afford no to live near them.
            Gentrification- A mechanism that serves to augment the existing victim pool.

          • jambi19

            The irony of gentrification is wealthy young whites (most of them liberal and love diversity) moving into prime dowtown real estate and displacing the diversity. The diversity which has lived in these urban cores many times having acres of water front.

          • Robert block

            NYC income tax is not 9.8%. While we’re at it, 25,250 X 4 is 101,000 not 97,000 and George Soros never collaborated with the Nazis because they did not collaborate with 13 year olds (the last one I held in too long). NYC income tax is just under 4% if you are W2 (as many Wall Streeters are). If you are a law partner, it is effectively 8% because they tack on a 4% business owner’s tax(by the time you pay State, federal, City, social security, Obamacare and your non-deductible capital contribution you are taking home < 35% of your notional biglaw pay). The way to live in NY is the way Ann Coulter does. Domicile in Palm Beach, count the days carefully, and limit yourself to about 150 in Manhattan because they ROUND UP.

          • WR_the_realist

            Plenty of white people live in Manhattan on less than $200K, but how decently they do so depends on your definition of “decently”. You can expect to live in a tiny apartment but people who live in Manhattan do not expect spacious living. The real problem for white families living in Manhattan is, where do they educate their kids? This doesn’t matter to childless hipsters but it is the reason why not many middle class married people with children live in Manhattan.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            How do the childless couples and “hipsters” feel about paying oppressive taxes to support public schools that graduate violent, and functionally-illiterate nigro chirrens…?

          • Deacon Blue

            They are not paying property taxes to educate them, that is for
            sure. Although getting your pocket picked for an additional
            9.8 points above and beyond federal/state income tax has
            to blow donkey b*lls! Maybe they are too busy with their
            fabulously hip and cool lives to notice this?

          • Deacon Blue

            The question was how could a married couple with two
            kids live in Manhattan on $200K. They can’t.

            Manhattan proper public schools are ranked very badly.
            At a minimum, a mediocre, “non-name” private school
            for kids in Manhattan is $25K/child/year.

            I do not know how any White people who are married
            with two kids can live in Manhattan in a 2BR {never mind
            a 3BR} coop or brownstone on $200K. Remember,
            you’re getting clipped for federal income tax, NY state
            income tax and the lovely 9.8% CITY INCOME TAX
            the NYC imposes on residents. True, property taxes
            are artificially lowered but who can afford to do anything
            but rent anyhow?

            Sure, a pair of homosexual White men can live together
            in some hipster loft in a trendy area on $200K or less.

            Plenty of single White university students too are doing it.

            If you’re an “alternative” lifestyle person or if you’re in
            a rent controlled place and “on the dole” then NYC is
            an interesting place to hang your hat for sure!

            But a traditional, White, American family {equate this
            with a father, mother, son & daughter as my working
            definition} likely will not be able to manage this without
            great sacrifice.

            YMMV! ;-P

    • Earl P. Holt III

      I knew a female I.T. employee of the St. Louis Public Schools who was intelligent, but was a loony feminist and liberal, politically. When she was first married in the early 1970s, she and her husband moved into “Laclede Town,” a new H.U.D. initiative in St. Louis, whose purpose was to voluntarily mix welfare nigros with middle-class whites, so that all those nigros would learn how to become “middle-class” by watching their neighbors.

      Seems that she and her husband became the objects of a great deal of envy and a multitude of Second Degree Burglaries: Whenever they went to work, so did the nigros, who broke into their unit and stole everything they had down to her lingerie numerous times. My friend and her husband didn’t stay long, and Laclede Town didn’t last long.

      Nevertheless, here’s the difference between the idiot left and race realists: She NEVER learned a lesson from her experience. She was still a race apologist, dizzy feminist, “Democrat,” and nigro-lover. The only difference was that she learned to love the nigros from afar, rather than from next door.

      Whites who attempt to insulate themselves from the ravages of nigro “culture” in all its manifestations must be allowed to do so. They should be unapologetic about it, and not hypocrites, as my former friend was…

      • jambi19

        How many of us have numerous DWL friends and family as you describe? I can think of dozens of family members and friends in my life (the majority of them women btw) who think and act exactly as you describe. Nothing makes them more hysterical than realism. Make them embrace diversity in all of its glory I say !!!

        • Earl P. Holt III

          Nature has a way of sorting these things out: The White women who date or marry nigros have a 1,200 % greater likelihood of being murdered by them, which helps chlorinate our gene pool…

        • Earl P. Holt III

          The failure of many women to recognize the reality of profound racial differences would be one glaring example of why the Framers of the Constitution did not include women’s suffrage in the original document…

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    This is really more of a division based upon intelligence than it is race. Intelligent people do not want to live amongst low IQ people and all the stupid behaviors that come with them, from all the children they have but can not afford to raise, to all the added crime, stealing, drugs, obnoxious loud music, reckless driving, litter and so forth.

    • Tarczan

      I’ll take poor whites over well-off AA blacks any day. I don’t want blacks near me, period.

      • Deacon Blue

        Uhm…any more options than the two you noted? I clearly don’t want
        any Blacks near me at all. But I would prefer to keep the low IQ
        Whites at bay too. If that makes me a bad guy, I can certainly live with that.

        • journey

          But the funny part is that the chances of offsprings either with average or above average IQ do appear among low IQ whites. It all depends how the genes cross over.

        • Silly Frog

          In his defense, he said poor whites, not low IQ, the current economy has forced many whites out of the middle class.

          • Deacon Blue

            I’ll buy that.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            Glad someone said that…

          • adplatt126

            And the power apparatus (legal structure, media) with its perennial anti-white discrimination (diversity promoting) campaigns. The economy alone doesn’t explain some of the odd disparities in employment, when it comes to skilled persons.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        Not all poor whites are “trash”: However, I have rarely met a poor nigro who was not. (Maybe found two or three exceptions in 30 years as a slumlord…)

    • newscomments70

      child rape, and so forth

      • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

        Indeed. Intelligent people do not want any priests in the neighborhood either!

    • Cid Campeador

      I think that the syllogism is flawed. Race DOES play a part, There’s no getting around it.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      You left out car thefts, burglaries, gunfire, gang graffiti, broken windows and other vandalism.

      I even had a potted plant stolen from in front of my house, but the next-door nigro who stole it put it in his window for the sunlight, and made its return very simple. (No, I didn’t shoot everyone in the building, as I would have liked…)

    • Susan

      However, intelligence divides races. Equality among the black & white races will never exist because it’s impossible.

  • Peter L. Giamatti

    To understand the demographic makeup of the larger cities in America, you must read E. Michael Jones “Slaughter of the Cities”. You can read the thesis of this book over at Amazon.

    The racial makeup of concentrated areas of poverty differs between regions, too: they’re predominantly black in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Philadelphia, and Washington, predominantly Latino in Houston and Los Angeles, and mixed in Boston, Minneapolis, and San Francisco.

  • journey

    Again, no mention of Asians. Always whites against the background of blacks and Hispanics. Until Asians are thrown into the mix, the whole discussion is intellectually dishonest and useless. The stats on poverty, educational levels, wealth, family stability, crime rates are primarily determined by the inherent racial genome. No busing of low IQ/intelligence peoples into wealthy areas are going to change their genetic. The white lower and middle class neighborhoods have been destroyed by section 8 housing, etc. now they are eyeballing the wealthier neighborhoods.

    • LexiconD1

      Asians don’t typically live in poor areas, but their is a big contingency of them (mostly Cambodian and some Vietnamese) living in Long Beach, CA in a certain section. Most have moved on to bigger and better in Westminster, CA.

      • journey

        Exactly to Deacon Blue and you. Any mentioning of the Asians must be avoided so as to make the whites racists and evil. If whites are so racists and up to no good, then most of the Asians could not be at the same level as whites in education and wealth. Of course, most on this website knows this.
        The early Asians were terribly discriminated against but they overcame those obstacles and succeeded to move up the economic ladder. All boils down to inherent racial genetics.

        • LexiconD1

          It didn’t hurt that a lot of them got no pay back ‘loans’ from the government, either.

          • journey

            But at least they better themselves with those loans vs the blacks = eternal parasites. As for the Hispanics, overall they are hardworking (some extremely hardworking) but the stats so far are working against them due to the genetics.

        • Spaniard in LA

          I can bet that the early Asians only constitute a small percentage of the U.S asian population. Most Asian came with money and education just like the first wave of Cubans.

          • Blackfish

            Look at the Vietnamese “boat people” who came to the U.S. with nothing. Their kids are valedictorians now.

            My Cuban sister in-law likewise came to this country in 1962 with nothing and is now a corporate lawyer.

            Contrast their stories with blacks who either came here as slaves or immigrated more recently.

          • journey

            Actually, the first wave of Asians mainly the Chinese were “peasants”.coming to work on the railroads and due to the gold rush in CA. They stayed creating communities (Chinatowns). The first wave were mainly men. The women came later. The Asian population would have remained static if this country did not have open immigration in later years.

            Throughout the West, evidence of discrimination against the Chinese still remains. Such as, they were forced to have their own cemeteries and mainly to do business among themselves. But, yet they persisted in bettering themselves.

        • Cid Campeador

          A teachers dream is a class full of North Asian students.

          • Anna Tree

            A teacher’s dream is a class full of whites, average and above average IQs would be even better I presume.
            I presume as well that they wouldn’t mind a few North West Asian students. But if they wanted more, they would move to North Asia, wouldn’t they?
            I find whites more creative, questioning, problem solvers in general. The NW Asians have their own set of qualities, but I like ours more: this attitude is I think, normal and good.

          • Rev. Jesse B. Redneck

            Send and email to [email protected]. And I can point you to the all white class room. That is always in need of a teacher that brings out the best in all.

      • bilderbuster

        There’s also Garbage Grove.

        • newscomments70

          I LOVE Garbage Grove.

        • LexiconD1

          Yes, but funny enough, it’s not nearly, even close to, as bad as it use to be.

          • John Smith

            I was there once, in the ’80s, with my folks and it didn’t seem bad. The only thing I remember is visiting the Crystal Cathedral and noting how every brick on the walkways and each pew had a donor’s name on it. Schuller’s kids sure destroyed a nice little empire for themselves.

          • LexiconD1

            Late 70’s/early 80’s is when it EARNED it’s, well deserved, nickname.

            It’s improved a lot, over the years. It’s still not what you, and I, consider a ‘nice’ city though.

      • newscomments70

        Asians often live in poor areas, such as Oakland and South Central LA

        • LexiconD1

          I don’t know about Oakland, but I never saw any Asians, per se, in South Central in all the years I worked the area that (that actually lived there.) I know darn well those Korean shop owners, from the LA riots, didn’t live anywhere near their stores.

          I did see a lot of Pacific Islanders, mostly Samoan. Maybe you’re thinking of them?

          • newscomments70

            I was thinking of Koreatown which is around Crenshaw and Wilshire. I guess that is more “central” LA.

        • Cid Campeador

          Yes. Let’s all remember the historic words of “Football” Williams who after the mob had destroyed most of the property, he declared, “Forget the Mexicans! Let’s get the Buddha heads”.
          Those “Buddha heads” were locked and loaded and waiting for them.

    • Deacon Blue

      I happen to be biased as my wife is Korean but the Asians in my neighborhood
      are all professionals – my next door neighbor is an Asian surgeon and her husband
      is some type of investment broker {he is of Flemish descent}. On the other side of
      me is an Indian family where the wife is a pediatrician and the husband is a
      dental surgeon of some sort + there three kids. The vast majority here are
      indeed White but “by eyeball” we must have 25%+ Asian/Indian. They are
      unremarkable and seem to fit in well. They take care of their houses without
      the CHA enforcers beating down on them and they don’t make “ant colonies”
      with 50 people living under one roof either. So? No complaints by me about the

  • John Smith

    This is a “problem” progressives are looking to “solve” through dumping poor, violent minority members into affluent white communities. I never understood the wealthy enclaves you find inside city limits in most large cities, since they are surrounded by criminal minorities and usually still targeted and victimized despite the higher police presence. I need distance between me and large populations of black criminals.

    • Don’t worry, they’ll spare their own neighborhoods. Count on it.

  • Hilis Hatki

    They know the racial makeup of every street in this country and they have plans, there will be housing integration on a scale never seen before.

    • John Smith


    • Jason Lewis

      Obama’s HUD secretary already admitted to that.

    • WR_the_realist

      That is why it is vital that all race realists do what I do. Self identify as African American in the census. There is absolutely no downside to the federal government thinking you’re black.

  • LHathaway

    Lots of Whites are still able to pay the ‘white tax’ consisting of a higher mortgage payment in order to avoid ‘oppressing people of color’ too closely. Oh, the smart people can’t like that.

    • Deacon Blue

      Bingo! You nailed it! I am fortunate enough to live in a gated community of
      larger McManses. Our development per the CHA by-bylaws specifies {large}
      minimum lot sizes and minimal square footage for all permanent dwellings
      @ 3,500 sq ft or more.

      The median price of a house is well beyond that of most Blacks. Outside of
      perhaps one Black attorney and his family, a Black physician and some
      “ballers” my community is essentially FOB’s and we like it this way. We have
      Asians and Indians {dot not feather} of course but our neighborhood is a
      true meritocracy in the sense that anyone can live here…if you can live here. 🙂

      Outside the gates? We abut a large tract of farmland and there are tons
      of Mestizo seasonal workers in ramshackle ranchettes that the “CHA Police”
      are supposed to keep from using our community facilities. They keep them
      out 85%+ of the time so no real complaints.

      I got the idea to move here after a visit to Sao Paolo, Brazil which works
      under essentially the same idea on a much larger level. I am told this is
      how it is in South Africa too but I have never been and from what I have
      read here and elsewhere, I see no compelling reason to ever visit.

      The sad part about living like this – which is something all of us did to ourselves
      willingly – is that in order to avoid Blacks and “Black Problems” nobody in
      my gated utopia has any real connection to the community at large.

      During the day, we all commute away. Our kids mostly go to private schools.
      On the weekends most stay inside our community in our pools or the
      community pool/function facility. We have a gym, a pool, even a small
      convenience store. Or people “emigrate temporarily” on weekends to other
      places far away. But nobody is in the town/city interacting on any real
      social level with the rest of the community.

      Basically, we pay a heavy toll to sleep secure in large houses during week if you think about it. But…there is ZERO crime, noise, or “problems” for the most part.
      The biggest noise and most problems come from our monthly CHA residents

      Realistically? In a community of 100+ large houses there are under half a
      dozen Black families {thank God I do not live next to one of them!} so
      critical mass is never reached. At least for now.

      Still…this is at best a band aid solution to a larger and growing problem.

      • journey

        It’s the same in Marin County except it’s not gated. The blacks are allowed to roam but they know the rules and boundaries plus I believe the local police keeps a very close eye. The blacks/Hispanics mainly keep to themselves in their communities.

      • John Smith

        SA is a beautiful country, from all I’ve ever seen, but the negro situation makes it too dangerous to go visit and see the Western Cape, Drakensberg, Kruger Nat’l. Park, etc.

      • jambi19

        Do you by any chance live in Florida? I can think of dozens of communities like this in Florida. And if you count 55+ communities in Florida I am sure that number doubles.

  • kikz2

    Federal dollars are now being spent to “subsidize racially concentrated areas of affluence,” Goetz said.

    What this actually means in Translation:
    HUD is on a search/destroy mission using your own tax dollars – handing out Section 8 vouchers like Halloween candy – to ‘block bust’ your lovely clean, calm, quiet neighborhood.

    • OHDeutschePolkaConfederate

      Exactly. I’ll bet that Goetz himself lives in one of these 90% or more White neighborhoods that he is castigating for being too White. Leftists like Goetz are hypocrites. He should buy a house in a Black neighborhood where he will be the only White person for miles around, and proceed to renovate this house and invest large amounts of money in this house. If he is personally so conerned about living near Blacks, and has no concerns about their behavior, what is stopping him? Please, Mr. Goetz, don’t let me stop you!!! Go, now, and buy your dream house in Gary, Indiana or Benton Harbor, MI.

      • Goetz. Is that a German name?

        • OHDeutschePolkaConfederate


        • Bon, From the Land of Babble


        • John Smith

          It can be. Bernhard Goetz is Jewish, but not because of his Lutheran father.

      • John Smith

        Just like Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks.

      • voiceofstl

        On a vacation trip to Southhaven Mi , I knew nothing about the area and I thought it would be a good idea to stop by Benton Harbor thinking it would be a nice little lake front town…………boy, was i wrong.

    • journey

      And it’s white developers that building these high density “low income” housing to get those federal subsidies. They play a big part in ruining neighborhoods.

      • John Smith

        They’re trying to do something similar to this in an upper-middle class area nearby to me. It is marketed as upscale apartments, but the numbers proposed for being built are in the upper hundreds of units, which I can’t see as being sustainable without moving in undesirables to keep up occupancy, now or in the near future.

        • journey

          High density housing has greatly ballooned in the last couple of years in Marin County, CA. We have a limited water supply even when there is no drought. There is only one freeway which gets clogged from other Bay area traffic. The city streets are clogged. This is all due to developers that finally got a state law passed that they are legally entitled to build huge complexes. And part of this deal, of course, is the required numbers of “low cost” housing units.

  • At this point in history, social engineering has done much damage to working class whites, a group that has zero voice in multicult America. Upper income whites have abandoned our white brothers and sisters who are forced by their downtrodden status to live in black ghettos where life is an absolute hell for them. There seems to be no mobility upward for poorer whites anymore.

    Those of us who have some degree of affluence should at least support charities that help our white brothers and sisters. This is what Golden Dawn was doing in Greece.

    • Sid Ishus

      Do you know of any charities that exclusively help Whites?

      • Nope, I was hoping somebody would know of some. The United Way is not one, for sure. They pander to nonwhites

        • John Smith

          I always refused to donate to them at work after their scandals with exorbitant administrator salaries, refusal to support Boy Scouts over their anti-homosexual stance, and that many of their so-called charity partners were front organizations for Marxist politics and ideas.

      • journey

        Not allowed to exist.

      • KevinPhillipsBong

        Just about anything with the word Appalachian in the title.

    • OHDeutschePolkaConfederate

      Exactly. Poor White neighborhoods usually have low crime. The low crime is due to the strong moral values of the residents, who do not have easier lives or nicer homes than most Blacks. They choose to work hard, and choose to have a positive attitude towards life. They choose to refrain from violence because they feel that violence is only justified when acting in self defense, or defending one’s loved ones against harm. This is why random violence is rare in poorer White areas, but is endemic amongst Blacks. Blacks feel that violence is an acceptable form of conflict resolution.

      • HJ11

        No, the low crime in White areas is due to White genes. The moral values are a product of the White genes.

        • journey

          Just like the quality and level of culture is determined by the inherent racial genetics.

        • OHDeutschePolkaConfederate

          Exactly. Our genetics are the source of our behaviors. We have been trying to “teach” Negroes how to behave and think like us for 200 years to no avail. Negro sociopathy is genetic.

          • You bring a chimp into your home, you had better control it with a club or an electric cattle prod. Problem is, do-gooders came a long, and told you, “Hey, you can’t treat that chimp like that! And, Mr. Chimp, listen, you are just as good as any human.” We know the result.

        • John Smith

          I’ve seen white people who lack a great deal of morals, as groups, yet don’t commit any particularly violent crimes, as a group.

          • Yeah, there is a big difference between too much drinking and doing crystal meth, and a little shoplifting, which seems is what Whites do, and then, “We went an’ looked for someone to rob, and shot ’em” which happened recently in Philly, near where I live.

      • Judge the people by the societies they build. It is culture, not economics. You can take the Negro out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the Negro.

    • John Smith

      Anyone have suggestions of white-only charities? Most are committed diversitards.

      • LexiconD1

        I know certain philanthropic organizations that are comprised of mainly one ethnicity, usually only benefit that particular ethnicity…but I don’t think you could consider them your typical charities.

        I’m half Greek, for example “The Ahepa/Daughters of Penelope”, give to certain organizations to benefit those of Greek heritage. Or my Norwegian side “The sons of Norway”…etc.

  • AmericanCitizen

    So apparently it’s a surprise to the writers over at The Atlantic that upscale urban whites don’t want to live in poor black neighborhoods. Who would have thought that? Did they really think that liberals practice what they preach and live amongst the dregs of American society?

    • bilderbuster

      They love busing. For their help that is.
      Growing up on Miami Beach we’d see the morning buses were filled with Black maids and household help coming into work from the mainland and then were packed up with Blacks going home for the day in the evening.
      We used to call it “The Congo Express” when we were kids.

      • Tim

        Forget the “Congo Express”!! Tell us about Wolfie`s Deli at 21st and Collins and the Cleavender Hotel pool in the good ole days…. Throw in Lincoln Road Mall as well… Thanx!

        • bilderbuster

          In the 70’s until the late 90’s South Beach was very run down and with the exception of a few seedy bars (The Irish House and Club Duce are still around) there was almost no nightlife but Wolfie’s always remained popular and although it had an older customer base with lots of regulars. I remember groups of students from Miami Beach Senior High school going there or The Villa Deli from time to time and splurging for a great lunch too.
          At one time in the early 80’s the Cleavender Hotel was practically a flop house as was another place called The Habana Hotel that advertised on the city buses that it had rooms for $8 a night.
          After the Mariel Boatlift in 1980, Castro’s rejects were mugging the few and mostly retired Jewish shoppers on the Lincoln Road Mall and it almost became an outdoor ghost mall for that decade.
          Rent was very affordable and office space became especially cheap there.
          For two decades the most valuable chunk of real estate on the Eastern Seaboard was called “Heaven’s Waiting Room” because the majority of it’s population were senior citizens, many on fixed incomes.

          • Tim

            I wrote a reply twice as long as yours but it didn`t print. Thanks again for sharing. I first hit Miami Beach in 1984. I remember 20,000 people in their 90`s sitting outside at 4:00 am because it was too hot in the rooms. That must have been the “Heavens Waiting Room” you speak of. We almost got our butts kicked at a Cuban nightclub called Xanadau`s across from Wolfies near the public restrooms there. Our last time thru was in `96. I will never forget it. It was the only place on earth that exceeded my expectations , dying as it was. It must have been great growing up there. Thanks agin for sharing… Tim

          • bilderbuster

            I meant “From the 70’s until the late 80’s”.
            84? LOL! You were there around the time they filmed the Chainsaw Scene for the movie Scarface on South Beach. The pretty girls on Ocean Drive were actresses hired for the film but the oldsters were the real deal.Those old cheapskates put so many places out of business. They would get up in the morning, eat breakfast, turn their ACs off and go to the air conditioned coffee shop/restaurants and take up the booths, read the newspapers and only order a cup of coffee and stay there all morning getting refills. Meanwhile real customers who walked in to order a meal walked right back out and went elsewhere because there was no place to sit.
            If you were coming and going until 96 then you also caught the best part of the South Beach comeback when new (and fun) clubs and restaurants were opening every week, topless models everywhere on the beach…
            I was there for that too.
            Yeah. You had a good time then.
            A friend of mine (a life long local) gave me one of those “you should be down here bud” calls last week while he was lunching outdoors, sipping a cocktail on Lincoln Road and enjoying the eye candy.

      • John Smith

        It’s the same for retail and FF joints in the white suburbs, if they’re upper middle-class. The white kids only want “boutique” type jobs that are “cool” and the jobs they don’t want, like working in the kitchen and counter are filled by negroes or Hispanics who don’t live nearby.

        • bilderbuster

          In their defense, can anyone blame the White kids if McD’s, a company that advertises itself as 365 Black, isn’t their first choice when seeking employment? They also have a pretty good idea of what type of customers to expect if they’re going to work at KFC.

  • antiquesunlight

    Blah, blah, blah. There is no solution except separation. A farmer’s market ain’t gonna cut it. Either we create New Europe somewhere or we restore Old Europe. Those are our options. The status quo is a slow march to the cemetery for the white race.

    • Which is, I believe, the entire point of multikult.

  • Jason Lewis

    If you move make sure you’re as far away from apartment buildings as possible. Every last one that I’ve seen, no matter how nice, once it falls below a certain occupancy the government rents them out as Section 8. Eventually the Section 8 residents upset the paying renters who won’t renew their leases and the entire complex will be Section 8 and the entire area will be ruined.

    • John Smith

      Had this happen to me, twice. Once because I didn’t do due diligence and got stuck in with Mexicans and negroes. The other, the place was sold and the new owners were committed slum lords who did no vetting of their renters.

    • voiceofstl

      Your point on apartments is 100% right. I have friends that moved to whitopia st. charles mo. and the apartement complex near them turned section8 and thugs from st. louis came in…..the story doesn’t end well.

  • OHDeutschePolkaConfederate

    There is nothing wrong with segregation. It is merely the expression of our desire for freedom of association. I am a segregationist. This means that I do not want Blacks living in my neighborhood. I do not want Blacks living near me because I do not enjoy their company. I do not understand why my Country’s Government wants to force integration down my throat. I do not believe in violence, and do not object to Blacks becoming wealthy if they do so through hard work. What I do object to is having my living space invaded by a people I do not wish to associate with. People who are known for forcing their obnoxious tastes in music on others, talking so loud that the neighbors are constantly forced to listen to their noise, etc.

    • The important thing to remember about freedom of association as a basic human right is you do not need to justify it to anyone, because it’s a basic human right. You could decide you don’t want to live around anyone except blonde Swedish swimsuit models and that would be your right. (It might be difficult to accomplish in real life, of course.)

      Never justify your desire to segregate. You don’t owe anyone an explanation whatsoever. Never leave them room to argue with you, because there is no argument needed. You don’t want them, and that’s your God-given right.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Not only a human right but human nature.

        Humans long to live with those most like themselves. It’s in our DNA – despite what Cultural Marxists tell you about “equality” and “no such thing as race/culture, etc.” and other anti-white canards that apply to Whites and ONLY Whites.

        The old Soviet empire was the last time a multicultural paradise was attempted (escapees were SHOT) – an attempt to remake humans into a new raceless, cultural- free “Soviet man.”

        It took a strong-arm, iron-fisted authoritarian government to keep the peace among the warring tribe. After the Kremlin fell, more than 100 wars broke out across the former USSR as people tried to sort themselves out along tribal and ethnic lines; by 2000, a decades later, more than 5 million people had been killed.

        • bilderbuster

          Five million?
          Back in the day, a Jewish/Bolshevik could liquidate twice as many in a good decade.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            The Soviets made the liquidation of “enemies” – men, women, children, – no one was spared – a sport.

            As Professor Rummel writes in Death by Government:

            Old and young, healthy and sick, men and women, and even infants and infirm, were killed in cold-blood. They were not combatants in civil war or rebellions, they were not criminals. Indeed, nearly all were guilty of … nothing.

            “Says Vladimir Petrov (who in 1954 defected while a spy-chief in Australia and whose credibility and subsequent revelations were verified by a Royal–Australian– Commission on Espionage) about his work during the years 1936 to 1938:”

            I handled hundreds of signals to all parts of the Soviet Union which were couched in the following form:

            “To N.K.V.D., Frunze. You are charged with the task of exterminating 10,000 enemies of the people. Report results by signal.–Yezhov.”And in due course the reply would come back:”In reply to yours of such-and-such date, the following enemies of the Soviet people have been shot.”

            “How long will you keep killing people?” asked Lady Astor of Stalin in 1931.
            Replied Stalin, “the process would continue as long as was necessary” to establish a communist society.

          • bilderbuster

            But who’s ever heard of Genrikh Yagoda or Lazar Kaganovich and why aren’t these names well known?

          • John Smith

            Could it be their kosherness?

          • bilderbuster

            I’m sure the fact that they were Jewish has nothing to do with it at all.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Simple. It boils down to who controls the media, textbooks industry and academia top to bottom.

            I just read a fascinating account of German Zeppelin bombing raids on England during WW I – there was a documentary on NOVA portraying the Germans as bloodthirsty, murderous – bombing innocent children while they slept – for NO reason except to murder civilians. So far from the truth.

            What the NOVA documentary left out, according to the Barnes Review article – was the British were blockading Germany at that time and the Germans were starving. IOW, the other side was not presented.

            So so so typical of the “history” we’re fed.

            And, that’s why it’s up to us to spread the word – because the media and academia won’t do it or they’ll present an extremely cherry-picked, biased view that portrays Whites as genocidists, murderers, etc.

          • bilderbuster

            You’re absolutely right of course.
            The Barnes Review also has an excellent book store that can be found online and I recommend it to everyone with an interest in history.

          • BeckyThib

            For me, the one indelible image from a WWI documentary I watched several years ago was a few seconds of horrifying footage of a starving German baby. I had no idea they suffered that much. I don’t think the documentary was made here.

      • OHDeutschePolkaConfederate

        Thank You my friend. This is indeed my God given right. Leftists who are so eager to see integration occur need to personally act on their desires, buying and restoring homes in places such as Detroit and Gary. They need to make this a personal move, though, and respect the rights of others to live as they choose.

        • Leftism is not and has never been about respecting or upholding rights. Quite the opposite. Leftists are totalitarians.

      • MBlanc46

        It’s a right that was stolen from us in 1964. We need to start clawing it back.

        • John Smith

          Except now they’re forcing other kinds of diversity down our throats, like acceptance of homosexuality. The problem of forced diversity is getting worse, not better.

          • MBlanc46

            They’ve moved beyond homosexuality. Now they’re on to so-called transsexuals.

      • bilderbuster

        Swedish people are an endangered species.

      • Susan

        I agree and whites shouldn’t apologize for being racists either. We have a natural right to pick our friends, neighbors, and associates.

        • Why should the lion care about the opinion of the ticks latched onto its hide?

    • bilderbuster

      That type of complaint is sooooooooooo 1990’s.

    • I love your post. You are exactly right.

  • Tarczan

    Brahtenal in Cleveland is right next to a darkie area, but it is separated by the freeway. Real mansions in that area, right by the lake. Also, some parts of Shaker Heights and Beachwood, but Shaker is enjoying the full benefits of diversity. Same for Cleveland Heights, some ultra expensive homes right next to darkie areas. Baltimore, too.

    • OHDeutschePolkaConfederate

      Is Bratenahl still mostly White? I figured it had turned Black and violence ridden by now.

      • Tarczan

        Still pretty white. The schools were absorbed by Cleveland, but it still seems white.

    • journey

      Here in Marin County, CA, an all black area Marin City is pretty quiet. Guess they know the rules, in the 70’s they did tried to show their black craziness. But they were told in definite terms, better stop.

  • MekongDelta69

    I don’t see ANY problem here.

    Do you?

    • Deacon Blue

      Nope! The only real news here is that so far no leftist doo-gooders have tried
      to mandate “diversity” in these self segregated neighborhoods.

  • LexiconD1

    “Some people argue that when whites and affluent people segregate
    themselves, it can erode empathy, and it can inhibit the pursuit of
    region-wide remedies,”


    BS. In my experience, not having any experiences with ‘diversity’ only makes them more stupid, and much more liberal. People who have to deal directly with ‘diversity’, know them for who they are…

    • I was also going to make that point in my comment as well, but there was just so much to say. I am glad you pointed that at, though.

  • So, according to the author, the problem is the concentration of wealthy people into “pockets of affluence” even more that the concentration of poverty, that used to be considered the gravest concern. Hmmm, okay.
    This reminds me of an old joke: An Englishman, a Frenchman, and a Russian, each sat down, to pray, to God, and ask for what they wanted.
    The Englishman said, “Dear Lord, I would love to have a beautiful cottage, and a farm, with a flock of sheep to sell the wool.”
    The Frenchman prayed as well, “Lord, please, I would love to have a farm, and a lovely villa, where I may raise cows, to sell the milk and cheese.”
    Then the Russian, who was raised to be an ardent socialist and a believer in The Revolution, knelt and prayed, to whomever: “My neighbor has some land, a farm, and a goat. Please, kill my neighbors goat.”
    And, that, fellow readers, is precisely, the point of view of this article. Punish those who have it good.

  • Cliven Owens

    Where the White People Live

    Whites officially live in a cesspool of non-White sewage. The West is now a melting pot of different cultures and ideologies and races that share NONE of the values Whites do. But of course, the lemmings do not feel that way. The Liberals embrace open borders for all non-Whites that continue to hoard our land and take our jobs. The darker our complexion, the happier the Liberal.

    As Barbara Spectre once noted, Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. The same goes for America. Now that we are being culturally “enriched” by the Marxist elites, Whites are considered “racist” and “pathological” for wanting to remain a homogeneous state insofar as to maintain a degree of racial purity.

    And the non-Whites that absorb anti-White media propaganda demand that Whites forfeit their “privilege” to the weaker races and cultures. At this rate, the media will blame Whites for eating too much food and having too much money. The media will blame Whites for listening to particular music and reading certain books. Cultural Marxism is running rampant in our society and there is nothing stopping the emergence of Bolshevism in the West.

    Here is a reality check:

  • Bartek

    It is always good to be rich.
    The problem with the multicultural paradise State is medium and low Whites are forced to suffer for the largeness of their “betters” policy decisions.

  • pcmustgo

    Hmm, no mention of NYC… heard it’s 2nd most segregated, next to Detroit… although, in a different way, cause it’s so dense a white hood can be 100 ft away from a black hood… and often is… I’m not buying LA isn’t segregated… Rich whites are in Santa Monica, Venice, and Malibu/ the Coast…

    • MBlanc46

      Chicago area has got to be right up near the top.

    • journey

      Santa Monica has a huge gang problem. Was shocked to learn. In the 70’s, when used to live there, was all white. Venice was also white but primarily of artist types. Malibu/Pacific Palisades/Brentwood/Beverly Hills/Westwood Village, etc. = all white would assume still.

  • Evette Coutier

    Wealthy whites didn’t get that way by being fools. The talk the diversity talk, but their actions show they know better.

    • MBlanc46

      Some of them don’t even talk diversity.

  • TL2014

    Somebody save us from the Goetz’s of the planet…

    • Kenner

      I had to recheck the article to make sure you didn’t mean Bernie. You gave me quite a start.

  • IKUredux

    I don’t believe this crap. First of all, they don’t define their parameters. For example, San Francisco is a small (geographically defined city), of course their defined blah blah are less. Well, gee, that is because the area is so small only affluent Whites and Asians can live there. Once again, another study that proves what we already know: Whites want to live with Whites. SO WHAT. Is there a commandment I don’t know about? You know, Thou shalt livest in a diverse community and embrace it. Whoa, must have been on the tablet that Moses broke on the way down. I have stopped volunteering. My efforts have been directed to immigrants by the group for which I volunteer. Enough. I am done. If a White family or White person needs my help, I will help. Nobody else in this God forsaken country is entitled to my help. By the way, I should point out that all the volunteers in my group are WHITE. WTF??? The rest of the so called Americans can’t get up off their black/brown asses and volunteer? To help their own?

    • John Smith

      Oakland is the center of RCAPs in the Bay Area.

      • LexiconD1

        It’s also a WHOLE SEPARATE CITY, and not ‘part’ of San Francisco at all.

        It’s like including Menlo Park, Verdugo Bay, and San Jose…

  • ViktorNN

    White people in the U.S. should just take the next step, make it official, and separate from non-white America.

    After all, is there some benefit we’re getting from living with non-whites that I’m not aware of? Seems like all we’ve achieved is that we’ve learned that multiculturalism is a mistake and a disaster. Let’s revise the Constitution accordingly and start over.

  • Light from the East

    When have you seen a racially evenly distributed living pattern throughout any country and history?

  • logwarrior

    They have now identified there problem and will now solve it through the brute force of government action. For all those big city liberals in those town, welcome to the Republican party.


      “welcome to the Republican party” – You say that as if the Republican party is some kind of counter to all this. I’m not trying to be rude or anything but, you do know who the Republican party is, right?

      • logwarrior

        I’m personally registered as a Libertarian, but vote Republican in major elections because if I have two choices, bad or worse, I’ll choose bad. Plus, the Republicans are at least starting to become more “white centric” due to the population of their supporters. Whites in Mississippi vote overwhelmingly conservative because of their exposure to blacks. You have a better chance of getting the soon to be diversified rich people in the north to vote Republican than you would Constitution Party.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    Detroit is now Africa-2 and soon to be followed by Chicago.

  • superlloyd

    Whites do not have a shared destiny with the negroids. Hence these outcomes. We are not the same. DNA marks the many differences and causes these disparate outcomes. Blacks create RCAPs (surely) an anagram wherever they go.

  • What about that borderline genocidal proposal in the USA aimed at forcibly “diversifying” white areas by building areas for blacks to move into? There will be no escape, no matter how rich you are. Everybody has to share the misery “equally”. Some will of course be more “equal” than others, but there is only one direction the white world is going. It will be impossible to run and hide forever.

    • Wrong. The truly rich, aka, “The powers that be” will always be protected from this, or else it would not exist.

      • The way demographics are going, I was suggesting that it would be a mathematical likelihood that they cannot run and hide from the realities of the world forever.

        Sure, they can can do it now. Many of us try and do it now, whether rich or not. I live in a town that is around 30% Pakistani and although I reside in one of the whitest areas in town, the tide is rising, there is no stopping it and I will be seeking to move out of the area when the finance and opportunities are right.

        These people are doing the same, but just on a more grand scale. But how will things be 40 years from now, 50 years from now?

        These people may still (just about) get away with it, but wherever it is they happen to live will be increasingly dysfunctional and fraught with risks.

        The media will still be pumping “the agenda” into the minds of their children, so that little Rebecca one day brings home ‘Tyrone’ and announces to her parents that they are expecting children…..that will not look anything like their grandparents.

        The push is everywhere. The effects of it will be everywhere.

        I can only foresee fewer areas which are strongly white, each of them slowly going downhill to the point where only the most super-rich can blot it out, probably with some kind of ring-fencing and high walls. They may have escaped it in their locality, but it is no way to live.

    • groidle

      That wouldn’t work. Liberalism can’t survive if it affects the elite.

    • exlib93

      The liberals want the less affluent whites to live in peace and harmony, with our non white “brothers”. They are forcing them onto us in the form of section 8.
      The day will come when whites wake up and punish the traitors who facilitate this neighborhood busting.
      I hope ultimately we can have a white only homeland, without having to resort to rebellion to attain it.

  • Old man

    The anti-whites repulse me so. Intellectually, therefore morally bankrupt beings. Vile.

  • Hank chinaski

    The wealthy do their very best to segregate themselves from poor whites too.

  • flunkdaddy

    Every Sunday millions of Americans peacefully self-segregate, blacks have their churches and whites have theirs. The State lets religion operate for the most part without regulation, keeping its nose out of where it does not belong. Its what people do if left to freely associate with whom they choose or refuse fellowship.

  • jaye ellis

    The Atlantic Magazine comment section has been excellent on this blame evil rich White people study.

    My feeling is that traditionally Liberal media/magazines will soon end freedom of speech on the comment sections.

    • Blackfish

      I’d love to see a graph of where their subscribers live. I bet I can make a good guess!

  • Earl Turner

    Diversity for thee but not for me. This attitude has got to go. This division among our Folk has got to go. The belief that only those wealthy enough to afford it should be able to live away from blacks must give way to the fact that even the poorest white man has the absolute right to live apart and away from blacks and the harm they cause to his family.

  • HJ11

    I don’t know how any Whites can’t be aware of the genocide that is being done against Whites. Perhaps, they just don’t understand that genocide means “death of genes,” and that it takes two fully White parents to produce a fully White child. Those who want to blend all mankind together have especially targeted Whites for assimilation into the non-White masses and one tactic they are using is to flood White areas with non-White genes so the non-Whites become possible mating partners of deceived Whites who then become non-White baby factories.

  • Exactly. The White Middle Class are our “Kulaks.”

  • mikefromwichita

    Any sane White person avoids the urban poor and diverse as the plague which they are.

  • exlib93

    “Some people argue that when whites and affluent people segregate themselves, it can erode empathy, and it can inhibit the pursuit of region-wide remedies,” he told me. “It can inhibit a sense of shared destiny within a metropolitan area.”

    Erode what empathy? No empathy is ever shown toward any white. Every pursuit of region-wide remedies in the last 50 years has failed. Segregation is the only answer.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    Most people I meet seem obsessed with money and social class. I don’t think racism is really a strong factor, though a small one. It’s hard for me to understand the wealth mentality. I am looking to create a group based on minimal competencies, such as intelligence and character. This seems to confuse everyone. People seem to think if you have a good job or drive a nice car etc. this makes you a good person. This is who they want to associate with: others with money. So if you are an incompetent imbecile who inherited money from your grandparents, you are “in”. If you win the lottery, you’re in. Doesn’t matter that you act irrationally. But if you are poor, but intelligent, hard working etc. you are scum and they don’t want to come near you. Poor people also have this mentality where they seem to worship people with money or titles. No one ever looks at someone’s competency, behavior, intelligence etc. or at least not too closely. And this is the main divide in America.

    These rich white people could care less whether you are white or not. They care if you are rich like them (at least most people seem to think this way). You could get a serial rapist from zimbabwe and give him a million dollars and he’s “in”. They might have slight reservations about race or behavior, but it is all overshadowed by his pocketbook (or prestigious degree as the second most important thing). Never mind how he got the money.

    This is how most upper middle class people think. If you climb into the very highest levels of society then you have “old money” and a lot of Jewish centricism but they are such a small percentage of the population and so separate from anyone else, I don’t focus on that. The average white suburbanite though seems to have an unhealthy obsession with social class and income of his neighbors. They aren’t worried about jimbo moving in next store. They worry about if his income is high enough to associate with them.

    They also seem to think backwards. Money=competence rather than competence leading to money making. So if a mentally retarded person gets a winning lottery ticket, they will cling to him for financial advise. They seem too stupid to evaluate his competency or the circumstances surrounding his wealth. They see a flashy car and a tuxedo and start drooling at the mouth and bowing before their new god.

    I’m not sure how people can be this stupid and ignorant but it is something I have encountered again and again. Myself I’m not as concerned about race or income but rather with segregating people based on behavior. I don’t like being around rude, criminal, incompetent etc. people because it negatively affects my quality of life.

    • USofAntiWhite

      You make some good points but you might not be seeing how 90% of the time the attributes you are looking for are dictated by race. Genetics is more powerful than economics or social morays.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        Myself I don’t care about money, I’m pointing out that most people I meet seem obsessed with wealth and I think they are misguided. If we discriminate based on I.Q., behavior etc. then this will lead to huge racial imbalances, and I recognize that is the biggest conflict I have with “liberals” in regards to advocating for minimal standards. But at the same time I think obsessing with race also obscures the focus on minimal competencies.

        But I’m also pointing out in the article it implies that a white neighborhood is trying to keep out black people. I would say most of those whites are more concerned about economics than race.

  • HJ11

    Whites need to separate as much as possible from all non-Whites. No miscegenation between Whites and any non-Whites is good for Whites and just pollutes our gene pool. Stay White my friends–pure White.

  • adplatt126

    I don’t want to share their destiny. Their destiny is poverty, violence, misery and disaster. Some destiny…

  • scutum

    Why in hell would any sane person, red, yellow, white, or brown, want to live with blacks. This never going to be fixed and government efforts to try and fix it are just alienating large segments of the non-black population. You will never be able to induce blacks to act or conduct themselves in a civilized manner and as a result no one is ever going to want to live near them or associate with them.

  • LackawannaErie

    The drift of this article is that the establishment wants to begin forcing underclass blacks into white neighborhoods where they are not already.

  • There’s a new twist.


    Median household incomes in 2013 for:

    Marrieds with children: $85,087
    Marrieds w/o children: $70,995
    Non-marrieds with children: $50,031
    Non-marrieds w/o children: $62,126
    Single men w/o children: $36,600
    Single women w/o children: $26,355

    I looked up two categories I was curious about but was not stated here:

    Single men with children: $52,900
    Single women with children: $56,800

    We find out from this article that marrieds ages 45-49 with children have a median household income of $94,780.

    The 2013 Federal poverty level was $23,550 for a four person household, meaning four times that was $94,200.

    Turns out the marriage gap plays heavily into the RCAP/RCAA thing. We see that the median household for marrieds 45-49 with children is above the RCAA affluence metric.

  • Paleoconn

    When Whites are asked why they self-segregate, they should say ‘I am an evil racist and I need to be apart from minorities lest I cause them harm with my bigotry and hate.’