The Majority of Voters Doubt That Islam Is Compatible with British Values

Joel Faulkner, Telegraph, March 30, 2015

Cold War historian John Lewis Gaddis once divided his colleagues into “lumpers” and “splitters”. Those in the first camp usually sought to generalise about neat patterns that reduce the untidiness of history, he noted, while the second group preferred to reject these patterns in favour of complexity and endless distinctions. Getting the right balance between lumpers and splitters, wrote Gaddis, was “no easy thing”.

It seems a cultural version of the lumper-splitter problem now burdens the painful debate on why a steady flow of young Britons are aspiring to become jihadi brides and henchmen.

Theories from the Left have included cultural insensitivity, the provocation of Islamophobes, marginalisation by the state, victimisation by its security services, villainous Western foreign policy and neo-imperialism, or just Tony Blair.

Commentators on the Right have variously emphasised the failure of multiculturalism and immigration policy, the influence of unassimilated enclaves, unimpeded hate speech, inadequate funding for security services, embedded ideology within Islam itself, and the low self-esteem of loners.

In the process, pundits for each camp have lambasted the other, with Left accusing Right of conflating British Muslim identity with fundamentalism, and vice versa for refusing to acknowledge the cultural or religious dimensions of the issue.

Between these poles, meanwhile, experts with actual data on the lives and motivations of jihadists have sought to emphasise two less donnish points: first, that each case is different and seldom pinpoints a singular cause for metamorphosis–for example, watching online propaganda is often only part of it while offline encounters can be key; and second, that although counter-terrorism is the duty of state, counter-extremism must be led by local communities.

What is needed, in short, is a balance between splitting and lumping that can demystify and disassociate Islamic extremism on one hand, but also recognise and assist the special burden of moderate Islam to confront it on the other, albeit without feeding an “us and them” mind-set.

Easier said than done. This lofty feat was implicit in Theresa May’s recent pronouncement of how a future Tory Government would tackle Islamic extremism, in which she called for “a new partnership to defeat extremism”between government and local communities.

Alongside a raft of new powers to block and ban extremists, the Home Secretary also vowed to promote British values “more assertively”, with less funding for translation services, more funding for English language training, and a review of citizenship rules to ensure applicants properly understand and respect the nation’s values.

A clear distinction must be made, Mrs May concluded, between followers of the Islamic faith, which is “entirely compatible” with British values, and extremists who claim there is a “fundamental incompatibility”. Hence the keystone of her new strategy is a proud promotion of “the values that unite us”.

Except they don’t unite us, according to a majority of the British public. As a recent survey by the YouGov-Cambridge Programme shows, a striking 55 per cent of British voters currently think “there is a fundamental clash between Islam and the values of British society”, compared with just 22 per cent–little over one in five–who say Islam and British values are “generally compatible”.

Among Tory supporters, this gap increases to 68 per cent who say “clash” versus 17 per cent who think “compatible”. Ukip supporters look almost unanimous on the issue (89 per cent “clash” versus 4 per cent “compatible”) while roughly half of Labour supporters take the negative view (48 per cent “clash” versus 27 per cent “compatible”) and Lib Dems are divided (38 per cent “clash” versus 39 per cent “compatible).

These figures hardly reinforce the idea of new partnerships and highlight a deeper problem that is unaddressed by a tub-thumping appeal to values: public concerns about extremism and Muslim concerns about alienation are currently locked in a vicious cycle, feeding each other in ways that fuel the atmosphere for extremists and their increasingly sophisticated portrayals of a war between Islamic and Western societies.

If the answer to extremism is united communities, then the first question is “how do we break this cycle?”.

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  • phorning

    It is self evident that Islam is incompatible with British values. The answer to the question how do we break this cycle is to no longer import Muslims.

    • Jason Lewis

      Stopping the importation would be a start.

    • NoMosqueHere

      Islam is incompatible with western values. But Islamic oil producing cash can buy off a lot of corrupt white politicians. Case in point is James Baker, the Bush family consigliere and former Sec’y of State, who pimps for Saudi Arabia.

  • Chip Carver

    You can bet that more than 55% of British Whites have much harsher attitudes toward Islam than is stated. Whites are still cowed, although conditions will hit a tipping point that is going to change that no matter how bad the brainwashing seems at the moment.

    The media never provides honest numbers when producing polls like this anyway.

    • John Smith

      Read BBC comments sections (which are pretty well censored – more than here even) and you see that Brits are sick of foreigners, particularly muslim foreigners.

      • Singingbird1

        Dead right.I am sick of the sight of them.I wish they would all go to hell. Haven’t the bums got a Country of their own? Cor what a bummer; ‘Buddy can you spare me a dime’ has become,’Hey man can you give me your Country’. What bums they are.

    • skara_brae

      Well said Chip. 55%? What a joke. Come to my manor, north London, it’s 100% and we are ready.

      • Hilis Hatki

        “A Warwick , A Warwick.” I love my British roots.

        • Alden

          How about God Wills It , a new crusade

          • Hilis Hatki

            When I was in the 7th-8th grade I read every book on the Crusades I could get a hold of. If you would have asked me, in the 8th grade, what I thought about Muslims one thing I would have said is “you will always have Muslim friends, how else are they going to stab you in the back.” I gleaned that from my readings, which is more than I can say about our adult politicians.

          • Ron Cheaters


    • Jason Lewis

      How can we be sure the British are being honest when the threat of imprisonment exist for comments deemed racially inappropriate?

      • Chip Carver


      • Wing-nut.

        God bless America!

    • Ron Cheaters

      The sooner that tipping point comes… the fewer whites have to die to prove a false ideology.

  • JohnEngelman

    Those who think Islam is compatible with Western civilization have not read the Koran.

    • BloodofAlbion75

      Or studied the bloody history of the Islamic religion from it’s inception to the present day.

  • David Ashton

    Problems: “extremism”, “British values”, “accept pluralism”. These can be used against English patriots, race realists, white nationalists, Christians. One of May’s spokesmen said the Qur’an embodied universal values like women’s rights. It is the cunning leading the ignorant – as usual.

    • TrueNorthFree

      Islam a paragon of women’s rights? What a joke! The blessed prophet of Islam “married” a little girl. There is a reason why cold eyed, bearded Imams give their blessings to gross old men marrying little girls. Pedophilia is OK with them because their beloved prophet was a pedophile.

  • D.B. Cooper

    55%? Not good enough. It needs to be 99%.

    • Jason Lewis

      They tend to keep the flags of the countries they take over. They just put a cresent and star on it.

    • Frank_DeScushin

      99% will never happen. More than 1% of the UK is now Muslim, and even if Muslims know full well that Islam is incompatible with the UK, taqiyya prevents them from being truthful.

      • ElComadreja

        It encourages them not to be truthful.

    • SentryattheGate

      Speaking of flags, I remember that Muslims in the UK and in Switzerland (probably in Sweden w/it’s cross flag) have demanded that those flags be changed because the cross on them were offensive to them!

      • Whiteplight

        I’d like to see them changed from symbols of the cowed Christians to symbols of Odin and Nordic pride. I am ashamed that my ancestors, once fierce and bold and highly intelligent were socialized into self-destructive Christian virtue. I guess burning and chastising all dissension and indoctrinating at birth for a thousand years had its effect. Myself, I would never be part of a group of any sort that told me I was to be a sheep led by a shepherd of any sort, and that I was to see as a child. Sheep get sheered and slaughtered, notice how that is playing out?

        • SentryattheGate

          Sounds like you have fallen prey to the gov’t. schools’ and leftist society’s condemnation of Christianity! One must actively seek out the other side(s) of an issue to then make a more educated opinion. It sounds like you’re throwing out the baby with the bathwater!

  • In this case, the splitter left is its usual wrong, while the lumper right is close to the right track but not quite there.

    The right answer is that this is what Muslims do.

    • Whiteplight

      I find both sides do a lot of lumping and jumping to unsupportable conclusions. But if the masses are ignorant enough, lumping will lead because its easy and most people are too lazy to do the work of splitting.

  • Jason Lewis

    “a striking 55 per cent of British voters currently think “there is a fundamental clash between Islam and the values of British society”
    Those numbers will change soon enough.

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    In the not to distant future people in many European countries will be asking themselves “what were we thinking” about allowing immigration to reach such levels. The fact that they were warned will have no real meaning. The cultures these countries have known for centuries is ending, to be replaced by………………?

    • John Smith

      The persecuted white European minority, you mean?

      • TrueNorthFree

        yes, that is exactly what will happen unless whites start waking up!

      • Whiteplight

        I think that the final phase will be lands put aside for white habitation. Children and women will be “harvested” from those compounds.

        • ElComadreja

          The Ottoman Turks imposed the “Tribute of the Children” on the Greeks when they had control of those lands.

          • Northern American-Nationalist

            …and the Turks are the “liberal” Muslims.

  • guest

    “55 percent of voters think there is a “fundamental clash” between British values and Islam.”

    Hopefully that 55% of British people who now see that islam is incompatible with Britain will increase into 100%. And no, this does not include the muslims in Britain since they are not British in any way.

    The only countries islam will ever be compatible with are in the third world muslim countries. Islam should be expelled from Britain and all of Europe and other Westernized countries.

  • Sick of it

    “If the answer to extremism is united communities, then the first question is ‘how do we break this cycle?'” – Unite the whites to kick out the others.

  • Alden

    So British voters think Islam is incompatible with British values. How could our brainwashing education system have failed!! We must intensify our brainwashing in the state schools!!

    So the left blames Tony Blair for insensitivity towards Muslim immigrants?
    He was pretty far left. His wife is hard hard left. If he had been Pm in the 1850s she would been a soviet spy.

    But the left gets crazier and crazier every year. As a longtime Guardian reader
    I was shocked the anti British commie rag even mentioned the British born jihadis

  • LHathaway

    “What is needed, in short . . . . ”

    What is needed is a discussion of race and a realization that Whites are people and their lives, goals and aspiration and futures count.

  • ZB01

    Wait a minute…They only have doubts about it?


    “public concerns about extremism and Muslim concerns about alienation are currently locked in a vicious cycle, feeding each other in ways that fuel the atmosphere for extremists and their increasingly sophisticated portrayals of a war between Islamic and Western societies” – Just remember Britain, “Diversity Is Your Greatest Strength!” Not the simplicity of overwhelming Unity and Commitment to the advancement of the British people like it used to be before Diversity arrived on your shore.

  • Charles Martel

    Only 55 was this conducted in Londanistan

  • MathMan

    I’m a Brit and I think any national survey asking this question would come-up with a true figure of at least 80%. The other 20% are the libtards who are letting them into our (Once) great country.

  • Light from the East

    Islam is incompatible with homosexuality, feminism, pacifism, liberalism, freedom of expression, and of course, conservatism. Conservatives know the fact clearly but why do liberals think Muslims are their friends? If Islam takes over there will be no left and right only Islam. Islam itself is an extreme ideology. If you find a “moderate” Muslim, that’s because this man himself is moderate or is not able to quit from the death cult so he has nothing to do but stay. That does not mean Islam “the mental cancer” is good or acceptable.

  • Uncle Wardle

    It took this long to realize this? Somebody isn’t very clever.

  • Ron Cheaters

    Something is very wrong with white people… Who embraces those who seek to hate and destroy you? I’ve seen events where white people are attacked and when its all over, rather than say enough is enough… they double over themselves and say such trite as “thank goodness we aren’t like that,” or.. “I couldn’t live with the hate that was inflicted on me”… man that sounds nice… almost like a suicide letter..

    I feel the hatred these people have bottled up… somebody’s got to… It isn’t even hatred… its more like leave me alone — we’re okay, if I see you wandering in my backyard then we have problems, and I won’t tolerate.

  • Singingbird1

    ‘The Majority of Voters Doubt…..’ doubt,doubt for goodness sake? What is this the great British reserve? I don’t doubt for one second that Islam is incompatible with the British culture. But perhaps that is because I am a Northern Englishman who is less fine cut than my Southern Countryman and I am not so reserved.

  • Realist

    “55 percent of voters think there is a “fundamental clash” between British values and Islam.”

    That means at least 45% are stupid.

  • How are “British values” defined here? Probably what is meant by “British values” is universalist tripe which one can spout and believe and implement anywhere.

  • Hilis Hatki

    Most of the books were from the University of Alabama. I am not saying the Christian s were perfect. I think the difference between the Christian and Muslim horses in the first Crusade is quite amazing in the outcomes. Around the same time I did read “The Longest Day” which may considered a children’s book since I got it for Christmas.

  • ElComadreja

    Only 55%? They really are far gone.

  • ElComadreja

    More false equivalence. What a crock. You can bet your bottom dollar that the muzzies see it as Islam vs Christianity and have for the last 1400 years.