South Carolina Shooting: Officer Captured on Video Fired

Valerie Bauerlein and Cameron McWhirter, Wall Street Journal, April 8, 2015

A white police officer who was captured on video shooting a fleeing black man to death has been fired, the mayor of this city, Keith Summey, said in a news conference Wednesday.

Mr. Summey also announced that he had signed an executive order for the city to add an additional 150 police body cameras for city officers, on top of 101 that had been previously planned.

The announcements came as protesters packed the North Charleston City Council chambers to declare their frustration over the Saturday shooting of Walter Scott, a black man, by officer Michael Slager following a traffic stop. Mr. Slager, 33 years old, was charged with murder on Tuesday after a bystander’s video emerged showing that he fired multiple rounds as Mr. Scott was running away.


While Mr. Slager is “terminated and gone” from the police force, Mr. Summey said the city would cover health insurance for his wife, who is eight months pregnant, until she delivers the baby. “That is the humane thing for us to do,” he said.


Mr. Driggers also said he did not know whether a stun gun was placed at Mr. Scott’s side after he was shot. The video appeared to show the officer dropping something near Mr. Scott after the shooting.

“There are questions that I have in my mind that I can’t answer right now,” he said, adding that “I have watched the video and I was sickened by what I saw.”

Mr. Summey said he and Chief Driggers visited the Scott family Wednesday morning.


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  • There’s nothing this cop did or the other relevant cops did that is defensible.

    1. Scott was actually fleeing and his back was actually toward the shooting cop

    2. He was wanted for a “crime” that in no way justified shooting him, that “crime” being failure to pay child support

    3. The shooter cop planted some sort of weapon on Scott’s body, it may well have been a taser

    4. The black cop that was second to respond, and responded after Scott was killed, claimed in his paperwork that he administered CPR to Scott, but the video shows he never did

    5. All the cops that filled out police reports on this matter lied through their fingers

    I also found out that Scott has already been arrested ten times before for child support failure. He probably didn’t want to go down for an eleventh time. He was either going to get away or die trying.

    I know that North Charleston is a Bell Curve City. In this case, they have every right to be mad. This time, though, take a wooden nickel’s worth of free advice, and don’t tear down and burn down your own stuff. Go protest in front of relevant people that matter.

    Also, I hope Nikki Haley has sense enough to appoint a special prosecutor.

    • I could never stand up for someone who did something this egregious (I’m not nearly crazy enough). It takes a special kind of sociopath to support horrible deeds.

      • From what we know so far, this is a little Ruby Ridge, not another Ferguson.

        Just as we don’t kill the wives, kids and dogs of men who don’t pay $5 transfer taxes on shotguns sawed off a quarter of an inch too short, we don’t kill people running away from you unless they’re wanted for a crime so serious that they’d be a serious menace to public safety if they got away.

        • Right on! This, by the way, is the policy of most law enforcement agencies – namely, there is never any justification for employing deadly force on a fleeing suspect (even felons!) unless there is an immediate and reasonable cause to do so.

          • Hammerheart

            Such as the suspect retreating to a more tactically defensible position, however it does not look like that was the case in this situation.

        • JSS

          This isn’t a little Ruby Ridge by any means. The context of this and what happened to the Weavers is totally different. At RR government thugs were doing the bidding of our overlords. In this case a cop seems to have not gotten the memo that dindus are more equal then the other animals in his AO.

          For whatever reason some pro Whites think that showing solidarity with the anti police crowd when it’s warranted will show how non hypocritical we are. Or that letting police shoot the local wild life will lead to them doing the same with Whites. I don’t see the merit in either viewpoint.

          Blacks really aren’t people in the same sense we are. I don’t believe in equality under the law with them because we aren’t equal. Thus I literally see this as more like extreme animal cruelty. Cops can already mistreat Whites all they want. There is a sickening video floating around the internet of several cops torturing a mentally ill White bum to death in California. The cops were acquitted and the media didn’t care.

          Showing solidarity with the other side in this case won’t advance our cause at all. Who cares? Whites won’t have anymore protection whatever the outcome of this is.

          • This isn’t showing solidarity with the anti police crowd or pandering to blacks. This is examining facts.

          • JSS

            Calling it a little Ruby Ridge is equating the deceased African with the Weavers. That sounds a lot like pandering. Sure the facts are against the cop in this case. But given the fact that the media and government don’t care about dead Whites I see no reason to care about the dead African. The fact is Africans aren’t our equals and we shouldn’t be living under the same legal system as them. The whole debate is pointless if we are going to view the issue through a lenses of racial equality.

          • Ron Cheaters

            That’s okay by you and me, but you know the media is going to run with this for the rest of our lives, and you just shrug it off like a bad sweater… maybe it is.. but its no reason to shoot a guy in the back.. ever.

          • GB101

            You seem to favor tribal rights and tribal justice over individual rights and individual justice. I don’t.

          • Ron Cheaters

            Exactly, this was a dastardly deed… by any and all accounts. hope the cop gets the full extent of the law.. he set our sights back another 5-10 years.

          • GB101

            I agree, up to a point. However, let’s wait a bit and see what happened before Weaver ran. It is difficult to imagine anything that would justify the shooting; however, something could come to light that change the degree of guilt. It seems plain that this was not pre-meditated.

          • Thank you. Pretty much my position entirely. I only would not say blacks are “not people” that is too far even for me. What I WILL say is they are a different group of people with different sets of values that will never assimilate and must be kept under control. Also, I resent the fact that I know full well that a black officer would never get convicted by a black jury for killing a White person. So why should we convict one of our own for killing one of them?

          • JSS

            It’s kinda disturbing to see apparent pro Whites making sure to show how reasonable and non hypocritical they are. Is this supposed to win people over to our cause or something? Is it just to show how much more honest pro Whites are? What’s the point?

            That cop likely would have shot you or me or ruined our lives to further his career. So I don’t have much sympathy for him, but I’m sure not going to say the dead African is a loss of any sort. I honestly find cops shooting peoples dogs more upsetting.

          • Nobody is saying that the loss of this black man is tragic or anything like that. He was obviously a low-life with an extensive criminal history who resisted an officer.

            The good thing about whites, however, is that we have been rightly taught to be fair-minded, to look at things as they really are, to be forthright with the truth even when it’s unpopular.

            The whites here on Amren, I imagine, are not shedding tears for this deceased black man, but merely acknowledging that in this case the officer was clearly in the wrong.

          • JSS

            Being fair minded towards Africans and diversity in general has been an utter catastrophe for Whites the world over. Good luck stopping White genocide by being fair.

          • You’re comparing apples to oranges. No one is talking about ‘fairness’ in the sense of some racial rainbow or even of justifying the ‘diversity’ mantra. I’m talking about being fair-minded and seeing things as they really are. This officer had clearly abused his authority, his departmental policy and training which he had sworn to uphold, and what he did was not within the scope of his authority. This was wrong on so many levels and we ought not to call it something which it clearly isn’t – namely, “extreme animal cruelty.”

          • I fail to see how genuine justice and ethnonationalism for our people is an either-or proposition or a Phillips Curve sort of “necessary trade off” proposition. It’s very easy to have both.

            Even segregationist white authorities in Mississippi put Roy Bryant and JW Milam on trial for the murder of Emmett Till — Twice.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Question Diversity: I fail to see how genuine justice and ethnonationalism for our people is an either-or proposition . . ..

            Because we are in a biological struggle for survival with competing races who apply no sense of justice to us.

            Question Diversity: Even segregationist white authorities in Mississippi put Roy Bryant and JW Milam on trial for the murder of Emmett Till — Twice.

            Only because of heavy pressure from the US government and media.

          • 1. Our struggle vis-a-vis them at the moment is not to the level of desperation akin to all-out do-or-die warfare. Our struggle is actually with our own traitors.

            2. The Feds had no such ability to pressure the Leflore County, Miss. District Attorney’s office in 1955. The media, maybe, but even their power wasn’t what it is today.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Question Diversity: 1. Our struggle vis-a-vis them at the moment is not to the level of desperation akin to all-out do-or-die warfare.

            Yes, obviously, however that changes nothing. Applying a keen sense of justice, civility, fairness, etc., to the racial situation – particularly considering our race’s desperate condition – is simply adding self-imposed shackles to us. It is suicidal weakness. The races that oppose us – in fact our race’s own traitors – have absolutely no interest in being nice or fair. If only one side applies fairness to itself, then that side is weakening its position.

            Question Diversity: 2. The Feds had no such ability to pressure the Leflore County, Miss. District Attorney’s office in 1955.

            Of course they did. This was a year after the US government criminalised segregation and only two years before the US army integrated Little Rock at gunpoint.

          • 1954 was Brown v Board, which only applied to K-12 public education.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Question Diversity: 1954 was Brown v Board, which only applied to K-12 public education.

            Anyone with a functioning brain cell in 1954 knew what was coming.

          • But it didn’t come yet. The Leflore County DA’s office acted on its own volition.

          • JSS

            I think our major difference here is you think places like Detroit and Haiti are full of humans like you and me and I don’t. I already said the cop was wrong a few times.

            I just don’t care about the dead African. I don’t care about his rights. If we had a country of our own stuff like this wouldn’t be a problem. The cops abuse of his authority upsets me far less then having to live around Africans. The presence of Africans is the reason cops have become progressively more paranoid and militarized. Managing the wild life and PC tyranny is why they are so alienated from the public.

            Like I said, we dont need to be fair and ethical under the current government. That will just lead to our extinction. We need our own country where we don’t have these issues.

          • Yes, Detroit and Haiti are full of humans. Why should I think otherwise? Do I want them in white countries? No. Do I think they are the same in every conceivable way as whites? No. But this doesn’t necessarily lead me to the extreme conclusion that they are not human. Again, this is not an either or kind of proposition. Blacks are humans, but they are very different than whites. At the same time, they are not animals as you seem to assume.

          • JSS

            Whatever they are they are useless and destructive. Their presence is harmful. If I simply said they are branch of the human race that I in no way care about would that be more reasonable and acceptable? If I said some humans like Africans are less valuable then some animals would that be less offensive.

          • Of course they have proven to be useless and destructive. Their presence is indeed harmful. On this we can agree. My only contention is that you deducted from this incident something that wasn’t true about blacks – namely, that they essentially were non-humans and on the level of dogs.

            It’s this kind of thinking that does our cause no good. It’s extreme and feeds into all the wrong stereotypes about us as whites who are race realists.

            But more than that, what you said just doesn’t comport with sound science and human bio-diversity which says that in spite of vast differences between blacks and whites, Africans are still human.

          • JSS

            Of course I don’t literally think they are not human.

            I do think they are plague upon us and that this Africans removal from society and the gene pool is in fact a net gain for Whites. He won’t be having anymore kids and he isn’t alive to potentially victimize a White in the future. Yes I see him as less valuable then a K9. Literally. A work K9 is more valuable then the average African in my book and I stand by that.

            Having said that I admitted several times that I know the cop was in the wrong. I just don’t actually care. I don’t see African lives as being as valuable as Whites so charging the cop as if he had killed a White is moronic to me. I won’t perpetuate the equality farce by advocating that the cop should be treated as though he murdered “a human” whose life was as valuable as yours or mine.

          • The only reason it’s possible I may be appearing to come off as an advocate for the negro is because I have no doubt that if instead he’d been white, we’d have the same outcome, a civilian shot in the back by police. I think police on civilian brutality is actually as great a threat to whites as black on white brutality. It may not look like that today but it will.

            I hope I’m right in thinking that’s the case that he’d have been just as likely to shoot a white in the back as a black because if the media is able to dig up dirt on this guy indicating he had some bias reason for shooting that black then they’re going to have a field day and this is going to be a very long, very hot summer.

          • JSS

            I assumed as much about your original post. The reason I called this a PR disaster is because it will be used to justify African crimes against Whites. Whether the cop is hung or not won’t matter. The media will whip the Africans into a frenzy anyway. I hope a pro White cop would not be dumb enough to do something like this.

            Anyway I assume you are of the opinion that it is ethical and moral for Whites to remove Africans by force, lethal if need be. I get the impression many amren supporters would rather simply try and vote Jim Crow back into effect and nothing more. That is a pipe dream.

            If the presence of Africans was declared illegal in a White homeland would bluff be opposed to removing them by any means necessary I wonder? If the answer is yes then I can’t see him and those of like mind as being serious.

            That is not to imply I advocate just hurting them for the heck of it. I simply can’t take someone seriously who implies they should have “rights” of some sort in our homelands.

          • My concern here is that, for the moment, blacks in this country are treated by the government as citizens and the government has made clear whites have no rights that blacks don’t have, in practice seemingly not even as many as they are clearly more favored by the law, affirmative action, favorable depictions in media, etc. So under the present circumstances I see the gunning down of this black by shooting him in the back as a threat to the citizenry including whites, despite the fact that, yes, I would deprive blacks of citizenship in a white country, of rights reserved for citizens, and that means I would certainly support their removal by force if necessary. We whites have a right to exist, to self determination, and to secure the existence of our people.

          • JSS

            I don’t disagree with any of that. I would only point out that Whites have not had any official worth in the eyes of our overlords for sometime anyway. If the dead African had been White this would have been as non reported as the Knoxville case. The only reason I see what happened as a bad thing is because it will be used to justify White displacement and crimes against us for a few decades. So in that sense you are correct, this incident does pose a huge threat to Whites. Africans are their own worst enemies though. I have no doubt that all the extra legal protection in the world won’t stop them from getting themselves killed by cops.

          • Blacks stopping committing crimes would be the only way for blacks to stop getting shot by cops but that’s not going to happen. If blacks don’t like being occasionally shot by police as part and parcel of their chosen careers in various criminal activities then they should probably go back to Africa where they can instead be shot by black police when they commit crimes. Whites should be policed by and governed by whites, that way we can have a constabulary that reflects our cultural sensibilities and needs instead of a heavily armored paramilitary force that claims to be a police force yet has no duty to serve and protect the public.

          • JSS

            In a White country I dont see why local police would even need to be armed in the first place.

            Anyway I agree that the cop was wrong. I just refuse to call this “another Ruby Ridge” or cry over the Africans rights. As Whites we need to realize that we don’t have any real rights ourselves and no ones going to show up to post comments in our favor when this happens to us. Which it has, and will in the future. I don’t recall amren posting articles about it and I used to read this site devoutly.

            If this cop is hung, chances are it will be because the guy he killed was black. Don’t expect the same if it happens to a White. His conviction doesn’t mean that we will be protected to. I do understand the position you are advocating though and why. It’s more the enthusiasm some posters are taking to show their high minded ideals about how we should be on the Africans side in the name of consistency. We should be on our side. Africans have no business being here and their rights are meaningless to me because they have no impact on our own. They are our superiors before the law and that’s that.

            In as much as the event will have negative consequences for Whites I see it as bad. That seems to be the same thing your saying.

          • Ron Cheaters

            It will be brought up now and forevermore. Another nail in the coffin. Expect more of the same as our number dwindle.

          • JSS

            I realize that. He will be the new emmet till and I’m sure he will have statues all over colleges and government buildings soon. So yes I realize this is a negative event for Whites. There is no need to cry over the Africans trampled rights though.

          • Ron Cheaters

            Believe me.. I’m crying because of the gains we lost.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            It really is a 3rd World versus 1st World issue. Low impulse control versus high impulse control. A collective 75 IQ versus a collective 105 IQ. Africans weren’t designed for Western Civilization.

            In Africa, people get shot in the back (if not the back of the head) everyday by police. It’s only shocking and abnormal to civilized people.

            The IQ map.

          • Treos

            Being hacked to death with machetes is actually more common than shootings especially in the very poor African countries.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Yeah, this is what Walter Scott would have seen in his rear view mirror for his broken taillight in Africa.

          • I think when someone has a taser or something else pointed at you and you immediately feel an instinctive unavoidable fear for your own safety, you are justified in slapping that taser out of that guy’s hand or similar defensive actions. If the negro’s low IQ was responsible for his death here, I’d point to it but that’s not the case in my opinion. The reason this negro died appears to be because of an overzealous cop who doesn’t understand that the application of physical force by a cop is intended to mitigate harm, not cause it. The negro was running away. That’s not a shooting offense. I support a white state for white people, multiple white states that exclude non-whites and I support in principle the same arrangements for them though I don’t see it as a duty of mine to make it happen for them. They already have plenty of black countries. We have no white countries and are being flooded worldwide with non-whites. But I can’t see the upside in showing approval for misuse of police power by an agent of an anti-white police state simply to clap for joy that one negro has been removed from our midst. I think it would portray white nationalists in a negative light to rejoice for wrongful deaths of non-whites. We have other hard truths to share that will be bitter pills going down. No need to ooze negativity in general. That drives people away.

            You telling me a kid, white or black, who’s say running from a crime scene and ordered to stop by police, who fails to obey that command, can be shot in the back by police for failing to obey the command to halt?

          • Alden

            Well they do have rights The free blacks had rights In colonial times and before the civil war
            .The 14 the amendment gave them the same rights as any one else

            I wish they would all disappear but even I have to acknowledge they do have rights whites don’t have rights any more but
            blacks do

          • Awakened Saxon

            bluffcreek: . . . namely, that they essentially were non-humans and on the level of dogs.

            We could trade our blacks for an equal number of dogs and we would come out far ahead of where we are now.

          • Alexandra1973

            Agreed. They are humans but for the most part a bunch of savages. And it’s not a contradiction in terms.

            I would grant that they’re incompatible with our form of civilization…but if it’s true that this cop shot him as he was running away the cop was clearly in the wrong. If he’s not threatening your life, you can’t do that, no matter what the race.

          • george00

            Of course they are animals. All people no matter what their race are animals. It’s a biological fact.

          • “The presence of Africans is the reason cops have become progressively more paranoid and militarized. Managing the wild life and PC tyranny is why they are so alienated from the public.”

            Exactly this. Barney Fife was “real” not that long ago. Police Officers have become twitchy, trigger happy, and paranoid as a result of dealing with dangerous third world filth on a daily basis.

            And for those of you so quick to jump on the “oh THIS time the use of force was clearly not justified” the negro who shot the video himself has already slipped up and said the Officer and the perp were struggling on the ground. The dead negro had, as they always seem to do, attacked the Officer, and the Officer used deadly force as a result.

            But hey, you saw a wobbly video clip which obviously started in the middle of the altercation, so you’re clearly qualified to pass immediate “look at me, im not rayciss!” Judgement.

          • JSS

            I wasn’t aware that the guy filming slipped up and said the cop was attacked. Thanks for that info, that does change things. I do tend view cops skeptically because they have an “us against them” mentality and we Whites fall into the them category these days. If the African did assault the cop first then he was honestly asking to get shot.

            I once had a cop pull a gun on me during a traffic stop because I unthinkingly started rummaging around some army gear (I was active duty at the time) looking for my wallet in the bed of my jeep. I have no doubt that if I had attacked him then ran he would have shot me 20 times. That’s just common sense which Africans lack for the most part.

            I explained what I was doing and apologized for spooking him and he thanked me for my service and told me to slow down.

          • ElComadreja

            Fair? We’ve bent over backwards and destroyed our society to accommodate these people. Sympathy for them is insane.

          • Irish

            You should go on the SPLC’s website, comments like yours get used there as proof of Amren readers mentality, and morality ..The cop did a evil thing.. He knew what he did was wrong, which is why he looked over his shoulder as soon as he assassinated Scott, and then tried to falsify the crime scene..Blacks are human and fellow children of God..The fact that I don’t want to live beside them, nor have my children marry them doesn’t change that fact..Denying Black folks humanity only lessens your own.

          • JSS

            Anybody who frequents the SPLC website isn’t your friend anyway. In any case if they do use my comments I hope they include my avatar and screen name. For the record I will say I’m not really an amren supporter at all and my opinions don’t reflect that of the amren readership.

          • Irish

            Yeah, the SS Lego man is just adorable.. Well all I can tell you is that I’ve see Mark Potok on television talking about AR more than I’ve actually seen Jared Taylor on television talking about AR..And you aren’t helping our cause.. Run back to Stormfront and go play with the other teenagers..

          • JSS

            We don’t share the same cause. Amren is pro Semite so I don’t see it as being pro White anyway. I admit Taylor has done some good work but amren style White advocacy is a total dead end. If it disappeared I wouldn’t mind at all.

          • LexiconD1

            There are several ‘new’ posters who’d do better at Stormfront than here. I hope this site starts banning their IP addresses, soon.

          • JSS

            I am actually a very old poster at amren. Don’t worry most my comments get deleted anyway.

          • nordicman

            Who gives a rat’s behind what they think about us? I don’t care what they think about us. Jared is very polite talking, very intelligent and these anti-whites NEVER give him a fair shake. I am not concerned with them. Blacks have every legal, media, corporate entity, government agency on their side not to mention a collective group of whites who will grovel and pander to them all the time, regardless of how devious, violent, anti white or dangerous said black person is.

          • Alden

            You are right they hate us

            Ever hears this Weather Underground saying?
            “Every bite if food a White child eats is stolen from a third child?”

            They really do hate us and the SPLC hates us far more than the New black panthers do
            nome sain

          • Awakened Saxon

            Irish: You should go on the SPLC’s website, comments like yours get used there as proof of Amren readers mentality, and morality ..

            Translation: “Let’s all tiptoe around and not say anything ‘racist’ so the SPLC won’t say mean things about us.”

            Irish: Blacks are human and fellow children of God..


          • propagandaoftruth

            I gave you both an upvote.
            Although I cry not a river for the poor dead negro, neither do I feel sympathy for the officer. In fact, to pull an “obverse negro” here and mindlessly support the guy would be “negrotic”.
            Nah, that guy cooked his own goose. I’m not going to debase myself by wasting a single breath in his defense.
            He’ll make a great Aryan Brother if the bruthas don’t eat his heart in prison, I guess.
            This guy ain’t Darren Wilson and the poor dead negro – no pillar of the community but – was no “gentle giant”. He was more of a Martin Lawrence character who should have been dealt with in foul-mouthed Andy Griffith style.
            Eff the SPLC. Blacks, human or not, have been “dead” to me for a long time as a group. I hold no hope whatsoever for them as a group and really don’t care what they do, what happens to them, unless it negatively impacts me.
            This cop made me have to admit the obvious and when the obvious looks like a script from the crypto-Marxist media I don’t like that. But I’ll not make a fool of myself by denying the obvious, lol.

          • Irish

            I know my last comment meens nothing to you a Athiest, Heathen, whatever it is your calling yourself..But I’d be willing to bet anything the vast majority of my fellow Amreners, and certainly most of your beloved White-Southerners would concur..I’m a proud Racial nationalist, my politics and my morality are not separate..Blacks & Meztisos are different breeds than us to be sure. But they are God’s creation, that is fellow people.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Most atheists will also agree that blacks are human. Saxon is just behaving like a sociopath.

          • ElComadreja

            You have a right to your opinion and I have a right to disagree with it. Accepting them as equals has destroyed us.

          • Irish

            I think Jim Crow laws were completely moral and justified..

          • GB101

            This is a vile comment.

          • ElComadreja

            I’m with you. I couldn’t care less about this black. This stuff happens to whites and nobody bats an eyelash.

          • BillMiller66

            Maybe it’s because we see that shooting a man (even in Negro) in the back is cowardly and unjust? Just sayin’.
            Of course if your hero is the genocidal SS, then I can totally understand your cowardly rotten point of view for what it is.

          • Michigan Patriot

            Black Utah cop shot a White young man dead who didn’t hear his command to lay down because the now deceased had ear buds on listening to music; no leftist media calling this a murder . This happen shortly after the Ferguson, Mo. racist riot. The predictable double standard based on race.

          • Brutus

            Perhaps because we ARE different?

          • Ron Cheaters

            These people are agents, watch what you say.

          • nordicman

            When blacks en masse take to the streets and protest the massive anti-white violence, when large groups of blacks scream and shout down the New Black Panthers or Louis Farrakhan/Nation of Islam followers, THEN I will be more inclined to feel sorry for them and fight for them. Until then, the bleeding hearts and anti whites kiss my white a-s-s.

          • THANK YOU! You nailed it right on the head. I am as concerned for their treatment at the hands of my race, as they are for the treatment of Whites at the hands of theirs.

          • “Blacks really aren’t people in the same sense we are. I don’t believe in equality under the law with them because we aren’t equal. Thus I literally see this as more like extreme animal cruelty” – Good Lord, what have you been smoking? Sorry to inform you but blacks ARE humans and they ARE people like us (flesh and blood). Yes, there are obvious differences between the two races which this site and others have noted, but to seriously place them on par with animals is itself extreme and wholly unfair.

            You may not think Blacks are equal to you as a white person nor believe in racial equality under the law. Fine, but this is the way things are whether we like them or not. This is a legal and criminal matter that our courts must now handle.

            Moreover, in spite of vast racial and cultural differences between blacks and whites, no sensible white person should ever desire the death of blacks for its own sake. Level-headed race-realists wish to separate ourselves from blacks, but we wish no harm to them or ill will. Come on now, we need to keep some perspective and balance in this area.

            Sorry, but this was not a case of “extreme animal cruelty.”

          • JSS

            That’s neat bluffcreek. “Blacks are people and humans like us” should be the new amren motto.

            Your extreme emotional response is very liberal like. Not caring about dead Africans and desiring their deaths are two different things.

          • There was nothing “extreme” or “emotional” about my response in the least. Quite the opposite, I was trying to get you think a little clearer because, in fact, your original comments were very emotionally driven.

            By the way, I’m not a liberal though I think you would very much like me to be.

            Also, your comments weren’t just about “not caring about dead Africans,” but you made a false comparison and wrongly deducted that this was nothing more than “extreme animal cruelty.” That’s the kind of nonsense and overreaction that does our cause no good.

          • JSS

            I’m simply being totally honest about the fact that any system that treats Africans and Whites as equals is totally unjust. Africans aren’t anywhere near our equals in any way. Implying their lives are as valuable as ours isn’t going to get us anywhere either. I don’t wish them harm but their presence harms us and I don’t care about them at all.
            Thinking that showing how reasonable and non hypocrital pro Whites are is going to be a way of mitigating the effects this PR disaster is a fantasy.

          • “Thinking that showing how reasonable and non hypocrital pro Whites are is going to be a way of mitigating the effects this PR disaster is a fantasy” – That’s part of your problem right there. Nobody is doing what you imagine by simply acknowledging that this officer was wrong.

            You’re assuming that we’re only conceding the officer’s error as an attempt to mitigate the effects or aftermath of this incident or as a way to show were not as ‘racist’ as some think. But this isn’t the case for me and probably for most of the commentators here.

            In my case, I’m willing to defend whites when they are clearly in the right regardless of public opinion or perceived ‘racist’ charges. This is because truth is paramount to me. On the other hand, when a public servant and official as this officer unjustly murders someone or abuses his authority, we ought to be willing to concede that he was wrong without being impugned as liberals or weak on our white racialism.

          • JSS

            I also admitted the cop was wrong. Where did I defend him?

            I just won’t pretend that the dead African is on par with a dead White. I don’t see the difference between this and a cop killing a dog on tape.

            The media and government will never treat a dead White as anything special. Your commitment to fairness will profit Whites nothing.

          • It’s real simple. This is not brain surgery. Your conclusions about the entire incident were dead wrong when you wrote that this was only “extreme animal cruelty.” You compounded your error when you also wrote: “I don’t see the difference between this and a cop killing a dog on tape.” If you can’t see the difference between killing a black man and a dog, there is little that I can say to you.

            Again, no one’s denying that blacks and white are different in many ways, but to place blacks on par with dogs is both extreme and wrong. We are dealing with humans here, not dogs.

            My commitment to “fairness” is not what you wrongly assume. You’re desperate to load that expression up with more than I have said because you’re trying to discredit me (quite unsuccessfully I might add).

            I’m a strong believer in segregation and in the Jim Crow laws because I’ve seen up-close and personal what our societies become without them. As I’ve explained before, I’ve only talked about being fair-minded in seeing things as they are and not over-reacting as you have done.

          • Well said.

          • GB101

            Your comment is similar to what I see frequently from the other side. You seem to favor tribal rights and tribal justice over individual rights and individual justice.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Look, when I’m driving about and some fine, upstanding, ghetto clown lunges in front of my vehicle, a process kicks in in my thoughts.

            On one level, no big loss. Evolution in action. On another, I understand the implications and no matter how worthless the negro, it’s not worth it on many levels.

            Under current circumstances especially, I got to question the judgment of the officer if not the morality. Neither judgment nor morality pass question in this case, however.

          • Alden

            You are right that the Weaver murders were totally different from this murder
            Scott was murdered because he resisted police and ran The murder was arrested and charged immediately

            The FBI agents who murdered the Weavers Were praised for killing the dangerous “neo nazi” Mother holding her baby and a 14 yr old boy They got promotions and medals
            That neo nazi group the Feds spent 2 years harassing Randy to join was probably already full of FBI ATF SPLC ADL informers. In fact the group was probably organized by SPLC operatives

            I’ve always felt that the Weaver murders were a psych op meant to show Whites that no matter how insignificant we are the Feds and their SPLC type rulers will hunt us down and destroy us

        • Ron Cheaters

          This cop set us back — Waaaaay back… And now we have to feed into their cries because of this ass.

          • TruthBeTold

            Don’t the cops watch the local or national news? Don’t they talk among themselves at work about local and national incidents? Don’t they have briefings at work about local and national events?

            This cop seems to be far outside the loop.

            And you’re right. This incident will be used against the police for years to come.

      • Veritas

        The killing of an unarmed, fleeing person is never justifiable. This cop should be tried for murder. The question is, why is this type of incident always national news while the murder of 400 whites last year by blacks, many in racially motivated attacks, not? Perhaps the cowardly hypocrites of the leftist media should be put on trial for murder, after stirring up ghetto blacks to kill more whites in response to this incident.

        • Yes, that, my friend, is the question.

        • Earl P. Holt III

          Nigros killed a lot more than 400 Whites last year:

          For example, O.J. Simpson’s murder of his Ex and of Ronald Goldman were not attributable to any particular race in the Uniform Crime Reports, because he was acquitted by a jury of retarded nigros. When the black perp is acquitted through “Jury Nullification,” the nigros don’t get full credit for all the savagery they commit…

          • Michigan Patriot

            Redundancy ! Forgot murderous bigots .

        • The civil rights mafia ignore atrocities committed by non-Whites.

        • Charles Martel

          Actually in several states its ok to shoot a fleeing felon. The fleeing felon rule was a principle of common law that allowed the use of deadly force to apprehend someone wanted for a common law felony (murder, theft, rape, etc). I want to see the video from before it was edited, there was a thug and woman attack cop that a month later with 27 video edits became “cops shoot van full of kids” with the attack edited out.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Under U.S. law the fleeing felon rule was limited in 1985 to non-lethal force in most cases by Tennessee v. Garner, 471 U.S. 1. The justices held that deadly force “may not be used unless necessary to prevent the escape and the officer has probable cause to believe that the suspect poses a significant threat of death or serious bodily harm to the officer or others.”[2]

            A police officer may not seize an unarmed, nondangerous suspect by shooting him dead…however…Where the officer has probable cause to believe that the suspect poses a threat of serious physical harm, either to the officer or to others, it is not constitutionally unreasonable to prevent escape by using deadly force.

            —Justice Byron White, Tennessee v. Garner

        • tickyul

          Well, the very, VERY clear video may have a LITTLE to do with the uproar!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!!

        • Albert

          Actually, such a shooting can be justified if the suspect presents a possible threat to others. Say the suspect just shot up a 7 eleven and was fleeing the scene with a weapon. Shooting a slow moving, unarmed man in the back is a little hard to defend- i agree with you completely on that.

        • Duke56

          Every single news report that I have listened to on this incident begins “white cop shoots unarmed black man”. Every. Single. One. Have you ever heard one start “white cop shoots unarmed white man”? Or, impossible to fathom in todays newsworld “black cop shoots unarmed white man”? We truly live in a whiskey tango foxtrot world. The mainstream news media is the enemy, as much, or more, than the undertow. The difference is, the MSM know what they are doing. The critters are just being critters.

          • Michigan Patriot

            google up : Black Utah( Salt Lake City ? ) shoots young , unarmed White man with music ear buds dead from late Summer 2014 A.D. .

    • Reynardine

      Christmas came early this year to leftists and the SJW crowd.

    • BlueSonicStreak

      Yep, this one is nothing like Brown. Cop needs to do time for this.

      I don’t in any way want to defend the cop. But I did think, when I saw this, if there was any chance we would hear about this if the victim wasn’t black. Or if this wasn’t on the heels of Brown.

      • No doubt about it. The race aspect is why the Eye of Sauron is now gazing intently toward North Charleston, S.C.

        But then, the facts of the matter.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      I think the cop had a bad case of Nigro Fatigue…

    • TomIron361

      I don’t see anything wrong with what the cop did…

      • Albert

        Most cops do their best to delicately walk on egg shells when it comes to handling black suspects. They are well aware of the current pc climate and would rather handle such criminals with kid gloves rather than risk their jobs. What this cop did was incredibly stupid.

    • tetrapod

      We’ve seen too many cases where the “obviously” guilty cop is later exonerated. However, it looks like this one might be the real thing. If that’s the case, how sad for the victim, any victim, of such injustice.

      And yet, how can we ignore the social consequences of this matter for whites? Despite the obvious Trayvon travesty, the unraveling of the Rolling Stone UV rape story, and the skewering of the Ferguson testimonies, one dumb racist goober shoots a helpless black and the whole leftist narrative of evil white men is re-energized.

      • We can’t, but the megaphone owners sure can.

        • I think the consequence of amplifying the mainstream anti-white media’s message by covering the same story is bad for white people. We don’t need whites cheering on for or defending blacks. There are plenty of leftist anti-white whites and others who can attend to that. At the same time we don’t want to be standing up for the police state that is frankly anti-white from everything from the border control, to the misclassification of non-whites as whites for crime statistics (like Philip Chism and a littany of others), and all the way down to the school curriculum.

          I think whites would be best served by focusing instead on cop-on-white violence and black-on-white violence like we always should be.

      • Alden

        Actually this won’t set us back at al. The media views White goyim as inherent evil and beyond redemption whatever we do or don’t do we are born bad and will never change

    • Snazzy Snook

      Why protest ? The cop was arrested like any other criminal and had a no bond..
      So what’s to protest? If that was the case then, why don’t blacks protest when every black is shot by other clacks?
      BTW, he did grab the cops tazer ,you see it fall right in front of the cop..

    • Treos

      Race traitor. lol

    • asdf

      I’m hesitant to take the side of the black guy. Often when I do/have, it turns out the black guy had a criminal record, hated whites, had gang ties, etc. If he sincerely was a good family man, didn’t hate whites, and if it is objectively 100% proven this cop acted stupidly (to quote Obama), then I will jump on this cause. But I’m hesitant to jump on these causes because they are a guise to push more anti-white agendas, bigger government, etc. If there weren’t so many false flags for ‘white racism’ then I wouldn’t be so suspicious. Sorry.

      • From past experience, that is a perfectly sane position to take. Like I said in the Sharpton thread, Sharpton running his trap about this isn’t helping Scott’s cause.

        All I know is what I saw on the video and have been able to find out about the matter in other sources.

  • Whitetrashgang

    See this is where some posters get it wrong, the police are not your friend.They are as much of your friend as the government.Think about it. Thank you.

    • Caucasoid88

      The vast majority of cops are moral professionals with family. I don’t understand this widespread (in lib circles) belief that cops aren’t human. Why do you think they aren’t our friend?

      • True, the vast majority of cops would not have shot the fleeing man. The widespread notion that all or even most cops are just itching to kill somebody is false and completely wrong. Granted, most cops are prepared for a deadly scenario, but they are not actively seeking or hoping for it.

        • Caucasoid88

          You were a cop right? I know a few people personally that think “all pigs are evil.” It really bothers me. How does that make you feel?

          • It doesn’t faze me. A lot of people have no clue about what police work is like in real life and how Hollywood portrays it. Many people have also had bad encounters with police, so they automatically assume the worst of them or believe that all cops treat people the same.

            I won’t justify all that has occurred at the hands of law enforcement officers, but the vast majority of cops are decent, family-oriented, and ethical people.

          • LexiconD1

            I’ve always found if you treat a cop the way you want to be treated, you are. Heck, common courtesy has gotten me out of more tickets, most of them I would have deserved.

            But then, I had two uncles that were LAPD, long before the Christopher Commission.

          • Whitetrashgang


          • LexiconD1


      • Whitetrashgang

        My dealings with them as a innocent party, also a cop that was a crook and child molester was sent to our home town because he could go nowhere else. A true piece of work that everyone knew about.

        • Whitetrashgang

          Also being just arrested on a bogus domestic, with no criminal record ,and the cops lying to my mom to get me arrested. Thank you.All white on white

          • LexiconD1

            When it comes to DV, cops will always error on the side of caution. And, from I’ve been told, the higher ups in the police department would rather arrest someone for DV, if it’s the LEAST bit indicated, than not.

            At least they are arresting women for DV, almost as much as the men. They use to not believe a women could commit a DV assault.

            Mostly, it’s because of lawsuits from prior DV victims winning against the Police Departments.

          • Whitetrashgang

            Yes maybe,but had they asked me my side of the story and accessed their computers it would have been painfully obvious it was a setup which the crown 5 grand later to my lawyer still continues with.

          • LexiconD1

            I’m sorry you’re going through that. I truly am. For your sake, I hope everything works out for you!

          • Whitetrashgang


      • tickyul

        One of the BIG problems is getting rid of the bottom-of-the-barrel cops ………either takes too long or does not happen at all.

        • Alden

          Affirmative action decrees that cops be scraped from the bottom if the bareel

      • UncleSham

        Cops are more dangerous than the general population. They have an itchier trigger finger than your average gun owner because they have the power of the state behind them. If you mouth off to some guy in a bar you might get punched in the face, but if you mouth off to a cop you can get beat up and then have charges brought on you. Its not that most cops are bad people, its just the fact that they have the power to completely mess up your life in ways that most people do not.

        • caughy

          You are on point here. The climate has been established that allows cops to act out in brutal ways and then expect their state to back them up. The cop in Charleston planted the taser near Scott’s body to alter the facts of the shooting. This is what will condemn him. The neo nazi’s and other white supremacists on this site had better be assured that the police will shoot them as quickly as they will a black man over an even trivial traffic stop. To shoot a fleeing 50 year old, slow moving man, in the back is an act of incredible cowardice by this officer. He will get what is coming to him.

      • Treos

        It’s because they are libertarians. The popo want to stop the white trash from smoking their drugs.

    • Actually that’s were YOU get it wrong. The police are not the bad guys.
      That being said, I condemn this particular officer’s actions, and support harsh punishment under the law should he be found guilty.

    • The All Seeing Bry

      DICTA was coined by Bob Whitaker. Don’t Intervene Call The Authorities. It has been pushed by the leftist following WWII. The authorities are not your friends in many cases. Handle your own business, Omerta.

    • Treos

      You sound like a stupid libertarian.

      • Whitetrashgang

        No just a person who knows what most police are like.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Not too smart. If he runs away, you get no bonus for capturing him, nor do you get in trouble if he gets away. Just clock out at the end of shift, and go home. Let the third world wallow in a mess of their own creation.

    • Steve_in_Vermont

      Yep. Impound his car, you can arrest him when and if he comes to claim it.

      • Magician

        Sweet beautiful idea I did not know until now.

      • Good thinking! There were a multiplicity of ways to get this guy that would not have required a beating or his death. A smarter and wiser would have handled it much differently.

        • Alden

          The PD in my city has a good program for clearing warrants. It’s a 6 to 2 shift squad with a little bus. They just go to the home addresses and if they are home arrest them

          By 11 or so the s
          bus is full and the prisoners are booked into the jail

          Child support warrants though are at the bottom of the priority list

      • AndrewInterrupted

        Impound his car and locate the kilo of crack in one of the body panels with a drug-sniffing dog. The same kilo of crack that caused him to flee the scene in the first place.

        Well, almost flee the scene. <:-)

        In ISIS Iraq they would have thrown him off the top of a 12 story building for drug dealing.

        First, the Skittles Jesus, then the Saint of Swisher Sweet. Now?

    • bv

      Absolutely right shoot the SOB only if he’s trying to attack you and cause you harm. This cop should’ve let it go because the trouble this causes isn’t worth it.

    • Bunky

      Exactly right.
      That would be the smart thing to do.
      I hope many learn that lesson.

  • phorning

    “Mr. Summey said the city would cover health insurance for his wife, who
    is eight months pregnant, until she delivers the baby. “That is the
    humane thing for us to do,” he said.”

    Couldn’t read the whole article because I’m not about to pay for the Wall Street Journal, but this sentence sounds scary. There are legal obligations regarding health insurance, an employer can’t just summarily decide to cancel it when they fire someone. They are required to offer the officer and any dependents he has COBRA. SJWs will probably try to create an exception for those who have been charged with hate crimes.

    • Alden

      Actually the Mayor is being generous to cover the birth
      Employee insurance ends on the last day of the month you were let go so the employee insurance ends April 30
      COBRA does not have to cover existing conditions It takes a while to arrange a month or so
      COBRA is often more expensive than the employee insurance

      Because of the expense few avail themselves of it especially when out of work

      • phorning

        COBRA is an extension of your current coverage, they are legally obligated to offer it to his wife. Every policy is required to cover preexisting conditions now. COBRA is more expensive because the employer is no longer making a contribution.

        • Who Me?

          According to their website, COBRA usually does not apply in “Cases of gross misconduct”. No matter how you try to slice it, this qualifies as gross misconduct.

        • Alden

          They offer it all right but it takes a few weeks to arrange The papers are usually sent to the employee about 2 weeks after termination. It takes another ten days or so to arrange If the former employee fills out the forms right away and has $800 or so for the first months premium and wants to commit to expensive premiums while in employed

          • Who Me?

            If his wife is 8 months pregnant, the crucial time when they wouldn’t be covered is the very time they would need it the most. Thus the police dept. while terminating his employment do realize that his wife and unborn child bear no culpability in this mess, and so are continuing the insurance in the name of human decency.

  • Magician

    They both made wrong decisions

    The dead person should have stopped running as soon as he heard gunshots. Why risk your life? This officer lost his job, and this person lost his life.

    I wonder if this black person was under influence of illegal drugs.

    • Fair Dinkum

      What in the world are you talking about? Yeah, the guy resisted arrest, but there was [B] no physical threat to the officer whatsoever. [/B] The responsibility for this tragedy rests entirely on the officer. There may be some circumstances in which shooting someone fleeing arrest may be justified, but this definitely isn’t one of them.

      • Julius Caesar

        “The responsibility for this tragedy…”
        I won’t defend the officer, but I certainly wouldn’t call this a “tragedy”.
        Ho hum.

      • Awakened Saxon

        Fair Dinkum: Yeah, the guy resisted arrest, but there was [B] no physical threat to the officer whatsoever. [/B]

        How do you explain the taser line that extends from the suspect towards the officer while the officer has his hands on his gun? Doesn’t this suggest that the suspect was in possession of the taser and fired it at the officer?

        • Anglo

          I’m reserving judgment too. There’s more to this story.

      • Magician

        You appear to insist that I feel the officer did not do a thing wrong. I said, *they both made wrong decisions*

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    Casting calls haven’t gone so well the past couple of years (Zim and Darren, &tc) in the nationwide hunt for the “Great White Defendant” but I’m sure the heart of every newsman/woman/&tc is swelling with anticipatory joy at what is sure to be a good, long run of print on racist, white cops in the USA and how Obama (&tc) will save all the good, enlightenend people from crazed, right-wing lunatics in uniform (&tc, &tc).

    • Jaggers

      I’m already sick of hearing about this case and it just happened.

      • Alden

        I never watch the news.

  • 3 outcomes:

    1. A “long, hot summer” of more and more ridiculous black and Marxist protests. They’re going to successfully guilt trip us over the “racist” murder of a father of four.

    2. More black on white beatings and murders.

    3. More junk coming out of the Justice Dept, intended to disarm police and hinder effective law enforcement. Obama will probably weigh in with an executive order or two. The ultimate goal is to put more Marxist/Trotskyites into the position of police chief, and more nonwhite officers.

    And as a bonus thought, imagine the trial of the century–one for the record books. What are they going to dig up on this cop and other cops in the department? This will go on for years, like the Trayvon Martin case.

    Personally, I think this cop is NOT guilty of murder, but at most manslaughter. If the taser had done it’s job and ghetto man had gone down, there would have been no shooting. It was certainly not premeditated. Tasing him indicated a desire to bring him in alive.

    • I think shooting him eight times in the back says otherwise.

      • Why?
        Because he fire eight rounds? Are you familiar with how easy and quick it to touch off eight rounds with a modern sem-auto handgun?
        Make no mistake, the shooting itself seems to have been unjustified. But the number of rounds fired really does not enter into it. Recall how the anti-cop types were trying to say that the fact that Brown was shot six times somehow indicated that his shooting was also unjustified…

        • Brown was a thug who had just manhandled a Korean shopkeeper so he could steal some blunts, after which he went for a walk down the middle of the street, at which point police intercession happened.

          This guy is not thug Brown or jewelry-stealing, bashing-heads-into-the-concrete Trayvon and this person’s life was not in jeopardy. The negro was running away from the officer. That’s not cause to kill him. You run you chase, you don’t shoot a man in the back. You don’t even shoot a negro in the back.

          8 rounds? I don’t care if it was 1 round or 10+1 rounds, or 15+1, whatever the case may be for his sidearm of choice. He gunned that negro down, shot him in the back, and his life was not in danger.

          • Remember, you are getting this FROM THE NEWS MEDIA. Uhhh, like they haven’t embellished a story before? Please.

          • UncleSham

            They have been crying wolf a lot, but this was captured on video and it looks pretty bad.

          • Yes, but not all the preceding details have been revealed. There is always more to the story.

          • UncleSham

            That’s true. I initially thought they found an actual example of injustice during the Eric Garner case, but then the facts came out.

          • He certainly didn’t die from the “chokehold.” He died in the ambulance of a heart attack. Incidentally, the NYPD officer that oversaw the scene was a black woman.

            The “injustice” in the Eric Garner case was that the NYPD dedicated that much time and force over the matter of cigarette taxes. That’s because the kook left has waged a decades long social jihad against tobacco; their solution to just about everything is to raise cig taxes.

          • Alexandra1973

            I heard that the video played of the Rodney King beat-down was only part of the entire video.

            I’m always of the mindset of “let’s see what other information comes out.” I’m fully well aware of the Narrative being pushed off on us constantly.

          • Alden

            The entire video showed among other thing King picking up a cop and throwing him in the ground
            It also showed his 2 passengers sitting quietly on the curb while King did his King Kong act

          • I don’t own a television and I don’t bog my brain down with any old headlines that are echoed at the various big news sites, so I don’t know anything at all about this shooting victim. The only thing I know is what I saw in the video and at least the video I watched it appeared someone had chopped off the beginning and the end, the bits I really wanted to see the most, the setup, and the coverup, if any.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            This is ALL OVER the media here on the West Coast.

            You can count on the media to fan the flames.

            I wish the lying media would report the same way about black-on-White atrocities such as the Wichita Massacre, Channon Christian, aged 21, and Christopher Newsom, Jr., aged 23 who were raped, sodomized and tortured over many hours before being killed by black thugs – and many, many other such crimes where Whites are victims of blacks.

            Crimes that the public knows nothing about.

            Won’t happen and I know why – I swear if it weren’t for the Internet…

            #WhiteLiveMatter – but not to the media, government or academia – to them we are expendable.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Echoing Copyright: Without the full context, we don’t know what was happening.

            We haven’t heard the cop’s side of it yet -the media may even withhold it — by the time HIS side comes out, the public’s mind will already be hardened by media coverage of a racist, White cop hunting down blacks for fun and sport – just like in Ferguson – just like the Rodney King case.

            Truth won’t matter by then – not that it ever has to the media.

          • Alden

            Who watches the news or reads a newspaper?

          • Not as many as before, true. But still too many for my taste.

        • That young cop who shot Brown was a nice guy and seemed an honest man but was however a poor shot. I remember some fuss about the number of rounds shot off in that instance, yes.

          But in that instance Brown had been acting aggressive and even went for the officer’s gun. That is a markedly different sort of scenario than we have here in this current instance. This would-be collar was running away. Wasn’t running toward a rifle rack or a 2×4 with a nail sticking out of it. Was running away. Fleeing. He got shot in the back. It doesn’t matter how many times in the sense that one shot into the back of a man fleeing from a person should register in that person’s mind as the wrong move to make.

      • mancinblack

        I agree, there is no justification for shooting an unarmed man who’s running away. Second degree ?

        • I’d classify it as an unlawful killing of a negro, but it would amusingly have the same penalty as murder. Maybe we’d let him have a blindfold because he didn’t kill a white. Maybe.

          One article I read indicated that he’d not really made a go at trying to taze him first, but allegedly the camera did capture him laying his tazer on the ground next to the guy after shooting him in the back.

          No justification for shooting an unarmed man simply running away to avoid being jailed. Even if he was a murder suspect or an accused bank robber or an accused cop killer, none of which has been alleged, all that would have to be proven in court and gunning the man down on the spot deprives him and the people of such justice.

          Hang this cop for murder.

          • “Cops seem to have impunity to kill civilians and the worst they risk for doing so is losing their job or a jail sentence that lets them off like a juvenile offender might be”
            And with this, I think we can wright you off as having some sort of anti-law enforcement chip on your shoulder and discount your opinion on the matter.
            What’s wrong? Get popped with an MiP as a kid and can’t let it go? Get one too many traffic tickets, and now have it in for the cops?

          • When cops enter a place they routinely shoot the dog(s) and generally terrorize everyone, regardless of what they’re there for. They train themselves to shoot at no-hesitate targets in some instances, or tried to, in which various targets were ordered for range time that were photorealistic depictions of old couples, a pregnant lady, a small white child, that sort of thing, and the gist of it was to get cops used to the idea of not hesitating when going up against people they shouldn’t be thinking of going up against in the first place.

            Cops kill people and don’t go to jail for it and they do it with far more ease than a mere civilian would be able to. There are multiple times groups of officers have unloaded into perps, shot them over a hundred times and that’s just not necessary. There was a car chase after a bank robbery last year somewhere in the U.S. where the perp carjacked a lady I assume and ended up with a civilian in the car but running from the police. They shot into that car over 100 times and killed them both. And when one cop fires, they all start firing. It results in a sort of death squad, for the civilians who get killed by them. For them it gives them each backup in court and reinforces the strong bond that already binds the boys in blue, which by far is the strongest crew of thugs running in the streets today.

            Go eat a donut.

          • Wow.
            You are a piece of work, aren’t you?
            It’s sad when race-realists live down to the stereotype of being anti-authority figure fringe types with a cop hating chip on their shoulder. That does no one any good at all. I just hope that your a very young person still going through that surly teenage “it’s ‘cool’ to hate authority figures” stage. If so, there is always the hope you might eventually grow out of that. Sadly, I suspect that’s not the case.
            Again, I feel this cop was in the wrong and hope he pays a severe price for his stupid action. But I’m not some knee-jerk cop hater as a result. That is how leftists and blacks think. We should be better than that.
            Either way, I’m done with you. You may have the last word…for what it’s worth. I’m nice that way.

          • You haven’t done anything here but sling insults at me.
            What’s the matter? There a line at the Krispy Kreme?

          • I bring facts to back my positions and you have brought insults and incorrect assumptions.

            There can be little attempt at justifying shooting a person in the back as he is fleeing, whatever the broader circumstance. Running from a cop is a reason to smack on an extra charge maybe but not to kill a man stone dead, whatever color he is. If you think these cops are white, you’re wrong. They are blue now. If you think they work for the safety of white people from the thugs around us, you are wrong. They have no duty to protect, none. They exist to provide for order, they exist to guard… us. They also bring in revenue for the state and do certainly provide some help in taking some criminals off the streets. But they also train like military now, and are equipped similarly, and they are basically gearing up for war here in America. I think it’s reasonable to keep these things in mind and also the fact that they don’t work for your interests, but for the government’s interests, that same exact government that is flooding you with mestizos and other assorted non-whites this very second.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Augur Mayson: They have no duty to protect, none.

            So what? He just took a black felon off the streets – a black felon who attacked an armed policeman. This tells me that he would have no problem about attacking defenceless white civilians.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Augur Mayson: Hang this cop for murder.

            Whites sure turn on our own in a hurry, don’t we? No wonder our race is headed to extinction. Every other race sticks together no matter what. Our race has no similar solidarity. We have an impeccable sense of fairness that no other race shows towards us.

          • Lemme ask you this:

            How many rounds do you think that same cop would have shot into the back of a white man under the same circumstances? Only four rounds ‘cuz he was white?

            Would he be any less dead?

            Are cops like this good for white people?

            Ask yourself, “Is this good for whites?”

            I’m not criticizing him to jump on whatever cop-bashing bandwagon presumably is going on 24/7 on the lamestream media, I’m doing it for principled reasons that show consistency and that reflect my actual beliefs. I think this cop gunned a civilian down unnecessarily in what appears to be a very indefensible manner. Even that’s a bit formal and euphemistic. He shot him in the back, man. A lot.

          • Awakened Saxon

            All right, let me ask you this:

            When have blacks ever cared about the carnage they bring to whites? When have blacks ever cared that whites are being eradicated from South Africa and Rhodesia? When have blacks ever cared about anything and anyone other than blacks? It is high time whites stop being such altruistic saps and start caring about whites.

          • antiquesunlight

            Don’t become what you hate, my friend. Kindness, justice, and civility are beautiful qualities that white people possess in abundance. We shouldn’t forgo them because blacks are too stupid to appreciate them.

          • Awakened Saxon

            antiquesunlight: Kindness, justice, and civility are beautiful qualities that white people possess in abundance.

            We will die as a race because of those qualities. They leave us totally incapable of dealing with opponents who have nothing but hatred for us.

            The solution to the black problem is their physical departure from this continent. Anyone who moans about the death of a black criminal who was killed while resisting arrest can be assumed to be against removing blacks from this continent.

            If white men were still men, this police shooting would bother none of us. It likely would not even have gone to trial before the emasculation of our people.

          • antiquesunlight

            Well what we need to get back to is genuine justice. Used to be that the white man had an impeccable sense of duty and morality along with the ability to objectively evaluate a moral situation. That is, white men were judges by nature. Now we are losing the “objectively evaluate” part, which is hurting us.
            And that is where you are going wrong. The question you have to answer is, “Was the officer’s action moral or immoral?” That’s the whole question. What blacks would do or wouldn’t do or anything else ain’t got nothing to do with it. Don’t worry about their hatred. What we need to worry about is being the best we can be and doing what’s right and doing what’s good for us. Black people are going to act like black people no matter what. We need to make sure we keep acting like White People.

          • Awakened Saxon

            antiquesunlight: Used to be that the white man had an impeccable sense of duty and morality along with the ability to objectively evaluate a moral situation.

            100 years ago, the officer would be given a medal for taking a thug off the streets. Men were men back then – in stark contrast to today’s situation.

            antiquesunlight: The question you have to answer is, “Was the officer’s action moral or immoral?”

            Based on the brief video, which does not even show the whole incident, it appears that a struggle occurred and the suspect fired the taser at the officer.

            antiquesunlight: We need to make sure we keep acting like White People.

            White people are too civilised to survive in a hostile world. The comments here prove it. My reaction to a worthless black thug getting shot: So what? If you have a problem with that, then join the ranks of the Marxists and the sappy hand-wringers who moan and cry about black thugs being killed while the white race heads towards extinction.

          • antiquesunlight

            You don’t get it. This isn’t about black people. It’s about white people maintaining integrity. We are not too civilized, we’re too brainwashed and complacent. Civility =/= weakness.

          • Awakened Saxon

            antiquesunlight: t’s about white people maintaining integrity.

            You must have a low opinion of our ancestors. They held no such notions of blacks being valuable members of society.

            antiquesunlight: Civility =/= weakness.

            Civility towards savages is definitely a sign of weakness. Where has civility gotten our race in the last several decades? Anglo-Saxons once conquered one quarter of the world and then gave it all up in the name of fairness. Now in the name of fairness, all white lands (save perhaps a few isolated areas of Europe) are being overrun.

          • antiquesunlight

            I never said anything about blacks being valuable members of society, now did I? I said that white people need to maintain integrity. That means doing what’s right. If this officer behaved immorally (we will see what the facts say as we learn them), we have to acknowledge that. I can think that blacks are problematic and that whites would be better off separating from them while simultaneously believing that blacks are people and have a God-given right to life and dignity. They are not incompatible. That is what MY ancestors believed and practiced.

          • Awakened Saxon

            antiquesunlight: I never said anything about blacks being valuable members of society, now did I?

            Yes, you did. You said that all lives matter and that God does not create things that do not matter.

            antiquesunlight: I can think that blacks are problematic and that whites would be better off separating from them while simultaneously believing that blacks are people and have a God-given right to life and dignity. They are not incompatible.

            If racial separation ever happens, it will make the incident in North Charleston look like a Sunday afternoon tea party in comparison. That makes it obvious that the people moaning about ‘justice’, ‘fairness’, and ‘civility’, will absolutely no stomach for racial separation.

          • antiquesunlight

            “Yes, you did. You said that all lives matter and that God does not create things that do not matter.”

            Right. That does not mean that blacks are valuable members of society.

            “If racial separation ever happens, it will make the incident in North Charleston look like a Sunday afternoon tea party in comparison. That makes it obvious that the people moaning about ‘justice’, ‘fairness’, and ‘civility’, will absolutely no stomach for racial separation.”

            That is one of my fears. It would be an unspeakable tragedy if, after all this, we finally separate and set up Nova Europa somewhere only to degenerate into pale savages. It is imperative that we maintain the dignity, honor, and integrity of the White Race throughout this ordeal.

            We must separate because it is the RIGHT thing to do, and because we have the RIGHT to do it. We should NOT do it vengefully, spitefully, selfishly, rudely. If we are threatened or attacked in the process, we have every right on earth to defend ourselves by any means necessary.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Some are more interested in politeness than in survival. You obviously are among that crowd. The late Dr. Pierce did an excellent broadcast on this subject circa 2001 entitled “To Be, or to Be Nice”.
            The civility, etc., that you speak of is a relatively new phenomenon for whites and it corresponds with our overly-civilized modern lifestyles. Thus far, it has gotten us nowhere but to the edge of the cliff. Our ancestors were barbarians.

          • antiquesunlight

            “Then why are you and the others so upset that another worthless black criminal died of his own stupidity.”

            But it doesn’t look like he died of his own stupidity but rather because the police officer made a serious error and then evidently tried to cover it up. Sometimes we can get into the habit of talking loosely about people dying and such-and-such people not mattering, but really any untimely death is a sad thing. So it’s sad that Scott was wrongly killed. And it’s shameful that the cop behaved immorally (it looks like). That is what upsets me.

            “Some are more interested in politeness than in survival.”

            I’m interested in doing what’s right. If I do what’s right, survival will take care of itself.

            “The civility, etc., that you speak of is a relatively new phenomenon for whites and it corresponds with our overly-civilised modern lifestyles. Thus far, these traits have gotten us nowhere but to the edge of the cliff. Our ancestors were barbarians.”

            I think we are using the word “civil” in different ways and that is creating some confusion here. If by “overly-civilised modern lifestyles” you are referring to the liberal sickness of self-righteous concern for the “oppressed,” excuse-making for ne’er-do-wells, bleeding heart tomfoolery, and all the rest of that nonsense, then I agree with you completely. That is not at all what I mean by civility. If my idea of civility were universal throughout our history, we would never have had slaves and so blacks wouldn’t be a problem at all. If my idea of civility were universal throughout our history, we would still have some kind of segregation system in place, or we would incentivize black repatriotization, or both.

            Unless you have some unusual definition for “barbarian,” I do not agree for one second that our ancestors were barbarians at any time but the distant past.

          • The All Seeing Bry

            Police brutality ONLY bothers me because it can happen to me or others I care about. I couldn’t care less about this negro.

            I agree with your solution to banish negroes from OUR country.

          • The All Seeing Bry

            Yes, we should just forgo the negro in our civil society.

          • I 100% agree with you and I don’t see how the position I’ve taken here undermines either of those worthwhile interests.

            I’ll put it to you like this then: there is no upside for whites to attempting to defend what would appear to be an indefensible killing. I’m suggesting we focus on the other issues you mentioned, the constant black-on-white violence in this country too, the flood of non-white immigrants, other interests other than just opining on what the mainstream anti-white media has latched onto as the race bait topic du jour.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Augur Mayson: there is no upside for whites to attempting to defend what would appear to be an indefensible killing.

            Why do you say it is indefensible? The video shows nothing of what happened before the end of what appears to be a struggle between the officer and the suspect that involved the firing of the taser.

            More fundamentally, why are people who post here so upset that an anonymous black criminal was killed?

          • Awakened Saxon: More fundamentally, why are people who post here so upset that an anonymous black criminal was killed?

            Because if the criminal was white the cop still would have shot him in the back.

            And to me, I saw the cop attempt to taze him, fail, looked like the perp slapped the taser away. Then the perp turned around, ground must have been boggy or something because it looked like he was having difficulty with stable footing and wasn’t really moving all that fast, seemed. Then cop drew his sidearm and fired into perp’s back. The purpose of keeping firing until the suspect is down is because the suspect is a threat. This suspect was not a threat to anyone, he was only threatening this cop’s ego. I mean, is slapping a cop’s hand with a taser pointed at you justification for getting shot in the back?

            Guy wasn’t going for his gun, he was running away. There is no reason to keep firing until the suspect is down if the only reason to fire at all is to eliminate a threat that did not exist here.

          • Gillian C.

            You know it seems to me that many people aren’t grasping the bigger picture here……..

          • IstvanIN

            Because, quite simply, it does our cause no good whatsoever to have a cop react like that to a black miscreant.

          • Awakened Saxon

            IstvanIN: Because, quite simply, it does our cause no good whatsoever to have a cop react like that to a black miscreant.

            That is a separate issue from whether the cop should be convicted of murder, as many here are saying.

          • Alden

            Love your post

          • Reynardine

            Absolutely. I remember on this VERY SITE having to defend the actions of the cops who arrested Eric Garner. Lo and behold he killed himself with his own weight.

            Why can’t we wait and see? What’s wrong with assuming we don’t know the entire story. Can’t the man get a fair trial?

          • Awakened Saxon

            Reynardine: Can’t the man get a fair trial?

            What’s really telling here is that supposed racialists are clamouring for white blood just like black agitators are. We truly are a pathetic race.

          • Reynardine

            It is insane, isn’t it? The hooks are so deep that self-described conservatives jump at the slightest media dog-whistle case.

            If the races were reversed, do you think that Sharpton would cry out for blood the same way our fellow Amren members here do over this instance?

            Absolutely not. He would know when to shut up, and IF he had to comment he’d mouth some half-hearted apology and insist “justice has been done.”

            It’s time we learned to play the damned game instead of being played.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Sharpton would not do that because Sharpton is an amoral psychopath.

            I think most people agree that the cop still deserves a fair trial. I just think most people are also realistic that it would take a REALLY bizarre twist to the story for a clear video of a man being shot in the back while fleeing to turn out to be legally justifiable in some way.

      • Police training is you fire until they go down. He didn’t go down until 8 shots were fired. There were a lot of misses. Doesn’t that cop’s gun hold 12 or 14 rounds.

        • Assuming it was a .40, 12+1 sounds about right to me, but there are others who post here with far more firearms knowledge than I have.

          • Jason Lewis


      • Alden

        When people are shooting they almost always empty the chamber A cop shooting a fleeing suspect after a confrontation is a lot different from shooting at targets

    • The problem is that in spite of the Taser not working properly (or perhaps the officer missed?), there was STILL no justification for increasing the use of force to that which was deadly. Again, the issue is NOT whether a limited or minor use of force was appropriate (it clearly was because he was resisting and fleeing), but whether the situation required the immediate use of DEADLY force. There wasn’t any.

    • “Personally, I think this cop is NOT guilty of murder, but at most manslaughter”
      I tend to agree.
      This does not look to be a cold-blooded pre-meditated murder. It looks to my law enforcement trained eye to be a split second decision that went very wrong. He probably needs to try to plead it down to manslaughter….which would be a more appropriate charge.
      It may be the case that the prosecutor it employing the very common tactic of “over-charging” in an attempt to encourage a plea deal by the defense.

      • Fair Dinkum

        Split-second decision? If you shot someone while he was running away from you, you’d be facing homicide charges, and it wouldn’t matter what he’d done prior to the shooting. One or two shots fired in the heat of the moment, I could maybe understand, but eight shots? That was just plain cold-blooded no matter how you look at it.

        • Again, I’m not defending this guy’s poor decision, and I feel they are right to try him for it. But the number of shots really has nothing to do with it. As I note above, multiple shots is the rule rather than the exception in real world police and self-defense shootings.

      • antiquesunlight

        What is damning for him is that he looks to have planted the taser gun. That is going to hurt him quite a lot, I think. If he had simply stuck to the facts he could have said the truth, “I overreacted.” Blacks would still go nuts about it, but at least the guy would still have his integrity.

    • SentryattheGate

      The victim won’t be able to father any more kids he doesn’t pay for! Not to justify his death, but nome sayin?

      • Alexandra1973

        While it appears that what the cop did was wrong (I’m waiting until more information comes out), I have to admit it’s hard to have any sympathy for the black guy that was shot…given how most black males act.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Yeah, wait until Miss Loretta takes the helm. She’ll make Eric Holder look like an Uncle Tom. Loretta Lynch will be putting the lynch back into Lynch.

    • Alden

      I saw something that the DOJ has made a list of all cities and towns that have a larger proportion of White cops than there are Whites in the town

      So the DOJ will order the towns to harass White cops into early retirement and hire nothing but blacks
      But with mass immigration populations change so fast all those towns will have fewer blacks and more Hispanics Asians and middle easterners in a feed years

  • MrBiIIGoode .

    White people arm yourselves and get prepared for the roits and anti white violence.

    • Magician

      This time, the riots will be called, ” I’m Running Don’t Shoot ” where all the rioters are doing the “running” motion with their back turned towards the police officers.

      • Kenner

        But their hands won’t be up…”I’m Running With Loot!’

  • Cindy

    “A white police officer who was captured on video shooting a fleeing black man”
    I find it very irritating that even conservative news outlets feels it necessary to name race when it’s White on black crime. But black on black or black on White, race is NEVER given.
    ‘Cause, you know, that’s racist.

  • Hilis Hatki

    This incident is going to be repackaged for every antiwhite cause.

    • Ernest

      Yep – We are going to end up with blacks being even more lawless than they already are and whites who won’t say or do anything no matter how dangerous it gets.

      • The All Seeing Bry

        If they touch your property feed them lead.

  • Cheri Rodriguez

    50+ years ago, they’d send attack dogs after fleeing blacks. Why’d that ever change?

    • LexiconD1

      Now that you mention it, I’d like to know the answer too.

      • Kenner

        Dogs be rayciss? Because they evoke the ‘runaway slave’ scenario?

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    I was eating out last night and one of the news channels was on and the WHOLE time I was waiting for the food, eating salad and having dinner, they were talking about nothing but this incident on the news.

    The MSM finally have the incident they have been waiting so long for.

    • Unfortunately, I think you’re right.

    • Rustler

      It won’t be a big deal, the officer will get convicted of some kind of manslaughter charge and be given a short sentence, then everyone will forget abot it, just like the Oscar Grant case in Oakland when an officer shot and killed a man handcuffed on the ground. That was real abuse, but we heard 1/100th as much about it as the bogus Ferguson case.

      • Michael Robert Ryan

        I hope you’re right because I’m damn sick and tired of all this mau-mauing.

    • Charles Martel

      The great white defendant

  • Usually Much Calmer

    (Optimism is great bias to have.)

    Perhaps as this case is discussed, the cannier discussants who are usually on the other side will end up explicitly drawing the contrast between this incident and the Garner and Brown incidents because they just can’t help themselves. The situation does seem provocative enough. And they have cried wolf twice before, they may find it harder to get what they expect as a commensurate response to this. Perhaps. This cannot help but draw past events into new relief, I suspect. We’ll see.

  • RyanP

    I don’t know what that cop was thinking. Even without a video, forensics would have clearly shown he was shot in the back.

    • That’s the problem: He wasn’t thinking. He allowed his adrenaline and ego to trump his training and common sense (not to mention his decency).

      • Who Me?

        “That’s the problem: He wasn’t thinking.”
        Also he is quite possibly a “realist” in the sense that he knows how most blacks that come into contact with White LE is just as likely as not to act. He has a pregnant wife at home, and he is determined to see his child. He is ready to do ANYTHING to go home at the end of his shift. Thus common sense flew out the window, resulting in this tragic and unnecessary death. (Now all this is supposition on my part, but it sounds reasonable.)

    • antiquesunlight

      He planted (or appeared to plant) the taser gun so that it would look like he was stopping an armed and dangerous criminal. My understanding is that cops are allowed to shoot you if you pose an immediate threat to society, even if you’re running away.

  • BG

    As I said in another post: the city–small or large–cops here in the Lowcountry, indeed SC, have been out of control for years now, possibly decades. I don’t know any whites personally who would say otherwise.(Blacks don’t have a monopoly on police abuse–white lives matter too). If blacks riot it will be just one more instance of the police abuse that hurts whites, this time indirectly, we being caught in a cross fire. They just can’t handle the power–so shrink the force and pay a good wage and get some decent people without hang-ups or small brains. I’ve personally experienced the abuse and seen them lie and close ranks. And that, my friends is the NORM, not the exception. Make a good example out of him. Everybody’s sick of them, the CITY ones that is.

    • Rustler

      SC low country is culturally still stuck in English feudalism. Its barely America. The mentality of the white people there is like the mentality of medieval serfs. Everyone knows that many people are being treatd unfairly by the powers that be, but they tend to laugh at the victims, rather than want to reform society like regular Americans respond when they see injustice. It is a cultural model that has zero appeal to whites outside of the Deep South. And yes I did live there.

      One of the reason that the conservative movement and GOP are stuggling to attract white support outside of the South, despite an openly anti-white Democratic party is that modern movement conservatism is basically pushing this Deep South cultural model on the rest of the country where it is not wanted. Nationalism will fail if it falls into this trap.

      • And guess which part of South Carolina can be counted on to save Lindsay Graham every time he faces a primary challenge, usually from someone in the upcountry.

        Historically, the plantation owners of the SC low country were very happy to give their black slaves political rights in order to consolidate their own power.

        • Rustler

          Exactly.. They are born boot lickers. Another aspect is the anti-worker mentality. They love the boss who exploits them and hate unions. SC low country is filling up with Mexicans now and there is an amazing amount of apathy over it for people who talk tough all the time.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Do they still call those thick-cut, fried, seasoned potato wedges, “Jo-Jo’s” down in the South Carolina low country?

        • Who Me?

          They call them Jo-Jo’s and sell tons of them at convenience stores here in the Pacific Northwest!

          • Samuel Hathaway

            You call them Jo-Jo’s, too? In Georgia we just call them “potato wedges.” While travelling through South Carolina one fall, I stopped for some and the girl behind the counter said, “Jo-Jo’s”? I had no clue what she was referring to.

          • InAFreeCountry

            Whatever you call ’em, they beat french fries all to hell!

          • Samuel Hathaway

            Absolutely, they are great!

          • antiquesunlight

            Yeah, never heard of Jo-Jos. Personally, give me potato salad over fries or wedges any day.

  • Wow.
    They finally found what appears to be an honest to god example of police misconduct to get riled up about…out of how many bogus examples such as the Brown and Garner cases?
    I maintain that these sorts of incidents are in the real world actually quite rare and that law enforcement officers are generally more law abiding than the general public on a per capita basis. It is actually the rarity of such incidents, the “man bites dog” phenomenon, and the anti-police bias of the media who play up such stories that make them seem more common.
    Of course that will not keep the racist minorities and law enforcement hating leftists from making more of this than it deserves and trying to paint the entire profession in the same light.
    Finally, it does look like this guy made a very bad call indeed. It looks to have been a split second decision that he got very wrong. I’m the most pro-law enforcement guy you’ll probably ever meet, but if this guy is convicted, he deserves an even harsher punishment than a civilian who committed a similar crime would have gotten due to the breach of trust and the negative effect his actions have upon the entire profession.

    • John Smith

      The Garner case was also unnecessary force, but it wasn’t racism and it wasn’t murder.

      • antiquesunlight

        Don’t know that the Garner case was even unnecessary force. Garner was resisting arrest, they took him down, and then let go of him.

  • Hush, troll.

  • Jason Lewis

    The officer is screwed. Bad shooting all around. The thing all of these shootings have in common are the criminals are always fighting or fleeing. You think they would learn that it increases your odds in getting a beat down or shot.

  • James

    The leftist media will feel so vindicated by this event.
    They’ll be pushing this murder (and hey the cop is guilty as sin here), as proof that all White cops are inherently racist and that all police forces should be made up by the rainbow coalition.
    There actually shouldn’t be much to report here, Al Sharpton should keep the Learjet parked in the hanger, because its all pretty open and shut.
    But because of the colors involved here (fitting the narrative) this event will be considered “a teachable moment” and will not be quickly forgotten.
    I’d like to think, the media lost a lot of credibility with its core mainstream audience with the Zimmerman and M. Brown incidents, thus pushing this event, in the media’s eyes, will pave over those cracks.
    Hopefully to no affect.

  • bv

    Child support payments? He was shot because of that? Talk about getting blood from a stone.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      The press reports I’m reading say Scott was discharged early from the Coast Guard, eventually given a “general discharge” (obviously because he was Black—>Black privilege). I’m thinking he resisted arrest, grabbed the officer’s taser, and ultimately ran was because drugs were going to be found.

      New Rule (same rule): If you resist arrest, try to take an officer’s weapon, then run —–you die. Got it?

  • Rustler

    There is no denying that police have beomce more violent and oppresive since 2001. There is nothing that our enemies want more than to use trigger happy cops against us, that’s something we need to remember. The future of nationalism in America is as an anti-establishment populist movement.

  • Murder is murder, but according to the media and government, if a white murders a black, it’s an entirely different (more severe) crime. They don’t see it as a problem of police abusing citizens, instead they see it as whites abusing blacks – even as they completely ignore the much more prevalent phenomenon of blacks abusing whites.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Yeah, right after Saint Swisher Sweet got shot, a Black cop shot an unarmed White kid in Salt Lake City. Zero coverage. No more blatant example that the Mainstream Marxist Media hates America and everything it stands for.

      • Michael Robert Ryan

        Yeah, there was also the murder of Kelly Thomas.

        If anything, cops are less likely to brutalize blacks than people of other races, because they know they may have Jesse and Al to deal with if they do.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          I remember the Utah kid’s name was Tyler something.

  • Katherine McChesney

    There were FIVE bullets in him.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    Some people nowadays join the police force and the military just becuase they are trigger happy.

    • John Smith

      And bullies.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    Imagine if there wee no negroes in America, we would not be reading this story.

    • John Smith

      Better for all parties.

  • Evette Coutier

    I’m no fan of Blacks, and have defended cops in the Travon Martin and Brown cases, but this cop should get the death penalty for murder.

    • Epiminondas

      We don’t know why he pulled his gun. We have to hear the evidence first. Even if he was wrong for killing the negro, and assuming he has even a flimsy reason, it will likely be a manslaughter charge.

      • Evette Coutier

        Shooting an unarmed man in the back who is running away until he drops is murder in my book. If we find that this colored boy was a violent felon want for murder, then I will recant my comment.

    • John Smith

      The death penalty is better than life in prison, but I view it as no more than 2nd degree murder.

  • jaye ellis

    After all these years, it looks like there finally is an actual real instance of police killing an unarmed Black man running away.

    Probably not murder, but yes, manslaughter.

    And I am not for cops shooting people running away as that could be us.

    • Epiminondas

      Why would you run away? That is the big question. Something precipitated this action and we don’t know what it was.

      • Ella

        I do wonder if he pushed, hit or spit on the police during a verbal confrontation. The Rodney King case only had part video; at least, what was shown to the general public. Having partial video does not show how the whole event escalated into a shooting. Regardless, the cop should have shot a leg or the hind to slow him down. I also wonder if police are too lazy nowadays and don’t want a good foot-chase!

  • Good. One less Negro to worry about. I really couldn’t care less. If I were on that jury, I would acquit this officer as fast as a black person acquits OJ for murdering two White people savagely. But, that said, what gets me is that the blacks are STILL protesting! Yep, the cop was arrested, and charged with murder, and they are STILL going to protest. People, truth doesn’t matter to these people. It is them against us. I hope more here will understand that.

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      Unfortunatley he has 4 welfare queens we have to pay for and the white police officer will only have one pure white child. So the dead negroe has 4 of him running around. He is not dead.

      • Ain’t it always like that? So true, unfortunately.

      • Who Me?

        I heard it is 4 kids by 2 women, so only 2 welfare queens, but he still had plenty of time to spawn more, that he won’t inflict on us, the taxpaying public, thanks to this officer.

        • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

          For me all his 4 kids are welfare queens, not just the mommas. Regardless of gender, anyone on welfare is a welfare queen.

    • dd47

      So-called minorities will use literally anything as an excuse to go out and complain about Whitey, while looting, stealing and setting fires. It happened for days in Ferguson- blacks hooning around on bikes and cars taking advantage of the situation to avoid the law. None of them cared about “Mike Brown”, he was just plain and simply an excuse.
      The media reveals its anti-White agenda every single time that things like this become the headlines and yet the situation in reverse is something that editors are fearful of losing their job for, should they publish it.

    • John Smith

      Yeah, the system worked as it should, and without being pressured and they still want to protest. Blacks want to get away with their crimes and have whites summarily killed without trial (i.e., lynching).

  • Excuse? Teaching all the Negroes that they had better obey the law. How’s that sound? It would work for me. Acquit him. I have the same impartiality toward blacks as they have toward us, no more, no less.

  • tickyul

    No matter what gripes I have with ANY race of people…….I have a REALLY hard time not calling this what it looks like, MURDER.

  • Lexonaut

    The cop is clearly guilty of first degree murder. He should and will be tried for that offense.

    However, the black community is already angry that he has not been tried, convicted and imprisoned after the passage of a full day. Not only that, they take the fact of a murderous rogue cop as proof that the local police forces need to be federalized, which will be the plain onset of totalitarianism in the USA.

    It’s going to be a long, hot summer. My wife and I live in a crime desert suburban neighborhood, but if mobs of rampaging blacks demonstrators cross the paths of the surrounding public transportation lines, we will prep our guns and position them in the house for self defense.

    It can happen here, and the police are not going to stop it.

    • Rustler

      Clearly not first degree murder, some kind of manslaughter.

      • AndrewInterrupted

        An obscure, universal rule-of-engagement allows police to shoot a suspect in the back, believe it or not.

        The criteria, at the minimum, has to be “…an armed fleeing felon, who just injured a peace officer…” There are other parameters as well.

        I know of a state trooper who was held to that rule. He chose not to shoot the guy–and was temporarily suspended–damn near lost his job–until the press got wind of it–then he was reassigned.

    • Epiminondas

      There’s nothing “clear” about it. The video does not show us what happened prior to the cop pulling his gun and firing. Something made the negro run, something made the cop fire. What? It looks like a manslaughter charge is coming up. Hard to defend the cop unless there is some very compelling reason.

      • Lexonaut

        No matter what Scott had done, and no matter how threatened the cop had felt during the traffic stop, once Scott was running away with his back to the cop he was no longer a threat. To shoot him in the back till he dropped to the ground was, given that the victim died, murder. And if it’s true that he planted the taser next to the body as the video seemed to be showing, then that would be evidence of a guilty mindset, not some kind of negligence.

        I’m very (very) far to the right in my politics, but consider this …

        Just imagine that you, and ordinary citizen, had angered me, also an ordinary citizen. Not only had you angered me, maybe you even threatened to kill me. But you ran away instead of doing anything. Do you really think a jury should find me guilty only of manslaughter for shooting at you eight (count ’em, eight) times and then planting a taser on you?

        It’s not just that it’s “hard to defend the cop” — it’s that he committed premeditated murder. He’s a trained officer of the law, trained in how to behave with unruly members of the public, and trained in how and when to use firearms. He can’t just say “Anybody would have done what I did, and they would have done it without thinking.”

        • Awakened Saxon

          Lexonaut: . . . once Scott was running away with his back to the cop he was no longer a threat.

          Total rubbish. It appears that he had possession of the taser or at least the officer believed that he had possession of the taser. How do you know he didn’t plan to carjack the first white person he comes across?

          • Lexonaut

            ” How do you know he didn’t plan to carjack the first white person he comes across?”

            I don’t. However, unlike totalitarians I don’t believe in thoughtcrime, and neither did either the Founders or your Saxon ancestors.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Lexonaut: I don’t. However, unlike totalitarians I don’t believe in thoughtcrime, and neither did either the Founders or your Saxon ancestors.

            The thoughts of the USA’s founders mean nothing to me. They created a disastrous system. The Saxons would not have put up with black criminality. Who do you think you’re fooling?

            You just stated that the black felon was not a threat, yet now you admit that you don’t know that he was not a threat.

          • Lexonaut

            “The thoughts of the USA’s founders mean nothing to me.”

            Your posts make that crystal clear.


            “You just stated that the black felon was not a threat …”

            To the officer, Awakened Saxon. The officer had no right to kill him, and if he is a threat to the community you too don’t have the right to kill him on the grounds of ethnic cleansing unless he is attacking you or someone else.


            I’m writing a novel about the breakup of the USA. I will base one of the Pacifica characters on you, Pacifica being today’s WA, OR and ID. You folks successfully purge the northwest of all non-white minorities, a lot of blood is shed and you love it, and you do get your whites-only paradise, but it’s a dictatorship, which is exactly what you want.

            That was the main idea of the Founders — that people should be able to seek out the governments that suit them.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Lexonaut: To the officer, Awakened Saxon.

            Officers are allowed to use force to defend the community from violent felons.

          • Not paying child support is a violent felony?

          • AndrewInterrupted

            A felony is a felony.

          • Not paying child support is a felony?

            Wonder what happened to that part about “no debtors prisons.”

          • Awakened Saxon

            Question Diversity: Not paying child support is a violent felony?

            Attacking an officer made him a violent felon.

          • Does not look like he attacked the cop to me.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Question Diversity: Does not look like he attacked the cop to me.

            Then I suggest you watch the video, especially around 00:17 – 00:19. There is clearly a struggle and it appears that the suspect either got control of the taser or knocked it out of the officer’s hands.

          • If you think that’s what you’re seeing, then you must be the only person who has concluded that for sure. And even if what you say is what happened, I still don’t think it justifies shooting him while he’s running away unarmed.

            One other thing: I’m getting a bit fed up with the litmus test you’re doing here, that we’re somehow deficient in our racialism and ethnonationalism if we’re not as angry and as vitriolic as you are.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Question Diversity: that we’re somehow deficient in our racialism and ethnonationalism if we’re not as angry and as vitriolic as you are.

            What? You’re calling me angry and vitriolic? Some people here are calling for the cop to be killed or severely punished.

          • Yes I am. I’m also accusing you of being holier than thou, angrier than thou, more pure than thou. And I’m saying this even though we seem to both be NRx.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            In that utopia, when stopped by police, you follow his instructions. You don’t die and the cop keeps his job.

            There was a great quote here years ago by a poster named Jesse James. It was during the Race Card Project–AmRen’s counter project.

            Jesse summed up the need for balkanization best when he said:

            “With multiculturalism, no one can relax”.

          • Lexonaut

            I can relax around East Asians and Jews, and mainstreamed Hispanics like many of my neighbors in our crime desert neighborhood, but not blacks.

            If traffic-stopped by the police (and those are my only encounters), I simply drape my hands over the top of the steering wheel so the officer can see that I pose no threat to him. Then I wait to see what he wants me to do. I keep my wallet in my left hip pocket. If asked for ID I tell him that and ask if it will be okay for me to retrieve it, giving him the chance to shine a flashlight on my pocket as I go for the wallet.

            All those things said, I’m not into ethnic cleansing. Separation of the races will be essential to be sure, but in some places it will be accomplished peacefully, as will happen in Alyeska, which is the main focus of the first novel.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            I’ve written a book as well. Too distracted for the final edit, though.

          • John Smith

            That’s exactly what I disliked about the “Turner Diaries,” the reconstituted US sounds pretty damned authoritarian. I’m for white separatism and only believe in violence for self-defense or only enough to encourage minorities to leave a designated white homeland.

          • Lexonaut

            Yes, Pacifica is authoritarian, but I didn’t describe the reconstituted US here, I described just one of the breakaway autonomous regions..

            There are several other autonomous regions — Aztlan (no gringos or blacks), Dixie (blacks segregated), Carolina (blacks only), Western States (no welfare and no affirmative action) and, of course, the residual USA (business as usual).

            The rebirth of the original USA ideas, in a form updated by 300 years of experience, takes place in Alaska which, funded by Russian venture capital, quietly goes its own way while the people of the Lower 48 duke it out. Alyeska has only a few important laws (total limited to 100,000 words) — immigrants must have IQs of 120 or better, there is no welfare, there is no affirmative action, voters must pass a civics test and pay a hefty poll tax, immigration caps till newcomers assimilate, and so on.

            Alyeska is the ultimate white flight destination, and it becomes a superpower even though this was never a goal. There is no racism as such — only IQ-ism — but the disparate impact chips fall where they may.

            My point is that people don’t need to impose their will on others in order to be able to live the way they want. If you like the USA and its policies, stay there or move there, but don’t tell other people how to live. Ditto for the autonomous regions — settle in the one that suits you best. Completely fed up with all of them? Move to Alyeska.

        • Epiminondas

          We shall see. I’ll wait for all the testimony.

  • Fair Dinkum

    Not really, no. He’s remarking on how incredibly stupid and brutish the cop’s decision was.

  • MekongDelta69

    Have any black cops been disciplined for shooting Whites?

    No? I’m ‘shocked.’

  • Albert

    Brilliant. One of our own has gone and done something stupid. The left and the black community are going to have a field day with this. They’ll hold up this isolated incident as indisputable proof of the “narrative” that blacks really are the victims. We lose this round to an idiot, moron cop in action.

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      Yes, it’s almost as if this incident were made to order.

  • LexiconD1

    I’m assuming the first thing the cop did was frisk the suspect? So, if judging by this video alone, he did indeed murder the suspect. I wish the camera operator had gotten the entire confrontation recorded.

    Clearly, this cop deserves all that is coming. Lots and Lots of jail time, and lawsuits leading to a loss of everything he’s acquired in his lifetime.

    The biggest loser in this isn’t going to be the suspect, or his family. I doubt he was worth much to society anyway, but society will lose big time, as blacks take to the streets demanding things they aren’t entitled to, at taxpayers expense.

    Stupid, stupid cop.

    • Awakened Saxon

      LexiconD1: Clearly, this cop deserves all that is coming. Lots and Lots of jail time, and lawsuits leading to a loss of everything he’s acquired in his lifetime.

      I wonder if some of you people are even racialists.

      • AndrewInterrupted

        Police have rules of engagement. There was a Wisconsin case recently where a suspect had his back facing the police as he was fleeing–and he was pointing a handgun around his waist back at the officer–and was firing.

        That had to be fresh in this cops’ mind. The officer in Wisconsin had a body cam that caught the event and he was cleared. Police work is not cut and dry. In many cases, you just have to follow procedure and follow through. Taking the officer’s taser may have been enough.

        You should be ashamed of yourself A.S.

        • Awakened Saxon

          Andrewinterrupted: You should be ashamed of yourself A.S.


          • AndrewInterrupted

            Ooops–I mean Lexicon. Sorry.

          • LexiconD1

            I’m not.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Then stand and deliver!

      • LexiconD1

        I live in a suburb of Los Angeles CA, and I’m a nurse. I deal with more ‘diversity’ on a daily basis, than most of the people on this website. If you can’t discern my loathing for said ‘diversity’, you haven’t been reading here long enough.

        None of that means I can’t see when someone does something wrong, beyond stupid, and call them out on it.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          The post I addressed to A.S. was actually meant for you.

          • LexiconD1

            I really don’t care.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Then you have no valid point.

          • LexiconD1

            And, you think you do?…

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Another Drugstore Cowgirl for the record books.

          • LexiconD1

            whatever. I don’t care. The cop here fired his gun at a fleeing suspect. it’s not the same as MB, no matter how YOU try and justify it being so.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Yes, thankyou cowgirl.
            You are the police expert.
            A regular Joe Mannix.

          • LexiconD1

            Whatever big man. I could care less what you say, or think, about me.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Good thing. You wouldn’t last a week as a cop.

        • Awakened Saxon

          LexiconD1: None of that means I can’t see when someone does something wrong, beyond stupid, and call them out on it.

          You just wished a white family man to a life of Hell in a black prison – and for what? For killing a worthless black criminal who was running from the police!

          I am not saying that the cop should have killed the black criminal, but I also would not convict him if I were on the jury. No Southern jury would have convicted him pre-1960.

          • LexiconD1

            There is something wrong with you. The fact you can’t seem to see anything past race is pathetic. I’ve read several of your posts, to different posters, on this site, and people like you disgust me. YOU are no different than the people you hate.

            You put words in my post that are not there. Again, like I posted to the other person who attacked me, I don’t care what you write, nor what you think about me. I will never respond to you again. YOU are disgusting.

          • Awakened Saxon

            LexiconD1: The fact you can’t seem to see anything past race is pathetic.

            Are you officially coming out as a Marxist?

            LexiconD1: You put words in my post that are not there.

            What words did I put in your post? You said the cop deserves “lots and lots of jail time”. How is it a stretch that I said you “wished a white family man to a life of Hell in a black prison”?

            LexiconD1: YOU are disgusting.

            Most anti-racialists tend to think so.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          Do you happen to be a psychiatric nurse? That’s a job from hell.

          • LexiconD1

            I’ve done that, I like psych patients, actually. A lot of time, they are the best type of patients. I miss it. They closed the psych unit I used to work at recently.

            I’ m looking for a change. I’m thinking of going into dialysis. Those are the most non-compliant patients, and yes they too can be grumpy (anyone would be in there place), but I’ve always found them to at least be polite to the staff, and not scream, yell, and throw things at us.

            I work at a clinic with patients are mostly comprised of welfare/medi-cal recipients. They are not polite, grateful, or good natured, and most are the diversity we all refer to on this, and other, sites.

            I’m, totally, burning out. Which is why I come to sites like this to unload.

    • Rustler

      My guess if that the dead man resisted and ran before getting frisked. He probably knew he had a warrant.

      • LexiconD1

        I don’t want to make guesses, I think I’ll wait for facts. No one wants to be accused of being like the MB ‘supporters’, now do they 🙂

        But, you’re probably on to something.

      • John Smith

        He did, for non-payment of child support.

  • UncleSham

    I don’t expect this to get as much media coverage as Michael Brown or Trayvon. The cop was charged almost immediately and judging by the video, is likely to be convicted. Its not exactly ‘open season on Blacks’ if the shooter goes to prison.

    • phillyguy

      Its one thing defending your life, but with camaras and surveillance videos everywhere, shooting this guy in the back is just plain stupid. it makes us whites look like the bad guys,,you cannot defeat the enemy by doing something this dumb.

  • TheCogitator

    Some have asked what would have happened had no one been videoing it? Had there been no video, the cop may well have gotten away with murder. I would also, what if the victim were white? Again, there probably would have been no need to satisfy anyone on that one, so again the cop likely would get away with murder.

    The police are out of control. At least when they kill blacks we may get two for the price of one. We have one less black, and we get rid of a no good cop.

    • Rustler

      If there was no video the police would have lied and said the man tried to take the officer’s gun and a lot of the people who read Amren would have believed the lie. They reality is that the police lie routinely and mainly poor blacks are the victims. It’s very common for the police to do things like plant drugs on someone who they think is giving them a bad attitude but who has a committed no crime. They get caught once in a blue moon and you can read about many of these cases if you look.

      The man who was killed was running from a family court warrant. IE the government sticking it’s nose where it doesn’t belong, just like the Eric Garner case.

      It’s not politically smart for white nationalists in America to be seen as supporting police oppresion. We need to be courting young, dissalusioned whites. Forget about the elderly conservatives, they will never support our movement even if they agree with us on the issues, they will keep voting for neocons and corporate scum until they die.

      • TheCogitator

        I just read that American cops killed more people in March 2015 that the UK did in the entire 20th century. Actually our cops killed more than twice as many people. During the 100 year period the British police killed 52 people. This past March US cops killed 111 people.


        • Lion’s Mane

          In the UK, with the exception of Northern Ireland, police officers do not carry firearms — except under special circumstances.

          • TheCogitator

            Maybe we need to give that a try. As it is the police are out of control. They brutalize white people too, although the only time the mainstream media plays it up is when a black is the victim.

          • John Smith

            I expect they brutalize more whites than blacks. One got away with murdering a white teenage girl in N. Kentucky last year when she didn’t stop her car for him and started to drive past him (she might not have seen him motioning with the flashing lights). He then ran around the front of her Subaru (she was driving at a jogging pace out of a driveway) and jumped on the hood, firing four rounds into her face. It’s on video.

      • Lion’s Mane

        Anyone who supports police oppression is an idiot. All government oppression is evil and opposed to the ideals of the Founding Fathers. Elderly conservatives are every bit as brainwashed as young liberals.

  • Mike Rakhabit

    While I’m sure the black grievance industry will have a field day with this, I wonder if the impact will be blunted (pun intended) by the way they overplayed their hand with the Ferguson situation. I’m pretty sure the average person has “blacklivesmatter” fatigue at this point. And if the people in that community decide to do some undocumented shopping in tribute to their fallen neighbor, I can picture a collective shrug coming from millions of Americans who are tired of whining blacks. Classic case of the boy who cried wolf finally seeing a real wolf.

    • Awakened Saxon

      Mike Rakhabit: I’m pretty sure the average person has “blacklivesmatter” fatigue at this point.

      Reading some of the posts here, it looks like “blacklivesmatter” is a common position even among white nationalists.

      • antiquesunlight

        All lives matter. God doesn’t create things that don’t matter.

        • Awakened Saxon

          antiquesunlight: All lives matter. God doesn’t create things that don’t matter.

          More suicidal foolishness.

          • antiquesunlight

            I’m suicidal because I’m not homicidal? I believe in justice and integrity. Those are things that define me and my ancestors. If they don’t define you and your ancestors, maybe you’re on the wrong website.

          • Awakened Saxon

            antiquesunlight: I’m suicidal because I’m not homicidal?

            Are you illiterate? Where did I suggest that you should be homicidal? I said nothing about that.

            antiquesunlight: I believe in justice and integrity.

            Do you believe in white survival?

          • antiquesunlight

            You called me suicidal because I said all lives matter in reference to a black man who (evidently) was unjustly killed.

            I believe in WHITE survival, not mere survival like what you advocate.

          • Awakened Saxon

            antiquesunlight: You called me suicidal because I said all lives matter in reference to a black man who (evidently) was unjustly killed.

            If you think that all races matter, then you are a hand-wringing sap.

          • antiquesunlight

            If you think it doesn’t matter when a human being is unjustly killed, you’re a psychopath.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          Romans 10:13, “WHOSOEVER shall call upon the Lord shall be SAVED”…. That includes you, Awakened Saxon.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Samuel Hathaway: Romans 10:13, “WHOSOEVER shall call upon the Lord shall be SAVED”…. That includes you, Awakened Saxon.

            I have no interest in being ‘saved’ by a non-European religion that claims that racial aliens are valuable.

        • John Smith

          Even pedophile rapists and serial killers? Their lives don’t matter to me. I value cockroaches and TB bacilli more highly.

          • antiquesunlight

            Yes, their lives matter. We discipline and punish BECAUSE we love people and value life. Justice comes from love. That is why savage people have no justice: they are unloving and selfish. We punish pedophiles and murderers appropriately because we value their life and the lives of those they harmed. There is no contradiction between saying, “A pedophile’s life matters” and saying “A pedophile is a disgusting abomination.” Both are true.

      • Mike Rakhabit

        I’d rather retain my humanity and note the difference between another black thug who got what was coming to him and a man who was uncessesarily killed, regardless of his skin color. I have little sympathy for blacks in general. Despite their whining and complaining, they are without a doubt the cause of their own misery. Still, that doesn’t mean I have to accept when one of them is killed for no reason. I hold white people to a higher standard, and at first blush, it appears that cop failed to meet it with his actions. Perhaps more will come out to change my opinion. That’s the difference between me and the blacks who were cheering when those two NYPD officers were gunned down in cold blood right before Christmas.

  • Epiminondas

    Something caused the negro to run and something caused the cop to fire. We still don’t know yet. Also, there was a black cop who comes into the frame very quickly to assist. What did he see? I doubt if a murder charge will stick. Manslaughter seems justified from what I’ve seen. Something provoked the cop to fire. If there was a brief struggle, that would be enough to rule out a murder charge. But manslaughter will send you to prison, too.

    • Lion’s Mane

      “Something caused the negro to run and something caused the cop to fire. We still don’t know what precipitated this.”

      Good point. There is something very puzzling about this. Nevertheless, I cannot agree with anyone shooting a fleeing man in the back.

  • paul kersey

    What about the 50 year old white man shot dead while walking his dog in philly last week by three 14 year old blacks? I support this officer and I am sending 20 dollars to put in his jail commissary. I hope someone starts a crowd funding page for him.

  • Duke56

    I was thinking that maybe he threatened the cops family or something, and your scenario would also seem to justify deadly force, to me. Barring something along those lines, this cop is screwed.

  • I don’t see why the Dissident Right supports police, anyway. The police supports the Establishment, the same Establishment that has made it legal to discriminate against whites and white males.

    I have no sympathy for this cop. Cops are out of control, just like the government is out of control. And the cops are on the side of the Establishment, on the side of the nonwhites and the immigrants.

    This victim could just as easily been white. But of course if that had been the case, it would never have come to national attention.

    But just because the media favors nonwhites over whites, that does not change the fact that the cops and the government of which they are a part of is out of control.

    • Lion’s Mane

      Yes, the government is wildly out of control, and this senseless murder will only exacerbate the problem. This is why we need to defend the 2nd Amendment: Citizens need to be armed against police-state violence. Every law-abiding citizen has a right to a weapon of self-defense. This terrible crime will likely lead to very harsh repercussions and tragic loss of liberty for the law-abiding citizens of this country. Martial law is certainly a possible development.

      I wonder whether this cop lost his mind over the Ferguson incident — i.e., resentment built up in him to become hatred — and simply ‘snapped’ when this event happened? This level of anger is extreme. in any event, Thomas Jefferson is once again proved right: the two races, equally free, cannot live together in the same government. Let’s face it: if any one of us posting here were a Black, how would he fell about this? Just imagine the races in this shooting reversed, and it’ll become obvious.

      • Awakened Saxon

        Are you suggesting that blacks should arm themselves to shoot back at the police?

        • Lion’s Mane

          The emphasis in my post is on separating the races. I am not encouraging citizens of any color to shoot back at the police. However, even Blacks have a right to defend themselves from a murderous attack. I am certainly not suggesting that criminal Blacks arm themselves for the purpose of waging war against the police. Again, the races cannot live together in liberty. Forced racial integration is the enemy of liberty.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Lion’s Mane: However, even Blacks have a right to defend themselves from a murderous attack.

            Blacks do not think we should have a right to defend ourselves. They have made it clear that white self defence is an act of ‘racism’. If only they were as fair to us as we are to them. Oh well, I guess we’re the only race that cuts our own throat in a futile quest for fairness.

  • LexiconD1

    Thank You. You exactly stated what I meant, only a lot more eloquent than I.

    Again, thank you!

    • James

      Don’t lose heart, you sound like a good person.

  • zamzow

    80% of American blacks are delusional and will defend Satan and all his misdeeds if he is black. All they want to see is a black man gunned down and ratchet the hate for whitey up from there. Maybe the useless thug threatened he had a gun near by and was running to get it ? I wont judge the policeman’s action until I hear all the facts in a trial. The bottom line is the Fed / Gov. / MSM triumvirate have allowed the American black criminal class to go completely out of it’s collective mind and I believe secretly relish sticking it to whites at every turn. What they don’t realize or fear is the coming white back lash that will settle this problem once and for all……….. ” Political storms, like storms in the natural world are necessary, for once they occur and then pass, cleanse the air.” Thomas Jefferson

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Thomas Jefferson’s wisdom once again graces the pages of AR. In summary, change is inevitable, most notably, the coming political storms on every level of government.

  • Anglo

    I’m reserving judgment until the investigation is completed. Why did this officer shoot an unarmed, fleeing man multiple times in the back, particularly now with all the cameras out there recording actions of the police? I think there’s more to this story.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    I agree.

    And imagine how guilty that black cop in Salt Lake City would be, of shooting unarmed Dillon Taylor to death, if the same microscopic scrutiny was applied.

  • realgone222

    While a tragedy this plays in directly with the notion of “hands up don’t shoot” I am afraid. Any moral high ground obtained from debunking the narrative from Ferguson has been shattered by the actions of this fool shooting this guy. Now of course people will question Ferguson all over and Sharpton, Don Lemon, Dyson, Holder et al will feel vindicated. The distinction is too fine a line for many people when looking at this case and Ferguson. Like many commenters here, I agree that this will embolden the Left on this issue as if they were “right” all along. We just have to chalk this up in the loss column for those of us trying to make a cultural point on the deterioration of race relations in this country and its causes.

    • tetrapod

      You’re right about the distinction being too fine a line. The leftist mob isn’t capable of nuanced reasoning. All they can hear is the drum-song of hatred for whites.

  • Irish

    This case is unlike any of the others, this ones a straight up assassination. A prison sentence, and a very long one is the only way this one can end..Awful

  • IstvanIN

    If he was from North Jersey that explains a lot.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    Jeffrey Dahmer had a psycho-homosexual disorder who tortured, decapitated and cannibalized his largely black and Asian victims. I never heard any white take the side of Jeffrey Dahmer over getting rid of blacks and Asians. Not one. And when Dahmer was beaten to death in prison, the white attitude largely bordered on apathy.

    • James

      I was using Dahmer as an example of someone who is indefensible as a parallel to this police officer, to add to Lexi’s argument. As half the conversation has been deleted, its probably hard to tell that.

    • BlueSonicStreak

      I personally think it’s a real shame that Dahmer was killed, and I wish he hadn’t been. He was more cooperative with psychologists in prison than ANY other serial murderer I can think of, and we could have gotten fascinating years of study out of him. But nooooo, someone just HAD to kill him.

  • Scott was 50 years old, and he wasn’t running very fast. I think Slager could have caught up with him on foot.

    • TruthBeTold

      I’m the last person to believe in conspiracy theories. I gave up with arguing with people about conspiracy theories because their conspiracies generally consist of asking questions without providing answers (or offering speculative and unprovable answers).

      But this video strikes me as odd. The way the guy was running. The way the cop didn’t seem to notice that he was being filmed or at least watched; and then to walk over and plant evidence; and he did this while he was being watched. Planting false evidence while a fellow cop is watching. The way Scott grabbed his back as if to show us, ‘I’ve been shot in the back’ (I’ve never seen anyone shot in the back so I don’t know how they’d react). Cuffing a man who was dead without checking (Which may be a smart move; you don’t want a wounded person to attack you unexpectedly). Other cops involved who don’t seem to show any interest in checking on the condition of the guy.

      This video has all the bells and whistles of what the DofJ tried to prove about Ferguson.

      On the other hand. If Walter Scott was a real person and had a real family, it seems difficult to explain that this could be staged.

  • gooberboy9999

    I think the cop had a few screws loose.

    He was yelling at what was obviously a corpse.

    • John Smith

      They always do that, as the verbal commands and warnings make it look like they’re following policy. Watch them manhandle a non-resistant guy in a back brace or girl or old woman to the ground shouting “Stop Resisting” while beating the crap out of them.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    Did the lady policeman look like an advertisement for Michelin Tires?

    • tickyul

      Actually she was quite small. She gave me a very snide “I’m just doing my job” response when I asked her why she was following me. Cops lose a LOT of support when they treat the general public like dirt.

      • Alexandra1973

        Yep. We want Officer Friendly, not jack-booted thugs on a power trip.

  • Cliven Owens

    This smells like a hoax to me. Does anyone else get that impression?

    • Ron Cheaters

      Its hard to refute the video.. if you’ve seen it?
      I love conspiracy theories, but.. this is a sad day for whites… this Idiot played their game and gave right into their hand.

      • Cliven Owens

        “Its hard to refute the video…”

        How so? Because the man fell and that seemed convincing to you?

        I didn’t see any holes in his shirt or any blood stains.

        Secondly, when CNN is first on the story, it tells me one thing: this was staged.

        EDIT: Any by the way, Whites do not control the media. Certainly not Blacks.

        • Ron Cheaters

          You’ve fallen into their narrative my “friend”. use your IQ, open your eyes.

          • Cliven Owens

            Okay, so let me ask you something.

            Do you think Whites are being oppressed?

          • Ron Cheaters

            Absolutely .. So What else is news?

          • Cliven Owens

            Okay, so who is doing the oppressing? Our fellow Whites?

          • Ron Cheaters

            Mostly, yes

          • Cliven Owens

            “Mostly, yes”

            And you believe Whites control the media?

          • Ron Cheaters

            No.. They can’t afford to

          • Cliven Owens

            Well, that doesn’t make any sense to me.

            You think we are being oppressed and the media isn’t necessarily controlled by Whites, and yet, you tell me to open my eyes because
            I see something suspicious when CNN and other media giants play the race card when a White officer shoots a Black.

            And I am sure you are also aware of the fact that the media avoids playing the race card when a Black kills a White, whether or not it is from an officer.

            So again, who do you think controls the media?

          • Germanic Depressive

            I certainly would never claim that trying to fake events to stir up hatred and violence against us (whites) is beyond what certain people in this world (and in this country) would be only too happy and willing to do.

            I withhold judgement on many of these theories because I cannot dismiss the possibility. Especially something like 9/11, I could easily see certain parties having orchestrated something like that.

            But this case? And other small level cases like this? I do think it’s rather silly to speculate, baselessly, about these being hoaxes.

            The law of large numbers is more than enough to account for an incident like this. Large numbers of: black criminals, cops, cell phone cameras and people obsessed with filming every time they see a cop arresting someone, etc.

            Blacks reliably and constantly create situations when dealing with cops which are liable to go badly and turn violent. They don’t comply and they fight, etc. Cops are at all sorts of variable stages of training, mood, impulsiveness, fear, whatever. The media now sifts all stories nationally until they find “gems” like this to use against our race.

            Those factors are more than sufficient to explain this.

          • Cliven Owens

            Appreciate the response but you seem to evade the elephant in the room as well. Look, I was obstinate over this matter too and after seeing White hate and anti-racism manifest in America for so long, I guess I said to myself enough is enough. We need to just accept the fact that the chosen ones are doing this to us. The sooner we arrive to this reality, the sooner we can find a solution to White oppression.

          • Germanic Depressive

            I do accept that reality, actually.

            I just think it all plays out largely by seeding attitudes and behaviors, getting people to think about things in certain ways and getting media to focus on certain things, and then it is a self-sustaining process.

            I think very little direct action is required at this point. They’ve got so many people (including their own people) thinking in the right ways to achieve our destruction, it isn’t necessary to take a direct hand by doing elaborate conspiracies which could easily be discovered.

            Large numbers + media control + successfully seeding attitudes via media control and academia for decades is sufficient to achieve the ends now.

            Even most of the “chosen” who are actively seeking our destruction have no conscious understanding that that is what they’re doing. 99% of people involved in this “conspiracy” (if that’s even the right word) are doing it based on indoctrination and instinct (resentment, destructive impulse, etc.)

          • Cliven Owens

            Okay, let’s drop the conspiracy babble. Let’s be honest with ourselves here.

            Do you think Whites are being oppressed?

            And are Whites doing the oppressing?

            I am not satisfied being a complainer and an academic in the field of racial IQ’s and Bell Curves and all this crap that doesn’t help our cause.

            I am an Aryan and so are you. So be proud and stand up and do something.

            We are too comfortable sitting on our a$$es while the elites are oppressing us. Soon, we will turn into a Bolshevik state.

            George Orwell predicted all of this, but only left out the race problem.

          • TruthBeTold

            Orwell is only half of it.

            Go to youtube. There’s a video of Aldous Huxley comparing his work and Orwell.

            Huxley makes a very persuasive argument that Orwell was wrong in that he predicted a forced totalitarian state while Huxley noted that his dystopian future depended on people using drugs and sex to distract themselves from the real world.

            It’s an interesting video.

          • Cliven Owens

            I think it is a combination of both. No doubt. I think conspiracies are half of the equation here, though it does dominate in the elitist arena.

            The problem is that most people who reside in the West do not care about anything anymore. Our life and soul have been sucked out by a Marxist vacuum.

            I just finished reading Brave New World and it does seem that folks will in time resort to sex and drugs as a means to remedy economic hardship.

            I don’t know, I just think we have become as Whites too docile and weak to do anything as this point.

          • John Smith

            Hoaxes are usually saved for bigger events than this.

          • Ron Cheaters

            People like you play right into their hands.. Its because of people like you – our oppressors have complete dominance over us.. They thrive on hatred.. it is due to hatred they were given a land of their own. Stop the hatred and you will find they will seek to be hated.

          • Cliven Owens

            Wow, that was one of your best comments, Ron:

            “People like you play right into their hands.. Its because of people like you – our oppressors have complete dominance over us…”

            And if I did nothing and all Whites didn’t take action, you think the elites will be scratching their heads thinking that what they’re doing is wrong? That they’re ant-White agenda will reverse and all the non-Whites here in America and Europe will go back to their homeland?

          • Ron Cheaters

            Only as important as the importance you give them.
            I give them very little. They try to bankrupt me because of my name — it is a joke you see…
            Therefore, I build my own house with my own hands because I can, and it is easy to me to do honest work.
            They seek to claim what I have built… I’ll burn it down just the same. I make my destiny like it or not, I am white, it’s what we do.. I seek no approval, from you or from anyone.. I am what I am. Catch me if you can.

          • Ron Cheaters

            Spare me the NWO crap… false-flags and whatever.. can we just be real?

          • Cliven Owens

            No, but that response tells me you are probably a Kahnservative who likes to complain and not take action.

          • Ron Cheaters

            I get what you’re saying.. and it may be possible.. I just don’t want to believe the US could stoop to that level.. just to kill whites off.

          • Cliven Owens

            “I just don’t want to believe the US could stoop to that level.. just to kill whites off.”

            What do you mean, if I may ask?

            I want solutions, Ron.

            Complaining about it does not remedy the situation. It will not eliminate the problem. We have to be realistic here. We need to organize. We need to stand up to this tyranny. And yes, the minority controls the media. But it ain’t Blacks and it ain’t Asians lol.

          • Ron Cheaters

            Are you new here Cliven Owens??, I haven’t seen you here before.

          • Cliven Owens

            Not new here, just with a new avatar. I was booted a couple times though.

            I support the people here and I support – to an extent – Jared Taylor.

          • Ron Cheaters

            I can’t keep up with so many arguments.. My basic point stands.. If this is a regular cop.. he’s an idiot. If it it a KGB type plot.. whooo, man say goodnight and load you weapons.

          • Ron Cheaters

            Sparty?? Is that you?

          • Spikeygrrl

            And I hope we never see his anti-Semitic @** here again. Wanna bet that he has a new screen name and avatar because the former ones got banned?

          • Ron Cheaters

            Well, as soon as your last name or mine can guarantee us a “free” loan, we’re stuck with what we’ve got so lets make the best of it.

          • Ron Cheaters

            I have thought of changing my last name to Eichsteinblinkenburgermanski.. but it wouldn’t fit on my driver’s licence

          • Ron Cheaters

            Lets be totally fake then.. Maybe then we will be taken seriously.. How often are you taken seriously??

          • Cliven Owens

            Apparently more than you who likes to live in a fantasy and pretends that things will improve. It won’t. Grow up.

      • TruthBeTold

        I don’t like conspiracy theories and I have no patience with people who push them on me.

        If Walter Scott is a real person with a real family, it would be difficult to pull off a hoax.

        On the other hand, the video does seem odd in some ways. You can read my post on the issue. Search my name or look for the blue arrow.

        I wasn’t there. I don’t know the people involved. I don’t know their life experience (or what happened to them an hour ago) so I can’t know their state of mind or how they might react.

        As I said I don’t like conspiracy theories and this would be difficult to pull off but things do seem odd in the video.

        But I wasn’t there and I’m speculating after the events. I’ll wait to learn more.

        • Cliven Owens

          I don’t like conspiracies either but that is how America got into the first and second world war.

  • Germanic Depressive

    If this deceased black man resisted arrest, fought with a cop, and tried (let alone succeeded) to take his taser and use it on him, or if anything remotely like that happened, I am pretty unconcerned with the cop shooting him down as he fled.

    My understanding is that as recently as the 1970’s and maybe even far more recently than that, it was entirely legal for cops to shoot to kill at any fleeing suspect.

    Much, much harsher policing tactics than this will be required in the coming decades to correct for guys like this having 4 kids while we have 2, 1, or 0 kids.

    The result of those sorts of demographic trends are going to make niceties like worrying about a negro gunned down by police under questionable circumstances, luxuries we can no longer afford.

    Fact is, the greatest tragedy here is that it was filmed. I’m very okay with cops having (or choosing) to do things that would shock grandma to hear about, and covering it up, planting evidence, etc. in the greater project of removing criminal scum from the streets. I’m particularly okay with these sorts of tactics when the scum are nonwhite.

    I realize a lot of people are terrified of police overreach and these sorts of tactics being used against us, and I hear that concern… but I really do think, especially in a society that insists on having blacks, that a lot of these really nasty policing methods are necessary sometimes. It’s in the average person’s best interest to never learn the intimate details of how war, policing, medical care, animal slaughtering, etc. play out.

    We’ve become a society that now insists on knowing all the gruesome details, and we have the cameras everywhere to do so. This won’t work out well for us.

    • TruthBeTold

      I don’t know where the law stands right now but unless I’m out of my mind on mind altering drugs I’m not going to fight with a cop who has a gun and has the weight of the law on his side to use it.

      Fighting a cop and running is not a smart move.

    • Ron Cheaters

      That sounds nice, but it will probably be the last free thing you speak.

      • Germanic Depressive

        I dunno man, you don’t think the cops in the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s, and certainly before that took a lot of license with how they operated? You don’t think they particularly did this when dealing with blacks?

        You don’t think the white populace, at least the male heads of households, frequently understood that they did these sorts of things and weren’t particularly concerned about it, and indeed saw it as a necessary “evil” to the degree they ever bothered thinking about it?

        We both know that was the case. It wasn’t an Orwellian dystopia. It was a better place than what we have now, in so many ways.

        • Ron Cheaters

          I’m trying to keep up… I get it.. only time will tell.. you’re right it is fishy, and we should stick together no matter what.

          • Germanic Depressive

            Did you mean for this to go in the conspiracy thread above?

          • Ron Cheaters

            I give up..
            I’m on the side that’s right

          • Ron Cheaters

            Probably – though it seems to be below for me (I go from first post to last post)

        • Ron Cheaters

          Yeah, but you can’t pick your nose today without some idiot putting it on film.. so adapt to the times.. DO Nothing — It makes you a winner today. I know what you’re saying.

  • The Dude

    Why does this even make the headlines? If the cop veered off the textbook, he should be dealt with according with the prescribed punishment. Regardless of his race or the race of the victim. End of story.

    Let’s not make international events out of these incidents.

    • GAWZ

      The funny thing is if the roles had been reversed (black cop guns down white person), it would have made the back page of the local news.

  • Ron Cheaters

    Maybe now the spotlight is off Ferguson, they can rebuild….

  • This is an interesting article. Possibly, far more interesting than the readers of the article realize – or than the people who are commenting on American Renaissance realize – or than even any one of them realize, so far. This may sound like I am saying that readers in some other political grouping do realize it – for instance liberals, or some other group, or of say right wingers, or whatever. I am not. AmRen readers are very likely ahead of the game, ahead of all these other groupings. Yet even they do not see the really sharp points in this event. Nor just how sharp those points are. Yet the points are there, staring at you. What did Nietzsche say? It’s when you look into the abyss. And you find it staring back at you. Whatever political grouping you belong too, however you try to song and dance around the (?two) sharp points, you will find after a little while that you have not succeeded. Welcome to the beginning of a new level of a rough and rocky ride.

    • Spikeygrrl

      So, oh Wise One, what exactly are these points which you claim that the rest of us mere unwashed idiots do not see?

      • Chasmania

        Nice one Spikey, I could picture this guy typing from the lotus position while almost levitating from the floor !
        Could it be an example of bloviating ?

        • Spikeygrrl

          Ya think?

  • belajadevotchka2

    I fail to see how outfitting police with body cameras is going to somehow result in making blacks obey the law. Are they magic cameras?

    • Body cameras will mostly vindicate the cop. But it also will discipline the occasional bad overreacting cop.

      It probably will get scrapped when it turns out to have racist differential impact, rweeding out only mainly black cops.

    • TruthBeTold

      The video will show us everything from the beginning.

      This video starts when the police shoots. What happened before that made the cop shoot?

      • belajadevotchka2

        But what I am saying is this- blacks, almost without exception, get shot because a cop is just doing his job. The black exhibits some sort of behaviour that is dangerous and requires to police to lawfully fire on the black to protect the lives of himself or others.

        These blacks and TPTB refuse to face the fact that the shooting was necessary and the cop would have shot, camera or not. The talk like cops are just mowing down innocent blacks for no reason other than “the R word” and getting away with it because of “the R word” again and that if the cop knows he will be on camera he will refrain from shooting the black when this is not the case.

        The shoots are good and it is not going to matter if a cop is wearing a cam or not because the cop is engaging in correct procedure and lawfully protecting lives that are in immediate danger and needed to shoot regardless of cameras.

        Like QD said- it will show blacks misbehaving. The black did something before getting shot by cops that necessitated the cops reaction and the only way these cams will stop the cop from shooting is if they somehow make blacks behave and not need to be shot.

        But as we all know, blacks sort of prove the “policeman’s elbow” test here. Would the black still commit this crime if a cop was standing close enough to stretch his elbow and toich the black? We all know the answer to this- yes. They would and they do. Which makes the police shooting them the proper thing to do. So, the only way a camera on the cop will keep police from killing blacks and “getting away with it” is if the cam somehow makes blacks magically behave.

        • belajadevotchka2

          Sorry that was so long. I got no sleep last night and I am delerious.

    • They’ll show a whole lot of black misbehavior. Ten years from now, blacks will be demanding that cops get rid of their body cams.

      • The same as their usual flip-flop between griping about the police and then griping about “de-policing”.

  • Lion’s Mane

    Readers might want to listen to this YouTube video:

    Walter Scott Shooting: What They’re Not Telling You

  • B.E.L.

    I am the first to say that video evidence is often flawed and doesnt show the complete story, but I will say in this case, it looks bad.

    This cop is going to suffer the wrath of the nation, he will receive the worst of what the liberal left and brown America can give him.

  • Uncle Bob

    Didn’t see a drop of blood on that guy after getting a back full of bullets – is this even real? This is too much like the original fake Ferguson story for me to even believe it.

    • Chasmania

      Bullet wounds don’t act like the crap you see in movies. I’ve seen a few guys get shot, the last being some poor kid who just got back from Desert Storm. He was shot in the back of the head with a 22 LR, the bullet exiting just under his left eye. The exit wound barely had a trickle, same as the entry. Poor guy took a few minutes to die.

      • Uncle Bob

        Cops would likely use a 40. hollow point – which makes big nasty holes and that bright shirt he was wearing should have at least shown spotting.
        After Sandy Hook, I take these kinds of stories with a grain of salt.

        • Chasmania

          “likely” ?

          I watched the video, and you can see dark stains at the lower back when the camera got closer. Also note that he was wearing 2 shirts, so the inner one may have wicked up some or most of the blood and it didn’t show until the cop pulled up the shirts, squeezing them together right at that point of contact. The video never shows that inner white shirt other than the lower fringe.

          If the guy died fast, or bled out internally, that also would explain a lack of external evidence for those who are expecting quarts of blood to shoot out of this guy.

          On it’s face this looks like a cop that went too far and over reacted. For instance, was it just me or did the supposedly lost Taser go flying back behind the officer at around the 6 second mark ?(if not the taser, what was it ?) It’s too bad the video doesn’t start much earlier and from a better vantage. Maybe if there had been video of the perp chimping out would go a ways towards giving some insight to frame of mind of the cop as to what and who he was dealing with. As is, it looks like this LEO back shot a fat dead beat dad as he slowly galloped away ( This guy wasn’t setting land speed records ).

          Heck, if the cop had just followed he probably would have found this tub of crap flat on his back gasping for air another 50 yards further on !

        • It’s the exit wounds that do the most bleeding. With entry wounds, there are usually bits of clothing forced into the wound, but exit wounds are often big, ragged, and open, sometimes made worse by bone fragments which have become secondary projectiles.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    All of the cases except the Eric Garner and this case were criminals who had it coming. This is not defensible and neither is the Garner case.

    That being said, (and this is in no way a justification), there is no discussion about the fact that so many black men disrespect authority and run, fight, resist arrest, etc. The last thing I would do if a cop pulled me over is run. I would fear that I’d be shot even if it shouldn’t happen. Or at the very least beat down.

    Blacks have a major, major problem with all authority figures and not just white cops. Any cops, teachers, lawyers, judges, prison guards, coaches, etc. They just cannot stand taking orders. They think they look weak if they obey. There is no news coverage of this. No town hall discussion on how to properly act with police. Of course some whites resist arrest and resist authority, but it seems to be way more prevalent with blacks. They have that “you can’t tell me nothing” attitude. They will always challenge authority.

    • John Smith

      Garner wasn’t racism and it wasn’t murder, only negligent homicide. This case may be considered “racist” and it’s definitely murder, though maybe not first-degree.

    • Garner was not choked. He resisted arrest, was subdued with a choke weak enough that he could talk and complain. He died half an hour later, I believe it was a heart attack. If you have a weak heart, don’t pick a fight with police, don’t resist.

      • Garner’s heart attack was due to the fact that he was a grotesquely obese smoker with heart disease, high-blood pressure and Type-2 diabetes. If one is an out-of-shape slob with one foot already in the grave, avoiding strenuous activity (like resisting arrest) is one’s own responsibility.

  • This seems criminal over-reaction by the police. If there is no unknown exculpatory issue, I agree that this policeman overreacted extremely. So much that I can not believe it. Maybe there is something that the press is hiding. Like that the weapon was not planted. Or something else that was deleted, like in the in the Rodney King video.

    But let us not forget that this guy resisted and fled police. He was not lily white innocent. You and me, we don’t run from police. In the past, and even now in some states, this allows police to shoot. But even then, multiple shoots were not necessary as there was no need to instantly stop an agressor, like in the Michael Brown case.

    • archer

      Scott shouldn’t have been shot, but according to an article in the daily mail, he may have been running because he owed child support for his four children, In SC that could warrant jail time. He should have paid the support instead of buying chrome ghetto rims for his Mercedes.

  • mikey7777

    This is what happens when black culture and black people defend and hold up thug criminal behavior on a pedestal.Blacks defend criminal behavior and teach to not respect the law or officers.If this guy just did exactly as he was told and listened to the officer he would be alive,Blacks are the reason blacks are being shot.Innocent or not stop teaching your peeps to disrespect law enforcement.More blacks are shot everyday and especially every weekend in your major cities by other blacks than by White Police officers anytime and anywhere.So let the BS begin.

  • EiSkogsNisse

    With a case like this it is important not to get too carried away. Alas it is a result of the increasing diversity which has led to policemen being ever increasingly paranoid and prepared to use lethal force.
    Now beyond the obvious problem that we don’t know what happened before the Negro got shot, even if the policeman turns out to be a bad apple he should be dealt with for being a bad apple and not for having killed the Negro. To cry for justice and to demand that he should be charged with killing a Negro is to miss the point. While I’m aware that justice, fairness, law, and order are important White concepts these are values best reserved for our own kind. If the policeman had shot a White man in the back he should definitely be tried for murder, but he shot a Negro so the best thing to do is not to care about it.

  • Hilis Hatki

    Was the cop patrolling a high crime community? Maybe he was suffering from “My Lai” syndrome. Seeing the problem before you everyday and having to act within certain parameters while the problem acts freely.

  • Christopher Perrien

    Incident occurred on a pathway, a good distance from where this this fight flee fight flee started.

    It is a shame the officer was not wearing a body camera, as it would show the entire story not just the last few seconds , which when taken out of context , are causing all the current hub-bub now.

    The case should be a poster child for dead-beat “fathers?” to pay their child-support, and for people to show up in court as required, and don’t fight with the police, but no, it has been turned into another, white cop shoots “innocent” “father/child/kid/teen” black circus.

  • Awakened Saxon

    Guest: And change your icon, it’s embarrassing for us real Southerners.

    What embarrasses you? My racialism or my nationalism?

    Guest: If you can’t see even after watching this video, then you are truly hopeless.

    What am I supposed to be seeing in the video? The video starts at the end of what appears to be a struggle and it gives no hint as to why what is supposed to be a traffic stop has ended up in a public park. I suppose to avoid embarrassing you and the other emasculated types I should jump on the bandwagon with the Marxists and black agitators in calling for the officer to be charged with murder?

    Guest: And FYI that cop is from NJ. I’ve heard.

    I have no idea where the officer is from. The South is totally overrun with Yankees (which is something the ‘respectable’ types care nothing about), so maybe he is from New Jersey. That does not change the fact that there is more to this case than what the video shows and that even the video shows that a struggle happened. I have always said that Yankees need to be thrown out of the South, however that does not mean I am going to start finding common ground with the ‘blacklivesmatter’ crowd. Although I would love to see every Yankee leave Dixie immediately, the issue here is a racial one. Siding with the black because the cop is (supposedly) a Yankee would only put me on side of the Marxists and other rabble. It overly confuses the situation; the public sees black vs. white not black vs. Yankee.

    Guest: Don’t think that carpet bagger wouldn’t love to do the same to you, pal.

    Do you know him personally? Neither do I, so you are simply guessing what he would like to do to anyone. Besides, the times I have been stopped by the police things never escalated like this. Why? Because I don’t struggle with the police like low IQ black idiots do.

  • Snazzy Snook

    I notice it’s never a clean ” He shot him in the back” for no reason..
    The black guy was arrested 10 times, including an assault charge..,He was wanted by warrant for not paying child support and he DID grab the cops tazer whileresisted arrest..
    If he just got arrested like normal humans do, when they are wrong ,he would be walking around alive in county jail right now..
    Where am I wrong ?

    • Power2Glory

      I’ve been arguing this elsewhere and people get hysterical in response. I agree the cop was wrong, and should face due process, BUT….the guy was aggressively resisting arrest. If he hadn’t he’d be alive.

      The victim hardly had much respect for law and order did he?

  • slobotnavich

    There’s really nothing to discuss here. The guy was running away, not charging the cop. There was no conceivable reason to use lethal force to stop him, such as he’d just committed an axe-murder and could be expected to commit more. The cop should find himself in prison, married to several large and feral inmates.

  • Power2Glory

    The police officer was wrong to respond the way he did. He should be prosecuted.

    However what I find most objectionable is the fact it immediately turned into a Black/white issue and expanded to suit a different narrative. The media are now trying to give the impression that all blacks are ‘victims’ of an oppressive society, when most people know blacks are the architects of their own problems.

    It should be ‘bad cop shot man’ not evil white/fascist cop picks on poor black man.

  • Mike Rakhabit

    Without further information, it appears this cop is guilty of murder. I guess we’ll see. That being said, the media is still doing a great job of reminding us how dangerous it is. Despite the fact that they have what they have dreamed about, a black and white video of a cop shooting a black man in the back, they still can’t help themselves. Several news orgs have chosen to cut out the first couple of seconds, which show what appears to be the tail end of a struggle between the cop and the victim before he starts to run.

    • Cliven Owens

      “Without further information, it appears this cop is guilty of murder.”

      How about this?


      Anything seem strange with the interviewees, particularly the first one?

      • Hank Richter

        How do interviewees change what’s on the video? Unless this guy was some known serial killer and you really really don’t want to chance him getting away I see no reason to shoot anyone in the back.

        This cop is an idiot who just gave the left all the fuel they needed after being proven wrong in the Darren Wilson thing, this is the last thing whites need right now. I can’t see how anyone can defend this guy, he’s scum.

        • Cliven Owens

          “How do interviewees change what’s on the video?”

          Hmm…how I fancy a good question!

          Well, you have to learn the purpose of propaganda and the use of fake events in order to create a desired phenomenon.

          The purpose of propaganda is to change the attitudes of the masses, but most importantly, we have to ask ourselves who controls the media! Do Whites control the media and does this explain why we are seeing biased coverage of only White-on-Black crimes reported? Please see second attached photo.

          If an ethnic group controls the media, who represents the minority, I am sure they are not going to give a damn about Whites who represent the majority. Furthermore, these people that do control the media, let’s call them the “chosen ones”, despise the majority (which means us), and the reasons become obvious when all you hear about is how terrible White people are to other ethnic/racial groups. If Whites controlled the media, I highly doubt they would defame and demonize their own race because of a few incidents with some colored folk.

          However, that does not explain the video here, but what I noted should at least give you some idea as to why the chosen ones would label the White man as the devil.

          False flags and hoaxes are very common in the West as a means to push an egalitarian agenda that maintains Christian axiology. This is what led the Bolsheviks to take over Russia – through the same tactics that slowly transforms a government into a totalitarian state.

          Believe me, I hate conspiracy theories, but I am aware of the use of “crisis actors” and their “emotional” reactions to these supposed murders. The purpose of crisis actors is to convince the masses that believe in something that never actually happened. That is what propaganda is. The first interviewee gave it away for me, and if you watch him carefully in the video, his body reaction to the questions and the manner in which he answered them are obvious signs that he was a.) reading off a script and b.) lacked sorrow and authenticity based on his facial responses.

          I have mentioned below that if one were to do just a little bit of research over this it would become clear that a race war is what the elites want. Chaos out of order leads to totalitarianism i.e. Bolshevism.

          • Hank Richter

            I guess there is an outside chance this was faked, but I doubt it. The media will use it and make it out be more than it is, I don’t deny that, but taking advantage of a situation and actually causing the situation are not the same thing.

          • Robert Smith

            Hank, I’m inclined to agree with you, but this is way too convenient and timely. I smell a rat.

  • Interested Party

    “Interesting. A man is gunned down in cold blood and you are able to devote considerable thought to how this murderer should allocate his work effort.”
    D.B. Cooper’s attitude in this sitiuation is quite normal and healthy and I don’t think his remark was all that considerable in detail or in the time it took him to articulate. In laymans terms, Mr. Cooper is showing he is not going to lose it everytime he is confronted with an act of injustice. He is showing he has found a way to integrate such experiences and get on with his life and meet his daily goals, whatever they may be. It is called self regulation and those who do not have it live miserable, unproductive, usually medicated lives. If D.B. lost a family member, friend or neighbour in the video, then I would expect his reaction to be different.
    As for the slant of his remark, I am sure most cops who are aware of the situation are thinking the same thing. At the end of the day, policing is just a job. No sense getting emotional over it. That is for the media pundits and professional blacks.

  • Vyncennt

    This absolute moron of a policeman has just loaded both barrels of the liberal agenda shotgun with live ammo. No blanks this time.

  • Treos

    The black tried to grab the police officers gun. He was asking for it.

    • Epiminondas

      Which is why a murder charge will not work. But manslaughter will.

    • Even the cop said that it was the tazer the deceased was going for, and not the gun. The tazer is the black object on the sidewalk about 18 inches from the cop’s left foot, which in later footage is seen being picked up and then dropped near the dead body by that same cop.

  • I can’t imagine what cops like this doof are thinking when they do this sort of wrongful shoot. Security cameras are widespread: stores, parking lots, public buildings, apartment complexes, schools, you name it. Add to this the fact that nearly everyone and his brother has a camera-phone, and you get an environment in which gross police misconduct (like backshooting a fleeing misdemeanor suspect) – especially followed by lying about it – is a Really Bad Idea (tm.).

    • Ellis Kurtz

      In this case the videos don’t really matter since the autopsy will show that he was shot in the back. How can that be justified?

  • Those proposed laws will probably not stand the inevitable court challenges. People out in public (even police) have no reasonable expectation of privacy, and are thus subject to video recording.


    A loving father of four doesn’t owe back child support and drive a Mercedes Benz…

  • Hilis Hatki

    The video has a surreal feel to it. With all this technology we have today I no longer trust my own senses. Too many evil Machiavellians.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    Finally, after countless bogus victims of racial injustice like Tawanya Brawley, Crystal Magnum, Professor Louis Gates, Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown, blacks have a legitimate victim on their hands. It must burn them up that the culprit was immediately arrested and charged with murder.

  • Manxman

    What the policeman in the video did is so over the top and dumb it beggars belief. This cop has given every white liberal a wet dream which we’ll never hear the end of.

    Just when people’s eye’s were being opened by the pathetic level of hysteria around Ferguson, this cop went and gave the liberal’s and their pet brown people everything they could ever have wanted.

    I can understand why the cop might have hated criminals after all he might have seen and experienced, I can understand he might have had some mental health issue like ptsd or whatever but what he did was plain dumb. So dumb and so much bang on time for all the race industry freaks it’s all a bit weird.

  • realgone222

    Agree to your last point as well, I’ve looked at all of the conservative sites and there is no reference to this case. You can’t ignore this it is for real. Amren has done the right thing by addressing this head on.

    • James

      Our enemies have primed us through the weaker cases and have been waiting for this, a indefensible case of White police brutality documented against a black victim.

      They can now run with their unopposed argument, that will lead to more anti-White legislation, more theft of White tax money while the noose around White necks gets tighter.

      As I’ve just said above, looking at the numbers of White police vs black criminals, it was just a matter of time for them to get a case like this, and if this one didn’t stick there’ll be another along sooner of later.

      Sharpton calling for the Feds to gain control of local police forces is telling.

  • Boycott News Corp

    Moral of the story: don’t run from the cops.

  • crockadoodle6

    Sir Wlater Scott’s pregnant ‘wife’ just filed a copyright for the phrase……’Black backs matter!’

  • Alex Dihes

    Knowing any such case I regret that Abe Lincoln was killed before sending the Africans back to Africa. I would be happy to die in misery without supervision of the creatures.

  • Cid Campeador

    This case is indefensible. All the officer had to do was to leave the guy in his car, get the tag number and tell the guy to get the tail light fixed tell him “have a nice day” and send him on his way.

    Thisnofficer has put a target on the back of countless other police. The Blacks like nothing better than lawlessness and violence.

  • David C

    Al Sharpton–scumbag that he is—look at his history—-if most of the people getting into incidents with police are black, what does that tell you? Also–so you have one bad cop here–so that brings out all the agitators,anarchists, and people like Sharpton telling us what we should do with the police. If the government was doing its job —Sharpton would be in jail right now.

  • David C

    Disappointing reading these PC tinged posts—-look at the facts folks—the overwhelming majority of crimes are committed by blacks on whites—not even close