Officer Michael Slager, White Man

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, April 9, 2015

He will be seen as one of us–and he let us down.

Last Saturday, North Charleston policeman Michael Slager shot and killed Walter Scott. A video taken by a bystander clearly shows that Scott was running away and posed no threat when Officer Slager calmly fired eight shots, killing Scott. He then walked over to Scott, shouted at him, and cuffed him.

There was reportedly a struggle over a Taser before Scott made a break for it, and a physical struggle brings out the fight in any man. Still, there was no excuse for Mr. Slager to shoot Scott in the back. What’s worse, the officer then dropped what looks like a Taser next to Scott’s body and radioed in to say he had to shoot Scott because Scott grabbed his Taser. Not all the evidence is in, but it looks like a textbook case of inexcusable police violence and a deliberate attempt to cover it up by faking the evidence.

I give police the benefit of the doubt. They have one of the hardest jobs in America. They may have to make a split-second decision, at any moment, that could determine whether they live or die. Sometimes it’s kill or be killed, and you can’t expect them to get it right every time.

Michael Slager clearly got it wrong. There’s no evidence race had anything to do with it, but in today’s climate, race has everything to do with it. Mr. Slager is charged with murder, and if there’s a trial we’ll learn all there is to know about whether he’s a “racist.”

But that won’t matter. It will make no difference whether he spends his weekends burning crosses or teaching math to black children. A white cop killed an unarmed black, lied about it, and got caught only because someone videoed him. This is the perfect “I told you so” for all white-haters and cop-haters and for everyone who thinks white people are thwarting blacks at every turn.

This, we will hear, is what happens all the time. This is America in all its gruesome reality. This is the true face of racism–personal, institutional, perpetual. And the only reason we have seen America’s true face is because a stranger caught the white man red handed.

Michael Slager has set us back. Virtually every other notorious case of “racism,” from the Jena Six to the Duke lacrosse team to Michael Brown to Trayvon Martin, collapsed. These stories of “racism” collapsed only after phony versions had been pushed so ruthlessly that their collapse couldn’t be buried on page 18.

That doesn’t stop the real white-haters. One hundred spectacular hoaxes could collapse, and they would still hate us. It’s the fence-sitters–the ordinary whites–for whom tales of phony “racism” are the first step towards white consciousness.

Michael Slager may be an otherwise fine fellow who simply lost control and killed a man. But he killed a black man, and in today’s America, when a white man kills a black man he better have a good reason for it. Otherwise, he’ll have a reason shoved onto him–racism–no matter what he says or does.

This website has already been criticized simply for running the story of this shooting. Some readers will be outraged that we are not standing “in solidarity” with a “white brother.” Too bad. Michael Slager has shamed his profession. And in a time of anti-white hysteria he has, objectively, shamed his race. Even if race had nothing to do with it, he has exposed all police officers and all whites to criticism we can’t afford. Right or wrong, he will be seen as acting as a white man–as one of us–and he has let us down.

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Jared Taylor

Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.

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  • A Freespeechzone

    Jared—well said!

    • Kevin Phelps

      Clearly in the video – the guy goes for the tazer – it goes flying… obviously the cop had reason to believe the guy had the tazer.

      it was a suicide by cop – but I guess this is all political and we’re suppose to pander in this situation and nobody can explain exactly why

      because what he thought happened, wasnt what happened?
      because of what he did to try to help his case?
      Are we pretending to NOT be reasonable just to appear reasonable to stupid people?

      What is it exactly?

      • Eagle_Eyed

        Yes he went for the Taser, but you can’t shoot a fleeing man morally or legally. Sorry. This is second degree murder, caused not because the cop or anyone else was in danger but because he got angry someone wasn’t compliant.

        • Ella

          What happened if he actually tased the cop? Could a police officer now use deadly force if this really happened? Where do you draw the line when a suspect grabs a taser or gun and plans to use it against you? He crossed the line when he grabbed the taser. Cop should have shot him twice in the butt or leg to keep him from running. He did not have a right to gun him down but does have a right to use some force.

          • Thank you. There are also rules about shooting “fleeing felons.” From the audio tape of the initial interview, it almost seemed as though the man stole a car. He was also pursued by the office for about HALF A MILE! Finally, there was a scuffle. So, in all due respect to Mr. Taylor, there may be more to this case than the media originally led us to believe. But, ain’t it always that way?

        • buhbye_antiwhites

          it’s NOT going to be MURDER – thats for certain

          Since he’s a cop – even Manslaughter is HARSH

          Assisted suicide is a charge, they should go with that

  • I hope to know (some day) Slager’s perspective on the shooting.
    From my point of view, it cannot be justified, but I am genuinely curious.

    • Anglo

      Yes, I’m waiting to hear Mr. Slager’s side of the story too. I’m waiting to hear all the facts. I hope he can get a fair hearing.

      • shawnmer

        I have no idea what his “side” could possibly be. With the Rodney King incident, for example, the public only saw the incriminating beating and not the preceding few minutes, which included a 250 lb King lunging at the officers and continuously rising up from his attempted subduing.

        In this one, we’ve seen dash cam video in the minutes before the shooting and the planting of evidence after. There’s just no conceivable context I can find here that could be exculpatory in any way.

        • Anglo

          I just watched the dash cam video posted on the internet. From the video, I understand everything except why Officer Slager fired his gun so many times. I wonder if there will be a jury trial or a plea deal. Nevertheless, I’d like to hear his side and what was in his mind at that moment. I’ve served on Federal, State, and Civil juries. I’d like to hear it.

          • Alden

            Shooting felons with arrest warrants who resist arrest is a lot different from shooting on a range

        • Charles Martel

          don’t forget king was too high on crack for a police stun gun to stop him.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      Nigro Fatigue. It’s much like PTSD…

    • Charles Martel

      The gap in the video pretty questionable

  • There’s no evidence race had anything to do with it

    These kinds of things happen fairly often, involving cops and subjects of the same race, and cops and subjects of different races. We all know why the Eye of Sauron is gazing at this particular incident.

    Some readers will be outraged that we are not standing “in solidarity” with a “white brother.”

    The more frequent retort in yesterday’s thread was that we’re displaying sympathy toward a black when blacks won’t carry our water. And that criticism is fair enough, and correct enough. But we’re not saying what we’re saying to take up for any blacks, it’s white people enforcing standards of decent public law enforcement behavior among whites.

    • Anna Tree

      A similar situation happened in Calgary, Canada: a white officer shot a non-criminal white man. But most people don’t say nothing against the police because that white man two minutes before shouted “White Power” standing on the sidewalk across a demonstration pro-peace.

      We are told the white guy brandished a pipe (then later we were told it was his bike seat.) It doesn’t seem logic to me to shot someone for this but nobody questioned this while everybody questioned Ferguson police officer Ferguson when he claimed he had been assaulted.

      What I mean is Amreners and some (?) whites are fair minded but many (?) other whites are not and always taking the anti-white stand.

      I fear whites have lost their fair-mindness.

      • Anna Tree

        In the Calgary incident, the white man saw policemen coming to him. He was shot while trying to flee (there was no reason to flee as he didn’t do no crime.)

        • Whitetrashgang

          This is why the police are not your friend, especially if you are pro white they are our enemy.

          • Anna Tree

            I don’t know… I can’t have an opinion. I hope not…
            I presume that as a whole, you may be right, but I am sure a lot of policemen are race realists, especially in the US comparing to Canada; especially in diverse cities compared to white cities.

      • LHathaway

        Hating White men is job one and the number one profession. Nothing, it seems, will divert the nation from this course. Conservatives just hate White men, less. Conservatives have some kind of mental illness or are some kind of masochists. Why they don’t jump on board is anyone’s business. Perhaps conservative do feel themselves ‘privileged’ to some extent (that which is the opposite of the truth) and they are ‘callous’ towards the down trodden – wanting to believe everything is all ‘fair’, so they can better enjoy their ‘privilege’ (even if it is not true). Perhaps this is an issue for psychiatrists. No doubt, the powers-that-be know all about already and before hand.

        • dd47

          I’d argue there is no true conservatism in most western countries. It is just varying states of liberalism, older forms of liberalism are confused with conservatism because they have become obsolete in favour of socialism and thereby represent something from the past. Economic conservatism is the best example of this- a truly liberal ideology that clashes with socialists and other economic collectivists who have strangely hijacked the name “liberal”. It would make no sense for individualist liberals to fight with collectivist liberals for most people, so one side has just adopted the term “conservative” and likely sincerely believes that’s what it is.

          • Anglo

            Conservatism vs. Liberalism: It’s whatever the “flavor of the day” is.

          • LHathaway

            Neither liberals nor conservatives or their policies are implicitly pro-White. The fact the White-rights movement, or at least most of those who embrace it, veer so far right oftentimes is cause for alarm and raises questions of whether or not we are just being manipulated. Of course we are. A pro-White position is completely politically neutral. It need not automatically be left or right. Instead it often times winds up into ‘the government is bad’. Heck, sometimes I wonder if doofuses take this position only for the purpose of making Black Americans love the government . . .

    • BlueSonicStreak

      I was most blown away by the concept that holding the officer accountable is racially “suicidal.”

      When the news about Ferguson broke in August, I had innumerable arguments with blacks in which I was stunned at their lack of respect for the principles of the Western justice system. They wanted no truck with giving Wilson a fair trial – they just wanted the man dead. Our justice system and how it operates is critical to our civility. This is no different; and not holding the officer accountable if he is guilty is no better (and, given his position of authority, in some respects worse) than wanting Wilson hung without a trial.

      We should not stop being civilized and moral people. We need to eject the racial aliens so that our civil nature is best applied to our own. But so long as these people are part of our society, we descend into savagery if we do not punish those who murder them.

      If that is “suicidal,” so be it!

      I would rather commit suicide than be part of a race that is not white.

      And if we are no longer civilized men, then we are no longer white…so what do people really believe they’re defending here?

      • Awakened Saxon

        BlueSonicStreak: This is no different; and not holding the officer accountable if he is guilty is no better (and, given his position of authority, in some respects worse) than wanting Wilson hung without a trial.

        A legal system that holds blacks and whites to the same standard is one that fundamentally accepts the lie that blacks and whites are the same. This is something that was forced on us relatively recently by the enemies of our race.

        BlueSonicStreak: And if we are no longer civilized men, then we are no longer white…so what do people really believe they’re defending here?

        Tell that to the Afrikaners and Rhodesians who thought it ‘uncivilised’ to throw the blacks our of their countries.

        • It is very possible to have a legal system that holds blacks and whites to the same standards and one that prosecutes Slager for what he did. They are two separate matters.

          • JSS

            QD I don’t mean to be rude or offensive, but do you truly believe that their is any chance that Jim Crow style laws will be democratically voted back into existence? That there is some way to petition the government that hates us into letting us have the 50s back?

          • No, you’re not being rude or offensive at all. And the answer to your question is no.

          • JSS

            Your answer being no I wonder you bring such things up. Where ever such laws have existed they have been reversed. Reversed with a very real vengeance against Whites. Look at South Africa and what’s happening here. Our own country explicitly for us and us alone seems the only thing that can guarantee our survival.

          • As a hypothetical. Yes, it’s possible to have both double legal standards for blacks and whites and not tolerate white cops wantonly shooting black people in the back who are running away, at the same time. I was responding to the fanaticism of a comment that seems to have been deleted.

            Really though, we know that here in the real world, such a system won’t happen any time soon.

          • Director

            I know you went through the riots in St Louis.

            You know it’s a war already.

            What option outside of City of God or Elite Squad do we have?

            Admittedly the cop was a fool for the volley in the back. Make sure they are at least facing you I guess.

          • Believe it or not, the geography of where I live and work is such that if my job did not require me to pay attention to the news, and I never did, and never hung around people that did, I would have never know that there were riots going on around here. That’s how localized they were.

            I openly defended the “militarized” riot cops and their “heavy handed” tactics against proto-violent “protesters” and the stuff-disturbing old and new media. That’s because they saw what happened the night of August 10-11 and were trying to keep a lid on things, and wanted the media out so that there wouldn’t be fuel for the fire.

            Because, riots are way different than some old guy wanted for child support matters.

          • Director

            St. Louis is a permanent riot. That’s what I mean. The blacks are completely out of control 24-7. You know that.

          • The latest example, to wit:


            These are the people who do drive bys at funerals. So they’ve mastered irony, whether they know it or not.

          • Ella

            Yes, in St Louis they have heavy meth manufacturing and dealing. In our “lovely” metro area, you hear shoot-outs at Mexican bars over the weekends. Then police come to break up the drunken brawls. Rarely, if ever, cops shot anyone like you hear nowadays. Just maybe, there is more violence against police or real physical threats have escalated where cops don’t want to take chances with their own lives.

          • Charles Martel

            If they are voted back into existence it will have to deal with judges that say you have to make a cake for gays but moslems don’t. Gays couldn’t even win a marriage vote in CA

          • JSS

            Exactly. I don’t mean to be divisive but the whole “we can retake America via the democratic process” idea seems to be inexcusably naive if not intentionally misleading. Not to mention the fact that everywhere Whites have had a segregationist system it has failed to our catastrophic
            detriment. Why advocate a losing idea?

          • No, but just repeal that dreaded 1964 Civil Rights Act. That in and of itself will solve a lot. All of this country’s problems started when we gave equality to the Negro. It has been downhill ever since. We have then gone through so many futile efforts to impose “equality” on a race that has evolved for 60,000 years separately from us, and whose members have an average intelligence 15 points below us. I call it the “fifty year social experiment.” And that experiment has proved a failure. It is time to give it up, and let anyone discriminate if they wish.

      • Okay, here’s the slight difference I have with you here.

        I don’t know if you’re doing this, but one thing that irked me about some of the other opinion in yesterday’s thread was their litmus test holier-than-thou attitude, that our ethnonationalism is somehow deficient or suspect because we didn’t have their precise opinion on this.

        OTOH, I did not do that to them.

        It seems to me that that’s what you’re doing, somehow making those of the other opinion in this matter “less white.”

        • BlueSonicStreak

          No, my concern is broader than that. It goes to the frequently floated idea that we need to lose things that are currently rather “white” characteristics, like our altruism and our ability to hold everyone to the same fairly-applied rules. It’s clear that those things have frequently been self-destructive for us; but why aren’t we also asking more questions about what characteristics we can afford to lose and still be WHITE?

          If we disagree on that, we’ll just have to disagree.

          • Bo_Sears

            Things like altruism and fairly-applied rules arose partly from Christianity and partly from the Enlightenment. The former has been largely converted into a kind of Noahide Project, and the Enlightenment cannot be sustained in the absence of overwhelming support, which has collapsed in media, academia, and entertainment. We understand, I think, the main force of attackers, but really we are also on the edge of tribalism.

            This makes sense if we follow “pluralism” to “multiculturalism” and on to the current ideology, “multiracialism,” which is already starting to morph into the most violent tribalism possible, that of “multinationalism.” In short, fans of secession will find events outracing them, being unprepared in the extreme for the next wave of ideology.

      • Irish

        “For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul”..If we are not men of the law, what are we fighting for?…

        • BlueSonicStreak

          PRECISELY. Yes, thank you for explaining my point with such brevity.

          • Irish

            As I was reading your spot on comments Blue Streak it’s the quote that instantly came to me..

        • JSS

          I don’t think we are looking to gain the world, just a country we can call our own where things like this don’t happen. Where our laws fit who are as a people.

          The current system we live under is what is destroying the White races soul. If some of us are becoming monsters to you it’s because we don’t see any other way out of this. Somebody has to be the bad guy eventually.

          • Director

            It’s a role we have to embrace soon. Or we face oblivion.

          • Ella

            If you argue with Libs, they will ALWAYS label us as hateful. They don’t want to listen to any reason why we are angry about societal and economic changes. Libs are about their emotions only like 3 year old children. There is no real intellectual contact with them; the rest will be action on our part to secure a future without them.

        • Bo_Sears

          Your grandchildren and their offspring.

          • Germanic Depressive


            It’s our sense of fair play and even-handedness, and our shyness about having blind racial allegiance trump other concerns which have gotten us to the brink of destruction. Those principles won’t be getting us out of this situation.

        • Peters

          The soul is attached to the body and now it looks like we are losing both unless we change strategy.

          There was this great movie “The Last Samurai” where the samurai decided to stick to their traditions while the world was moving on. In the end all the samurai died. The world did not care and will not care for you either. But maybe there will be a movie about the Last White Man, who remained altruistic and caring and fair.

          • Ella

            But, the white man forgot to be fair to his own people.

        • Director

          The law is a peculiarity of the European man. Period.

      • Germanic Depressive


        Aren’t we a race who have done absolutely horrific, violent, brutal things throughout our history? Weren’t we the Vikings and didn’t we conquer huge portions of the world and spill a lot of blood to do so?

        Haven’t we had systems of justice that were heavily corrupt and involved a lot of favoritism, double standards, and brutal punishments like hanging and beheading for what we’d now consider fairly minor offenses?

        What I’m getting at is, brutality and double standards are entirely compatible with us being ourselves and with us surviving. They may even be completely necessary to it given our situation as it is currently.

        Whereas slavish devotion to these pretty recent principles of what it means to be “civilized” have not been demonstrated to be crucial to us being ourselves or surviving. There’s even a good chance they’re standing in the way of those goals.

        • BlueSonicStreak

          I think we’d be quite the poorer to regress to Viking ethics.

          • Germanic Depressive

            May need to do so temporarily to survive.

          • Director

            Riddle me this Archbishop Athelstan, how are we to get London, Chicago, Paris, Marsailles, LA etc etc back in the white column? By niceties?

          • JSS

            It appears the general consensus around here is it’s better to let them rot and become Muslim gang rape colony’s then “lose our soul” or possibly act unchivalrously towards those who hate us and are using every means at their disposal to rid the world of us. The logic appears to be “survival is immoral if it means I have to get my hands dirty for the sake of my children”.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            I’m not ultimately opposed to violence. I wish that it weren’t necessary; but I’m realistic enough to know that violence, and a lot of it, is probably in our future. I’m at peace with that. I wish there was currently MORE violence at our borders – as in, if they try to cross, shoot to kill.

            But we’re not at war right now. Scott and Slager were not supposed to be on sides willing to do anything to each other to win. This was supposed to be a traffic stop.

            I am opposed to the cowardly and low action of shooting an unarmed man in the back, and in defending that for tribalistic reasons. THAT is savage.

          • JSS

            That unarmed African was a criminal who likely would have gone on to victimize someone else. He also attacked a cop. I’m not implying the cop followed proper procedure but attacking one is a splendid way to get killed. I put myself in his position. If an African attacked me, or even more importantly attempted to harm someone a care for then run I would have no qualms about shooting him/it down. Even in its apparently sacred back. It’s so ironic that you value the Africans backside more then his fellow dindus who also have no problem shooting people including each other wherever they please.

            And no ones asking you to out right defend the cop. We just don’t get why so many people around here are so eager to join the lynch mob.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Scott apparently hasn’t been arrested since the late 80s for anything violent – and that was one incident. I think it’s stretching to suggest a 50-year-old man who wasn’t wanted for anything more serious than being a deadbeat was a danger to the community. A worthless loser, yes. Dangerous, no.

            What evidence do we have that he attacked the officer? Zero, near as I can tell. Neither video shows whatever physical altercation happened before the officer shot, and the witness claimed there was a physical struggle in which Scott was trying to escape, not attack. I know blacks lie…but there is NO evidence so far he attacked the cop. Slager sure didn’t look wounded in the cell video.

            There is no “lynch mob.” People just want the man to do his time for wrongdoing.

          • JSS

            “Want the man to do his time for wrongdoing”…meh. Good for you I guess. Personally that whole sentiment reeks of sanctimony to me. Gilbert Collins..Kelly you even know who they are? Why aren’t you out commenting about how their killers, 2 non White cops amongst several need to do their time?

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Kelly Thomas I only heard of very recently (I was nowhere near AmRen at the time it happened, plus I’m not American), and yes, I think the cops who killed him should be behind bars – they turned a helpless schizophrenic man to mush and got away with it, which is sickening.

            This post is not about Kelly Thomas, though, is it? I did say on the locked post that a similar situation with a white victim would barely make the news, so I am not unaware of the double standard. But calls for justice for the man here would both be off-topic and preaching to the choir, wouldn’t it?

            As for whoever Gilbert Collins was…no, I don’t. Apparently neither does Google OR AmRen, because my searches of both turned up nothing.

          • JSS

            My apologies the name was Collar not Collins. I typed the names from memory. I posted a link but I don’t know if it will make it past moderation.

            Anyway I just wonder if you guys are engaging in status signaling or feel that Kelly doesn’t deserve to have supposed pro Whites demanding justice on his behalf. That’s why the present out pouring of out rage here on amren seems disingenuous at best or you guys really care about a dead African criminal murdered by police then a White mentally ill bum who was crying for his dad while being tortured. I honestly hope you guys are just status signaling because I don’t recall Taylor or anyone on amren giving a sh:t about Kelly.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Of course no one here feels deeply for the man. He’s a pathetic dead loser Negro, the end. No one here is upset over anything higher than general moral principles. You can’t even really be upset on behalf of his children, since he abandoned them anyway…and they are likely better off without him.

            I do think a large part of the outrage here is frustration over the absolutely awful timing, not so much the man’s death. This came just as the Brown coverage was finally dying off, totally undermining the small gains made in puncturing the media narrative by pointing out that Wilson was absolutely innocent…it couldn’t have been worse timing if it was planned. (Actually, I’ve seen people seriously suggest elsewhere that the incident is a staged fake BECAUSE of the timing.)

            Other people have mentioned other, similar incidents that ended up not being a big deal in the media because the white in question was quickly dealt with. I would HOPE that’s what happens here, and that the incident is forgotten; I’m just concerned that this happened in time for the media to drag out white-cop-on-black-men stories until September.

          • JSS

            I agree that the media will have a field day with this. As I mentioned in another post if the cop goes to jail which he likely will the effect will be mitigated far quicker then the brown thing. The other side can’t scream about “no justice no peace” or whatever if the cop stays in jail. I think your fears are overblown. Needless to say Africans will be getting themselves killed by cops far into the foreseeable future.

            Look up James Whitehead, White Marine vet shot in his truck while unarmed by an off duty black cop. Where’s the outrage on amren about this one??

          • I agree that the media will have a field day with this. I don’t agree that blacks will ever be placated though. They will still be outraged no matter what. You cannot satisfy them. Never. That is at least one thing that the election of our first black president should have taught us.

          • “Everybody was Kung Fu Reporting..(funny Asian music)…what you need is expert timing..” Now, SERIOUSLY, you are saying this JUST SO HAPPENED WHEN THE BROWN COVERAGE STARTED TO DIE DOWN???? PLEASE! That is the news media. This is all planned. They dug out a story just when they wanted to. Please don’t tell me that you are that naïve.

          • silviosilver

            I assume there is a lot of status signalling going on. There’s probably also a lot of relief among certain people who are perhaps not completely comfortable with their racial beliefs and values and their ability to scream for justice in this case allows them to tell themselves, “Phew, I may be politically edgy but I can’t be that bad.”

            Personally, I totally understand anyone who feels that if it were in his power to do so he’d get Slager off the hook on the basis that “We can all understand what you must have been feeling in that moment.” (viz Negro fatigue.) People who feel this way have internalized the revolutionary sentiment necessary to extricate their race from the awful predicament in which it find itself. But I’m afraid that voicing this sentiment in the present environment is very unwise – the number of people it wins over will be dwarfed by the number it turns off.

          • JSS

            Thank you very much for that thoughtful reply. I personally view this event as a gauge of just how committed many pro Whites really are. I would never ask anyone to actually defend the officers actions. I would ask that they just not care. Don’t care. Forgot about it as our raped and murdered are forgotten. The cries of “murderer” “he needs do his time” while maybe heartfelt convictions show that the individual expressing them will never get his/her hands dirty to make the 14 words reality. More importantly, they can’t be trusted when those who are willing to be the bad guy are compelled to do so. Basically to them the ends don’t justify the means even if the price of the moral high ground is more Rotherhams, more Knoxvile horrors and eventual extinction.

            Many will say “but he was a non violent African repeat offender, you know like a good African criminal”. In the times ahead we won’t have the luxury of making those distinctions anymore. Thus the people screaming for justice will be a liability even though they call themselves pro White now. I have a feeling many of the people commenting here may have happily hung the sons of liberty.

          • silviosilver

            I think you’re correct about the importance of indifference. Racialists who feel an irresistible urge to condemn Slager in the harshest terms simply haven’t yet broken with the moral conditioning imposed on them by mainstream (anti-white) culture. The mass presence of blacks has an absolutely devastating impact on white communities, felt in myriad ways week in week out, and I’m going to shed tears over some unknown black unfortunate – who in all likelihood would railroad me in a heartbeat if he thought it in his racial interests – just because of some wholly politically motivated media blitz? Get real. Did Slager act illegally? Okay, fine. So let the courts deal with it. To expend moral energy condemning the man given everything else that’s going on is absurd.

          • You bring up a good point. We Whites have got so used to black dysfunction that even a deadbeat dad, with four spawn is still “not such a bad guy..” Yeah, gee, at least he didn’t kill, rob, or rape anyone (That we know of, btw). Yeah, blacks have been such a miserable race, that we are grateful if they aren’t trying to kill us. So we elect a black as president because, well, he is well spoken and not saying he hates us openly anyway. So, he can be president on those qualifications only! Of course, the joke was on us, and as president he has proved to be as openly anti-white as Al Sharpton, or even Louis Farrakhan.

          • Yeah, and we of course know that the news media would NEVER try and embellish a story to make a White police officer look bad, who shot a black person, right? Yep, they just give the news in a complete and totally unbiased way. (And if you don’t know sarcasm…)

          • Let’s just say that, at the very least, the cop shot someone who our society will get along fine without. Small loss.

          • Charles Martel

            Unarmed men that have been arrested at least 10 times. Did you not see the article about the illegal with the high speed chase arrested 20 times? If he caused a traffic death every 5th time it would warrant action.

          • silviosilver

            In your heart of hearts, would you or wouldn’t you feel some degree of elation, be it small or large, if Slager were acquitted, facts of the matter aside? As I see it, the answer a person gives to that question explains the kind of political environment he believes racial politics operates in. You needn’t answer here. But you should be able to answer honestly to yourself.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            I don’t have anything kind to say about the way you see it, frankly. What you are suggesting here is that only a morally repulsive response to this incident is reflective of a realistic view of racial politics in the West.

            My response to that would just be deleted by the mods, so you’ll have to imagine it.

          • silviosilver

            Oh spare me the moralizing and simply say your answer is “no.”

          • Charles Martel

            We can start by cutting off welfare to 3rd worlders. All of those places have been flooded by the UN & host nation’s Refugee Resettlement Programs. Refugee Resettlement Watch covers a lot of it.

        • Charles Martel

          I am thinking a Charels Martel would not be enough, that we need a couple Vlad “the impaler” Tepes.

        • CM732

          Good luck trying to convert the White mass into Sociopaths. We are good people and that is our strength. We should stand up for the rights of other races with the understanding that our race and background are unique and deserve remain forever.

      • People build societies. We are White people of European origin. They are black people of African origin. So of course concepts of Western justice seem alien to them.

    • Charles Martel

      Blacks stand with their cop killers this just happened this week reported in the UK but not in the state it happened in.
      “Marilyn Zuniga, third grade teacher at Forest Street School in Orange, New Jersey, suspended without pay. She had her students write letters to former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal who was hospitalized at Schuykill Medical Center in Pennsylvania”

  • connorhus

    The Liberal Multi-Cult will call it racism but we all know this cop would do the same thing to anybody. White, Black, Asian, Hispanic it matters not one bit to these egotistical, power mad cops like this Slager guy.

    He and his brethren (of all races) who fill our law enforcement agencies these days are not making “Us” look bad. They are not a part of “Us”

  • TruthBeTold

    The dash cam video was released. It shows Mr. Scott running from his car after being stopped and questioned. This should have set off alarms to any officer or civilian.

    I agree that Officer Slager ‘let us down’ but he’s only human and we don’t know his experience with suspects or his state of mind that day.

    I hope he gets a fair hearing.

    • James

      Cities will burn, if this one isn’t seen to flayed.
      Mob rule will trump true justice in the same way, what people (are allowed to) think is true, trumps actual truth.

    • Ron Cheaters

      I read a report today that said he’d been investigated before for using a taser on a person who looked like a suspect.. The investigation was dropped when it seemed as though the complainants were exaggerating their accounts..


  • Chip Carver

    Yes, Slager fouled up. But given the behavior of blacks in general, I don’t blame any officer, no matter his race, for being edgy, twitchy in dealing with them. Blacks do not at like other races when stopped by the police. They usually confrontational right from the get go, as they are in most other dealings in their lives. And the man who shot the video says that Slager and Scott were struggling before he got his camera (phone) going.

    There is more to the story. But Slager is screwed. And that’s a nice way of putting it. All the training in the world isn’t going to help law enforcement, as the Saint Michael Brown incident and the murderous attacks on police that followed have made the cops very nervous. The media will make sure to use this to make officers much more hesitant to shoot, no doubt resulting in more officers’ deaths. And that will make the usual suspects and tools like Obama, Holder, hustlers like Sharpton, very happy. They are no doubt overjoyed that Slager did what he did. Scott will be canonized, and the vilification of Whites can be cranked up another couple of notches.

    • paul kersey

      By fleeing, this criminal black endangered every citizen as well as the officer. The officer was polite and professional during the stop. If he had not stopped this black using force the black criminal could have carjacked a citizen in order to escape or god knows what. I feel that the officer protected the community. There is an indigogo fund for the officer and I am sending 20 dollars to help support his legal costs and I hope others do so as well. Blacks are out of control and I am tired of their crime and violence. I am thankful to this officer and if I was on a jury I would vote not guilty.

      • He had a warrant for his arrest, for failing to appear at a child support hearing.

        He had absolutely no violent criminal history.

        • Kram

          Assault of a police officer

          • 1. There was no assault

            2. We don’t know for sure if that tweet was his

            3. Half the blacks on Twitter so it seems said stuff like that during the Trayvon hoopla. As tempting as it may be to want to kill them for doing so, we just don’t do that.

        • TCA

          he had no violent official record. not the same as no violent history.

          • Morally yes, but the law needs paper trails.

            And it has come out that Scott did not have any warrants for his arrest at the time, for child support or anything. That news coming out yesterday was a game changer.

  • DaveMed

    Amen, JT.

    It may seem somewhat strange for us (as racially-aware Whites) to judge the actions of people like Slager through our lens – since he is most likely not a WN or anything of the sort, and does not go about his day-to-day life with the concerns that we carry – but he deserves it.

    Every White has a firm responsibility to advance the interests of our people. Ignorance of this responsibility is not a sufficient justification for the shirking thereof.

    I do have sympathy for those who have not yet awoken, but I also am swiftly losing patience. I’m only 25, and I’ve had White Identity for a few years now (thanks mostly to JT, AmRen, etc.). Most of the people who embarrass us are older than I am, and there are no excuses for their actions.

  • After telling the story of my cousin’s murder by a police team (his wife worked hard to get a $1 million settlement), I posted this defense of Mike Slager on my site last night. He ought to plead not guilty and get a smart defense lawyer. I think my defense strategy is a good one:

    “All a defense lawyer need do is place a reasonable doubt in the mind of at least one juror to hang a jury. I think there is reasonable doubt. You may disagree. What do you think of my defense?

    A man, Walter Scott, is pulled over for a legit traffic violation. That would place the officer, Michael Slager, and the man on a public street. Yet, the shooting went down in a park. How and why did the two men who started initial contact on the street end up in a park?

    Obviously the black man, knowing he was wanted for child support, ran. If I were a cop, I would conclude that anyone stopped for a tail light who ran was a serious offender.

    So the cop runs after him, but does not immediately shoot him, which if he had murder on his mind he would have done. Instead, Mike runs after Mr. Scott and catches him in the park.

    The first part of the video shows them fighting.

    It’s not clear, but it appears Mr. Scott is going for Slager’s gun. Slager tases him to no avail. Mr. Scott has already assaulted Slager (legally, assault is any kind of touching).

    Slager believes Mr. Scott is running off with the taser, so he makes a snap decision to use the gun he and Mr. Scott had been fighting over to shoot an insane, violent person.

    BAD DECISION, BUT NOT MURDER. Mike had his and the public’s safety uppermost in his mind. He had no way of knowing that Mr. Scott was stupidly running from a minor charge.

    Police protocol says you keep firing until a suspect is down. Slager’s police issued weapon fires 13 or more rounds. He stopped at eight shots, stopping when the suspect went down. Mr. Slager followed protocol.

    Protocol says that an officer always cuffs a wounded man. Mr. Scott was probably already dead, but caution says go ahead and cuff him. Again, Mr. Slager follows police protocols.

    CPR? It won’t help a dead man.

    The right verdict? Justifiable homicide. The fight in which Walter was clearly assaulting Slager justifies the shooting.

    If Mr. Scott had never touched Slager, it would be a different story. The assault on Slager creates the circumstance that the officer feared for the public safety. Walter, after assaulting a cop, would be just as likely to assault you or me in his haste to get away.

    Mr. Scott is reponsible for his own death. He’s this weeks winner of the Darwin award. Run from a cop and fight one and you’ll be dead too. We can’t afford to second guess the cop on the street who has to make split second decisions affecting OUR safety.”

    • Anglo

      It could have happened that way. I haven’t seen the whole video; but as I posted yesterday, I’m reserving judgment until I know all the facts. There’s more to this story.

      • Director

        The only reason American cops even need firearms is the black population.

        It’s going to be a massive bongo party if you can punch a cop take his weapons run and expect leniency.

        Whatever, the system will simply collapse. It’s all good.

      • Kram

        He also can be heard telling the officer he had no insurance on the car. Ignored by the media analysts.

    • journey

      This case is a toss-up. True, the black assaulted an officer and perhaps was going for his gun. But, there were too many shots fired while running away, the victim was shot multiple times in the back, and some hit the target (should have stopped and call for reinforcement). Then, they also have his car plus the wounds, all which would have clearly identified the victim if he had gotten away.

      Very unfortunate, this case shows a clear case of excessive force.

    • journey

      Just read that the dash cam video from the officer’s cruiser shows no assault and threats from Scott. Scott just took off. This is clearly a case of excessive force involving murder.

    • Irish

      The cop squared his shoulders and put 5 bullets in the back of 50 year old unarmed man who posed no threat to anyone, at a distance of 40 feet..He’s a disgrace, full stop..Scott may have been a dirtbag, but we don’t give police officers the right to be judge, juty & executioner.

      • 5Sardonicus

        I completely agree as the black victim was not a violent offender, and could have been arrested later. This was murder and the police officer should be held accountable.

        However, what bothers me is the Media’s tendency to take an isolated incident and extrapolate broader social implications as to the general culpability of white police, as well as white people in general. This generally unsupported contemporary social narrative becomes oppressive upon constant repetition.

    • shawnmer

      I’m sorry, color me unpersuaded. And a juror doesn’t get any more sympathetic than me! I’m not aware of it being police protocol to shoot center mass to the back to down a fleeing suspect. Non lethal lower body shots, at most!

      It is almost certainly true Slager didn’t wake up that morning planning to kill anybody. But he did this to this guy after he was out of physical danger completely and utterly, and it was deliberate. That’s 2nd degree as I understand it.

    • Irish

      Walter Scott may have been a slug. He may have idiot..What he didn’t deserve to be is dead..”Split Second”..Watch that video for a 19th time.

    • TCA

      May need a good defense lawyer someday.
      Your card?

  • Luca

    Wonder if anyone will be brave enough to bring up the stats on how many White officers were killed by black shooters or how many Whites were shot by black officers.

    Doesn’t matter, the media finally has its story and will ride it out until the cows come home.

    • The civil rights mafia is rejoicing.

      • InAFreeCountry

        They have their one true martyr now.

    • Exoplanet Finder

      It will affect us only as much as we want it to. The Postmodernists say everything is flux and nothing is real. Well, eat your philosophy. I will live with the people on Amren because I choose to. This shot groid is a casualty of multiracial society. Put him in Detroit with black cops and watch them shoot. It doesn’t matter the incident so much as how much I don’t care about it. We will separate, into different sectors/parts of the country, and nothing the current system can do will stop that. And when we do, we will decimate all the lies and the border hopping types who want to live with us. It will be brutal. But it will be necessary. So let it be written, so let it be done.

  • LexiconD1

    Awesome Commentary!

  • Something else we have to remember that almost everyone is missing.

    The first cop to respond to this scene other than Slager was black, and he lied on his report that he gave Scott CPR, when the video shows that he never did.

    • paul kersey

      i think cpr was attempted after the video ends

      • Vox Populi

        You are a moron if you think CPR can be given while someone is lying on their STOMACH – plus has their hands in handcuffs behind their back!

  • TomIron361

    He will be seen as one of us–and he let us down
    He didn’t let me down. He shot the black guy, didn’t he?

  • superlloyd

    After years of fruitless searching the basketball Americans and libtards have finally got their scapegoat to symbolically punish for the ‘racism’ of White cops and by extension White America. This guy’s mistake puts our argument to fence sitters back by years. I’ m really just repeating what Jared Taylor says in his excellent analysis but this was a black day for race realism.

  • Jason Lewis

    Even without the video the autopsy would have shown he was shot in the back and at a considerable distance. He would have has some major problems explaining it but yes the video removes all doubt.

  • Peter L. Giamatti

    The real problem; if an unwarranted police shooting happens in, say Iceland, community leaders come together and have a calm inquest and reach rational conclusions that might include jailing the rogue cop for life.

    But here in America, normal “sh%t that happens” has this whole overlay of “racism” that just f’s everything up and makes us dysfunctional as a society. In fact all multiethnic societies are dysfunctional.

  • Roninf9

    I don’t fault a police officer for shooting a fleeing suspect who has warrants and just fought with the cop. “Stop or I’ll shoot” was SOP for lawmen in this country right up until the late 60’s. The cop did plant evidence, though, and that is unacceptable. But why did he feel the need to plant the tazer? Because he didn’t want to be another Darren Wilson.

    • Jason Lewis

      Police used to be able to shoot at fleeing felons. Garner vs Tennessee in 1985 changed all that after police shot a youth fleeing a burglary he committed. I was a kid then but I think people ran from police less before the ruling.

      • Roninf9

        I just read the Kangroo Kourt ruling on that case and its a complete travesty. Its part of the consistent decades long sabotage of Western Civilization by the black robed tyrants in this country. Sickening.

    • Awakened Saxon

      Roninf9: “Stop or I’ll shoot” was SOP for lawmen in this country right up until the late 60’s.

      Actually, the mid-1980s. It was a ‘dindu nuffins’ case that made it illegal to shoot a fleeing suspect in 1985. See Tennessee v. Garner.

      You know, it’s funny because so many people here argue that accepting that a policeman can shoot a fleeing criminal means that we as a race lose our dignity, civility, etc. and become savages. Were we savages merely 30 years ago? I’ll say again that we are too civilised for our own good.

    • And he wound up not being another Darren Wilson. Darren Wilson is free, albeit in hiding. Slager is going to be in prison for quite some time, at the very least.

  • Peter L. Giamatti

    The cop was wrong and should go to jail for a long time. But … for heaven sake, do not run from the cops. What good does it do you? This is the Teaching Moment in all these shootings, that black parents refuse to teach.

    • journey

      And do not assault and listen/obey the commands. Guess they have to show not going to listen to anyone.

  • JohnEngelman

    I have been stopped and frisked several times by policemen. When this happens I respond politely and move slowly.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      And surely you never said a word until asked a question. And never talk back, folks.

      • Ron Cheaters

        And turn down your booming music when you’re pulled over.

  • Well said, Mr. Taylor. Proud whites need to stand up for what is right, and condemn what is wrong. Those of us who defend white people, even when they’re clearly in the wrong, are no better than blacks who do the same.

  • USofAntiWhite

    To say Slager shamed our race is a bit excessive, if not marginally paranoid. Crooked cops don’t define us. For any “fence sitting” Whites that will take this incident as a definitive explanation for all Bantu woes, in light of the overwhelming evidence that says otherwise, we don’t need their false altruism and shifting loyalties based on misguided emotions.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Indeed,the whole of Western Civlilzation and its laws from Ancient Greece, Rome, the Magna Carta up to our own Constitution define who we are historically as Caucasians and the roots of the laws that are enforced in any civilized society, including police protocol.

  • Captain John Charity Spring MA

    I’d say cut him loose and make sure the system buries him.

    But that only buys time.

    Nothing will civilize the blacks.

  • Irish

    Thank you Mr Taylor. .The Psychotics need to go, and go now!..White Racial Nationalism is both completely logical, and completely moral..Do us all a favor and denounce J.T. and the rest of us as you go losers..

    • Captain John Charity Spring MA

      I don’t think that this case will do anything BUT encourage blacks to run after punching out a cop.

      Segregation ought to come back. Whites can’t be reasonably expected to police blacks and blacks ought not have authority over any whites.

      • Irish

        You and I are simpatico Captain..Blame him (the Cop) and the media.

    • Ron Cheaters

      The shame of it all is that incidents like these end up dividing us on our principals.

  • Housekeeping: A certain poster who polluted yesterday’s two AmRen threads on this subject and was well on his way to polluting this one with his sanctimony and insults has been banned, and will not be allowed to come back until he or she learns a little civility.

  • Capn Dad

    Don’t be too hard on us (yourself included) Mr.Taylor. It was bound to happen. The whole country is a powder keg. The cop was wrong to shoot anyone in the back. You are right of course though that this anomaly will be used against us. But that happens every day all the time. Just another day in screwed up bizarro world America.

  • Borachio

    If the police officer is guilty, he should go to prison. And the evidence so far looks pretty convincing.

    But … it just nags at me how very *convenient* this incident is. It’s almost exactly what the news media told us happened to Gentle Giant Michael Brown. It’s similar to what they said happened to St. Trayvon the previous year. They were lying but they whipped up hysterical rage and riots all across the country.

    Maybe the police officer is guilty as hell. But something about this just doesn’t smell right.

    • The smell is okay. It’s a big country with a lot of people. The law of averages meant that this or something very much like it was bound to happen sooner or later. The Eye of Sauron could be counted on to stare. Meanwhile, some white cop probably did this or close to this to a white civilian at some point today, and we’ll never know about it.

    • I don’t think there is anything really convenient about it. Ignoring the mountain in front of you while looking for a molehill is what they do 24/7. If nothing else, they are efficiently hypocritical and deceitful. One thousand White men, women and children could be attacked by black people tonight, and the media and all of the anti-White hordes would brush it aside just so they could point to the ONE case of a White-on-black crime that wasn’t a hoax.

      We need better strategists and propagandists.

      • phillyguy

        You said it right my friend.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Great analysis, Celestial. Maybe one day when some whites in the media get a backbone and actually report, objectively, the facts of inter-racial crimes and murders, this disturbing trend can get turned around. AR is a good start, but other than that, not much movement in our direction on the media front. I always thought a good radio talk-show or an IMUS in the morning style cable TV format (or on the internet, podcast ) for 3-4 hours dedicated just to our cause as whites would be something that would become immensely popular nationwide.

  • FozzieT

    The media finally got their Great White Racist Cop. The Ministry of Truth has purged the false narratives of the past (Duke Lacrosse, Trayvon, Darren Wilson, etc.), and flushed them down the Memory Hole. Henceforth, Michael Slager will be the personification of ALL White police officers.

  • james AZ

    There just few bad police officers ….. About 5% of bad officers and other 40% of not honest and lazy officers and about 55% of good officers. How many percent of races in police officers are bad? REAL REPORT that black people committed crimes more than hispanic people, than white people and Asian people..”.. You think that I am wrong about that fact , let me know , thank you…….

  • JSS

    Splendid. So the left now has proof that Africans would all be brain surgeons and astronauts if not for Whites and those who advocate a watered down polite style of White advocacy also have someone to specifically blame for the continued failure of their ideas to make any practical head way.

  • BlueSonicStreak

    Always, always cutting to the poker-faced black news anchor somberly repeating how “disturbing” the footage is.

    I always wonder what they think when they have to report this stuff over and over.

    • ekwaykway

      Never see them reporting about the 29 shot, nineteen dead in South Chicago though. In one weekend, why?

  • ekwaykway

    Do you think it really matters?

  • Frank_DeScushin

    Loads of people will say that the media and the rest of Diversity Inc. should have waited for clear cut case of a white police officer unnecessarily shooting a black man to evidence police brutality and racism instead of trying to make their point with a less clear case that like Mike Brown. The people who argue this don’t get it. The media and Diversity Inc. prefer potentially losing, not-clear-cut cases like Michael Brown instead of the present case to make their point about alleged white racism because they know that there will be vast disagreement between whites and blacks on controversial cases.

    In the present case the media won’t be able to say, “Look how racist white Americans still are”, because most white Americans will agree that Slager’s actions were excessive and he deserves to be charged.

    In the present case the media won’t be able to say, “Look how racist the American legal system is”, because Slager will likely get convicted.

    With the Mike Brown case, however, the media could easily whip up the low intelligence, low info blacks and white Libs with a false narrative. The media could then argue that a fair number of whites think that Darren Wilson is innocent, not because they apprised themselves of the case facts, but rather because they’re racist like Darren Wilson. Finally, when the inevitable “no charge” or acquittal came down the media could easily claim it was a wrong decision by a racist legal system.

    The media and Diversity Inc. intentionally choose losing cases like Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin because those cases better serve their false narrative. This present case won’t get a quarter of the press of Brown and Martin.

    • Director


      Although with one caveat.

      Burying incompetent cops like this one only delays the showdown.

    • Room101

      The cop is a stand-in for ALL White people now.
      Not even the Leftists who have been ginning this up for decades will be immune.
      The day is close at hand where the color of your skin is your uniform.

    • JSS

      You make a very good point. I maintain that this event is bad for Whites but I don’t see it as the apocalypse for White advocacy that many around here think it is. The cop will likely get convicted and as you point out that defeats the leftist narrative as opposed to supporting it. This hysteria is sort of bizarre. If the cop walks that will actually be far better for the other side.

      • What we should all worry about, no matter if the cop gets convicted or walks, is the black on white revenge violence.

        • JSS

          That’s why I said the event is bad for Whites, but the facts of the case don’t really have any relevance regarding the violence. Anytime a cop kills an unarmed African the media will whip them into a frenzy anyway. Given the Africans lack of abstract thinking ability cases where the facts are so against the mainstream narrative are better because when an innocent cop walks that simply conforms their simplistic world view and makes them even angrier.

      • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

        There was similar apocalyptic talk when the Anders Breivik story broke, that was much worse actually since he had a political motivation. While it was bad, it didn’t seem to have much of a lasting effect.

        • JSS

          I remember that. He also killed a bunch of kids but they were White kids and all the dead White kids in the world don’t add up to a wrongfully killed African criminal. That seems to be the PC answer and amren appears to be leaning that way as well.

          In all seriousness though I’m assuming the same as you, what this whole thing has illustrated the most for me is how fickle and panicky the soft version of White advocacy really is.

      • TCA

        Strictly on the DL, I’d still love to see him walk, though.

    • Epiminondas

      Excellent analysis. You should be reading this website’s articles on the media class…

  • Germanic Depressive

    I’m torn on this case.

    I think Mr. Taylor has written a very good response to it here and I find myself feeling a great degree of agreement with everything he’s said in this piece.

    However, another part of me feels like it isn’t actually all that shocking or ghastly to live in the sort of society where fighting with a cop, resisting arrest, running, and generally refusing to comply for a sustained period can end with you being shot down by said cop.

    It’s certainly true what Mr. Taylor says though, within our current framework and the paradigm which exists right now in the media, this event does us no favors at all.

    • Ella

      They should bring back more police dogs. I know that German Polizei has authority to use a dog or even force such as shooting a suspect if s/he flees after multiple warnings. I prefer police shoot in the butt because some blacks know that they can flee with little or no consequence demonstrating no respect toward laws.

  • Epiminondas

    They will not get a murder conviction according to the evidence produced by the black camera operator. He was attracted to the scene because of a struggle going on between the cop and the negro. He has already admitted as much. So premeditated murder is out, and without that, they will never get 12 people to convict him of murder. They should quickly back this charge down to manslaughter if they are serious about getting a conviction.

  • Hilis Hatki

    “One of us” …. I live in a 95% white county and whites are far from being a “us”.

  • Boycott News Corp

    Lance Cpl. James Whitehead(USMC) – Orange, Texas

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Looks like Michael Slager will be The Great White Defendant Tom Wolfe writes about in Bonfire of the Vanities.

    The media can hardly contain themselves – they have salivating and sharpening their fangs for just such an occurrence – while completely ignoring daily occurrences of vicious black-on-White crimes such as the following, reported today:

    Police Match DNA, Charge (Black) Man In Brutal Rape & Assault Of (White) 81-Year-Old Woman

    COLUMBUS, Ohio – “An 81-year-old woman was beaten, raped and terrorized for hours. Now, Columbus police have charged a suspect. The elderly victim said. “He beat me up, stomped on me, sat on me, kicked me,” said the victim.. Police say they now have DNA evidence that links Shawn Malone Jr to the crimes.”

    I remember when I first read about the brutal torture murders of the young White couple, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom in Knoxville, Tennessee, back in 2007. The details were so horrifying I immediately picked up the phone and called a major metropolitan newspaper to see why they hadn’t written a word. They punched me through to some public affairs type editor and I told her what I had read so far. Her reply? It was merely a “common garden variety crime,” nothing really to report about, sir.


  • JMDonald

    The magic of probability and statistics. Even if we had accurate data it wouldn’t matter. They finally have what they were looking for. Regardless of the truth in total.

  • Irish

    We are White men are we not?..So why are you seemingly justifying the bad behavior of one of us, by pointing out the horrendous acts of , presumably, peoples we all agree are representative of a lesser race of man.

  • Lexonaut

    Thank you, Jared Taylor.

    I’ve been doing battle on other sites all night and all day trying to convince people that defending the indefensible only strengthens the other side.

    • Epiminondas

      The “other side” is impervious to what you or I think. They have an agenda and the bully pulpit. They decide which issues to publicize and then frame the arguments. Weaken for just a second and they will move in for the kill. They now sense that Jared Taylor’s blood is in the water.

      • Lexonaut

        There is no appealing to hard-core leftists. However, Ferguson and its aftermath brought a lot of eyes to the half open position. If the South Carolina situation isn’t handled properly those eyes will close again.

        • TCA

          Wont be able to stay closed for very long. “Violence and plenty of it” is on the way, and will be arriving shortly. The time for posturing and hand-wringing, and even for thoughtful commentary, is coming to an end. (insert Bismark’s ‘iron and blood’ quote here)

  • paul kersey

    First he lied to the officer , he was in a stolen car, no insurance, registration etc, had warrents for his arrest. then he ran, officer tried to use tazer (non lethal force. then he had the cop on the ground. how much provocation can the officer take? the officer is a human being not a machine. many stars like oprah, snoop dog, colin powell etc said they voted for obama because he is black. likewise i support the officer because he is white. when it all comes down to it any white person who does not stand with other whites is misguided. sad to see the above opinion when blacks are murdering and brutalizing whites in america every day in astronomical numbers. even if he made a mistake, pathetic to see so many whites not backing him.

    • I don’t see how making excuses for him helps White people as a whole. This case is an endless morass that will, at best, do nothing but leave you exhausted and preaching to the choir.

      You want to help White people? Be a little more subtle and learn where to draw lines. Indifference and deflection can be powerful weapons if you know how, when and where to deploy them. What matters to them, you make it matter less. What they say doesn’t matter or doesn’t exist, you make sure you blind everyone with examples that leave them without any doubt that it most certainly does exist.

    • JSS

      I have a feeling that had the perp been White and also the same sort of criminal not only would the MSM not care but neither would the people here wringing their hands. Ironically the only reason the crowd around here is so upset is because the dead guy is African, same as the MSM.

    • Ron Cheaters

      You can care for a family member, that doesn’t mean you have to stand behind their mistakes.

      • JSS

        Ron if an African tries to beat you down and run away I’ll stand behind you if you shoot him.

        • Ron Cheaters

          Thank’s, but I wouldn’t be shooting anyone from behind.

          • JSS

            In that case he will be alive and well to go victimize someone else. But I suppose that’s their problem.

          • Germanic Depressive

            I’m surprised that so many people here are still so far from the point of realizing just how tribal we’re going to have to start being if we want any hope of surviving as a people.

          • JSS

            It’s a pretty ridiculous dilemma I suppose. Which criminal scum bag do I take my stand with…the dead African or the White cop who shot him in the back after being attacked. This dilemma would only give a White pause. I just don’t care. I don’t want to fix the current system I want a new one where there aren’t in Africans to shoot in the first place and the local cops have no need of guns anyway. It isn’t fair to force Whites to police Africans while holding them to White standards of conduct.

          • Director

            Yep. It’s like Islandwana in reality but the cops are supposed to act like it’s a Miss Marple Mystery in a Cotswold village circa 1930.

            The cop will face a stiff penalty but it will not satisfy blacks

          • TCA

            Do you have your own blog?
            And where can I get one of those dolls?

          • Ron Cheaters

            The long-term point is that many, many more whites than necessary will be victimized than there already are — not because of the actions of Scott, but because of the actions of Slager.
            And please, stick to the facts only, we are realists.

          • JSS

            Violent Africans are often repeat offenders. That is a fact so I don’t see how my hypothetical is inaccurate if you are referring to that.

            I see no reason to think Slager desires that Whites should be victimized. So I’m not going to blame him nearly as much as I blame the media who will be instigating the Africans to kill Whites. I realize Whites will pay in blood for Slagers blunder. But I refuse to say it’s his fault alone or even mostly his fault. It’s the medias fault more then anyone’s and the Africans who will be doing the killing.

            Slagers life is already ruined and he will be spending much if not the rest of it in jail. What more do you want? Your anger would be better directed at the people who are exploiting his mistake to kill Whites.

          • Ron Cheaters

            I agree with you mostly, I just can’t speculate until the facts come out. I may sound paranoid, but I also believe there are a lot of baiters here – it seems to be the case whenever a situation like this comes around.

          • JSS

            I don’t think it’s intentional baiting so much as peoples emotions running hot, which I will admit I am guilty of. Nothing wrong with not being an American, if your’re White and dedicated to our peoples self determination then your’re my brother all the same. It’s imperative that we have a sense of unity beyond our birth country and as Whites first and foremost in these times. As much as I criticize Taylor I will give him credit for promoting that idea.

          • Ron Cheaters

            Also I’m not American, although in my heart I am. In my country there is only freedom of speech if it is approved by lobbies.

    • Ultimate187

      The black man showed poor judgement. The white officer showed even worse judgement. Nothing left to say.

    • Katherine McChesney

      No matter what the cop is guilty of murder. He shot the victim five times in the back.

  • Borachio

    It’s interesting that we commenters on this hated and demonized web site are trying to look at the evidence fairly and to condemn the officer’s actions if we think he’s guilty.

    If the roles had been reversed, almost every black American from the president on down would jump to the shooter’s defense, regardless of the evidence.

    I hate to say it, but that shows why we’re at a disadvantage. We care about truth and about doing the right thing. Our adversaries care only about power, aggression, and tribal loyalty. In the long run, they can’t sustain a civilization. But in the short run, they can destroy one.

    • Germanic Depressive

      Exactly. Spot on.

  • electricians, roofers, carpenters, steel workers, tree trimmers,cable TV techs, all these people risk life and limb every day up on heights where the wrong move could spell crippling injury or even death.
    Yet the media and the establishment still put cops on a pedestal and ignore the dangers of everyday jobs. And the Dissident Right does the same.

    Cops are out of control, and race has nothing to do with it.

    • Yes, there’s a lot wrong with law enforcement in today’s world. However, if your unspoken job description was full-time Negro Handler, how well do you think you would be able to be “in control” of quick and life-or-death situations?

      What about teachers? How efficient and dedicated would you be in your teaching job if you went to work and dealt with “those people” all day long?

      Sorry, but you are blind if you don’t think race has something to do with it. Dealing with the black psyche day in and day out truly does demoralize you and physically, emotionally and spiritually wear you down. No profession or group of people can say they are more productive and more inspired by having to deal with large groups of blacks.

    • Germanic Depressive

      A big part of why cops have become as militarized and aggressive as they are, is because we’ve asked them to police blacks and doing so has required such adaptations. We then insist that they police everyone equally, which means those changes in policing are applied to us too.

  • Brady

    The faster Officer Slager is convicted and the more severe his sentence is, the harder it will be for Al Sharpton & Co. to exploit this incident politically.

    This is not to say, of course, that they won’t try.

  • Lawrence Blanchard

    We must have integrity and be truthful. Mr. Taylor has done that here.

    • Epiminondas

      But was he being wise?

  • BlueSonicStreak

    So I was just on another site looking for the dash cam video, and do you know what I saw? A photograph of Walter Scott in some sort of military uniform…didn’t catch what it was exactly before the photos rotated.

    And that’s just ENOUGH for me. Clean uniform, huh? What…they couldn’t find a picture of lil’ Wal-Wal when he was 12?

    All of a sudden, I have hit a point of such psychological fatigue that I absolutely don’t care. I don’t CARE. Intellectually, I hope the officer is justly punished on principle, but I stopped caring.

    The man was a deadbeat loser anyway. Good riddance.

    • The beauty of radicalized racialism is that you only have to care about what you care about. If they don’t care about you, then it’s your duty to not care about them. Indifference doesn’t require you to be vindictive, violent or even physically able to hurt a fly. Being virtuous does you no good when the ones who take from you have no desire to give back anything in return.

    • Anglo

      It’s been reported that, “Scott was enlisted from 1984 to 1986 and was involuntarily separated for
      a drug-related offense but still received a general discharge under
      honorable conditions.” They want to make him look like a devoted military man.

      • Chasmania

        Any and all blacks who die at the hands of a white person are paragons of virtue. They were all on the cusp of going to college…opening a business…curing cancer…etc….
        They were all honor scouts, sans any involvement in Boy Scouts.
        They all worked 4 jobs feeding the homeless, stray dogs and making sure their neighborhoods were safe and clean. This particular gent was behind on child support because OBVIOUSLY some white privileged person tricked or stole the money from him !
        The litany of wrongs that blacks ‘suffer’ are endless, countless and at the hand of greedy rich white people
        The US is such a horrible place for them you must wonder…Why stay ? I myself would gladly pay reparations, on condition they collect their check AFTER they’ve renounced their citizenship in some sub Saharan African country.

    • Germanic Depressive

      I agree.

      Even in a case like this I just simply cannot muster any sympathy or concern for blacks. I’ve seen too clearly how corrosive they are to our society to ever feel that again.

      • InAFreeCountry

        I’m not sympathizing with the black man, but I can’t condone the cop cowardly shooting him in the back.

        • Epiminondas

          That’s your emotion doing the talking. You may have done the same under those conditions, even mistakenly.

    • Epiminondas

      But the cop is not a deadbeat loser. And that is the difference. One can drag our society down. The other can help us.

  • Sighisoara

    This whole thing is unfortunate, and I wouldn’t defend any cop who did something like this, black or white or whatever. Too many cops are completely out of control. That being said, I’d still be interested in seeing a list of how many such incidents have happened in the last couple of years where the race of the man running was white instead.

    I don’t know if there are many such cases, but I have a depressing notion that they wouldn’t have garnered anywhere near this level of media outrage, at least not nationally.

    • drattastic

      Double the number of Whites are killed by police than blacks and blacks , even though only 13% of the population commit the vast majority of violent crime.

  • Chasmania

    I’m still wanting an apology to white people for the Christian – Newsome murders by 4 black animals

  • drattastic

    Segregation is the only peaceful solution.

  • Evette Coutier

    No movement is without setbacks. Don’t worry about it. It will pass.

    • Germanic Depressive

      I’m not so sure it’s a setback.

      Anything which drives blacks and whites apart and creates racial tension is probably, sadly, a victory for us.

      I wish that weren’t the way it has to be, but I fear it is.

      • Evette Coutier

        Perhaps, but the soft liberals will try to use this as leverage to pass anti-white legislation. But it will pass. The American public has the attention span of a fruit fly.

        • Germanic Depressive

          Perhaps such legislation needs to be passed to wake whites up. The only hope we have is for the average white person to get it through their heads that they are the target, and nothing they say or do will exonerate them. They’re guilty of being white and that’s all that matters.

          • Epiminondas

            Whites are too busy watching Dancing With the Stars and NFL games. They need something really shocking to pull them out of their media daze. Unfortunately, it’s going to be really bad.

          • Evette Coutier

            Yes, reality therapy would be a good thing.

  • Roninf9

    It was legal to shoot fleeing suspects, even in the back, until the Supreme Kangaroo Kourt 1985 ruling in the case of Garner vs. Tennessee, which was an outrageous miscarriage of justice.

  • Kram

    Innocent until proven guilty despite what the shameful media tells us. Fleeing felon law?

  • Guest

    There is a possibility also that drugs were involved. It is known that certain drugs, such as Prozac, are very dangerous and can make a person murderous.

  • Alexandra1973

    Amen to that.

    I can understand people saying “well that’s another one down” because of negro fatigue…tired of all the nonsense.

    But if they’re not a threat, you don’t kill them.

  • InAFreeCountry

    Mr. Taylor, you have said exactly what needs to be said. I can’t stand in solidarity with this cop, he deserves what he gets in court and in prison. I am not betraying him, he has betrayed us.

    • Director

      While I agree that it’s no use squandering credibility on Slager, what do you think it’s gonna require to win?

      Define victory and define the means to that end.

      • InAFreeCountry

        Win what? I don’t get the scope of your question.

        • Director

          No you don’t I can tell you don’t see.

          This isn’t an abstract question btw.

  • Sorry, Mr. Taylor. I respect you, and your opinions, and 99% of the time, I am in agreement with you, sir. But this is the other one percent.

    First, remember, we are getting all of our information from THE MAINSTREAM (White hating) MEDIA. That alone should give you pause. There are bound to be more details that will eventually come out to make things look different. Remember, Duke Lacrosse, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and others.

    Second, also remember, that the media searches through hundreds of stories every day to pick the one that matches their story line. You and I both know that. So, at most, they FINALLY found ONE STORY of a black victim of a White police man. Big deal. I guess in a country of 320 million people they would eventually find one story like that.

    So, in sum, I don’t want to get distracted by this latest media show, and I don’t think you should let it get you distracted, either. We are right to defend our race and this country. We need not make any apologies. Thank you. Peace.

    • Epiminondas

      Well said. We are struggling with a Media Class revolutionary agenda. Mr. Taylor should make himself aware of this and begin to understand how these revolutionaries operate. Here is a good place to get started… http://wwwradicalandrightcom/why-this-site/

      • Thank you. Yes, as I have already said, Mr. Taylor is nearly always right, but I feel this is an exception. The media will always dig up stories that make Whites look bad. So what if FOR ONCE they MAY be right on ONE story. That is no need for us, or for Mr. Taylor, to apologize.

        • Epiminondas

          He’s not apologizing for me. Mr. Scott had a rap sheet as long as my arm. And it’s starting to come out. He was already arrested once for assault and battery.

          • Katherine McChesney

            You can spin it any way you like but the fact is that the cop murdered him in cold blood.

    • RileyDeWiley

      They have the power to select cases for public discussion. We do not. We have to react to the power they have, and Taylor has pointed out the strategy.

      Unless something massively exculpating surfaces, we need to forget about this guy. It’s sad, but it’s reality.

      • Exactly. While I don’t propose to be nearly as smart as Mr. Taylor, and meaning him no disrespect, if I were in his shoes, I would have pointed out cases of police shooting White suspects with little justification (including some cases of black police, btw), as some other posters have done. I would have done that instead of apologizing for what one White police officer is ALLEGEDLY guilty of. Jared Taylor is both smart and courageous, but at times, he is almost too courteous to our enemies for his own good. Again, no disrespect to him intended. Thank you for your reply.

  • Dash cam video has been released.

    If you don’t want to watch his editorializing, you can stop at 4:43.

    I don’t see how this changes anything substantively. Cop still shot unarmed civilian running slowly away from him over a matter of a warrant for failure to appear on a child support matter. Then there is the matter of the cops’ subsequent lies and cover ups.

    I do think it means that Scott just had enough of constantly going in and out of jail for child support, and did SBC.

  • InAFreeCountry

    It was just a matter of having the right combination of wheels turn up on the slot machine.

  • Jacobite2

    Has anybody ever seen a movie made before 1950? Scene: cop and perp slug it out; perp runs; cop says: “Stop or I’ll shoot”; warning shot (required by law at the time); perp keeps running; fire for effect. End of story. Since when did US law require police to be able to outrun fleeing felons before making an arrest? For that matter, when did felons stop suffering “civil death” upon conviction? In both instances, those were vastly superior times.

    • Epiminondas

      That was back before Jews and their liberal white lackeys managed to hijack the judicial system. Meanwhile, Christians stand around sucking their thumbs and wondering “What would Jesus do?”.

      • Jacobite2

        Ashkenazi Jews are much more intelligent than Europeans. Argument, disputation, pettifogging, logic-chopping are their preferred weapons. Any contest on the opponent’s home turf is a bad idea.

  • gemjunior

    This shooting should be shown to the Brown family and the Ferguson protesters though – perhaps a public screening could be held (especially for the main witness with the dreadlocks who insisted that Michael Brown was shot in the back running away) and the title could be: “THIS is what a black man running away from a white cop shooting him in the back REALLY looks like IN REAL LIFE, not pretend.” Just so as they can differentiate the real one from the pretend one they tried to pass off as Darren Wilson’s work.

  • WR_the_realist

    I agree with this 100%. This is one of those rare white-cop-shoots-a-black-man cases where, in fact the shooting was unjustified and the the cop was dishonest. And Al Sharption, MSNBC, and Eric Holder will never let us forget, no matter how many more racial hoaxes, Michael Browns, and Trayvon Martins there are in the meantime.

  • Director


    You are a proper Gentleman. However this is a manifesto of extinction.

    You should watch Breaker Morant. The ethics of shooting the enemy in the back are fully explored in that film starring Edward Woodward. Your letter is very Kitcheneresque. Very politically expedient, quite gentlemanly.

  • Christopher Perrien

    Well , Mr. Taylor I believe you may be wrong. There is some talk on other sites about what occurred between the stop and the shooting. To the extent of other witnesses talking about the Officer and this Scott fellow rolling around on the ground fighting, before the shooting recording. Would that change your POV?

    None of this is surfacing in the MSM of course, and they are editing everything. I suggest visiting the “Conservative Treehouse”.

    This case may well blow up as the Mike Brown incident for the liberals and the MSM. The cop may very well walk like Wilson and for generally the same reasons.

    • Epiminondas

      It’s manslaughter at most. And prosecutors are going to have a high hurdle to jump to get a conviction on that.

  • Winston_Jack

    The media is definitely going ape**it over this as they FINALLY got the story they so wanted!
    Looks like it’s going to be a long summer…

    • Chasmania

      Every non white who had ANY dealings with this cop is going to look to cash in or have his conviction over turned.

      And to make it worse this cop is now the ‘Face of White people’. The narrative will be ” Inside every case of white privilege is a murderous white monster waiting to gun down an innocent black man ! “.

      Sharpton, Jackson and the whole lot have got to be thanking their jungle gods that this thing happened, because no amount of black disorder and mayhem will undo the ‘wrong’ that was done to blacks in general by this shooting.

      It won’t matter one whit that before today almost none of them knew this black guy, but he will now be the new martyred saint of African Americans.

      • Alexandra1973

        Hm. If we privileged Whites wish only to kill and destroy the innocent black folk (note the sarcasm)…maybe they should remove themselves from our lands? I sure wouldn’t go where I wasn’t welcomed and where I might be threatened.

        • Chasmania

          I’d be all for reparations….contingent on their being received after said black is in Africa and has renounced his citizenship for all time.

          Heck, I’d volunteer to load their luggage for free at the airport if they would agree to go !


    Hold your head up high, and never, NEVER accept blame for circumstances that are beyond your control. Stay strong, and focused. Civilization depends on it.

  • Peter L. Giamatti

    Slager probably enjoyed the power he had over the black man more than most whites do or ought. That’s probably why he became a police officer. What youre dealing with is mostly black, especially in Charlestown. ITS WRONG. But there’s still a problem: the “non-racists” dont want to do police work: its too dangerous, for not enough money. Where are you going to get the money to screen out cops who are on power trips? And where are you going to get the money to pay $90000 per year salary so that only vetted “non-racists” from Swarthmore get hired as cops/ There is no easy solution. In the interim, at least: more lawlessness.

    The solution, now, as always, lies in the black community: stop the criminality, and then even the “racist” cops will have no reason to mess with you.

  • James Hamilton

    Isn’t it funny how whenever a black man commits a crime the media go to enormous lengths to avoid mentioning the race of the perpetrator, even if he is still at large and an accurate description would be hugely beneficial in catching him. It has become so ludicrous that “youths” and “teens” have become synonyms for negroes of any age. However, when a white man commits a crime it’s “white man commits crime” as the headline. They have no problem mentioning race then.

  • iberianpride

    I agree 100% with this article!

  • Albert

    It would be an act of idiocy to support this officer’s actions simply because we share the same racial identity. We won’t try to evangelize this man and portray him as the good guy. Making saints out of sinners is a tactic of the left and the black community and much too far beneath our dignity to even consider.

  • Fascist Lemming

    Thanks for giving some respectable and reasonable commentary on the situation. I’ve been reading some pretty embarrassing comments on other websites.

    • Epiminondas

      Did you take your Black Sympathy tablet today?

  • MekongDelta69

    Until the trial, nobody knows ALL the facts.

    However, even if he is factually guilty, there’s still a huge difference between the races…

    WE punish our offenders.
    THEY glorify them.

  • JR Kipling

    There is a problem with “race neutral” police training ie treat every situation as if race doesn matter. The world out there is not race neutral Its “Get Whitey”. ..yet how many cops are even trained for the psychological pressure . Every police department should be protecting itself by demanding every office wear a body cam. Think if Officer Wilson had a body cam of Michael Brown grabbing his gun and firing it inside the car…

  • JR Kipling

    Isnt this just another argument for segregation. Blacks need to really demand to be free of white oppression. They need their own cops, paid for their own taxes. And they can treat policing as they wish. Free at last…indeed.

  • RileyDeWiley

    These are the most lucid remarks I have seen written or heard spoken on this sad affair. They have helped to order my own thoughts. I have great sympathy for Officer Slager and his family, but must concede that he has done wrong.

    Given the stresses inherent in policing, the split-second, high-stakes decisions that must be made, I do not think his acts should be labelled murder. At the very least, however, he needs to give up his badge – but he is not beyond human redemption. He has committed a grave error in a moment of crisis.

    • Ultimate187

      The suspect was an out-of-shape 50 year old man who was running away and posed no threat to the officer. No split-second, high stakes decision had to be made.

      • Epiminondas

        But witnesses have now come forward and testified that there was a struggle on the ground between the two. Sorry. No murder.

        • Katherine McChesney


  • zamzow

    I really don’t care what blacks or communist liberals think and would posit the less we care the better off we are. There is absolutely no evidence, that placating incorrigible racist blacks will reduce the savagery they unleash on whites and themselves on a daily basis. Calypso Louie and Sharpton will never give us the time of day unless we hand over the country like those white South African fools did and may I ask what did it get them ? We know the answer to that one. I have decided that as a matter of national policy and survival the majority of American blacks must be deported back to Africa. How to attain the political power to implement such a plan is daunting to say the least. I often think the word incorrigible and it’s simple three word definition sums this disastrous legacy of slavery quite succinctly. Incapable of reform !

    • bv

      I’m willing to help and donate time and money.

    • Epiminondas

      Dishonest Abe wanted to deport them. No one in high office since has dared to even bring up the subject.

  • golgisupreme

    The worst thing you could give to a loser is an excuse to remain one.

    • Ron Cheaters

      Well, he’s a hero to black’s now.

    • bv

      Loser? Normal negro behavior that’s all he was doing.

  • rentslave

    The real Walter Scott did Ivanhoe.This guy was doing ho’s.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      …no surpise there.

    • Guest

      I vanna ho.

  • CM732

    Michael Slager deserves what is coming to him. Contrary to some of the minority opinions people make here I strongly believe that all people should be treated with the same respect regardless of race.

    • bv

      He’s a delinquent baby maker and was clearly a pariah on society but he wasn’t endangering this cops life at all. He was shot and killed without a legitimate reason.

    • throttler

      They will not defend white people in any case.

  • watson800

    I am not sure he planted evidence. The first video I saw, it looked like he did plant evidence. But the second video I saw (was unedited) and it shows a black police officer standing right in front of Slager as he casually retrieved the stun gun where the struggle occurred and dropped it down right in front of the second police officer.

    I am not saying the shooting was justified. He should not have shot him in the back, but I am not certain he planted evidence. This is not about race. The black guy did run, and there was a struggle which did put the police officer in danger. The police officer made a terrible decision to shoot the man in the back.

    • archer

      According to a Mail online story, Scott may have run because he owed child support for his four children, in SC if you don’t pay you can do jail time. Slager also had a complaint filed by a black man for tasering him and pulling him out of his house for suspected home invasion, but the females followed him to the residence and stated that Slager brutalized the wrong man, it was his much shorter brother who was the perp. The police dept. buried the incident. It don’t look good for Slager.

  • Light from the East

    The current atmosphere in the US is potentially hazardous for whites when dealing with other racial groups of people. In this world, if two groups of people cannot cooperate and create a win-win situation, there come conflicts and destruction of one of either group or both, sooner or later. AR’s readers have identity recognition and confidence so the survival is guaranteed in both situations. But I am not sure about the mindsets of other white people.

  • Tylenol Jones

    Jared Taylor – right as always.

    God Bless You sir.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    I cringe when considering the coming Victim Triumphalism. Blacks will seize it like they do everything, with testosterone and a hundred acts of domination. Have you realized that the act of the cop shooting the black guy in the back will very soon be immortalized in a thousand works of “art” and music? Regard now that quaint little park where you take your lunch break because you won’t be able to eat there for nausea once they put in those two bronze statues.

    I foresee a return to the 1970s in terms of how police deal with crime. It’s time to sell your stock in Gentrification, Inc. This will be good for suburban property values as business centers will follow the wealth/wealthy.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    Finally the poor media can stop chastising itself over the Rolling Stone incident and get back to doing what it enjoys…exposing whitey’s sins.

  • GB101

    This website has already been criticized simply for running the story of this shooting. Some readers will be outraged that we are not standing “in solidarity” with a “white brother.”

    You are right, 100% right, and the critics are dead wrong. I read some of the critical comments and they in effect advocate a system of tribal rights and tribal justice. Same perverse mentality that we see black activists display.

  • kury

    Right you are Jared, this was unexcusable. Thank you for this brave stand

    • Epiminondas

      Brave? Every liberal on the planet is sneering and snickering at him. But now they will demand even MORE debasement of him. It never ends.

  • Alexander Baron

    Without wishing to say anything to prejudice Slager’s trial, there is a different narrative here – us and them. In the US especially the police have ceased to become the servants of the people and have for some time been acting like their masters. Clearly this has to stop, and justice must be done.

    I think too the gun culture has something to do with it; people are shot and killed on the slightest pretext or none; you don’t find that even in the Middle East where there is an armed citizenry.

    • Snazzy Snook

      Spoken like a true blue liberal ..

    • throttler

      Yeah, they just stone people and cut their heads off.

  • Snazzy Snook

    I agree with you Mr. Taylor but, I don’t really see a beef for the opposition .. Michael Slager was arrested for murder and the judge set no bond..
    I mean, what else are we supposed to do, have a public hanging without trial.?.
    No, in my eyes they have NOTHING to protest.. The cop did wrong and is going to be punished, just like every other criminal that gets caught doing a crime..

    • Hank Richter

      But you see, you just made a logical conclusion, if you haven’t noticed, the media and the left don’t follow logical paths in their thinking.

  • Epiminondas

    I am surprised that so many of you are being so quick to call this “murder”. At most it is manslaughter with extenuating circumstances. Liberal whites have created conditions under which dysfunctional black behavior is allowed to run rampant. What I’m seeing here confirms my suspicions that white “conservatives” no longer have the spine to face up the mounting reality of our disintegrating society. This incident is nothing more than what the national press CHOSE to focus on. Like the Eye of Sauron, it sweeps the nation looking for incidents to fit its agenda. We can’t simply pile on a policeman with a good record who made a poor choice in the heat of a violent confrontation. This is war, people. Put down your bibles and THINK.

    • Alexander Baron

      Again, let us not prejudice this guy’s trial. If it is dysfunctional to run away from a police officer issuing a ticket for a trivial motoring offence, how much more dysfunctional is it to shoot a man in the back eight times then plant a taser on him. If this were a black cop and a white motorist, what would you call it? Get real, dude.

    • Hank Richter

      Did you even read the article? Let’s look at your own words: “This incident is nothing more than what the national press CHOSE to
      focus on. Like the Eye of Sauron, it sweeps the nation looking for
      incidents to fit its agenda”

      Yeah, no kidding, which is why this dumbass shouldn’t have done that, and some of you may believe what you wish, but personally I don’t hate other races, I don’t think it’s OK to just kill them for minor offenses, I want to be separate from them, I absolutely know there is a war on and it’s a propaganda war and this cop is scum and I can’t believe anyone would defend him just because of his race, how are you any different than Sharpton?

      Even all that aside, I don’t care what color you are, shooting someone in the back makes you a total pussy, then to try and plant a taser on him – my goodness, what a low life. I have no respect for him as a cop, as a white man, or as a man in general, I hope he rots in jail for the rest of his life.

      • Epiminondas

        You don’t get it. Sauron doesn’t care about justice. Sauron wants power. He wants a revolution. We are the fodder. Grovel all you want, it will only get worse. The Eye will look for another suitable event after this one. And on and on until all resistance is crushed out.

        • Hank Richter

          Yep, here we go, typical Alinsky tactic, you have no argument so put words in my mouth. Never said anything about groveling, right is right, wrong is wrong, skin color doesn’t change that. Supporting someone who is clearly in the wrong is not “resistance”, it’s idiocy and turns potentially receptive people away. You don’t get it, grow up

          • Epiminondas

            You sir, are part of the problem in this nation. It’s spineless fools like you who gave away the store. You would prefer some vague concept of justice over safety for your own society. And if Slager had been killed? You wouldn’t even have KNOWN about it. Pull your head out.

          • Hank Richter

            No, I just don’t hate other races like you do. Right now many in the middle are seeing what lunatics these SJW’s are, then along comes this jackass and then fools like you think standing by a gutless coward corrupt cop is somehow the way to strengthen the white race.

            It’s nitwits like you who brought slaves over here in the first place, it’s nitwits like you who turned dogs on blacks thereby gaining them sympathy, it’s nitwits like you who prevent any rational white person from wanting anything to do with Amren.

            Oh, and BTW, I train at the Fighting Pit in Romulus, MI, anytime you want to check out how “spineless” I am come on down.

    • EiSkogsNisse

      Yes you’d think after Trayvon Martin and Ferguson that people would have learned their lesson and that you shouldn’t immediately jump to conclusions. Unfortunately it seems I’ve been mistaken since here we have the same circus going on again with plenty of people having already made up their minds that Slager should be put on trial for murder.

      Now fortunately you can always count on Vdare to deliver the goods, so here we have a more nuanced piece about this incident:

  • HJ11

    It is a very bad survival strategy to disobey a cop. And, Blacks seem to have that poor strategy in their genes. Couple that with a comply or die attitude on the part of many cops and, well…you get the picture.

    • Alexander Baron

      Perhaps you should get a new picture, motoring offences are not capital in the US as far as I know. There is something called due process. If you endorse or excuse this, you are no better than the blacks who rioted in the wake of the Rodney King trial acquittal, in fact you are worse because they had no brains. Your excuse is?

      These animals get away with this all the time, even in the UK. The names Liddle Towers, James Ashley, Harry Stanley and Ian Tomlinson may mean nothing to you, but they are all white men killed by out of control cops. Towers was beaten to death.

      • HJ11

        Another one with a low I.Q. Please, please don’t be White. You are a disgrace to decent Whites you screaming ninny.

      • HJ11

        Read my comment. I didn’t excuse anything. It actually helps to read and think before you type.

    • Hank Richter

      You are why whites will never advance their own interests, locking elbows with a scumbag that shoots a man in the back is hardly the way to go.

      • HJ11

        You have a reading comprehension problem. Probably related to a low I.Q.

  • ghettovalley

    I could care less about another dead black criminal. But the police in this country do need to be held a little more accountable for their actions. I understand that policing black neighborhoods is more dangerous, certainly more stressful. But I resent the fact that if an officer decides that I move my hand too fast during a traffic stop he can blow my brains out, and receive nothing other than paid leave for doing so. When I was younger growing up in the nineties the police didn’t go around shooting people unless they absolutely had to, and they weren’t driving around in armored personnel carriers with fully automatic high-capacity rifles. Coupled with the control-freak federal government and our widespread domestic surveillance, it’s a disturbing turn of events. We should all be a little concerned. This isn’t exactly the hallmark of a free country.

    • Hank Richter

      Amen to that. Sometimes people get so die hard defending a particular thing they turn a blind eye to another issue just as ugly, or maybe moreso than the one they are complaining about.

  • JGTThrasher

    I agree. It is a matter of honor. Shooting someone in the back who is running away is cowardly. Trying to cover it up is pure corruption. He will be looked at as one of us. I look at him and see a fool.

    • Hank Richter

      Yep, I give him no support at all, in fact if I was on the jury I’d happily vote him guilty and if I was the judge I’d put him in general population, this guy is a low-life at every level, first to do something this stupid in this climate, and second as you say, to shoot someone in the back is pathetic. For people to try and suggest his skin color changes that is just stupid.

  • Realist

    “If that would not be an excellent way to let the air out of Al Sharpton’s and Jesse Jackson’s race hustling balloon, then I can’t think of any better way to do it.”

    You live in a dream world.

    • Michael Robert Ryan

      Yeah, we now have a black president and not even that has mollified them. Only a fool would believe at this point that they will ever be satisified. There can be no peaceful coexistence with them. Total separation is the only option.

      • Realist

        ” Total separation is the only option.’
        And it should be an option.

  • Turns out there was no outstanding warrant, child support or otherwise:

    I think this makes sense. There might not have actually been a warrant, but Scott thought because he was getting pulled over that there was one. So he ran thinking he was either going to get away or die trying. What this also means is that Slager wasn’t done checking Scott before Scott made a run for it, so Slager might have thought that Scott was really wanted for something serious, otherwise, why run? If Scott doesn’t run, Slager would have found out that Scott didn’t have any warrants, and would have let him go.

    This may well change the nature of the debate of the actual confrontation. But then there’s still the outstanding matter of everyone lied on the paperwork after the fact.

    It also means that it’s manslaughter at worst for Slager.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Why would there have to be an outstanding warrant? If a person has chosen to end their life, for example, by suicide-by-cop, would a warrant for that person’s arrest be necessary? And did you mind meld with Mr. Scott just before he was shot and get his assurance that he wasn’t committing suicide-by-cop? Just like Saint Swisher Sweet? And if you can’t say for sure that Scott was or was not committing suicide-by-cop, doesn’t this police officer deserve due process??

      • The matter of there being an outstanding warrant and what it was for would be crucial to the TN vs Garner standard examination of whether his shooting the fleeing unarmed Scott being justified or not. However, we now know that Slager didn’t know whether or not there were any warrants, because he was waiting for that info back in his squad car when he saw Scott get out of his own car and run. What else was Slager to think? If I was in Slager’s shoes, I’d think that he was running because he was wanted for a violent felony, and all my interactions with him from that point forward would be based on that assumption. Including the decision to shoot him in the back as he was running away from me.

        As for Scott, well, the reason I think Scott wanted to do SBC is that Scott knows his own circumstances, and if I was in his shoes and knew what I knew about myself but nothing else, I’d be assuming that I was being pulled over on yet another child support warrant, (he might have thought one was recently issued, when we know for sure that was not the case), when I know I’ve already been to jail 10 times for child support matters. Even then, one doesn’t spend much time in jail for child support. So why would I make a run for it? Answer: I was so tired of having to go to jail for child support that I was either going to outrun the whole matter now or hope that the cop mows me down.

        The news that there was never any active warrant for Scott’s arrest, child support or otherwise, is the logical game changer in this question, as far as I’m concerned. For a lot of people, the video that came out yesterday of Scott getting out of his car and running was enough of a PR/optics game changer. It’s like Mike Brown and Darren Wilson all over again, in an eerie way: August 15 was the day the quickie mart security stills were released, but I wasn’t convinced until August 18 when Eric S. Raymond did his analysis of the first autopsy. PR and optics before the logic.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          “….shooting the fleeing unarmed Scott being justified or not.”

          Arm-chair quarterbacking. Saint Swisher Sweet was unarmed, too. And 300 lbs. of attitude–attitude that could easily deliver.

          Scott was able to part Slager with his taser, and it doesn’t look as though Scott was frisked or his car checked for weapons–since it was a peaceful stop! More osmosis on your part. How did Slager know Scott was “unarmed”? Scott could have easily armed himself with a weapon inside the car just before he bolted.

          And why did he bolt? Did he just kill someone? Was the car stolen? Without the 20/20 osmosis machine owned by the arm-chair quarterback, Slager could not have known. Suddenly bolting generates a variety of impulses.

          And, again, “warrants” is projection on your part. It is not understood that “warrants” are a pre-requisite. It is projection. Plenty of cops get killed every year by people without “warrants”.

          • Let me put it to you this way. If Slager wants to spend only a little bit of time in prison and not a long time, then he better say that he didn’t have the info back yet that Scott didn’t have any warrants, and stick to that story, and hope that it can’t be proven otherwise. Otherwise, they’ll apply the TN v Garner razor to the matter, and Slager will flunk it, meaning manslaughter at least and probably murder two.

            Swisher was running toward and directly at and lunging at Wilson.

            You’re right, in that Slager, without yet knowing that Scott had no warrants, had to make a lot of split second assumptions when he saw Scott run. And far from being anybody’s projection or anybody’s osmosis machine or anybody’s armchair QBing, the lack of warrants is going to make the crucial difference here between Slager only being convicted of the process crimes involving his cover ups and lying and throwing down, and also being convicted of a violent felony.

  • I would like to see him get acquitted by an all-White jury! I am sick of this! Let us start to be as racist to blacks as they have been to us. Remember OJ Simpson, if you can. Remember the Duke Lacrosse boys as well. Stop kissing up to, I won’t say the word, for fear of getting moderated, but you know what I mean.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      You beat me to it…

  • slobotnavich

    It’s about time we had the oft-demanded but never actually performed “discussion about race in this country.” How about starting off with an acknowledgement that black Africans suffer an average 15-20 point deficit against Caucasions, even greater when compared with Asians. Criminal elements, white, black, or whatever, usually display less than average intelligence, the persistent re-invention of genius criminals by Hollywood notwithstanding. Our prison populations are overwhelmingly black, despite they’re being only about 11% of the total population of this nation. No problem can ever be solved by ignoring the “root causes,” however unpalatable and potentially hazardous they may be to certain elements of our political leadership.

  • Lee_CPA

    My main concern is that the decision to charge Officer Slager was made solely on the basis of the evidence and not for political reasons. If the sentence “We need to charge Slager or else we will have a bunch of blacks rioting” ever came up in the discussion, then yes, we have a problem.

  • Who Me?

    Okay, I agree with Mr. Taylor. This officer made the wrong decision and he’s ruined his life, broke his wife’s heart, and shamed his child even before his/her birth. He’s also going to be held up as an example of white racism now and forevermore for that wrong decision. We don’t know what caused him to react the way he did, it doesn’t really matter at this point. That decision cost a man his life. The victim may not have been a model of uprightness in every decision he made, but the non-payment of child support should not cost a man his life, especially when he is fleeing AWAY from the officer attempting to arrest him. It’s also going to make things worse for all of us as White Americans. We’re already born guilty of racism, this is just more “proof” of it.

    There is another subject I’d like to address here. It has been nearly a week now since this incident. Where is the outrage? Why haven’t the black leaders charged into Charleston with bullhorns and speeches and screaming relatives of the victim? Why are there no riots in the streets, looting of stores and blockading of highways? Is it because THIS particular black victim really was a victim? Because he was not a thug? The last two or three “victims” of “white racism” were outright thugs, and the black leaders raised the roof for them. Why not this one?

    • Epiminondas

      Southern blacks are not as volatile, that’s why. But the media keep pushing them in that direction. They are never held to the same standards as whites. And that is going to destroy us.

      • Who Me?

        You looked at a map lately? Last time I did, Florida (St. Skittles) and Missouri (the Gentle Giant) were both southern states.

        • Epiminondas

          Don’t make me laugh. Orlando and St. Louis are every bit as Southern as Newark.

  • I can easily see a scenario where the only thing Slager and the other cops involved get prosecuted for is the cover-ups, the lying on police report, and the throwing down of the taser. I would not be at all surprised now if there’s no criminal conviction that comes out of the act of Slater shooting Scott.

    The cover up is always worse than the crime, ask Richard Nixon.

    • Christopher Perrien

      Moving the taser, if that is what the object was, falls under securing evidence at the incident scene. Standard (legal)police procedure. The Officer would have been derelict in his duties leaving an unsecured weapon that far away, where it could be picked up by a civilian.

      It may look like tampering to the untrained eye, but it is not.
      The officer did this in full view of another officer and a witness taping the scene.

  • Hammerheart

    Well said Mr. Taylor. I’ve been saying this for a long time. We can’t win this battle by trying to appeal to the opposition’s sense of reason and logic. This is unconventional warfare ladies and gents. A good first step would be broadcasting the all too numerous cases of heinous black on white crimes involving murder, rape, and torture.

    For every Scott shooting we have a dozen Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Get the word out there.

  • Michael North

    Why does someone trained in the use of firearms need eight shots to bring down someone who poses no threat? Black or white, uniform or not, he shouldn’t be allowed to carry a weapon.

    • Who Me?

      Running human beings don’t hold still like paper targets on a firing range. And sometimes, if they are on drugs or something, they still have a lot of fight left in them after only one or two shots. Police protocol teaches officers to fire until the target is down.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Jared doesn’t usually snap at carrots dangling from cultural Marxists sticks. This article should be about the hypocrisy and double standard of the disproportionate black-on-white crime. This South Carolina case should be a continuing example of how the Mainstream Marxist Media “controls the narrative”. I will wait for a John Derbyshire or a Nicholas Stix to see that light.

    Why isn’t the black cop who shot unarmed Dillon Taylor the poster child for the Africans? Why isn’t the left branding him the symbol of African America and: “He will be seen as one of us–and he let us down.” ?

    You are snapping at carrots dangling from cultural Marxist sticks, Mr. Taylor. Ironically, the same surname as Dillon Taylor, martyred at the hands of the American African who represents all American Africans. “He will be seen as one of them–and he let them down.”

    • AndrewInterrupted


  • jayvbellis

    When I went to University in Nashville TN in the mid 80s, Nashville police really did have a policy of shooting unarmed fleeing suspects. I once ran away from cops and shots were fired.

    Here is one instance where Liberals are right, police should not shoot unarmed fleeing suspects.

    • Tennessee vs Garner is actually quality policy.

      • jayvbellis

        QD can I send you the best of Occidental Dissent magazine I made? I think it came out very well.

  • Dan Cooper

    He yells “Tazer” because that’s the protocol. He needs to warn him that noncompliance will result in tazer. He also warns him later that “if you do that, I have to shoot”

  • Ringo Lennon

    Rogue cop, huh? Hope they put him down.

  • Hank Richter

    That makes no sense and has nothing to do with anything he said.

  • Chris Chringle

    Yes indeed. The mainstream media is already beginning the frenzy. And, trust me; they don’t care about the black man who was shot & executed. In fact, that’s what they want. I just read an article in TheNation, proudly stating how this shooting “silences the critics”. Yet, when I attempted to comment on that article, the Comments were Closed. I was gonna ask: Where are the statistics showing that Whites are killing blacks? They can’t just focus on isolated incidents, without giving statistics.

    • Christopher Perrien

      I am fairly confident that the truth of this incident will blow up in their face, like most have in the past.

      • Director

        It always does.

  • Hank Richter

    Oh please, why don’t you stop being such a drama queen. Hey you want to have a white town full of POS scum like this guy who would cowardly shoot people in the back, have at it.

    Sorry, but unlike you being white is not the only qualification I consider when it comes to the type of community I’d like to live in, it is one quality, but by far not the only.

  • Hank Richter

    What does that even mean?

  • historian5931 .

    I agree with this article. I’ve seen some awakened people try to sort of defend the cop but this is one case that can’t be defended. As usual I’m sure that there are at least 10 cases of whites being killed by blacks in the same week that the media ignored before finding this case but nevertheless the cop was not justified and should not be defended. He has humiliated whites and our cause and he has definitely humiliated police and ignited hatred against them in a time when they are more hated and slandered then possibly any time in history.

  • Cliven Owens

    A good summary Mr. Taylor and we all appreciate your perspective on this. Indeed, during a time like this, when racial strife in running rampant in America today, following the controversial incident in Ferguson, Whites are being depicted as a vile and lamentable race because of our “privilege” and our “aggression”. Witnessing these so-called “atrocities” in the media perpetrated by the “murderous” White cops killing the “innocent” Blacks, we are now seeing a race war being fertilized on US soil. As we are now seeing Blacks demand justice with “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” and “Black Lives Matter” banners littering the streets throughout America, Whites look on with self-hatred and guilt by racial association.

    Having said that, I would like to say that there is another angle here. An angle that may upset people here because of its polemic and contentious stance.

    I am talking about the controlled mass media and the use of propaganda.

    Many of you folks DO KNOW that the Whites do not control the media and the last time I checked, Blacks do not control the media either.

    Now, I am not going to say which ethnic group or race does control the media, but the point I want to make here is that the media is portraying the White race as something that is morally reprehensible and deleterious to the peace and prosperity to the minority groups and minority races in America including the European states that at the moment maintains a White majority.

    My point here is this: We are being demonized and blamed for EVERYTHING wrong that is going in the world today. We are being accused of things that Whites are not even a part of, such as, income inequality and privilege in the West. Now we must ask ourselves the most obvious question: Do Whites control the banks and do they control the media? Did Whites create the major depression that happened in 2008 and 1929 that displaced millions of families throughout the West?

    Think about it. What other race is not being talked about that is GETTING AWAY WITH EVERYTHING in the world today???

    • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

      All you need to do is look at how they destroyed South Africa. Same plan, same actions here in the US, and likely every other white nation until they’ve exterminated us. I’ll be surprised if both of our comments aren’t deleted. You can’t talk about that here, every truth BUT that, apparently.

      • Cliven Owens

        I understand this website is pro-White and I do support that, but I think whining about the fact that we are being oppressed is not going to change anything.

        This is not only an ideological war, this a racial war. A “special” minority has ruled this country since the beginning of 19th century, and following WW2, they have control of virtually all institutions, major corporations, think tanks, political movements, etc.

        It’s time we wake up to this reality, now, and quit lying to ourselves that it is not happening. Period.

        • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

          Totally agree, but it seems most whites refuse to even consider the overwhelming evidence. You can’t even discuss the issue without being banned on even the most race-real websites. If we could get people to acknowledge it, starting with just LOOKING at the evidence, we might get somewhere. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. Anything else is wasting time, you don’t start rebuilding a house while it’s on fire and that’s essentially what people are trying to do. If that issue was handled, everything else would fall into place.

          • LexiconD1

            Pretty sure most know, they just don’t say it out loud (or write it.) It’s one of those ‘unmentionable’ subjects.

  • Alexander Baron

    Why do so many people on this forum find it impossible to get their heads around this matter? This isn’t about whites being demonised; anyone who defends Slager’s actions and says Scott deserved it, should be demonised. Who will you defend next, Jeffrey Dahmer? Get real.

    • Magician

      I am not saying the officer did the right thing. I am just wondering why he kept on running even when he heard gunshots. Would you keep on running, if you are running away from a police officer, and start hearing gunshots?

      • Alexander Baron

        Seven shots were fired in quick succession and then an eighth. Clearly Scott made a big mistake; I have no idea why he ran. At worse he was committing a trivial, technical offence. Like I said, I don’t want to say anything that would prejudice Slager’s trial but you should stop thinking of these people as “one of us”. If you don’t care about Scott then care about Randy Weaver.

        • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

          Randy Weaver was a TOTALLY different situation. His whole family was murdered…just totally different.

      • Ringo Lennon

        It’s irrelevant why he kept running. You cant shoot an unarmed fleeing man for a minor offense.

        • Director

          He fought over a weapon.

      • Cato

        Heck, I would run even FASTER!

    • mikey7777

      too bad I’ll kick your azz next

  • Earl P. Holt III

    His conviction by an all-White jury won’t do a thing: You sound as if you think savage blacks like Sharpton and Jackson will somehow be touched by our sincerity!

    Better that Sanger should be acquitted by an all-WHITE jury — engaged in jury nullification — just like THEY routinely do it to us…

  • Chris Chringle

    Question. Why does the media try to connect all incidents spanning 6 months? They’re treating this shooting as though it’s an extension of Ferguson. Yet, when we’re faced with hundreds of examples showing blacks committing crimes against whites, the media says that it’s racist to notice. And, even if statistics back my claims, the incidents are never grouped together to promote an overall issue.

    • Cliven Owens

      Just keep this handy when you debate with a Black, Jew or a Liberal. Remember, when truth is by your side, you can’t lose an argument. The people who control the media hate the truth, they despise it.

      • ViktorNN

        Nice graphic.

  • mikefromwichita

    I must be missing something here. Walter Scott was a career criminal with an active warrant against him. He resisted arrest. The law always allows (indeed almost requires) ANY level of force required to overcome resistance.

  • Ellis Kurtz

    A white cop killed an unarmed black, lied about it, and got caught only because someone videoed him.

    But obviously the autopsy will show that Scott was shot in the back, so we don’t need the video for that piece of data. According to police interviewed on TV, the only reason a policeman may shoot a person in the back is when he poses a danger to the policeman or the public, eg when a deranged man with a knife is running toward a group of schoolchildren. No explanation of that kind could be contrived in this case.

    • Director

      That’s not the law.

      • Ellis Kurtz

        Yes it is.

    • J_Bonaccorsi_Philadelphia

      “No explanation of that kind could be contrived in this case.”

      We don’t yet know all that occurred in the time between Scott’s running from the car, in the dashcam video, and his bolting from Slager, in the bystander video. It’s not clear, in other words, that Slager was without probable cause to regard the fleeing Scott as a danger.

      • Ellis Kurtz

        A danger to whom?

  • Cliven Owens

    Tell me if this is an authentic interview. Please see below.

    At 2:28, the “brother” of the man who was “shot and killed” was interviewed by CNN’s Jake Tapper. Do you think someone, who’s brother was “murdered” just a couple days before, would react in this fashion during the interview. Looks like he read from a script, and there were times when he smile (like this was all a joke) while he was talking.

    Also, the video of the shooting is lacking substance. Where are there holes in the guy’s shirt and where are the blood spots while he is subdued minutes later in handcuffs while the camera is still rolling? Something does not add up here folks.


  • Evette Coutier

    I’m making a retraction of my earlier comment. I just watched a slow motion replay of the video, and it showed clearly that Scott had attacked Slayer and attempted to take his taser. Under the law, in a Supreme Court Decision, if someone flees from a cop, and the cop believes the person fleeing is a danger to him or others, he may use lethal force to stop the individual. Assaulting a cop is a felony, and attempting to disarm the cop, is grounds to assume the individual is a danger to others. The cop acted within the law.

    • I’ve watched that video several times at several speeds. I’m not seeing any Scott on Slater attack or taser grab, unless you’re seeing a different video. However, if you’re right, then everything is moot, because TN v Garner permits deadly force against fleeing suspects in the happenstance that the suspect threatened the life of the cop. And a taser can be a deadly weapon. What would also be rendered moot if you’re right is what I wrote above in my long comments earlier today here in this thread, about the question of what Slager knew or didn’t know about Scott’s warrant status (or lack thereof) and when he did or didn’t know it.

      • Evette Coutier

        I watched a slow motion of the video before the camera hopped the fence. It was very clear that they were struggling over the taser. I can’t speak to the issue of what was going on in the cops mind.

        • You see what you see, I don’t see it.

          But our disagreement misses the point.

          That’s actually good news for Michael Slager.

          If you see Scott attacking Slager and trying to take his taser, and I don’t, then I don’t see any way of there being any 12 people from that county that will see what I see in order to find that Slager used force not square with TN v Garner. Remember, Slager will be the one on trial, and 12 out of 12 jurors have to find him guilty, which means 12 out of 12 jurors will have to see it my way. If even one sees it your way, then Slager’s bacon is saved, at least in terms of any murder or manslaughter charges.

          • Evette Coutier

            I don’t see it as a good thing. I believe Slater went way over the line and used unnecessary force. In my opinion he executed him. However, if Slater can establish he had reason to believe Scott was dangerous to others, then I think he’ll get off. If I find the link to what I saw I will post it.

          • Chasmania

            Anyone else thinking of the sh1tstorm that will be unleashed if the LEO gets found innocent of murder charges ? It’ll make the Rodney King riots look like a birthday party.

            Even if they find the cop guilty of evidence tampering, manslaughter…whatever. The blacks and progressives will be shrieking for blood.

            I wouldn’t want to live anywhere near a city with an even moderate black presence, as they would be hitting the streets REGARDLESS of outcome, the outcome will just determine severity and breadth of their “outrage”.

          • Evette Coutier

            It’s possible especially now that summer is near.

            I wouldn’t want to live anywhere near a city with a black presence regardless of the times. I lived in Detroit, and violence is a way of live for them. They are looking for ant excuse to escalate that violent nature justified of not.

          • Chasmania

            Excellent point about the weather.

          • Evette Coutier


            Please review and let me know your thoughts.

          • There’s no video there, the page comes up 404.

    • Ringo Lennon

      Tell me one police department who allows a cop to shoot an unarmed fleeing man in the back for a minor offense.

      • Evette Coutier

        I was speaking to the law and the Supreme Court ruling on the matter. It’s silly to expect me to have a knowledge of specific police department practices. I suspect you don’t either.

  • Cid Campeador

    You’re spot on Mr.Taylor. As you mentioned, this cop has let us down and in addition, has put a target on the back of every cop in the US. This pot can’t boil much longer before its lid is blown.

  • Hank Richter

    The one I and 30 others are moving to, I’d invite you but last thing we need is someone coming along who would shoot us in the back rather than face us like a man.

  • Hank Richter

    Actually I don’t worry about “Hutu and the Tutsi” because I would never be a white cop in a black town.

    • LexiconD1

      I’d worry about them, if I were you. Obama is importing them here by the boatload.

      • Hank Richter

        Is there anyone here who replies without twisting what was said? By all means, dazzle me with your ideas of what to do about “Hutu and the Tutsi”.

        • LexiconD1

          Do do anything, let them continue coming. Hope they all end up living right next to YOU.

          Along with Mexicans, Guatemalans, Haitians, Somalis, amongst others.

          Hey you figure it out.

          • Hank Richter

            Nice dodge there, I’ll ask again, what are you “doing” about any of this aside from posting on a message board?

          • LexiconD1

            Oh, I failed to get it…only a couple hundred posts….you’re a banned poster with a new account. Never mind then.

          • Hank Richter


  • Xanthippe2

    Is there any other ethnic group that requires, or even expects, perfection from every single one of its members? Hope not because that would be impossible.

    How long will it be before no decent White will want to be a cop? Then it will be like Mexico or a hundred other countries where cops become cops not to serve the public but rather for the bribes and other “fringe benefits.”

  • Michigan Patriot

    Amen !

  • HJ11

    Seems like an unnecessary column.

  • puffdaddy

    Thank you Jared. God bless you.

  • Charles Martel

    I would like to see the gap in the video tape. The woman and thug attack cop after 27+ video edits, 2 felonies on video removed and curses silenced out became “cops shot van with kids”

  • Evette Coutier

    I’m not defending him. I think he was totally in the wrong, and it was murder, and an abuse of power. But anymore right and wrong have nothing to do with our legal system or the law. If he was within the law, then nothing legally can be done.

  • Charles Martel

    Ok we missed the story of the 3rd grade teacher in Philly that had her class send get well cards to a cop killer.
    Marilyn Zuniga, third grade teacher at Forest Street School in Orange, New Jersey, suspended without pay. She had her students write letters to former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal who was hospitalized at Schuykill Medical Center in Pennsylvania

    • LexiconD1

      I Googled her name…Wow, that is an awful story. She’s so damn lucky my kid wasn’t in her class. I hope they fire her next week.

    • I am outraged by this as well. But not surprised. Why should I be? A college actually had this murderer give the commencement address from prison, and , until recently, my local library actually had books written by him on the shelf! (I and others complained, and these books were removed.)

  • AskandEmbla

    The truth is that all of us are grasping at straws. The legal system will *hopefully* get to the bottom of this. In the meantime, it’s not at all honorable to throw one of our own prematurely under the bus.

    • Borachio

      Agreed. We don’t have all the facts, and as likely as not, half of what we’ve been told is either deliberately misleading or an outright pack of lies.

      We’ve been here before. A lot. Recently.

      The whole country went into hysterics about the “murders” of St. Trayvon and the Gentle Giant, not to mention the completely fabricated UVA gang rape story. Later on, when the facts finally came to light, the damage had been done. That’s how our enemies are destroying America and Western civilization in general.

      We can’t stop the process because we don’t control the media or the government, but we can at least refrain from supporting it.

  • CalMark

    Beautifully said, Jared – as usual. Thank you.

  • Garrett Brown

    The video screams fake. No blood, no smoke from the fired Glock(anyone who owns a Glock knows exactly what I’m referring to), the man continue a normal stride after supposedly being hit five times by a 40 Smith and Wesson bullet. The camera man magically appears right when the Negro runs… fake fake fake.

  • JustSayin

    I think Mr. Slager deserves a fair trial with an outcome based on facts. Facts I have no doubt the media narrative will fail to portray, but will never the less come to light, as they always do. What’s a shame is that a race upon which so much effort, energy, and money has been expended in order to render them as “equal” to Whites nevertheless requires such attention be paid to their special little needs for being the precious little snowflakes that they are.

  • Illidan Stormragge

    I would say there is a lot missing to the story. The officer has to do some time since he planted evidence and clearly used excessive force. But no one knows what happened in between. It’s pretty much a fact that there was some sort of confrontation and a taser was fired and the defense can argue he feared for the safety of others. But the sad truth is, he has to do some time since he did not act professionally.

  • Garrett Brown

    The video screams fake. No blood, no smoke from the fired Glock(anyone who owns a Glock knows exactly what I’m referring to), the man continues a normal stride after supposedly being hit five times by a 40 Smith and Wesson bullet. The camera man magically appears right when the Negro runs(jogs? Leaping strides? Tip toeing?)… fake fake fake

    • Chasmania

      There was blood, it’s just very difficult to see. Now if you mean there’s not a fountain of blood gushing from the guys back ? GSWs don’t typically look like what movies portray them as.

      As far as the lack of smoke….You did notice the crud quality of the video, plus distance PLUS the fact that the background was a white building ?

      Guy still running after being shot ? Stories and examples abound of people going on for quite some time, let alone the few seconds you seem to be astounded by. By my count the guys step is already starting to falter less than 5 seconds after the first shot and he drops not too long afterwards.

      The black guy nearby who filmed it ? The city is almost HALF BLACK ! 2010 census shows a 46.69% Non-Hispanic African American population. Heck, I’m surprised there aren’t MORE videos surfacing of the whole foot chase.

      • Garrett Brown

        Where is the blood? Also, 240p quality videos on YouTube of someone firing a gun still shows smoke from a Glock. Your rebuttals are emotionally based.

    • brior

      Tell that to the people that witnessed the shooting!

      • Garrett Brown

        … Who?

  • Hank Richter

    Oh, gee, well that clears it all up then.

  • LackawannaErie

    This is the new reality in America, everything will be seen through the prism of race, everything. Conservatives want to complain about it but when they had a chance to stop it, they always declined and supported globalists and neocons instead. Now they want to complain about it.

  • TheHBD

    Nicholas Stix has an interesting article on this over at Vdare. Up until a Supreme Court decision in 1985, in a sizable number of states it was perfectly legal to shoot a fleeing suspect. The reasoning is that anyone fleeing from the police must have a reason (i.e. they broke the law somehow) is a potential danger to society as a whole. Maybe to avoid capture they might take a hostage, or steal a car and run someone down in their frenzy to get away. The point is that most of this would not happen without the rampant black criminality which pervades our society. I firmly believe that the only answer is that white police should just stop policing in black areas. Let them descend into anarchy and just concentrate on upholding civilization in white areas.

    • Alexander Baron

      So a 12 year old shoplifter can be shot? What about a delusional woman who thinks the police coming towards her are Satanists who are going to torture, rape and murder her?

      Here is a new word for you: proportionality.

      • nexus974

        Which is why it’s no longer legal.

      • Director

        In an uncharacteristically rigorously-argued dissent, Judge Sandra Day O’Connor (seconded by Justice Rehnquist and Chief Justice Burger) countered:

        “[T]he Court effectively creates a Fourth Amendment right allowing a burglary suspect to flee unimpeded from a police officer who has probable cause to arrest, who has ordered the suspect to halt, and who has no means short of firing his weapon to prevent escape. I do not believe that the Fourth Amendment supports such a right, and I accordingly dissent.”

        Ignoring her helped to create the hoaxes we now endure every Spring and late Summer in Urban America.

    • jayvbellis

      Once a blue moon, American liberals are right. The old laws, procedures where police could shoot to kill fleeing suspects, those were bad laws, bad procedures and were rightly changed.

      I was once a bit of a rebellious college student, doing rather typical College boy stunts. I once ran from police. Shots were fired.

      The policeman here apparently lost his cool, lost his reason after being in a violent fight with a dangerous, aggressive low life, who was also rather stupid. If you don’t attack police officers you’ll be fine.

      But, no – no matter the provocation , police can not shoot unarmed people who are running away.

      • curri

        Oddly enough, both the black and the cop were Coast Guard veterans-and you have have to have an above average IQ to enter the Coast Guard. But maybe they have lower standards for blacks.

  • jayvbellis

    Sandra is just being a confused woman.

    Police should not and must not be judge, jury and executioner and shoot to kill unarmed robbery suspects.

  • TCA

    “Close your eyes, think of England, and pull the trigger.”
    “Well you’re in it now. Up to your neck!”
    Guns of Navarrone

  • jayvbellis

    If the bank robbers till has a gun, then yes the police can shoot the guy. Unarmed, no.

  • Evette Coutier

    If Slager is not found guilty, blacks will riot across the country. If Slager is found guilty, blacks may riot anyway. They are looking for any excuse to rob the liquor store. However, a guilty verdict will empower them, and assaults on whites will escalate. Either way this will elevate the black war against whites. It’s time for us to sit back and enjoy the abuse blacks will inflict on whites stupid enough to frequent black communities. The violence will escalate the divide between us and them, and encourage reasonable whites to further question the merits of diversity. It is a sacrifice, but one that must be paid for whites to wake up and grow a pair.

    • Spikeygrrl

      Respectfully, I must disagee. Both the Leftist cabal in high places and the typical wanna-hang-with-the-Cool-Kids Leftists on the street will be aroused all over again by this “sorry tale of [anti-Black, is there any other kind?] racism run amok.”

      And that will suck all the oxygen out of the room in which we should be discussing: Iran; the Norks; the daily peril which terrorist “Palestinians” continue to inflict on our staunch ally, Israel; the systematic castration of the US Armed Forces; and the forced, preschool-unto-death acceptance of Homosexual Mirage, Mixed-Race Mirage, and (it makes my teeth hurt even to THINK IT!) all the miscegenated beige babies and kids adopted by homosexuals who are going to need a TON of psychiatry when this national brain-fever finally passes.

      • Evette Coutier

        Hi Spikey. You make good points. I think what happens is white people tend to side with Blacks until the blacks riot. If the Blacks would control themselves and play the sympathy card, then I’m certain they’d win this round. However, if violence escalates, whites start to turn against them. Whites are sympathizers to underdogs, the perceived mistreated, and the pathetic. When Blacks become violent, they are viewed as a threat. This changes their status.

        I agree that all the issues you cited are of grave concern. But they tend to be beyond the scope of this website. Prepare yourself and your loved ones. Things will get ugly before they get better. But we will break through to the other side. I have no doubt of this. It just requires patience and an iron will on our part.

        • Kenner

          Evette, Ferguson was a turning point. Whites may condemn this officer, but what was seen of blacks by whites over the past two years cannot be unseen. Yes, the riots; but more, the endless lies from those that promote the ‘narrative’.

          • Cato

            For a lot of folks, Trayvon was the turning point.

          • Evette Coutier

            You point is well made. In a real sense, folks like us stand at a critical point in history. We are the Jeffersons of our times. While others has hid their heads in the sand, or have allowed themselves to be brainwashed, we have stood against an Orwellian government and culture. Eventually thy will no longer be able to deny the truth of race as genetic evidence overwhelms their narrative, and we will remain standing as the only rational people who fought for truth.

            Every riot works in our favor. Governments throughout history have always tried to control the masses through distortions of the truth, but truth has a way of surviving. Their animalistic nature and low intelligence cannot be hidden, and propaganda cannot sustain the lie long term. Blacks are an under evolved ethnic group.

        • Spikeygrrl

          Thanks for the thoughtful reply.

          However, I strongly believe that global geopolitics has everything to do with local racial politics. No matter how well we clean up individual neighborhoods, how much is that going to matter when the bombs start dropping on our country for a change? Rubble-by-Islam is going to look exactly like rubble-by-Nork…and it’s all going to look like Detroit.

          At that point I hope to goodness that we’ve allied with Putin’s majority-White Russia than with anybody’s China.

          • Evette Coutier

            I tend to agree philosophically, but right now I’d settle for a few local wins. I’m really hoping a more southern nation becomes the bastion of white nationalism. Our unfortunate reality is that both sub-Saharan Africans and middle easterners are so violent they cannot get along with anyone including themselves, and whites have become pathologically soft. But this is part of the evolutionary selection process. Eventually, the failed white folks will Darwin themselves out of the gene pool, and the better strains of genetics will survive. It’s only a matter of time.

      • JohnnySmoggins

        What do Iran and the Palestinian right to return to “Israel” have to do with White Nationalism and why should “we” be discussing it?

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      And get free Air Jordan’s. Rioting is the only way they can get them.

  • I think it’s going to be all but impossible for the prosecution to get a conviction of a violent felony against Slager for his having shot and killed Scott. Even in the TN v Garner legal climate. Remember, the prosecution has to convince all 12 jurors, and in this case, if even one of the 12 jurors thinks that Slager didn’t know that Scott had no warrants, or if even one of the 12 thinks that Scott actually did attack Slager and try to grab his taser, then it’s all over for the prosecution. IOW, the prosecution has to prove to all 12 jurors unanimously that Slager knew that Scott wasn’t wanted for anything by the time Scott got out of his car and ran, and at the same time prove to all of them that what is seen in that sail foam video for those mysterious few seconds is absolutely not an attack and an attempt to grab the taser. That’s what the prosecution needs to do in order to keep Slager from being able to use the TN v Garner exceptions.

    Slager is probably going to get convicted of process crimes relating to lying on paperwork and covering up and planting evidence.

    • jayvbellis

      Best thing to happen is plea bargain, 2nd degree manslaughter. Police serves 8 years protected, learns fluent Spanish, changes his name and becomes a cop in the Dominican Republic. dR is on the same island as Haiti, Hispanics hate Blacks, want to be Whiter – he’ll get a good job, an Hispanic wife.

  • Ellis Kurtz

    The obvious answer to the last question is “no”, which was my original point. that doesn’t mean his defense counsel won’t try to use it, since that is about all they have.

    • J_Bonaccorsi_Philadelphia

      I know what your original point was; my original point was equally clear.

      • Ellis Kurtz

        You believe that Slager had cause to believe Scott posed a danger of serious physical harm to others? On what basis? Just because he struggled with the officer because he did not want to be tased does not mean he is going to shoot up a school or murder his girlfriend. Given that Scott was running away, Slager had no cause to believe he was in danger.

        • J_Bonaccorsi_Philadelphia

          “You believe that Slager had cause to believe Scott posed a danger of serious physical harm to others?”

          This is the first and only time I’ll answer a pointless question from you. I have said it is “not clear … that Slager was without probable cause.”

          For the record: You’re probably right that Slager had no reason to think that Scott was “going to shoot up a school or murder his girlfriend.” On the other hand, there were nearby buildings, with employee cars in parking lots; officers were converging on the scene (and in fact, one of them arrived within moments of Slager’s felling of Scott). From what has so far been reported, it’s not clear to me that Slager, on the basis of what had gone on between Scott and him, thought it was safe for him (Slager) to tangle again with Scott or to allow the fleeing Scott to encounter other persons.

          PS Now that I think about it, the question that would be before the court would probably be as follows:

          “Is it reasonable to think Officer Slager had probable cause to believe that the fleeing Scott posed a threat of serious physical harm, either to him (Slager) or to others?”

          In other words, the question would be not “did he have” but “is it reasonable to think he had” probable cause. If it’s reasonable to think that—whether one is convinced of it—then it’s reasonable to doubt he was without probable cause, and thus he is not guilty of murder or manslaughter.

          Let’s note that the State of South Carolina has not yet secured an indictment of Slager (though the solicitor for the trial court with North Charleston jurisdiction has said she’ll pursue one). From the information that has so far come before the public, it’s not clear—to layman me, anyway—that the state will be able to secure even that.

          • Ellis Kurtz

            Whether or not my question is pointless, your response certainly is.

          • J_Bonaccorsi_Philadelphia

            Then do yourself a favor: Converse only with persons who want to discuss your Hollywood scenarios, about the shooting up of schools, or knife-wielding psychos on the attack against schoolchildren or in communication with orbiting laser cannons or whatever it is you’re prattling about. Those of us in the real world will try to understand what happened in this encounter between Slager and Scott.

  • Alexander Baron

    Two men sharing the same bed (or cubicle) do not constitute “a couple”. In any case the analogy is flawed, unless you cannot see the difference between snubbing a man for whatever reason (ie refusing to engage) or emptying your gun into his back and then planting evidence to make it look like you may have been at risk.

  • Ellis Kurtz

    Nice try, but stealing a car is not the same thing as car jacking. Slager had no reason to believe Scott would attempt to get away by car jacking.

  • Cid Campeador

    Let’s never forget ” F–k dat White B—h. She don’t mean nuthin’ to me” . These primitives (no other term is as adequate) are still eating, working out, getting free medical and dental care, sodomizing other inmates (generally young Whites) when possible; all on the taxpayers of Tennessee. While Channon and Christian lie in their graves as a result of being out for an evening while White. Believe it or not, there are STILL some people out there who never heard of this horror.

    • ….and yet blacks still act as though they are the “oppressed” minority. I share your outrage, and will not say all that I really feel, even here, or I would probably get banned from this site and investigated by the FBI.

  • Ella

    Honestly, I think this case is about Slager’s judgement call to use some or deadly force against Scott. He resisted arrest twice and possibly tased from one video so that officer used proper procedures at first to stop the fleeing suspect. Slager did NOT know if he was dangerous or plainly, a stupid man who fled the scene over a minor warrant. Again, the public has a hindsight bias (more information) and can judge Slager for his poor choices. I think he should be fired and also, tried for manslaughter. Maybe, US police should start using rubber bullets during these chases. There are some solutions and other weapons looking at the realities of Blacks resisting arrest.

  • My statement that it’s good policy is based on just plain common decency, not racial thinking. There should be restrictions on LEOs’ use of lethal force.

  • JohnnySmoggins

    The police and military are government employees first and foremost and for all intents and purposes, the armed wing of leftism. If any SJW in government wanted it so either group would gleefully fill an AmRen reader full of holes for being “racist” and guilty of wrongthought.
    I’m really not sure why anyone interested in WN or race realism sees them with anything other than wary mistrust.

    • Spikeygrrl

      Because at the end of the day they are STILL that thin blue line, the members of which — insofar as their rules of engagement allow — remove lawbreakers (of ANY race) from law-abiding communities.

      I have known on a personal level more than my fair share of LEOs, both civilian and military. I have never met one who was a Leftist. NOT. EVEN. ONE.

      • JohnnySmoggins

        Does “I was only following orders” ring a bell?

        • Spikeygrrl

          LaVeyan, per your avatar? Dude, we should be on the same side here!

  • Cliven Owens

    Are you folks getting the picture now? Whites are being oppressed by a “special” minority with their control of the media by reviling the White race and promoting minority racism. We are approaching Bolshevism in the West if Whites do nothing to stop the “special” minority from plotting our demise.

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      I agree, I think your pic may be removed because Amren loves the semites.

      • Cliven Owens

        I posted a comment after this one which was removed. It was regarding the “special” minority group and how they use Blacks to facilitate their agenda. The comment breached their protocols which I figured was over the line. But they have their responsibility to maintain certain viewpoints and to not deviate from them, otherwise it could destroy their reputation and I completely understand that.

        Taylor’s Amren is a great site for those who are beginning their journey of racial awareness/consciousness. I started here years ago and then I discovered some other stuff that led me to the “JQ”.

        At any rate, we are now beginning to see an aggressive campaign being foisted against the White race with of course the most overt and blatant attacks coming from Blacks. Of course Whites are going to retaliate against Blacks who are condemning us for being White, BUT, we are NOT solving the REAL problem here and it – to me – is just too much truth for people to handle, plain and simple.

        • JohnnySmoggins

          The 800 lb. gorilla in the room is YWK.

  • Cliven Owens

    There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to accept what is true.

  • Cliven Owens

  • Cliven Owens

    While inflaming the Negro against the White we will instill in the Whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will use the Negro to rise in power in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige the Negro will be able to intermarry which will bring America to our cause.

    Israel Cohen
    A Racial Program for the 19th Century, 1912

    Of course, a lot more has happened since then. The Frankfurt School and other institutions have engineered the Communist paradigm known as “Political Correctness” and with the control of the mass media, Whites are being toyed with like a rat in a maze.

  • Alexander Baron

    The VDare analysis is a total crock. I’m not wasting anymore time on this but if you can’t see this as what it is – not a race issue – then don’t complain when one of these uniformed thugs murders your son in a bust then plants a knife on him to justify the murder.

    Furthermore, by supporting Slager you alienate those few blacks who might be on your side, like those who oppose race-mixing even if for different reasons.

    The police are above the law here, but in the US they are out of control. They need to be reigned in.

  • Hank Richter

    Uh….yeah, whatever that means.

  • Tarczan

    I don’t have the time or interest to sort out and analyze all the black crime. Incidents like this are going to happen with the amount of black criminality occurring. The cop might have panicked or lost his temper, it takes a part genius and part saint to deal with darkies day in and day out and not be at your wits end at times. Like others have said, leave the darkies to darkie police.

  • MooTieFighter

    Yep, this will be a bad, long lived story. We are white and have to live up to a MUCH HIGHER standard. We are heavily scrutinized and expected to act with more compassion, understanding and forgiveness than blacks. He!!, all ethnicities are. This is the ammo they need to keep whining and complaining that life is soooo much harder for them. So we need to ignore their crimes, give them jobs despite their lower qualifications and let them in professional schools with much lower scores. Don’t give these people ammo, we must continue to be much better than they are.

  • Chasmania

    That’s why I like where I live. Many miles from any large city, closest town has an less than a thousand 86% white population ( which is actually growing over last 2 census’ ) and my house is a 20 min of dirt road from it.

  • Cliven Owens

    We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

  • Young Werther

    Granted the actions of this officer don’t appear to look very good at all. But isn’t it a little early to start dumping on him? I mean, it is possible any number of things could have happened to or been said to this officer before the cell camera begins rolling. Perhaps, waiting until all the evidence comes out in a trial would be a more prudent act than to accuse him of “letting us down” at this point in time. I think you might be a bit hasty in your eagerness to denounce him…why? The machette is at the throats of the already over-burdened white man and woman already…Better to say nothing.