Posted on April 10, 2015

Officer Michael Slager, White Man

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, April 9, 2015

Last Saturday, North Charleston policeman Michael Slager shot and killed Walter Scott. A video taken by a bystander clearly shows that Scott was running away and posed no threat when Officer Slager calmly fired eight shots, killing Scott. He then walked over to Scott, shouted at him, and cuffed him.

There was reportedly a struggle over a Taser before Scott made a break for it, and a physical struggle brings out the fight in any man. Still, there was no excuse for Mr. Slager to shoot Scott in the back. What’s worse, the officer then dropped what looks like a Taser next to Scott’s body and radioed in to say he had to shoot Scott because Scott grabbed his Taser. Not all the evidence is in, but it looks like a textbook case of inexcusable police violence and a deliberate attempt to cover it up by faking the evidence.

I give police the benefit of the doubt. They have one of the hardest jobs in America. They may have to make a split-second decision, at any moment, that could determine whether they live or die. Sometimes it’s kill or be killed, and you can’t expect them to get it right every time.

Michael Slager clearly got it wrong. There’s no evidence race had anything to do with it, but in today’s climate, race has everything to do with it. Mr. Slager is charged with murder, and if there’s a trial we’ll learn all there is to know about whether he’s a “racist.”

But that won’t matter. It will make no difference whether he spends his weekends burning crosses or teaching math to black children. A white cop killed an unarmed black, lied about it, and got caught only because someone videoed him. This is the perfect “I told you so” for all white-haters and cop-haters and for everyone who thinks white people are thwarting blacks at every turn.

This, we will hear, is what happens all the time. This is America in all its gruesome reality. This is the true face of racism–personal, institutional, perpetual. And the only reason we have seen America’s true face is because a stranger caught the white man red handed.

Michael Slager has set us back. Virtually every other notorious case of “racism,” from the Jena Six to the Duke lacrosse team to Michael Brown to Trayvon Martin, collapsed. These stories of “racism” collapsed only after phony versions had been pushed so ruthlessly that their collapse couldn’t be buried on page 18.

That doesn’t stop the real white-haters. One hundred spectacular hoaxes could collapse, and they would still hate us. It’s the fence-sitters–the ordinary whites–for whom tales of phony “racism” are the first step towards white consciousness.

Michael Slager may be an otherwise fine fellow who simply lost control and killed a man. But he killed a black man, and in today’s America, when a white man kills a black man he better have a good reason for it. Otherwise, he’ll have a reason shoved onto him–racism–no matter what he says or does.

This website has already been criticized simply for running the story of this shooting. Some readers will be outraged that we are not standing “in solidarity” with a “white brother.” Too bad. Michael Slager has shamed his profession. And in a time of anti-white hysteria he has, objectively, shamed his race. Even if race had nothing to do with it, he has exposed all police officers and all whites to criticism we can’t afford. Right or wrong, he will be seen as acting as a white man–as one of us–and he has let us down.