Migrants Face Fortress Europe’s Deadly Moat

Kenan Malik, New York Times, April 21, 2015

Up to 1,200 people are believed to have died this past week when, in several incidents, their flimsy boats foundered in the Mediterranean. These migrants from Syria, Mali, Eritrea, Somalia and beyond had set out from North Africa hoping to reach Europe’s southern shores. Fleeing war and poverty, most had paid large sums to traffickers.

The scale of the tragedies is shocking but no novelty. It is estimated that since 1993 some 20,000 migrants have died trying to cross Europe’s southern borders. {snip}

Who is to blame? European politicians point the finger at traffickers. On Monday, European Union officials came up with a 10-point plan, including military action against smuggling networks.

The traffickers are certainly odious figures, recklessly placing migrants in peril. But what pushes migrants into the hands of traffickers are the European Union’s own policies. The bloc’s approach to immigration has been to treat it as a matter not of human need, but of criminality. It has developed a three-pronged strategy of militarizing border controls, criminalizing migration and outsourcing controls.

For more than three decades, the European Union has been constructing what critics call “Fortress Europe,” a cordon protected by sea, air and land patrols, and a high-tech surveillance system of satellites and drones. When a journalist from Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine visited the control room of Frontex, the European border agency, he observed that the language used was that of “defending Europe against an enemy.”

The decision last year to scrap Mare Nostrum, the Italian-run search-and-rescue program, highlights this strategy. Mare Nostrum was replaced by Operation Triton, smaller in scope and with an entirely different aim–not saving lives but surveillance and border protection. The number of migrants now attempting to reach Europe is little different from that for the same period last year, yet the death toll is about 18 times higher.


The 10-point plan that the European authorities proposed Monday was in keeping with this failed approach. Most eye-catching was the promise to destroy smugglers’ boats. Not only is this morally dubious–effectively telling migrants “We will wall you into North Africa so that you’re not our problem”–but it also won’t work. One reason for the spike in migrant numbers is the collapse of state authority in the region. Western intervention in Libya exacerbated the chaos, which the proposed military action will only intensify.

At the same time, migrants are forced to clamber into overloaded, unseaworthy boats because other routes into Europe have been blocked off. Destroying smugglers’ boats will merely force people to adopt even more perilous means of making the journey.

So what is to be done? The restoration of a proper search-and-rescue operation is important but insufficient. The European Union should stop treating migrants as criminals, and border control as warfare. It must dismantle Fortress Europe, liberalize immigration policy and open up legal routes for migrants. Some argue this would lead to a flood of immigrants, but current policy is not preventing people from migrating; it is simply killing them, by the boatload.


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  • Whitetrashgang

    Wow, read the text. Its a feel good story if true.

    • propagandaoftruth

      I was about to say “boo effing hoo” but you nailed it, buddy.

    • Charles Martel

      its about time

    • Jason Lewis

      I know. I think the author was trying for another tone.

    • Reynardine

      Fortress Europa Forever!

    • Greg_Deane

      Nothing wrongly with killing invaders. At least the Europeans are effectively acting in accordance with self-preservation, even if their leaders haven’t got the guts to admit what they are doing-their duty. But this Kenan Malik thinks Europe has some obligation to throw its doors, its social welfare, its economy and its women open to these hordes of marauding savages. He thinks so in part because the Europeans had the temerity to interfere in Libyan tribal warfare and dethrone a brutal dictator, and because the African states can’t maintain themselves.

      • nordicman

        I shed NO tears for any of these Africans or Muslims or Arabs or other nonwhites that die on the way to white nations. These people DO NOT belong in America, in Europe, in Canada, in Australia, etc. They do nothing but hate on us, leech off of us, attack us and ruin everything our ancestors toiled, worked, fought and died for.

  • anony

    “At the same time, migrants are forced to clamber into overloaded, unseaworthy boats because other routes into Europe have been blocked off.”

    So this twit from the NYT thinks Europe should not have the right to defend itself from invasion? Yes, the twit thinks that.

    Migrants are not forced to clamber into any boat. They are not forced to do anything. They should be forced to stay where they are. They have no “right” to invade Europe.

    Typical NYT “progressive” stance.

    • John Smith

      And muslim fifth-columnist writer stance.

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    • DiversityIsDeath

      That NYT twit should be demanding that the racist Euro-nasties at least detour all those sad innocent liitle afro-invaders to Israel. Let that bastion of multiculti democracy called Israel take in the third world’s refugees (heeee).

      • nordicman

        The best payback would be to take all the nonwhites in Europe and that came to America post 1965 would be dumped off in Israel and Israel would be forced to deal with them and they had the same hate speech, ‘anti racist’ laws and massive third-world immigration to Israel that they have forced onto whites. Karma!

  • Hilis Hatki

    Please lower your drawbridge, we come in peace!

    • Cindy

      We’re not even allowed a drawbridge anymore. Drawbridge be racist.

      • bilderbuster

        Is racist supposed to be a bad thing?

  • Biff_Maliboo

    It’s probably time to go ahead and green-light that blockbuster-movie version of ‘Camp of the Saints.’

    • Anglokraut

      I’m sure Weinstein is on the phone right now…

    • Red

      We need Captain Luke Notaras, of the freighter Isle of Naxos, to mow through some of these invaders.

  • Brady

    Wanna lower the number of the deaths? The Italian navy should be sent to the Libyan coast, where the boats can be intercepted before they get too far from shore.

    • Red

      Not intercept, but sink before they’re even loaded.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Hell I want to go there myself,and you know sink a few things.

  • Fortress Europe? What Fortress Europe? And why should Europe’s immigration policy be at the discretion of London-based Turks that write for the NYT?

    • Jaggers

      Good catch, I didn’t see that byline!

  • Anglokraut

    Geography is racist! I want to see these useful idiots…I mean protesters…at the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, demanding that this shameful, RACIST physical barrier be drained and paved over.

    • Jason Lewis

      We only have a racist river here in Texas.

    • Reynardine

      Geography be rayciss and sheet. Pave da oshuns so all mah niggas fom Affika can come and enjoy dat grape drank and EBT.

    • George Moriarty

      Has anyone heard about the proposal to put a bridge over the strait of Gibraltar? That would open up a real Pandora’s Box for the people smugglers, just like trucks using the English Channel Tunnel.
      It is also interesting to look back and see why the channel tunnel was always opposed, that is a fear of invasion, that fear goes back to Napoleonic times. Lets face it, illegal immigrants are invaders but without muskets or military uniform. Strange that the authorities and governments of Europe can not see it this way.

  • Luca

    The root of this problem is ignorant people procreating in a reckless manner and expecting God or Europeans to solve the resulting problems.

    Muslims and Africans are continuously creating a population bomb, which in turn creates an immigration/refuge bomb. Poor people who can’t support two children are having 10 children.

    • The root of the problem is modern Man interfering with Nature and feeding and caring for a less advanced race of hominids that have average IQ’s in the seventies, thus causing them to increase vastly in numbers. The result is there are now millions more of them than need be. Then this is exacerbated by a lenient policy of letting them into our countries and taking care of them. We should have let Nature take her course; she is much wiser than we. Short term solution? Sink all the approaching boats as foreign invaders and potential terrorists, kill any and all that do manage to sneak in. You would only have to kill a few thousand before the rest get the message. This will save more lives in the long run.

    • Ringo Lennon

      Also, Mexicans.

  • Jaggers

    Wow, you know that he NY Times has gone insane when the EU seems to them some kind of right-wing anti-immigrant organization. “Defending Europe against an enemy.” European Union, who knew?

    • Ringo Lennon

      Put some of these immigrants where these Timesmen live, then you will really see some anti immigrant sentiment. For thee, not me.

  • WR_the_realist

    If illegal immigrants drown in the Mediterranean that’s the illegal’s fault, you idiots who write for the New York Slime.

    • Alexandra1973

      These are probably the same dolts that think that if a burglar gets shot, the homeowner should be charged.

      • John Smith

        Sounds like the UK and what happened to Tony Martin.

    • Cindy

      Minorities no longer have to take responsibility for their actions.
      Whites are now fully accountable for browns.

      • Ron Cheaters

        Sounds like hostile pets… What do you do to a dog that bites?

    • John Smith

      Writer is a muzzie, and thus has an agenda.

  • Simonetta

    I wonder if we’re going to see giant cities sprouting up on the south shore of the Mediterranean filled with people who left their African villages, couldn’t get into Europe or got caught/deported, and just didn’t have anywhere else to go. Maybe these cities would be maintained by Europeans as dumping grounds/reservations/refugee camps for the millions of steaming masses of surplus people that Africa creates. And each year maybe 1% of most beautiful, creative, smartest of these people would be able to cross over to the “north”.

    This scenario of millions of unwanted people trying to get from the third world to the civilized world, only to find themselves dead as a result of the benign indifference of the civilized world to their fate is going to be a more common story in the coming decades. And it will get worse in the next 100 years as global warming turns the tropics in desert wastelands that can only support 2-5% of their current population.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Wow, if only Gobal warming could be that good for us.Have to go outside and start my car.

      • Alexandra1973

        Meanwhile it’s snowing here in Ohio.

        • John Smith

          Only up north.

  • libertarian1234

    Any deaths occurring among these parasites is nobody’s fault but their own.

    It is not NEED but GREED that drives them onward.

    And they’re encouraged by the radical leftist geeks in the EU and especially the NYT and the rest of the corrupt government press.

    It’s time to mine Libya’s coastline and to keep a contingent of guards nearby to destroy any boats pulled up that will be filled and launched.

    • TrueNorthFree

      Apparently they all paid a lot of money for passage on those boats.

    • listenupbub

      I imagine that is true. I saw a documentary about African immigrants and I remember one of the Africans saying that he was going to play pro soccer when he got to France.

  • Yeah, sometimes I do get depressed. I see all the bad things going on in the country. I see all the terrible things going on in the world, too. Yes, sometimes I do get depressed about it. I hear about terrorism, the bad economy, and crime and violence in our country, and, yes, it gets me down. I then read about so many people from Africa, trying to seek a better life, including young people and their children, in crowded boats, that capsize, and the people get drowned at sea. Well, you see, sometimes good things do happen! It isn’t all bad news!

    • Whitetrashgang

      Everything happens for a reason,isnt that what some nitwits say?

      • propagandaoftruth


        I like, “When you assume, you make an ass of u and me.”

        Not that I agree. If anybody ever says that to me seriously I hope I’m in a position where I can punch him in the face.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      Fish gotta eat, too.

      • Lexonaut

        I’ve seen their ads … Got Human?

      • Touché. And at least fish are useful to Man.

  • Tim

    Reminds me of the yellowed cartoon my dad kept in his wallet for fifty five years. It showed two Atlantic Fleet sailors clinging to a packing crate in the middle of the Mediterranean while the rest of the convoy steams off over the horizon. One asks the other, “Still think it was a porpoise?!?”….

  • Ringo Lennon

    Why would any country want 1,200 of these people on their shores?

    • Charles Martel

      People cant understand that the low IQ savages recreate the same conditions wherever they go.

      • Ringo Lennon

        You and I understand.

    • listenupbub

      Saying “no” makes them feel guilty. Saying “no” to a non-white makes people feel guilty and “racist.” And who in the world feels more guilt than white people?

      • Ringo Lennon

        I don’t feel guilty. Wish people were kilometers me

  • Jason Lewis

    So send the ones saved home to tell the story. See how quick it stops.

  • Reynardine

    Moat? As in the artificial construct filled with water around a castle? I was unaware that the Europeans built the Mediterranean. That White privilege stuff must give us utterly phenomenal powers of terraforming, even scaling to a global level!

    “Up to 1,200 people are believed to have died this past week when, in
    several incidents, their flimsy boats foundered in the Mediterranean.”

    Third worlders use unsafe transportation, die, blame Whitey.

    • John Smith

      Blame Zeus.

    • Speedy Steve

      Third worlders start rebellion, kill their own leaders, die, become even more chaotic, then blame Whitey.

      Then they run away from their wrecked, outhouse nations in order to live with the White people they despise so much.

  • dd121

    Later in this century the third world (and Africa) population will explode into the billions. They of course won’t be able to feed themselves. Does that mean the West will absorb 100s of millions of third worlders later in the century?

    • anony

      That would merely make the entire world third. Oh wait….. isn’t that what the PTB want?

      • TrueNorthFree

        Yes, that is precisely what the international corporatists are in the process of creating.

        • John Smith

          Cheap labor everywhere – Soylent Green is people!

    • John Smith

      NumbersUSA has vids showing the impossibility of solving the third-world’s problems via immigration (with jelly beans as a helpful visual aid). We do nothing to help them and drag ourselves down to their level.

  • A. Windaus

    I’m a big Game of Thrones fan. This week a little girl (Arya Stark) says to the priest “Please! I have no where else to go!” and the priest calmly replies “You have everywhere else to go,” and closes the door.

    • Tim

      Closing time at any Texas Honky-Tonk- “You don`t have to go home but you can`t stay here!”…

  • tetrapod

    “Who is to blame? European politicians point the finger at traffickers. On Monday, European Union officials came up with a 10-point plan, including military action against smuggling networks…” Typical leftist. Somebody must be to “blame”. How about blaming natural selection for producing low IQ hominins incapable of creating functional, modern societies?

    “For more than three decades, the European Union has been constructing what critics call “Fortress Europe,” a cordon protected by sea, air and land patrols, and a high-tech surveillance system of satellites and drones. When a journalist from Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine visited the control room of Frontex, the European border agency, he observed that the language used was that of “defending Europe against an enemy.”…” Bravo! At least somebody in the west has the balls to take their own side in a fight

    “…Most eye-catching was the promise to destroy smugglers’ boats. Not only is this morally dubious … “Morally dubious?” What a weasel, prating on about morality. What does this leftist prig know about morality? How about morality toward the people being dispossessed of their homeland and culture by these hordes of natures failures?”

    • anony


  • Cliven Owens

    NYT: It’s Europe’s fault that illegal immigrants are drowning in the Mediterranean.

    Of course the Tribe would say that. It’s Europe’s fault that Africans have lower IQ’s and it’s Whitey’s fault that illegal immigrants commit more crime!

    What else is new?

    • phillyguy

      what the naval fleets of Europe should do in the Mediterranean is just guide the boats toward Israel and then you will see what happens when the Israelis start sinking their ships……. nothing.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      The proxy U.S. government destabilized Libya – some think for the very purpose of allowing human traffickers – making MILLIONS – to flood Europe with even more desperate 3rd world blacks – diluting the White population and…destabilizing Europe.

      Makes sense, does it not.

      Not for the faint of heart, right?

      • Cliven Owens

        New Word Order is a euphemism for Brown World Order.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Yes, but the “browns” won’t be in charge…and neither will Whites.

          • Cliven Owens

            I think that there are some Whites that have reached the elite status who are knowingly betraying our race and are in it only for the power and security, but of course, the White race is not the ethnic group that is responsible for the mass immigration and control of the media that promotes race-mixing; and it’s not the Blacks, Asians or Mestizos either.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            There are definitely some Whites who are on-board with the genocide of the White race. The Soviets had a term for these shills: Useful Idiots. There are plenty in the U.S. government – bought off, threatened with black-mail or otherwise intimidated – Hillary Clinton being a good example.

            They will go the way of all useful idiots before them – either executed immediately after they’ve served their purpose for their paymasters or executed by those they betrayed or sold out to those same paymasters.

          • Cindy

            There’s also the garden variety White Guilty Liberal. They hold no position of power, but they preach White Privilege to fellow Whites. They are self-loathing and use PC to silence and shame.

          • tetrapod

            Such people are diseased by Judaic morality. “Love your neighbor”. That only works when your neighbor loves you back. And it’s clear all this third world spillover doesn’t love us. They NEED us, but that’s not the same thing.

          • TrueNorthFree

            “There’s also the garden variety White Guilty Liberal. They hold no
            position of power, but they preach White Privilege to fellow Whites.
            They are self-loathing and use PC to silence and shame.”

            You just summed up how my mind worked for decades until I read about the Rotherham rapes and I started waking up.

          • Cindy

            So glad you’re here, welcome!
            I recently woke up too. For me it was the media coverage of Ferguson. Media blamed Whites for the bad actions of blacks. Something inside me snapped. I became a race realist and White Nationalist virtually overnight.
            I now feel a connection to my ethnicity and culture. I don’t have hate for other races, but I feel protective of my own race in a way I never did before.

          • TrueNorthFree

            Your quote: ” Something inside me snapped. I became a race realist and White Nationalist virtually overnight.
            now feel a connection to my ethnicity and culture. I don’t have hate
            for other races, but I feel protective of my own race in a way I never
            did before.”

            My feelings exactly!!

          • John Smith

            Remember the movie “They Live” with Roddy Piper? Seems apropos of this possibility.

          • Alexandra1973

            Isn’t the Jesuit General white?

      • tetrapod

        My initial reaction to your pictures was instinctive sadness and compassion. But if those bloated bodies had made it into Europe alive, would they have assimilated, or would they eventually turn their barbaric “religion of peace” on their benefactors? We Europids need to focus our compassion on ourselves first, otherwise it will do us in.

        • Cindy

          It’s down to us or them. Why should we choose them? Our ancestors didn’t choose them. Our ancestors fought for us, and now we’re just gonna give it away? If the tables were turned these people would not take us in.

          • tetrapod

            That’s probably why our ancestors left Africa in the first place, to get away from all the naggers.

      • John Smith

        MOAR sharks wanted!!!

      • Tim

        Reminded me of the womans line where the Lambda Lambda Lambda Geeks skulk thru a Fort Lauderdale supper club humiliated, half dead and soaking wet… “Oh Look Honey, Nerds!”

  • Sam Brown

    The ‘moat’ would work if stupid white people would stop using their technology to enable the invaders.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “current policy is not preventing people from migrating; it is simply killing them, by the boatload.”

    Yeah, so?

    But, seriously, European policy is not killing these migrants. The migrants are aware of the risk of getting on a ramshackle raft with a thousand other people, yet they choose to undertake the trek anyway.

    And why is it Europe’s duty? Why is it not Libya’s duty to get their act together? Why is it not the other African nations duty to take in these “refugees”? Why is it always the white man’s burden?

    • Fathercoughlin

      Because we have a parasite that wants us dead,called TWMNBN.

    • ncpride

      Amazing, isn’t it? Whitey is forever expected to take responsibility for blacks in the way of special treatment, welfare, endless programs, free this and that, (even their own bad behavior) their entire lives, and in the same breath, these loony liberals are shouting and insisting they are ‘just like us’. It’s just incredible.

  • anony

    “For thee, but not for me” is their thinking.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Europe should follow Australia’s policy:

    “Australia’s prime minister has urged European leaders to adopt tougher border control measures. Tony Abbott, whose government implemented a strict policy of turning back asylum seekers’ boats in a bid to discourage them from trying to reach Australia, called the latest Mediterranean crisis a ‘terrible, terrible tragedy’ and suggested Europe follow Australia’s lead to ensure it was not repeated.”

    This is how Australia is dealing with the boat invaders –

    Terrorists entering a nation posing as innocent refugees and applying for asylum is a problem with which Australia has grappled, and solved.

    A terrorist arrested in February for conspiracy to commit murder by stabbing blonde people in the kidneys with hunting knives arrived in the country by boat using a false passport during the Labor-party era of open borders.

    The new policy of using the Royal Australian Navy to turn migrant boats away has sent such an effective message to would-be travellers only one boat attempted the journey in the whole of 2014.

    It can be done – and chin chin to you, Mr. Abbott.

    • tetrapod

      Last I heard the Juden had emasculated the Aussies with multiculti Depo-Provera. Apparently not.

  • George Moriarty

    Thank you “Not an Eskimo”; very well said and explained.
    The solution is so simple, if a small country like Australia can successfully stop trafficking of illegal migrants why can’t the mighty EU do the same?

    • John Smith

      Australia is a single country with a single govt. with the will to do so, while the EU is a sham conglomeration and shotgun marriage of many countries with different degrees of intestinal fortitude and levels of Marxist infiltration. Some of the countries will cave to “do-gooder”ism and the immigrants know it.

  • Alexandra1973

    Next up: If a burglar (undocumented houseguest) knocks on your door, let them in. No such thing as being in your home illegally, because no one is illegal.

    The concept of “private property” is anathema to these Marxist types. You’re not allowed to do what you want with your piece of land, whether it’s your own home, or your nation.

    • John Smith

      That’s the whole issue in a nutshell – the globalist “world citizen” types are just Marxists at heart and national sovereignty is viewed by them as just another form of private property and an impediment to mass collectivization.

  • De Doc

    It’s also Europe’s fault that sharks inhabit the Mediterranean and that the human debris descending upon them are unable to swim or breath through gills. I suppose its the US’s fault that so many migrants die in the desert crossings through the American Southwest due to the human tendency suffer dehydration in such environments.

  • listenupbub

    One reason for the spike in migrant numbers is the collapse of state authority in the region…

    This reason has little to do with illegal immigration in other parts of the world. They need to provide evidence for this, because I suspect that, in reality, word is getting around in Africa that the European whites are saying things such as:

    The European Union should stop treating migrants as criminals, and
    border control as warfare. It must dismantle Fortress Europe, liberalize
    immigration policy and open up legal routes for migrants.

    And the illegal migrants are expecting an opportunity to colonize new land, and plunder wealth and goods that another people group has created there.

    • Germanic Depressive

      And plunder our genetics too.

      • listenupbub


  • Evette Coutier

    These fools have completely lost all touch with reality.

    • John Smith

      The writer is pretty obviously a muslim invader – thus has an agenda.

  • listenupbub

    Excellent. But what about legal immigration rates in Australia? Are they not very high, as well?

    • USN Veteran

      it’s very difficult to emigrate to Australia. There’s about a 20 page application to fill out, & basically if you don’t have a skill that is so unique that no native Australian can’t do that job, they don’t want you.

    • dd47

      I think it’s easy to enter (unless you’re White). I’ve seen some Indian-looking people holding forms about humanitarian Visa stays while I was on a bus. Was able to read some of it over their shoulder.

      Maybe half the people in my area are non-European and it’s mounting up quickly. Africans, Middle Easterners and Asians are absolutely everywhere. Read about suburbs like Noble Park, Blacktown and Dandenong (sometimes jokingly called Sudandenong)- basically ethnic enclaves of Africans.

      And yes, I live there.

  • Augustus3709

    “Fortress Europe’s Deadly Moat.”

    Heh, kinda like the sound of that.

    You know, when the Mongolians tried to invade Japan, they too were caught up in the waters and drowned. To this day the Japanese remember the “sacred wind” which sent their foes to the bottom of the sea.

    In the same sense, whatever protects Europe is not “deadly”, but sacred.

    • IstvanIN

      Wow, that is a really good analogy.

  • Germanic Depressive

    If every bipedal lifeform on the entire continent of Africa were to drop dead at this very moment, I would mourn the loss of the ostriches.

    • John Smith


  • Whirlwinder

    So the “refugees” should be allowed ingress to Europe. Europe is about to be sucked under Shariah law with Islam in charge and they want to allow more refugees/jihadis in? What is wrong with the “elite” leadership of the EU? They are bent upon placing themselves under Islam. They think in their little Marxist brains that Islam will treat them kindly by selling out the citizens of the EU. However, their heads will roll when they cease to be useful for Islam. Sad but this is how Islam sneaks into a country and very stealthily, takes charge.

    • Weisheit77

      Let me guess. You’ve never actually been to Europe have you? As someone who was there as recently as Monday morning, let me assure it is far from being inundated by Muslims. Turn Fox News off and go for a walk. Even Amsterdam, which I saw as recently as Sunday, is a white city by American standards. I wish I was so lucky to have cities with the racial demographics of Amsterdam, but silly me, I live near Philly, Baltimore, NYC, and Washington D.C.

      I’m not saying immigration is a good thing, but don’t fall for the caliphate crap. I don’t know about the south of France or London, but last time I checked those places don’t constitute all of Europe just like NYC doesn’t constitute all of the USA.

      Every time I read these posts I do a face palm. The Muslims are useful idiots for the state to generate reasons to create the mass surveillance state. The powerful still have the guns and they’re not going to surrender to 80 IQ Mohammed on the street corner, just like they haven’t surrendered to the blacks here.

      Is Europe perfect? Far from it. But it’s there and in Australia that there is actually a political will to do something about it. It’s the USA that you need to be worried about.

      Lastly, I can’t think of anytime in history where Muslims came into power by sneaking into it. I can think of another group who has, though. They’ve even got stories about in their holy literature.

      • John Smith

        Maybe not now, but more uncontrolled immigration and low birthrates for white Europeans aren’t good signs for the future. Or the high birthrates of Muslims and other third-worlders either.

        • Weisheit77

          I agree wholeheartedly but I’m tired of boobs, that have never gone more than 3 counties from their home, getting on here and telling us where Europe is going. I’d kick 99% of the foreigners out. I’m just telling you that Europe demographics in a lot of places have them still back in the 1960’s on the US scale diversity scale.

          Anyone who notes that the S.S. Europa has a hole at the waterline and is sinking should be forced to note that we on the S.S. Amerika are clinging to crow’s nest because the boat is already submerged.

          When I got off the airport in JFK Monday afternoon I literally had “there is no white people” shock from the moment they unsealed the door on my Aeroflot flight.

        • Weisheit77

          Also, I think the main stream right wing does all this “The Muslims are taking over Europe” as a way to make you feel better that your home town has turned into Mexico. It’s happened to me. I have no desire to go back to my hometown in South Carolina, but I would love to live amongst white people in Europe.

  • E. Newton

    They will be landing on the eastern seaboard within five years.

  • Lexonaut

    “[The European Union] must dismantle Fortress Europe, liberalize immigration policy and open up legal routes for migrants.”


    • John Smith

      Because some muzzie writer and fifth columnist said so?

  • Lexonaut

    “… Djibouti …”

    Off topic … I can’t help but chuckle whenever I see the Frank Zappa avatar followed by the username “Sheik Yerbouti”.

    And now, back to our regular programming.

  • Weisheit77

    Translation: C’mon EU, you can’t just do like the American government and routinely deny the will of the people regarding mass illegal immigration as you elect a new people? Geez, get with the program, already!

    As far as I know, not one place has voted to inundated.

  • KenelmDigby

    Is is it just me or do others find the whole way that this crisis is being framed and debated by the elite, the political class and the media, just absolutely and completely wring and 180 degrees opposed to the truth, morality and reality of the situation?

    Firstly, the so-called ‘migrants’, actually unwanted, uninvited and unwelcoming invaders who in the vast majority of cases are economic refugees and thus explicitly not covered by the relevant Treaties, are in fact the aggressors, the trouble-makers, the active agents, the imposters etc, and the dumb-idiot European nations who are stupid enough to ‘rescue, them are the victims of a blatantly criminal conspiracy and attempted moral blackmail.

    But all we hear again and again repeated is the complete reverse of the truth and reality of the situation.

  • Ron Cheaters

    Yet, if these refugees who want a better life were to stay put, stand firm, and die for something they want or believe in — rather than dying for the possible hopes of “freebies in magical Europa”.. Don’t you think we, many, most people would cheer them on and support them if they truly wanted a real democratic way of life?
    I don’t know.. I feel the same way about “white-flight” – its hard to get organized, and in our case, the whole world is against us.. so then I say f-it, let ’em die.

  • Light from the East

    An absurd conclusion was made by New York Slimes as always. Of course, those migrants may not be treated as criminals but we are absolutely determined to send them back, no matter how many times they try, no matter how large the number of them.

  • John Smith

    WTF? It’s Europe’s duty to provide relief for the World’s dregs? Fighting to preserve their cultural integrity and self-determination of their territorial sovereignty is somehow morally wrong? Based on the author’s name, the inmates are definitely running the asylum now.

  • carriewhite64

    Only an idiot would think that to “liberalize immigration policy and open up legal routes for migrants” would stop the boats.

  • Hilis Hatki

    Please bring about 2,000, or more, of these immigrants to Wayne County Tennessee.

    • Rob


  • Fortress Europe? These authors will go to any low to express themselves. That is what, I believe, Hitler called his Atlantic Wall defenses. So, Europeans who want to secure their borders are the same as Nazis, and I guess that African immigrants who crowd onto boats going there illegally, are the same as the American, British, Canadian, Free French, and other allied liberators? This is just reporting of the lowest common denominator. Low even for a liberal. But I guess by now I should not expect anything better.

  • SHOULD be the same for the US. A clear, unequivocal message. No exceptions. No compromises. Illegal means illegal. That is what is required.

  • Yes, we could do that. But beware our leftist media: “Oh, oh, but conditions in those centers are so bad…oh, these poor children…we are just throwing them there…let’s interview (through translator)..How do you feel about this? Is that your baby? Is he eating all right?..” Yeah, good idea, but harden yourself against the inevitable sob stories. Beware the emotional appeals of the news media.

    • guest

      Kenya has a refugee camp called Dadaab (look it up on Wiki) which holds about half a million Somalis. If Kenya can afford to build such a refugee camp for so many people, surely the EU can also afford it. Think of what good can happen in Europe if they can remove half a million uneducated, angry unemployed Africans. As someone else pointed out, the cost of hosting a refugee in Sweden or the UK is probably 100x the cost of hosting that same person in a refugee camp like Dadaab, Kenya.

      I am shocked and disgusted when I hear EU’s evil Frontex traitors talk about a refugee camp with 300 beds or something. Hello, let’s do this African style, and multiply that by a thousand, and let them sleep in tents in Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Rwanda, or anywhere. All those countries will gladly accept refugees in exchange for a few dollars.

  • Rob

    The article is written by a muslim named kenan malik. I doubt he was going for the stop the immigrants in attitude from the readers.

    • 3G4Me

      No, he’s actually an Indian living in London. A “smart” one. A colonizer. A typical brown-skinned hypocrite lecturing Whites on what is proper.

      • Rob

        Well he should be given the boot and sent back to his own hellhole and lecture them on what is proper.

  • Deep North
  • Rossbach

    These people will come to Europe as long as the European governments allow them to stay. When the governments stop allowing it, the “migrants” will stop coming. It’s as simple as that.

  • Paleoconn

    Obama and his anti-White administration deliberately removed Qaddafi to foist this catastropheon Europe. The USA gummint is not a friend to White nations.

  • watling

    I guess the libtards haven’t noticed that when whitey was running Zimbabwe/Rhodesia it was a net exporter of food, whereas now that blacks are in charge it’s a craphole.

    Sending aid barely scratches the surface. We could send the entire west’s GDP value to Africa and within 10 years Africans would be back to walking 10 miles a day to collect contaminated water from a mud-hole, and our TV screens would be back to featuring malnourished black babies covered in flies.

  • nordicman

    I don’t want these third-world invaders to simply just down in the sea. I want to see white men fire bomb them and sink them to the bottom of the sea. I want to see white men in Europe rise up and aggressively repel these invaders and publicly execute the traitors who brought these nonwhites in. Who’s that? “too extreme”?