Italian Authorities: Terror Suspects Planned Vatican Attack

Colleen Barry, My Way, April 24, 2015

Islamic extremists suspected in a bomb attack in a Pakistani market that killed more than 100 people had also planned an attack against the Vatican in 2010 that was never carried out, an Italian prosecutor said Friday.

The alleged foiled plot, known to authorities for years, was revealed as prosecutors announced the results of a decade-long investigation into an Italy-based terror network that aimed to stop Pakistan’s actions against the Taliban. Police arrested nine suspects related to the probe Friday throughout Italy. Another nine were being sought, three of whom were believed to still be in the country.

Wiretaps collected as part of the investigation gave “signals of some preparation for a possible attack” at the Vatican, prosecutor Mauro Mura told a news conference in Cagliari, Sardinia. That included the arrival in Rome of a Pakistani suicide bomber, Mura said.

The Pakistani eventually left Italy, Mura said, without explaining why. The Italian news agency ANSA reported that there were two suicide bombers and that they were warned off by their associates in Italy when police began executing search warrants in the wider investigation of the Italy-based Islamic terror network.


More recently, Italian officials have made clear they take seriously the threat of the Islamic State group to conquer Rome and the seat of Christianity. Security has been beefed up at the Vatican and the head of the Swiss Guards has said they are ready but that they have no information about an imminent threat.

Pope Francis himself has said he realizes he may be a target but that he fears mostly for the innocent crowds who come to see him every time he’s in public.


Authorities said some of five of the suspects were responsible for plotting “numerous bloody acts of terrorism in Pakistan,” including the October 2009 explosion in a market in Peshawar in which more than 100 people died. That attack happened on the same day that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, Mura noted.


One of the suspects arrested Friday had a construction business in Sardinia that participated in work for a Group of Eight summit planned for Sardinia but that was later moved to quake-stricken Aquilia, in Abruzzo to boost reconstruction. Another was an imam in the northern province of Bergamo.

Mura also said some of the suspects had very close ties to al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, and that wiretaps included phone calls inquiring about his health. Two were part of bin Laden’s security detail, a press release said.


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  • Is this the same Vatican that wants more Trashcanistanis in Europe, or some different Vatican?

    • propagandaoftruth

      Yes, Michael, Pope Karl Marx I wants the Trashcanstanis in Europe like he wants the Blaxicans in the US where we can emulate his example and lick their brownie feet.

      I love that pope in the pizza!

      • John Smith

        A foot-fetish homo.

        • propagandaoftruth

          I was jerked out of the public schools after middle school when I got into lots of fights with ghettoids and was put into a Catholic high school.

          I developed a great respect, fondness, and sense of gratitude for the church, despite (because of?) its imperfections. Took the barbarian conversion years later when I married.

          Retained much respect even after my divorce and time in the wilderness.

          But this guy is pretty much blowing what was left of…

          My respect. And with my respect will follow anything else positive, you know?

          What an embarrassment.

          • David Ashton

            The decline of the Catholic Church since Vatican 2 – “there is tragedy in the spectacle” (Ayn Rand, a Jewish atheist).

            I grieve for a religion I can no longer believe in, for my old grammar school founded in 1527 which has become a dump, for my home town which was an Anglo-Saxon jewel and is now an Afro-Asian colony, and for the England of Chaucer and Chatham, Shakespeare and Shackleton, Newton and Nelson, which I was brought up to love and defend.

        • “A foot-fetish homo.” — Your comment is utter kikery.

          It is in remembrance of Christ’s humility that the Bishops and priests kiss the feet of parishioners.

          I am not a papist, and I detest this current “pope”, but you are not attacking him or the papacy — you are attacking Christianity, which is a megakike thing to do.

          Europe’s problem is Pride (“We can do anything! We can save everyone!”), certainly not humility.

          • propagandaoftruth

            I disagree heartily. His showy sanctity, wordy goodism, and Dom Helder Camara style pseudo Marxism…
            I see nothing Christian nor Catholic. I see a Marxist progressive narcissist in a robe genuflecting for the cameras and spreading wickedness and lies.

          • John Smith

            Christianity is a Jewish religion.

          • Certainly Middle-Eastern.

          • propagandaoftruth

            I just feel an unshakable cascading betrayal in regard to almost all our Marxist mandarins whether they reside in the halls of gubbamint, academia, Marxist “gawd”, or even the halls of big business.

            I would like to attend a Christian church that does not insist upon sending a single penny of my tithe to some black/brown hellhole on the other side of the globe, that looks after its own parishioners first and almost exclusively, or that at least only solicits money for such lost causes voluntarily.

            Other than evolution deniers, I haven’t found such a church. Even those who ten, twenty years ago were staunchly fundamentalist and evangelical, well, the folks who headed these churches have slipped the greasy bonds of this wicked world largely and their replacements consist increasingly of Marxist brainwashed useful Godly idiots who follow the commie hippy dude from Galilee but hate GOD because sometimes he’s mean.

            There. That’s PoT’s Sunday harangue. I get rapturous on the Lord’s day sometimes.

            How you doing, Goblin?

          • The only church service I ever attended was at London’s Westminster Abbey, as a tourist, in early 1977. The choir was wonderful. I remained silent during the Lord’s Prayer. Even at age ten, I knew there had to be something better.

            As for how I am, I got stuck into the vegetable garden here last week, planting a blueberry bush in one of the half-barrels out front and radishes in a hanging pot (so the rabbits can’t get at them). I grow radishes for the seeds, which when ground make a good cooking spice. I got a bunch of radishes with the greens still on and planted the three which appeared most likely to live. A year’s worth of kitchen scraps got buried underneath that blueberry bush. Last year’s raspberry bush is growing back in the other half-barrel, and mint and chives are doing well in the rock garden. Ariadne and I love fresh berries on vanilla ice cream; Sayaka is a bit lactose-intolerant.

            I did some more work on another bamboo fishing rod. Cutting the bamboo staves and planing them down is quite a chore. This will have bone grips like the one I made during the winter, but the silk thread windings on the line-guides and the dye for the beef thigh bone grips will be blue, rather than red. Nobody uses bone grips on fishing rods, but the ancient Romans used them on their swords. I have discovered that while they are a bit hard on the hands, bone grips make for a stiffer, longer cast. One of my neighbors is a butcher, so Alex gives me good bones.

            I was a bit sad several days ago, for no good reason, so I got back to work and cheered up.

            How are you?

          • propagandaoftruth

            Not so bad. Feeling more sane every day.

            Might have a line on a job, got the day off, so gonna work on resume and clean up.

            There’s actually a chance late this year or next that I could end up in Colorado as a result of a “businessman” friend I know and evolving laws.

            Lot of libtards in the cities out there, eh? Goblins in the sticks though? I’m used to Eastern Hill Goblins, fine folk. Salt of the earth and fairly law abiding despite their debased, inbred, hillbilly natures. The Eastern Red Necked Hill Goblin – most law abiding, own business minding degenerate the world has ever seen.

            Anyhoos, you sound happy. Nice.

          • David Ashton

            Don’t forget the scamsters who ask for $XXX “seeds” to reap your $XXXX “harvest”. God lets people drown in floods, but will always get your mortgage paid off if you send your dollars – now, go straight to the phone – to Messs Cerullo, Hinn, Murdock and various “Christian Zionists”… Remember, folks, “delayed obedience is disobedience”.

            Well, I certainly prefer the widow and her mite of the gospel.

          • Alden

            The holidays are all german and celtic European pagan. It was the reformation that turned towards the old testament and in favor of judiasim.

          • David Ashton

            Is that why Jews and “Christians” blame “The Holocaust” on the New Testament? Is that why Jews traditionally regarded Jesus as an evil magician who is burning in excrement in hell but since have discovered him as their greatest rabbi? Christian theologians have had a problem in refuting the attack from Nietzsche, who regarded Judaism as relatively superior to its “successor”. As always with “antisemitism”, these matters are not as simple as they seem to “antisemites”.

          • Alden

            Nietzsche was clinically insane. He was a also a total loser, he taught part time in some sort of junior college, lived in a rented room, had no friends and died of syphilis.

          • David Ashton

            I prefer to read and evaluate his writings. You may even appreciate the positive view he had of the Greek and Roman heritage.

          • JGTThrasher

            Actually, there were a lot of Jewish believers, in fact the primitive church was mostly Jewish, until Paul’s work with Gentiles. Most of those Jewish believers were killed in the 70 AD rebellion after having been spurred on by James, the “brother of Jesus”, who was the center of the church in Jerusalem after Jesus’ death. The destruction of the Temple during this riot was one of the main reasons that Jews today consider Jesus a false prophet,never mind the paganising of Judaism with the God-man idea that became cemented in trinitarian doctrine centuries later.

          • David Ashton

            Christians took precisely the opposite view of the destruction of the Temple. The Jewish view that the true Messiah would inaugurate a peaceful kingdom, which Jesus apparently professed but failed to achieve because of his execution, leaves the question of whenever this will be achieved – similar to the Christian question as to when Christ will return. My guess is that “Christianity” survived the death of Jesus by (1) visions of his survival, plus (2) particular readings of Daniel 9.24-27 & Isaiah 53. Obviously the Trinity remains an obstacle to Jews and Muslims today.

          • JGTThrasher

            Yes, but we must consider that when James was confronted and told to calm the crowds, he spurred them on, saying, “Behold, he comes! Riding on the clouds!” This threw the crowd into a frenzy because of immediate expectation. James was promptly killed on the Temple steps and the riots took off, which were immediately crushed. Why did James, who was in charge of the “Christian” church spur them to continue in rebellion if he did not expect them to overcome? This aligns with Jewish messianic fervor, and the attitudes during the Bar Kochba rebellion. The foundation of the church,which Paul sought for guidance and sent money to, as James was acting as their priest, was not so passive as later Christians. A great cultural understanding, attitude and influence was removed between this point and the numerical dominance of gentile believers. Some small groups had left Jerusalem and survived, but the gap was pretty huge after this event and through to the codification of the New Testament IMO. It does not seem strange that after the failure of an immediate expected return, that the church would have to find a way to explain this and incorporate it into their understanding. If there was no immediacy to their expectations they would not have been selling everything off and living communally,nor would they have rebelled. The role of James as leader, and his spurring on the crowd shows that at least to the key figures, culture and place, they expected victory. This is well documented in secular history.

          • David Ashton

            This is a fairly acceptable summary of events, although the quantity of “extra biblical records of James and his actions” should not be exaggerated (pace Eisenman et al). We do not know for certain what Josephus said about his brother.

          • David Ashton

            “There is little question that the Holocaust had its origin in the centuries-long hostility felt by Christians against Jews,” – Jose Sanchez, “Pius XII and the Holocaust” (2002) p.70.

            I Thessalonians 2.14-16 (dated 52 CE/AD).

          • John Smith

            Look at the earliest adherents. It was actually uncertain whether or not they were going to proselytize to the Gentiles. Since scripture was picked and chosen for inclusion or exclusion by the Church after Constantine, it reflected the objectives of its era.

          • David Ashton

            Your first two sentences make a strong case, if we look at some of the ethnocentric items surviving in Matthew and the account that appears in Acts. John was regarded as ipso facto unreliable by the late Prof. Casey because it was “antisemitic” (i.e. anti-Judean). It is also true that the selection of canonical NT documents occurred long after the Church had become a largely Gentile organization; a point that Catholics validly make against the Protestant sola scriptura. However, we need to look closely at the activities of Paul and very early “antisemites” like Marcion to get a full picture.

            How “Jewish” was Jesus himself? His parentage is problematic, his operations were mostly in Galilee and its “pagan” neighbors, and in other respects he moved outside and beyond the Pharisaic culture. Was he stoned and hung as a religious traitor, or handed over to the Romans for crucifixion because of his doubtful ancestry?

            The destruction of the Temple had itself been a turning-point for all concerned, and remains so today.

            And I should say that I do not agree with the view that Christianity “caused” the “Holocaust”. However, before the Moderator feels that we are straying too far from modern race issues, may I suggest that interested readers move to the Vridar website, where I have been trying to challenge the theories of mythicists like Robert Price about Jesus?

      • Lexonaut

        Oh the memories! Father Guido Sarducci!

    • KenelmDigby

      Yes it is.

    • carriewhite64

      Is this an original label? You are remarkable.

      • As I have said before, one of the few comforts of going insane is that one gets to make up one’s own words. The really sad aspect is that after one gets better (?), one misses all the fun one used to have.

    • Paleoconn

      How do you say schadenfreude in papal Latin?

      • Lexonaut

        In nomini adenshayeudefray.

  • Nobody is wondering how it came to pass that there are Pakistanis in Italy?

    • Jarring, isn’t it, to read, “Another was an imam in the northern province of Bergamo.”

  • IstvanIN

    I would hate to see anything happen to the Vatican, since it has a wealth of art and manuscripts, as well as being the seat of Christianity, but I wonder if the destruction of the Vatican would raise the European people’s ire? Probably not.

    • George Moriarty

      But, what if a plot to destroy Mecca was uncovered? Who would blame who and which nations would take action.

      • InAFreeCountry

        Don’t destroy Mecca, irradiate the Kaaba.

        • ElComadreja

          A lot of people aren’t even aware that they worship a f**king rock.

          • It is probably a meteorite in origin. As such, I believe it would be fitting if we de-orbited an asteroid onto Mecca. They could then have deep lake around which to walk in zombie-esque circles.

      • Ìf a plot to destroy Mecca was uncovered, the reaction would be even stronger than the deadly world wide riotous demonstrations after an alleged plot to flush a few pages of the Koran, or to draw a few Mohammad caricatures.

        Christians have infinite patience and tolerance, quite amazing when comparing this to what a short fuse Muslims have.

        So, if a plot to destroy Mecca was discovered, we would have 2 months of riots that would destroy most Western embassies and businesses in Arab lands. Plus a Million more jihadists in Western countries. Most people are unaware that knives and cars can be terror weapons.

        • George Moriarty

          @Human Stupidity; Yes, I feel that you have supplied a realistic answer to my hypothetical question..
          @In a free country; The Kaaba??

      • David Ashton

        “WE didn’t do it…it’s just another Blood Libel.”

    • listenupbub

      Heck yeah it would. The Italians especially would be mad. They are already in need of some excitement.

    • Lots of Europeans would party if the Vatican were blown up

      • IstvanIN

        Then they would be celebrating the demise of their own history.

    • Katherine McChesney

      It isn’t Christianity. It’s Babylonian Paganism to it’s core.

      • IstvanIN

        Regardless of what you think of Pope Frank or some recent Vatican scandals, historically it has been the capital, so to speak, of Christianity. Still hate to see it lost.

  • dd121

    The Muzzies have sworn to murder us all. Why act surprised when they try. Let’s import more.

    • Guest

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  • Tannenbaum

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Unholy Father actually looks forward to an attack on the Vatican. Just think of all the self-righteous hand-wringing and moral posturing he could do, while elaborately Forgiving our “Muslim brothers!”

    • Sick of it

      I’m sure he’d just toss out some papal bull agreeing with all things Islam. He’s fake enough to do it.

    • He could always blame intolerant white Italians who failed to integrate Muslims and to educate them to become University Math professors.

  • listenupbub

    I hope this issue gets bad enough that it wakes the dormant, lazy spirit of the Italians, and inspires nationalistic, ethnic fervor in them.

  • De Doc

    Though I was raised Catholic for the first 12 yrs of life, I’ve never been a big fan of the institution. The last pope with a hint of testicular fortitude was the last Benedict, when he quoted the anti-Islam words from the 14th c. Byzantine emperor. Now it’s nothing more than apologetics. The seat of Christianity will soon be cleared of that religion entirely and the Catholic Church will simply argue that it needs to import more of the very people who wish to see them exterminated.

    • Sick of it

      I have a friend who grew up Catholic. She jumped ship as soon as she was grown.

    • David Ashton

      More apologies than apologetics.

  • KenelmDigby

    What the Hell are Pakistanis doing in Italy in the first place?

    • David Ashton

      Turning into into Hell. Saint Peter was crucified upside down in Rome (so they say) – for this!

  • An Italy based terror network kills hundreds of Pakistanis in Pakistan! Over 100 in a single terror attack alone! It would be justified for Pakistan to start drone attacks in Italy.

    I repeat:

    Italy is the base of a terror network that successfully attacks in Pakistan.

    How far has this gotten. When will the same terror network start attacking Italy itself?

  • Light from the East

    Muslim terrorists can easily disguise themselves among the refugees. All they have to do is wait the inept European politicians to resettle them and carry out the attack. That does not require too much intelligence.

    • David Ashton

      They say ISIS is already involved in people smuggling into the Camp of Saints.

    • Alden

      With all the extra refugee welfare added to the regular socialist welfare the muslim terrorists have don’t have to work and have plenty of time, money and resources to plan and carry out attacks.

  • John Smith

    Let them take over a palace and maybe they won’t attack:


    • IstvanIN

      Let them have palaces? Even temporarily? Awful. And now this:
      Beauty advised her own daughter to keep going until she got to Germany before claiming asylum. She is there now, and has enrolled in classes for new arrivals.

      This week, Prendocasa broke into another, even larger building in Palermo, a former institute for the deaf in the city centre. Most of the residents from the Florio Palace
      moved in, but Beauty is not among them.

      “I’m finished,” she says.

      Should Beauty now go and join her daughter as an undocumented migrant?

      She is thinking about it. In Italy, she says, “nothing is easy”.

      • John Smith

        Don’t let Obongo find out, as he might order palaces to be built for those he’s importing and his ghetto buddies. All I know is that it wouldn’t be long before they’d have the copper ripped out and start complaining nothing works.

  • Jason Lewis

    Excluding our own govenment, the Catholic Church has done more than anyone to flood the west with the third world. I really don’t care if the Vatican is blown to bits. Christ probably thinks it’s a monstrosity anyway.

    • jayvbellis

      So “you don’t care”.

      And, more than likely you don’t do anything effective to punish our enemies, our traitors or support, encourage our effective fighters.

      The cultural Marxist left in the USA, the West brutally punishes, persecuted it’s perceived enemies, including me. I got featured with my photo and personal info by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Homosexual extremists outed those who funded traditional marriage initiative, worked to get these folks fired from their jobs. Our side rarely does anything besides complaining and make bold statements that “they don’t care”, “they give up” they are not voting or something along these lines.

      Those of us who are being effective, we care, we fight effectively. Why not identify the traitorous wealthy elites in the Catholic Church in your area – find out where they live and work, let their neighbors know.

      If Catholic elites really are traitors on immigration, Islam as you say they are, why give them a free pass?

      Why don’t you fight?

      Oh, I know…

      You don’t care.

      OK, so maybe you shouldn’t be hanging out on the Amren comments page and spreading apathy and cowardice?

      • Jason Lewis

        I have no clue how you read into what I said but you obviously misinterpreted what I wrote.

        • jayvbellis

          Ok. I apologize I lost my temper there. Sorry mate.

          It is a big problem with American race realists that they often, always announce that “they don’t care” everything is fixed etc.

          The correct course of action is to be aware of current events, punish traitors, support folks on our side.

          We need to care.

    • Alden

      Blow up the Vatican and the heritage of Greek, Roman and Europe for the last 3,000 years is blown up with it.

  • ElComadreja

    As far as this Pope goes it would have been poetic justice.

  • TCA

    Had to search to find out who Steven Pinker is.
    Turns out he’s a Harvard Professor, married to one Rebecca Goldstein.
    That’s a wealth of information right there.

    • David Ashton

      Here is some more: “Large swaths of the intellectual landscape have been re-engineered to rule these hypotheses out a priori (race does not exist, intelligence does not exist, the mind is a blank slate…)….the prospect of genetic tests of group differences in psychological traits [is] one that the current intellectual community is ill-equipped to deal with.”- Steven Pinker (2006).

  • jayvbellis

    I hate to say this. But, we need something big, bad, Islamic out and out act of war – and best to be against something Liberal European Christian or Liberal Left Jewish.

    The sack of Constantinople, Turkish Islam’s sack, rape, enslavement of Constantinople, the end of the Eastern Greek Roman Empire, this solidified White Western Europe, Christiandom against non White Islam (Turkesm Arab Moors) for about 500 years.

    I thought 9-11-01 was going to do the same thing for us, shockingly it did not as the cursed Neo cons, christian Zionists spun this in to a global US, Western crusade to get SADDAM Hussein and spread American style democracy to replace secular strong men, the Arab spring.

    How any sane Conservative in the USA! In Western Europe can be indifferent about Islamic immigration, terror, rape, conquest, replacement, it’s behind belief – but most of our people are idiots.

    Somehow this will all result in Jesus coming back and the good will get raptures out of here and won’t have to deal with the Walking Dead world or be child sex slaves to Pakistani Muslim sexual grooming gangs.

    Or else we have Grover Norquist and various Libertarian loons reassuring us that Muslim immigrants and Hispanics are natural Conservative voters and race and culture are irrelevant anyway as everything is about taxes and economics.

    But, if Muslim immigrants, invaders really do blow up the Catholic Vatican, maybe off this pro Muslim, pro Black Lib Pope, that’s going to impact things our way.

    • David Ashton

      I know. Its a mix of threats, contradictions and problems of which the one target is our white western world. Brains and backbone are urgently need, but to quote the Papal Latin, Nil desperandum.

  • Rob

    I saw an article about this in Yahoo and in one of the pics a corpulent negress was holding a sign that said ‘My life Matters’ I would just like to know in what way has she contributed positively to society other than getting fat from the white paid food stamps and also having many welfare babies out of wedlock.

    • Quido

      The last time Islam tried to conquer Europe they came close, it was Charles (the hammer) Martel with his devout Christian army that stopped them. They were dedicated soldiers that were willing to make the sacrifice if necessary. Europeans
      no longer have the faith and will to stop them, at least not yet

      • jayvbellis

        They got close again, after Charles Martel. The Poles saved Europe at the Gates of Vienna. I think that was 16th century.

        Poles did a good job against the Bolshevik plague in the 1920s. Since then, only Spain under Franco has been strong, nationalist and willing to fight and yes win.

        Just look at all “Christian” churches and leaders in a Western Europe, UK, Scandinavia – traitors, pathetic cowards,mop idiots and fools with few exceptions.

        • Quido

          Good for the Poles. Is there a nation or people now that has the guts to stand up to the insanity that will eventually destroy us

          • jayvbellis

            Poles, Russians, most Eastern Europeans, Slavic nations are basically solid on racial, Islamic issues. Unfortunately lots of these nations have historic grudges and higher up assimilationist desires left over from past times – stuff like Ukrainians blaming Current Russians for the horrors of Soviet Bolshevik times and desiring to unite with Germany again or just the supposedly richer, higher up European Union. Scottish Nationalists do the same foolish stuff focusing on middle class English as “the enemy” – Mel Gibson anti English movies will do that.

        • Alden

          17th century 1640’s

      • Alden

        Islam tried again in the 16th century. Check out Don Juan of Austrias (Spanish admiral and Prince) and the battle of Lepanto 1590 something which defeated the Turkish fleet and slave raiders that were wreaking havoc as far as Iceland and Norway. The decades long fight against Turkey that resulted in its defeat at Lepanto was led by the Popes and Spain.
        The history of Christianity didn’t start with the protestant dive into the old testament.

        • Quido

          My worry is that now we don’t have the same will and dedication that they had then to stop it. Along with politicians and leaders that are greedy traitors

  • HE2

    The Vatican has already been conquered by Islam.
    A few months ago, in the name of “we are all one,” the Marxist muzzie apologist Pope invited an Imam and others in to worship Islam style.
    According to muzzie doctrine, Islamic traditional prayers practiced in an infidel’s place of worship confers conquest of that structure; by their lights, the Vatican sanctuary is now a mosque. Does this pope not know of Islamic “soft” jihad?

    This pope is a traitor who should be removed from office.

    • David Ashton


    • jayvbellis

      Yes agreed.

      The only solution is what was done to that other Liberation theology traitor Catholic in name only Archbishop Romero in El Salvador.

      I can’t believe the worst cultural Marxists have grabbed possession of the a Catholic papacy.

      • Alden

        This Pope too shall pass. Anyway, I for one care nothing about religion, just the Vatican preservation of 3,000 years of European history, art, artifacts learning and beauty.

  • David Ashton

    Judas had much the same view, if the NT is to be believed on this point.

  • Alden

    As a great admirer of all the art and buildings of the European church I have always thought that was the worst idea ever.
    Preserving that collection is the best thing the Catholic Church ever did and the best thing any religion has ever done.
    And even those amreners who think the Vatican is Babylon revisited need to realize that it is the greatest collection of all our European western Christian heritage even if you think pictures and statues are pagan idols.