Brutal Attack at Memphis Gas Station Caught on Camera

Michael Quander, WREG (Memphis), April 13, 2015

Surveillance video showed a mob of rowdy high school students beating a man at a Crosstown gas station.

Police said a large group of Northwest Prep Academy students swarmed a BP gas station on Poplar and Cleveland.


“Oh yeah. I was freaked out,” Mary Fuller said.

Fuller was scared and did not feel safe walking to her car.

“As I was going out the door this other gentleman walked out and hollered at them and asked them to be quiet and get off of the parking lot,” Fuller said.

“As we get to the car they are in the parking lot throwing up gang signs and putting up a ruckus,” Orrden Williams, Jr. said.

Williams, the man seen in the video being attacked, told WREG one of the kids “sucker punched” him.

After Williams had been punched in the head, dozens of teenagers swarmed the gas station.

Customers inside of the store jumped, and workers held the door shut as the teens rushed the entryway.

Williams made a mad dash for the car where, he said, one teen threw punches just inches away from his baby’s head.

Williams said he nearly used a gun in his car.


Police claimed the teenagers also damaged William’s car.


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  • phorning

    The biggest surprise is that the TV station did a story on the attack at all.

    • dukem1

      Looks to me like a solid class 5 CO…

    • LHathaway

      The victim is black?

    • Dirk_Pitt

      They wouldn’t have if he was white. That’s the only reason this story got aired.

  • Dave West

    He must have been “acting white.”

    • Good for him.

    • John Smith


      • Zimriel


        Humanity is to protect the weak from injustice.

        There exist humans among the black population, and nonhumans among the white population. Events like this illustrate the proportion of humans / nonhumans in the black population, as outlined in a book by Murray and Herrnstein.

        That is a problem… for the black population. That population needs to sort itself out.

  • LackawannaErie

    I though blacks in the South were under control and things like this only happen in the North where the Obama loving liberal whites are?

    • Just out of curiosity, did you use to post here as ATBOTL?

    • Susannah

      I live in the South and I would never claim this. In today’s ultra-p.c. climate, I doubt they’re under control anywhere.

      • They wouldn’t dare try it in my small Dixie town but in one of our Southern cities? All bets are off.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        The ONLY place they are “under control” is in the BIG HOUSE…!

        • The Worlds Scapegoat

          I think they control the “Big House” also.

          Maybe you were thinking about the cemetery. I here a lot of them work as grounds keepers, and they do what they are told.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            I like your idea, better…

  • MekongDelta69

    For the millionth time – You see the word black in the article?

    Nah – me neither

    • JohnEngelman

      I did hear the criminals described as “children.”

      • AFlaVet

        They are…..even at 40 years old…infantile, pouting angry children peeing into their own sandbox.

      • Dey be “babies”.

        • awb


    • phorning

      At least it is a TV story with a video attached. People can watch the video and confirm what they already thought for themselves.

    • Caucasoid88

      Well, here’s the first sentence of a news story on Yahoo I just came across:

      The white South Carolina police officer charged with murder in the shooting death of a black man can be heard telling his supervisor twice that he didn’t understand why the man ran away, according to dashcam video.

      So they do care about mentioning race. Educate yourself and stop being ignorant, MD.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      We don’t even NEED to see it: I knew the race of the offenders without even viewing the video, although the race of the victim came as a bit of a surprise…

  • Fair Dinkum

    Where’s Al Sharpton? I guess black lives only matter when they’re attacked by white cops.

    • Blackfish

      They only matter when there is someone to pay a fat settlement.

    • Cid Campeador

      I’d really like to see Al Sharpton himself get beaten like that. He really needs a wake up call.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    Northwest Gang Prep Academy?

  • Xerxes22

    The “students” were from The Northwest Prep Academy That name sounds totally opposite from the minimum security holding pen that it really is. In todays Bizarro world, the more fancier the name of the school, the worse it is.

    • bv

      I thought vouchers would cure the nation of these ills??? Sarcasim can’t turn off, abort abort!!

    • evilsandmich

      Their website says that they don’t have a “sequential grade structure” which tells me all I need to know about the place.

    • Cid Campeador

      Gee for a minute, I thought that it was the Tennessee counterpart of Eaton.

  • Luca

    Yes, just a typical bunch of rowdy teenagers from an upstanding institution of higher learning.

    • Caucasoid88

      Hey now, gettin’ a little rowdy there fellas—calm it down and try not to violently attack someone trying to be a good Samaritan.

  • Jaggers

    Northwest Prep Academy, why that sounds like a charter school! This cannot be–neocons have assured us that this is all that black students need to become scholars.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      With that glamorous name, it is probably a “Magnet” school, established by the federal courts under a deseg order…

      • John Smith

        Magnet for minorities.

        • Earl P. Holt III

          That’s the FINAL stage. They begin as glorified “Theme” schools in the areas between the mostly-black and the mostly-white areas, and are voluntary: The goal is to attract equal numbers of white and black kids to voluntarily “desegregate” themselves. Initially, they are also financed by a disproportionately large amount of the school district’s resources and many of the better teachers to enhance their appeal.

          It doesn’t take long before the white kids get beaten-up for their lunch money by 18 year-old Freshmen named “Tyrone,” and the white girls get jostled in the halls by the nigro males for refusing to date outside their species, or by the black girls for doing so. At this stage, the school reverts back to all-black, and becomes just another warehouse for lazy, violent, stupid and functionally-illiterate nigros, which was the original rationale for their deseg program in the first place.

          The entire scenario takes about five years…

  • james AZ

    Thank you to black guy who walked with old white lady to her car for protection. THANK YOU ….. I glad that black guy did not get killed by black savages..

    • JP Rushton

      That black guy seemed pretty awesome. He helped an elderly white lady to her car and tried to get the kids to back off.

      I also love how he said that if he pulled out his gun those kids wouldn’t have come home to their mommas justifiably. I’m glad he came out of it OK.

      • bv

        If these Bantus were like him, I believe we could get along much better. But alas he is the outlier on bell curve.

        • And the morality curve, as well.

        • CM732

          I am not sure if Bantu is an insult but it sounds like one.

    • InAFreeCountry

      He was the only one of that whole Tarzan casting call to have some dignity. Too bad the young ones won’t follow his lead.

      • Earl P. Holt III


    • ShermanTMcCoy

      Such a shame that 99% of blacks have to give the good 1% a bad name.

      • Manxman

        So true!

      • Nonhumans

        I wholly agree, but keeping in mind the bigger picture, the vast majority of them are bad onions and earn, very thoroughly, their stereotypes (and my handle).
        It only takes one bad onion to ruin the entire recipe. Is it worth it to cook all of the bad onions at the sacrifice of all of the other ingredients? (Resolutely) NO!!

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    One advantage he had was the fact he was black and if his life was endangered he could have shot one or more of these criminals. Unlike a white person, he would not have faced any consequences. But all in all it’s good to see there are black men doing the right thing. There might not be much hope, but there is some.

    • ekwaykway

      His life wasn’t endangered? How much danger do you got to be in? One kick to the head can kill you. Looked like defcon 5 to me.

  • Ograf

    He “nearly” used his gun. I bet that nearly scared some of the teen thug children that were hurting innocent people. And perhaps they won’t “nearly do it anymore”.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    A Liberal at the scene immediately prior to the attack would have accused the white lady of racism for being afraid to walk to the car. Even though the white woman’s “racist” fears were completely vindicated by the black mob attack, Liberals are so brainwashed that they would still accuse the white woman of racism after the fact. Truth or accurate predictions are still racist in Liberal eyes.

    • TrueNorthFree

      Your quote: “A Liberal at the scene immediately prior to the attack would have
      accused the white lady of racism for being afraid to walk to the car.”

      LOL, that’s probably true!
      ‘ve heard it said over and over that progressives like to throw baseless accusations of “racism” around from the nice, white suburbs they live in.

    • InAFreeCountry

      A black judge might take offense!

    • They would also confidently state that the white woman’s “racism” (thoughtcrime) was a greater offense than the very real violence perpetrated against her.

      • Guest


    • kikz2

      exactly like that *sshat judge that let those two armed home invasion specialists out on probation, because the little girl was now scared of all black men..therefore racist, therefore it negated their criminality and personal accountability of it……..someone should have a ‘word’ with him.

  • rebelcelt

    I heard on the news yesterday that the Memphis Police Dept. has been called out to that station 43 times in the last year. That works out to about every sixth school day.

  • Jason Lewis


    • AFlaVet

      Yes..and use it or lose it.

  • E. Newton

    Anyone watching that attack and the tribe swarming onto the victim will see Africa. That is Africa.

    • Rob

      It already is.

  • Dale McNamee

    Mr. Williams should have used his gun, but then again, he’d be accused of shooting an ” innocent ‘youf, yoot, etc.’ who was only having fun with his “peeps”… /sarc


    • John Smith

      He’s black, so he’d get away with it.

  • anony

    Sub-Saharan Africa in our midst disguised as Northwest Prep Academy students attack a fellow black who apparently is working for a living; that’s his mistake, working.

    • phillyguy

      today a prep school is just a new liberal term for a reform school

      • Blackfish

        Perp school!

  • ozamataz

    All members of the “Future Prisoners of America” club I’m sure.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      Future Felons of America…

      • Nonhumans

        Future scientisses and rocket surgeons…

        • Earl P. Holt III

          Future Brane Docters of Ammerika…

  • bv

    He’s a very descent fellow who was man handled by young savages. They only showed it though because the victim was Black.

  • AFlaVet

    Wherever the Negro goes….crime is just one word, or one inch away from crime. Look at Panama City beach with the spring breakers….rape, guns, drugs….the cops haul away not kids from MIT…but dread locked hoods and black criminals from the ghettos that see white girls as easy picking…and rapings. I’m not worried about ISIS for one minute…the Negro is the real threat today.

  • Cathy Madera

    Prep Academy? Prep for what exactly?

    • Luke Samuelson

      Precisely the comment I was about to make.

    • Sid Ishus

      Northwest Prep Academy should be renamed Obama Alternative School.

    • evilsandmich

      There’s something like that out by me somewhere, something like Academy for Academic Excellence or some such bull. A completely Orwellian name.

    • John Smith


  • Rob

    I am sure that nice black man will be called an Uncle Tom.

  • Light from the East

    Typical natural behavior from a group of teenage blacks. There have been too many cases in this years so far. Warm weather helps to boost their natures as well.

  • ekwaykway

    Notice the bars on the doors, nice, safe community. It always cracks me up when they say community.

  • Hilis Hatki

    The students heard a rumor that Jane Goodall was in the hood.

  • pennawhytmn

    They called them “students” instead of “teens”. Same effect I guess. What type of “prep” school would this be?

  • AmericanRemnant

    What kind of curriculum does this ‘Prep Academy’ teach to produce savages like this?

  • Earl P. Holt III

    What do you suppose the “Northwest Prep Academy” is attempting to teach these sub-human, predatory trousered-apes…?

  • Cid Campeador

    “TEENAGERS”. What is wrong with Memphis and for that matter, the entire South? How much longer are we going to tolerate this s–t?
    Some day the tables will be turned and this 60 years of meekly turning away and hoping that it doesn’t happen will be over.

  • AFlaVet

    “Northwest Prep Academy students..”

    Prepping for what? Getting shot or prison or both? Animals…unchained terrorists.

  • texasoysterman

    The video reminded me of what happens when you disturb a fire ant mound.

  • Frontierland

    No mention of black youth violence by the politically correct newscasters.
    This reminds me of a video I just watched in South Africa where a group of blacks, men and women savagely punched and then kicked a young black woman in the head repeatedly, ultimately grabbing an axe and bashing her head to a pulp, laughing and cackling like animals… all because the woman did not support the ANC.
    America… going the way of South Africa, like the white Boer farmers who are being slaughtered, like the fall of Rhodesia.
    I’m going to continue educating myself and others where possible… and stocking up on bullets.