Posted on April 30, 2015

Bronx Homeless Shelter Manager Sexually Assaulted, Shot to Death

CBS New York, April 29, 2015

The manager of a New York shelter was abducted at gunpoint by a former resident who attempted to sexually assault her before shooting her to death, police said.

Officials say 36-year-old Ana Isabel Charle was walking to her car near the 108-bed Project Renewal Shelter in the Bronx Monday around 6 p.m. where she encountered an armed West Spruill.

Police say Spruill sexually assaulted Charle in her car and as she escaped, a naked Spruill chased her and shot her three times in the head and chest.

Charle was found shot and killed on Bullard Avenue, just a block from the shelter that she oversaw.


Authorities say the 39-year-old man had moved out of the shelter in January and police are searching for a motive in the slaying.


A former boyfriend of Charle’s told The New York Times she was aware of the dangers of the job and had transferred to Project Renewal Shelter from another faculty, in part due to safety concerns.

Neighbors in Charle’s Whitestone, Queens, neighborhood are in disbelief, describing her as a friendly mother who adored her two daughters.

“It’s very heartbreaking, a young mother with young kids that lost their mom,” neighbor Harry Mallios said.


Spruill has six prior arrests, including for attempted murder, and served time in Michigan for assault with a deadly weapon.