Amid Violence, Factions and Messages Converge in a Weary and Unsettled Baltimore

Ron Nixon, New York Times, April 27, 2015

The middle-aged woman buried deep in a crowd of protesters near the intersection of North Fulton and West North Avenues held up a yellow sign with black lettering. One side issued a demand: “Stop the lethal force.” The other provided what could be seen as an ominous warning: “Pow pow you reap what you sow.”

All around, not far from the Gilmor Homes, the public housing development where Freddie Gray was arrested before suffering a spinal cord injury in police custody, the battle between chaos and calm raged.


{snip} Several of the ministers, led by the Rev. Ron Owens, convened a meeting with some of the young rioters. While about 50 people sat in pews, six or seven young men went to the front of the church with the ministers, where they laid out their own mix of chaos and calm.

A couple of the young men wore bandannas to hide their identity. The young men identified themselves as members of the Crips, Bloods and Black Guerrilla Family street gangs. One of the Crips members, who called himself Charles, wearing a red Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose T-shirt, said the gang members had taken to the street because “there is only so far that you can push people into a corner.”


Then he described how he and some Bloods had stood in front of black-owned stores to protect them from looting or vandalism. He said they had made sure no black children, or reporters, were hit by rioters. They pointed them toward Chinese- and Arab-owned stores. Charles said Mr. Gray had brought gangs together.

“I rolled over here on a truck, and I was the only Crip and everybody else was Bloods. And they didn’t do anything to me. We’re together in this.”

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  • D.B. Cooper

    Baltimore, eh? Wasn’t that where this former democrat got stripped and beaten by a mob of “youths”?

    • Jason Lewis

      You sure he’s a former democrat? Many of them end up blaming their privelege for the hostility displayed against them.

      • NoMosqueHere

        Kick me, beat me, I deserve it! White masochism is a huge problem.

        • ElComadreja

          He was probably thinking “I deserve this because I’m white”. These people are sick.

    • InAFreeCountry

      This particular incident was the catalyst of the early stages of my awakening.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Remember Sarah Kreager, suffered broken facial bones and other injuries after she was punched, kicked and dragged off a Baltimore bus?
    NO??? Well, let me remind you.

    • Alexandra1973

      I wasn’t aware of that. Bet you’re not surprised though.

      • D.B. Cooper

        I remember when it was on AMREN, over 7 years ago.

        • Alexandra1973

          I haven’t been reading/posting here for that long.

  • Alexandra1973

    Mr. Gray had brought gangs together? What a laugh. They kill each other over stupid stuff all the while proclaiming solidarity.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    It’s OK if the black rioters systematically loot Arab and Asian owned stores and attack white reporters because, I’ve been told, that blacks can’t be racist since they don’t hold power (or some other such nonsense like that.). When considering blacks alleged lack of power in Baltimore please conveniently flush from your mind that the US President is black, Baltimore’s mayor is black, Baltimore’s Chief of Police is black, and blacks are easily the majority populace in Baltimore. Ignore all that and stick to the cliches about blacks being powerless and incapable of racism.

    • Raymond Kidwell

      When you are being beaten down and — raped by a gang of black people keep telling yourself that your local college assures you that you are the one with the power

      • Jane Charlton

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    • Yeah, how can anyone keep a straight face today and say “blacks don’t have power”? What group is everyone so scared of offending? All words are used today, but the dreaded “N-Word” which we are told is forbidden for Whites to use, but blacks use it right in our faces. Yeah, lack of power.

    • slobotnavich

      Fact: If one backs black crime out of US overall crime stats (particularly violent crime figures) this nation is one of the most crime-free in the world. Everybody in law enforcement knows this; everybody living in close proximity to significant numbers of blacks knows it as well. They are the criminal class in this nation.

  • journey

    “there is only so far that you can push people into a corner.” Now, that’s the truth. Ultimate solution: deport back to Africa. Most blacks do not belong here. They are historical remnants that were useful for a very brief time in this country.

    • Chip Carver

      Nicely put.

    • Raymond Kidwell

      I think the ultimate goal of the “elites” is to turn the races against each other. I think many blacks, whites and other races are all victims of a social system that favors certain people. The spreading ghettos harms blacks as well as whites. The solution would be to reward responsible behavior and punish bad behavior. Instead the opposite is true. The current system will promote and support the dumbest and most destructive people so that they can in turn go and wreak havoc on their own neighborhoods.

      • I disagree. Don’t fall into this trap of “The system actually harms black people as well.” I don’t give a rats backside if it does! I care about MY PEOPLE, who DO THE WORK, and who PAY THE TAXES, and who BUILT THIS COUNTRY. Enough of all this caring about black people. We have done too much for them already. And, no, the system doe snot “hurt” them as you say. They are a lazy, low IQ, backward race, that has zero talent for success and yet have their betters demoralized into supporting them, their criminal activity, and their legions of little ones. No, the system hurts US, not THEM.

        • Raymond Kidwell

          The system hurts any normal people. If you are a normal, law abiding, tax paying black man you will often get eaten alive by the criminals all around you, just as any normal white person will. The system seems to regard degenerates, criminals, low I.Q. people while hating those who are upstanding citizens, obey the law, have high ability etc. It just happens that a group that is at the bottom of the scale like blacks are going to benefit most from a system that favors the lowest people.

          It’s the same if you are some retarded ghetto queen white person you’ll get a free house, car, etc. just like any black person. If you are a white man who is a drug addict, gay, been in prison half a dozen times, you are suddenly “special” to the leftist.

          Take a normal, high I.Q. educated black man like Thomas Sowell. He benefits from affirmative action in college but if someone like him has to grow up on the streets with savages looting and rioting around him and no effort at law and order, then he suffers.

          Letting people burn down their own neighborhoods, letting rapists and murderers go free etc. doesn’t benefit anyone. Even the criminal eventually becomes a victim of crime. It may have some slight benefit to the elites who don’t have to live by the same rules as the rest of us, but it’s an all around stupid way of governance.

          Cutting people checks or having excessive sympathy for them just because they are stupid or criminal, while not giving a horses — about a person in the exact same situation but who works hard and obeys the law. It’s stupid plain and simple. This form of stupidity transcends race.

          • LexiconD1


            Somehow you seem to forget just being black gives you special privileges in life through Affirmative Action. How many of those so called ‘normal’ blacks would be anywhere near where they are in life if not for AA?

            A LOT less

          • Raymond Kidwell

            That is true. People benefit in some ways and lose in others. There are ways that I benefit from living in America. There is a higher standard of living, somewhat more law etc. than elsewhere, but still there is an unacceptable level of unnecessary problems due to poor leadership. No doubt blacks have far more opportunities than I do just by being black, but at the same time they still suffer from the lawlessness and ghettos created by current policies.

          • LexiconD1

            ‘Current policies’ or personal life choices. It’s pretty easy to see the real answer in this conversation.

            It’s way too easy to blame ‘Democrats’, when blacks WILLINGLY put themselves on that Plantation for free stuff, instead of working hard to pull themselves up.

            I try and put the blame on those who truly deserve it.

            or let me put it this way….Who handed you YOUR life, or did you obtain the things and people that surround you, because of what YOU did, and your (and your parents) choices?

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      The Great Emancipator was almost the Great Colonizer: Newly released documents show that to a greater degree than historians had previously known, President Lincoln laid the groundwork to ship freed slaves overseas to help prevent racial strife in the U.S.

      Just after he issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, Lincoln authorized plans to pursue a freedmen’s settlement in present-day Belize and another in Guyana, both colonial possessions of Great Britain at the time, said Phillip W. Magness, one of the researchers who uncovered the new documents.

      • He had it so right. I could not have said it better.

      • De Doc

        “I have no purpose to introduce political and social equality between the white and black races. There is physical difference between the two which, in my judgment, will probably forever forbid their living together upon the footing of perfect equality, and inasmuch as it becomes a necessity that there must be a difference, I, as well as Judge Douglas, am in favor of the race to which I belong having the superior position.” A. Lincoln, 1858

        Few abolitionists were in favor of allowing Blacks free reign, after slavery was ended. Most simply acknowledged the irreconcilable differences and favored resettlement.

    • Keep Honkin, I’m Reloading

      obsolete farm equipment

  • Chip Carver

    The majority of the “arabs” and Chinese – those of these groups who could vote of course (they would never vote as non-citizens) – the majority of non-whites voted for the black puppet in the last Presidential election. Keep that in mind.

    • Ultimate187

      Also keep in mind that their votes ultimately weren’t the ones that got Obama elected. It was that of whites. Twice.

      • Chip Carver

        My point is that the non-whites voted against Whites. They voted for Obama because he is non-white.

        Obama was elected due to significant number of Whites voting for him, mostly White females. The majority of White males did not vote for him. The country does in fact deserve much of what is happening because people were and are still stupid enough to swallow the MSM’s messages hook, line, and sinker. But recent events are expanding the cognitive dissonance. The only way this will (possibly) be cleaned up is for things to get worse. Whites are not going to be able vote themselves out of this.

        One has to wonder how honest the voting process is anymore in the US – in terms of counting votes.

      • ElComadreja

        Those that voted for him do.

    • ElComadreja

      They deserve everything they’re getting. Morons.

  • Fair Dinkum

    But don’t you feel culturally enriched by all the diversity?

    • thegodsofeden

      I feel culturally violated. 🙁

    • John Smith

      Yogurt has more culture.

      • Okay, we got a wise guy here.

  • MekongDelta69

    Pow pow you reap what you sow.”

    They can’t even get a protest rhyme straight!

    • thegodsofeden

      Maybe she meant, “Po-Po you reap what you sow”.

    • Jason Lewis

      Tax dollars on public schools well spent!

    • Blackfish

      A properly written sign would have been “actin’ white”.

  • Red – Bloods; Blue – Crips. The gang truce will last until the looting is completed. Then they’ll fight over the spoils of war, killing each other again. In what? A few days?

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Like a band of hyenas getting together to take down its prey… then fighting over the carcass and battling the vultures overhead who show up for their share.

      The multicultural bloodbath has commenced, and diversity couldn’t be more beautiful.

  • TomIron361

    black-owned stores???

    • John Smith

      SBA loans that will never be repaid.

  • dd121

    Gang members directing rioters to attack Chinese and Arab businesses. This is about as community oriented as they get. It’s almost like helping old ladies cross the street.

    • IstvanIN

      It certainly shows the black mentality to our advantage.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The president of the Baltimore City Council apologized for calling rioters thugs at a press conference Tuesday

    Wouldn’t want to hurt the self esteem of the youths.

    I think they deserve a day off from school for having their feelings and self-esteem hurt.

    The Chief of Police said that the problems started when the high school kids got out of school.

    “Following the protests and riots in Baltimore, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan closes the school district.”

    I know just the person to call in: Al Sharpton!!

    Civil rights leader, the Rev. Al Sharpton, said he plans to visit Baltimore this week to help push police for answers in the death of Freddie Gray.

    Burn Baby Burn! Burn it like you did Freddie’s Fashion Mart.

  • John Smith

    Enforcing the law is “racist oppression.”

  • Katherine McChesney

    Baltimore….black Disneyland.

    • Dale McNamee

      Where every attraction gets one hurt, maimed, and or dead…

  • tickyul

    Over 1/2 the country is liberal and in love with the Black “movement”. Liberals see these “protests” as totally justified and needed. Nothing will come of this…except more sympathy, groveling and goodies for places like Baltimorebabwe!

    • Or, a backlash, I hope.

      • tickyul

        Not a backlash that will really matter! I can see all the blubbering on TV, about how horrific Blacks have it, that is why these “protests” happened……….that will be what MOST people take from this “incident”!

        • ElComadreja

          Yes. They’ve been making excuses for these savages since this started. In fact they’ve been making excuses for black violence going back to at least Rodney King and probably to Watts.

          • tickyul

            And it WORKS!!! Many people feel even more sorry for Blacks, every time they behave poorly….why should they stop acting-out in a very antisocial manner????

    • jayvbellis

      Nah. Nobody likes Black gangs, looters. Liberals say all kinds of stupid stuff. Same with Neo Cons, libertarians.

      People vote with their feet, vote where they send their children to school.

      Also, Liberals are good on Abortion rights for poor Blacks.

  • But I thought that Chinese and Arabs were also “persons of color” and that they were all united? I mean, it sounds like the black gangs are being…..racist? Oh, I forgot, only White people can be that way.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    If blacks deliberately targeted Arab and Chinese-run businesses, this is a golden opportunity for the Republican Party to fan the flames of racial division against the Democratic Party’s most loyal constituency, blacks. Republicans would be stupid not to trot out whites, Hispanics, and Asians as victims of black crime and piece together a winning coalition based on a national backlash against the Negro race.

    • jayvbellis

      This happened in the last congressional electronics the GOP won. ferguson Black rioting, Ebola infected Black immigrants, that was on people’s minds.

  • JGTThrasher

    “I rolled over here on a truck, and I was the only Crip and everybody else was Bloods. And they didn’t do anything to me. We’re together in this.”
    That is some Kumbaya sh*t, right there. Brought a tear to my eye. I mean, these guys stopped selling drugs and killing each other because black lives matter.

    • Keep Honkin, I’m Reloading

      Can you dig it?

      • JGTThrasher

        I can dig it. Now if they can just kill all of the ching-chongs, rag-heads and po-po, then they can recreate the African Paradise that they lost when the white mans chased them down with nets and took them away from their mommas and Motherland. They will rebuild the pyramids, excel in mathematics and sciences, and create a haven, safe from the scientifically, space alien created, reptilian and cold blooded race.

    • ElComadreja

      Can’t wait for them to turn on the stupid white liberals among them.

  • slobotnavich

    In an unprecedented move CBS and Fox are cooperating in producing a new series detailing the rioting and racially-charged disturbances in Baltimore. Initial reports that the series is to be named “Loots.”

    • Augustus3709

      Do you think they’ll get Levar Burton?

      • slobotnavich

        Who be he?

        • Alexandra1973

          The chief engineer (Geordi LaForge) on the Enterprise-D when it crashed-landed on a planet.

          I would have ejected the warp core, myself….

      • JGTThrasher

        Morgan Freeman will play the wise grandfather. Samuel L. Jackson will be an older Blood in prison who drops knowledge about the new revolution. Idris Elba will play the white politician who kisses butt and will do it in full white face. Gary Coleman will play Al Sharpton..oh, wait, he is dead and was buried in a Coleman Cooler. Is Emmanuel Lewis still alive?

  • libertarian1234

    There are trend analysts who are saying we’re going to see a semi-organized effort to bring blacks together in every urban area and when one of them riots, so too will the others, including gang members who will unite as they are doing in Baltimore.

    Drudge thinks the convergence can bring down the country, as do others who have more expertise than Matt.

    The big problem here is that all this black screaming for “justice” is nothing but a reluctance on the part of blacks to take responsibility to clean up their own tribe and the neighborhoods they live in.

    The t.v. has been filled with black talking heads who refuse to admit they have a crime and violence problem, and the wee amount they will admit to they claim isn’t their fault and that it is due to injustices.

    Money won’t do it, nor can the government. They’re going to have to do it themselves which means it won’t get done.

    Civil war, therefore, is unavoidable.

    • JGTThrasher

      The race war has been going for a while. Only one side has been fighting. The other side seems to be turning in their sleep and beginning to mutter. The prospect of all out war does not appeal to me, as I have children. Death is ugly and the hardships during such a time would be extreme. Having it slowly rot due to inaction until all hope is lost doesn’t appeal to me either. My children deserve better. We need to separate. How that occurs matters little to me in the end, only that it does occur. Like others, I have lost all empathy for these constant children. Europa’s teat needs to be forcefully extracted from their greedy, savage mouths, washed thoroughly, and given back to her own.

      • jayvbellis

        Nah, it ain’t that better.

        Our side has been fighting behind the scenes, moving Blacks out of cities, reclaiming areas, yeah gentrification. White gays did it first.

        Cabrini Green projects in Chicago got torn down, same with Robert Taylor Homes.

        Black rioting and Black political,power or even participation is over in Southern California.

        • JGTThrasher

          When you tear down the projects then they move into lower working class neighborhoods like mine and screw up the rental properties.

  • Ella

    Here is a great example of multiculturalism at its best, “They (Blacks) pointed them toward Chinese- and Arab-owned stores.” The media forgot to educate the Asians about the great benefits of a rainbow society.

    • Ultimate187

      The government doesn’t count Asians as real diversity or multiculturalism. They are not considered true people of color.

  • Augustus3709

    “Then he described how he and some Bloods had stood in front of
    black-owned stores to protect them from looting or vandalism. He said
    they had made sure no black children, or reporters, were hit by rioters.
    They pointed them toward Chinese- and Arab-owned stores. Charles said
    Mr. Gray had brought gangs together.”

    People shouldn’t neglect the significance of that. It’s not about “justice”, it’s about RACE. Blacks are attacking everything non-black. There is a blatant “supremacist” vibe that the media is covering up.

  • jayvbellis

    Arab, Chinese and other Asian Merchants who try to operate in Black areas ARE natural conservative voters.

    Even when the demographics get bad, a law and order White candidate can and does win.

    And drill this in to everyone you know:

    Jack Kemp style, Paul Ryan style, Rand Paul style Libertarianism, pandering to the lowest Blacks may get you some positive Liberal media ( he’s the only non racist Conservative) but it will not win you any votes from anyone.

  • PvtCharlieSlate

    The title of this article alone identifies it as a product of the NY Times.

  • carriewhite64

    “Pow Pow”? LOL.