Why Are White People Expats When the Rest of Us Are Immigrants?

Mawuna Remarque Koutonin, Guardian, March 13, 2015

In the lexicon of human migration there are still hierarchical words, created with the purpose of putting white people above everyone else. One of those remnants is the word “expat”.

What is an expat? And who is an expat? According to Wikipedia, “an expatriate (often shortened to expat) is a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country other than that of the person’s upbringing. The word comes from the Latin terms ex (‘out of’) and patria (‘country, fatherland’)”.

Defined that way, you should expect that any person going to work outside of his or her country for a period of time would be an expat, regardless of his skin colour or country. But that is not the case in reality; expat is a term reserved exclusively for western white people going to work abroad.

Africans are immigrants. Arabs are immigrants. Asians are immigrants. However, Europeans are expats because they can’t be at the same level as other ethnicities. They are superior. Immigrants is a term set aside for ‘inferior races’.

Don’t take my word for it. The Wall Street Journal, the leading financial information magazine in the world, has a blog dedicated to the life of expats and recently they featured a story ‘Who is an expat, anyway?’. Here are the main conclusions: “Some arrivals are described as expats; others as immigrants; and some simply as migrants. It depends on social class, country of origin and economic status. It’s strange to hear some people in Hong Kong described as expats, but not others. Anyone with roots in a western country is considered an expat . . . Filipino domestic helpers are just guests, even if they’ve been here for decades. Mandarin-speaking mainland Chinese are rarely regarded as expats . . . It’s a double standard woven into official policy.”

The reality is the same in Africa and Europe. Top African professionals going to work in Europe are not considered expats. They are immigrants. Period. “I work for multinational organisations both in the private and public sectors. And being black or coloured doesn’t gain me the term “expat”. I’m a highly qualified immigrant, as they call me, to be politically correct,” says an African migrant worker.

Most white people deny that they enjoy the privileges of a racist system. And why not? But our responsibility is to point out and to deny them these privileges, directly related to an outdated supremacist ideology. If you see those “expats” in Africa, call them immigrants like everyone else. If that hurts their white superiority, they can jump in the air and stay there. The political deconstruction of this outdated worldview must continue.


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  • Africans, Arabs and Asians have little if any desire to go home.

    • Yancy Derringer

      Right. There’s a significant difference between the two terms. An expatriate is living outside of his native country for an indefinite period of time. He typically remains a citizen of his native land and can go back if he wishes to. An immigrant has left his native country to set up permanent residence in another.

  • Ron Cheaters

    Back when Canada was something. British used to call us “Colonials” I thought it was funny.
    I can’t be bothered trying to conform my language to everyone who might be offended.

  • Susannah

    White people have founded and developed the generally superior societies that others wish to immigrate to. Whites have set the international standard, given the world almost everything to form and sustain modern societies, and are not on par with others who arrive from failed societies. If White wish to call ourselves “expats”, or anything else, we have collectively earned that right.

    • We have also collectively earned the right to call ourselves “superior.”

  • Whitetrashgang

    Soon the 5 billion extra negros born this century will be here.I myself will watch planet of the apes again to find out how it ends.

    • David Ashton

      A Brahmin acquaintance of mine, expelled from Uganda, once made a similar comment to me. Not only white people are “racists”!

      • John Smith

        Or what the negroids did in Zanzibar – raping and murder of Indians and Arabs.

    • SlizzardAjeosshi

      Planet of the apes seemed by far a more organized and civil place than Africa

    • DonReynolds

      I seriously doubt the new ape culture will be nearly so well organized as the movies.

      • John Smith

        And those in the movies have a certain simian charm lacking in some other primate groups.

    • ElComadreja

      In starvation and bloodshed. How else?

  • superlloyd

    ”Africans are immigrants. Arabs are immigrants. Asians are immigrants. However, Europeans are expats because they can’t be at the same level as other ethnicities. They are superior. Immigrants is a term set aside for ‘inferior races’.”

    What’s wrong with that you self hating. white. liberal guardianista?

    • John Smith

      Uh, author ain’t white, going by the name. I’m guessing black African.

      • Yancy Derringer

        Maybe your subconscious recalls reading that.

        • John Smith

          Not hardly.

      • Light from the East

        His name is “Mawuna Remarque Koutonin”, you are right.

        • John Smith

          He related to Kunta Kinte?

          • Light from the East

            A slave? We will never know and I don’t care. But his anti-white intention is obvious, my latest comment mentioned the fact that he distorted the message of the original article he quoted.

          • John Smith

            Just being facetious.

  • Red

    Expats bring capital, ideas and civilization wherever they go.

    Third-world immigrants, such as the author of this article, only bring indolence, grievances and ruin wherever they land.
    The difference is, the expats are usually more than willing to return to their country of origin. “Immigrants” like Ms. Koutonin know they have nothing worth returning to.

    • listenupbub

      Nail on head, amigo.

    • BlueSonicStreak

      Actually, I think “capital, ideas and civilization” may be part of the distinction regardless of race.

      I have occasionally heard Mexicans where I am referred to by white people as expats. The only thing that I can think of that distinguished them from the people who were referred to as immigrants is the former group were people who had started their own unique businesses.

  • LHathaway

    This author is right. Lets call them expats, and then repatriate them. You can always count on the left to come up with a solution. The problem is we just don’t pay enough attention to them. Thanks lefties.

  • JackKrak

    Obvious point has been missed here.

    There wouldn’t be white, Western expats if the locals could the job themselves.

  • MrBiIIGoode .

    First of all anyone can be an expat, not just whites, so this article is just trying to stir up more anti white resentment. Expats are generallty retired people coming from richer 1st world countries to live in poorer countries where their money will go further. Also they’re not a burden to the country they are moving too and in fact help the economy of those countries by living there. Whereas immigrants are usually people coming from poorer 3rd world countries to live in richer countries to make a better living and enjoy a better quality of life. Also immigrants are often a burden to their host country.

    • listenupbub

      Nail on head, amigo.

      There is a lot of connotation in these words – “expat, immigrant” – that a highly trained African writer still cannot understand. It is an IQ thing. The IQ is all about noticing absract commonalities and differences, and synthesizing them to make meaning. His/Her IQ is probably just too low.

    • BulgAryan

      Many countries have special programs to attract wealthy western retirees – Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines etc. Heck, Bulgaria has such a scheme, too!

  • American Tax Payer

    Being a subscriber and regular commentator at The Wall Street Journal myself, I can tell ya that the only reason the author has a problem with their Ex-Pat Section is because the poor third world immigrant can’t understand them.

    Many of them are Doctors and Lawyers and Businessmen and they have everyone there from women to blacks to jews to asians to whites. The Wall Street Journal is hardly “racist”. Even when they do dabble in the skin game (articles about ferguson, etc.), they still don’t play that game.

    I am pleased to report however, I did manage to get one Reporter to stop referring to Brown as a “teen”.

    • Yancy Derringer

      Good job. Take care of “unarmed” now and declare success.

      • American Tax Payer

        What? You do understand my post was about WSJ don’t you? And YES, it is a SUCCESS for anyone if they can get a journalist to stop calling the black criminal a “teen”.

  • TF

    This is an anglosphere concept. An englishman in Australia is exactly the same as an englishman in the UK or Canada. Whereas a Polish immigrant in the UK is called just that. It’s about language.

  • DonReynolds

    Oh you silly Rabbit…..Trix are for Kids.
    Americans…..including white Americans…..have worked in virtually every country on the planet. The come to do a project and they go to the next project, regardless of their skill or occupation. These are expats…..yes, even the black ones.
    But what they never seem to do is enter the host country illegally, demand government benefits and welfare or free health care, or insist on a free and easy pathway to citizenship, so they can vote in that country’s elections. Those are expats…..and they are not to be compared to Mexicans and Latin Americans who cross the border without even a passport. No comparison.

  • John Smith

    Expats are people who probably will go home one day, can usually find gainful work at home and will not be on public services if they stay.

  • Expats do not demand citizenships, benefits, privileges, welfare. White people who legally move to Canada, Australia, or who acquire a Green card in the USA are immigrants. Or people of any color who move to another country LEGALLY, with the intent to stay.

    The real problem is the word “immigrant” with people who illegally sneak into richer countries, and who don’t get sent back, as illegals, as law breakers, as they should. They should not be called illegal immigrants, rather illegals, or illegal aliens. Illegal aliens is the correct name.

    An illegal alien is not the same as a legal immigrant.

  • This is really quite simple. Expats likely go home part time or maintain links with their mother country. Immigrants do not. It’s not white privilege when we really do have IQs thirty points higher on average.

  • listenupbub

    “Top African professionals going to work in Europe are not considered
    expats. They are immigrants. Period. “I work for multinational
    organisations both in the private and public sectors. And being black or
    coloured doesn’t gain me the term “expat”. I’m a highly qualified
    immigrant, as they call me, to be politically correct,” says an African
    migrant worker.”

    Would you care to elucidate what kind of multinational “organisation?” Some b.s. SJW bureaucratic job, perhaps? Or is it a job that actually produces something of value to society?

    And who the heck wants to say the words “migrant worker,” for God’s sake.

    If you are really a migrant worker, prove it by getting back to your home country when your work is done, and by not breeding with the local white women/men you have been fantasizing about since you arrived in Britain with starry eyes.

    You probably won’t. You will whine until a white person marries you (Britain has lots of interracial marriage), when you can settle in Britain, have smarter, prettier, nicer, whiter children, and enjoy an overall more rewarding life than the life you were stuck with in cruddy Africa.

    Sounds like the dream of an “immigrant,” huh?

  • listenupbub

    Break it down:


    -Typically lowers standard of living
    –>goes from high place to average or poor place
    -Often goes to enjoy relaxing/less stressful/less hostile culture
    –>motivated by finding sanity or bliss, not wealth
    -possibly turned back on home country in spite, or for weird personal reason
    –>Etymologically, the word Expatriate has negative connotations regarding the relation to the “fatherland”
    -often cooky or social outcast, and single
    -does not care about making wealth in new country
    –>not a striver
    -marry a local, if at all
    -accepts original ethnic identity and passes new ethnicity/culture on to kids
    –>white Americans in Japan do not try to be Japanese in any sense, but teach their kids to be Japanese

    Immigrant (legal)
    -want a “better life”
    1)often dirt poor, former serf (“huddled masses”, e.g. Hispanics, Italians, Irish)
    2)First-worlder wants to create a dynasty somewhere
    —>strivers (Chinese, Korean, settlers in America)
    —>well-off people wanting to be mega-rich (Indians of India, some Middle Easterners)
    3)”Successful” third-worlder who wants to get what they really deserve, but home country offers jack-squat (Africans)
    -marry someone from home country, usually
    -not necessarily single upon arrival.

    -either one of two things
    1)accepts original ethnicity and tries to pass it on to kid (Mexicans and Italians)
    2)accepts a new ethnicity and tries to pass it on to kids (Europeans, some Africans, some Hispanics, some recent Asians— they go to churches, name themselves English names, enjoy local cultural activities with locals)

    I hate these formatting options. It is impossible to understand my comment now.

  • FozzieT

    This is just silly. White people are “expats” because their status in another country is temporary. The vast majority have no intention to stay permanently. Why would they, when their home society is naturally superior? On the other hand, Africans, in particular, should be properly referred to as “immigrants,” or even more properly as “invaders,” as they never intend to leave the host country.

  • dd121

    There are many expats in Mexico. The main reason is that it’s cheaper to live there. You have to prove you make something like $2000/mo, you can’t take their jobs, you can’t get involved in their politics. Violate any of those and you’ll be deported, no questions asked. The ones I know say Mexico(ands) are getting more hostile to Americans. Can’t imagine why. We’ve been so open to them.

  • USofAntiWhite

    Just more anti-White lies.

  • MikeofAges

    Normally, the term expatriate was used to describe someone who had at least some level of attainment in his or her native culture, who then chose to leave it behind. If a Black African writer, for example, chose to come to Europe, American or the UK while continuing to write about his original culture, I would call that person an expatriate. If a person with no skills or merely skills in a mundane occupation moves to another country intending to remain in that country for the rest of his or her life, that person is an immigrant. I don’t care what country that person comes from or what color or race that person is, that person is an immigrant.

    Unless you intend to raise a janitor to the level of an Ernest Hemingway that person is not an expatriate. Another concept is that of an exile. An exile is a person in a position of intellectual, political or cultural leadership who is forced to leave his or her native country because of persecution or material danger. A person who leaves his or her country for the same reason who is not an intellectual, political or cultural leader is called a refugee.

    Does everybody have it straight now?

  • Alan Martin

    expats often RESPECT the countries they are going to.

    an swedish couple retiring in thailand will NEVER start to prattle about how they are “just as thai” as asians and anyone who says otherwise is racist… in other words they dont villify or criminalize the actual people of the racial societies they are looking to enjoy for their benefit.

    this is the fundamental hypocrisy of the left and racists who espouse so called “multiculturalism” as the only thing they are speaking to is multiracializing white societies. non-white hatred is that means to an end.

    there does not exist one single non-white society on the face of the earth that does not do its best to keep all others out. these ‘expats’ offer and provide something to the countries they go to.. they are sources of PROFIT rather than flocks of racists looking to take what they can by lending power to the worst most destructive politics that exist. expats often dont even enjoy the same rights and privileges..especially in terms of property rights and the like.

    expats dont hate, not the way non-white immigrants to white societies do.

    immigrant isnt the problem, expat isnt the problem… is non-white immigration thats the problem, and again…its a problem ALL non-white countries avoid by severely limiting any other racial group but their own.

    expats can enjoy being the Tourists they esentially are. there superiority begins and ends with the spending money they can dole out.

  • Light from the East

    Please read the whole article “In Hong Kong, Just Who Is an Expat, Anyway?” by The Wall Street Journal. This leftist black author intends to distort the original focus on why some Canadian Chinese (from Hong Kong) earn an automatic right to belong. It is obvious he only quoted some parts of the original content in his favor. Any issue will turn into a black white racial relation problem by the hands of Mawuna Remarque Koutonin or other leftists. Too bad even you are “smart” black to write an seemly fair article on Guardian, it seems your filthy intention is disclosed using our superior intelligence.

  • Ram Paul

    OMG it is actually the reverse!

    If you dare call a Mexican an ‘expat’ you would be called a racist for not ‘including’ them as either an ‘immigrant’ or as an ‘American’

    • corvinus

      I think it’s because people assume that the Mexican is planning to stay in the USA permanently. And they’re probably right.

  • Why are we Whites considered superior? Plain and simple: There is not a single non-White country in the world that has been dragged down and its people made worse off because of the presence of White “immigrants” or “ex-pats”; conversely, there is not a single White country whose people have been made better off because of the migration of non-Whites, period. Yeah, no wonder we Whites have that attitude of superiority.

  • Michael North

    Why does anyone bother about the Guardian? The only people who read it are Guardian readers.

    • David Ashton

      Know your enemy.

      I had thought of deleting my comment while awaiting moderation, but the Guardianistas run the BBC &c.

  • Hilis Hatki

    The oldest strategy of war…. “We come in peace”.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Dirty muslims….and “Mescans.”

  • Alden

    I always thought that the difference between an expat and an immigrant is that an expat planned to go home when the job ended or they retired.

    But The Guardian can take any subject or word and find racism.

    • corvinus

      I always thought that the difference between an expat and an immigrant is that an expat planned to go home when the job ended or they retired.

      That sounds right. Although it differs by country as well. Americans living abroad are always called “expats” because people assume that nobody emigrates permanently from the USA. Granted, Americans don’t have free immigration rights anywhere in the world, unlike, say, Europeans within the EU to other EU countries.

  • Fr. John+

    And there is a problem with this… why?

    Whites ARE superior to the ‘lesser races’. Always have been. And this is news?

  • Arturo

    Thank you so much for this! It’s much more important for you to pretend not to understand the difference so you can create yet another outrage-du-jour (while being racist in the bargain), than it is to spend time on genuine, not invented injustices.

  • Cuddles

    The reason is that you never LEAVE! Expats eventually return home to stay.