The Next Great Migration

Thomas Chatterton Williams, New York Times, February 27, 2015

At dinner last summer with my brother-in-law, a grandson of Jews who fled Algeria for France, the conversation turned to the rash of anti-Semitic incidents plaguing the country. At such times, the question inevitably arises in the minds of many Jews: “Where could we go?” He mentioned Tel Aviv, London and New York, but the location mattered less than the reassurance that departure remained an option. He’s not alone in this thinking: 7,000 French Jews emigrated in 2014.

Over the past year, as I watched with outrage at the dizzying spate of unpunished extrajudicial police killings of black men and women across America, I’ve wondered why more black Americans don’t think similarly. Why shouldn’t more of us weigh expatriation, even if only temporary, as a viable means of securing those lofty yet elusive ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Blacks leaving America in search of equality is not new. The practice dates from at least antebellum Louisiana, when free mulattoes in New Orleans sent their children to France to live in accordance with their means and not their color. It continued after World War II, when a number of black G.I.s, artists and jazzmen shared Richard Wright’s sentiment that there is “more freedom in one square block of Paris than there is in the entire United States of America.”

Today, that might sound hyperbolic–enormous gains have been made in America at every social level, and many blacks live as well as one can reasonably hope to anywhere. Yet we are consistently reminded of how tenuous this progress can be; how possible it still is to be humiliated on the front porch or cut down in Walmart by an officer who will never be held to account.

Watching what happened in Ferguson, Mo., and Staten Island and knowing that blacks are 21 times more likely than whites to be shot by the police constitute a heavy psychological tax. Freedom–and more broadly speaking, basic well-being–are relative goods. I lament that Paris can be a threatening space for Jews, Roma, Africans and Arabs, but the truth is, as a black American, I’ve never felt safer or less harassed anywhere. It’s difficult to exaggerate the existential boon of shedding one’s victimhood.

Of course there is no black Zion with a head of state urging the diaspora to return. But there have been movements for mass migration before, most notably Marcus Garvey’s early 20th-century Universal Negro Improvement Association, and its quixotic mission–based on the position that America would never grant blacks a fair shake–to forge a global black economy and create settlements for Americans in Africa by transporting blacks back to Africa by ship. W.E.B. Du Bois, a global citizen who was educated at the University of Berlin and later went into exile in Ghana, argued that Garvey’s plan to “unite Negrodom by a line of steamships was a brilliant suggestion and Garvey’s only original contribution to the race problem.” Garvey’s Black Star Line collapsed in 1921. It was a business catastrophe that swallowed many families’ savings, but it remains a potent symbol of exodus.


Many blacks dismiss expatriation as a luxury reserved for those with economic and social capital. But if “black lives matter” genuinely, then we must recognize minority individuality: Black people should pursue their own opportunities for the good life wherever they can. Yes, we hold an intrinsic stake in America and shouldn’t abandon lightly a homeland that is ours by right of birth and by dint of blood, sweat and hard labor. But if this stake remains unrecognized or unredeemable, its value is dubious.


A powerful way to sidestep America’s reluctance to become postracial would be for more black Americans to become postnational.

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  • Maybe if they think we’re really out to get them, they’ll leave.

    Perhaps all their race paranoia is going to turn out to be a long term feature rather than a bug for us.

    • MeanWhiteBoy

      In case that doesn’t work, they hate water and snakes. Seems to be true from what I have seen….

      • dd121

        And the jungle.

      • 1sb1

        Then why are there so many of them in New Orleans? (JK)

    • The last time I had a thought that good, I was a teenager, and when I woke up, the sheets were all wet!

    • 1sb1

      Let’s keep our fingers crossed

    • Secret Person

      It’s been working for Massachusetts. Blacks think we’re racist and it keeps the population down.

  • JackKrak

    Yes, YES!!!! I hear Sierra Leone is lovely this time of year!

    • Nancy

      And don’t forget the magnificent stretch of sh*t-covered beaches in Liberia!

      Only the Negro could take a continent that’s the richest in natural resources in the world, shrug his shoulders…and crap all over it. Literally.

  • TomIron361

    This dumb article is just the scribbling of an insignificant mulatto. Blacks would never, ever leave here of their own accord.

    • Bossman

      The Bahamas and the Caribbean are right next door, most USA Blacks have never even bothered to visit there.

      • Nancy

        I was watching the travel channel one day and this black lady was complaining because, on her family trip to China, the Chinese kept following them around, taking pictures of her and her husband, and touching their kids’ hair. The idea of a parasitic American Negro actually traveling outside the USA was so odd to the native Chinese, it was like a Martian family landed their spaceship in the middle of Beijing to have a look around.

        (Or maybe they were shocked to see a Negro woman married to an actual Negro husband, and only two children in tow. I know I’d be shocked, seeing as that the only place I ever encounter a Negro nuclear family is on television.)

        • 1sb1

          What, no golden retriever and white (oops) picket fence in tow?
          (insert sarcasm here)

    • A parasite does not want to leave it’s host.

      • 1sb1

        Can’t leave it’s host or it will perish.

    • Alucard_the_last

      If a nation has no welfare, we can expect blacks to avoid it like the plague.

  • Lewis33

    The only ones who would ever leave are the ones who can afford to and are probably paying taxes now. The ghetto queen living in the low rise isn’t going anywhere until she shuffles off (in her house shoes no doubt) to a paupers grave.

    • connorhus

      That’s one program I would support government funding for though.

    • I disagree. Even the successful blacks are parasites. Seriously, how does a black person get successful? By amusing Whites. These would include Kanye West, the NBA, Oprah Winfrey, and a whole host of others. You think any of these would do better somewhere else? What skills do even “successful” blacks possess? Even they depend on the relationship they have with us Whites. Sorry, your theory doesn’t work. They are all parasites and will never leave voluntarily.

  • ozamataz

    Yes Blacks, please leave. And for the record, you’re 21 times more likely to be shot by the police because you’re 21times more likely to be committing violent crimes. And to those of you “dismissing expatriation” due to lack of funds – I’m sure I could afford just one last handout for a one way ticket – anywhere you like.

    • That 21 times figure has been debunked.

      • 1sb1

        Yeah, it’s probably more like 50 times.

    • Johnny

      The FBI UCR has the stats on cop killers broken down by race. Anyone want to take a wild guess at which one takes the top spot year after year?

      • Nancy

        Do you have a link for those?

  • Dave4088

    Although I think this statistic is inflated for propaganda purposes, blacks are 21 more times likely to be shot by the police because they are 50 times more likely to do something reckless and dangerous that puts them in that risk category. And since the French aren’t beating themselves up over slavery, segregation and Jim Crow, the blacks won’t find any guilt ridden white people in France willing to give them race based passes and freebies on practically everything.

    • Ronald Roman

      Not slavery, segregation and Jim Crow, indeed.
      But if you think France is free of “diversification”, white guilt , multiculturalism and PC, you are totally wrong. Most of the intellectual left crap came from Europe.

      • Dave4088

        It came from Jewish intellectuals of the Frankfurt School who were rightfully kicked out of Germany by the National Socialists.

        • NoMosqueHere

          Germany also kicked out jewish developers of the atom bomb. Luckily for Germany, the same jews didn’t have the privilege of dropping one on Berlin.

          • Weisheit77

            I honestly think that is what they were built for but Germany capitulated too quickly. So they had to have their fireworks show in Japan.

        • Alucard_the_last

          And they came here and set up shop to destroy this nation. In a just society, they would have been shipped back to NAZI Germany. Millions have suffered and died as a result of not sending them back as soon as they were proven to be anti-American/capitalism.

      • Oswald Spengler

        Trace it back far enough and you wind up back in France at the French Revolution.

  • Brady

    AR’s April 1999 article “A Land of Their Own” is an interesting read on this matter, particularly regarding Marcus Garvey.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      I still have that article. I thought Marcus Garvey almost looked like a cross baboon/gorilla. I didn’t know that such a repulsive sight could acutally have made that much sense in the article. but he was right about blacks needing a land of their own, as long as it’s not in the U.S.

      • SentryattheGate

        They just want to go to other white countries!

        • Samuel Hathaway

          Yeah, they make such a mess of their own societies, they want in ours. There is no reason that Africans and Arabs would want to leave en-massed if their own societies are so wonderful.

  • libertarian1234

    “I’ve wondered why more black Americans don’t think similarly. Why shouldn’t more of us weigh expatriation, …..”

    Yes, why not?

    In fact you might want to consider someplace that doesn’t have very many honkeys, like Africa.

    That way you wouldn’t have to worry about white racism. You know, the same racism that prevents your tribe from turning out rocket scientists, great Pulitzer winners, and the like?

    But if you’re using your child psychology suggesting blacks leave because you think that the effort will result in many begging you to stay, better re-think that one, bro.

    Arrogance is a handicap. Better try to lose it if you can. And, if stupidity goes right along with it, it’s apt to make your miserable life even more miserable than it is because of your resentment and jealousy of white accomplishments.

    • dukem1

      They should just take their balls and go home,,,That’ll show YT!!!

  • LHathaway

    “knowing that blacks are 21 times more likely than whites to be shot by the police constitute a heavy psychological tax”.

    There was a report out that over 340 white men had been killed by police in a recent year. That same year the number of black men killed by police was less than 100. I’m not sure that leads to ’21 times more likely to be shot by the police’. There are some statistics concerning blacks and police that are shocking.

  • JohnEngelman

    If blacks want to achieve equality they should not move to France. They would still have to compete with whites. They should move to black countries, where the level of ability is much lower.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      The “C” team always comes out looking better competing againt the “D” team than it does going up against the “A” team.

      • Yes, but in this case, even the “C-team” members are better off living in a country built by the “A-team” than one inhabited by all the “D-team”.

  • superlloyd

    De po’ blag main should return to his motherland a.s.a..p. Hell, I’ll even chip in. This won’t happen, however, as they’ve never had it so good as they do now despite their perennial whining and sense of victimhood. Cradle to grave gibs and Affirmative Action won’t be available in the Congo.

  • Whitetrashgang

    So we should rename Africa France,and get rid of all the police first?Sounds good to me.

  • Race Heretic

    I think this sounds like a wonderful idea. The American Negro will never be free until he is in control of his own destiny. It’s time for them to move someplace else and create a country of their own, created by the American Negro for the American Negro.

    • Sorry to burst your bubble, but even though most American blacks are stupid, they are not quite THAT stupid. They know they have it better here than anywhere else and that no other people on the planet would put up with them as much as White Americans have.

      • Race Heretic

        I know. 🙁 Whenever someone complains about white supremacy, I want to tell them there is no white supremacy in Liberia and they could just move here. But deep down, they prefer living in a country run by white people

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      There is. It’s called Liberia.

      • Secret Person

        And interestingly enough, those freed blacks who emigrated to Liberia set up a pseudo-slave state just like the US except this time they were the masters. And, even worse, considering that the Ameri-Liberians should have been enlightened enough to know that they weren’t being politically correct and changed things, it took until 1980 for the indigenous blacks to revolt and take over the govt in a bloody coup.

  • De Doc

    For Blacks to move to anyplace requires resources, intelligence and skills far beyond the average of their lot. It’s pretty simple actually. And while their criminal tendency makes them a fair, but much more likely target of law enforcement, moving away from the U.S. means they must give up the Federal Sugar Daddy, which is how most of them survive today.

    • Target of law enforcement? Listen, as soon as any other country gets a load of how our blacks behave, they will be REALLY targeted by law enforcement! This generation of blacks has no idea what it is to live in a society that does not bow down to them.

      • De Doc

        I worded it wrongly. Perhaps I should have said they perceive it as such. Law enforcement has a monumental task to preserve the order, while not unnecessarily trampling on rights, and they have my admiration in that respect. They also must exercise common sense in maintaining the peace. So they must use tactics like profiling. If the data tells you most violent, gun crimes occur amongst young, Black males, then, well you can fill in the rest. They perceive it as unfair targeting and I label it as justifiable.

    • bv

      I’d fund their living in Africa, it would cost 1/20 of the cost now and they wouldn’t loose that quality of life.

  • connorhus

    We could exchange three feral blacks for every Boer and sent them to SA!!!

    • Sick of it

      I’d prefer a 10 for 1 exchange rate.

      • connorhus

        Even better!!!

    • bv

      I’d give the boers Oregon and boot the lefties up to Washington just to give them a new Afrikaans speaking nation.

      The coloureds I’d ship them to mulatto Brazil so they wouldn’t suffer under the blacks. They were and are still good backups who don’t deserve to suffer under primitives. The others Indians, Malay etc head back to your respective homelands of slug it out within bantustan.

  • Luca

    Liberia is the black Zion. Go east young man, back to the Motherland. And take 30 million of your brothas with you.

    • Pelayo

      And don’t let the door hit you on the way out..

    • jocasseejo

      …I have a dream…

  • Frank_DeScushin

    If American blacks left the United States due to supposed racism and moved to France, how long would it be before those blacks started calling France the most racist nation?

    • Uhhh, arrive in France Friday afternoon. Partying on Friday night; chimp out on Saturday. French police called: (Calculating) Approximately 24 to 30 hours.

      • dukem1

        I was gonna say 5 minutes.

    • Sick of it

      I wouldn’t care. They wouldn’t be here anymore.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    “the dizzying spate of unpunished extrajudicial police killings of black men and women across America”

    What, exactly would happen in America if all the blacks left?

    *There would be 50% fewer gang members

    *Rape would go down significantly

    *Percentage of overweight population down by 10%

    *Average IQ of US population would go up 7 points.

    *SAT scores up by 100 points

    *ACT scores up by 5.5 points

    *AIDS and HIV would go down by 67%

    *Chlamydia cases would go down by 50%

    *Syphilis would go down 58%

    *Average income would rise by 20k or more per year

    *The number of people in poverty would go down by 30%

    *Homelessness would go downy 57%

    *Number of welfare recipients would go down by 40%

    Yes, just dizzying! I see this as a win-win situation.

    I see great hope for America in black migration to Europe and Africa.

    For blacks, America is nothing but a hopelessly bigoted nation full of hateful, racist Whites.

    Blacks could start a new life in a non-racist utopia like France or Kenya away irredeemably evil Whites.

    I think a program should be started to help blacks achieve this goal of leaving America – with the absolute understanding that this is a one-way trip; neither they nor their children could ever return to the U.S.

    • And add: I would guarantee that the United States would once again be the largest economy in the world and not China. Blacks are a huge deadweight on us.

    • 1sb1

      Epic post!
      Well done, sir.
      Should be required reading for every liberal and black in this Country that they are a plague upon.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Feel free to pass it on.

  • Alexandra1973

    As if France doesn’t have enough crime.

    • bv

      I want to know what gives them a right to go to France? Head to Liberia that is your promised land, it’s illegal for whites to have citizenship there.

  • dd121

    If blacks are doing so well on their own, why is the government inflicting section 8 housing on us/

  • TruthBeTold

    Of course there is no black Zion

    How about mother Africa.

  • Ronald Roman

    Here is my plan. From every block in the ghetto, one person gets a round trip (one way if chosen so) ticket to Liberia , Sierra Leone or other great nation. If they come back, they have to tell all their neighbors about the wonderful life over there.
    They’ll be like Cassius : “Thank God my granddaddy got on that boat!”

  • puffdaddy

    I would love to see a mass exodus of African Americans to France. LOL. French people love those who can’t speak their language.

  • Kyle Asher

    I just started a go fund account to help,out with the endeavor

  • THERE YOU GO YOU RACISTS! Now you have done it. Did you read the article? He says that if blacks don’t get better treatment here in America they will go somewhere else were they will be more welcome. Ah ha, now I know you are all shaking in your boots. I can hear you, “please please; don’t do that, not that!” So just remember what black people COULD do if you don’t stop it with your “ray-cism.” (Okay, I have to stop. My sarcasm meter is revving all the way up to the red line!)

    • bv

      Red lining at 8000 RPMs.

      • 1sb1


    • Whatever will we do for cornerbacks?

  • falskog

    I like the idea of going back to Africa, France is OK too

    • jocasseejo

      Mexico has to be pretty empty by now and we could just sling shot them over the Rio Grande~I know, I know, not far enough away…

      • bv

        I’d live to flood Mexico with saggy pants cretins. Give la raza a little taste if their own medicine.

        Ja ja ja (I’m laughing in Spanish).

    • kikz2

      … i don’t even wish them on France.

  • WR_the_realist

    Over the past year, as I watched with outrage at the dizzying spate of
    unpunished extrajudicial police killings of black men and women across
    America, I’ve wondered why more black Americans don’t think similarly.

    How can I even continue to read an editorial that has a nonsensical statement like this?

    • InAFreeCountry

      I agree. I saw a dizzying spate of arson, looting, and rioting.

  • MekongDelta69

    America is so racist, blacks might have to move to . . . France.

    As the kids used to say…


    • jocasseejo

      See ya~wouldn’t want to be ya~and don’t let the screen door hit ya on the way out…

    • bv

      You notice that a White Country comes to mind and never the jewel of South Africa?

  • Rhialto

    1-Even for the NYT, this article is crazy.

    2- IMHO, most Blacks are much happier with Obamified America, than White men, and would not consider emigrating to a Black run (down) country.

    • bv

      Black run down country? Is there any other kind?

  • Sick of it

    I’d be willing to donate most of my money to pay them off so they will go and never come back.

  • Alden

    The blacks, Arabs and Roma protected by the Jews who have made any word against the Muslim takeover or Roma and gypsy crime a criminal offense punishable by lengthy jail terms; have made Paris and the rest of France dangerous for the natives who have lived in France for 100,000 years.

    • phillyguy

      don’t call a gypsy a roma, that is a liberal term invented by the left to make the no good gypsies sound normal,, they should be named for what they are, “thieving lying gypsies”.

  • Douglas Quaid

    This article is a perfect example of your mind on college.

  • RacialRay

    If I were an American black, would I rather live in a white-run society or a black-run society?

    Hmmm…let me think on that one for a moment…

    • jocasseejo

      The real question you should ask is: If you were an American black, could you think…

      • bv

        You deserve the noble prize for that comment.

        • jocasseejo

          HaHa~Thank You 🙂

  • jim

    “Why shouldn’t more of us weigh expatriation, even if only temporary, as a
    viable means of securing those lofty yet elusive ideals of life,
    liberty and the pursuit of happiness?”

    I’m all for that. There is a huge continent where you will be perfectly happy with virtually no White people and therefore no racism…its called Africa. You are free to move there and never come back. We’ll be just fine here without you.

  • Reverend Bacon

    “Blacks are 21 times more likely than whites to be shot by the police…”

    In the New York Friggin’ Times??? When I was young, that paper had standards. Now, blacks are 21 times more likely than whites to make up nonsense in the NY Times, and have it slip past the editors. While the data are tough to nail down, there are two sites I look at about “killed by police.” They both claim the same number of killed so far this year: 179. The races of 143 of those are known. The breakdown by race is as follows: 73 White, 42 Black, 24 Hispanic, and 4 Other.

    Blacks are far more likely to be engaged by the police. So it’s odd that over half of these dead are whites. Blacks are only slightly over-represented in terms of their population, but dramatically underrepresented in terms of their criminality.

    Don’t allow them to get away with such statements.

  • listenupbub

    Yes, oh gawd yes. Please, brothahs and sistahs, this America is too racisss for you to survive in anymore. You must leave. The police will shoot you, you have no choice, leave for your own sake, not mine.

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    I believe they should be encouraged to move to Venus, ala “The Marching Morons.”

  • KenelmDigby

    They’re not going anywhere.
    Just more attention seeking and self-pitying whining.

  • bv

    I wish they’d stop teasing us like that. That’s like dangling a T-bone in front of a starving Rottweiler.

  • Oswald Spengler

    What if the top-tier Blacks instituted a program of re-colonization of Liberia, whereby they would institute a system resembling British colonialism? Convince the U.S. blacks that they can be Kings of the native Africans, if they would only conquer them.

  • Itooktheredpill

    I will never understand the black mind. Life must be so confusing for them.

  • Gunter Mabuse

    Amazing how blacks always seem to be a step behind the racists running this country and the police forces across the nation. When they respond to the extra judicial killing of black men by the police, they only see a vague, shadowy conspiracy to do them harm. They miss the entire intent of these killings, which is obviously voter suppression. With Obama bringing in new potential democrat voters from south of the border by the millions, The White Man is obviously intent on thinning their numbers to compensate. When will they wake up to the real conspiracy? They were robbed of half a century’s worth of credit for the great inventions of the twentieth century. If only they knew that the great Robber Barons of the Evil Capitalist League had kidnapped George Washington Carver and kept him locked in chains in a dank dungeon beneath the Vanderbilt mansion for decades, forcing him to produce alternating current, the semiconductor, FM radio, and even the slinky, in exchange for his continued existence and an evil diet of water and confinement loaf, wouldn’t they then be properly outraged? If only they knew.

    • Light from the East

      Surprised? Their subhuman nature hasn’t changed at all, has it? They now did the same thing in China. Search Guangdong black community.

  • Light from the East

    One thing is for sure: Wherever blacks go, they bring destruction upon civilization of the place.

    • kikz2

      my immediate thought was, he damn sure didn’t mention Africa as his black zion.

  • John Smith

    Damn, I sure hope we can get thirty million or more to emigrate ASAP.

  • model1911

    “Why shouldn’t more of us weigh expatriation, even if only temporary, as a viable means of securing those lofty yet elusive ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?” Please, Delta is ready when you are.

  • Hammerheart

    I love this argument from liberals.

    Liberal: ‘The US is so waaaycissss blah blah, Trayvon this, Mike Brown that’

    Me: Oh, why don’t you leave then? Maybe try Zimbabwe or Syria? I hear the cuisine is excellent in those parts. Surely you wouldn’t want to live forever in a racist regime that actively persecutes you?

  • Alucard_the_last

    I have no problem with them, and others, to leave this horrible sexist, racist and homophobic nation. Maybe Michael Moore and Noam Chomsky can be the first to leave.

  • libertarian1234

    Everything these people talk about has to do with race, blacks or black things in general.

    They’re completely absorbed with race to the exclusion of everything else. They’ve created a universe wherein they have placed blacks at the center with everything else revolving around that, oblivious to the fact that, for the most part, the entire tribe does nothing but take up space, use up resources and are the leaders of all the world’s people in crime and violence.

    Throughout history they have contributed absolutely nothing useful to mankind, and they contribute nothing useful to mankind today.

  • Sid Ishus

    Where do I send my contribution to assist in their emigration?

  • ElComadreja

    France richly deserves them.

  • Nancy

    “It’s difficult to exaggerate the existential boon of shedding one’s victimhood.”

    Okay, well, let us know what it’s like when you finally do.

  • He probably feels safe and secure because Paris is getting to be a mirror of the Congo.

    I would say that these people never think of fleeing to an African nation, but the way France is going, it is pretty much going to the same thing by the time these blowhards would ever move there.

    Yet we all know they won’t, because despite everything, they know which side their bread is buttered on.

  • malikknows

    I’ll buy the author a one-way ticket anywhere he wants to go.

  • FransSusan

    The parasitic negroes will never leave the US.

  • With their high fertility, blacks don’t “migrate” from one place to another. Rather, they spread from one place to another.

  • LegallySpeaking

    (crosses fingers)

  • Bleau Gumms

    By all means, leave. We will save money on prisons, police force, lower std infection rates.

    Where do I sign to crowd fund?

  • 1sb1


  • 1sb1

    Re: “A powerful way to sidestep America’s reluctance to become postracial would be for more black Americans to become postnational.”

    Uuuuh, yeah, simply said, please do.

  • mikefromwichita

    American blacks, leaving for France? Whats not to like!!!!!