Tea Party Is ‘Bald-Faced Racists,’ White Privilege Conference Speaker Tells Sea of White People

Eric Owens, Daily Caller, March 12, 2015

Members of the tea party movement are “screw-loosers” who range from “sort of a generic racism” to “bald-faced racists,” and they tend to become more racist the longer they associate with tea party ideas. Also, “tea partiers are not overly concerned about the economy,” love “gun rallies,” want power in the hands of white people and hate President Barack Obama because he “broke the white monopoly on the presidency.”

Such was the message of a speaker on the first day of this year’s White Privilege Conference, currently happening at a posh hotel in downtown Louisville, Ky.

The speaker was Leonard Zeskind. The author and activist hosted a session concerning the tea party, a limited government movement that shared in the responsibility for returning the U.S. House of Representatives to Republican control four years ago.

Zeskind’s Thursday afternoon talk was entitled “The Denial of White Privilege, the Tea Party Movement and the Building of Our Response.”

The former factory worker turned “social change maker” began his lecture by stressing that his “area of expertise is the white nationalist movement.” He claimed to have begun paying attention to the tea party because, he said, white supremacists swelled in the tea party ranks after Obama was sworn in as president in 2009.

“All this business about government and ‘constitutional’ is a smokescreen that’s really all about, ‘I want this country back for me.’ And ‘me’ meaning ‘white people,’” Zeskind told an overflow conference room crowd.


After noting that tea party supporters do not like to be called racists, the leftist activist suggested that tea party advocates mostly don’t like President Barack Obama because Obama “broke the white monopoly on the presidency.”

“Tea partiers are not overly concerned about the economy,” he confidently asserted.


At the beginning of his talk, Zeskind had asked audience members to volunteer to speak about themselves.

“I live in the bowels of the tea party, and I have the privilege of teaching your children,” explained one White Privilege Conference attendee–a woman with a Southern accent.

“I teach at a very elite boarding school,” explained a second woman who said she is from the Boston area. She said the school is “full of tea partiers” who “try to, you know baptize” political opponents.


This year’s event marks the sixteenth annual White Privilege Conference.

People–mostly white people–pay hundreds of dollars each to attend the multiday conference each year.

Taxpayer funds from several states go to pay for conference fees.

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  • bv

    Zeskind? No surprise there.

    • Chip Carver

      No, but the usual disingenuous denial and fake surprise abounds.

    • Johann Wald

      He sounds just like Tim Wise. Wait! What a coincidence, they’re both. White? Nah, I don’t think so.

      • Glen

        But, but, but…Zeskind and Wise “look white to me!”

      • Sick of it

        “Leonard Harold Zeskind (born 1950), sometimes known as Lenny Zeskind, is a communist Jew, Zionist and self-styled “expert on white nationalism” in America. Throughout his career he has been involved in various extremist Marxist-Leninist groups which were genocidally Europhobic in political rhetoric, particularly the Sojourner Truth Organization. He is a collaborator of the communist magazine Searchlight.

        His movement into the spotlight was facilitated behind the scenes through a large financial grant from the MacArthur Foundation. He is the president of a covert Jewish supremacist and neo-Bolshevik hate group calling itself the Institute for Research & Education of Human Rights.

        Zeskind is also a long time member of the NAACP, despite being a Jew. In this role he was caught up in a political controversy, after fabricating a critical theory style smear attack on the Tea Party Movement, using prejudiced anti-European American epithets.” – Metapedia

        • Johann Wald

          I knew some of this but I was mainly being sarcastic. Zeskind is obviously representative of his race and as misanthropic as they typically come.

        • NoMosqueHere

          I doubt “lenny” is much a zionist. My guess is that he supports the so called “palestinians’ and wants to see Israel turned in to a nation where muslims live side by side with jews in peace and harmony. In other words, he wants the jewish nation to be destroyed, That’s just my guess, knowing a bit about the sick liberal jewish mentality, of which lenny is a sterling example I’m sure.

    • WR_the_realist

      But he’s a certified genius. He won a MacArthur Foundation Grant in 1998.

      Yep, white hating racists get MacArthur “Genius” awards.

    • archer

      Again, the name says it all.

    • Vanitas

      The political life of Leonard Zeskind begins in Kansas City during 1973, when he surfaced in an openly communist group calling itself the Sojourner Truth Organization. Mostly active in the Midwest and only in existence between 1969 and 1985, the group was riddled with Jewish extremists, such as the genocide baiting Noel Ignatiev. For instance Ignatiev, explicitly demanded the “destruction of the white race”, recalling for Europeans shades of the Ukrainian Holocaust where Communist Jews, in particular the ring-leader Lazar Kaganovich deliberately starved to death 10 million European Christians during the 1930s.

  • The former factory worker turned “social change maker”

    He’s a dork in Kansas City with a fax machine, trying to follow the Dees and Wise success tracks.

    “I teach at a very elite boarding school,” explained a second woman who said she is from the Boston area. She said the school is “full of tea partiers” who “try to, you know baptize” political opponents.

    Boston? One of the bluest cities in the country? Yeah, I’ll believe that the same day I believe that Madison, Wisconsin, the city that gave birth to Barbara Lerner Spectre, is a TPM hotbed.

    People–mostly white people–pay hundreds of dollars each to attend the multiday conference each year.

    They don’t pay, some nonprofit or educational institution or public bureaucracy pays their way. And it’s basically a big networking powwow for the burgeoning diversity consultant industry.

    • Sick of it

      I think I would drop dead of a heart attack if I met a native Bostonian who was conservative. The shock would be too much.

      • Susannah

        My father-in-law is a native Bostonian and is basically conservative. He’s also an Ivy League grad, which is even more unusual. So there are a least a few. But the notion of the Boston elite as a bunch of Tea Partiers is beyond ludicrous.

  • TomIron361

    Tea Party Is ‘Bald-Faced Racists
    what’s wrong with that???

    • Jane Dough

      Love it! Get all Abbie Hoffman on their ass.

    • Publius Pompilius Quietus

      What’s wrong with the statement is, alas, it’s false. The TEA Party promotes black conservatives and accepts all of the assumption of the left. All the TEA Party actually differs on is taxes and government spending. But the TEA Party is also overwhelmingly white and feels estranged from the political establishment, so it is implicitly white. That’s why it is hated by the political establishment.

      • The problem that the dork with a fax machine has is that in his opinion, it’s too many non-leftist white people (and the token non-whites) in one place. Therefore, in his mind, the odds are too uncomfortably high that Hitler 2.0 will emerge from that milieu.

        • Publius Pompilius Quietus

          To the contrary, I know many leftists at my university, and they aren’t stupid. Leftists hate the TEA Party, because it is implicitly white; destroying it reduces the likelihood of an explicitly white political movement rising.

          • Weisheit77

            Uhm, I think you’re agreeing with him. I agree with both of you. I think this totally explains where Mr. Zeskind is coming from.

          • nordicman

            Ask these white leftists why they don’t move to a black area or donate all their money to a black organization.

      • Speedy Steve

        Correction: The Tea Party promotes black Republicans.

      • archer

        It also believes in limited government especially on the federal level, “he who governs least governs best”.

    • Glen

      They’re not racists.

      • TomIron361

        Whether they’re racist or not is not important to me. although I consider my self a racialist. What is important is my opinion that they’re screaming liberals/commies.

      • Speedy Steve

        Why be in denial? Just accept the decision. It does not hurt anymore.

        • Glen

          I’m not in denial. The Tea Party really isn’t racist or race realist. It is called racist because it is overwhelmingly white. White = Racist. I agree with you that whites should just accept the “racist” designation. In fact, whites should own the word. Problem is, “owning the word” has to start somewhere and there’s no assurance that other whites will follow.

    • bilderbuster

      If only!

  • Funny, the reality is that a lot of those Tea Party folks are just as eager to prove how ‘non-racist’ they are as the liberals. These are the same folks that practically worship Alan West, Ben Carson, and other conservative black heroes and who are quick to condemn any white racial solidarity.

    • Publius Pompilius Quietus

      Ben Carson is an unimpressive person with the charisma of a sloth. The only interesting thing about him is he’s a black guy who doesn’t like Obama: the only reason that the GOP likes him. Contrarily, Alan West interests me. Relatively speaking, he has a good record on immigration and seems nationalistic. He could be the exception to the trend of black con-men in politics.

      • Who Me?

        Actually Ben Carson is a VERY impressive person–he’s just not presidential material. He’s an excellent and skillful neurosurgeon, brilliant and gifted in medicine–and I think he ought to stick to that. As a POTUS he would be a disaster, possibly worse than the present pretender. Not through malice like Obongo, but through neivete and inexperience.

        • LexiconD1

          I’m just going to flat out say….Obama spoiled for me ever voting for any candidates other than old white men. I don’t have trust that anyone else doesn’t have their ‘own’ agenda for ‘special’ interests.

          And, I’m a woman…for the record.

          • Deacon Blue

            Did you actually vote for Uncle Monkey? I was not a race realist before the election of Black Osama. I was blindly indifferent so while I detest him for ruining America at the very least, from a completely myopic perspective, I should thank Obongo for opening my eyes as to the true nature of Blacks and their intentions of destroying or stealing anything White. I did not vote for Obama in 2008 or 2012. While I did not like McCain/Palin whole cloth, I must admit I found Romney/Ryan appealing as a business owner. Romney made a lot of sense and his predictions during his campaign are coming true now. As an interesting aside, in 2009 I was in Southeast Asia on business visiting toy factories. Most of the owners, general managers and managing directors were amazingly pro-Obongo, despite China being one of the most racist countries on the planet. Most {not all} Chinese hate & fear Blacks and outside of Tier 1 cities you will not find many Blacks. In fact, outside of Black Town in Guangzhou you will not find many Blacks in China at all. The few you find are in ghettos like the Muslims. Have to hand it to the Chinese…anyhow, most were pro-Obama as the feel in China was he was “for the working man” whatever that abstract platitude really meant. Most of the planks Obama ran on were
            little trite sayings that could have come out of fortune cookies.
            Little bites for little minds and when you probed deeper of course
            there were never concrete plans on how to implement these
            abstract social engineering projects other than tax, tax, tax,
            and more rules/regulations. Fast forward to 2014. Dongguan,
            Guangdong, China was the toy producing capital of the world
            in 2009. Now, it is essentially a giant brothel that rivals Thailand
            as a sex tourism destination. Around half the toy factories in
            Dongguan died in the last 5 years. And most of the Chinese,
            from the factory owners, to the bankers to Aunty Liu and Uncle
            Chong who assembled cheap electronic toys 12 hours per
            day all hate Obama now. They “get it” – as America goes, so
            does the rest of the world. And if America ain’t buying because
            Americans have no disposable income then there is no need
            for factories in in Dongguan to make toys to send to America.
            And all the jobs will disappear…even in China. Many people I
            did business with even back in 2010-2011 who had thriving
            factories in the Shenzhen-Guangzhou mega-corridor have
            seen their businesses cut in half or in many cases have gone
            under. Don’t believe all you read in the MSM – I know as AmRen
            readers you won’t anyhow – things are not as great as you may
            think for China. Or for us of course as stand up, White Americans. One of the differences is virtually all the Chinese
            “get it” after a few years – that Obama and his incompetent,
            imperialist ilk are the main reason behind the global economic
            meltdown. Most Americans, especially non-White Americans,
            don’t understand this or don’t care. They want the immediately
            gratifying “gib me datz now” and will worry about tomorrow…
            tomorrow. And in a decade? It’s someone else’s problem, right? I’ve watched several competitors of mine relocate their corporate
            charters overseas to avoid paying pernicious tax rates here in
            the USA and to avoid dealing with EEOC “parasitic drag” –
            you make more, keep more, and are hassled less if your business
            office is in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macedonia, Poland, and even
            Ireland. Plus…most people are college educated in STEM and
            not auto-fellatory fluff studies and you do not have to hire
            a percentage of worthless Blacks to drink your coffee, harass
            the women employees and steal you blind. This is the legacy that
            Uncle Monkey and Aunt Valerie will leave behind. The utter
            economic destruction of America. And its stunning that the
            Chinese, who live on the opposite side of the planet, clearly see
            this while we who live under the oppression of Monkeyism for
            the most part do not. Yes, the Monkey King did head West…

          • LHathaway

            American consumers have dealt a serious blow to China? White women have become amazingly powerful . . .! I know you’re serious, and not trying to be humorous but your post reminded me of one appearing on AmrRen a year of so ago – perhaps about Boliva, or near there. Anyway, it was discussing child immigration and migrants sending wages back home. It appeared immigration to America had bancrupted the whole country. No where in the article did it say so but within the subtext was the idea that White women marrying or fooling around with these immigrants had devastated the economies back home. They caused the entire nation’s economy to collapse. . .

          • listenupbub

            How did the white women destroy Bolivia? Did they immigrate to marry white women? Did they spend their money on white women, rather than sending it home?

          • LHathaway

            I don’t know. It was just an article in the mainstream paper, one that appeared on AmRen. It probably wasn’t Bolivia. But yes, a large portion of the population had immigrated to the US and the folks left behind were in dire straights. That was the take-away of the article, for me, and it was quite humorous. Not only are White women able to destroy the inner cities, but they’ve moved on and are destroying the entire economy of another country.

          • Good for them. I have been trying to prepare the ground for a nuclear Civil War, but with complete lack of success. Perhaps if the Bolivitards would actually work, instead of sitting around wearing stupid hats, they’d be better off.

          • Deacon Blue

            You know Michael, I have been to Colorado {Denver & Colorado Springs}. To me, it seems like a bastion of libtardedness although I admit I can’t really write that about some of the more rural counties as I don’t know. While there was not exactly a dearth of Meximelter Mestizo’s, the most lazy group I ran into were the Indians {feather, not dot} who seem to drive all the taxi cabs and whine about being “disabled” constantly {6 out of 6 cab rides I took had Indian drivers and all of them chewed my ear off with the “woe is me…” story}. Ever think of leaving for greener pastures? Why not Japan? Fresh start, homogenous society, wife fits in, better for the kids for sure…I can’t easily emigrate to South Korea as much as I would like to as I am financially tied too much to the states – although that’s changing and I hope to be liquid enough soon to take the wife back to Seoul with the kids to live there for awhile. I am trying to find a reason why I am staying in a country that is less and less White everyday and seems to resent me, my family, the business and jobs I created, more and more. As you know, I would not have to deal with any of this BS in Japan, South Korea, HK/Macau, etc. Those folks value hard work, intellect, a racially homogenous society and all of them have little to no use for Blacks, Mestizos and other assorted primitives. In fact, Japan has to be about the most openly anti-Black society on the planet and some of their media would make the Klan blush. OK, maybe not but you get the idea. I am not wild about any of the South Americans or Mestizos although I do like some of the food and did enjoy Mel Gibson’s “Apocalypto” flick. Maybe you can work on a more effective way {given your background} to extract cannabanoids from left over hemp plants in such a manner as not having to use volatile organic solvents? Maybe a carbon dioxide
            extraction? Then you can sell the idea to the stoners in
            Colorado and retire to a life of luxury on some beach in Okinawa or something. I actually thought of an “edible” product for you guys in Colorado that has not been done yet. My biggest problem is getting my money {profit} out because of the difficult banking situation. My idea involved a nice THC rich “spicy picante sauce” one could put on tacos or empanadas. The good thing is the more you eat, the hungrier you get the more money I make. Need to live the dream, buddy! *sigh!*

          • I like the weather here. I completely loathe Denver, but it is a place to get through, rather than go to.

          • Deacon Blue

            @LHathaway:disqus: If you base your opinion on internet or print media then you’re likely to get a non-factual representation of what’s transpiring on the ground in SE Asia {not just China}. I have done business in SE Asia since finishing grad school in the late 1990’s.
            While many factory owners, C-level execs and bankers would castigate George Bush as a jingoist most were perfectly happy with the international econ policies. An 8.25 RMB: 1.00 USD pegged rated worked rather well for the Chinese until Obama got into office. Now? It’s more like 6.2:1 and the Chinese are seeing that basics cost a lot more and luxury goods cost MUCH more. I can’t think of a single business owner in China that I know who likes Obama’s economic policies. Most of them believe he has damaged the global economy as well as the US economy. China, as well as much of SE Asia, is quite dependent on the US economy. Look, if people aren’t buying Chinese made goods in WalMart, Target, etc., then there is less of a need for those factories in China and less of a need for Chinese workers for those factories and less profit for the owners of those factories.
            So heck yeah, collectively, American consumer spending habits have hurt the Chinese economy. The less Americans spend on low-cost Chinese merchandise…I am not looking for sympathy for China here as this is obviously the wrong forum for such. My key point is the Chinese, despite having enthusiasm for Obama
            as “better than Bush” and believe the initial hype and hooplah when Monkey Man was elected have long since abandoned their initial impressions. They hate the guy. More so than most sheeple here in the USA. It did not take the Chinese long to realize that Obongo is a feckless toolbag who can easily be tricked. The North Koreans, Iranians and much of the Muslim world realized this too and as of late, so has Cuba. China became anti-Obama far before “we” did in the USA {and many libtard extraordinairres and illegal crimigrants still
            love Obolo as well as most low information, one dimensional voters}. I just find the almost diametric turn around – and its almost universal – regarding the opinion of Obola and the USA by the Chinese to be enlightening. They loved him then hated him and now are finding ways to exploit his and our stupidity. If you take a trip to that corner of the world you would easily
            concur with what I write here. I do not like Obama and never did. At first I did not like him and it had nothing to do with his Bantustanian heritage but as I evolved into race realism I now understand that it is impossible to separate Obama’s Black heritage from his philosophy, politcking and actions. They are interwoven and trying to put them into two different piles is like trying to untie the Gordian knot. Obama’s entire policy scheme and cabinet are absolutely the way they are because he is Black. Worse, he is clearly Black first and American after that. This can never be good for America &/or Whites. And as a Black, his grasp of economics and what stimulates a robust economy is base, quite flawed and reactionary. Most American sheeple do not understand this. The Chinese didn’t but figured it out a whole lot faster than people in the USA. And that’s really sad.

          • LHathaway

            Yes, everyone in the world despises dirty ignorant subhuman blacks. Even on the island of Moo’rea, they hate blacks (they had one visit as a tourist and it taught them everything about blacks they need to know – they still call them oogies to this day). Now they even despise Obama. The smart one’s couldn’t be fooled long. Just like, according to leftist websites, everyone on the earth dislikes backwards, ignorant conservative Whites, and they all hate America for it. *sarcasm*

            “Obama’s entire policy scheme and cabinet are absolutely the way they are because he is Black”.

            Your logic is astounding. Or your humor. Actually, I found that statement to be pretty humorous.

          • listenupbub

            That was one hell of a comment. Can you save it and write a little editorial for someone?

            If I was in the shoes of these CEO’s who relocate to escape the world’s worst taxes, I would love to relocate a business to Poland. Those people are smart, the women are pretty, it (hopefully) could stay white.

          • Deacon Blue

            @listenupbub:disqus: yeah so you’re not going to get TL;DR comments from me. If my propensity for verbosity irritates you? Skip reading my comments. Peace.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            I think he meant to compliment you…? Since he suggested you save your comment, I think to possibly expand upon further in a venue that might reach more people. That’s what I got out of his comment, but perhaps some intended criticism sailed over my head.

            I found your comment very interesting, personally. Not for the first time, I wish Disqus had a “save/favourite” feature for comments, and not just articles.

          • Deacon Blue

            Perhaps you are correct. Maybe I need to ask JT if I could take a stab at penning a feature here? Englemann has…

          • listenupbub

            I was actually being serious, hahaha. I enjoyed that comment.
            I just now realized that I sounded sarcastic.

            That was some interesting information that a lot of people should know. I had no idea that international opinion was such.

          • ghettovalley

            You can thank the thorough liberal media brainwashing that virtually every American receives for the fact that many people still support Obama. You would have to be exceptionally stupid to not have figured out, after almost eight years, that every promise Obama made during his campaign was a lie and that things are much worse now than they were when he took office. If you still support Obama at this point, you would almost have to be completely ignorant about politics, and pay no attention at all to the real world. This is what happens when millions of stupid people base their opinions on what they heard on MSNBC or read in HuffPo. You would have to be completely unable to think critically, or just think period, to still support that man.

          • nordicman

            Agree. I don’t want anymore nonwhites in power, even if they are strong conservatives. They suck up to whites and we keep falling for it. White women that are conservative are doing the jobs white men should be doing. White men need to be men again and stop relying on others to say and do what they’re too scared to.

          • Sick of it

            There are decent young white men out there. Probably less corrupt than the old ones to be blunt.

          • LexiconD1

            Hmm, I kinda think that depends on what your idea is of what ‘old’ means 😉

          • WR_the_realist

            That’s a bit unfair. That’s like saying that George W. Bush spoiled me for ever voting for any non-Jewish white man.

        • HE2

          He’s an excellent and skillful neurosurgeon…

          How do you know that? Have you scrubbed in with him?
          So much of what we read about “brilliant blacks” is hype and mythology. Obooga case in point.
          Call me skeptical.

          • listenupbub

            Yup, Obama could not even get into Columbia straight-up, even despite coming from a top-ten prep school, claiming to be black, having international life experience under his belt (and supposedly claiming to be international), and (I think) playing on a state championship basketball team. He transferred from somewhere else.

            He is probably one dumb muddafudda.

            A classmate in the PoliSci major at Columbia from Obama’s graduating year has claimed that he never saw Obama, even though the classes were small and everyone knew everyone else in the major. Obama skipped all his classes.

          • HE2

            He me may have attended a top ten prep school, but his classmates remember him as one who hung out with the “loadies.”
            I do not believe a word of the published mythology of Soetero.
            Suggest you take a look at a website,
            “Obama Timeline.” Eye opening to say the least.

          • listenupbub

            Great website, I’ll definitely check it out. I have read Obamanation by Jerome Corsi, which is also good. It has been a while since I read that.

          • dd121

            I wouldn’t let a black drill a hold in my skull. Come to think of it maybe not a white either.

          • HE2

            Sometimes it has to be done as a life saving procedure.
            They are called “Burr holes” created to relieve “intracranial pressure” following a skull fracture or severe head injury.
            Agree, would never allow a black to perform the procedure on me.
            Interestingly, skeletal artifacts reveal the ancient Romans utilized this technique to relieve ICP.
            Physicians who tended injured gladiators were amazingly skilled by anyone’s standards. Roman surgical instruments found at archeological dig sites are uncannily similar to the ones we use today.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Ben Carson…the charisma of a sloth. However, the sloth, being a sloth, isn’t so deluded as Ben Carson.

    • Phoenixian Westernia

      If the folks of the Tea Party are racist, then I must be something pure evil, probably the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.

    • nordicman

      I love how these white ‘conservatives’ spout the leftist BS ‘we are all the same, we’re the human race’ yet they actively want black conservatives because they’re black, even though there are a good number of white men that are strong, patriotic, etc. I’m getting sick with lots of whites anymore, even the conservatives. Things have to get worse before whites wake up and push back. We need more Fergusons, more BRA, more flooding our country with nonwhites, more overtly anti-white comments. Whites still do not get it.

      • Sick of it

        Part of it depends upon the environment in which they grew up. It’s easier to become a race realist in the modern South. Not so much in a white only zone.

  • People–mostly white people–pay hundreds of dollars each to attend the multiday conference each year.

    Sometimes, it’s nice to see suckers getting fleeced.

    • connorhus

      I assure you it is us who are paying for it one way or another.

      • I recognize that a lot of harm is being done here.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    Per Wikipedia, “Leonard Zeskind is an American Jewish rights activist.” Oh, I see, Leonard can advocate for Jewish rights, but Leonard believes whites looking after white interests shows “privilege” or is “racist”. How any white person takes this speaker or this double standard seriously I’ll never know.

    • Kenner

      That’s how I read it too, but I think Wiki means he’s a ‘rights activist’ who is Jewish. An Anti-white agitator, in any case.

    • listenupbub

      This is him:

    • phillyguy

      And they said he was a factory worker ,Yeah right look at him in his office surrounded by thousands of books.

      • John Smith

        He manufactures outrage.

        • bilderbuster

          He belongs in a labor camp manufacturing something useful 12 hours a day.

      • There are companies that sell rows of fake “books” for office decoration.

    • Caucasoid88

      Because he is a lucid conveyor of pure “anti-racist” ideology. Not too many of his ilk can talk about American Renaissance or the Tea Party without exploding into tears and anger.

  • RacialRay

    “I live in the bowels of the tea party, and I have the privilege of
    teaching your children,” explained one White Privilege Conference

    Were I to find this White Privilege Conference
    attendee in my bowels, tea partying or not, it would be cause for a movement.

    • When I read the quote, I can actually hear her condescending tones, and I can see her looking down the end of her nose.

  • Pax Romana

    -White privilege = being held responsible for the acts of your ancestors by folks who accept no responsibility for the acts of their children-

    In Liberal La La Land it’s never racist when a minority attacks, assaults, rapes, burns, stabs, strangles, shoots, or beats a white person to death. It’s only racist for a white person to notice.

    • Speedy Steve

      Negar Fatahi. How do you pronounce that?

      • phillyguy


        • Speedy Steve

          Knee Gar Fat A-hole

        • Probably a Coptic or Assyrian Christian, given the lack of a hair-rag, which is why I said she might be salvageable.

        • John Smith


      • LexiconD1

        Better question…Why would you want to?

      • Deacon Blue

        Black Fat Ahi. New type of roll at the local sushi joint. Throw some
        wasabi on that and presto!

      • InAFreeCountry

        I know how I pronounce it!

    • listenupbub

      Those Asians are such model immigrants.

      • Matthew Tsai has clearly never been held up at gunpoint.

        • Deacon Blue

          Oooh, oooh…I bet I know which one is the missing link? Female…second from the left? I’m pretty smart you know, for a White dude. Not one White on the entire “council?” UC-Irvine = Epic Fail. 50% of the student counsel is Guatamican…

          • listenupbub

            Oh, so it’s a female? I could hardly tell, as they have not developed much gender dimorphism yet.

          • Ella

            I got corrected the other day by a Latinos school girl because I thought she was male sporting her butch haircut and aggressive manner.

          • Do we call them Missing-Link-Americans now? Our pet fox is likely a Vulpine-American. Everything else is some sort of “American” these days, so why not?

          • Deacon Blue

            I’d prefer just “Missing-Link” and “leave off American.” Fact, I’d prefer they all just “leave America.” So there!

    • Robert Smith

      I’m sure they voted to stop the U.S. taxpayer funding of the institution as well.

  • MrGJG

    I wish the Tea Party really was race conscious. Unfortunately, they’ll be more then happy to let DeShawn Jones marry their sister as long as he votes republican.

  • haroldcrews

    An accusation of being “racist” is permission to be “racist”.

    • Ludwig

      At this point, in my mind, an accusation of being racsist is the equivalent of being accused of having common sense.

  • This is what an enemy of the white race looks like. But why focus on the Tea Party. Does it still exist? It’s not having any impact. This clown might be better off to attack Don Black, Andrew Anglin, Jared Taylor, etc., and other “racists.” There’s probably more profit in that. Oh, and don’t leave out attacking gun owners and the NRA.

    • IstvanIN

      Are my suspicions correct…..?

      • Whitetrashgang

        By hook or crook.

        • Speedy Steve

          You should have seen it prior to rhinoplasty.

      • bilderbuster

        It’s so obvious it doesn’t need to wear the yellow badge.

    • Glen

      But, but, but…He “looks white to me!”

      • He looks white to me, as well, but some people have decided of their own volition to be the opposite. Plenty of Christians do the same.

        • Glen

          Thank you for self-identifying, Mr. Scott.

          • I was born to a failed Catholic Scottish, Irish, Cherokee and Tuscarora father and a failed Methodist Irish, Welsh, German and Cherokee mother. I was raised as an agnostic. If anything, I am far more ruthless when it comes to money than any Jew who ever lived. I’m also far more generous: zero-interest loans to friends, and sometimes them staying here for free. They pay me back when they can. I do this because they are my friends.

            I am an inveterate scrounger, and make all sorts of things out of materials I find. My wife sometimes calls me “General Scrap-Iron”. Jews don’t scrounge or dumpster-dive, but Scots and really cheap Irish certainly do. It’s like a religion; we try to save money, and making something nice out of trash has a certain satisfaction that very few things can match. When I was working as a chemical engineer, I ran my car partly on waste solvents, so the company could save money on disposal and I could save money on gasoline.

            I am, and will always remain a suburban hillbilly.

          • Glen

            Ok, Mr. Scott. Your purpose in supporting Mr. Taylor’s rather liberal definition of whiteness is evident in your response.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            If Michael Christopher Scott was Jewish, he would have mentioned it between descriptions of his fishing lures many times by now. Every regular poster here would know the exact fractional amount. You would be able to tell total strangers, “Michael Christopher Scott is 3/16ths Jewish,” without ever having met the man.

            Your poorly-aimed paranoia looks ridiculous, is what I’m saying here.

          • Glen

            I don’t fear looking ridiculous, Mr. Streak, in pointing out the fundamental ridiculousness of Mr. Taylor’s “they look white to me.” Throughout the world there are many who “look white,” but aren’t white. Perhaps Mr. Scott fits this description in some way. It would be in his interest, of course, to support Mr. Taylor’s all too-inclusive definition of whiteness. What is your excuse?

          • BlueSonicStreak

            I have no “excuse” beyond not being especially convinced of your position on the Jewish issue (and the behaviour of those like you doesn’t help), and thinking you look silly “accusing” the one person on the forum who isn’t the least bit shy to tell you his non-white heritage.

    • Jason Lewis
    • So CAL Snowman

      That’s pretty insulting to Mr. Anglin to mention him in the same sentence as Jared Taylor and Don Black.

      • ncpride

        Good to see you back, Snowman.

        • So CAL Snowman

          I wouldn’t say I’m back, it just kinda makes me sad to see that so many of you amazing people are still here. I lurk in perpetuity!

          • HE2

            Glad to see ya, Snowman!
            I am more of a lurker too.

    • John Smith

      Why do they always have such big noses? Because air is free….

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Good grief… is he a candidate for a face-lift?

    • Ringo Lennon

      Man has a large schnozzola

    • Caucasoid88

      Wait till you hear him talk. He’s got the Jew-squeal down.

  • IstvanIN

    I accept evolution and see missing links every day.

    • Whitetrashgang

      A good name for a rap group I might add.

      • IstvanIN

        Remember “The Evolution Revolution” (Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp).

  • WR_the_realist

    I don’t blame most Jews for our problems but Leonard Zeskind is living up to the WN stereotype.

    • Sick of it

      If they vote for the same things…

  • DennisDale

    “I teach at a very elite boarding school,” explained a second woman who said she is from the Boston area. She said the school is “full of tea partiers” who “try to, you know baptize” political opponents

    I call bullshit on this. An elite Boston boarding school a hotbed of Tea Party activism? She’s in the right region, but wrong century. I’m curious to hear what the representative from Salem has to say.

  • ColdSoldier

    My problem with the TEA Party is that they are reactionary. Make an accusation of “Racism” and they fall all over themselves to prove they are not. They focus all their energy and resources on disproving the accusation instead staying the course.

    • As a matter of fact, prominent Democrats and liberal talking heads have admitted to that, that the TPM isn’t “racist,” but they can discombobulate them and get them off track by accusing them of that relentlessly.

    • They need to stick to their main message of fiscal responsibility. Doesn’t TEA stand for “Taxed Enough Already”? Of course the concept of fiscal responsibility has a disparate impact on the incompetent, the stupid, and the lazy, and everyone here knows precisely who that is.

  • Earl Turner

    Well it is true that many of them don’t care about the economy, at least in the long term. Far too many have drank the Alysa Rosenbaum (oops I mean Ayn Rand) Kool Aid and care only about short term profits over the good of their own Folk. You’ll find a great many publicly hardcore Tea Party Republicans benefiting from renting to Section 8 tenants and doing business with majority black clientele. Many of them have no problem hiring immigrants over whites. They just love their wonderful Diversity but their private motto is “diversity for thee but not for me”.

  • WR_the_realist

    I doubt very much that any of the parents of those children in an elite boarding school are Tea Party members. The Tea Party was always a rather incoherent bunch, but their principle issue has been opposition to the massive deficits. They have been pretty much co-opted by the neocons, so have become a useless and spent movement. But in the minds of the crazed left the Tea Party is a mighty force ready to murder all the blacks and put all the Jews in concentration camps. It would be funny if these White Privilege conferences weren’t funded with my tax dollars.

    • Blackfish

      Consider the source. In her twisted worldview, anyone who thinks Hillary Clinton isn’t going to be the best president in the history of the nation is a wild-eyed, slobbering Nazi.

  • dave

    The enemy of the white race speaks as his followers listen.

  • Speedy Steve

    White Privilege Conference, currently happening at a posh hotel in downtown Louisville, Ky.

    But American Renaissance has to hold it’s annual convivium at a Tennessee State Park.

  • Speedy Steve

    No, but I do accept Lysenkoism. Only because there’s not a damned thing I can do about it!

    • Robert Smith

      Wasn’t Mr. Lysenko the public school desegregation theorist?

      • Speedy Steve

        He was a Soviet agronomist who became Stalin’s pet. Critics could not denounce his crackpot schemes regarding wheat plantation, and crop failures were the result.

        • Robert Smith

          Just a bit of sarcasm, growing oranges in Siberia is like educating blacks in a white system.

          • Deacon Blue

            That is a powerful analogy.

        • Stalin liked him because Lysenko’s denial of genetics in agriculture tied in neatly with Marxist dogma about the perfectibility of humans.

      • John Smith

        Lamarckian biologist and hardcore Marxist crackpot.

  • LHathaway

    Half of what Mr. Zeskind said is true. Of course, we will deny it. That’s when they win?

  • Whiteplight

    Turning one’s back on real knowledge and education is one of the biggest problems of the Right and of much of the Race Realist movement. You’ve got to be a realist first to understand how to be an effective race realist and most of you guys can’t get out of your old habits and weaknesses. The future about the survival of the smartest, not the most freverent religious fanatic. If forced, I will simply stand back and watch you guys destroy each other.

    • Phoenixian Westernia

      Sooner or later there won’t be a running option anymore, and at that point you will have to turn back and fight back. White people should rise up and fight for their homelands and not fleeing one city after another due to forced integration.

      • TrueNorthFree

        I do not support violence.
        This “war” must be fought at the grass roots for now. We must educate and enlighten the great masses of middle of the road whites who have been mind-programmed that they are racist and privileged and therefore they have no rights to stand up and defend their own heritage. Many of those people can be educated about the “white=racist” mind programming and the fact that just because some criticizes diversity does not make them racist.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      I agree with your criticism but I’m not sure I would direct it at Robert Binion in particular.

  • A Freespeechzone

    So..the Tea Party members are racist?

    Personal and fiscal responsibility, tied with reiterating and encouraging strong values to encourage empowerment through making correct decisions is now racist?

    Make NO mistake, being called a racist will NEVER lift up or empower the masses of the unwashed to EVER become self-reliant at any level….they WANT the masses to be dependent victims so they can be controlled.

    What ef’d up values liberals promote…..stealing any sense of self-worth and esteem–and accomplishment…

  • Robert Smith

    Regardless of a belief in evolution or not, we can find common ground in natural selection.

  • Walter Lew

    People who attend a White Privilege con game conference have to be pretty gullible and thus make good marks for an anti-White Privilege con game.

    An enterprising American Renaissance reader, perhaps an enlightened Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity man, should have a White Privilege seminar of their own in Florida
    in the winter.

    They could charge the nitwits $300-500 to attend.

    At the seminar of some right wingers in attendance could make mince meat out of the White Privilege arguments bringing the expert speaker to tears and converting him to race realism.

  • stedman holder

    I bask in my racism, enjoy my bigotry and revel at the superiority of the White race. I am also honest.

  • Augustus3709

    The Left hates the White race because White people are not particularly receptive to or in need of communist ideology, and are seen as a blockade to the apparatus of developed industrious society which they lust after.

    The Right sells the White people out because of the desire for cheap colored labor.

    Nothing is going to get better without significant political upheaval.

    With Communists, we lose. With Capitalists, we lose.

    We need an alternative, which is racially aware.

    There is no Justice without Race.

    • Young Werther

      The left hates the White Race because the WR lets them get away with it.

  • John Smith

    Zeskind is NOT a typical white surname.

    • Young Werther

      ha ha ha…hardly.

  • Young Werther

    White people who would listen to such nonsense don’t have the guts or intellect to comprehend how much more honorable it would be of them to simply blow out their own brains.

    • If I was going to commit suicide, I would hang myself instead. It wouldn’t leave such a mess for someone to clean up.

  • Xerxes22

    No, we did not create the monster. The monster was always there, preying on us, plotting against us, exploiting us. Often people had enough and expelled the monster from their lands, but the monster always came back. Now they are determined to finish the job.

    • newscomments70

      They’re finishing themselves off to boot.

  • 李冠毅

    Forgive me for correcting you, but your claim that everyone want to be White isn’t true. Pale skin and large eyes have been regarded as a sign of beauty in China and many other cultures long before White people set foot there; as pale skin means you don’t spend all day toiling under the sun, though I’m not sure why large eyes are preferred.

    • listenupbub

      I gotta chime in, here. This conversation is too fun.

      Strictly, I agree that Asians and Indians are often comfortable with their racial identity. As far as what kind of humans they want to have sex with…

      Things change for Asians when they are born in America. They might be comfortable being Asian (“Asian Power”), though not always (“white-washed Asians”). But for sexual preferences, I’d say about half of my Asian male friends almost exclusively prefer white girls. They chase white girls very seriously, and two of them became depressed when they kept getting rejected. These Asians tell me that they do not like white girls. Most of the other Asians say that white girls are more desirable, but still like Asian girls and would rather marry one. Supposedly, the Asian girls prefer white males over Asian males by a slim margin, as a group. It is hard for me to tell what they really think, but the marriage stats show a lot of intermarriage.

      As for blacks and Mexicans, forget it. It is like a dogpile whenever they have any chance with a white girl.

      There is a funny video of an Indian girl telling her mom that she wants white d*ck after she had her wisdom teeth taken out, but I have little real experience with Indians personally.

      I think that pale skin is attractive because light skin generally is better for Vitamin D synthesis, no?

    • BlueSonicStreak

      I’m not sure why large eyes were/are popular.

      Neotenized facial feature. Considered attractive the world over, regardless of race.

  • Light from the East

    Chinese enjoy privilege (e.g. If you are not Chinese, the government would not give a hook up to your business, even you are white Caucasian) in China? Normal.

    Japanese enjoy privilege (e.g. If you are not Japanese, the corporation would not give a hook up to your business, even you are white Caucasian) in Japan? Normal.

    White people enjoy “privilege” in a white men-built country? Any problem?

    • Ella

      They sell lies that we did not develop and build American society so we deserve to lose any claims of success toward ancestral labours and commitments.

    • InAFreeCountry

      White Privilege and $1 will get me a cup of coffee.

  • bilderbuster

    That’s what I thought.
    Evil Whites have persecuted ” certain religious Whites” for two thousand years for absolutely no reason.
    You summed up the Jewish version of European history very well and no one should be surprised why they lead the charge to destroy us.

  • Occidental Bookworm

    What I don’t get is anti-white Whites who continue to have white children. By doing so they are willfully perpetuating the legacy of Whiteness (as our beloved professor Noel Ignatiev has so eloquently put it). Why would you want to pass on this hereditary skin condition, which presumably gives your children a backpack of unearned privileges, if you are so keen on branding white people as the evil wrongdoers in this world.

    • Sick of it

      Again, look behind the curtain. If they claim to be white, but do things like Zeskind and are dead set on having kids with women from their own community, maybe they aren’t white. Maybe they are a foreign tribe which despises white people. Arabs aren’t our friends either.

      • brior

        Be careful, I have just been banned from the daily caller for identifying and commenting on the folks responsible for the conference. How typical of the chosen to censor any discussion critical of them…

        • Sick of it

          I’ve been banned from the C of CC site for a while now. Didn’t even say anything particularly extreme. They just aren’t as conservative as they claim to be (like Fox News). Then again, these are the people who rolled over for integration.

          • brior

            CofCC? The tribe running that show too?

          • Sick of it

            Probably not, but one never knows these days.

  • Some of those libtard doofs outgrow their nonsense once they hit the workforce and have to start paying their own bills. Having to develop some responsibility in life can be an amazing paradigm shift for them. Of course, it doesn’t always work; some of them remain stupid for life, as the last two presidential elections clearly demonstrated.

  • The Cultural Marxist libtards who claim that Tea Partiers do not care about the economy or the Constitution are engaging in projection. It is the libtards who disregard what high tax rates do to business and it is the same lunatics who approve of our rogue President’s consistent attempts to legislate in person, despite legislative powers being strictly relegated to Congress. They also favor major restrictions against speech with which they disagree, and favor strict gun-control, despite the First and Second Amendments really meaning exactly what they say (what part of “shall not be infringed” do they find so puzzling?)

    • TheMaskedUnit

      They’re freedom depends on your bondage.

      OMG there were students in OK using unapproved words. Negros everywhere were enslaved.

  • Glen

    Thank you for self-dentifying, Mr Plight.

  • voiceofstl

    Much of the information that follows comes from Laird Wilcox, a lifetime ACLU member and civil rights activist who judiciously monitors extremes both left and right. Indeed, the Wilcox Collection on Contemporary Political Movements at KU’s Spencer Research Library is among the foremost such collections in the country. The Star has quoted Wilcox numerous times but never on the subject of Leonard Zeskind. A good thing. Wilcox is not a fan.

    According to Wilcox, Zeskind first came to attention in 1973 as the Kansas City front man for The Sojourner Truth Organization (STO). STO’s primary role, according to its own literature, was to motivate the working classes “to make a revolution.” This was more than just bong-inspired bravado. The STO unabashedly quoted role model, Josef Stalin, on the need for “iron discipline.” They played for keeps.

    In 1978, Zeskind penned an article for the journal, Urgent Tasks, titled “Workplace Struggles in Kansas City.” In the article, Zeskind talks about the value of a grass roots “school of communism,” one conceived “to destroy the marketplace, not sell at it.” The journal, by the way, took its title from a quote by Lenin. Not John. Vladimir Ilyich. In a 1980 article for the same journal, Zeskind denounced the American military “as a tool of U.S. Imperialism.”

    • Of course, it is only white ideals of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly that allow this insane parasite to spew his venom at posh hotel conferences within our borders. Perhaps these rabid anti-whites should consider where they would be–and indeed, how they have been historically treated–in countries without white largesse, altruism, and nobleness of spirit.

      Who am I kidding? Someone named Zeskind will be genetically incapable of self-reflection or humility.

  • Lord Sandwich

    Blacks vote as a block 95% for democrats. That fact racial-izes American politics. If you are a democrat (white or black) you defacto support Al Sharpton’s racist nonsense. I will oppose democrat attempts to legitimize hatred of and violence against, whites. Fifty years ago, what we heard they wanted was, “equality”. Does anybody believe that is what they want? Blacks have been given every chance to achieve, “equality”. They failed due to their innate inadequacies that whites have recognized from the very beginning. What they will do, if we let them, is overthrow civilization, and turn the US into an ungovernable hell hole like Haiti. If hoping to prevent that makes me a “white supremacist” that wants to preserve “white rule” then yeah, fine whatever. I don’t care how you characterize my opposition to your efforts to destroy me. I will fight no matter what they call me, because I see through their façade of moral superiority. There is nothing morally superior about any country in Africa, (an entire continent isn’t enough for them. And they call us “greedy”) compared to any land settled by whites.

    • InAFreeCountry

      Blacks have Equality Plus. We are not allowed to say a bad word about them, even when it’s the truth. Many live off of our tax dollars. I am not a member of a protected or subsidized class, therefore, I am not as equal.

  • nordicman

    They had been kicked out repeatedly from various countries throughout history. Whites did NOTHING but protect our own and removed those snakes aka ‘God’s Chosen People.’

  • gemjunior

    She lives in the “bowels” of the tea party? What’s this about her bowels? These white liberals are obsessed with brown stuff…

    • Kenner

      Liberals, Tapeworms: same animal, same lifestyle.

  • Sick of it

    So Jesus was oppressing the people who murdered Him? Or simply telling the truth too much?

  • Eagle1212

    What about blacks who riot or kill people, is that considered racist?

  • MekongDelta69

    Aw shucks.

    I missed the opportunity to get extorted for big bucks to attend The Professional Self-hating, Guilt-ridden Grovelers Extraordinaire Convention.

    I’m sooooo depressed…

  • Okay, this is weird. We’re at the opposite ends of this rope. I’m sitting here thinking that one of the flaws of the TPM is that they’re too close to the Republican Party, that they’ve let the Stupid Party harvest their political energy then fly it straight into the ground. You see, I’m not sitting here worried about an HRC or any Democrat Presidency if the Republican nominee is Jeb Bush or anyone else who went to Vegas to kiss Sheldon Adelson’s ring (Scott Walker was one of those) or any other open borders fanatic or immigration issue squish.

    What you’re worried that the TPM will do is what I want them to do.

  • listenupbub

    He is from the UCC, United Church of Christ, which teaches a “version” of Christianity that is essentially meaningless. It is spiritualized socialism.

    Obama’s Christianity is a half-truth, like everything he says. He is a shyster, and if you read Jerome Corsi’s biography of him, you will see just how much of a shyster he is.

    • InAFreeCountry

      UCC sounds like Unitarian Universalists.

  • InAFreeCountry

    The Republicans have proven that they’re the same as Democrats. Voting for one is the same as voting for the other. It’s a two-headed snake. The Republicans proved it when they rolled over on the DHS funding bill.

  • Hammerheart

    Once you embrace the title of racist it loses all its power.

    • The word “racist” has long since ceased to have any genuine meaning. It our current War On Noticing, the term now means “I don’t like you.”

  • This is a non- article… I don’t understand what is the message?

  • BlueSonicStreak

    I disagree with many people here that our issues stem entirely from some organized effort by Da Joos; but I’m rather startled by the way your comment suggests that you know for certain it was us that started it.

    Curious why you’re so sure that the Jews really didn’t do anything historically to instigate the hatred of them; or that there might not have been some mutual hostility from the beginning.

  • Garrett Brown

    I believe they were persecuted for destroying gentile countries, not their religion.

    • Alexandra1973

      God used the Jews to destroy the nations that were in idolatry and doing such fun stuff as sacrificing their children in fire.

      And you wonder why this country’s going downhill. Look what we permit.

      • Garrett Brown

        “God” has nothing to do with what sick minded Jews do to Gentiles. If you want to know how the true God feels about Jews read the books John, Luke, Phillipians, and Corinthians.

  • Raydonn

    Wow, he’s of the tribal persuasion, who could have ever predicted?

  • Dan B. Cooper

    There is a war coming in this country and it’s going to be between the right(freedom) and the left(anti-freedom).

  • Caucasoid88

    Zeskind looks, talks, and acts like a pretty dead-on stereotype. No doubt someone called him ‘Jewboy’ as a kid and he’s been seeking revenge ever since.

  • Ringo Lennon

    I never heard any tea party people say racist things. Zeskind.must be a bald faced liar.

  • Capn Dad

    Well getting paid speakers fees sure beats working in a factory for a living. Look at Al Gore. He made a success out of spreading BS to idiots.