Supreme Court Rejects Free Speech Appeal over Cinco De Mayo School Dispute

Lawrence Hurley, Reuters, March 30, 2015

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday left intact an appeals court ruling that school officials in California did not violate the free speech rights of students by demanding they remove T-shirts bearing images of the U.S. flag at an event celebrating the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo.

The court declined to hear an appeal filed by three students at Live Oak High School in the town of Morgan Hill, south of San Francisco. School staff at the May 5, 2010, event told several students their clothing could cause an incident. Two chose to leave for home after refusing to turn their shirts inside out.

The school had been experiencing gang-related tensions and racially charged altercations between white and Hispanic students at the time. School officials said they feared the imposition of American patriotic imagery by some students at an event where other students were celebrating their pride in their Mexican heritage would incite fights between the two groups.


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  • AndrewInterrupted

    I can’t imagine why neighborhoods, cities, and states experience “white flight”?

  • A Freespeechzone

    This is just the first step to eliminate the First Amendment—illegals who don’t belong in this country and have utter disdain for the United States have more rights than American Citizens.

    Cowardly Supreme Court.

    • Wing-nut.

      Cowards & traitors.

      • John Smith

        One coward and four traitors.

        • daddio

          535 Traitors

          • John Smith

            Different branch, but point taken.

  • ZB01

    This is unconscionable dereliction of duty by members of SCOTUS, but unfortunately, it is not that surprising. Playing the role of political Pontius Pilate by not agreeing to hear the arguments for the right (I thought!) to display the American flag in an American school (?) effectively gives credulity to anti-western (read: WHITE) sentiment.

    • Alexandra1973

      Pilate was willing to let Jesus go, but politics got in the way…he didn’t want to have a riot on his hands.

  • So some patriotic white kids who want to wear to school what is allegedly the symbol of “one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” are threatened with having the crapola beaten out of them by nonwhites and every court in the land sides with the nonwhite gangsters.

    The nine pukes in black robes, not a Protestant among them, by refusing to hear the case for the First Amendment have taken another step toward validating the right of thugs to call the shots in school. Everything white is now fair game for the thugs and their brown thuggettes.

    Let’s flip the script. Let white kids threaten to beat the crapola out of Mexicans on Cinco de Crapola and let’s see if school administrators cancel El Cinco. We know the answer to that one, don’t we? The white kids making threats would be rounded up and expelled, which is exactly what should have happened to the Mexiturds in this case.

    • Reverend Bacon

      Or how about making the mexicans take off their “La Raza” crap on a US holiday? No school in the summer, so 4th of July doesn’t count. But there’s Veteran’s Day, or in California, Admission Day (Sept. 9th). Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts. Et cetera.

    • TheCogitator

      Whites need to beat the hell out of the Mexicans and the school administrators when they side with the Mexicans. Meet violence with greater violence. Sometimes acting in a civilized manner has its drawbacks.

      • That would violate their civil rights. The DOJ with Holder and Sharpton wound instantly clamp down fiercely. They might even send in federal troops.

        Holder himself said that civil rights are not for Whites repressors. The KKK is very illegal, the New Black Panthers can call for killings with total impunity.

    • Sick of it

      It’s sad that Mexicans have the guts to raise their own militias while most of our people talk some nonsense about a peace which has not existed in my lifetime.

    • Irish

      I definitely see a little more than a twinge of anti-Catholicism in your noting of the lack of Protestants on the high court.. My guess is the case went unheard because the sides were fairly locked in stone..All of the Right leaning justices on the court are Roman Catholics..Scalia’s son is actually a Catholic Priest. If we’ve had more conservative juror than he in my lifetime, I don’t no who it was..

      • Spikeygrrl

        Scalia’s dissents are a pure delight to read.

      • John Smith

        The Catholic Church is pretty liberal and many Catholics vote to the left, usually because of labor affiliations, possibly the theological brainwashing. Many of the most liberal states are majority Catholic. When you talk to them, you find that most don’t hold favorable views of entitlement programs or minorities, but they can’t see past the rhetoric they’ve been conditioned to.

        • Irish

          The mainline Protestant churches are more liberal..Ordained homosexuel Priest & Bishops-Officiating Gay marriages-Women Priest-The Southern Baptist are on the same amnesty track that the R.C. church is..Social Marxism has infected most organizations in this country. And that unfortunately includes Christian houses of worship.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Irish: The mainline Protestant churches are more liberal..

            In some ways that is true these days. Don’t take this as a defence of Protestantism, since I am not Christian, however from a Southern perspective Protestantism (in particular, Episcopalism) was a bulwark of the Southern community for many generations. In contrast, Catholicism tended to be the religion of outsiders whose goals very seldom corresponded with those of the South. In fact, Catholics were among the first to call for a breakdown of racial barriers even before 1954.

          • Irish

            The Episcopalian/ Anglican Church has internally combusted..I pass one everyday that flys a flag that says “Love Wins”..It abuts the city of Wilton Manors which has the 2nd highest percentage of homosexuel families in the country.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Yes, Episcopalism is no longer a source of unity and strength for the South. It was the beginning of the end for Episcopalism in the South when the Confederate Episcopal Church allowed itself to be incorporated by the Episcopal Church USA. Overnight, Southerners lost control of their traditional church and the church that had produced leadership for the South for many generations. Naturally, the Episcopal church became increasingly less Southern and more liberal after Northern domination became a reality. This opened the door to all sorts of non-traditional denominations that tend towards fundamentalism to fill the vacuum in the South.

          • John Smith

            They’re also fast losing membership. I was baptized into the UCC, which is probably the most liberal, but that never affected my thinking, probably because I never went.

        • Alden

          That is true but the fact remains that almost all blacks are Protestants.
          Worse, almost all the black rabble rousers claim to be some kind of Protestant clergy
          There is plenty of Blame to go around
          Brown vs Topeka Griggs vs Duke Power and Kaiser vs Weber were the 3 most detrimental decisions and those decisions were made by majority Protestant courts

          In fact, the Griggs and Weber cases are the reason the school has an affirmative action racist Mexican principal who forbade the wearing of the American flag

          • Most religious whites in the US don’t care. One of my best friends in high school was raised Catholic, but became a Protestant. He didn’t tell me until long after. Tom is still very enthusiastic about religion, and I’ll never fault him for that. If he is right, I will be horrifically punished in the hereafter, but since that has already been done to me, I just don’t care.

      • Awakened Saxon

        The rise of Catholicism correlates quite well with the replacement of the original Anglo-Saxon stock.

        • Alden

          There were more scots Irish and Scots in America
          Than Anglo Saxon before the revolution Germans are still the largest ethnic group and always have been

          • Awakened Saxon

            You deny that the original American colonies were founded by Anglo-Saxon stock? The Scottish are substantially Anglo-Saxon in stock since a large portion of their country was once part of Northumbria. Germans were absolutely not the largest ethnic group in the 18th century.

          • gemjunior

            That’s right, White Christians, keep arguing. Saxon, Aldon, Irish – divided and conquered (among religious lines). So, would you consent to working together due to the fact that despite religious difference, many people from the same area are close genetic kin?

          • Irish


          • Awakened Saxon

            gemjunior: So, would you consent to working together due to the fact that despite religious difference, many people from the same area are close genetic kin?

            Why is the hypothetical issue of ‘working together’ so important to white nationalists?

            Answering your question, I would not be interested in working with someone who jumps on the anti-Anglo-Saxon bandwagon. I will (and have) worked with people who are of the same folk and of like-mind, however I have never been interested in working with people who have different goals than me just for the sake of superficial unity. After all, which direction would this hypothetical ‘working together’ go in?

          • gemjunior

            Why is the issue of “white people working together important to white nationalists?” Are you kidding me? You mean behaving like any other race does and then there would be no reason for websites like amren educating whites about how they are being exterminated, without a doubt. You mean white people (the descendants of European westerners) working toward the same goal which is survival, sticking together on matters that concern us such as our skin color which is like a red rag to a bull in some cases? Do you mean why is that important? I can’t imagine that there are many pro-whites who “jump on the anti-Anglo-Saxon bandwagon.” Why would a white person be anti-Anglo Saxon? That seems strange.

          • Irish

            The “British” Colonials at the time included lots of non–Englishman, Scots, Welshmen & Irish Catholics like Wexford born John Barry, Father of the U.S. Navy. And Signer of the declaration of independence, and one of the wealthiest Charles Carroll..

          • Awakened Saxon

            The white population was slightly more than 60% English. The actual number would be higher since many ‘Ulster-Scots’ were actually Ulster-English. There were hardly any Irish Catholics in the colonies. Don’t include Scots in your list. The Lowlands of Scotland are Anglo-Saxon.

        • Irish

          Yeah, unfortunately for you The No Nothing Party is just in history books about the 19th century..U.S. Grant was a member..I suggest you take a trip to South Boston sometime..No more than the Italian-Americans of Bensonhurst..Not much interest in mixing with the colored folk.

          • Awakened Saxon

            If there is one thing that white nationalists and anti-white elements agree on it is celebrating the marginalisation of the Anglo-Saxon.

          • Irish

            What a strange conclusion to come to..I am particularly glad to see all type of European-American clubs & festivals (and lament their decline, particularly among younger people). Europeans have prospered wherever we’ve traveled and should by proud of that fact, and encourage pride among all our extended family..Anyone whose been to Europe understands how close all of our peoples live in proximity to each other. Divisive ethno-nationalism led to a couple of intercene wars within the last century alone. Weaked us to where we are now vulnerable of being subsumed by lesser outsiders..The time for that kind of suicidal behavior is long since past.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Irish: What a strange conclusion to come to.

            There is nothing strange about it. I have seen many examples of white nationalists making anti-English and anti-Anglo-Saxon comments. In your case, you appear to be mocking the loss of power and the demographic decline of Anglo-Saxons who were once the solid majority of people in the colonies but have since been replaced by pan-European immigrants (“Yeah, unfortunately for you The No [sic] Nothing Party is just in history books about the 19th century”).

            Irish: Divisive ethno-nationalism led to a couple of intercene wars within the last century alone.

            If Britain had listened to her ethno-nationalists in 1939 instead of jailing them, then there would have been no second world war. Certainly you don’t mistake Chamberlain and Churchill for ethnic nationalists?

          • Irish

            You should join The Unitd Empire Loyalist where you can be among your fellow Anglophiles..Their meetings are primarily in Canada unfortunately so you’ll have to buy a ticket and bring your passport if you want to attend.

        • Irish

          Horseshite..Just when are you talking about?..Most German-Americans are of Lutheran stock , the Scots & Scots-Irish are neither Angles, Jutes or Saxon’s but largely Celts like their Irish cousins. As are most of the bordering English counties, dna test have proven it so..You should read Jim Webbs brilliant book (Born Fighting) about the Scot-Irish..They ain’t English..Patrick Henry give me liberty , or give me death..Scotsman…The Scandinavians in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, few Catholics among them..Fantasy land

          • Awakened Saxon

            Irish: Horseshite..Just when are you talking about?..

            As I already said, I am talking about the correlation between the rise of Catholicism and the decline of the Anglo-Saxon. This has already been accomplished in most of the North (which honestly isn’t much concern to me) and is now aggressively underway in the South. Catholicism is being brought here by people of non-traditional ethnic stocks whose ancestors replaced the original Anglo-Saxons of the North between about 100 – 175 years ago.

            Irish: the Scots & Scots-Irish are neither Angles, Jutes or Saxon’s but largely Celts like their Irish cousins. As are most of the bordering English counties, dna test have proven it so

            DNA testing shows that Germanic blood extends well into Scotland, roughly mirroring the borders of the Mediaeval kingdom of Northumbria (Anglo-Saxon) which extended as far north as Edinburgh. The so-called Scots-Irish or Ulster-Scots are also heaviliy Germanic. My own Scots-Irish ancestors actually came from the Midlands of England and were not Scots at all. DNA testing also shows that the Protestant areas of Ulster are the most Germanic and the Catholic areas are the least Germanic. No surprises there since the Protestants of Ulster came mainly from the Scottish Lowlands and England.

            Irish: The Scandinavians in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, few Catholics among them..Fantasy land

            Catholicism is the largest denomination in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Catholicism is the largest denomination in every Yankee state. Lutheranism is first in North Dakota and Mormonism in Idaho and Utah. I don’t consider the West to be Yankee.

          • Irish

            Land clearings, slavery, deportation from their homelands , and wholesale murder of men, women & children. These were what the English brought to Scotland, Ireland & Wales..For these crimes disdain for the English and Anglo-Saxon triumphantism is richly and rightfully deserved. Some debts can never be repaid..And yes, I believe that attitudes like yours keep many likeminded Whites (particularly the Irish) from joining ranks.

          • Awakened Saxon

            I knew your outright hatred of the English wouldn’t take long to surface.

          • Irish

            I’ve no hatred for absolutely anyone.. But your politics of exclusion is very familiar to this son of a Derryman..And again, I think your deadend ideology is simply flogging a really, really, dead horse. (And yes, for many of us delightfully so) The only shot Nationalist have is to awaken a pan-European movement of self interested survival..Jared Taylor has made this same point before many groups from Budapest , London, Moscow & Paris and beyond. You clearly don’t agree..This seems a odd forum for your interest..

          • Awakened Saxon

            The Germanic people have nothing to gain from a pan-European movement. The marginalisation and replacement of Germans, Englanders, and other Germanics is openly justified in the name of pan-Europeanism (e.g., by the importation of eastern Europeans to Germanic lands).

          • Irish

            I posted it to you earlier but I don’t see it now..The United Empire Loyalist is the group you’ll certainly feel more comfortable with..Alas you’ll unfortunately have to drive or fly to Canada if you want to attend a convention as thats’s where most of their meetings are held..Don’t forget your passport.

  • Ograf

    Those lily livered panty waist worthless pos. They don’t have the balls to stand up for US and our flag. I hope they all get jacked by a few illegal aliens on the way home . I am beginning to hate what is happening to my country. No I already hate what has happened in the last 8 years. I fought for America, would I do it again with the bs going on now. NO way

    • I’m sure they’re quite far away from having to drive thru diverse neighborhoods. They’re probably chauffeured in armored limousines.

      • Alden

        They have their own police force. They have 24/7 guards at their homes and personal bodyguards You are right about the limos and guards

    • The Old America has died. In its place has been erected a counterfeit, one fashioned after a certain Kenyan dictator who has successfully accomplished most of his goals of ‘fundamental transformation.’

      • Alden

        It started long before the Kenyan dictator The subversives have been around about 100 years.
        LBJ and his war on poverty program gave the subversives the money and non profit organizations to effect the transformation
        It was not so much the subsidy into breed black thugs. It was the endless legal aid and advocacy that employed hard core lefties right out of college who are now running the country

        For example when he was in college and law school Holder worked for one of LBJs legal aid non profits

      • Awakened Saxon

        Old America died 154 years ago. It boggles the mind that people still cling to something that died so long ago and collapsed under the weight of its own incompetence and dysfunction.

    • The All Seeing Bry

      We need to recreate a White homeland West of the Atlantic once again. That is what America was, and that’s what it need to be restored to. That would be “fighting for America”.

    • Alden

      I agree. Considering what this country has done to me and Whites in general I despise this country, it’s flag and it’s symbols

    • Weisheit77

      As a guy who has been lightly involved with this movement since the Clinton years, I do not remember a time where the internet has been so full of anger, legitimate anger that is not coming from the fringe.

      • Alden

        I’ve been a pro White activist since around 1975, not that it has done any good Urban Whites who are exposed to blacks every day ejected Obama

  • Hilis Hatki

    Is a war by any other name a rose?

    • Usually Much Calmer

      It won’t smell as good, that’s for sure.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    In the meantime, the MSM is up in arms about Indiana’s new law that says that shopkeepers may refuse goods or services to gay “couples” on religious grounds. Expect not much of a peep, however, over this latest trampling of our free-speech rights. “Anarcho-tyranny” I think is what Sam Francis called it.

    • Weisheit77

      I was reading all the comments before I was going to mention that name. Some men die wealthy, some men die famous, some men die unknown, and some men die right. Sam Francis belongs to the later category.

  • Jason Lewis

    I agree with leaving it up to schools to decide what kids can wear to maintain order however it’s still pretty stupid for the school to ban American flags.

    • What if they were to ban Mexican flags, because white fraternity boys threaten Mexican wearers? Holder and Sharpton would be there in a second, to defend the civil rights of the Mexican minority, and would order mandatory sensitivity classes for Americans.

  • Thereby legalizing the heckler’s veto.

  • Evette Coutier

    If the Supreme Court doesn’t respect our laws or the Constitution, why should we respect them or their rulings?

    • superlloyd

      You said it best.

    • Petronius

      We are definitely witnessing a shift in the public attitude toward the law. Particularly in the last six years, people on all sides — and at the highest levels of government — have lost respect for the rule of law. Under these conditions, the predictable outcome will likely be some combination of the usual banana republic scenarios:

      1. national bankruptcy, chaos, and economic decline
      2. full blown dictatorship or rule by a cabal of elites
      3. military coups
      4. revolution and civil war
      5. Americans become refugees and leave the USA

      “There are only two ways of governing: by rule and by a ruler.” – G.K. Chesterton

      • TCA

        As a neo-National Socialist, I don’t have a problem with a Fuhrer, as long as he’s White and dedicated to the interests of Whites. I don’t want to be ruled by Jews and their Colored proxies, which I believe is the situation we are experiencing now. White politicians regardless of party affiliation are Shabbas goys.

      • Dave West

        Unless there is some rapid change in the demographic trends of America, it’s not a matter of if but when America will be ruled by a neo-dictator masquerading as a “president.” Strong armed rule by the Federal Govt. will be the only way to keep post-white America from completely eating itself alive. Black people think the “white” police departments in 2015 are bad? I predict the future hispanic/white ruling class of America will control the black underclass via a federal quasi-military urban “reaction force.” And when black men are killed and beat by this “force” I doubt President Mendoza or Governor Lopez will care.

    • Very true. We need to start working against this tyrannical government. Doing little things to show our rebellion and opposition to this beastly, freedom-denying and anti-white government is definitely a good start.

    • Sick of it

      Or the other branches of government for that matter.

  • Kenner

    The flag was banned at school to ‘prevent violence’. Now, a ‘threat of violence’ can ban free speech. That’s not a slippery slope, that’s a precipice.

  • HJ11

    Let’s not be coy. This was an anti-White move by the Supreme Court. The court has let stand the vioation of the rights of mostly White kids because those kids wanted to display our flag–which to White haters represents Whites.

    Since when is it moral or just to tell people your rights won’t be allowed because some who hate you may cause violence? This is morals, justice and ethics turned upside down.

  • When do we get to hang them all from lamp posts?

  • David Ashton

    Does the American Flag offend Mexicans wherever it is displayed?

    • Who Me?

      Do you really have to ask? Also speaking English is offensive to what MCS calls the “greaseritos”. (What a superbly appropriate tag!)

      • AndrewInterrupted

        I borrow it, too.

        • I was hoping I could hang the tag on them. I’m writing a a series of articles on super-heavy cruisers, and nobody has come up with an alternate description other than “cruiser-killers”. The Alaska-class weren’t really cruisers, and they weren’t really battlecruisers; they were something a bit in between. I haven’t come up with a really good description for those old semi-capital ships. Even that is a bit awkward as a description, but the 1922 and 1930 Washington and London Naval Treaties were expressly intended to keep folks from building anything like them, so the very idea was once outlawed.

          • John Smith

            Doesn’t the term “pocket-battleship” apply?

          • The “pocket battleship” was a result of the Versailles Treaty. The resulting ships were not fast enough to compete with genuine cruisers, but did have the consequence of driving battleship speeds up toward the 27-30 knots range.

            The Germans fitted only 80mm thick armor along the waterline belts of those ships. That was not enough to provide any useful immune zone against 8-inch shellfire from “treaty cruisers” built elsewhere.

            Two of the US “Brooklyn” class ships would have shredded KMS Graf Spee.

            KMS Sharnhorst and Gneisenau were much better, but they take us into the sort of ships I’ve been writing about.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            I would rather you and HE2 wrote an exposé on greaseritos. I wrote a book on cultural Marxism, but not in print yet.

        • HE2

          As a fed up California resident, I love the term greaserito.
          In the overrun farming community where I grew up, one sees Mexi flags flown everywhere. Formerly White areas where well-kept yards and homes were the norm now stand filthy, littered, trashed, govt subsidized and favela’d, but they fly the Mex flag.
          Acres of once open greenbelt farm land now accommodate rows of high density sec 8 Mex. housing. They fly the Mex flag too.
          And the govt just keeps cramming them in.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            The Latin locust swarm has entered southern New Hampshire as well. A once 95% white state is being overrun. And the whites up north are oblivious/clueless. The even re-elected Jeanne Shaheen, the amnesty queen –and her greasy MENA husband.

          • HE2

            The idea of N.H overrun with squatters is so sad. This is a beautiful state with village after village of serene, quaint New England communities that will be ruined.
            Have spent time in Hanover visiting Dartmouth College, also stayed in a cottage on Lake Winnipesaukee. Loved it, wanted to stay.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            I’ve been on Winnie a few times. The white people north of Manchester are clueless to the Latin/African/Indian (every apartment building off Rte 3, Exit 1 smells like curry) invasion at their doorsteps. It IS truly sad.

      • Alden

        I prefer BBB brown bowling balls

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Only when displayed in Aztlan.

      • When do we get to use nukes?

        • John Smith

          Liberal white Kalifornians got to it first.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          I want to take the land back, so neutron bombs and MOABs for me.

          • Sadly, all our ERW – “enhanced radiation weapon” – neutron bombs were decommissioned. The plutonium pits were recycled. My ex-father did weapons work at Los Alamos most summers, and reading his work on the kitchen table I could understand most of what he was doing when I was in junior high school. The idea behind the neutron bomb was to kill Soviet tank crews inside their vehicles at distances where the blast would leave a T-55 or T-62 functioning.

            He was hated on campus for doing weapons work, but not for being a wife-beater and a child-abuser.

            A modern tank has much better crew protection against neutron bombs, so those are quite obsolete.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Neutron bombs were thought to be for leaving structures standing, but killing all living things by displacing/or adding neutrons to their chemistry. I wasn’t aware that it had more radiation value.

          • One can do quite a few useful things with the neutron flux from an atom bomb. One of them is fusing lithium deuteride, and that makes us a hydrogen bomb. The blast would ordinarily displace the LiD, but gamma rays reach the containment vessel much faster than the heavy, slow-moving neutrons. You could put plastic around the LiD secondary, and that stuff vaporizing will compress it while also blasting outward, which keeps the secondary in place just long enough for the neutron flux from the primary to set it off. The “spark-plug” for this is usually U-235, but doesn’t really have to be.

            The secondary will also release a lot of free neutrons, and these can be made to do amusing things as well. Let’s suppose we jacket our hydrogen bomb with U-238. This is ordinarily relatively stable, but will fast-fission under the neutron flux to produce a tertiary stage of the explosion. This was done with the “dirty” version of our old friend, the B41, now all sadly decommissioned.

            We could also do entertaining things like using certain materials on a very low-yield bomb that would improve the neutron flux from the initial explosion. The “physics package” would fit inside a 155mm howitzer shell.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Sorry, mine’s a Ba0.7Sr0.3TiO4

          • Are you certain? Once the forming gas anneal is done, titanium becomes an oxidation-state slut. Shorting through oxygen vacancies is fun and easy!

          • AndrewInterrupted

            That was a joke–ahem

        • Who Me?

          Most of the older pictures of the desired Aztlan area also included all of Oregon and the southern half of the State of Washington too (where I live). I guess that makes sense, as there are so many of them here they no longer bother trying to separate the U.S. born from the newly arrived invaders.

        • Simonitz Levi Rothstein

          They are actually taking over Colorado as well. Except that even if we were to use Nukes, it would be suicide for us, because they are EVERYWHERE! I’m no big fan of the greaseritos, the buggers can’t speak English, they don’t much care about us Jews, they seem to be involved in organized crime and in general ruin the standard of life and health wherever they go. A few of them are nice, but I can’t say the same about the majority! Besides, I hate Mexican/ Latin American food, save for some Argentinian Tapas and Brazilian Steak Houses in town – expensive, but worth the money!

    • LexiconD1


      The Mexican flag offends me as US citizen whenever I see it. Wanna bet the SCOTUS doesn’t care about that?

    • Awakened Saxon

      It offends me wherever it is displayed.

      • David Ashton

        You hate it for a different reason.

  • It’s weird, because diversity is strength.

    • DaveMed

      The most perfect six words ever strung together! Going to be using that one.

  • Alexandra1973

    I imagine I’m preaching to the choir here when I say that having aliens here is what’s causing the problem…not patriotic American citizens.

  • LHathaway

    At a friend of mine’s high school, a long time ago, the school enforced a new dress code. Some of the students took their White T-Shirts and spray painted black lines on them indicating the were ‘in prison’ and took them to school. I believe the few that did (and I’m not certainly they did, being it was a second hand story) were suspended for a few days.

  • Who Me?

    I don’t care what kind of sugar-coating they put on it, that is a blatant, in your face, “eff you” to ALL American citizens. I’ve been watching the news for the snippets they dare to dribble out over the last five years, as the case and all the appeals and counter appeals winds it’s way through our so called “justice system”.
    My first reaction and my still standing reaction is:

    • Sick of it

      Who’s going to stop them?

  • RacialRay

    Of course, all public displays of Hispanic heritage and affiliation will therefore be banned on the 4th of July, right?

    Or is the Court of el Supremo so far in the tank for la raza that our own flag won’t be welcome then, either?

    • This is an extremely important point that can be pushed in the future. On the Fourth of July, no one will be allowed to wear shirts with anything like a “Hispanic” flag, especially the Mexican flag, on the shirt.
      Today’s ruling that a shirt with the American flag cannot be worn on Cinco De Mayo day, will come back and haunt the Supreme court, and the US, big time, haunt it by strength of shear logic and the most basic justice, of the necessity of it also applying ipso facto on the Fourth of July.
      Today’s Supreme Court ruling is and will be a major step toward the unavoidable bursting of the multi-culti bubble. Have no doubt about it.

      • Tim

        To be valid, your comparison would have to be changed from July 4th to D-day. Or from Cinco de Mayo to Diez y Seis…September 16th is Mexican Independence Day, not May 5th…Cinco De Mayo celebrates a military victory,…

      • Who Me?

        It won’t happen unless a significant number of Americans declared the intention of starting some violence if they saw the Mexican flag. Now who do you suppose is going to do that? (And what do you think would happen to anyone who tried it?)

    • InAFreeCountry

      All three branches of government are choking on the D of La Raza and NAACP.

  • humura

    To wear an American flag in the US is cause for violence? Why not expel, arrest, and then deport the perp of such anti-American violence?
    Outrageous! The school officials should be fired, and the SC justices who voted not to consider this case, impeached.

  • brior

    My ancestors fought and died for what? This insurrection! ( insurrection is a refusal of obedience or order.[1] It may, therefore, be seen as encompassing a range of behaviors aimed at destroying or taking over the position of an established authority such as a government, governor, president, political leader, financial institution, or person in charge. On the one hand the forms of behaviour can include non-violent methods such as the (overlapping but not quite identical) phenomena of civil disobedience, civil resistance and nonviolent resistance)

  • antiquesunlight

    I get it. We must forever tolerate and turn the other cheek, and it’s very rude to expect others to reciprocate. Sounds like a good way to get conquered without a fight.

  • USofAntiWhite

    “The school had been experiencing gang related tensions and racially charged altercations between White and Hispanic students at the time.” I love how they mislead by making it sound like there are White gangs in Morgan Hill. What that sentence is really saying is that White kids are being victimized by Mexican gangs and are targeted because of Mexican racism once you read between the lines. Another big issue with this case is that Mexican flags were never banned. Mexican illegal squatters were allowed to wear Mexico flag shirts, and they did and do. These cases help more than hurt but it still is very frustrating and what message does it send when the invaders get away with behavior? It emboldens and encourages them more, that is how cockroaches are.

  • Dave West

    Why do Mexican’s even celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

    It is really a long line of Mexican defeats masked as some sort of victory. After the Mexicans held off the French for one battle in 1862, Mexican forces were defeated, the French marched all the way to Mexico City and installed Maximilian I as the emperor of Mexico. In 1836, Mexico had a population of 7 million and was defeated by Texas Rebels; Texas at this time had a population of 30,000 Anglos, 5,000 slaves, and 3,500 Hispanics.

    • LexiconD1

      Any excuse to get drunk?

      • Who Me?

        Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in Mexico the same way St. Paddy’s Day is celebrated in Ireland–in other words, not at all. It is purely an American invention. (Oh, the legend is there, just not the substance) It’s a wonderful excuse to dye the river green and drink lots of (green, ugh!) beer in the case of St. Paddy’s Day, or go on a destructive rampage and drink lots of cerveza ( Mexican beer) in the case of Cinco de Mayo.

        • Petronius

          You’re right about St Patrick’s Day — Although it comes as a surprise to most Americans, in the past St Patrick’s Day was not celebrated in Ireland, no more (and perhaps less) than St George’s Day in England or St David’s Day in Wales.

          However, that is changing slightly as the American celebration is beginning to rub off on the Irish. But only to the extent of wishing a friend a happy St Patrick’s day, preferably over a drink … but of course in Ireland everything is done over a drink.

          • Brady

            My understanding was that St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland was traditionally a family holiday.

          • Petronius

            St Patrick’s Day has been a saint’s day of Christian observance for centuries. In 1903, the British Parliament made it a bank holiday in Ireland (i.e., a public holiday when banks, government offices, and most businesses are closed, but shops, pubs, restaurants, etc. are open).

            The government in the Republic of Ireland has begun to encourage celebration of St Patrick’s Day as an American-style, secular, Irish ethnic-pride day only in the last ten years or so, but with rather limited success, not approaching the American St Patrick’s Day phenomenon.

          • The way Ireland is going these days, someone ought to introduce snakes there. The Australian tiger snake prefers cool, rainy weather, likes water, and those from Tasmania are extremely venomous. That would be my candidate. Vipera berus – the European adder – can handle almost any climate, as can the Japanese-Siberian mamushi. Ireland needs snakes far more than it needs Africans.

            Does someone get to be a saint for putting snakes back into Ireland?

          • Alden

            Michael check out irishsavant blogspot It is a great anti black and brown immigration site

    • USofAntiWhite

      What are they proud of period? Existing? Getting to screw us over? That’s it!

      • AndrewInterrupted

        Imagine if scientists find an antidote for “White Guilt”. Aye Chihuahua!!

        • LexiconD1

          Most of the time just simply being around the ‘diversity’ will cure that disease.

        • USofAntiWhite

          It would be banned at stored in a vault a mile under Washington DC, “lost” until deemed obsolete with future desired demographics finally in place.

          • InAFreeCountry

            “We have top men working on it right now.”

    • Alden

      The only reason the French were defeated in that battle is that the French were laid low with dysentery. As soon as they recovered they conquered Mexico

      The French did not leave because the brave and glorious Mexicans defeated them. Lincoln’s state department informed the French early on that as soon as the war of northern aggression was over we would invoke the Monroe Doctrine
      That’s why the French left, conquering Mexico was a walk in the park but a war with the USA was not anything France wanted to get into.

      • The French had very few ironclads that could cross the Atlantic, while the US had plenty of monitors that were just dandy in coastal waters.

  • james AZ

    Next in Minnesota, where Somalis students wear ISIS shirts will allow by US Supreme Court in few years

    • Usually Much Calmer

      Beheading an infidel is speech.

  • james AZ


  • Hilis Hatki

    I remember reciting something about enemies foreign and domestic.

    • Who Me?

      That was before someone elected one as POTUS.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      European-Americans don’t do incremental, non-state warfare very well, that’s true. Neither do the Europeans.

  • TheCogitator

    White people need to learn to threaten violence if we do not get our way, and be willing to follow up with every bit of the violence that was threatened. That is how the other groups get rulings in their favor because the school says it did what it did to prevent violence. You cannot fight using Marquess of Queensberry Rules in a street fight. Only when whites realize they are in a street fight for their very existence will they have a chance of survival.

  • Spaniard in LA

    Cinco de Mayo is not a Mexican Holiday and is not even acknowledge. Instead, it’s an excuse for young people in the U.S to drink their behinds away.

  • Our government, our judges, our elected officials and representatives have all turned against white Americans. How much longer will we take this? And what are we prepared to do about it?

  • Viking_61

    The article didn’t say which justices voted against the 1st Amendment. Supposedly there are five (5) “conservative” justices. I want to know which “conservative” justice voted with the Jewish communists – Breyer, Kagan, Sotomayor and Ginsberg.

    • Spikeygrrl

      No “supposedly” about it. The current SCOTUS is 4 conservatives, 4 leftists, and 1 swing vote (Justice Kennedy).

    • Simonitz Levi Rothstein

      Oh please, not dem Jooz again? Please explain why the vast majority of Catholic White Justices are in the same league. The last I learnt, Die Juden was still the minority in the supreme court. Check your facts! Secondly, Sotomayor is NOT Jewish, she is a Hispanic! Also, most of us, yes us Jewish are not on the same boat with the liberals, ya schmuck!

      • Viking_61

        Haha… So there is no such thing as Jewish Latin Americans?

        What about the Fed? Is it just a big coincidence that the last three Fed chairmen have come from the 1.5% of this country that is Jewish?

        • 李冠毅

          Please calm down, everyone. Didn’t a commentator here wrote “we here at AmRen don’t believe in collective guilt”? Just because one or two Jews are anti-White doesn’t mean you should go around and bash all Jews.

    • Alden

      Did Sotomayor convert? I don’t think she is Jewish even Sandra Day O’Connor appointed by
      Reagan voted for the anti White side in the affirmative action cases

    • Alden

      Sotomayor was baptized Catholic turned communist in college as so many do

  • zamzow

    If there are ” students” of Mexican decent who are in gangs and the school fears violence then point out those trouble makers and arrest them. The US flag is the symbol of the horrific sacrifices made by Americans who stood and fell defending freedom and justice for all. If I was a student at that school I would defy the court and wear it anyway. Like Concord bridge this is what it is going to take to send a clear message to our overlords we are not going to take it anymore !

    • Alden

      The affirmative action school administrators would call the affirmative action police who would arrest you and take you to juvenile hall where the affirmative action guards would lock you in a room where the Hispanic kids would beat you to a pulp

      The affirmative action district attorney would charge you with all sorts of thought crimes The affirmative action juvenile court judge would find you guilty and sentence you to youth authority prison where you would be killed as the affirmative action guards looked the other way

      • zamzow

        Why don’t you sell everything and get out of the country if you’re going to roll over that easy ! If the founding fathers had guys like you around we would be saluting a Union Jack on that kid’s Tee shirt.

        • Awakened Saxon

          zamzow: If the founding fathers had guys like you around we would be saluting a Union Jack on that kid’s Tee shirt.

          You say that as though it is a problem.

          • zamzow

            Ok I fell for it I thought you were for real but just a troll my bad

          • Awakened Saxon

            Perhaps if disagreeing with you is the definition of ‘troll’.

          • zamzow

            Un-intelligent comments are the hall mark of a troll and your comments are just that.

          • Awakened Saxon

            I said nothing unintelligent. I think separating from Britain was a mistake. The fact that you disagree with it does not make it an unintelligent comment.

          • zamzow

            An American cognizant of the tyranny imposed on the colonials by England and thinks separation was “was a mistake” is unintelligent unless of course you are English.

          • Awakened Saxon

            I sometimes enjoy debating the issue of separating from the British vs. not separating, however since all you have done thus far is to insult my intelligence and/or label my motives I see no reason to continue discussing the issue with you.

            If you would like to move past the insults and labels, then perhaps we can have a productive discussion.

          • zamzow

            Agreed !

    • Alden

      The last war in which Americans fought for freedom and justice was the war of 1812.

      • The Korean War, based on the eventual result of South Korea eventually becoming a functioning democracy, seems to have worked out. So did our defeat of the Axis during World War Two, though Germany, Italy and Japan have long been civilized countries. My favorite episode from that unpleasantness was when the Jewish widow of an Italian army officer was arrested in Germany, and Mussolini told Hitler that he would make a separate peace if she wasn’t released within the month. She was released very quickly.

    • Awakened Saxon

      zamzow: The US flag is the symbol of the horrific sacrifices made by Americans who stood and fell defending freedom and justice for all.

      Really? When was that? Perhaps when they turned Europe into ruins or fought to prevent the right of self-determination to the Southern people?

      • zamzow

        Concord bridge, Bunker Hill , Washington’s crossing and The Battle of Trenton, Valley Forge. The CSA gave it a go and fought it out bravely but couldn’t hold and was defeated. It is ancient history today. If you feel that strongly take up arms and fight it out again. Most Yankees will join in with you !

        • Awakened Saxon

          Wars against our British friends don’t inspire any patriotism in me. The US was an experiment in Enlightenment principles. It failed miserably. Unlike the CSA, the USA’s failure came internally; no invasion was needed to overthrow the US experiment or reconstruct it.

          • zamzow

            “British friends” were responsible for the deaths of thousands of American patriots. If this experiment has failed miserably it is do to the influence and invasion of tribal Marxism. What have you done to thwart it’s rise ?

          • Awakened Saxon

            zamzow: “British friends” were responsible for the deaths of thousands of American patriots.

            Good thing I’m not an American patriot. Americans patriots have been responsible for the deaths of millions of whites. I’m supposed to reject my British brethren for shooting back against American radicals in a war that the Americans started and a war that resulted in the creation of the anti-white USA?

            zamzow: If this experiment has failed miserably it is do to the influence and invasion of tribal Marxism.

            There is obviously something inherently wrong with a society that fell so easily and so quickly to Marxists and their sympathisers. From the creation of the USA to its total capitulation was 74 years.

            zamzow: What have you done to thwart it’s rise ?

            I wasn’t around in the 19th century.

          • I like the English well enough. Their passion for growing flowers rather than vegetables seems a bit odd, but that’s not up to me.

  • libertarian1234

    “students were celebrating their pride in their Mexican heritage”

    Who but idiots would celebrate being from a country that was so corrupt and treated its people so badly they had to sneak across the Rio Grande in the dead of night in order to relocate to a country that could provide them with food and work?

    • Mexico has a long and varied history from it’s Revolution or War for Independence starting in 1810 by the Catholic priest Miguel Hildago. It’s not something to be ashamed of at all but actually something to be studied along with the Fall of Rome, the Spanish Armada, Napoleon & all that good stuff.

      It holds much relevance to us at AmRen as there were numerous “Revolutions” or really Civil Wars against Mexican Federal power after the nation was born in 1821. Strong men; aka Generals or Caudillos, overthrew sucessive Mexican Governments. An especially violent Civil War broke out in 1910 in which over 1 million were killed. This was the era of Poncho Villa.

      I think this holds some use as to seeing how people fought against the Mexican Federal Government. I think USA history will eventually follow this course as our own Government becomes less legitimate & less stable.

  • TheMaskedUnit

    Whites are permitted. Everyone else is free.

  • Sick of it

    If you kill the gang members, gangs disappear. If you give them a wink and a nudge, they’ll end up owning congressmen.

  • Stogumber

    Perhaps we could get to know WHY the court declined to hear the appeal? In those legal matters, shouldn’t one give the experts at least a chance to justify themselves?
    I see that Yahoo didn’t give more Information, but “Amren” could perhaps come back with more information when other sources have reacted?

  • EuropeanIdentity33

    Looks like the Supreme Court has absolutely no foresight whatsoever. If you set a precedence of caving into ridiculous demands in order prevent “racial violence” than the Mexicans are obviously going to take advantage of their weakness in the future.

  • Lt. Greyman, NVA

    This is the same Supreme Court that said a high school Jacket can say “Fu*k the War” is free speech?

    How far we have fallen.

    • Alden

      The supreme has ruled that virtually every kind of porn is protected by the first amendment, but the word Christmas is offensive

  • Ella

    These Mexican kids can just take their flag waving Mexican selves and tees off public property, the school campus, and rent a Hispanic owned Hall for their Cinco de Mayo celebration. So European descent students can now celebrate unified nation-states formation such as Italy, Germany, Norway and Ireland in public schools.

    • We celebrate Rourke’s Drift night each year: January 22-23. Nobody bothers us.

    • Alden

      In Mexico these kids wouldn’t even go to high school. Mexico charges tuition past 6th grade
      It’s not much. But most Mexicans can’t have the money plus they send the kids to work as soon as possible

  • InAFreeCountry

    “School officials said they feared the imposition of American patriotic imagery…”
    In America? These students are standing up for their culture, their heritage. These students feel marginalized, and whether they wear a shirt with the American flag out of love or protest, it is their right in a free country. I am sure they didn’t make the Mexicans turn their shirts inside-out.

    • archer

      The school principal is a “hispanic”, what else do you need to know?

  • From a purely practical point of view it makes sense: Schools should avoid riots and fights.

    But then it would require a very reasoned decision. Like a mandate to seek a remedy, to consider this a stop gap emergency measure.

    The way this decision was made just allows dress codes to favor rioters, often foreigners and illegals.

    Of course, this decision will strenghten Ferguson style black rioters and, in the long run, Muslims. Now it is clear that “I am Darren Wilson” T-shirts incite riots, and women in mini-skirts are asking to be stoned, or raped. Thus these clothes need to be prohibited. In the farther future, women can be required to wear a Hijab veil, in order to avoid muslim student riots.

    It is interesting that the courts do NOT think that prevention of prison riots and prison rape is reason to allow racial segregation in prisons.

    • archer

      America, love it or leave it, If you are offended by our flag, you have the option of leaving, now. The Supreme court showed that it’s not so Supreme.

  • Robbie Cheney

    It’s past time to do away with our federal government, supreme court, etc. and start over again. Henry Ford had another term for the ‘globalists’.

  • Light from the East

    If Americans cannot show their flags, then Mexicans cannot show their flags either. But it seems this is not the case. It is clearly the open discrimination by the court against America’s own citizens over potentially illegal aliens in the land of USA. This is the sign of invasion, abducting the juridical system. The U.S. Supreme Court demonstrates cowardliness, betrayal, and corruption.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Only if they were expected to vote Republican.

    • libertarian1234

      “The U.S. Supreme Court demonstrates cowardliness, betrayal, and corruption.”
      I agree.

      And they also demonstrate a total lack of competence in deciding against one of the basic policies necessary to create unity.

      This is the most egregious ruling since John Roberts disingenuously declared the Obamacare mandate a tax.

      The entire bunch except Alito and Scalia look like a photo op by the cast of Looney Tunes.

      • antiquesunlight

        Clarence Thomas is good, too, even though he’s black. He’s arguably the most conservative of the group, ironically. If it weren’t for those three, we would be in really deep trouble. Deeper trouble.

        • Clarence Thomas turned out to be one of the really good ones: a fellow who believes the US Constitution really does mean what it says. I hope he stays in excellent health for decades to come.

          • antiquesunlight

            He’s still in his sixties, so barring a heart attack or the like we can safely bank on another decade or more of Thomas. Same for Alito. Scalia, on the other hand, is approaching 80.

            One of my nightmares was that Scalia would retire or die before Obama leaves office, but it looks like we’re going to get lucky.

            Hell, if the stars align, we might have cause for a real AmRen party: if 2016 manages to give us a president who is at least nominally conservative, and Scalia and GINSBURG both retire/die within that 4/8 years, we could see a major conservative shift in the Supreme Court, hallelujah.

            Let’s keep our fingers crossed, I guess.

          • Awakened Saxon

            How disappointing it must be to pin one’s hopes on an unreformable system.

    • Who Me?

      How many times have you seen a case, (usually publicized only in a small. local media venue) where the US flag cannot be flown, or worn on a shirt, or students cannot chant “USA, USA” at a school sponsored game, or the flag or Pledge of Allegiance must be removed from a school, or a play, dance or other event cannot honor OUR country, IN our country?
      It’s happening all the time, all over the US.
      The Supreme Court is just “following the will of the (loudest mouthed) people”. Cowardly, hypocritical, blasphemous traitors, all of them.

      • The problem with their approach is that historically Quislings like them tend to become lamp post ornaments. I hope to Dear God that I live to see the day.

        Since the Fifth of May was a battle between Mexican forces and the French, I need to get myself a Tricolour t-shirt. Viva la France!

      • ShermanTMcCoy

        Me, I’ve started flying the Novorossiya Flag. Looks like the Stars and Bars without the stars. Best anti-NWO statement you can make, these days.

        • Awakened Saxon

          The Union of People’s Republics, aka Novorossiya, is no more anti-NWO than its inspiration the USSR itself was.

  • libertarian1234

    Any government that fails to place the highest priority on its own history and heroes is one that is going to eventually collapse.

    Case closed.

  • LiberalismFailed

    Is there anything left worth salvaging in this country?

    • antiquesunlight

      Yeah, us. We need to salvage ourselves the hell out of here is what I’m thinking.

      • The people, so long as we get to shove the “free air” communists out the airlocks on the moon and Mars.

        “I can’t breathe!”

        I will sorely miss fishing.

        • If we get the chance, I’d go for a Mars Colony in a heartbeat. Also it’s further away and probably out of range of a sneak attack with a fast Mirved nuclear weapon as opposed to a lunar colony.

          Eventually if whites set up a colony on Mars or elsewhere in the solar system, they’ll have the “high ground” in terms of gravitational potential. I really would not want to be the culture inhabiting the “low ground” e.g. at the bottom of a gravity well in that kind of situation.

          • You have read “The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress”, then.

          • antiquesunlight

            That’s what I was thinking about while reading your comment. Let’s please avoid all the race mixing like what they had.

    • Alden


    • Alden

      Just a few racially conscious Whites

  • Epiminondas

    Our Supreme Court is nothing more than a ministry of culture.

  • the GOP presidents appointed the majority of those SCOTUS judges…yep, that’s conservatism for ya….same as always…and white people keep swallowing that conservative baloney for decades, hook line and sinker…

    oh, that’s right–those judges were not real conservatives…LOL…keep telling yourself that…

    • cyrusthevirus

      Excellent post–they do that here in England and the peasants STILL think Conservative and Labour parties are somehow opposed.We have an election in may –and it doesnt matter a damn–but so many people think it will.Even UKIP is probably a con !!!

  • TrueNorthFree

    Add this to the growing list that demonstrates the “benefits of diversity and multiculturalism”.

  • RaySist27

    Americans and White people lose their rights because Mexicans might become violent. I think Mexicans should go to Mexico to celebrate cinco de mayo. It seems so simple to me.

  • Epiminondas

    I’ve often thought this painting perfectly symbolized Western Civilization being carried to its death by modern liberalism…

  • Simonitz Levi Rothstein

    This is not about conservatives or liberals, whites or non whites, good or bad, American vs Non Americans, this is about simple common sense! In any nation,at least a sovereign one, there are flags that fly and those flags tend to belong to that particular nation. If I were to go back home to Israel, I would see the Israeli flag, if I were in India, I would see the Indian flag, if I were in Japan, I would see the Japanese flag and if I were in France, I would see the French flag! What the heck is so wrong about that, Mexicans? You buggers literally die, yes DIE to come here to America and after all your troubles to escape Mexico, this is how you show your gratitude? The American flag, the English language, the American citizen is all of a sudden a detriment to you? Someone, some random Mexican here, including Bossman – PLEASE EXPLAIN?

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Two words: white guilt.

    • If I was Jewish, I would emigrate to Israel, join the IDF and then stay. I’d go career if they wanted me to do that: no problems.

  • Hammerheart

    Great. They can express their commonship with a country their parents were so desperate to flee at the expense of our own right to do so. Sounds like justice to me!

  • Alden

    Because the principal of the school is an affirmative action Mexican

  • tetrapod

    This whole affair and others like it reveal the utter insanity of political correctness and white pathological altruism. An insidious disease is eating away the White soul. Are we even worth saving at this point?

  • It seems to me that the best place to celebrate Mexican heritage is in Mexico.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    …with an electrified fence between them…

  • Alden

    I’m familiar with Morgan Hill. It’s one of the wealthiest towns in the country has many homes in the 5 to 10 million range
    Granted they sometimes come with 20 acres and stables and training rings but still
    Morgan Hill has become an eastern suburb of the Silicon Valley tech industry
    The top top level executives live in Morgan Hill another White group that lives in Morgan Hill are owners and managers of the huge farms they have been driven out of Gilroy, Watsonville and other Towns by their Mexican farm workers
    The town is about 35 percent Mexican
    ; farm workers, affirmative action government workers and retail, restaurant workers and household help and innumerable laborer a who work in the gardens houses and stables
    Of the rich WhitesI’m familiar with Morgan Hill. It’s one of the wealthiest towns in the country has many homes in the 5 to 10 million range
    Granted they sometimes come with 20 acres and stables and training rings but still
    Morgan Hill has become an eastern suburb of the Silicon Valley tech industry
    The top top level executives live in Morgan Hill another White group that lives in Morgan Hill are owners and managers of the huge farms they have been driven out of Gilroy, Watsonville and other Towns by their Mexican fat workers

    The town is about 35 percent Hispanic; farm workers, household help, affirmative action government workers, retail and restaurant workers and the army if day laborers who work in the stables gardens and buildings if the estates
    The rich farmers imported the Mexucan farm workers The mega rich Silicon Valley tech executives are bound and determined to replace the White men who invented the industry with Indians and Asians even if they are incompetent which many are

    The blatant attack and offense against the Whites was committed by an affirmative action principal

    The rich Whites have what they want
    Whether primitive farm workers or programmers they don’t want White workers
    The rich get what they want The rest of us suffer

    • rentslave

      Are you sure that these rich are white and not $aturday People?

  • What happens when a genuine American kills several “school” administrators when they tell him to remove his shirt? Eventually that is what will occur when a 17 year-old says “No.”

  • Weisheit77

    No one mentioned that this is exactly how they quash open speech on university campuses; they claim that it creates a threatening environment which disrupts the educational process.
    This wasn’t some novel idea just thought up yesterday.

  • rentslave

    I wear my BUCK OFAMA shirt all the time.

  • Irish

    Donnie you and I are simpatico..You’ll have to address your query to the “Saxon”. He’s the one opposed to White Nationalism..I think it’s suicide.

  • Irish

    Tell that to the Cajuns of Louisiana, or the Irish Catholics of Charleston where Joseph Patrick Riley is apparently Mayor for life..Or Savanah Georgia..Have you been to Northern Kentucky, largely German Catholics…

    • Awakened Saxon

      A few pockets of Catholicism in the South do not make your case for you. The South has traditionally been an Anglo-Saxon land and a Protestant land. It has been a major goal of the internationalists to change that through population replacement. They do not even try to make it a secret when they celebrate the decline of WASPs. It is the mass migrations of the 20th century that have changed the South and brought both non-Germanic whites and Roman Catholicism into the mainstream nearly everywhere in the South.

      The Cajuns have a different identity. They are not, and never have been, representative of the South. They also have mainly confined themselves to their ethnic homeland. They have not spread throughout the South.

      Catholicism in Savannah has historically been minor and even today remains fairly minor. It was so minor in the past that Savannah was once included in the Diocese of Baltimore (in other words, there were not enough Catholics between Savannah and Baltimore to justify a separate diocese). Although some French set up a Catholic church in Savannah in the 1700s, it is the arrival of Europeans and Yankees much later that bolstered Catholicism in Savannah.

      According to the demographic data I found (complete with map – easily found at Google), Roman Catholicism is the leading denomination in only five counties in Kentucky. This is probably the result of either German ’48ers or more recent migrants.

      • Irish

        Your monolithic description of a Protestant U.S. South is just wrong..Jefferson Davis attended Saint Thomas Catholic School (run by the Dominicans) in Kentucky ..He was also a Welshman btw..The Vice President of the Confederacy was a Jewish convert to Catholicism, married to a Louisiana French girl from a wealthy family..Georgia had a whole Irish Catholic division with their own flag..It was a Fr. O’Reilly who saved the town hall, as well as his own church from being burned down in Atlanta when Sherman came marching through..

        • Awakened Saxon

          Irish: Your monolithic description of a Protestant U.S. South is just wrong.

          I did not describe the South as monolithically Protestant. Apparently you did not make it past the first sentence in my post.

          Irish: The Vice President of the Confederacy was a Jewish convert to Catholicism . . ..

          The Vice President was a lifelong Presbyterian. I am not aware of him having any Jewish ancestry.

          Irish: Georgia had a whole Irish Catholic division with their own flag..It was a Fr. O’Reilly who saved the town hall . . ..

          Those people were immigrants. The examples of immigrants are your evidence that the South is not traditionally Protestant?

          • Irish

            I misspoke, judah P Benjamin was The Confederacy’s Secretary of State..Seems a odd place for a Neo-Confederate to hang out as most everyone (Including Mr. Taylor) but you two seem to be in favor of Whites of all ethnities forming a united front against the dark tide..I’d be very curious to hear your response?

          • Awakened Saxon

            Irish: misspoke, Judah P Benjamin was The Confederacy’s Secretary of State..

            Yes, and a poor choice for a number of reasons. Davis was a conservative, not a nationalist, so he did not see it as an issue to appoint someone with no Southern ancestry to a senior position. However, I am certain that Davis would be as opposed as I am to the loss of the South’s traditional Anglo-Saxon identity and the marginalisation of her people, so I question the effectiveness of Davis in proving any point of yours.

            Irish: Seems a odd place for a Neo-Confederate . . .

            I am not a neo-Confederate. I am a Southern nationalist. A neo-Confederate is presumably someone who wishes to recreate the Confederacy. I wish for the establishment of a Southern folk state. It would be something very different from the Confederacy.

            Irish: . . . you two seem to be in favor of Whites of all ethnities forming a united front against the dark tide..

            A united front can mean two things: 1) breaking down barriers between whites, rejection of national identities, and mass-mixing of whites, or 2) an alliance between racially-aware white nations that respects the integrity of each nationality.

            All too often when white nationalists talk about a ‘united front’, ‘white unity’ or any of the other buzz words, what they mean is # 1 above. For example, in order to achieve this ‘united front’, I have heard it argued that the South, England, and Germany should be happy to receive masses of non-native whites (in the South’s case, from the North and in England and Germany’s case, from eastern Europe). It is thus extremely obvious that ‘white unity’, etc., is just a means to justify the marginalisation of Germanic people and the establishment of pan-European melting pots (which have no chance of producing the conditions necessary for racialist victory). The fact that you promote this ‘united front’ only days after lashing out at the English only helps make my case for me.

          • Irish

            I know of absolutely no one arguing that all White people should blend it one disregarding our ethnic roots..As a Irish American with fully Irish children I certainly do not. Neither Jared Taylor nor David Duke has ever advocated such a position. So I don’t know what your on about there..As I said before, I lament the demise of ethnic European clubs & festivals of all stripes..But someone who is a polyglot of several European ethnicities is a ally of mine is he is a White nationalist.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Irish: I know of absolutely no one arguing that all White people should blend it one disregarding our ethnic roots..

            Take a good look at Stormfront. It is mainstream there. I have also seen it advocated here. The idea is that mixing whites together will eliminate intra-racial hostility and create a united front of white racial resistance, whereas maintaining national integrity will supposedly lead to a third world war in Europe.

          • Irish

            No offense to the posters at Stormfront, But the name alone precludes them gaining a following with anything more than teenagers and the less than brilliant..Yeah I believe in fredom of association in all things.

        • Jefferson Davis male line was Welsh. He was not a clone of his Welsh ancestor that came here in the 1700’s. He had other ancestors. Much like Oliver Cromwell’s male line was Welsh. Well what do you know the chief boogey man of Ireland is Welsh. Not to mention the Tudor Plantations and Ulster plantations were set up by a King with Welsh blood and another of Scottish. That didn’t stop you from giving all the credit to merry old England for Ireland getting raped, murdered, enslaved and all that business did it?

          Anyway Davis referred to the South as Anglo-Saxon in the Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government. He also said the Confederate Cause was based on the “right of the Englishman” in his second inaugural address. Davis was Catholic friendly there is no doubt about that it doesn’t change the point that we are making about the society in question though.

          Alexander Hamilton Stephens was not Jewish. You must be thinking of Judah P Benjamin.

          Did you know Sherman was Catholic? He was from an old Yankee family but when his father died he was adopted out and raised by an Irish Catholic woman.

          Guess what no one is trying to argue? That all Catholics or Irish people are the devil. Just that they are not primarily responsible for the culture or people that we know of as the “South.” Are the Irish not a Catholic people? Is their history and culture not defined by a Catholic past despite the entire population of the Irish Republic not being Catholic? I would never deny that the people of the Irish Republic are a Catholic people though maybe you would.

          • Irish

            I guess my main point is that to care one way or another whether or not a White Southerner is Catholic like Flannery O’Conner or Margaret Mitchell..Seems absurdly small minded , When there are far bigger fish to fry as it were.

          • Awakened Saxon

            You have completely missed the point. The point is that outsiders are coming in and steering the South towards Catholicism. The point is not that the South’s (small) native population of Catholics is a problem. However much I would like for the South’s native population to reject the Roman religion, I am not making an issue of them. They are a tiny minority and it is not them who are responsible for the huge increase in Catholicism in the South lately.

    • You have it backwards. You don’t define a people by minorities and immigrants. The South is overwhelmingly Protestant and always has been. You might as well argue that the South has always been subcontinent Indian because of Bobby Jindal and Nikki Haley. What you are doing is multiculturalism. In the past the leaders of the South had no problem describing it as Anglo-Saxon.

  • Awakened Saxon

    donnie: Irish,saxon …….If you joined ranks, what would be your goal.

    There is no goal that Irish and I can join ranks on. I am a folkish Germanicist and he is a pan-Europeanist with a grudge against Anglo-Saxons.

  • Irish

    Well this is apparently where we and our “Saxon” freind part company..He’s gone to great lengths to make it plain, he’s not interested in Pan-Europeanism. But only in trying to reconfigure some sort of Anglophile republic, I gather within the original 11 confederate States..Now I concede I think that our odds are tough of ever reversing the Western Worlds suicide. But I do know dividing ourselves by region or perceived ethnicity bring those chances to nil.

    • Well I would like to see the Anglo-Saxon i.e. English/Ulster-Scots history narratives of the South and America revived. That may be impossible but that is what I would like to see. People need to be exposed to how people thought and spoke in the 19th and early 20th century then they can make a decision what they think about the way people communicated identity. People shouldn’t just get mad and pretend that our heroes and leaders never actually spoke this way though. Whiteness is important, it has been in the South for centuries. Other points of identity are important as well though. I am opposed to White “cooperation” erasing traditional ethnic and national identities and borders though. Whatever the truth about actual percentages of Anglo-Saxon ancestry going back to Germanic tribal invaders of Britain from more than 1000 plus years in the past the Anglo-Saxon identity and history have been important in the America of the past. I really don’t want the South to be identified as just White.

      Awakened Saxon is a very strong Southern nationalist and does wish to create a completely separate politically entity from the United States. I actually have no objection to this I’m just not sure it is possible. I’m for making the best out of what is possible. While I speak for no one other than myself I would be shocked if Awakened Saxon was contemplating putting all Catholics to the sword or driving them from the South. I imagine his number one primary goal is separating from the United States and the reason this is his goal is to preserve the Southern people has they have been. I believe he wishes also to foster and uphold a separate ethnic self-conception distinct from that of the United States. Still being overwhelmingly Protestant is something that does make the vast majority of the South different from the remainder of the modern United States. Of course though he can say what he means exactly better than myself I’m sure.

      As far as the original subject matter of this story posted here on Amren goes I feel bad for the students involved and support them. Even if one is angry with the U.S. Government for its invasion of the South I think these students sentiments are in the right place in resisting the invasion of Mexican symbols. I don’t think American Civic patriotism by itself will save the United States as it now exists though or preserve the South. There has to be a far stronger “blood and soil’ approach that will involve white identity but must go beyond it to securing a truly historically grounded American identity and if the South could separate a Southern one.

      If I had my way there would be no mass immigration period including white mass immigration. All the white immigrants that could be mustered from the outside anyway would make no difference if the people who already live here can’t be convinced to embrace white identity. If the people who already live here could be persuaded to readopt such an identity then more immigrants from the outside would be unnecessary because we could retake the continent alone.

      • Awakened Saxon

        Anglo-Protestant: While I speak for no one other than myself I would be shocked if Awakened Saxon was contemplating putting all Catholics to the sword or driving them from the South.

        That’s correct. I have no ill will towards the South’s tiny native Catholic population. I would like for them to reject Catholicism, but I have no interest in forcing them out of Dixie.

        Although I am not a Christian, I have a soft spot for the South’s pre-1865 traditional Anglicanism.

        Anglo-Protestant: I imagine his number one primary goal is separating from the United States and the reason this is his goal is to preserve the Southern people has they have been.

        Again correct. The South has no chance of surviving as a distinct entity with a distinct folk as long as we are forcibly connected to the USA. The USA will continue flooding us with outsiders in an attempt to erase our identity. It is only through independence that the South and the Southern people can survive, however I will admit that I view the chances of Southern survival as increasingly slim. Our demographic situation is catastrophic and there is almost no resistance from the Southern people.

    • Awakened Saxon

      Irish: But only in trying to reconfigure some sort of Anglophile republic, I gather within the original 11 confederate States..

      My primary interest is in my own folk, however I have interests beyond the South.

      There were 13 Confederate states and a total of 16 Southern states. I want the entire South to be a free Southern folk state.

      Irish: But I do know dividing ourselves by region or perceived ethnicity bring those chances to nil.

      What makes our chances nil is for the North to continue swamping the South – changing our demographics, overwhelming our culture and politics, and breaking our very sense of identity. When the South was Southern, racialism was much more common among the people. A white melting pot is not fertile ground for a racialist revival. It is the South and only the South that can save the white race on this continent. If pan-Europeanism were a pre-requisite for racial survival, then the internationalists would not support it.

  • Major914

    We have to give them equal fear of violence then–equality, equality…right!?!