Remarkable Pictures Show Dozens of People Scaling Building to Pass Relatives Notes During Exams in India

Corey Charlton, Daily Mail, March 20, 2015

Authorities in eastern India have been left embarrassed after images of people scaling the walls of a school exam centre to pass notes to relatives were broadcast on national television.

The images show dozens of people clinging to the windows of the four-storey building in the eastern state of Bihar, where more than 1.4million teenagers are sitting their leaving exams.


Other images showed police officers and school staff doing nothing and simply standing by as people passed study aides to candidates inside examination centres.

The students sitting the tests face tremendous pressure because they must pass the exams to continue their education.

The images went viral on Twitter and made national headlines, but Bihar’s education minister P. K. Shahi refused to accept any blame for the cheating.

He said: ‘You tell us what can the government do to stop cheating if parents and relatives are not ready to cooperate? Should the government give orders to shoot them?’

Attempts to stop mass copying have often triggered violent protests.

Students are sitting the Class 10 board examination amid widespread reports of mass copying and cheating across 1,200 schools.

State authorities posted police at all schools where examinations were being held, ‘but we can’t use force to drive away the parents,’ Mr Shahi said.

He admitted to the media that holding ‘free and fair exams’ was a big challenge for the Bihar government and the situation was so bad that at least four to five people helped every student to cheat.

In the last three days, more than 600 students caught cheating in the board examination have been expelled, while officials said over 1,000 students were caught cheating in examination in three subjects, including Mathematics and English.

Lalkeshwar Prasad, chairman of the Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB), which is conducting the examination said: ‘The students were expelled on charges of adopting unfair means.’

It is not the first time that exam cheating has been exposed in Bihar–more than 1,600 students were disqualified in 2013 after similar videos emerged.

Police also detained more than 100 adults for helping students cheat.

Sriniwas Tiwari, secretary of the Bihar School Examination Board, said students caught cheating could be barred from taking the exam for up to three years, ordered to pay a fine or even sent to jail.

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  • james AZ

    Same with in america……..
    There have problem with Indians, Chinese, and some third world cheaters in college in america ….

    • Red

      That’s why I stay clear of Asian doctors and dentists at all costs.

      Fouling up a line of code in a program is one thing, but when my physical well-being is on the line then no way.

      • SentryattheGate

        Right! I met an Indian woman who claimed she was a medical doctor, but had only 4 years of college. She was dejected that she could not “practice” here until she goes through medical school. It must be due to our prejudice!

        • George Moriarty

          Don’t worry, I am sure as part of Obamacare they will dumb down standards somewhere along the line. Then that Indian Dr may get a chance to practise on some public patients.

          • Gunter Mabuse

            My Indian cardiologist has an unpronounceable name. I can’t even spell it. My two original “white” cardiologists pretty much told me that my heart would never get better (I had a bout with West Nile, or some other virus that screwed my heart up to where it was functioning at about 10%), and wrote me off. This Indian doctor has taken the time to try different meds that the other cardiologists would not try, and has healed my heart, back to almost normal. Yes, there are many unqualified Indian doctors, but please do not slur them all in one breath. Some of them are more qualified than the natives.

          • George Moriarty

            I accept what you have had to say. I know one outstanding Indian health professional, real gentleman, educated in London in the days when a UK education or degree really meant something.
            However, the whole point of this web site is to take a stand against the policies of forced multiculturalism and diversity, social engineering and large scale inappropriate immigration, sometime a very difficult balancing act because there will always be individual and often outstanding exceptions with every race and ethnic group.

          • SentryattheGate

            Exactly! And these educated Indians should be helping their own, instead of displacing Americans ! Of India’s ~1.5 BILLION population , ~2/3rds of them have NO toilet or running water, even with it’s 10% economic growth rate! The educated Indians come here for $$$$, not out of concern for US!

          • John Smith

            They also don’t want to live in a 3rd world hellhole.

          • Sick of it

            Is he very very light skinned? We get the dark, low caste ones around here. Bunch of idiots the lot of them!

          • George Moriarty


          • LexiconD1

            I’ve worked with foriegn born doctors. They are difficult to understand, and they think they are gods (in their own minds). Ugh…

            Give me an American doctor or PA any day of the week.

          • Gunter Mabuse

            You are courteous, and I thank you for that. Of course, I understand what you have to say. My cardiologist is not some nimrod forced upon me due to diversity training and affirmative action. He is a genuinely intelligent man. I do understand your point, and I read it to mean that the exception proves the rule. Thank you for your courteous reply. Others have been quite rude.

          • Gunter Mabuse

            The exception that “proves” the rule. Most Americans have no idea what that phrase actually means. “Proves” means “tests.” And you are entirely correct, they are individuals, and they do merely “test” the rule.

          • Tarczan

            But can’t you tell after a few conversations with a doctor if he is bright and competent or not? I think I can, and it’s kind of fun drawing it out of them. Of course the odds are best with whites or Jewish doctors, but if there are a billion Indians, you can bet the smartest are mighty smart.

          • LexiconD1

            Are you a Carvedilol patient, per chance? Worked wonders on my Dad’s heart, too. At one time his heart only operated at 27%, now with taking this drug, anyone who didn’t know his case would think it’s completely normal. He’s still on the transplant list, but his cardiologist doubts he’ll ever need one.

            My Dad’s doctor is white, via VA Hospital.

          • dukem1

            I take Carvediloll
            But I’m still not “normal”.
            I’m a race realist..

          • LexiconD1

            I’m not really sure where you’re going with your post?…

          • I had the same problem. Those damned White doctors! So I went over to New Guinea and I found a man who was so much wiser: “Just tell me witch doctor what to do; tell me witch doctor what to say, and he said ‘ew ee eu ahh ahh walla walla bing bang, uww eee uhh aww aww walla walla bing bang…”
            OKAY, sorry fellow posters. There have been a lot of serious stories here, and I had to let off some steam.

          • Gunter Mabuse

            Good for you, letting off steam. I am glad that someone has finally located India in New Guinea. Congrats, bud–in letting off steam, you managed to shift continents at will. Walla walla bing bang. Glad that you took time off. I wonder what you can do, now that your batteries are recharged? Or are you building steam again?

          • Okay, we have a confirmed liberal here. Absolutely no sense of humor. Gee, I am sooooo sorry that my remark was culturally insensitive. Please, try and not take everything so seriously. There will be enough sadness for all of us. Smile; it is contagious. Peace, love, harmony and understanding. (Oops, now I am sounding like a liberal! Its contagious!)

          • George Moriarty

            The Witch Doctor song, (1958) that really dates us! (In retrospect a truly dreadful song)
            Fortunately in spite of the influx of 3rd world Drs our emergency departments, at least here in Oz, are still functional and reasonably well equipped but I still don’t know how these Drs are able to practice here without a proper command of English. (Or an exam pass in English)
            But back to the witch doctors, I was reading this story about life in the former Rhodesia, apparently a lot of well-to-do white women would actually consult one when they felt western medicine was letting them down.
            It is no different know, Alternative medicine in its many forms including Chinese Traditional Medicine seem to be flourishing both in your country and mine. To me it seems all so wrong, it is generally unscientific, sometimes quite evil and is putting the practice of medicine back to the dark ages, just like the influx of 3rd world Drs.

          • I was just annoyed at that poster, with their nice Indian doctor and saying that he was better than the White doctors. I could have got mad, but decided to have some fun instead. (But now I can’t get that song out of my head! DAMN!)

          • Gunter Mabuse

            If you wish to refer to me as a “poster,” please do it in the singular. I am one poster. If you use the pronoun “their,” then you are referring to me as more than one, and that is so ignorant. Please refrain from from referring to me in the plural in the future, and please learn some grammar. I won’t even touch “I could have got mad.” And please curb your anger against my Indian cardiologist. I wish one thing upon you–if you ever develop any heart problems, diablo, I hope that you have my “white” doctors attending to your heart, and not my Indian doctor. Good day to you sir, and I wish that you have further “fun” in your postings.

          • I am well aware of how to use the English language. There is such a thing as colloquial English. Yes, for the singular “their” is technically incorrect, but it is used by many people as a gender neutral term. Call it a causality of political correctness. I didn’t feel like using “he/she” which I think is lame, and annoying to read. So, you see? I do understand English. It is not like I just got off the boat from India, or something! (Oops! I didn’t mean to make your nice cardiologist mad!) Finally, you just need to lighten up, bro’.

          • Jo

            Wow! At 10%, you were near death suffering from organ failure, kidneys for one. Although, I hope there’s no next time, try a teaching (College of Medicine) University Hospital Cardiology Clinic. More likely to try different treatments.

          • Gunter Mabuse

            Hell, I guess I am just stubborn. I figured it was allergies. I lost 30 pounds in fluids in the four days I was in the hospital. Anyhow, I am glad that my Indian cardiologist was there for me.

          • Slātlantican

            I’m glad I read past your first two sentences (I almost did not). Thanks for your post; you single-handedly elevated the thread.

      • MrC

        That bad news for that theory is that half our medical devices run software of one sort or another now, so fouling up a line of code can result in a lethal dose of radiation while you’re getting a routine checkup done.

    • The picture says it all about Indians. I understand that they want their sons and daughters to do well on their exams, but the parents aren’t helping their offspring nor society by helping their children cheat. The same goes for East Asians who feel they have to cheat on tests. I do not trust the average IQ scores of East Asians simply because I do not rule out that they cheated on IQ tests. I do not think East Asians are dumb at all (any White is free to claim otherwise though, I don’t feel like I care), but I think their average IQ scores are just somewhat overrated.

      • propagandaoftruth

        Look, at least you guys and the Apu’s cheat ferociously to get ahead. It’s irritating, but sure beats the heck out of the Negro’s antinomian.

        • propagandaoftruth

          I would dumb my tests down so brutally when I “taught” them. I would schlep out 25 item four choice multiple choice item evaluation and regularly hand back papers that brilliant negroes had scored less than 25% on.

          Yes. Think about that. Now, to save my butt, and since the only way “you can fail” a student is if you have meticulously documented 9 months worth of “shucking and jiving”, surly and trifling idiocy, and lack of enough output to judge anything beyond character, I would hit that 20 out of a hundred negrotic output with the “square root times ten” curve…um, lets see negro…um…oh man. That’s still a 45%. I love my job!

          See, that’s the deal with the blacks. It would be great if they would cheat, but alas, the only thing they expend great amounts of effort for in school, en mess and in my experience, was to get out of work and “get crunk”.

          Hey, sorry I haven’t bombed your blog. I liked it, though. Busy.

          Weird discus stuff going on.

        • Cheating isn’t a way to ‘get ahead’. The opposite is true to be sure. China is an immensely corrupt country because of the ‘cheating mentality’. There is really nothing positive to say about cheating. Cheating isn’t ‘cunning’ and it surely isn’t ‘helping’ anyone.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Yeah sure. That’s a beautiful world you live in and I admire your Hawksian gumption, CNM, but I actually have a fairly high tolerance AND disdain for imperfection, having witnessed firsthand so much.

            I know Negroes. Hey, people cheat, some more than others. At least the will to cheat to get ahead, regardless of morality, (Pfff! So old fashioned, CNM), indicates a desire to succeed and better oneself.

            The Negro competes to fail most miserably and blamelessly. He cheats you on a quarter bag of marijuana, sure, but on a test?

            Pffff! You kidding?

          • listenupbub

            Wow, smart negroes? Hahaha, that is crazy. There is a MASSIVE difference in emotionality, even just days after birth, between Asians and blacks.

      • George Moriarty

        You mention their sons and daughters, remember also they (China & India) practice selective infanticide, they prefer to only have sons.

        • Aaarrggh, the infanticide topic again. I’m getting a bit bored by that topic. All there is to say, well, at least my parents weren’t so stupid.

        • Ultimate187

          The average American prefers to have male children too. A gallup poll conducted in 2011 said 54% of those under 30 years old preferred to have a boy. This same preference also existed in early to mid 20th century America.

          Infanticide is decreasing in China. The average citizen is wealthier now, making it possible to pay fines for having more than one child. Despite less of a Feminist movement, Chinese women are also making some headway in professional and social life, which also serves to decrease female infanticide too.

          • Alexandra1973

            My husband and I actually were hoping for a girl and we wound up with our son. But we’re actually glad we have a boy, because we know that if we had a girl, we’d have to worry about her taking up with some black guy. His brother moved to a White area to keep away from blacks and his older daughter wound up taking up with one anyway.

          • Speedy Steve

            I had to give my daughter “the talk.” Whites or disinheritance.

          • SlizzardAjeosshi

            Chinese women are probably the most business-oriented in the world, they’re a completely different breed from the Kor and the Japs, not at all the hello kittinesque subservient, conservative-but-sexy dolls popularized by modern Eastern media.

            In China there’s no feminism, in the Western meaning of the world aka a massive welfare operation to transfer the wealth amassed by men to women (or much better certain categories of women) but Chinese women are infamous throughout Asia for often being the breadwinner of the family and treating their male counterparts very less than sweetly.

            Again i think this paradoxically a side effect of practicing selective abortion for centuries

        • propagandaoftruth

          Hey, inbreeding’s perfectly fine as long as you don’t shy away from “predator rock”.

          Skree! Skree! Try again.

        • SlizzardAjeosshi

          Selective abortion of females, as brutal and inhumane as it is, worked as an excellent eugenic tool for China.

      • listenupbub

        I also think that IQ tests can be “learned,” at least a little bit. Do the Chinese use IQ testing as a part of college admission? I’d say you could raise an IQ score about 5 or 10 points with some training, even if the training is just sharpening your brain with the logical structures of math, programming, and science.

        I personally think the biggest advantage Asians have over whites is emotionality. And culture helps, too. Most Chinese-born Chinese that I have met LOVE school, and they studied all day long in Chinese high school. Whites hate school, and it brings us psychological problems.

        • SlizzardAjeosshi

          Their lack of empathy, while morally abject, actually is quite an effective survival tool in a highly competitive hi-tech world.

          The Western welfare machine has become the biggest weapon in the ongoing revolt against civilization arsenal

          • listenupbub

            ??? Empathy?

            Empathy is not what I was thinking about. I was thinking about the way that East Asians are more easygoing, compliant, “high self-monitors,” and so forth. Basically, East Asians act differently, even as small babies. Blacks are at the other end of the spectrum. Japanese are between whites and Chinese/Koreans.

            But the “Asian advantage” is massively important in 99.9% of educated
            work in the modern world. Asians are definitely better suited. It is like Asians are designed for school, and this is the most important thing in modern life. Asians are better suited to achieve great things in many endeavors: musical performance, certain athletics, medicine, etc.

            Every once in a while, some sociological, philosophical, scientific, creative, or business challenge that has no known solutions arises, and it requires a “mad scientist” or “mad genius” to solve it. In this case, the crazy and rebellious whites can compete, at least for now- top Chinese high schools are trying to teach creativity because of this.

          • SlizzardAjeosshi

            That’s interesting, actually my experience has been pretty much the opposite.
            I find the Japanese the most easy going and compliant of the lot, while the Chinese can be a fairly unruly, difficult and individualistic lot.

            Mind you my perception is biased because of the different structure of the Chinese economy and business environment, where the rigid jaebol/keiretsu ecosystems scarcely exist and it’s a free-for-all a la guerre comme a la guerre jungle, with hardly any planning.

            Which is kinda ironic for a self-proclaimed socialist nation

          • listenupbub

            You make good points. I imagine you are right. I was just commenting on a study I have read about.

            I think Japan has simmered down since WWII. Remember this was once a super aggressive country, the country that had ninjas and samurai. Social values sure have changed!

            They still have (or had) outlets for the inner wildness in their personal life: tentacle porn, rape porn, ultra-masculine anime. The anime especially is more intense emotionally and physically than anything else in the world. But the social life in Japan is supposed to be super safe and respectful. I dunno what is going on with Yakuza anymore. Probably not much.

            I imagine America would be safe and respectful like that, too, if it weren’t for our brown and black immigrants.

            I think Japan is a testament to the goodness of homogenous countries. With a strong, unified culture and people, and with sufficient economic development, humans can evolve as a people together and flourish.

      • SlizzardAjeosshi

        In my interaction with East Asians i can say you guys are extremely intelligent and even capable of innovative thinking…when there’s money to be made.

        I have to say theoretical speculation doesn’t seem to be your forte, that’s probably why very likely whites will keep dominating the list of Nobel Prize winners for a long time.

        A world dominated by North East Asians imho will take the shape of a fantastically advanced and wealthy society but with very poorly developed cultural values.

        I may be completely wrong of course, nobody truly knows

      • Dr Smileyface

        Thanks for the insight, Mother Superior…

      • BlueSonicStreak

        Maiden, I’m puzzled that you would say this. I find the idea that East Asians are somehow cheating IQ tests implausible. MAYBE when tested in Asia, but how are they cheating when tested in the U.S.? The U.K.? Canada?

        “They cheated the tests!” has always appeared to me to be some [white] supremacist grasping at straws to deny the natural differences between whites and Asians. In most other measures, whites fall between blacks and Asians (though much closer to Asians, not a half-way position), including brain size and skull capacity (which correlates with IQ, up to a correlation of 0.4 – I’m leaning on Rushton here).

        If the white and Asian IQs were actually equal, that would be oddly out of place. It is likely true that the Asian IQ mean is a bit higher than the white mean.

  • james AZ


    • Speedy Steve


  • That sound you hear is the blogger Education Realist doing a victory lap around the track of life.

    • Diversity Heretic

      Good observation. Education Realist has said that the scale of Asians cheating on exams is mind-boggling to the typical Euro-American. He had one post describing the various ways that Asians (typically Chinese) cheat. He said that it’s one of the reason that Asian students with sky-high SAT scores arrive in universities barely able to speak English. A year of so ago, the chearing in South Korea became so wide-spread and flagrant that the SAT administration cancelled the exams. And yet I’ve never heard of Japanese cheating on examinations. It’s one reason that I’m very ambivalent about large-scale Asian immigration, despite their relatively high cognitive ability; Euro-Americans are simply too trusting.

      • listenupbub

        At this point, any non-white immigration is no good.

        As the gap between rich and poor is growing, and as the relative numbers of jobs that put one in the category of “underemployed” grows, pushing for a larger economy by bringing in smart Asians to displace smart whites in the best jobs is not going to increase our happiness in any way.

        The loss of traditional European culture is also detrimental to our happiness, and more multiculturalism makes it ever harder to bring back functioning European cultures and communities.

  • Cannot Tell

    I saw this article in the Washington Post and thought about sending it to AR. I’m glad they posted it. From the looks of the comments on original article, some Indians are upset that the article was published. One Indian commenter said that the WP should post articles about how Indian students become doctors, scientists, etc. Another black commenter was dismayed at the amount of “racist” comments.

    • WhiteVeinKratom

      They do not like the truth to be told.

      • Strider73

        “The truth is hate to those who hate the truth.”

        Sorry, but at the moment I cannot recall the author of that excellent quote.

        • Speedy Steve

          Isaiah 5:20-21, KJV comes pretty close.

          20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

          21 Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!

  • Red

    These are the future H1B workers who’ll be filling the ranks of Faceboook, Google and Microsoft.

  • George Moriarty

    Just look at that building, it would make a good rock climbing wall at the local gym! I wonder if the building has a fire, earthquake or any other safety rating. Best that we make no mention of the toilet facilities.
    But back to the cheating, obviously very necessary if there is no real academic ability or the correct bribes can not be paid. The stakes are very high. These include student visas to Western countries where the cheating will continue except it will be called private tuition and coaching. Then there is the ongoing biggest cheat of them all, that is the student visa itself, a very good way to bypass most Western immigration laws.
    Among the other benefits of the cheating system will be an eventual pass at a medical school, either in India or the West. Just remember that next time you are confronted with an absolutely hopeless south Asian doctor at an emergency dept.

  • MrBiIIGoode .

    Guys are risking their lives to scale those walls, must be a pretty expensive cheat sheet.

  • IstvanIN

    And these are the people our “betters” want to replace us with.

  • SentryattheGate

    The more Third Worlders that come to the “Western” white countries, the more corruption will permeate our societies, and good luck with EVER reversing that!!!

    • George Moriarty

      That is absolutely correct, we should always remember that their ways are not our ways every time we are told to celebrate multiculturalism or rejoice in diversity.
      Just as a side issue, I have just read that our friends across the Tasman (NZ) have welcomed a record number of Indians migrants in the past year. Chinese came in second followed by UK migrants in a low 3rd place.

  • How much more evidence is needed to conclude that honesty is a white quality, found only among the white race. Perhaps that’s due to Christianity, but I think it also has much to do with human evolution.

    As the third world swamps us, Amurkistan increasingly looks and acts like the turd world. Deal only with fellow whites when transacting business. One of my online friends would call every white business she observed hiring Hindus and Mexicans, reaming out the owners like only bitchy women can do to white men. I wish there were more like Tina, who used to comment here before she came down with cancer. A white business that hires nonwhites is not a white business.

    • Cato

      I am mostly in agreement. Nevertheless, I have been cheated by whites, many times. Including the last time I had my car checked, where a white woman from Wisconsin, with a German surname, managed to squeeze a week’s salary from me. Not all whites have that “honesty gene”.

    • Hilis Hatki

      From what I’ve read blond people rate the highest in honesty test situations. Of course not all whites are honest, some of my biggestest wrongs have been done by whites.

      • Blackfish

        Look at the Transparency International rankings some time. The Nordic countries are at the top, Africans at the bottom.

        Damn those statistics!


  • Jo

    Yes, come on over to the U.S., we have millions of job openings waiting for you, particularly, physicians and engineers.

    • Speedy Steve

      You-know-who controls access to US medical schools.

      • Jo

        Most of us know!

        • Speedy Steve

          What I meant to say was eskimoes control access to US medical schools.

  • Jo

    One explanation why our computer companies have such great technical support. It says something when the victim (customer) is more knowledgeable than the tech.

  • Bossman

    These “graduates” will be a dime a dozen and will work for peanuts once they get to the USA.

    • Jason Lewis

      Universal healthcare will invite them in. We will need the “doctors”.

      • John Smith

        Already in the UK – when Glasgow’s airport was attacked, the perps were mainly NHS employees.

  • Luca

    Are we sure this picture was not taken in Atlanta?

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    Rather than crack down on cheating in India why not just look the other way and pretend it doesn’t exist. The graduates can then accept any job they want….in India. If any of them come to the US looking for employment they must first pass the same tests an American would take to qualify, including an internship (in the US) even if they did one in India. If they fail, back to India. And we know how to monitor tests, even if officials in India don’t.

    • John Smith

      The ones Americans must take will be rigged to get more negroes to pass.

  • LHathaway

    Companies in trouble for not hiring enough blacks will hire other men of color like these. Not that they won’t affirmative action hire for black men but they don’t care what color they are; as long as they are men and can be hired ahead of White men for the job it’s all part of ‘diversity’.

  • IKUredux

    This sort of behavior is endemic with non Whites. And yet, we are told that allowing these cheating , lying, non Whites into our country is the greatest thing to have ever happened. Are you fing kidding me? Why on earth would we want to allow these Asian cheaters into our midst? What exactly do we gain from this? A new patronage system? A nepotism with just different ethnic groups involved????? WHAT????? They are NOT smarter. They are NOT more creative. And, if we are so concerned about the third world, why don’t we insist that these so called geniuses stay in their countries and help their ignorant, backward, fellow citizens.

    The left likes to tell us that we are all “global citizens”. Fine. Then, let all the people of colored nations stay home and be global. Or, better yet, let the coloreds of the world move to other colored nations. I personally believe that Africa is too Black! Move in one billion Chinese! There you go ! DIVERSITY! INDIA, what the hell, India is too NOT diverse! Let’s move in one billion Chinese! Or, if you prefer, five hundred million Africans! There you go! DIVERSITY you can believe in.

    If diversity is so important, well, than, it looks like there are many countries in need of diversity.

    But, we know that diversity has nothing to do with it. Nope, the diversity cult is just a sneaky way to kill White people. TPTB want us gone. Preferably, mixed in with the colored hordes. TPTB want we Whites to think that miscegenation is the future. They fill our screens with attractive bi-racial beings. Never letting on that most of these hybrids are ugly and screwed up mentally.

    A country is the people who live there. If you fill Sweden with Somalians, you have Somalia. If you fill Somalia with Swedes, you have Sweden. The land itself does not confer traits onto inhabitants. The inhabitants confer the traits.

    However, the land is part and parcel of a tribe. The blood and bones of our ancestors are in our tribal lands. Our ancestors’ blood and bones are embedded in the soil of our homelands.We can’t give these up. Nor should we be forced to share our hallowed sacred ground with the colored hordes, who already have their own sacred grounds! Come On! Why should the smallest racial minority on the face of the Earth be forced to share our land, our wealth, our very being, with the vast majority of people on planet Earth?

    Since it has been decided we are all equal… Is it too much to ask that diversity take part in Africa and Asia?

    • Michiganforever

      I find it funny how you talk about the importance of land in our heritage. Like it is birthright or something.

      Which is exactly why I propose all you white people move back to Europe where you belong! You people WERE NOT here first. You belong to your homelands of Europe. Even the , good luck choosing the right country. Most people have genes and heritage from MORE than one European country these days. And of course, as we all know, there are rivalries in Europe.

      You know? Wars and conflicts based on a hatred for a particular nation and perceived different ethnicities. Take the wars between Scotland and England as a prime example, or France and Germany, or Sweden and Denmark. Take your pick. A lot of military conflict in Europe.

      • OS-Q

        Yes, it is birthright; do you give your stuff to complete strangers when you die, or to relatives?

      • IKUredux

        I propose you learn English. I mean, if you write in it, try to be cogent. Oh, and by the way, I propose all native Americans move back to Asia. I also propose all african Americans move back to Africa. Then, we Whites will move back to Europe. Thus, we will have a totally empty country. EVERY COUNTRY was settled by immigrants. Except for parts of Africa.

        Oh, and, by the way, I would be more than delighted to move back to Europe, as long as all the non Europeans were removed forthwith. Nothing would make me happier than living in an all White country. If I never have to look at or smell a non White again, I would be in heaven.

      • anony

        “…all you white people…”? And what race are you?

      • IKUredux

        Did you graduate from high school? Did you pass English? You write English as an immigrant. Our land is our heritage, we fought for this land. and it is ours. No and ifs or buts.My people founded this country. My people founded Michigan. Who exactly are you? Michiganforever?

  • Puggg

    But they said “best and brightest.”

  • Alden

    These are the future Drs, programmers and other STEM workers of America. In India the college profs make more in bribes for grades than they do in salary.

    • Zimriel

      A “bribe” is nothing more or less than an illegal salary – supply and demand. Where the teacher’s work is worth more, he’s going to get paid more – one way or another.

      Actual corruption – where the student is getting better grades, not just better teaching – is what happens when poor person A becomes a bottleneck for rich person B. It happened to us English too – very early on, and often. But we figured out (after centuries of horrible civil wars) that this was going to ruin us, so we instituted an independent system of law. As independent as possible anyway.

      India should have learnt more from us when we were over there.

      Anyway where this principle came into play for school, the English instituted the GCE/O (GCSE when I showed up) and then A level tier. Someone could “bribe” the teachers all he wanted but he’d still have to take those outside exams to get anywhere.

  • Alden

    There was a scandal at the local community college. A calculus teacher kept noticing a familiar face. A Chinese man took math classes for other Chinese. It goes on all the time.

    • Ultimate187

      It’s a math class. They probably didn’t need to be there.

  • Jim

    “It would also help with their massive overpopulation problem.”

    Overpopulation is the cause of the problem. Too many people, not enough resources.

  • Sick of it

    I wonder how many other people burst out laughing after reading that last line. A lot of folks (the people behind the curve) are dumping IE right now because it simply doesn’t work.

  • Hammerheart

    Maybe we should slow down with this H1B visa business? Whites may be killed by the incompetence of unqualified cheaters.

    • John Smith

      Diversity is our first priority, not white lives.

  • LeonNJ

    I’m guessing the Einsteins that get caught cheating on the English exams end up working at the call centers for Comcast.

    • Luke Samuelson

      Egzackry (exactly).

  • bilderbuster

    They’ve allowed Cubans and Nicaraguans who are doctors in their native countries to become doctors in FL if they can pass the state exam.

    • Ultimate187

      I doubt it’s that simple. There’s a huge process for international medical graduates to get licensure in the U.S.

      • bilderbuster

        The Nicas had to take a one year course at U of Miami, take the federal test in English and then work one year as an intern.
        The Cubans had their own special program like that from 1961-1986.
        NYT May 31, 1989

  • John Smith

    I’m pretty sure I’ve met these people while working.

  • John Smith

    None of the above, because the minorities there don’t really even care about passing school.

    • Ella

      Yes, I thought too about the uninvolved parent who educates their children with TV and gaming in the USA. Plus, they would use cell phones instead of note passing, lol.

  • John Smith

    But that takes eight years and also is accompanied by a BS in surgery.

  • KenelmDigby

    Everything in India is corrupt.
    This is merely the briefist snapshot of the reality of everyday life in that country.
    I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that in the near future, Indians will surpass Mexicans as the biggest source of immigrants into the USA, and their massive overwhelming numbers will make the Mexican deluge seem like a vicarage tea-party in comparison. Rest assured that US politicians and big business are striving might and main to accomplish this.
    Americans, I can sincerely and honestly tell you that you are done for.

  • Tim

    A lifetime ago, a 16 yo kid in my peer group asked me to help him cheat. I said “No way!’ He then offered me twenty dollars, a fortune to a kid a life time ago. When I said, “No!” even louder, he started to cry. So I said, “@#$%^! Okay…” What really irked me was that I had to pass on the cash, knowing if I got caught, it would make me seem mercenary, and the more guilty. The plan, like Inchon, was daring and dangerous. I was to take the test, fill out a cheat sheet while doing it, then drop it on his desk on the way to turn in my paper. My half went well but he was spotted with my answer sheet. The teacher was enraged. But the kid never cracked. He even told the adult, “I`m not gonna crack…” The teacher always figured he had gotten the answers from a boy in the previous class, not from someone right there taking it with him… Two years later, near graduation, I instigated a foolish prank that injured someone. The kid kept his mouth shut again under heavy duress… I see him on Facebook, I don`t really talk to him but I recall his loyalty with fondness.

    • When I was in something like that situation, back in the seventh grade, though in that case, the cheating and copying was involuntary, I set the cheater up by tanking the questions on the next test then going back at lunch to do the test for real, all with the permission of the teacher. Of course the black never even looked me straight in the eye ever again, much less cheated off me.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    We need more Third World immigration…

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Uh oh: I anticipate more 7-11s opening up in the U.S. in the next few years…

    • Alexandra1973

      “Thank you, come again!” LOL

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      I anticipate more H-1B visa for graduates of the Indian Institute of Technology.

  • listenupbub

    I am glad that the Indian schools are actually doing something about the cheating, even if they are reluctant.

    I have noticed massive amounts of cheating among Asian-American students in college (I had many Asian friends in college). It is as if there is no moral qualms at all, as if this is just another way of “getting ahead.” They will “take classes together,” or “take a test together” – never calling it cheating, just like we never call the Mexicans “illegal aliens.”

    Since I actually knew them (Asians) well, I could see into their motivations a little bit. The fact is that they put LOTS of pressure on themselves to succeed, because academic superiority is their source of pride (just like being muscular or athletic might be for a black guy). Cheating benefits the whole group of the Asian race, and it keeps them ALL ahead, bringing them pride and peace, building a superior race that brings everyone in their people pride.

    The only whites who cheat are delinquent high-schoolers.

    Competitive life is tough. It seems that obsession with success is a bad thing. There is a reason humility used to be a virtue for most of human history.

  • Hilis Hatki

    Higher learning.

  • listenupbub

    I can’t lie, I envy the hope that these Asian peoples live with.

    We whites have no hope. We have nothing but white guilt, status-envy issues, enmity between the sexes, the terrifying destruction of our culture, unsafe neighborhoods, racial tensions, and the general, constant animosity that follows from all these things.

  • Alden

    As of March 21 600 students have been expelled and 300 people passing answers were arrested

  • George Moriarty

    Thankyou TJ, that list should be a real eye-opener to anyone who cares to read it.
    In one of those incidents the Rolls Royce engine on a Qantas A380 exploded in mid-air taking away a large section of wing. It is a tribute to the skill of the pilot that he was able to land that plane in Singapore without any loss of life. But, just why is a company like Rolls Royce with it’s previously impeccable reputation for engineering excellence outsourcing work to India. Surely their execs can see for themselves what the place is really like.
    Then there are those call centres, we get daily calls telling us about bugs in our computer that they will send someone out to fix. (They claim they are calling from Microsoft). One friend actually accepted their offer, he also called the Fraud Squad who attended at the same time and arrested the scoundrel! On one of these nuisance calls the caller kept insisting that he was calling from Sydney, I said “you sound like a Pakistani” He exploded and said “No I am calling from India” and hung up.

  • Reggie Hero

    Thanks so much for this. Having worked in the engineering field for 30 years and seeing the H1-B influx I am stunned by the level of incompetence. It’s becoming the norm for American companies to want to hire H1Bs even at the same hourly rate as a local! Flabbergasted they hate American workers so much.

  • BS in medicine? Yeah, sounds about right and appropriate for the Third World!

  • These are the “students” our glorious imperial corporate masters want to receive H1B visas in order to replace us in our own nations.

  • SlizzardAjeosshi

    Since Modi election in India there’s been a ginormic asset bubble going on in Indian capital markets.

    The “rationale” behind it rests both on contingent and structural reasons. The latter basically can be reduced to the widespread conviction that India will finally take off as an industrial powerhouse and quickly catch up, and possibly even surpass, with China…

    This will end up in tears

    • Those bubbles are typically speculative in nature, like the dot com bubble in the 1990’s US stock market and the later real-estate bubble here; I saw that one coming – once vacancy rates for business properties started to rapidly climb – and moved my investments out of bonds and mortgages. It looked for a time just after that as if we were about to see a speculative bubble in commodities like non-ferrous metals, and there were some very questionable trading practices going on with those.

      You’re spot-on that India will not much like the aftermath. China has complete new cities full of modern apartment complexes that are currently standing empty. That can’t have been good for their construction industry (and everyone associated with it).

      • SlizzardAjeosshi

        The complex equation of the current Chinese economic structure can be boiled down to a simple binary outcome:

        Will the country climb up the ladder of the added value pyramid fast enough to write off the current real estate slow-mo disaster as nothing more than a trivial rounding error or not ?

        I have obviously bet on the positive scenario, but i have to admit i truly don’t know and i doubt anybody does

  • Jo

    “Dell – call center (closed in India.)
    When? As of December, 2014, still open.

  • Krydse

    Never mind the cheating. I’m just so impressed with the beauty of the building’s architecture. Why, oh why, can’t we have such magnificence here in America? That’s why we need continued diversity into the US. (Sarcasm, of course.)

  • Alden

    The examiners must have raised the bribes charged to ensure passing or excellent grades.
    The people climbing the walls are the middle classes who cannot afford the new bribery costs.

  • HE2

    Some time ago, read an item about a Chinese school instituting vigilant proctors to supervise student test takers because the Chinese routine practice of cheating is so out of control.
    The students staged a rebellion.

  • Simonitz Levi Rothstein

    The incident is typical of the low IQ, underdeveloped belt of Northern Indo-Aryan India, where the literacy quotient is very low, sex ratios are screwed up and the HDI ratios lag behind the much more industrialized, developed and progressive Dravidian south: Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra & Kerala. The IQ exponentially increase as you head down south.

    Basically a north Indian state like Bihar or UP is the Alabama or Mississippi of India. Mostly rural farmers, religions, guns, swords, conservative and xenophobic. In the south, people tend to be more tolerant, passive, well educated and a lot more intelligent. Most of India’s high IQ scientists, doctors and technocrats come from the Dravidic south! Bangalore – is the Silicon Valley of India, Hyderabad follows ( the CEO of Microsoft is from there), Chennai – is both the Medical capital as well as the automobile hub of south Asia and of course Mumbai – the New York & LA of the subcontinent. Take away all the southern cities, and India is pretty much a dump with all her excess of low IQ heavily populated and primitive northern Indians. Delhi is the rape capital of India for a good reason.

    Steve Sailer’s articles on IQ distribution confirms that southern Indian upper castes have some of the highest IQ’s in the world, whereas Northern Indians regress the IQ in the bell curve.