Philosophy Has to Be About More than White Men

Minna Salami, Guardian, March 23, 2015

Across the country, students have been “dismantling the master’s house”. They weren’t smashing their principals’ offices, but rather demanding a revision of their predominantly white, predominantly male curricula. From UCL to LSE to York, Warwick, Nottingham and Kent, the student-led campaign “Why Is My Curriculum White?” has attracted thousands of people concerned that the course content at universities across the country reflects white dominance and under-represents black people.

It is about time too. The demographics of Britain are changing. Ethnicity, religion, heritage, language are increasingly part of the national discussion. Universities play a key role in shaping thought and policy that can relieve current tensions, and foster a culture of justice and equality. However, they can only do that if they themselves are just and equal.

Critics of the campaign argue that it undermines academic freedom; that all knowledge is of equal worth; that students ought to transcend cultural background in the interest of expanding knowledge; and that there are very good reasons why a philosophy, economics or history curriculum might be full of the works of dead white males. Very good reasons indeed: some of these include the systemic killing of female philosophers, massacres of some of our earliest thinkers such as the Aztec; and the destruction of ancient African cities that illuminate the thinking of old civilisations.

That is not all. When it comes to philosophy, for instance–a particularly important discipline as our world is built on ideas–the work of white males, dead or alive, dominates the field. This is not simply because white males have contributed profound work, but also due to the glaring yet tacitly silenced relationship between power structures and knowledge. This is why philosophy professor Angela Davis’s complex body of work on the social justice system has not influenced contemporary philosophical studies on prisons in the way Michel Foucault’s work on the same topic has. Or why the Ethiopian philosopher Zera Yaekob, who long before Nietzsche declared that “God is dead”, daringly criticised organised religion in his 1667 treatise, Hatata, where he also said: “He who investigates with pure intelligence . . . will discover the truth.” But despite promoting reason in this way, he is not dubbed the father of modern philosophy, Descartes is.

It is why Oriki–in short, performative, spiritual and philosophical African “praise poetry” about a plethora of universal topics–are considered mythological, while Homer’s mythological epic poem, The Iliad, is philosophy. And why everyone is familiar with philosophers such as Montesquieu, Machiavelli and Marx, but not Ibn Khaldun whose thinking about everything from the physical environment to cultural history to social bonds was pioneering.

In short, it seems that when a white male thinks about the meaning of things, any things, it is philosophy, while philosophers like those above are rarely discussed in British universities.

To be sure, we should not dismiss white, western, or male thinking simply on the premises that it is white, western, or male. The pursuit of knowledge should strive to transcend culture and ethnicity–an Indian philosopher is not necessarily better suited to explain the world to an Indian student simply because they share the same nationality. But that is not the point.

The point is that to imagine that only white men engage in the pursuit of knowledge–as the current syllabi imply–is ludicrous. One man’s “cogito” is another’s “white mask”, if I may be existentialistic. What is referred to as “philosophy” in British universities is actually “white western male philosophy”. And, frankly, it is often myopic and verbose. As one of Europe’s important philosophers, Michael McEachrane, says: “Modern philosophical concepts of personhood, human rights, justice and modernity are deeply shaped by race.”

Imagine a future where a student interested in, say, humanism, encounters aglobal range of thinking on the topic and not a narrow, regional one. Such a creative, fertile environment is not only possible but it is the only one that can return philosophy to its worthy purpose, namely the investigation of all human existence.

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  • Oil Can Harry

    Incredible. the wacko mulatto author believes that the only reason white men dominate philosophy is because they murdered their nonwhite competitors!

    • The Aztecs – and other Amerinds – mainly died off from Old World diseases, such as smallpox and tuberculosis, to which they possessed no resistance. This was at a time when germ theory of disease was completely unknown.

      • Bossman

        It is only in the Caribbean islands that the natives were wiped out. Many natives just changed their identities becoming “Hispanic,” “Latinos,” etc.

        • Think “population bottleneck”. Due to intensive agriculture, what is now Mexico had a large population to start with. De Soto’s trip up the Rio Grande brought disease ahead of him.

          Some heavily-mixed Taino remnants still exist in the Caribbean.

          • Bossman

            I still need to read about De Soto’s trip and I also want to read about Cabeza de Vaca walk across Texas.

          • The amusing thing about the anthropomorphic climate change nonsense is that De Soto and his men drove his horses and wagons up the frozen (!) Rio Grande. The Rio Grande doesn’t freeze anymore, but that was during the mini-ice-age, from which we are currently recovering. Wine grapes grew in southern England before then, and they finally do again.

            I have seen wild grapes growing in Colorado, and thought about planting some out front, but the plants would only attract raccoons, which spread rabies and get into people’s garbage cans, making a mess.

          • Hilis Hatki

            You may be mistaking De Soto for Coronado. DeSoto was not on the Rio Grande in Texas. Unless you are referring to the Rio Grande as the Mississippi River was called at one time.

          • kikz2

            other nasties in their poo too…….

          • Hilis Hatki

            iam reading La Florida , 1935 translation(DeSoto Chroncles). Iam with the 30 Lancers heading back toward the Ocean. Its the beginning of the first winter and the Lancers are to deliver orders to the Spannish left at the first friendly tribe. They are fighting on the way, having to stay on the fast move to prevent the Indians from massing reinforcements against them. Right now they are having problems getting the horses into the cold water to cross a river. For over 4 hours naked Lancers in the water pulling the horses others pushing still they will not cross. Yet at other times the horses instinct saves the day.

        • Hilis Hatki

          Being sold down river meant final destination “Caribbean”. Problem peoples in the south were sent there.

      • Tom in MI

        The Aztecs were among the first to practice open heart surgery. Envious Europeans called it human sacrifice.

        • EuropeanIdentity33

          No those were actual human sacrifices. One of the most well known legends in Aztec myth was the Legend of Five Suns where the gods sacrificed themselves so humanity could live. They believed that if they did not sacrifice enough people to the gods then the universe would then collapse.

        • Gunter Mabuse

          I almost missed your sarcasm.

      • Hilis Hatki

        I believe the impact of diseases on Indians needs deeper investigation. Many claimed to have been killed yet many still lived. 3 expeditions in Florida before DeSoto and he doesn’t encounter any sickness until he meets the Pearl Lady who only tells him of it at the outskirts of the kingdom. The town they are in is fine.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Minna Salami really has some crazy notions sloshing around in her nappy head. I was going to hit precisely what you pointed out, but good work.

      Minna Salami indeed.

      • Reynardine

        When I saw her picture, I remembered that I need a new mop.

        • Kenner

          Swiffer Salami.

    • TruthBeTold

      Never let the facts get in the way of a good narrative.

    • Publius Pompilius Quietus

      All successful societies are patriarchal, so it’s no surprise that men dominate world philosophy. Also, England has been mono-racially white until recently, so neither is it a surprise that universities in England are dominated by white men.

      • LHathaway

        Actually, patriarch is when men hold undo influence in the home. The specific literal definition of patriarchy is inheritance passing from father to oldest son. I do not believe this is the way inheritance has worked in over 2,000 year. Inheritance is much more likely to be passed on to a surviving wife. I would also say that women more or less own children. This is quite different from ‘patriarchy’. But hey, if it works for ‘white privilege’ why can’t it work for everything else?

    • Fathercoughlin

      The lady “philosopher” was in CHINA!! How does YT get blamed for that?

      • Oil Can Harry

        And her ‘philosophy’ was that China should become Westernized and copy Whitey.

        And the execution of this sole woman is described as “the systemic killing of female philosophers” by the nappy, nutty narrator.

      • kikz2

        she couldn’t keep her ‘hates’ straight, and bumbled off into rote patriarchy hate speech 13…..

    • Bossman

      The god of the Conquistadors did not require human sacrifice because he had already sent his “only begotten son” to die on a cross. The savages were willing to accept that god because he was less terrifying than their gods.

    • A Freespeechzone

      Hmmmm…..Look at all the inventions that has created the modern society we enjoy—which is also enjoyed by minorities.

      Fact is, this mullatto author, as do most negroes, know that in reality, they NEED us more than we need THEM and it bugs them–so they feed off of White Guilt.

      No guilt here whatsoever.

      • archer

        Yes that’s true, it’s not “we need them”, it’s we don’t need them at all.

    • ElComadreja

      Mulattos are generally the worst. They possess just enough human DNA to appreciate their inferiority and they hate the world for it.

    • MrC

      The Aztecs were also slaughtered by their own neighbors. The civilizations that neighbored the Aztecs hated the Aztecs and jumped at the chance to ally themselves with the Spanish in order to eradicate their monstrous neighbors.

  • bv

    It’s official to all mulattos & africans get out of Europe now!

    • TruthBeTold

      I know. The obvious answer to anyone with an IQ above room temperature.

      • bv

        Fahrenheit of course?

  • DonReynolds

    Sad to say, these are considered the intelligent ones.
    Even if they went to a university in Afrika, they would still be reading about Adam Smith and David Ricardo and Alfred Marshall.
    Why do you suppose that is true?
    Perhaps they would like a communist country better, where only Marxist writers are permitted on campus…..just those approved by the party.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Perhaps they would like a communist country better, where only Marxist writers are permitted on campus…..just those approved by the party.


      Sounds like our country increasingly.

  • bv

    You’re an alien race to Europe who should never had been tolerated.

  • MrBiIIGoode .

    If only those brilliant ancient black philosophers had written down their thoughts.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Yo dawg, what am be dese thangs called books?

      • Fathercoughlin

        Mayne ah don’t give a damn bout no books ah jess wantsa git me some o dem breastesess!

        • Reynardine

          No negro is attracted to breasts. They’re all butt men.

      • propagandaoftruth

        When the race war starts, meet me at a used bookstore. Safe place to prepare.

        Then we hop in the armored bookmobile and go to town!

      • Reynardine

        Man deez honky peepuls toilet wipes sure be fanzy!

    • Fathercoughlin

      If only them AH-PADS they invented had not been lost. Why I bet the ancient African Internet (the Afro-Net) is still out there somewhere broadcasting its signal. If we only had the Afro-Pad we could pick it up. And the first search engine,OOKLE,has been lost. What a tragedy,like the death of Micheal Brown, Tragedy.

      • anony

        “… is still out there somewhere broadcasting its signal. ”

        Yeah, it’s called Rap!

    • Bossman

      They were too busy doing magic and communicating with “spirits” to write anything down.

    • TruthBeTold

      Did you ever see Henry Lous Gates ‘Wonders of the African World’?

      He found a building filled with a pile of old, uncared for books in an old building. The owners could care less what was in them. Gates asked for them and the people gladly gave them away.

      Gates hyped it up like he found the African Shakespeare.

      Gates never revealed what was in those books.

      My wild guess would be that they were Arab accounts of the slave trade but only Gates knows and he never told us.

      • John Smith

        Muh Dik….

    • JackKrak

      …and a written language in which to do it.

  • guest

    Start this course of study with field work and practicum–like spend three months living in and workin in some hear inner-city like setting that is about 50% them and 50% us. You’ll know all you need to know within two weeks.

  • Chip Carver

    I have no doubt the usual suspects have put her up to this in one way or another, and likely dot the i’s and cross the t’s for her in everything she writes. Or purports to write.

  • I think Sun Tsu and Miyamoto Musashi should be included.

    • Jason Lewis

      As well as Confucius. Their writings stand on their own merits.

      • Deacon Blue

        Somewhat interestingly, Confucius, Jesus and Rabbi Hillel all codified the relationship and obligations of one man to another and one man to his world in very similar manners at “around” the same point in history. To my knowledge none of these folk were Black or female.

        • superlloyd

          De blag Hebrews says dat blags are de tru Israelites and Jeebus was blag. De is sho’ rite.

    • George Moriarty

      All this makes me think of when back in the 1970s it became a rite of passage for university students to spend time in India for a deeper philosophical understanding of the world, receive enlightenment and discover ones self etc.
      Basically all they received was dysentery and any wisdom received, that’s if it was wisdom came in exchange for hard Western currencies.

      • kikz2

        we have Indian friends of the family for some 30+years, he was reared in Keyna, as his father was hired there as a school teacher. when Pravin and Rajna’s sons were of age (teens,) they took them back to India/Keyna to visit extended family. After witnessing the poverty and filth they had escaped being born and brought up in the US, they thanked their parents profusely that they had not been born in either.

        • George Moriarty

          I have come across many Indians here in Australia who’s families were previously working for the British in East Africa back in colonial days. Apparently the Brits made extensive use of Indians in many professional and commercial positions as the Africans were quite incapable of filling these rolls. Of course the Indians were among the first to be kicked out of these jobs following independence with disastrous results for those country’s economies. Many Indians still living in East Africa would dearly love to emigrate to Australia or Canada of course. From what I can gather things are pretty tough for those Indians who still live there. It seems that it is still necessary to pay the right bribes to the right officials to make sure your business does not get burnt down.
          So much for multiculturalism in post colonial Africa. It seems that only white people have embraced this flawed concept.

          • kikz2

            i’d much rather have the E. Indians.. than the Blacks.. as a group, more educated and much more assimilated to White/European lifestyles and cultural mores. they’re a better fit.

            Pravin worked for my husband for many years in a (right hand) technical capacity, and his wife ran a Montessori school. They are lovely people, my only gripe with them over a 30yr period of near/long distance friendship, Pravin, so trusting and respectful of Western authority/pedagogy, thought it a acceptable to medicate one of his sons with ADHD meds after school officials thought it necessary, for his mouthing off at a teacher……….. once.

            Mind you, both his boys were in advanced classes, and also attended university classes during the summer at Duke, in NC since around age 12, made their own beds as kids.. they were a parent’s wet dream. ADHD’s don’t pull straight A’s………..
            Pravin didn’t know what else to do, as he couldn’t afford private school, and I think, let it happen, for a time.. Both boys are through college now, and getting married, etc., so hopefully any damage wasn’t lasting… they are lovely people and have been a productive and welcome element in my country (US).. 🙂

            ….of course, working in a global multi-natl co for many years, i’ve also been around lower caste Indians as well as Paki too, they’re not the same type/class of people at all.

    • Deacon Blue

      Sun Tze is not all that. Especially The Art of War which is a bit pedantic and
      arguably repetitive. I look at him a bit – from a writing perspective – as a Sino
      version of Niccolo Machiavelli. The parallels in The Prince viz The Art of War being somewhat obvious.

  • superlloyd

    Weeny ignoremuses. Blacks aren’t underrepresented; They just haven’t contributed anything of value intellectuallly to be considered fit for any university curriculum. Watch for the lifting off of black studies and other left wing crap such as gender studies, pornography studies etc. in good ole Blighty. Thank God, I’m not an undergraduate in these anti rational times.

  • JohnEngelman

    From UCL to LSE to York, Warwick, Nottingham and Kent, the student-led campaign “Why Is My Curriculum White?” has attracted thousands of people concerned that the course content at universities across the country reflects white dominance and under-represents black people.

    – Minna Salami, Guardian, March 23, 2015

    Your curriculum is white because white have developed the most advanced civilization in history.

    Next question.

    • Fathercoughlin

      What time class be ova?

  • White men did not just steal African technical advancements;
    they stole the knowledge as well.

    Oh my most serious gosh!

    • TruthBeTold

      I know right.

      How do you steal knowledge in a way that prevents the people who are said to have developed the knowledge from using the knowledge?

      • Xerxes22

        When the Whites stole all that knowledge from the Africans, they also stole their mojo too.. Without that mojo, Blacks can’t do anything. When Whites flee a city, they take that stolen mojo with them. That’s why when Blacks move into an area, it instantly becomes a festering crime ridden slum. It’s not their fault. When Whites return that stolen mojo, Black genus will emerge, just like it does in Hollywood movies and on TV.

        • I have been sequestering my stolen mojo down empty oil wells and salt mines, just so they can’t get at it.

          • kikz2

            LOL! first laff of the day… you little hoarder you! thx michael!

    • Jason Lewis

      They used the Vulcan mind meld. Took it all.

      • Deacon Blue

        The Black “Spock” in the recent Star Trek movies was a heck of a stretch.
        Well…it’s surely a nod to science and fiction one supposes.

        • anony

          Not when you consider how oh so intelligent Morgan Freeman is. After all, Morgan is about to codify his solution to the Theory of Everything. No more theory, just fact.

        • kikz2

          there was a black Spock?????????????

      • John Smith

        Explains why their descendents still don’t have any.

  • Michael Whalen

    If I were your grand daddy on your momma’s side of the family, yo momma would be spittin’ her teeth out.

  • George Moriarty

    “Systematic killing of female philosophers … and destruction of ancient cities…” This sounds more like Islam than Western academia.

    • Fathercoughlin

      Or…Africa. Eh Minna??Lets hear ’bout them clitoridectomies. Or the mass rapes in the Congo and,well,everywhere else in Africa.

  • Susannah

    Minna Salami is an Afrocentrist/feminist writer. She is apparently Nigerian-Finnish and she has absolutely huge hair. Someone should advise her that the 80s are over.

    • Fathercoughlin

      She does NOT look anything like I expected,which would be a fat,ugly,scowling bear. She is actually very attractive for a black woman. Her only drawback is her features are a bit”horsey”. That would kill it for me. Why is she so full of hate? Dem brothas be pushin up on her nomesyane? A lot of mullatas have that horse look. Like Diana Ross’ daughter,if you have ever seen “Blackish”,lol. You know a mullata who was very attractive,Lisa Bonet. She had a lovely feminine face,not at all manly or horse-like. But boy-she hit the wall,hard. Look at her today. Her black and Jewish features are coming out. Whoa.

      • Kenner

        None of Diana’s kids are particularly attractive.

  • superlloyd

    Black Philosophers? Are you kidding me? I stink therefore I am.

    • Fathercoughlin

      Ah goss a Co’t fawty faw. Now if ah drinks dat,is it ma free weel dat allow me to drink da sh*t oh is it pre-detoymin dat ah gonna drink dat? If ah screws Quanteesha,do she screw me of her own free weel oh is she pre-detoymin…?

    • Caucasoid88

      Friedchicken Niggatzche.

    • Fathercoughlin

      If ah stick a gat in da face of dem white folks,is they compelled to gib me day wallet oh does dey have free weel??

  • George Moriarty

    Here is my philosophical thoughts on this subject; Mulatto will always be an interesting and dangerous combination of white brains and black hate for whites including white creations, white achievement, white education and white thinking.

  • I always thought that philosophy was about truth.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day!

    • anony

      There is no Truth; there is only White privilege.

  • Hilis Hatki

    Our problems are do to too much philosophical, intellectual, logical thinking. Humans can rationalize anything in a “test tube” no matter how it plays out in the physical world.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    Sour grapes, jealousy, envy…. This is why multiculturalism between two groups as different and unequal as blacks are from whites will never work.

  • “When it comes to philosophy, for instance–a particularly important discipline as our world is built on ideas–the work of white males, dead or alive, dominates the field.”

    Probably because the ideas on which our world has been built, are ideas thought up by white men.

  • Usually Much Calmer

    This isn’t even worth processing.

  • superlloyd

    ‘The destruction of ancient African cities that illuminate the thinking of old civilisations.’ What utter lies. Black Africa never had cities, advanced thought or civilisation ever. Their only achievement has been the mud hut. Without the European and the Arab they’d still be in the stone age.

    • Even a beaver can make a home out of sticks and mud.

      • Cindy

        Literally laughed out loud! 🙂

      • Reynardine

        Having lived amongst beavers and blacks, I prefer the former. They have nicer homes.

        • Kenner

          Beavers create ecosystems, blacks destroy them.

          • Curiously, the Environmentally Correct think beavers building dams for beaver purposes is great, but when humans do it, it’s a big no-no.

            (Paraphrased from Robert A. Heinlein)

    • John Smith

      y0, Dawg! Deys invents deh mud skyscraper:

      • George Moriarty

        Hate to say it but the above picture is of a world famous Islamic structure, built albeit using the available materials and skills available in the poorest and most desolate part of West Africa. I believe also that there was an Islamic university in the same area at about the same time, approx. 1000 AD. It is also a big tourist attraction for visitors who are prepared to forgo all of the comforts and safety of modern civilization.
        But if you want to make the point of “This is Africa” I agree with you.

        • John Smith

          Timbuktu was pretty much the “height” of black African civilization. I also thought the Islamists tore a great deal of this down in the past few years.

  • antiquesunlight

    Wow she has no idea what she is talking about. Almost nobody considers Homer a philosopher. At most he MIGHT be considered a kind of proto-philosopher but not really. There were tons of atheistic philosophers before Nietzsche. There were atheist philosophers in ancient Greece.

    • Also I thought Nietzsche was supposed to be off limits and too beyond the pale.

      • a multiracial individual

        Nietzche is discussed in class.

        Ayn Rand is completely ignored. Mostly because her philosophy (Objectivism) was poorly thought out, and evil.

        • antiquesunlight

          Yeah Ayn Rand basically just combined Aristotle with Nietzsche and wrote mediocre novels about it.

          • antiquesunlight

            Hey CNM! Was wondering if you’d mind checking two arguments I wrote recently re: diversity? Link in my profile. If a few people whose opinion I respect think they are good and I can tighten them up a little more, I might see if I can get AmRen to publish essay versions of them. Let me know what you think.

        • Spikeygrrl

          How I hope that was supposed to be sarcasm.

        • And in your class, is Nietzche discussed in terms of greasing the skids for Hitler and causing the Holocaust?

          BTW, what does Ayn Rand have to do with this? I consider her to be way more of a novelist than a philosopher.

          • LHathaway

            I’m not a libertarian, economic conservative or enthusiast of the tea party in any way (other than seeing them as allies of a sort) but that doesn’t keep me recognizing the intellect and insight of Ayn Rand. For most people, I guess that would keep them from reading Rand. I suppose that Is modern philosophy: if your not a libertarian, you must condemn Ayn Rand or her ideas as being evil in some way.

            Perhaps things are cut and dried. Perhaps there are few gray areas. And Rand’s life was a struggle against evil, and her ideas exist as a beacon of light in a world that is mostly murky, cold and dark.

          • Ayn Rand is really subject to the Rashomon Effect. People who take her seriously could end up to be hard core libertarian cultists, or lamestream conservatives, or one of us.

            Also the notion that Ayn Rand is some great philosophical straw that stirs the drink when it comes to formulating modern conservative economic policy is entirely a matter of leftist MSNBC paranoia.

  • superlloyd

    This is what is produced by the highest achieving negro. Fatuous generalisations, pure anti white racism, false equivalences, outright lies and no understanding of the subject she is righting about. The uncritical, cultural marxism of a jealous, edumacated, black halfwit.

    • kikz2

      your probably speaking of one of England’s future MP’s.

  • Bossman

    Philosophy began with the ancient Greeks. They had no organized priesthood who could claim to have revealed knowledge from the gods hence they learned to think for themselves using careful observations and basic logic to make sense of the world around them. Magic and superstitions were the belief systems for most of mankind for a long time.

  • Jason Lewis

    Yes Minna Salami, that’s why we need nationalism.

  • Reynardine

    ‘massacres of some of our earliest thinkers such as the Aztec; and the destruction of ancient African cities that illuminate the thinking of old civilisations.’

    Aztec civilization – approximately on par with some bronze age civilizations – didn’t peak until the 15th century AD. As in, after the European Renaissance. They weren’t even smart enough to discover metallurgy either. African civilization was almost entirely Semitic, with the Ghana Empire supported by the vast wealth of Arabic traders of slaves, salt, and gold.

    ‘Or why the Ethiopian philosopher Zera Yaekob, who long before Nietzsche declared that “God is dead”, daringly criticised organised religion in his 1667 treatise, Hatata, where he also said: “He who investigates with pure intelligence . . . will discover the truth.” But despite promoting reason in this way, he is not dubbed the father of modern philosophy, Descartes is.’

    Nice try, honey. Descartes died in 1650, 17 years before your Hatata. Your conflation of mere religious scepticism with Nietzsche’s ideas proves you understand neither. Investigation by pure intelligence was advocated by many Greek and Indian Aryan sceptics way back in the BC’s.

    ‘The point is that to imagine that only white men engage in the pursuit of knowledge–as the current syllabi imply–is ludicrous.’ Apparently, that’s true.

    5th Link, bottom of the page: “the sleep of reason produces monsters.” QED by this article.

    • kikz2

      ferals don’t do facts….

  • Biff_Maliboo

    I tink, derfo’ I be.

    • Reynardine

      ‘I beez’

      Gosh you whites have no conception of AAVE.

      • Biff_Maliboo

        Conjumagating tenses is considered ‘acting white.’

        • Expecting others to do so is also a “microagression”.

        • Reynardine

          Well played, mah nigga.

        • kikz2

          it’s almost to the point, of requiring the mastery of the English language and rules of grammar in its use……. oppressive microaggressive hate crime.

  • Grotchmanchowder

    …Uh, I’m pretty sure most colleges and universities offer courses in Chinese, or Japanese, or Indian philosophy.

    Question: Have any civilizations beyond Europe and Asia bothered to write down philosophy?

    • antiquesunlight

      Not very much until relatively recently. There are some exceptions. Most of it is mediocre or worse. Even asian philosophy, immensely hip and popular as it is, pales in comparison to the depth and sophistication of Western philosophy.

  • LHathaway

    “It is about time too. The demographics of Britain are changing”.

    There you have it, if there are more citizens of color in any given society, there need to be more leaders or color (not to mention those of higher incomes) too. Unless a country, region, school or neighborhood is nearly all White, and then they too need more leaders of color so as Whites there can better relate to and respect diversity. Any city, town or school needs this vital diversity and must recruit for it. If a place is already diverse, however, such as a large city in the US, they need to quickly pass laws mandating one must live within the city limits to work for or do business with the city. Suddenly, they don’t seek out diversity when it comes to hiring. Non-White places do celebrate diversity, even more so than do White places. Diverse places need celebrate their heritage, give-back, be proud and do more (for themselves) – because youngsters of color need positive role models. The whole process is all about ‘reducing racism’.

  • Kenner

    Philosophy may well be the epitome of abstract thinking. Blacks have a powerful deficit in grasping abstract ideas and even understanding cause and effect, both a function of their less complex cerebral cortex.

  • MekongDelta69

    ‘Salami’ is full of bologna

  • antiquesunlight

    My prediction is that science will be taught in an increasingly ahistorical manner so that its innovators are unknown to all but the unusually curious.

    • Deacon Blue

      Blacks invented everything. That’s what I read on the interwebz so it must be true.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    She writers better than one would expect given her demographic disadvantage, but her bias prevents any clear thought from permeating through.

    Part of the reason white men dominate the ciriculum of white universities is because that is the knowledge base from which the university is derived. Even if there were a wealth of insightful thought in Oriental and African philosophies, these ideas would be utterly unknown to the Western tradition. Think of an African village with limited contact to the West. It has its own traditions and wisdom–passed down orally through shamans and priests–but one can’t fault the village for not knowing what it hasn’t been introduced to. Much the same way, for most of history the Occident has had little contact with Asian, African, and American Indian philosophies.

    Of course the irony is that it was the West’s exploration which drove the global expansion and movement of people and their ideas. To the extent a European-based university has studies in non-European thought, it is only because white ships sailed to undiscovered foreign lands, white colonization provided stability for trade to flourish and ideas to spread, white wealth provided for the existence of the university system, and white technology such as airplanes and the internet are able move people and information at rates exponential to those only a few centuries ago.

    • kikz2

      yes, to the point that immigrant people such as whomever wrote this article, can be transplanted to a White country, be fed/clothed/housed/educated for a couple of generations at the natives’ expense…….and now demand preference that their own culture to be taught instead of the host nation’s because they feel it due them, simply by their demand.

  • David Ashton

    England, the national homeland of the “White English”, cut up by Minna Salami slices. It was years ago that I was told as a Head of Department in a London school that I had to get rid of Dead White European Male hegemony from the curriculum, and that it was racist to teach recent arrivals from Bangladesh how to speak English. So in some ways this is an idea whose time has almost gone – to judge from the growing resistance of the indigenous natives.

    • Holden

      Even the great African cities that existed in the Mali and Songhai empires only existed due to Arab influence through trade, especially Islam (codified law) and writing (the Arabic script). Without Arab influence, I doubt these cities and empires could have even existed.

      • David Ashton

        Ibn Khaldun was indeed a great thinker, whose range can be compared to some extent to Aristotle, and whose views on the rise and fall of nations (my own major interest in history) anticipates various European thinkers. He was of course a “Caucasian” and believed that Africans are submissive to slavery because they are loser to the animal kingdom, not a view perhaps shared by Minna Salami.

  • Evette Coutier

    Just wait until these kids try to get jobs with degrees in Ethiopian philosophy. I’m sure employers will line up just waiting to hire them with their vast skills in African poetry.

    • What do you think Starbucks is for?

    • Hilis Hatki

      Unfortunately that degree will qualify them for a government job. And who the beaurocrats of government are is just as important as who the elected officials are.

  • Deacon Blue

    So when will the antis revise teachings in Cosmology, QED/QCD, Thermodynamics and
    other hard sciences and leave off the teachings of “Whites” in favor of the amazingly
    empirical, scientifically validated, logical, objective conclusions of great Black and Muslim
    pioneers and commentators in these fields? I would be quite curious and surely
    entertained to hear what any Bantu has to say about “Spooky” action at a distance! ;-P

    • kikz2

      yeah, wonder how that African moonshot program is goin?

  • African Nuclear Physics, African math, African biochemistry, African medicine would greatly enrich the University curriculum. Is it not racist how everyone wants Whites to find a vaccine for Ebola, preventing cutting edge Liberian medicine from finding the cure for Ebola. And AIDS.

    Seminar: construction of mud-huts without a drawing board 102; Bush drums 101 instead of Mozart.

    Deconstructing patriarchal mathematics 203; Female knowing, aka female gut level logic 302;

    Anyone has links to all these debunking African History Month by unamusement park and others?

    • John Smith

      I believe I’ve read that there are attempts to make STEM subjects more “diverse” through use of examples that “students of color” will better understand.

  • MBlanc46

    Homer is not considered philosophy. I suppose now that there must be a few Africans who have degrees in philosophy and write articles in the professional journals. But other than that, philosophy is entirely an enterprise of the West. Yes, the Chinese have dealt with ethical issues, the Indians have approached metaphysics while explicating their religions, and the Muslims, after encountering Greek thought, added a few volumes. But Europeans created reflexive thought and they’re the only ones who have ever thought it of value. That’s why your philosophy curriculum is all white.

  • EuropeanIdentity33

    If you are more concerned with the race of Aristotle, Nietzsche or Kant than with their philosophical works I don’t think you deserve to be taking a philosophy course in the first place. Who are they going to replace them with? Tupac Shakur, Obama or Mugabe? This just goes to show how anti-intellectual the left has become. They are now openly rejecting philosophers who have made important contributions to building the modern world because they are the wrong race.

  • RaySist27

    There’s no doubt in my mind, separating ourselves from the non-whites and liberal race traitors is the best thing that can ever happen us. They hate White people and everything about us and this article is just more evidence of that.

  • Reynardine

    “Modern philosophical concepts of personhood, human rights, justice and modernity are deeply shaped by race.”

    But but but race is a social construct that has no bearings on reality!

    • John Smith

      And even if it wasn’t, why should white students have to read non-white philosophers? Or blacks non-black philosophers? Each group should study what best fits their racial group. Leave it up to the Left to hold ideas that are logically inconsistent with whatever viewpoint they espouse.

  • John Smith

    The person who was best able to promote their ideas should have pride of place in a curriculum, which is the reason Descartes, not some Ethiopian no one has heard of before reading this article, is in the curriculum. These white people still hold influence and it will be generations, if forever, before some cherry-picked African would hold such sway. Additionally, not having read the “great” African philosophers, is there anything they’ve said that someone else, probably a white guy, didn’t say better? No reason to read the second-string other than to satisfy some bogus diversity quota.

  • Race Heretic

    What was that Fred Reed said? “White male linear thinking, which used to be called just ‘thinking’.”

  • Just another signal of ‘idiocracy’ that comes when blacks come to dominate a space. The future is extremely frightening as it further slides into the mouth of hell.

    Imagine living in a society where rational arguments are not even comprehended let alone understood. Of course, we have that now…..but we have not seen anything yet. Such a place is not fitting for a white man to live in.

    Something has to come along soon and sweep away this insanity. I hope for that day.

    • anony

      ” I hope for that day.”

      As the General said to the Captain, ” son, hope is not a strategy”.

      You should prepare for the removal of the insanity. And it surely is insanity.

  • anony

    How long is this going to be allowed to continue?

    Until Whitey grows a new backbone.

  • Robert Smith

    “…the student-led campaign “Why Is My Curriculum White?”” LOL, student led? Okay, now under whose mentorship?

  • mikey7777

    ummmmm since when did Africa have “cities” built by who”black Africans” or the White Africans…Lmfao!

  • kikz2

    no it was suffocated in its crib by that damn religion, preferring instead rote memorization “Quran” Recite! over contemplative thought.

  • kikz2

    standing O!…… you really should have a more memorable avatar. ‘anonymous guest’ doesn’t do you justice.

  • Light from the East

    “What is referred to as “philosophy” in British universities is actually “white western male philosophy””

    I was just wondering if the writer is a non-white feminist, and I searched the name “Minna Salami” – BINGO! I am right. The Guardian has a bunch of writers like her.

  • Singingbird1

    Is Wisdom subject to racial analysis now ? Does Philosophy predicate on the race of the person who formulates rational or moral thought?
    Can Kant’s ‘Categorical Imperative’ be ignored because Kant was a white German ? Is not the moral philosophy of Kant Universal? Is Poetry less or more meaningful because of who writes it? Are not beautiful images and metaphors Universal ? And are not all of what I have been talking about FREE from PREJUDICE ? This person, Minna Salami sounds like a sausage roll and she talks a load of s..t and she is full of prejudice.

  • newscomments70

    There is no such movement in African and Asian schools, only white schools need to be attacked. Whites aren’t allowed to have their own culture, even in their own countries.

    • Germanicus

      They just need to keep pushing. They will get what they ask for and they will not like it. That is my thought. As for non-Western philosophy, I have tried it. It is pure, fraudulent junk for mushminds. And, no, one does not need oriental thought to understand quantum physics. Nothing, by its nature, already embodies the best of other cultures like Western thought–because Western thought at its best wants to know what is universally true. If other people from other cultures like the means and the ends of their culture, then they need to stay in their land separate from ours. Here is the basis for the defense of sovereignty by a national, armed force. “Human rights” and “nation building” are not legitimate in this manner.

      • newscomments70

        I believe that Western culture is legitimate and should be preserved. I have nothing against Eastern culture though. I once studied the Japanese language. I thought highly of it. That being said, Japanese culture will cease to exist if they allow millions of Africans and similar into their country.

        • Germanicus

          Oh, I agree that there are interesting and lovely things in other cultures. But regarding the doing of philosophy, I just do not believe that any other philosophy even comes close to the excellence and depth of Western philosophy–good Western philosophy. That is what I most wanted to communicate.

  • MathMan

    The Guardian is the newspaper of the Libtards here in UK. Their opinions are listened to by about 5 % of people.

    • LHathaway

      And yet in the USA, lefties have virtually taken over all of academia. In fact, while there have always been a preponderance of leftists in academia they likely (for all intents and purposes) took over academia as early as some time in the 1960’s. Their numbers grow and grow until that 5% number may apply to true conservatives in academia. Every major newspaper in the country (city population of 200,000 or more) is far left, has been for decades, and travels further in that direction every years ((the exceptions being one or two large markets with two city newspapers).

  • LHathaway

    “There is no place or culture in the world that ever came close to matching the philosophical realm created by all those “horrid” white men. So in dismissing them, a huge amount of knowledge will have to be jettisoned”.

    I have news for you, that knowledge has already been concealed. It has already long ago been replaced by misinformation. Anyone under 80 years old or so, and not somewhat conservative, will be completely oblivious to it. I’ve heard others describe the public as being blind. On similar pages I’ve heard it described as a kind of self-inflicted lobotomy. Apparently for those who attend and AmRen conference the phrase is ‘to be among the living’ again. Yes, White men (and anything pertaining to them has been completely ignored [outside of a reminder of their universal evil]) but the gap is certainly not limited to subjects related to race realism. Race realists are little different. In fact, the more ‘educated’, aware, and informed race realist attempt to become (and I do realize some of them are only feigning acceptance of modern trappings in order to be more successful propagandists) the more it is obvious they are mis-educated; merely reacting in many cases to what the left or mainstreams pushes as true (accepting obvious falsehoods). Most citizens have been lied to all of their lives. Even their ‘conservatism’ exists within a framework of accepting all progressive falsehoods as truth.

  • Hilis Hatki

    One Columbus Day I watched a news interview of a antiwhite college professor who claimed that when Columbus landed on that island that there were over a million natives on it. I said outloud to myself “Have you ever seen a million people fix lunch? On a island?
    You get chickenpox so you bath in the creek in winter, now you have pneumonia. Diseases take the past and the future, old and young.

    You have to take into account of the village system in the southeast. Such as, villages were lived in for ~5years then people moved to a former village site, and other peculiars. My house is on a mound and there is a foundation of another in the yard. I have so many artifacts i dont even bring them in the house unless they are really nice. I can go down the road and find rocks you will not find naturally except in the Dakotas, Ohio, etc.

    Even La Florida may have inflated numbers. Only 6,000 instead of the 10,000 in a attack. Yet lots of small things that someone in a “battle group ” in enemy territory would realize. Many academics are just so 2d in their thinking… souless intellect.

  • Robert Smith

    Objectivism – cultural self-immolation. Right wing materialism loaded with boob bait.

  • Cid Campeador

    “Zera Yaekob and Nietzche are DEAD”- God

  • NowhereTearsOfHonor

    “Dismantling the master’s house…” and then whine and wail when the hand that provides everything can no longer do so because his house/country/civilization has been dismantled…tear down the civilizations that white western males forged then complain when those civilizations are no longer there to provide…guess that’s the “philosophy” of the nonwhite.

  • Hilis Hatki

    “Modern philosophical concepts of personhood, human rights, justice and modernity are deeply shaped by race.”

  • LHathaway

    The only thing I know for sure about Smallpox is that Western medicine eradicated Smallpox from the globe completely eliminating it.

    Oh wait, that idea could give people the wrong idea and be ‘insensitive’ to some. At least, it could be considered insensitive to those considered by them to be people.

    • Whiteplight

      Whites are also the only racial group that ever sought to end slavery. Not only was this done in Europe (with no civil war fought over it as in the U.S.), but the British fought to suppress and eliminate it throughout its empire in the 19th century at no little cost in wealth or lives to themselves.

      The vilifying of whites and Europeans has finally allowed the very foundations of Western Culture, the ancient and later schools and teaching of philosophy to be called into question as having a place in Western Education. This proves that this writer and the population she represents never had any notion of assimilating on any level, but to take over. I can only hope that declarations like these will finally shock even liberals, since the educated ones usually hold the tradition of Western Philosophy in high regard.

  • davejon

    Where’s the black equivalents of Mozart, Chopin, Liszt, Dickens, Shakespeare, Newton? Why should we the indigenous white Brits care about their equivalents anyway, even if they existed? When in Rome…..

  • Susan

    I think one needs a modicum of intelligence to recognize the concept of shame or gratitude. The perpetual whiners/blamers aren’t intelligent enough to understand cause and effect, logic, reality, truth, etc.

  • LHathaway

    I’m not a race realist. I’ve never been to a conference. I’d love to go but I’m quite poor and it’s not local to me. Mostly I’d like to go for the humor. It would be humorous to me, guessing which attendees owe their true allegiance to something similar to hate watch. As of now, I’d guess all of them. The only person I’ve ever met in real life involved in White rights (over 20 years ago now), in this case an underling working for National Alliance, I’m absolutely 100% sure his true allegiance was elsewhere. There are millions of disaffected Whites, how expensive is it to run a website like AmRen? This is where I do post my mad thoughts online. I’m not censored too much. In the past, my posts that were more liberal were more likely to be censored/removed. I guess there is only so much ‘hate’ a truly disaffected White person could stand to be exposed to. At this point, the solution to ‘free speech’ is more free speech (if not total saturation! [how deep can the conspiracy – or the concern, go]). I’m sure they would welcome you. As I assume they’d also have to be welcoming to me.

    I’m familiar with the argument that Christianity is harmful to White solidarity (mostly put forth here by ‘racists’). I don’t see how the mainstream would disagree with that. As long as we are disdainful of Christians, who cares why? The end result/effect is all that is important *sarcasm*.

    You are correct. I suspect a partially educated Christian likely has a better or more practical education than those who are truly educated (or rather miseducated). I didn’t realize I was saying that in my post, or even hinting at that, but that is likely the way I think/see things.

    I reviewed a biography of Nietzche and as I was doing the review, it occurred to me that the ‘victim’ segment of our society, the leftists, in general, all these ‘victim groups’, they are pushing a Christian agenda. Not Christianity at all but from having to hear about them constantly the take-away is ‘wealth equals dishonesty’. Isn’t that a Christian agenda? Coincidence, perhaps. Again, all that is important is that we get to the necessary result? I suppose in this instance we are simply ‘agreeing’ with the disaffected. Agreeing with everything they say. . . and think. . . about the unfairness visited on them . . . so that they become less violent. I’m reminded of the quote, something like, “the purpose on an education is to instill in students the correct attitude towards the poor and minorities, and the means to get as far away from them as possible”. Or course the target audience here is a white one and the more important audience that must be reached is the uneducated, or at least those of a lower income and often closer to ‘diversity’.

    Perhaps one can read too much into it, and as far as White women being the ultimate victims, at least being the face of the Women’s movement and women’s oppression (and children still learn this K – 16 today) is to free them up to sleeping with ever whom they want? Most affirmative action females would prefer to marry someone who has ‘similar interests’ to them.

    I’ve read ‘The Closing of the American Mind’ actually. I’m not educated enough, for I got very little out of it. As I remember it, it was a very subtle book. The author takes forever to get to a point (if he even get’s to one – and again the failure may have been mine).

    I think the title of that book was the message. The work gathered quite a bit of controversy on campus, and, while likely not well read, the work was likely well-remember. I think the average academic was supposed to think back, later, ‘ah, so that’s what he must have been about’. There was definitely a mind-opening around 1993 if I remember right.

    Anyway, this is my mad post . . .

  • rentslave

    Dumb ditsoons.