Ethnic Minorities Deserve Safe Spaces Without White People

Aeman Ansari, Huffington Post, March 18, 2015

Last week The Ryersonian reported on an incident that involved two first-year journalism students who were turned away from an event organized by Racialized Students’ Collective because they are white. Since then there has been a lot of commentary on the piece and a lot of debate–a lot of the criticism is valid.

There are two sides to the story: 1) the media has a right to attend public events and report on matters that are in the public interest. The student media needs to cover initiatives that are happening on campus so that we draw attention to them and in turn create awareness (The Ryersonian reported that one student said he was covering the meeting for an assignment). 2) Marginalized groups have a right to claim spaces in the public realm where they can share stories about the discrimination they have faced without judgment and intrusion from anyone else.

I am a person of colour and a journalist and so there are two conflicting voices inside my head. But in this case one voice, that of a person of colour, is louder and my conscience does not allow me to be impartial. I have to take a side.

The organizers of the event, the Racialized Students’ Collective, should have done a better job of labelling this event as a safe space on the Ryerson Students’ Union online calendar. They should label safe spaces clearly and maybe even host events that educate the public on what they mean. Doing so will help the public and the media have a better understanding of the purpose and value of these spaces.

However, the point to note is not that two white students were asked to leave the event, but rather that this was a safe space and that we as a newsroom, as a campus and as a society are not as knowledgeable as we should be about what these spaces mean.

It’s not just important, but it’s essential, for marginalized groups to have safe spaces on campus to engage with people who understand what they go through. Though this group is funded by Ryerson’s student union, it works to serve a particular group and a particular purpose. Many students at Ryerson have encountered racism in their life that is impossible to forget and many are exposed to discrimination on a daily basis. This group and these sort of events allow people of colour to lay bare their experiences and to collectively combat this societal ailment. These spaces are rare places in the world not controlled by individuals who have power, who have privilege.

These spaces, which are forums where minority groups are protected from mainstream stereotypes and marginalization, are crucial to resistance of oppression and we, as a school and as a society, need to respect them.


Segregation was imposed on people of colour by people of privilege, not the other way around. The very fact that individuals organizing to help each other get through social barriers and injustices are being attacked and questioned for their peaceful assembly is proof that they were right to exclude those students.

Racialized people experience systemic discrimination on a daily basis, on many levels, and in ways that white people may never encounter. The whole point of these safe spaces is to remove that power dynamic. That’s partly what makes them spaces for healing.


White people may experience occasional and unacceptable prejudice, but not racism. They do not experience the systemic racism that makes it hard for them to find jobs, housing, health care and justice in the legal system.

Racism is not personal, it is structural. Unlike the arena of mainstream media, the educational system, religious institutions and judicial systems that reinforce hurtful stereotypes, these spaces remind the oppressed that they are human, that they deserve respect.


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  • blanjm5

    Oh gawd. The incessant whining.

    I just want a place free of negroes and the crime/lower property values they bring.

    • TomIron361

      well you can’t have it and that’s all…

    • BloodofAlbion75

      I also want a space completely free of Hispanics and ALL of the problems that they bring.

      • blanjm5

        I’m a quarter Hispanic, but I understand and respect your position.

    • Albert

      A safe place, lol ; )

    • Robert Smith

      We had that place and we let a group strip us of it. The weapon of choice was a word. We were so afraid of being called that word we gave up our civilization.

      • ElComadreja

        I never gave a toss.

    • Let’s see: “Persons of color” should be permitted to have places by themselves where they are free from being judged by White people, and that is a good thing. But White people should not be allowed to exclude “persons of color” (colored people?) just so we could then feel more comfortable? In addition, we are told, we are the ones who are in positions of privilege. Sounds like we are not privileged at all. We have lost the right of free association.

      • Robert Smith

        I think what you’re describing is a reservation. I would have no reservation about having negro reservations.

  • TruthBeTold

    They can have their safe space as long as I get my safe space.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Sorry, but nonwhites believe in “segregation for me but not for thee”.

      • Jim

        I know you are being sarcastic but White people need to say to these cretins, “Shove it, we have had enough.”

        • DonReynolds

          Tell them…..”It is not for you to decide these things”.
          Tell the Leftist Liberals the same thing and remind them that their patron saints will not always be attorney general or in the White House to protect them.

          • One libtard crowed to me last year over the Senate banning filibusters, and I politely explained that would likely come back to haunt them. It already has. I’m not right all the time, but it sure feels good when I am.

        • Oil Can Harry

          I’m not being sarcastic, I’m dead serious.

          Minorities and White liberals literally believe it’s morally right for nonwhites to segregate but it’s evil and hateful when whites do the same.

          • Jim

            No Harry. What I’m saying is Whites need to take such an offensive approach that there will be no more apologies and no more excuses. If Whites don’t adopt a “take no prisoners” attitude now, we will be no more.

          • TrueNorthFree

            I agree with this, and it must start with educating the vast number of progressive white people who have been thoroughly indoctrinated and mind programmed by “white guilt” and “white privilege” memes. We who know better need to start spreading awareness far and wide and wake up whites now.

          • Good point. And explain to them that this is really not an issue of “liberalism” versus “conservatism” in the classic sense. In the long run, Cultural Marxism will destroy all philosophies of freedom, including liberalism. (E.G. the terror attack on the French newspaper, for “offending Islam”).

          • That is why I am not a “conservative.” Conservatism is not enough. That means we are constantly trying to resist more and more outrageous demands by the Left. No. We must ROLL BACK THE TIDE. You can never win a fight by only blocking the punches of your opponent.

          • Jim

            I agree, John. We need to take the fight to them.

      • Robert Binion

        Perhaps we could sell racial separation as “holistic,” like affirmative action. “Try new and improved segregation, the housewife’s best friend. It’s all natural.” I’ve been thinking about the vastness of interstellar distances and have realized that God labors to keep the yahoos apart.

    • That’s not how it works, my friend. They get to have their exclusive “safe” and “judgment free” space, but we are not permitted the same.

  • All sorts of light bulbs are going off in my head.

    Maybe we can play this “evil whitey” meme to the point that we wind up getting our own de facto safe spaces without anyone actually knowing what’s going on.

    • propagandaoftruth

      I am a person of colour and a journalist and so there are two conflicting voices inside my head. But in this case one voice, that of a person of colour, is louder and my conscience does not allow me to be impartial. I have to take a side.


      War it is. I need a place with no persons of color beyond maybe David Manning.

      • Alexandra1973

        I get such a kick out of Manning. Unfortunately he whines about Harlem being gentrified. Other than that….

        • propagandaoftruth

          I’ve never met anyone with whom I agreed 100%. I’d love to meet or interview him.

      • And why is it that I am not at all surprised by what side was taken? For non-Whites, tribal loyalty is all that matters. Only Whites cling to abstract, and in my view, outdated principles. Those principles were applicable to a world where Whites had their own countries.

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    The time is coming when “white” folks will be in the minority. When this happens can we have our own “space”, free of others to discuss our situation?

    • DonReynolds

      White folks a minority in Vermont? (I cannot stop laughing.)
      Don’t you fret bubba…..the shooting will begin long before white folks are a minority in this country.
      Blacks are 13 percent of the population…..that is one out of eight. That makes for a very short war.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        Right? Plus they don’t shoot straight and are easy to ambush.

      • Jackie Treehorn

        Their homicide and abortion rate keeps their percentage pretty stable at that number.

      • archer

        i’m having a hard time believing that now when most of our major population centers have very high ratios of “people of color”.

        • Ashton

          This is becoming a reality!

      • Hey, it’s hard to shoot straight when you are holding a handgun sideways. LOL.

    • LHathaway

      Whites are already minorities in regions and cities all across the US, particularly kids in public schools. They celebrate diversity in these places even more so than they do in mostly White areas (if that is somehow possible). But by promoting respect for diversity they mean doing more and showing more respect for people just like themselves.

    • TrueNorthFree

      Whites are being ethnically cleansed in some places, such as Sweden.
      And in many states in the US, not enough white babies are being born. We all need to look at the demographics because they are not looking good for the long term prospects of whites.

      • nuckinfuts

        …and that’s not a good thing?

    • WR_the_realist

      Whites are already a minority in California, and white children are a minority among American children overall. So can white children have a safe place free of colored children? Can California whites have their safe places? Of course all the legal precedents of the past 60 years say no, whites can’t have their safe places.

    • Dream on! Dream on! Will never happen unless WE make it happen.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    The coloured journalists need “safe spaces” where they’re free from whites? Please. These coloured people come to white nations because they know they’re safe. Black protestors disrupt white brunches specifically because they know they’ll be safe. These coloured folks are infinitely more safe among whites than whites are among them. That’s specifically why they gathere and protest because they know they’ll be safe. If you want to see unsafe — go protest for white rights in downtown Ferguson, Brixton, or any other city blacks have destroyed.

  • I agree. They need to go to Africa, India or Mexico where they can remain forever free of us.

    • DonReynolds

      Excellent suggestion… usual, Mr. Scott.

      • I deliberately refrained from suggesting the bottom of the ocean… oops.

        • propagandaoftruth

          Concrete Nikes?

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      It’s never too late…

      • A place called “Fishtown” sounds quite nice, if only it were not full of Africans.

        • Jackie Treehorn

          Sounds like a lesbian resort.

      • Jason Lewis


        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          It’s never too late…

  • Bo_Sears

    A safe space for the diverse white Americans to meet to discuss issues is eminently possible. We did it in San Jose for two years, including two annual conferences at local hotels to present papers and remarks and exhibits. We simply created the European American Issues Forum with the sole topic to be identifying the issues that confront us, and then planning solutions.

    Unfortunately, it now appears that the man we elected as president did not understand white issues and, apparently, thought that black Americans were the topic, not white Americans. Beware white provocateurs who manipulate the blurry line between our issues and others’ issues.

    However, we made it through two years as a monthly meeting group that outlined problems with texts in schools, and a whole variety of other local issues, along with solutions. Candidates for sheriff and mayor came to tell us about their attitudes toward the diverse white Americans.

    All in all, it was a great success for two years. It has split into a variety of non-competing groups that combat defamation and so on. The thing that will surprise readers is that anyone at all could attend our discussion groups so long as the topic was white American issues about employment, youth, health, education, etc. This can get blurry, but we do have systemic problems within our own demography that need to be addressed.

  • Dave West

    This begs the question; has anything good ever come from “people of color”congregating in the same place for an extended period of time?

    • And is it safe?

      • Africa isn’t even remotely safe.

        • John Smith

          Rather be out with the lions than among the negroes.

    • Dindu Nuffins

      Has anything ever improved from “people of color” congregating in the same place for an extended period of time? Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans, The White House, South Africa, Uganda, Nigeria, Zimbabwe?

    • Fathercoughlin

      Just MORE people of color. Not so good…

  • Chip Carver

    And there are those who still doubt that there is in fact a war going on against White people. Look at who actually created the Immigration Act of 1965 (the Hart-Celler Act – it wasn’t Ted Kennedy) and you’ll see who’s always been leading the charge.

    • Fathercoughlin

      OY VEY!

  • DonReynolds

    Radicalized “ethnic minorities” do not DESERVE a damn thing…..most certainly not a white-free zone to rant and vent, without whitey hearing their nonsense.
    Yes, they are still a bit intimidated and yes, they need to confine their “black revolutionary” speech to dark basements and cellars, while sucking on a blunt, and listening to Purple Haze. They already have their own tv platforms, with MSNBC and CNN…..with broadcasts from the absurd war zone in Ferguson, Missouri.
    Try that crap somewhere south of the Mason-Dixon, bubba.

    • Many (most?) US states have “sunshine laws” which make it illegal to hold secret meetings in any public space (such as at a public university lecture hall). Since this occurred in Canada, obviously one’s mileage may vary.

  • Uncle_Dan

    No exit visa required to relocate to a white-free country.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Blacks willingly live in (what for now, at least) is a majority white country and then complain that they need a “white-free place” to gather.

    Is it possible to conceive of a more hateful race than this?

    • BloodofAlbion75

      “Is it possible to conceive of a less grateful and more hateful race than this?”

      Yes it is: They’re called Mexicans,and they excel at being ungrateful,if nothing else.

    • Garrett Brown

      I can think of a certain tribe.

  • JohnEngelman

    The only minorities that demand this sort of thing are minorities that cannot compete with whites. Most of those people are beneficiaries of affirmative action, and do not deserve to be where they are.

    • They not only don’t deserve their professional positions, they don’t deserve to be in or countries or on our continents.

  • RacialRay

    Tell ya what, Achmed, Jorge and D’Ontavious – You stay the f*** out of my neck of the woods, and I promise I will never set foot in yours.


  • superlloyd

    A safe space! That’s an oxymoron where blacks are concerned. Can’t feel sorry for the “journalists’ though. Who wants to hear blacks whining and demanding more gibs.

  • ZB01

    I am frankly tired of people coddling blacks, catering to their every need as if blacks are harmless babies, and treating blacks (and, yes, I am half) like the “white man” aka “the man” is “out to get him”. You actually want to pretend that if you “give” him enough (also know as “redistributing wealth”, which is also known as “governmental thievery”), he will behave as he should? Well, I’ll take that bet any day.

    More than that, though. I am tired of Whites being blamed for every ill -real and imagined–and I am tired of the constant extolling of every other people—as if they were somehow noble and faultless, to the very obvious exclusion of Whites, who are obviously “evil” and must be “learned” the right way” (yes, I know “learned” is grammatically incorrect—just stated this way for effect.)

    I am also tired of the fact that to suggest that there are differences in racial intelligence—which everyone with half a brain knows is the case—makes someone a societal pariah. Whites are more intelligent than Blacks. Who seriously wants to make a cogent case that it is otherwise? And yet, Whites are somehow “racist” for adverting to what everyone knows anyway? Come, on!

    Western civilization (aka ‘them White folks’) has given to the world stupendous and unparalleled achievements in law, health, science, technology, engineering, and the list is endless. No one — no one — (not even the East Asians) — can come even remotely close.

    Facts are facts. It’s time for the other races (and many Whites themselves) to grow up and deal with it.

    • BlueSonicStreak

      While your comment is all true, it’s what you talk about in your second paragraph that really gets me.

      First, there’s the left’s pathetic failure to catch their own Noble Savage myths. We’re all exactly the same under the skin, except that non-whites are better, kinder, less cruel, more moral and more spiritually advanced. (Some animals are more equal than others!) Whites are hopelessly corrupt; but the saving grace of white racism is the pure and untouched state of non-whites.

      There’s not even plausible deniability to that kind of paternalistic racism.

      Secondly, there’s no identity in the West which is LESS coddled than whiteness. Not even maleness, I think – and men are under constant attack as well.

      I used to believe very strongly in the kind of “safe spaces” the author is talking about, and participated in many as a young lib. (Including “safe spaces” for “people of color,” because they sometimes let in Good White People who have swallowed enough of the Kool-Aid.) It’s important to note here what a “safe space” is really supposed to be, because it’s not about physical safety – it’s about a kind of emotional/psychological safety where no one hurts your fee-fees. I was told constantly that being white afforded me the ability to be free of all criticism or racial animus ANY time I refused to engage with anti-racist liberalism. If I wasn’t actively anti-racist, then I was retreating into the psychological safety of my “white privilege” where I could not be harmed.

      This is the sort of gaslighting that is necessary to repeat on a daily basis, because one look around would prove anti-white bigotry ubiquitous in our culture. If you noticed that, you might not be so willing to stand still and let people take verbals swings at your psyche.

      The author here belongs to a political ideology which is a moral wasteland.

  • Magician

    I have a perfect solution! Move to Detroit! No whites there whatsoever.

    • Jason Lewis

      Memphis, New Orleans, Selma, Cleveland……………………..

      • Who Me?

        Anyplace named MLK Blvd in any city, anywhere in the world.

  • Who Me?

    I am a person of colour and a journalist and so there are two conflicting voices inside my head. But in this case one voice, that of a person of colour, is louder and my conscience does not allow me to be impartial. I have to take a side.
    But, of course the voice of a person of color is louder for you. It always is with you folks. (Yeah, I said that!) And yeah, you have to take a side. We know what side that will be, and we are used to it. We are also used to hearing about it 24/7, (in your “louder, colored voice” even.) So go on, keep it up. I hope you aren’t too surprised when White folks find and start actually using their White privilege, and stop putting up with your childish and arrogant demands.

    • This is why I love writing about naval history. I can do this completely dispassionately.

    • De Doc

      The authoress of that article seems to be a pissed off East Indian, raging at that bastion of Canadian diversity, Toronto, that has never actively suppressed or oppressed her or others like her during her short life thus far. Her problem is that she ain’t colored enough. But, like all wannabe claimants to perpetual victimhood, she will happily shove her Dravidian hued snout in the feeding trough reserved for the ‘oppressed’ minorities, and claim she is just like her feeding mates. Pathetically sad, if you ask me.

  • superlloyd

    White People Deserve Safe Spaces Without Ethnic Minorities. Blacks deserve nothing that they can’t get without their own efforts.

  • Indian_Girl

    When can everyone else have a “safe space” away from blacks? By everyone else, I mean everyone who has been terrorized by them (whites, Asians, Indians, Hispanics). Blacks commit crime against other people, they rob them, beat them, rape them, carjack them, commit home invasions on them. They ruin once-good neighborhoods with their trashy lifestyles and loud music, turn malls into ghetto “no-go” zones, harass people and intimidate them by walking in packs, etc. So, I’m completely willing to give black people the “safe zone” they are looking for if they give it to the rest of us!

    • ZB01


  • Hilis Hatki

    One pill makes you larger, one pill makes you small……

    • Capn Dad

      …and one doesn’t do anything at all.

  • ncpride

    White people may experience occasional and unacceptable prejudice, but not racism. They do not experience the systemic racism that makes it hard for them to find jobs, housing, health care and justice in the legal system.

    Tell that to all the White males in the tech industry, military, film industry. police forces, fire fighters, and every other thing that is deemed ‘too White’ thus need to be eliminated. This twit is either a liar, completely out of touch with reality, or just plain stupid.

    • USofAntiWhite

      I like how darkies always like to tell White people what they experience.

      • I just don’t care what they pretend to experience. They would be entertaining if they learned a few new tricks, such as:

        “White racism makes my hair grow frizzy. Every day is a ‘bad hair day’ for me, and it’s all Mike Scott’s fault!”

        “My sink clogged and it is all Mike Scott’s fault. I gots ta be haben his Drain-O and plunger! And some money.”

        “Bon is a bad teacher and made my chilluns stupid, gnome sayin’? And I needs me some mo’ money!”

        “Dem dere books am raciss an sheeet. I gots ta be haben some money!”

        “My chilluns gets dem free brekfassses, lunches and dinners eben during summer vacation, but dey be starbin, so I needs mo’ money.”

        “My chilluns be fat and habs de Type-2 diabetes, which all be’s Mike Scott’s fault, so he needs to gibs us some money!”

        “Dem rich white folks gots ta hire me for a job, so long as I don’t have to work, ’cause I needs money to pay for liquor, cigarettes, drugs, tattoos and bling.”

        “Bongo bongo bongo! Gimme gimme gimme!”

        Oh, wait, never mind. We’ve heard most of this before.

  • Truthseeker

    If you live in America and think you’re “oppressed,” you ain’t seen nothing. You have more freedom and opportunity here than you would anywhere else, but all you want to do is whine. America is nothing but a large rent-seeking opportunity to you, and we’d be better off without you, so be thankful we tolerate you at all.

    The more I hear this kind of talk, the more angry it makes me. Whites bend over backward for every other racial group, and the only thanks we ever get is to be told how evil and racist we are. You’d think Whites were the most miserable, tyrannical people on earth listening to these folks, yet for some reason they all want to live in the countries we built.

    I have no sympathy left for these people. Even if a non-White were truly the victim of unfairness due to race, I wouldn’t care. Life isn’t fair, and I’m sick of all the whining. Suck it up and deal with your own problems. I’m not going to feel guilty about anything.

    • I don’t get angry about it anymore. I have better things to do. After years as a chemical engineer, I ended up with a blood pressure of 175/105, at age 30. It was literally killing me. I can’t do that anymore. The best – healthiest – plan is to ignore their “stuff” and enjoy your own life. This way, I get to be happy whenever I am awake. That’s about 18 hours out of each 24 anymore, so I call that good. My raspberry bush survived the winter and now has new leaves, so my daughter and I will have fresh berries on vanilla ice cream for years to come. That makes me happy. With enough comfort in the small things, more important matters also become relatively easy.

    • Alden

      I wonder how people of her caste and sub caste are treated in India

  • De Doc

    This infantile author wants a White free zone? I suggest she high tail it back to her ancestral land.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    Racism is not structural, low IQ is. Blacks need to stop denying reality and blaming others for their lack of ability.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Ethnic Minorities Deserve Safe Spaces Without White People

    I agree. Leave as soon as possible!

    Blacks have plenty of White-free spaces: Look for areas without Starbucks or cities with the highest rates of violence:

    10 Most Dangerous American cities: Percentage Black

    Camden NJ: 55.5%
    Detroit MI: 83.5%
    St. Louis MO: 52.2%
    Flint, MI: 56.6%
    Richmond VA: 58%
    Baltimore MD: 65.3%
    Atlanta GA: 62.2%
    New Orleans LA: 68.1%
    Gary IN: 85.5%
    Birmingham AL: 73.4%

    “Safe Space” for me and other Whites is an area that is black-free.

    • pcmustgo

      The non-Black part of Camden is Puerto Rican- which means mulatto/mixed race.

      • ZB01

        In other words, Black.

    • Deacon Blue

      I would have believe Gary, IN to be better than 95% fuxxated and Detroit, MI the same. Learn something new every day.

    • Cid Campeador

      You don’t need a large percentage of Mau Maus to make a city dangerous. The safest percent is 1.5% just avoid wherever they live.

  • Petronius

    Surely no irony is lost on those who have attempted to organize or attend AmRen conferences in the past.

    • The black fellow from the Canadian “One People Project” called me last month. He was the one who was threatening hotel staff at previous AmRen conferences. It was quite an amusing conversation, during which he committed multiple federal felonies.

      • USofAntiWhite

        They were not felonies. He is Black. What was the best thing the subhuman said?

      • John Smith

        Did you record the conversation?

        • No facilities to do that here, but I did get the number and the county sheriff’s office is involved.

    • Pa Guy in NJ

      Would the Amreners keep POCs out? This is a serious question.

      • Probably not out-of-hand. I would like to attend an AmRen conference someday, but since this is a bit out of area (and the highway leads straight through the St. Louis area), we may fly. Since I am on the Terrorist Watch List, flying is a tad difficult for me. We would thus spend more time in the general area. I have still never seen the George S. Patton armor museum at Ft. Knox, KY.

        • Don’t worry, you can bypass to the south and east along 270 and 255 and never go through anything close to a bad area. Also it’s not as if the whole metro area is Bell Curve City. I’ve said it here a few times, knowing where I live, where my day job’s office is when I’m not out of town, and my regular commute route, if my job wasn’t semi-political and I never watched the news, I would have never known Ferguson and all the fun on the Fergaza Strip was going on.

  • Mack0

    Anywhere blacks congregate is by default not a safe space.

  • Hilis Hatki

    Yes whites are the most colored people on the planet.

  • Capn Dad

    Hey I’m all for it and I know just the place. Africa.

    • BloodofAlbion75

      Yes,and the Mexicans can go back to Mexico.


    • Deacon Blue

      It’s ironic to me that you note Africa. My litigation attorney – who happens to be
      Jewish, Right-Of-Center, and a closet race realist – and I had lunch today and we were discussing some of the “state imposed EEOC” nonsense my company had to cede to in a Consent Decree in order to avoid being splayed out in the MSM and litigated to death.

      Anyhow, he had a brilliant idea. What if a group of Whites just invaded a relatively nice section {geographically, not population} of the coast
      of Western Africa while pogroming the natives inland? We would “negotiate” with the UN about a continual shifting time table for “leaving” while demanding the IMF and World Bank provide us with billions of dollars in “slush fund aid” under the cover that we needed the money for vagaries like sanitation, infrastructure and human rights issues {the usual one dimensional media buzzwords} and then just funnel the money into banking havens.

      What would it take to overthrow one of these backwater sh*tholes? Heck, I bet 100-200 well trained mercs with small arms could overthrow Haiti! A little too close to home but you get the idea. Anyhow, even the establishment of a segregated city/state similar to Singapore in Western Africa could be done. Just keep the Bantus at bay with a secured border, build a shipping port/airport and the rest would fall into place. Call it Rhodesia Part Deux!

      This post is meant with some sarcasm and in jest in case anyone is getting their panties in a twist!

      • Yes, let’s leave it at sarcasm. Because this is the sort of thing that got Don Black sent to Federal prison.

  • USofAntiWhite

    What a perfect opportunity to start having meetings and public discussions about the same things. No non-Whites welcome. Somehow the author here in this piece of yellow journalism would presumably not agree with that. Also, I enjoyed how this mongrel admits that he can’t be a professional journalist because he is Black or whatever and for him and his people it is all about their own racism. I laugh when they try to be smart and wind up hanging themselves unwittingly.

    • Who Me?

      If only they would (hang themselves, I mean.)

    • Ansari is clearly some sort of Arab or Pakistani. The given name “Ariman” might be either male or female. Who cares? If it pretends to be a “man”, the critter is a complete sissy. If a Darth Vader lookalike “woman”, doubtless this smelly animal feels “safe” in her haunted-house costume where nobody can see her.

      • USofAntiWhite

        I used to look at their names and think about what third-world fecal pit they hail from but I don’t care enough anymore to bother. I know you don’t either. If an insect lands on your face do we care which dog turd it was born on?

  • Cindy

    “Racialized people experience systemic discrimination on a daily basis, on many levels, and in ways that white people may never encounter.”


    Perfect example of hypocrisy on the Left. They claim all races are the same. But then whine constantly about how different it is to be a minority.

    Surprisingly, a lot of the comments for this article on Huff Post’s site are calling Aeman Ansariout out on her B.S.

    • What exactly does “racialized” mean? I was racialized at conception.

      • USofAntiWhite

        It means racist anti-White. Seriously.

        • Cindy

          Yet another word for anti-White? They already have Diversity and Multi-Culturalism. They sure do hate us.
          I guess “safe spaces” is the new word for segregation.

          • USofAntiWhite

            There are more like anti-racist and Black or Brown nationalist.

  • LexiconD1

    Well by all means make it so, but do it WITHOUT white tax dollars. Go, flee. Africa is calling you.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    This is really what I don’t understand. All of these groups are extremely racist, segregationist, seek out (and get) special privileges for their group. They do it by wrapping it all up in victim terminology. Meanwhile whites are discriminated against in reality but every pro-white group has aggressive talk, talks about hating blacks (or how inferior they are), being supreme etc. They really hurt their own people with it. I don’t understand why they don’t just start playing the victim that they really are.

    Personally I would just like to go to work or school without being discriminated against or have constant affirmative action policies dangled over my head. I’d like to read a newspaper or go to a classroom without hearing some biased story about how evil white people are (or males in some cases). I’d like to go to some event or community with other white people in it who aren’t ashamed of being white and not have to be called a racist.

    I basically want what every other human being on earth wants (or so it would seem). I’m not sure why so few whites seemingly can voice this opinion and make it a reality. To be honest I could care less about how inferior blacks are or what the Jews do or what the average I.Q. of China is. This all distracts from the basic reality. You shouldn’t be treated like a second class citizen just for being white (or male). And also you should have a right to be proud of your heritage or associate with other people who identify with your group.

    I mean I honestly don’t get it. I’m not playing a game here and not trying to be sarcastic, but why is it I can go to college and they have a hispanic group, Jewish group, black group, womens group, asian group etc. but no white group? Why is it normal for every other human being on earth to associate with who they want but racist for a white man to do it?

    Also how is racism wrong when directed at anybody except its ok when directed against whites? It totally baffles me. And I don’t think it has anything to do with inferior blacks or sub human non-whites or any of this other nonsense garbage. It’s just a basic human rights issue. White people can be retarded and they still deserve to be treated with basic human dignity, the bill of rights and constitution should still apply to them etc. If whites were a supreme race they certainly would have enough sense (at least the majority of them) to not let this happen. Since they let it happen I have to consider them to be defective or retarded in some way, but I still think basic morality should prevail.

    • Hilis Hatki

      What you wrote is only part of the reason I am insane. The events going on in this country are as fresh as a ILove Lucy episode. My grandmother prepared me for this current world starting when I was just six, and its been a slow train wreck ever since.

      • Cindy

        I’m glad I only recently woke up, it’s all so depressing to be aware. I notice things I never noticed before and sometimes envy people who are clueless.

    • Cindy

      “Since they let it happen I have to consider them to be defective or retarded in some way”
      I’m going with retarded 😉
      Read “Erectus Walks Among Us” which I only know about because someone here on AmRen recommended it. The only way for different races to live together is for one race to be the Host and the other race the parasites. In order to have harmony the Host must be altruistic and allow the parasites to feed, while the parasites become more aggressive and unsympathetic. This would explain why Whites are letting it happen.

    • Petronius

      My explanation: We are witnessing the triumph of the Liberal Death Wish.

      From the point of view of normal (non-ideological) people, one of the strangest things about Liberals is that, when given the alternative between supporting Western Civilization and the race that built it, on the one hand, or, on the other hand, supporting nonwhites, migrants (documented or undocumented), terrorists, criminals, perverts, communists, and other enemies, the Liberal will always side with the latter groups.

      Liberals will always find a reason or excuse to support any enemy, group, criminal, force, ideology, or cause that threatens to harm or destroy the West, and, in particular, the white two-parent family, which is the genetic transmitter and tangible representative of Western Civilization and the last bastion of our race and culture.

      • Cindy

        There are several YouTube videos featuring Yuri Bezmenov. He explains how Communists enlist the help of Elite Liberals to disrupt the country by causing social unrest. The upheaval helps the Commies to take over. When Communism takes over a country, the first people they murder or put in jail are the Liberals. He says the Liberals never see it coming.

        • The chief problem with being a “useful idiot” is that once one is no longer useful, one acquires a very short expiry date.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        Well said. I need to use that in my book. One thing that confused me going to a Unitarian Universalist congregation (which is like a liberal religion) is that they seemed educated, open minded, good people, but then when a black person showed up they start getting hysterical. “I’m so happy a black person is here. The last UU place I went to didn’t have any black people and therefore it wasn’t real” the black people themselves kind of act normal, like realizing the hysteria is a bit much. But I have to ask, honestly what difference does it make? How does the color of this person’s skin really enhance the conversation or meeting?

        And then on their website their ideology supports illegal immigrants because its morally right. Why so?

        In other words, their ideas all seem logical and reasonable to me until you get to the point of always praising non-whites, women, immigrants, law breakers, morons etc. I mean, ideologically speaking, shouldn’t you be neutral? Why is a foreigner’s life more valuable than an Americans? Why is a black person’s life more valuable than a white persons (when you yourself are white)? What makes a woman more important than a man? Why is the moron’s well being more important than that of a genius? That’s the one thing they can never answer and just get angry about and consider you a bigot if you ask important questions.

        I have no particular hatred towards black people or immigrants or any of that, but I cannot see why they are placed on a pedastool above whites.

        The other thing was there was a guy there that wears dresses. And they would all be like “good for you, I’m so proud of you for doing that”. Well I mean if you are open and tolerant you would simply tolerate such behavior not encourage it. Why is being a deviant more desirable than conforming? How is a man wearing a dress more desirable than a man wearing normal clothes?

        If I went in there and told them that I dropped LSD and decided to become a drug addict they would probably go “good for you. I’m proud of your accomplishment. Way to stick it to society”.

        I’m all for tolerance, open mindedness, helping the poor, labor laws that help workers etc. but this is a sort of intolerance towards white males and Western civilization. These people are as close minded as they come. If you question their beliefs in any way they get offended and at best ignore you. The odd thing though is they have managed to sell their form of extremism to society. They manage to look normal (or at least semi-normal) to the public. They paint themselves as the good guys, even when they aren’t. They are basically like reverse kkk members. I mean their ideology primarily revolves around hating white males and western civilization and standing up for the degenerate. But the average person sees them as “making a difference” and “advocating for the victim”. Why can’t race realism package itself in such a way? I mean they never come out and say that they hate white people. They just have issues “we loyally support all illegal immigrants” “we fight against white oppression”. They package it so that even whites go along with it. And I think a lot of them haven’t even confronted the unpleasant reality that they hate whites. They have a cognitive dissonance so if you ask those questions many of them get very uncomfortable and realize they have been living a lie so must continue in denial to feel good about themselves.

        That’s why I think there should be some separation or distinction between normal liberalism and the white hating “marxism” that it has become.

  • LHathaway

    “The student media needs to cover initiatives that are happening on campus so that we draw attention to them and in turn create awareness”

    Student media must report on all important events, with the exception of White United Students on campus. There aren’t any. Sometimes diversity is vitally important, and no educator on campus does not praise it. Sometimes diversity is just too much work. Sometimes diversity is a full-time job. Other times, even when it comes to marginalized groups, there’s no work done at all.

  • MekongDelta69

    What a load of the usual crap

  • How about ‘safe places’ for white people away from blacks? Seriously, what a crazy notion this article is promoting. Are blacks and other minorities really so ‘oppressed’ that they must have ‘spaces’ without the presence of whites? It seems to me that whites do everything they can to uplift blacks in every conceivable way, and yet this is how they repay us!

    Whites have groveled before blacks for so long now that they have become insanely self-righteous and entitled. It’s such a ludicrous notion, but it’s very typical of the insanity that marks our times.

    • Deacon Blue

      Your comment is oxymoronic. The reason being, that on its face, any place for White people away from Black is by definition “a safe place” in the opinion of most people here. That out of the way, when you find such a place could you be so kind as to let me know? I am quite anxious to relocate. Thanks.

      • Oh please, you’re reading more into my post than I intended. I was thinking more along along the lines of formerly all-white communities that had been invaded by the darlings of ‘diversity.’ Such communities were once our ‘safe places,’ and it would have been nice had they been kept that way.

        Yes, believe it or not, there exists in the U.S. and throughout portions of the West ‘places’ where whites can still live among our own kind (see Ambrose Kane dot com) for a series of posts on such communities. How long they will remain racially and culturally white is anyone’s guess, but many of them seem ‘safe’ for the time being and into the foreseeable future.

        • Deacon Blue

          Sorry, my post was dripping with sarcasm if you missed it. What is a constant source of irritation to me and I assume other race realists here is that “diversitons” get to have their “safe spaces”
          {read: Blacks get a segregated “no Whites allowed” club} but if Whites tried the same stunt, especially if we minted such as a “safe space” which of course is an apt moniker, we would be doused with an accelerant and set ablaze by the MSM. Apparently, its OK to have all Black fraternities so why is it not permitted to have all White ones too? What happened to Freedon of Association? This is clipped from Wiki so if its not entirely
          accurate accept my apologies in advance:

          Freedom of association is the right to join or leave groups of a person’s own choosing, and for the group to take collective action to pursue the interests of members. It is both an individual right and a collective right, guaranteed by all modern and democratic legal systems, including the United States Bill of Rights, article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and international law, including articles 20 and 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and Conventions 87 and 98 of the International Labour Organization.

          Freedom of association is primarily manifested through the right to join a trade union, free speech or debating societies, political parties, or any other club or association such as religious groups, fraternities, or sport clubs. It is closely linked with the freedom of assembly, particularly under the US Bill of Rights. More specifically the freedom of assembly is understood in a political context, although depending on the source (constitution, human rights instrument, etc.) the right to freedom of association may be understood to include the right to freedom of assembly.

          Under my “Human Rights” it would seem prima facie obvious
          that I and all other like minded Whites could establish a “Whites Only” group/fraternity. This group could ostensibly take collective action to further our interests, whatever they may be, maybe through PR or lobbying. Works for the NAACP and AIPAC, right? So why is it – curiously – that I am marginalized
          and not allowed to exercise such human rights without considerable uproar and challenge by the very same people
          (liberals, progressives) who champion such for virtually every
          other special interest/diversity group?

          I am weary of my people painted as the eternal oppressor. Yet if
          I want to “drop out” with like minded White folks and not
          engage or “oppress” anyone you know, because of my White
          Privilege then that’s not OK either.

          As Whites, we are caught between a rock and a hard place.
          To cite a classical allusion, we are perpetually caught between Scylla and Charybdis.

          So its not enough that these diversity zealots want their
          contradictory safe segregated havens. They refuse to let me
          have the same thing they would so quickly grant to Blacks, LBGTQ, Feminists, Muslims, etc. OK for thee but not for me.

          And yet we accept this, we drink the Kool Aid with no protest.

          I hate them. All of them. However, until we realize that the vast
          majority of us are our own worst enemy due to apathy and
          indifference then they set the agenda, as insane as it may be.

          Nothing every changes if nothing every changes.

          • Jeff

            Reminds me of an old addage. If you have to ask to be equal, then you can never be equal.

            It will stop once whites become angry. Visibly angry. When we start shouting others down, when we make demands without reason or any possibility of compromise.

            As it is, I sense silence around other whites, smoldering silence. Sites like this are increasing in popularity. The more ridiculous the left becomes, the more odious their lack of regard for common decency, the hotter the embers burn. I’m certain there will be a backlash. What concerns me is the form the pushback takes. Interesting times and all that.

  • MekongDelta69

    What a load of the usual garbage

  • John Q. Whiteman

    Among nonwhites, blacks especially display the psychological trait known as, “projection.” They demand separatism for themselves while accusing others of practicing segregation. They despise white people so fiercely that they do not acknowledge white people’s right to self-defense against Negro thugs, and yet they claim that Caucasians are steeped in racial hatred. And they have made a perverse art form out of race-based incivility while complaining of “micro-aggressions” against them.

    • kikz2

      cognitive dissonance.

  • David Ashton

    How about safe places for crackers and honkies too – e.g. the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand?

  • Alexandra1973

    They can always go back to their home countries.

  • Tom in MI

    People of color have safe spaces from white people: India, Mexico, China, Somalia, etc.

  • mitzelplick

    Sounds discriminatory towards white people to me.. if blacks want to say whites can’t discriminate again them…then what’s good for the goose…

  • Johan Krüger Haglert

    You say racism but what about plain superiority?

    Also they have their “safe places”, we deserves ours too..

  • stedman holder

    They have 57 countries in which they can discuss it.

    • model1911

      57 states as well, according to obama.

      • I often wonder whether someone includes those gaffes deliberately in his teleprompter speeches. Even if we include organized US territories like Guam, Puerto Rico, the Northern Marianas and the US Virgin Islands, we get 54 and not 57. Obola’s utter dependence on a teleprompter is an admission on his own part that he is incapable of speaking extemporaneously on a subject, but this begs the question: “Who writes this drivel for him?”

  • Evette Coutier

    I’m all for it. Let all the minorities have a hoedown together. Segregation now, segregation forever. Who knew George Wallace would eventually become the champion of minorities.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “These spaces, which are forums where minority groups are protected from mainstream stereotypes and marginalization…”

    Ummh, guy, the stereotypes of minorities portrayed in the mainstream American media is that of geniuses and saviors. Further, that media and the American government doesn’t marginalize minorities. Instead, they promote minorities over the group which is rapidly becoming marginalized, whites. This student and I see the same world very differently because of race, and no amount of dialogue will change that.

    • You’re right if you watch the TV at 8 PM.

      But they tell the truth at 5 PM.

      That’s what they mean by “mainstream stereotypes and marginalization,” that is, local eyeball news reporting violent crime.

      • They have self-marginalized. Let’s see:

        Drop out of school – check.
        Get pregnant in their teens – check.
        Commit crimes that result in extensive rap sheets – check.
        Advertise their own criminality – check.
        Dress like clowns – check.
        Live gratuitously unhealthy lifestyles – check.
        Refuse to live within their means, let alone save anything – check.
        Ruin anyplace they inhabit – check.

        A complete list would likely leave me typing into the middle of next week.

        • kikz2

          add please…… Blame Whitey – check.

  • IstvanIN

    I can understand why the punishment for some crimes, such as the treason committed by LBJ, Ted Kennedy, Emmanuel Celler, Phil Hart, etc0,. should be visited upon all their descendents.

  • Blackhawk

    George Wallace was right.

    • Ludwig

      And tomorrow, the sun will rise in the east.

  • EuropeanIdentity33

    In a way I can see a sort of re-segregation happening in the future as the result of these leftists. It’ll be a segregation by people of color against people of “privilege” though. Still I say sit back, eat popcorn in a lawn chair and watch these idiots destroy all “progress” made in the last few decades with their fanaticism.

    • Cindy

      That’s what I see too.
      From Campus Reform:
      “Art students at Santa Barbara Community College built a tepee, which Native American students at the school considered cultural appropriation”
      The tepee was taken down.
      This is beyond ridiculous. What if Whites were offended by Indians doing a science project about electricity, wouldn’t that be cultural appropriation?
      This is all leading to segregation.
      Fine with me.

      • EuropeanIdentity33

        The leftists can really be useful idiots if we think outside the box a little.

      • kikz2

        it would certainly curtail their flashmobs and drug dealin’, not to be able to utilize those lovely white technologies… 🙂

    • MBlanc46

      I’d be all for that except that they’ll surely try to prevent us from doing the same thing.

      • I want a “safe space”. I get this planet and the diversitards get the other seven, plus the asteroid and Kuiper belts. Of course they’ll be whining “I can’t breathe”, but that is so not my problem.

        • MBlanc46

          As I said, I wouldn’t object to that, but they’d want the same for us. I just want to give them as much autonomy as they want while getting a piece of their absence in return.

      • EuropeanIdentity33

        Sure but they’ll essentially be doing our job for us. This article implies that they seems to think the mere presence whites around non-whites leads to oppression and the only way non-whites can escape this “oppression” is to have their own separate areas. Not and ideal situation but still it’s something.

        • MBlanc46

          As much voluntary segregation as can be arranged.

  • Interesting this comes from the HuffPo.

    What if white liberals were playing a bank shot game? Creating safe spaces for white liberals by making non-whites think they needed safe spaces for themselves away from whites?

    • Ludwig

      Us rednecks are apparently far more forward thinking than the Huffpo idiots. Years ago, one of the black organizations suggested boycotting South Carolina because of the Confederate flag being included in the S.C. state flag. The joke amongst us was that if S.C. was actually boycotted by blacks, we would finally have our ethnostate. South Carolina would suddenly be the place to be!

      • We were joking on this site at the time that the race hucksters should sell boycotts rather than threaten them.

        • Ludwig

          And what a lucrative enterprise it has proven to be.

  • A Freespeechzone

    White people DESERVE to have a place WITHOUT minorities—-they need us more than we need them.

    • USofAntiWhite

      We need them? For what? —-they need us, we need to be away from them.

  • Mahound

    White people need safe spaces with no colored people so we can relax and socialize without fear of being assaulted, robbed, raped or killed.

  • ViktorNN

    “Marginalized groups”
    “Person of color”
    “Safe spaces”
    “Systemic discrimination”
    “Systemic racism”

    One could easily write a computer program to produce articles like this. They’re all the same.

    Social Justice Warriors aren’t particularly original thinkers or writers. They all quote from the same bibles, over and over and over.

    • Douglas Quaid

      I was thinking the same thing when reading it, this stuff is just one baseless cliche after another.

  • newscomments70

    They should come to Southern California. There are no whites here.

  • The Dude

    What a load of Marxist drivel and platitudes!

    “… the state of African nations trying to recover from the collapse of the previous colonial rule.”

    Lulz. Sub-Saharan Africans didn’t even have a written language before Europeans and MENAs set foot in that part of the world. So… okay.

    North Africa wasn’t that much better. When the army of Napoleon entered Egypt in 1798 (way before modern colonialism started), the country was pretty much taken over in one day. He had gun powder and well-organized troops while the local populace confronted him with “gold- and silver-encrusted swords” howling “Allah akbar!”—needless to say, the
    Mamluks were routed in no more than 45 minutes.

    The civilizational gap was there way before colonialism began.

    Plus, there are countries that were never colonized like Ethiopia, Saudia Arabia, and Afghanistan.

    • Douglas Quaid

      Colonialism was the best thing to happen to Africa, unfortunately whites lost the will to carry it out fully like it was done here in America. America is the shining proof that colonialism can and does work, which is why liberals hate America. Haiti, Zimbabwe, and the various other African failed states that once showed promise under white rule are empirical evidence showing that blacks are unable to rule themselves when given the mechanisms of power in a functioning nation.

      • The Dude

        “Colonialism was the best thing to happen to Africa.”

        Absolutely. Just to stay with the example of Egypt, it was the French who first introduced printing there, as well as the teaching of scientific disciplines other than religion. It was also the French who explored Ancient Egyptian remnants the most thoroughly, thus introducing modern Egyptology. To this day, the nicest cities there were settled by the English.

        As you said, it’s really a shame that they didn’t go all the way. One of the main reasons for that were the demographics—the local populations were simply too hostile and numerous, and the Europeans just weren’t the “kill them to the last one” type of colonialists, even though they could.

        The main reason France lost its most cherished colony (Algeria) was that the Europeans were quickly outnumbered by the indigenous once modern medicine was introduced there.

        The same thing happened in Haiti where the slaves simply became too numerous for their masters to control and so they took over.

        I think if we can summarize the loss of impetus of European colonization in one word it would be “demographics”. Were modern contraception and sterilization methods available then, the face of the world would’ve been way different today.

  • NowhereTearsOfHonor

    Fine by me,I’ve been trying for years to give them plenty of “space”,but the thing is they won’t give me mine.

  • Spikeygrrl

    “White people may experience occasional and unacceptable prejudice, but not racism. They do not experience the systemic racism that makes it hard for them to find jobs, housing, health care and justice in the legal system.”

    If I wasn’t laughing, I’d be crying. What has this author been smoking, and where can I get some?!

    Have the students “of color” ever considered finding a meeting place off campus and soliciting a local business owner “of color” to pay for it, in exchange for “free” publicity? Or maybe even paying that rental fee THEMSELVES?! (Oh, the horror, the horror!) Any attendee who couldn’t be bothered to chuck in a buck or five when the organizers pass the hat — just like at church or 12 Step meetings — is clearly unserious about this “safe space” stuff. What, the space is safe from YT only when YT (the school) pays for it?!

  • RaySist27

    I’m assuming ‘safe spaces’ are places without White people. Let them think that. This was a good learning experience for the liberals who were asked to leave. I’ve actually made this argument in the past. I tried to appeal to their hatred of White people by encouraging them to separate themselves from the racists that keep them down. It’s not enough for them to live without racism, they want to take over what we created. They hate us and that meeting was basically about how they are going to infiltrate White society.

  • John Smith

    If only white people could have the same….

  • Stogumber

    Ansari is an Indian or Iranian family name. Asian Indian and Iranian migrants mostly stem from privileged families in their homelands.
    If she’s an Indian, they have a well-working system of segregation for themselves and have no reason to perorate over racism in America.
    She may be a person of some “colour” or a member of an “ethnic minority”, but she cannot adopt black history for herself. She never was victimised as a slave nor is she an object of “structural racism”.

    • Stogumber

      Well, if I think over it … perhaps the idea behind her article was: Wouldn’t Americans better import our Indian caste system with its lots of safe spaces?

  • Phoenixian Westernia

    Sounds like Abby L. Ferber

  • SlippedThroughTheCracks

    I’m sure that plenty of white-free “safe spaces” can be found in Africa, Mexico, and the Middle East, for example.

    Maybe all these subhumans need to go to one of those and talk about their oppression.

  • MathMan

    Indeed they do deserve spaces without whites. It’s called Africa!

  • Phoenixian Westernia

    Affirmative Action is a privilege based on skin colour.

    Preferential Hiring for the purpose of promoting Diversity in a workforce is a privilege based on skin colour.

    They talk about institutional racism, yet they don’t see these institutional privileges that non-whites benefit from? If white countries were truly institutionally racist as proclaimed, then the Immigration Act of 1965 and its duplicates in the rest of the western world would have not been.

    At this point, it seems like Immigration Act of 1965 opened its borders for those who were asking to get oppressed by moving here. I can imagine a story like this:

    [ Somewhere in Africa ]

    – “Jamal, did you hear the news? There’s oppression in Great Britain. Let’s move there to get oppressed!”

    – “Yee, dawg. I need oppression so I can get meself a new pair of Nike Shoes”

    – “I heard, niggas so oppressed in the UK, the government does not give enough welfare, such oppression”

    – “Yo, dawg, better being oppressed and getting free stuff than being free and getting nothing but sand up mah ass. Let’s start migrating North for the better life!”

  • JackKrak

    A place without white people is anything but “safe”

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    The level of delusional thinking displayed here is hard to fathom, even for me. How small a mental world must people like this occupy?

    Anyway, the idea of places being “safe” because they lack white people is laughable. The most dangerous places on Earth, for anyone of any race, are the places populated by non-whites, and blacks in particular.

    But hey, if they want spaces free of Whites, have at it. If they’re there, they’re not around me.

  • archer

    The only marginalized group in this country now are whites, just try and have a “safe” place meeting to discuss problems white people face and we’ll see how this “person of color” reacts.

    • Just try and have a safe neighborhood without HUD dumping a bunch of Section-8 hood rats in it. Would you like a safe school for your children? Too bad; judges long ago ordered forced busing of feral hood rat sprogs into it, and are now telling teachers and administrators not to discipline the little monsters. A safe workplace? Nope: the EEOC tells employers that they must hire lazy, incompetent, mentally-unstable sex-harrassers. A safe, pleasant evening at a restaurant? Interloping trespassers will demand to “protest” over your meal. A safe shopping trip? Guess again! Hordes of violent “yoofs” will stage a riot at the mall.

  • Thor’s Hammer

    I’m all for this. If all the negroes on campus are locked up in a “safe space” somewhere, they aren’t, at least for as long as the meeting, roaming about a campus full of naive, white college girls who can be strong armed into sex with a negeo for fear of being branded a racist for refusing its advances. I see it every day on my campus.

  • Hammerheart

    I don’t see why we can’t implement this wonderful idea on a macro scale.

    -All white people they don’t want to be enriched by diversity get to live in one area

    -Every other person that wants diversity gets to be their strength goes to another geographic area.

    Both nations will be sovereign and self supporting. Free of oppression.

  • One of their favorite buzzwords is “disenfranchised”.

  • The K people used to hold a rally each summer in Denver, with the usual speeches and polite behavior from the participants, accompanied by the usual riot on the part of the undertow. I remember the TV coverage of these during my summers home from college, so this would have been in the late 1980’s. It was completely hilarious. I used to drive home to my mother’s place from work as a lab tech, crack open a beer and turn on the TV news, just to watch the chimpout footage.

  • Light from the East

    Segregation was imposed on people of colour by people of privilege, not the other way around.

    But look at the title:
    Ethnic Minorities Deserve Safe Spaces Without White People

    Is that a Voluntary segregation by your own people? How is “that” possible without white people?

    Reading an article contradicting itself from Huffington Post always makes me laugh.

  • WhiteVeinKratom

    “White people may experience occasional and unacceptable prejudice, but
    not racism. They do not experience the systemic racism that makes it
    hard for them to find jobs, housing, health care and justice in the
    legal system.”

    Really? I’m a White male. I have had to put up with the prejudice NON-whites all my life.
    I was brutally attacked, and had my face crushed by a friggin’ Knee-Grow.
    I need a safe place, away from NON-whites.

    Discrimination is only legal if you are NOT WHITE.

  • Douglas Quaid

    “Racism is not personal, it is structural. Unlike the arena of mainstream
    media, the educational system, religious institutions and judicial
    systems that reinforce hurtful stereotypes, these spaces remind the
    oppressed that they are human, that they deserve respect.”

    Just what in the world is she talking about? These people are delusional or dishonest, take your pick.

  • ElComadreja

    Might I suggest the third world hell holes they crawled out of?

    • I believe the correct verb is “oozed”. The notion of something crawling unfairly implies a higher life-form and would thus constitute a “microaggression”.

    • My posts are usually deleted when I suggest a certain “land” area, but in truth there is plenty of room there, with 70% of the earth’s surface area, and no white people. Too bad it averages a couple miles of water on top of it, but I just don’t care.

  • Realist

    “Columnist says “racialized people” need white-free place to discuss “oppression.””
    Africa and Mexico come to mind.

  • Kees Roma

    No, the important point to note is that two white students were asked to leave…simply, and only, because they were white.

  • falskog

    They deserve not just a room, they should have whole continents without white people and vice versa

    • DougDeGrave

      White people without whole continents?

  • This article is a perfect example of why it is so hard to write anything sarcastic on this site. We generally have to indicate sarcasm to readers. Why? Because, as this article reveals, the views of Cultural Marxists are so extreme that they actually resemble caricatures of themselves. I kept reading this, and kept saying to myself “You can’t really be serious!”. But the scary thing is, yes, these people ARE serious.

  • “….But they had no problem with lording it over subjugated and disarmed people or committing atrocities against them.”

    Cowards generally are cruel.

  • If only, if only. Yeah, that is MY DREAM!

  • WhiteGuyInJapan

    Spaces without whites? You have whole continents with very few whites. Go for it.

  • Lygeia

    So, let me get this straight.

    These minority students go to a predominantly safe white college.

    They would be less safe if they went to a college whose demographic reflected their own race and ethnicity.

    Yes, these minorities want to feel “safe” by excluding the white students at the predominantly white college that these minority students attend?

    Apparently, ethnic minorities want to feel safe by attending white colleges, and to feel yet safer too, they want to exclude the very white students who create the safe environment.

    Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

  • UncleSham

    I have always thought that people should be free to discriminate in private, but now these people are demanding that Whites be discriminated against in public! We cannot share a country with these people. We never should have let them think they could be our equals.

  • Krydse

    I find it ironic that the people who supposedly have no power have absolute control over the public narrative on race, yet the people who supposedly have all the power are completely silenced by the powerless. I guess this is what four years of university liberal-arts brainwashing gets you.

  • Bob G

    I totally agree. It’s called a jail cell. Yuck it up all you want in there.