Man Who Stole Wedding Ring Off Dying Woman’s Finger at Taco Bell Sentenced to 11 Years

Amy Renee Leiker, Wichita Eagle, March 31, 2015

A Wichita man will spend more than 11 years in prison for stealing a wedding ring and other items from a woman who was dying from a brain aneurysm in a Taco Bell drive-through in December 2013.

Sedgwick County District Judge Christopher Magana ordered Daquantrius Johnson to serve the 136-month term consecutive to other sentences he received for crimes committed while on felony probation in a 2013 burglary case. The sentences in those cases totaled 111 months, which means Johnson, 21, will be incarcerated for about 20 1/2 years.

Daquantrius Johnson

Daquantrius Johnson

Johnson’s attorney, Terry Beall, had asked for leniency from the judge during Monday’s hearing, suggesting his client be sentenced to probation again.

But Magana denied the request, telling Johnson: “Unfortunately, you have become a predator on others in our society . . . and the public must be protected from predators and the community must be safeguarded.

“I have considered your situation and your history, and there is much about that that is regrettable. But it’s also my job to consider the victim in this case, Danielle Zimmerman,” Magana said.

“The evidence at jury trial was that you were the one who went to her car and you were the one that robbed her. The evidence at jury trial was that you were the only one seen with and in possession of her wedding ring after this crime. The law does not require that you assist someone in a time of need. But it does prohibit you from attacking someone in their time of need.”


A jury in December convicted Johnson of aggravated burglary, robbery and misdemeanor theft for his role in the Dec. 29, 2013, robbery of Danielle Zimmerman, a 43-year-old mother and wife.

Prosecutors say Johnson, while he was with two other men, reached into Zimmerman’s truck and stole her purse and the ring off of her finger after she suffered a fatal brain aneurysm at the Taco Bell at 3725 E. Harry. She had gone to get dinner for her family when she fell ill in the drive-through lane and her truck hit the restaurant’s speaker box.

She died in a hospital the following day.

Police arrested Johnson, Keith Hickles and Quanique Thomas-Hameen after receiving a Crime Stoppers tip. Hickles in December pleaded guilty to misdemeanor theft and was sentenced to nine months in jail. Thomas-Hameen, who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor theft and aiding a felon, was ordered to 19 months in prison in October.



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  • Daquantrius and Quanique are Ebonics for “hard time.”

    Why was he so interested in a wedding ring? It’s not as if he ever wanted to get married, and it’s not as if the kind of people he could try to sell it to are interested in getting married.

    • TomIron361

      They’re born thieves.

      • Cid Campeador

        They never should have BEEN born.

      • cranky_1970

        Dequantrius was born depraved. He should be sent into permanent exile on some desolate island in the Pacific.

    • Ron Cheaters

      It was shiny.

      • Pa Guy in NJ

        They walked over such rocks in Africa- they probably picked them up and tried to kill a bird, but it took whitey to polish it up and now they can’t get enough.

        • Alexandra1973

          I almost got robbed in a Chicago Greyhound station in the 90s, some homeboy saw the wedding rings I was wearing and said “Gimme them rings! I want those rings!”

          I more or less told him to shove off and went to what I considered a safer part of the station. Never bothered me again. Still, that was unnerving.

          • Deacon Blue

            I have been robbed {or “relieved”} of two Rolex watches by three
            Blacks at gun point – this was the impetus for me to take the NRA
            courses back in the early 1990’s and apply for a CCW/LTC. The
            part that really stung was I was set up by a coal burner who was
            neither fat nor ugly – apparently just a drug addict play thing for the savages. I was in NYC during the Dinkins era {or is that “error”} in the 47th street area and was in a small street level “mall shop” looking for Christmas presents for myself and my 1st wife. An attractive {White} woman with a Russian accent remarked that the watches I was in the process of purchasing were “really nice.” As I made my way back to the garage to my car, a beat to shat mini-van blocked me from backing out and three pavement apes jumped out, one knocking on my window with a semi-auto and demanding the two Rolex watches I just
            bought. I did not think I was going to live and kept thinking that
            I was going to take one in the head easily. I gave him the two
            watches and said nothing. The three of them jumped back into
            the van and sped off and the whole thing took 30 seconds at
            most. But the lesson was learned. Be vigilant and be armed.

          • I’m sure you probably learned to never wear expensive jewelry – or even jewelry for that matter – in cities that have a large black population. Whether fake or real, all blacks see is shiny stuff hanging from your hands or neck and ‘dey just gots to have dat’!

          • Blackfish

            Generally people that have nice “bling” – expensive watches, diamond jewelry – are not the kind to put up a fight. They’re surgeons, lawyers, business executives, etc. The street scum know this and see them as easy pickings.

          • Alden

            3black men are always always a robbery team. 4 are too many sharing the loot. 2 might just be 2 guys together but 3 is always a robbery team; 1 to drive 2 to rob and attack. Going after a pedestrian 1accosts you from the front while the other hits you from the back and the driver is waiting to get away

          • bilejones

            You should steer clear of the 47th street Shtetl.

          • When they want gold, give them steel.

          • DNA Explains It All

            Lead seems better.

    • USofAntiWhite

      Pawn shop, then crack house.

    • Light from the East

      This man is actually a smart black. He can tell the difference between a dead white and a living white and make use of it, unlike some blacks decide to rob a white man but somehow kill him.

      • Who Me?

        Far too many cases, murder is the motivating factor, the robbery is just a bonus. And the lying media will ALWAYS call it a robbery gone wrong…

        • Blackfish

          I think having power over a white person is the motivating factor.

  • Caucasoid88

    Daquantrius. So powerful sounding.

    • TomIron361

      Yes, named after St. Daquantrius, Patron St. of imbeciles.

    • Guest

      Daquantrius Scipio Africanus

      • SlizzardAjeosshi

        Daquantrius Erectus

        • Our ancestors were Homo Erectus.

          “No! My ancestors diddin do dat gay she-it!”

    • Jason Lewis

      It means non-employable.

      • [Guest]

        If ever a job opens up as a diamond-picker at Taco Bell, he’ll be the most qualified applicant.

    • [Guest]

      Daquantrius. It sounds like a deadly disease.

      And it is.

    • Deacon Blue

      Ain’t that a Black astrological sign. The Dawning of the Age of Daquantrius?

    • TrueNorthFree

      Darlings, the mama was drinking daiquiris the night he was conceived! And she named him after her favorite drink.

      • Caucasoid88

        Then his name would probably be Maltliquorius.

  • Charles Martel

    At least they are not doing community service around the elderly

  • MekongDelta69

    One word – Daquantrius


    • phillyguy

      Look at Terry Beall, I would like to hit him with a bag of s**t right between the eyes….asking leniency for his client.

      • IceQueen

        I’ll betcha anything these public defenders grit their teeth throughout the whole process. They always look look like they are trapped in a nightmare, impassionately quoting the law by rote. So much for being Perry Mason. Ten bucks says most public defenders are closet race realists.

    • NoMosqueHere

      I guess Shit’tavious was reserved for his step brother.

    • Deacon Blue

      I take it you did not name any of your progeny Daquantrius or Quanique?

      • Alden

        I thought of Ur’eenvious but husband objected He is soooo conventional and non vibrant

      • And their daughter, named Latrine.

        • TrueNorthFree

          Um no, that would be “Latrinia”

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    But he loved his mother, doesn’t that count for anything? And he was planning to turn his life around, and get a job…..perhaps in his job application he could put “experience in jewelry appraisal”.

  • Americaweeps

    Why do they insist on bestowing ridiculous name on their spawn?

    • Nonhumans

      Becawz letters is FREES!!

      • blanjm5

        That comment wins the internet!

    • Xerxes22

      Because their baby mamas want them to fail. Most Blacks in the hood are like crabs in a bucket. They will pull down anyone trying to escape it. A Black kid who reads, studies and tries to make something of his life is acting White, the worst crime imaginable. That’s why Black neighborhoods are like Bizarro World in the old Superman comic books. Everything is the reverse of the norm. To most Blacks, the only thing Dequantrius did wrong was to get caught.

      • Blackfish

        Which is why they hate the police. – of ANY color. The poleece be takin’ away they mens!

    • [Guest]

      I think that just about everything they do, including coming up with stupid names, is intended to make it plain how much they detest white people and white history and tradition.

      • BINGO! They don’t have a real culture. Their entire culture, so to speak, is based on opposition to White people. You want the black vote? Do something that offends Whites. If you do things that are good for blacks AND good for Whites, you are not “authentically black” enough.

  • Petronius

    Always secure your loved one’s valuables (and your own) before calling 911. Paramedics are no better than Daquantrius and Quanique.

    • John Smith

      Now, many ARE them. Prepare to die.

      • Petronius

        Yes, and then to be robbed (again) and abused (again) in the nursing home.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Sometimes it’s not possible:

      The 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake in Northern California caused the two-level Cypress Street Viaduct in Oakland to collapse. 42 people were killed, crushed in their cars.

      I remember reading interviews and reports from the loved ones of those killed who complained that the victims’ bodies had been robbed of their valuables – watches, purses, cash and credit cards – meaning criminals from Oakland had crawled into the carnage and wreckage to rob the dead.

      The location of the collapse tells you everything you need to know as to who did the robbing.

      • Alden

        More like the affirmative action cops, firemen,paramedics and morgue attendants than the ordinary street scum

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          The cops said they could tell crowbars were used to pry the cars open well before they got there.

      • John Smith

        That’s almost like…you know…WORKING.

      • TrueNorthFree

        There is a hot, dark corner of hell reserved for human garbage who rob sick people or rob the bodies of victims of violence.

  • David Ashton

    You don’t laugh at the founders of civilization – Afristotle, Platona and Euclidius X.

    • Alden

      The ancient Greeks, Sumerians,
      Egyptians, Indians and even Chinese were actually blacks who migrated out of Africa

  • Chip Carver

    Even dogs have more empathy than these two-legged beasts.

    • Sighisoara

      I don’t think the average black has much (if any) ability with empathy at all. It’s such an important part of who we are as whites, but it is also causing us so many problems.

      • Rhialto

        Do you mean empathy or sympathy? Black thugs realize the pain and injury that they’re causing (empathy); they (at best) don’t care (lack of sympathy). In fact, for many inflicting pain and injury is a bonus.

        • Deacon Blue

          I disagree. They lack empathy or sympathy. They just don’t care.
          They feel nothing other than the “I’ze otza gimme datz.”

    • LexiconD1

      And, “Rover” beats “Daquantrius”, in the name department, any day of the week.

  • Pa Guy in NJ

    “I have considered your situation and your history, and there is much about that that is regrettable. But it’s also my job to consider the victim in this case, Danielle Zimmerman,” Magana said.

    What the heck does this mean? Does the judge regret having to do the right thing?

    Imagine this poor woman’s horror when this thug reached in and pulled the ring from her finger. They are beyond disgusting.

    I didn’t bother to try and figure out his name, but it seems like his “mother” was expecting him to be a criminal and named him accordingly.

    • John Smith

      The judge either had to pay lip service to white guilt to deflect charges of “racism,” or he genuinely tried to find some within and couldn’t for this negro thug.

  • MrBiIIGoode .

    He should have made a ‘run for the border’ – Taco Bell. LOL!

  • Pax Romana

    No surprise.

    A low-down despicable and repugnant act like this would cause me to recoil with disgust and revulsion if committed by one of our own.

    However, after having lived in Black Detroit for 24 years of my life and seeing and hearing of just about everything imaginable, I feel a sense of normalcy, and expect no better from that primitive amoral 3rd world culture.

    • Petronius

      More disturbing perhaps than the act of robbery is their sense of entitlement to the things they steal, and the joy they experience in the helplessness and suffering of those whom they rob.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Freelance Reparations Collector.

    • Jason Lewis

      I’ve gotta remember that one!

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Daquantrius Shaquill Johnson and Quanique Dontrell Thomas-Hameen

    Now, I’m sure from just their names, many average Americans would assume these two to be investment analysts, mechanical engineers or anesthesiologists.

    But, I’m going to go way out on a limb here and suggest that these two are from a culture where they were never expected to work hard, seek employment, or abide by America’s laws. Any trouble they caused, any crimes they committed, any grades they failed are all due to White racism and oppression.

    I’m sure it’s old Whitey’s fault that they were stopped just as they were turning their lives around, stopped from a budding, multi-million dollar rap career, or prevented from being NBA stars.

    • Greek

      They like to call us ignorant and unintelligent for not being able to pronounce or spell their names, which they think are too complex and unique for us.

  • Who Me?

    Degeneracy of the lowest order. Ought to have been sentenced to hanging at sunrise.
    A couple of (sorta) off topic notes here.
    *Why does the title say “Sentenced to 11 years? I understand from the article he got 111 months or 20 1/2 years.
    **Also ladies, if there’s the slightest chance you will encounter Africanus Bellcurvii get yourself a fairly reasonable-looking replica of your wedding rings and wear them. Then if some character like this approaches you, you can give up the rings without a qualm, and he will end up with a hunk of junk worth maybe $60. It’s so worth it. Palm Beach Jewelry dot com has quite a nice selection of more or less reasonable looking and priced baubles that can be used for this purpose. NEVER wear your real jewelry out in a strange place or city, You don’t want to lose it (or your life) to one of these feral “teens”.

    • John Smith

      Make sure you can get any rings off, because I remember some negroes robbing old women when I was growing up and that they’d cut off fingers to get rings.

  • RacialRay

    Every time I think I’ve seen the worst these sub-humans can achieve, they surprise me all over again. Stealing jewelry and a purse from a dying woman. And over on DailyKenn today you can read about some reprobate who stole cookie money from a disabled Girl Scout.

    I have to say, though, that the orange of a prison jumpsuit against black skin is really quite a pleasing combination. As if they were meant for one another.

    • Deacon Blue

      Yeah, I read the girl scout story. There is no crime too low for their feral creatures…

  • Alden

    Check out the names The combination is just hysterically funny. They are monsters who target women and the disabled and older men.

  • DavidLAlbert

    “Daquantrius” If I were to drop a silverware drawer on the floor it would make a more sensible noise than the sound of this moniker. I don’t feel sorry for those who resort to such primitive and unintelligible attempts at naming their children – I feel sorry for the rest of the world. Not only are we practically forced to enunciate this pathetic excuse for a name, we may well face a future where idiocy such as this drives us into a civil war! I pray that it be so!

  • Alden

    Today in the Fullerton area of Chicago blacks have set up roadblocks. When drivers get out to remove the roadblocks blacks rob and beat them.

  • Greg Thomas

    Blacks hate being stereotyped, but here they are once again reinforcing those very stereotypes. This poor woman was in a drive thru, buying dinner for her family. If these animals did this to my wife, I couldn’t be held responsible for what I would have done. These scum bags got far less than they deserved.

    • If they hate being stereotyped, why do they give kids goofball nig-names?

      • Deacon Blue

        Those names are a never ending source of joy and laughter to me though.
        Meet “Quanique” and his brothers Meson, Boson, Fermion & Le Charmed.

      • Blackfish

        Some mixed up notion of “Black Pride” I think. Bizarre

  • Alden

    3 murders that happened in a 4 month period in Los Angeles.
    July a White Mother sat in a car with her 4 year old waiting for another child to get out of religion class. 2 black thugs shot and killed her for her purse
    End of August a Hispanic Mother shopped for school clothes with 3 kids age 8 to 2. She was beaten and stomped to death by 3 black thugs. They took the shopping bags as well as her purse It happened right in front of the kids of course.
    October 2 black women and 4 kids were in a fast food drive through line. Woman in the passenger seat had a baby on her lap a black came up and shot her dead.

  • carriewhite64

    I expect the images from this picture and imagining this poor woman’s ordeal will interrupt my sleep. It’s hard to believe I share the earth with this man.

    • [Guest]

      There are three of them, supply enough to interrupt at least three nights’ sleep.


      • carriewhite64

        OK, that’s just mean.

      • Deacon Blue

        So there is a “brother-cousin” name “Quanique?” Can you imagine what the maternal unit of this creature must have been thinking in the hospital when she spat that out? “He be unique and he sure be looking real smart like a fizzicist so I be naming the boy ‘Quantum Unique’ or Quanique” – this guy is probably not what Einstein had in mind when he was thinking about Spooky Action At A Distance” though I am sure. Zing!

        • carriewhite64

          Laughing so hard I’m chokin’ on my Cheetos. “..fizzicist…”

          • Who Me?

            Are you sure that isn’t spelled “fizzasist”? Or maybe “fizzacyst”?

        • brior

          HaHaHa!!!! Spooky action…..LMFAO!!!

      • RaySist27

        Good lord, these things walk freely among us. Any White person who thinks that’s a bad idea gets called a ‘racist’. And they would be called ‘racist’ by other White people.

      • brior

        Keith’s parent couldn’t come up with something similar to the other stooges?

        • [Guest]

          It’s all in the pronunciation. “Keith” is pronounced Keef.

          And if you’re white and you pronounce it normally, you’re a racist.

  • [Guest]

    Judge Christopher Magana to the savage Daquantrius Johnson:

    “…You have become a predator on others in our society … and the public must be protected from predators, and the community must be safeguarded.”

    Words to that effect should be spoken at the dock upon the departure of the last ship in the Back to Africa program.

    • Do we get to sink the ships?

      • [Guest]

        No. But once the last passenger on the last ship disembarks, we get to sink the entire continent.

        • USofAntiWhite

          No, just sink the ships after they disembark and leave them to their own devices. Sinking them so they can’t try to use them is good but also they should be sunk since there is no way you are getting rid of that smell.

        • Blackfish

          Oh, it’ll sink on its own soon enough

      • bv

        I’d like to pour oil on the deck with rocks as weights to drag the perp down with his entire family.

  • Oh, goodness: “Daquantrious”? Really? Even I couldn’t have made that one up. Perhaps it should have been N’DaQuantrious, but it is atrocious all by itself.

    • Deacon Blue

      I actually thought you did make this up and this was the Amren “April Fools” joke
      article of the day {but I am a day early it seems}. $50 for anyone who can repetively say “Daquantrious” 5X fast. WTF? The lulz just never stop.

      • Truth be told, I thought other posters here made up the name “Shitavious”, regarding a murder case. Sadly, I was wrong.

      • thomasdosborneii

        The names alone make me think that the “Onion” will soon be out of business (if it isn’t already), because now every news story sounds like a gag.

      • Spikeygrrl

        I just did it at least 10x…but of course keep your $50 because there’s no way for you to verify in realtime.

        It would seem that even our (Whites’) jokes just aren’t funny any more.

        Here’s the hardest tongue twister I’ve ever encountered. (Before we begin: Leeth is a town in England.)

        “The Leeth policeman lightly dismisseth us.”

        Looks easy, neh? Try it.

        You can hate me later. ;-D

  • Remember that video about the black people of Ferguson? One of their complaints was that applicants with “black sounding” names were less likely to get called for an interview than those with “white sounding” names. So, my question is this: If that WERE true, why would a black parent give the child such a name?

    • I thinking individual would consider the IQ question.

      • Greg Thomas

        When you look at their mugshots, you find the answer to the IQ question. I would bet Daquantrius tops out at about a 65.

        • Douglas Quaid

          They do all look semi-retarded.

      • “A thinking individual..” you just raised the bar too high for liberals, friend.

    • Douglas Quaid

      Right, John or David seem far more presentable than Daquarius. If I’m a boss looking over applications Daquarius is an automatic flush. It screams crazy black imbecile who will only cause problems.

      • “No! I menz dat I got pride inmi ‘frican ‘mericun eritage. Datz wats its means dawg. Nah kin I av dat job?”

      • Always have applicants call and leave a voice message on a dedicated line. You can easily screen out the stupid and crazy ones by hearing their voice. This technique works with rental applications also.

  • John Q. Whiteman

    Has anyone done a study about the correlation between absurd, contrived names and criminality?

    • thomasdosborneii

      Those names show the mindset of the mothers, which gives a clue as to the attitudes that are inculcated into the children. Surely there would be a correlation and a study of that would be fascinating.

    • Blackfish

      No. That would be racist


  • Cid Campeador

    His ridiculous name should be grounds for execution. Wichita suffered one of the worst crimes imaginable several years ago, courtesy of the Carr Brothers who are living off the Kansas taxpayers when they should have been stood up or more poetically slammed face down and shot in the back of their heads as they did their innocent WHITE victims. If the Justice System doesn’t protect the White population, the White population is going to start taking matters into their own hands. It’s inevitable. Every human being has his threshold of tolerance.

    • bv


    • Snazzy Snook

      If it hasn’t happened by now, it never will ..
      I mean really, how much can whites take?
      Apparently a lot, I guess.

  • USofAntiWhite

    Thank god diversity was there for her when she really needed it. Diversity is our strength.

    • thomasdosborneii

      I think that guy should be charged for her death. His presence certainly aggravated her condition.

    • clearly he should be recruited into the Navy. Maybe even made a Rear Admiral

      • texasoysterman

        Rear Admiral. Maybe that could be his nickname in the joint.

    • We need billboards with pictures of white victims and black perps and that very slogan emblazoned across the top. It’s such a powerful message and gets right to the point.

  • IceQueen

    What is it with these crazy names? It is etymological bling.

    • Kenner

      Great, now one will be dubbed ‘Ettamalogica Bling’.

      • brior


  • Hammerheart

    Gotta hand it to the orcs to remind us to be vigilant, always

    • Who are you calling an “orc”?

      • Hammerheart

        Lol, my apologies Mr. Scott.

    • Snazzy Snook

      Yes, never relax around blacks, even if you’re having a heart attack/stroke ..

  • Spikeygrrl

    Danielle Zimmerman. Any relation to George?

  • Douglas Quaid

    I don’t think we are far from blacks giving their kids names like “Frito-Lay”, “Olde-English”, and “Dorrito’s-Ranch”… it’s far easier than coming up with names like Dequantrius (is that what his stupid name was)?

    • Spikeygrrl

      “Idiocracy.” Watch it. Love it

      • Alden

        Urethra and Chalmydia are lovely feminine names for girl orcs

        • Who Me?

          And don’t forget the twins, Rah’Jeena and Va’Jeena.

      • President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho

        • SoulInvictus



    • Blackfish

      Our receptionist had kids (both boys) named Mercedes and Maserati.

  • bv

    Where do they come up with God damn names????!!!!!

  • Earl Turner

    I’ve posted about this before, but given the gibberish name in this story, I have to post again.

    Go on Google Images and start making up “-avious” and “-arius” names. I promise you, for every single one – and I mean every single one – you enter, there will be a mugshot.

    • brior

      Dang that’s fun!

    • TCA

      Ex Gladio Libertas!

  • Hilis Hatki

    Daquantrius, Quanique …. oh I thought those were genus or species names. Maybe thats it, they employ a scientific classification naming system to indicate the subspecies. Or a Scrabble system of naming.

  • Yancy Derringer

    “Crimes committed while on probation.” Less probation. Make them serve their sentences.

  • TrueNorthFree

    LOL – But then he should be aware that the “ring of power” corrupts – look what it did to Gollum!

  • ElComadreja

    Sheeit. Dat white wimmens din’ need dat ring no mo’, gnomesane?

  • Earl P. Holt III

    He needed money for crack, and would have preferred to rob the Poor Box at the local Catholic Church, but it was empty…

  • Lt. Greyman, NVA

    Some stories about negros are so disgusting, you want to shower after reading them. Dying woman, all alone, gets robbed by vultures. Uck.

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    So when is the march? Protests? Looting?

  • Whitetrashgang

    Yes a average diamond is worth about 5 dollars, if that.

  • DNA Explains It All

    Diamonds have many many uses besides being bling. Hard and good for grinding ANYTHING ELSE. Thermal transfer, faster than any thing else. Diamonds are far from worthless. Debeers does jack their “shiny stuff” value up artificially.

  • slobotnavich

    Where do these “people” come up with these names?

  • TCA

    Just when I thought the names couldn’t get any more preposterous.

  • Google “Have you ever tried to sell a diamond?” It’s an old article from The Atlantic. Very eye-opening indeed.

  • Wing-nut.

    “Unfortunately, you have become a predator on others in our society . . .
    and the public must be protected from predators and the community must
    be safeguarded”.

    Never thought I would ever hear the truth from a judge in today’s world.

  • Alden

    Lots of things cut glass including potato peelers and just about anything in your sewing box
    There are some incredibly good fakes, not zircons something else.