George Zimmerman Accuses Obama of Inflaming Racial Tensions

Jethro Mullen, CNN, March 24, 2015

George Zimmerman says he bears a grudge against President Obama, accusing him of inflaming racial tensions around the Trayvon Martin case.

Zimmerman, who was acquitted of murder in 2013 over Martin’s death, made the allegations against Obama in a video posted on his lawyers’ website.


In the new video, Zimmerman claims it was Obama who stoked racial tensions surrounding the case.

He cites the President’s remarks in March 2012, when the case was still being investigated, in which Obama said, “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.”

“To me, that was clearly a dereliction of duty, pitting Americans against each other solely based on race,” Zimmerman says in the conversation with his lawyer Howard Iken, who does not appear on camera.


Asked if he felt there was one government agency or official who brought the most unfairness to his situation, Zimmerman is quick to respond.

“By far, the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama,” he says.


Zimmerman’s comments are the first since the U.S. Justice Department announced last month that it wouldn’t bring any civil rights charges against him.

He says that he feels that “the Department of Justice process worked,” but also that it should have investigated whether his civil rights were violated.

“They had various numerous examples of bounties place on my head, credible threats placed against myself and my family,” he says, adding that “the President and the Attorney General and the federal government declined to do anything about it.”



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  • Hammerheart

    I wish y’all could’ve heard my roaring guffaw when the media insisted Mr. Zimmerman was a ‘white Hispanic’

    • Whitetrashgang

      Should not these people be called native American mystery meat or something else?

      • Bossman

        Hurrah for the Native Americans, just a little bit of white ancestry is enough to make them look white. That is one reason why Europe was able to extend itself into the Americas.

        • Whitetrashgang

          Smoking crack is wrong.

        • You’ll never look white, Pepe. Real whites can tell the difference.

        • Alexandra1973

          The reverse is true. At most I think I’m 1/32 Amerind but you can tell by my eyes that I have some Amerind ancestry.

          I identify as White, though.

          • pcmustgo

            It can skip generations too and come out more strongly in certain siblings. I have part native-american white friends with these issues going on. They’re like 1/8th Amer-ind, but you can still see traces of it.

          • Who Me?

            I’m 1/8th Choctaw and you could never tell it by looking at me. I have thick, wavy bright red hair, (or did till age caught up with me) blue eyes, and skin that’s just about 1/2 shade darker than albino. I have no Amerind features whatsoever. I was raised white, and self-identify as white. Anybody that ever saw me would say without hesitation, “that’s a white woman.” My children and grandchildren are white. We are all proud WHITE Americans.

          • meanqueen

            I’m 1/16, unclear from family history whether Choctaw or Cherokee or perhaps both. My DNA test puts me at 98% England/Scotland/Ireland and doesn’t measure the Amerind at all. Another DNA databank shows Amerind at around 1%. Strange because while I look completely Celtic and fair, my great grandmother looked like a full blooded Indian (she wasn’t, she was only half, but still). Surprised that the features and coloring disappeared so rapidly, and my children are also fair. I looked into gov benefits since my percentage would qualify but I couldn’t prove lineage and our family was not on the Dawson Rolls.

          • ghettovalley

            A lot of us have some native American ancestry. I myself have a touch, a sixteenth I believe. I have slightly rounded cheek bones like an Indian. I’m white, though. Just about as white as you can get.

        • Hilis Hatki

          True, depending on the nation, and tribes within that nation. Southest- skin colors of different shades of olive and copper. Would lighten when not exposed to sun. Some groups had broad rounded faces some had long angular faces. Males in Southheast were frequently over 6ft., seldom below 5’9″. Tuskalusa and his son were so big that there were only 2 of DeSoto’s horses they could ride. In some tribes the women would have a bodyshape particular to that tribe. Same phenomenon seen in the men also. Hair black to brown. Creek women had a petiteness.One woman was taken back to Mexico where the Spannish women clamored for her company because of her elegance and beauty. Just a little bit of white ancestry needed to bring out the rest. Not sure about the extending benefit.

        • Rhialto

          Language note: Only Liberals or those writing for Liberals use the euphemism “Native American” for American Indian/American Aborigine.

          • ElComadreja

            Anyone born on American soil is a “Native American”.

      • I call them indios or Aztecs. They hate it but it’s far more accurate.

      • pcmustgo

        Zimmerman is part Black! His mother is Afro-Peruvian… His nose is a black nose! He looks like a typical mixed race Hispanic…

        • Ella

          I would THIS bricks if my daughter brought him home to date. He would not pass for White in my house.

        • meanqueen

          That’s what I thought. Thank you. (I posted above.)

        • Bossman

          Have you seen his brother? He looks like a Mediterranean white man. When it comes to cross-breeding, it is all a matter of shades and degrees of whiteness.

          • Alden

            His brother looks just like him. The only difference is that the brother is a lot thinner. So he does not have the full face of George

    • He was the world’s first white Hispanic.

      Ted Cruz just joined him.

      • Hammerheart

        I’m just glad the DoJ didn’t get their witch hunt. I guess he wasn’t white enough. He made the right call and it required courage to do that.

      • Jason Lewis

        Cruz has European Spanish blood doesnt he? Cuban yes but Spanish Cuban.

        • His mother is Italian-Irish ethnic native born white American, his Cuban father seems to be what they call “Criollo,” that is, a New World white Spaniard who never mixed with Amerind. So racially, he’s about as lily white as one can be. Now, as for his policies, those leave something to agree with but something to be desired.

          • Jason Lewis

            Yes his daughters are blonde blue eyed. People think Republicans will get the hispanic vote with him. I’m not so sure.

          • He’d lose the (inconsequential) Hispanic vote by about the usual 2-1 margin that any other Republican would.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Not so “inconsequential” when — sometime between today and November 2016 — Dear Leader Soetoro grants to Latino illegal aliens the right to vote by arrogant, flagrantly illegal fiat Executive Order.

            Move over, Negroes, there’s a new oppressed minority in town.

          • Cid Campeador

            “Move over, Negroes, there’s a new oppressed minority in town”.
            Look out Homies!!! Duh Eses be comin’ fo yo Ass”!

          • Bossman

            That is very funny.

          • nordicman

            hey, as long as they stay away from us, don’t get our tax dollars, I could care less what they do to each other. Leave us whites alone!

          • Any Executive Order can be revoked at whim by the next President.

          • Spikeygrrl

            But if all those illegals get to vote in 2016, our next POTUS will be a person who will take Barry Soetoro’s “reforms” even further.


            Which is why I am so dismayed that so many libertarians and conservatives intend to stay home on Voting Day 2016. I don’t approve of the current crop of Republican Congresscritters any more than the stay-homers do, but even the most stagnant Republicans STILL do less damage than determined, activist Leftists.

          • Alden

            But they never do Executive orders last forever

          • Even then, they won’t be very consequential.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Respectfully, I must disagree. As of the 2010 Census, Negroes make up 12.5% of the U.S. population…and Latinos make up 17%. Furthermore, that 17% is drastically understated; first because how many illegal aliens do you think told the truth to the census-takers if they couldn’t manage to avoid them completely, and second because there has been a tidal wave of Latinos crossing our southern border since 2010.

            NOBODY questions that Negroes — at “only” 12.5% — have had an enormous and pernicious effect on U.S. election outcomes. And Hispanics are ruinously undercounted at 17%!

            So, given these pesky truths, do you care to try that “not very consequential” remark again?

          • Yes, but Hispanics punch well under their demographic weight in voting.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            I wouldn’t bet on that…

          • Who can offer the bigger welfare checks? Ted Cruz, or a generic pasty white Democrat?

            Bet on that.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            They are not all n***ers: Some will find a certain resonance in his campaign themes. It won’t be a majority, but it will make inroads into the communist party’s claim on the “Hispanic Vote”…

          • Oh I agree, he’ll get a third of it.

          • Bossman

            Hispanics are very loyal to any one who is considered to be Hispanic. They were dancing in the streets all over Latin America when Pope Francis became Pope.

          • EuropeanIdentity33

            I have never heard anyone say that the current pope is Hispanic. Most people refer to him as Italian-Argentine. By the way when I was in Spain, most Spaniards I met couldn’t stand Latin American mestizos and they didn’t consider them “Hispanic”.

          • IstvanIN

            But Spain allows them to immigrate!

          • EuropeanIdentity33

            I think the Spanish government still believes in the Hispanic cultural unity that Falangism preached. Which could be why they allow them to immigrate.

          • Ella

            Ignorance is bliss. Until people have first hand experience, they no longer have myths that guide them.

          • EuropeanIdentity33

            I’m not sure about that, I’ve met strongly racialist people from some of the whitest places out there, like eastern Europe, Montana, Maine etc. However some of the most liberal people I have ever met were whites who grew up in black ghettos and went to majority black schools.

          • Cid Campeador

            Alas. They still do except many Spaniards are not happy with it.
            The culture of these jungle bred immigrants bears no resemblance to the culture of Spain. The only common element might be the language. Language shouldn’t trump Sociopath behavior.
            The West is making a great effort to commit ethnic suicide.

          • Cid Campeador

            During the mid 60s we could walk around in the Retiro Park at 2:00 a.m. and not fear for our safety. The Guardia Civil were always there totin’ their Subs. Ahora es una situación muy distinta.

            I think a lot of Spaniards wish that El Caudillo were still around.

          • Cid Campeador

            I was talking to the Maitre D’ at a hotel in Madrid and he went on a rant about Spain’s Immigration Policy. He especially detested Paraguayans and Ecuadorians. He described them as “salvajes” who would slit your throat for making eye contact with them.

          • ElComadreja

            I had a friend of European Spanish ancestry who would get incensed when people assumed he was one of these south of the border mongrels.

          • One of my undergrad girlfriends was from Spain, and she totally detested Mexicans.

          • I think South American Spanish stems from an older form of Castillian, which has diverged in some respects from the original. Of course native terms have crept in, but they have in English as well. Caribbean Indians gave us the words “barbecue”, “hammock”, “hurricane” and “cannibal” to name a few. From mainland Amerinds, English acquired “tomahawk”, among others. We got “bungalow” from subcontinental Gujarati. The subcontinental word “cyclone” and the various Asian words that roughly pronounce as “typhoon” have also been borrowed, which all mean the same as “hurricane”. The word “shark” is of Mayan origin; the Spanish would be something like “tiburon”. One would think that English would have simply appropriated the Germanic term “Haifisch” for the same animals.

            Languages change over time.

          • EuropeanIdentity33

            True, as for South American Spanish, most Spanish speaking countries have their own dialects that border on being different languages. For example in Argentina the language they speak is a mix between Italian and Spanish while Mexico they have more Aztec and Arabic words. They also have many different ways to pronounce words, like in Spain they pronounce double L’s as a y sound, but in Venezuela they pronounce it as an English j.

          • Alden

            Barbecue is French for ” from beard to tail” cooking the whole animal at once

          • Irish

            The Holy Father is Italian.

          • Since the Vatican is an independent nation (surrounded by Italy), the Pope isn’t even technically an Italian citizen.

          • Irish

            I assume you jest..What I meant of couse is that as the son of Italian immigrants he is Italian by blood..He actually has dual Argentine & Italian citizenship.

          • Alden

            All his ancestors and both parents are of Italian ethnicity as are 50 or more percent of Argentineans

          • Bossman

            But he identifies strongly with Latin America and the Latin Americans all love him. When I watched his inauguration, I saw a picture of a black woman from the Dominican Republic crying because she was so happy that un Latino Americano was now Pope.

          • Cid Campeador

            About half the Argentine population is of Italian descent.
            Juan Perón was originally Perrone.

          • Cid Campeador

            The ‘Fadist” Catholics should be thrilled to have the first Marxist Pontiff. He’s going to Fundamentally Transform the Church Per Omnia Saecula Saeculorum. AMEN
            Jesus DID say that ” It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter Heaven”.
            Liberation Theology is the theme now. How do you blend “Theology” with an Atheist philosophy?

          • Irish

            He’d get about as much of the Mexican vote as Alan Keyes would get of the Black vote…infinitesimal…Texicans perhaps being the one exception who seem to feel a real sense of ownership of that State in a way other Mexicans do not.

          • MikeofAges

            States, man. States are what count. Think Florida. More than anything, Florida. But also Ohio, which can be very close. The Democrats fear more than anything else, any slippage in the minority vote. Their chances could vanish if they lost any significant percentage of the the two major minorities, black and Hispanic.

          • This is why they must perpetually up their game on the “gibsmedat” promises.

          • “States are what count.”

            And that’s one of the things that bothers me about Ted Cruz’s Presidential campaign so far. The way he’s choosing his flagship issues only means that he would win already red states by even bigger margins. “Stand with Israel?” (As if that’s such a rare commodity in American politics). For what? So that he can win Alabama by 25 points instead of 20 points?

            What he doesn’t seem to get is something that most lamestream conservatives don’t get because they’ve convinced themselves that the four million people who did vote for John McCain but did not vote for Mitt Romney didn’t vote because of some lamestream conservative purity test that Romney supposedly failed. (Are we to believe that McCain was more conservative than Romney?) They don’t understand who the “four million missing Republicans” really are, where they are, why they are, and why they didn’t vote. In reality, they are Reagan Democrat style Perot voter style working middle class whites outside the South. Who don’t much care about Israel either way. Who want the kind of economic populism that someone who could have easily been a hedge fund billionaire had he never left that business could not deliver.

            However, since neither Ted Cruz nor most of that party understands that, they think that all that’s necessary is to run a more “pure” more articulate better credentialed lamestream conservative up the flagpole and that will make everything better.

            Cruz could get the Reagan-Perot non-Southern Democrats, and Jeff Sessions could teach him how. But as long as he’s trying to split the goalposts between Jeff Sessions and the donors on immigration, that won’t be possible.

          • MikeofAges

            This is a good and strong argument. Events will prove it right or wrong, but it is very incisive and something to think about. One thing I think you are hinting is that a candidate who follows his own star might do better with the voter. People eventually tire of schemers, electoral bean counters, and edge seekers. That also is Hillary Clinton’s weakness. Always has been throughout her life. She calculates and schemes too much and people get sick of it. Sometimes, you have to just go out there with your sword in one hand and your shield in the other and fight. Hillary finally did that in 2008 even it was clear by then that Barack would be the nominee, and for once in her life she earned some respect. Even from me. But she pissed it away by going back to her scheming, calculating ways. How can someone lead when they gain office by scheming and calculating against the will of the voters? I have some serious doubts whether Hillary Clinton will be able govern if she gets herself elected. She does not know to build wide popularity and her bullying methods will quickly alienate many people. If she has run even her own party by terror, how far will she get?

          • Alden

            The dream 2 issue ticket; pres Cruz for Israel Ben Carson anti abortion I ‘ m sure 200 million Whites will vote for that

          • Jason Lewis

            People like the idea of Ben Carson. The guy hasnt done anything outside of medicine.

        • Irish

          Between 1910 & 1950 1.1 million Spanish people moved to Cuba. Castro came to power in 59 and the exodus quickly began thereafter. Anybody with any resources / and or education made it to The States..If you’ve ever seen Ted Cruz’s Father he is clearly a White-European man..The majority of people who stayed behind in Cuba were poor Blacks & Mulattos who liked the new arrangement, at least at first…Like Martin Sheen Ted Cruz’s Mother is Mostly Irish (Sheen’s is from Eire)..The word Hispanic is a ethno-rights group hustle looking for a people..Sammy Sosa & Gisele Bundchen are both “Hispanics”. Give me a flippen break..

          • nordicman

            Yep, the Hispanics then were white Spanish people, compared to the darker-skinned Amerindians and Mestizos. But even the ‘white’ looking ‘hispanics’ today are ripping on their white side for brownie points.

          • Irish

            Not Cruz.

          • Alden

            Republican Nixon created the Hispanic race by executive order in time for the 1970 census. He acted on orders of the Ford Foundation and his handler Kissinger

            Bund hen is not Hispanic because she is Brazilian. Brazil and Portugal
            Are excluded from the Hispanic race because the language is not Spanish

        • Cid Campeador

          Yes but he WAS born in Canada. I don’t know how that works. I suppose that he was born of two parents who were American citizens; his mother by birth in Wilmington, DE. and his dad by naturalization. I don’t know how the laws are in Canada.

      • Zimriel

        Well, first since Hernán Cortés de Monroy y Pizarro, anyway.

      • Irish

        I live in SoFlo and see White-Hispanics every day, and Zimmerman isnt one.

        • Cid Campeador

          I see them as well. They are generally of White ( Criollo) ancestry as is Lisette Gonzalez the lovely meteorologist on the Miami channel.

          • Irish

            Very attractive. .Jackie Nespral’s o.k. too…Daisy Fuentes started out as the weather girl in the other big Cuban-American encampment Jersey City N.J…If she didn’t do it for you back in the day you either need to check your T levels, or your playing on the other team.

        • ElComadreja

          He’s a mestizo with a bit of negrito thrown in.

          • Irish

            On Mom’s side anyway.

        • Unperson

          But in his actions and his opinions — especially now with his brave denunciation of Obama — George Zimmerman is very much White. Had he not been a White man in his thinking, he would never have volunteered for that Neighborhood Watch gig that nearly cost him his life (and in many ways, ruined his life).

          For me, Zim is an Honorary White Man. He is welcome at my (imaginary) Country Club anytime.

          • Alden

            And since his life was destroyed because he is part White and has a German name it behooves all us Whites to totally support him

      • pcmustgo

        Rubio too.

  • Oil Can Harry

    Attention all you p.c., diversity-loving social justice warriors: this is what a man with guts looks like.

    Stop protesting him and start emulating him.

    • nordicman

      I have more respect when whites (whites who look like whites) publicly talk about race like the white men who participated in the white man march

  • superlloyd

    Zimmerman is right. Obama and Holder should be prosecuted for violating his civil rights.

    • Jason Lewis

      I wish his NBC suit hadnt failed.

      • meanqueen

        That was a deck stacked against him.

        • Cid Campeador

          IT seems that after this whole Trayvon thing died down, George began to demonstrate anomalous behavior such as hitting his wife and being pulled over several times for traffic violations.
          One would think that after being acquitted, he would try to stay under the radar.

          • Stress can do unpleasant things to people. The feds gave me a free – but mandatory – head-shrinker for three years after my release, which helped quite a lot. No meds, but a weekly chat for an hour. Yes, I’m PTSD. I can’t do anything about that except stay busy. I have completely hideous nightmares.

            The legal system really jacked with George Zimmerman, so a bit of screwy behavior on his part is to be expected.

          • WR_the_realist

            I have completely hideous nightmares.

            War will do that to anybody.

          • Child-abuse, war and prison: collect the whole set! Eventually a fellow just has to cowboy-up and say, “Well, OK.”

            It is a relief to wake up in my own bed.

          • meanqueen

            Well, he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, is he? Nonetheless, I do believe his version of events completely.

  • Daniel Holland

    Sounds well timed… Then again his employment prospects are gone so why not cash in.

  • David Ashton

    Let’s not see whether Mr Zimmerman is disqualified by his grandmother’s eye-color for SS membership and instead join him in opposition to “liberal” and “black” prejudice over crime and enforcement.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    The liberal media is far more to blame than Obama though Obama clearly exposed his racial bias. Look how the 24/7 cable news media can take a simple case of self defense and almost turn it into a race riot. Something needs to be done about mainstream racial propaganda on the cable news networks like CNN and MSNBC. To continually label someone who violently beat someone as an “unarmed black teen” was done for one purpose and one purpose only, to incite racial hatred in blacks. If the cable news networks did not do what they did in this case, I feel George Zimmerman would never have been charged with a crime.
    The liberal media did the very same thing with Mike Brown. Calling a 240 pound black teen unarmed is laughable, as if unarmed people are always innocent and can’t kill or injure others. Seems the liberal media really wants a race war.

    • Who owns the media, again?

      • meanqueen

        Oh for pity’s sake give it a rest – the vast majority of damaging libtards in America are gentiles.

        • Robert Smith

          Never confuse the sheep with the shepherd.

        • Why would I give it a rest? “The media” are not some nebulous, natural force. They are companies owned and operated by other human beings. Is it so taboo to name them? If so, why is that?

          • meanqueen

            First, all the media outlets are not owned by Js. Secondly, there is no secret plot by the entire J population that involves world domination. Potential recruits to white nationalism might wince a bit at the harsh language used to discuss blacks here, but many would still agree with the assessment that black society is in steep decline and black crime is out of hand. However, most are not going to buy into the big J conspiracy.

          • Your entire response consists of red herrings and straw men, considering I did nothing but ask, “Who owns the media?”

            By the way, Joel Stein (guess his ethnicity) totally disagrees with you. Is he an evil white NaziwhowantstokillsixmillionJews conspiracy theorist too? Perhaps he’s just gauche enough to notice out loud what everyone already knows but isn’t supposed to say in polite company.


          • meanqueen

            ms-anthro, you miss my point entirely. It is not the JEW in these people, it’s the LIBTARD in these people that is the problem. I don’t condemn people for accidents of birth. I condemn people for conscious choices they make. There’s a huge difference. I don’t hate all black people, but I agree there are too many of them involved in either committing crimes or supporting/excusing those who do commit crimes. I really don’t care if, as a group, their IQ is lower than other races. Some very nice people are not very intelligent but they can still have a place in society. Likewise with Jews. I don’t hate them – I find many things to admire about the Jews I have known, but I agree that too many of them are supporting/have supported leftist policies that wrecked society. Why would I condemn all blacks or all Jews? Where’s the sense in that? Where’s the sense in constantly making little digs here on AmRen like “‘you-know-who'” owns the media” – what about all the Jews who don’t own the media (which is almost all of them)? It seems to me the purpose of those kinds of comments here is to get everyone to resent and suspect every Jew they see. I’m not going to do that. And anyone who really despises Jews and wants a Juden-free society should be an ARDENT ZIONIST – get them packing to Israel. Doesn’t that make sense? Yet, somehow, all the Jew haters also want to destroy Israel. What’s the message there? Don’t be here, don’t be there, don’t be anywhere. It’s just a veiled call for violence and you can deny that all you want to but you know it’s true. How about creating an atmosphere where like-minded blacks and Jews can feel welcome. Some percentage of them also support race preservation and traditional values.

          • Once again, you’re operating from a faulty premise to begin with. First, you presume to read my mind by telling me what my own intentions are. Then, you go on from that presumption to decide that I have sinister motives, up to and including calling for violence against Jews. That’s quite a leap, unless of course you know that’s not remotely what I said or implied and are simply trying to stop this conversation entirely.

            No. I’m after the truth. The truth is that the Tribe is disproportionately represented among mainstream media ownership. Instead of shouting down or attempting to shame anyone who points this out, why not explore the possible reasons behind it? The more shrilly I am told to stop noticing, the more determined I am to investigate–and talk about–exactly what I’m not supposed to see. Your personal opinions about Jews are irrelevant, as are mine. Like you, I’ve known many fine Jews. However, I’m not callow enough to let that blind me to the facts, nor will it stop me from talking about them with other similarly honest people.

            There has been no call for violence here but please continue valiantly battling these terrifying straw men of your own creation. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to talk about this very real and very important issue with those who can address the actual content of my posts.

          • meanqueen

            Even if it were true that “the tribe” controls the media (and it’s not), what’s your point? Let’s say you succeed in convincing the whole world of this – what is the next step? What is to be done about it? And please tell me, what’s the “reason” the Jews control the media again?

          • We name the Jew.

            Then what?

            More Jew naming?

            If we name the Jew, almost all people will either not care or gush over the Jews we just named.

            This is the USA 2015, not Germany 1935.

            In reality, Jew naming these days will only lead to more vicious and more acrimonious internet beefs.

          • meanqueen

            QD, I may not be able to read between the lines, but I really am not sure what you’re saying here. Are you saying the entire J conversation is pointless in view of the larger WN goal? Okay. I still want to know what is the point of “naming the Jew.” Jews as a whole are not guilty here. Why not just focus on the individuals who are our enemies? I don’t understand the klan mentality. I never have.

          • It means “Jew” is our movement’s cat nip. Someone say “Jew” or any related word or even imply it, and many of us will go bat dipstick crazy and lose our minds.

          • What’s the point of naming the people who are responsible for inflaming anti-white tensions and hatred around the world? The question answers itself.

            I don’t claim to have the answers. I’m asking questions in hopes of finding them. Your repeated attempts to attack me personally for asking such simple, logical questions reveal that these are important questions indeed. Thanks for confirming that we’re on the right track!

          • meanqueen

            Can’t you just name individuals, or is that too much work? Easier to convict the ethnic group in toto? Clearly that makes good sense to you, but it makes no sense to me at all. It makes no sense particularly because I know Jews who agree with much of what we all say here. And btw, I’m not attacking you. I have upvoted numerous of your posts. I just find the J conspiracy to be beneath us. That’s my opinion. You won’t agree. We don’t have to continue this further unless you want to, in which case I will.

          • I posted an article written by a Jew naming powerful Jews in Hollywood. Granted, it’s from 2008, but based on my last cursory Googling of these companies, not much as changed. This thread isn’t about Jews in Hollywood, so no, I don’t see a reason to create an exhaustive list, especially since it’s available to anyone with a basic search engine. However, that Jews are disproportionately represented is beyond dispute. What we do with that information is, of course, up to us.

            I find it fascinating that people who really don’t want anyone to talk about this simultaneously insist that A) it isn’t true and b) even if it is true, so what, it’s not a big deal and c) it’s so not a big deal that talking about it automatically means you want to kill Jews. It’s either cognitive dissonance or intentional misdirection.

            I generally like your posts also, which is why your blind spot on this matter surprises me. Then again, it’s the ultimate taboo in our society and we’ve been well-conditioned (by the media, naturally) to reflexively hate anyone who brings it up. The first important question is: why? No one reacts similarly when it’s pointed out that, say, blacks are overly represented in the NBA.

          • meanqueen

            Well, first of all, I have never denied the overrepresentation of Jews in all things libtard. I’m sure you’ve seen many of my posts stating as much. So I don’t have a blind spot, as you say. I am repulsed by PC conditioning with regard to anything, so that’s not an explanation for my approach either. Trying to shut down debate is a libtard tactic – I abhor it and don’t do it. I have never tried to stop you from pointing out that most Jews in America are liberal or leftist – I do that all the time myself. It’s obvious that most Jews in America are liberals and vote Dem as though their life depended on it. Please don’t misunderstand and think I’m denying it. What I denied is that all or even most of the media is run by Jews. If that were true, we’d have better, more fair and balanced coverage of ME events. If you haven’t noticed, the media all across the board has been trying to destroy Israel for decades. So you just cannot convince me that Jews control the media. Hollywood and academia are other matters. When I need to speak about the issue specifically, I speak in terms of leftist Jews, liberal Jews, Marxist Jews, etc – I never say simply “Jews” because I know that’s not accurate. There are Reagan Jews, conservative Jews, even WN Jews!

          • Alden

            I once made a list of all the attorneys on the anti White side in every affirmative action lawsuit and and state referendum. A whopping 90 percent had obviously Jewish names I did not count names like Berman and Kaufman, just the most obviously Jewish ones.
            Check out the names of the attorneys in Brown vs Topeka. The actor Thurgood Marshall who spoke his memorized lines in court was the only non Jew in those school busing cases

          • meanqueen

            Yes, there are too many leftist Jewish lawyers in the world. I agree.

          • SoulInvictus

            It is increasingly amusing when this conversation inevitably pops up.
            It takes minimal research to see that nearly every book you read,movie you watch, church you attend, or dollar you spend, has passed through their hands before reaching you.

            If the Vatican, Baptists, or the Mormons, or whoever, was in this position, of course they’d use it to further an agenda.
            But in those examples, at least it would be more likely to be accidental as they comprise much more than 2% of the population.

            I understand people not wanting to think it. They’ve been trained since childhood to feel guilty for even pondering it. It’s been more successful than any indoctrination by any nobility class ever. If they’d view it in that respect, knowing that post Magna Carta the monied class, the merchants, the bankers, the creditors are become the ruling aristocracy, then it becomes more logically palatable.
            Maybe it’s the interest in history and the lens it provides to view through that makes it more transparent to some.

            I mean… speaking of which, good God, in the Magna Carta of 1215, ->1215<-, they had to stipulate protections for the young and widows against these lenders. There's no mass murdering conspiracy or crazy paranoia, but a clear eyed legal response to something that must have been a pressing problem even way, way back then.

            "10. If one who has borrowed from the Jews any sum, great or small, die before that loan be repaid, the debt shall not bear interest while the heir is under age, of whomsoever he may hold; and if the debt fall into our hands, we will not take anything except the principal sum contained in the bond.

            11. And if anyone die indebted to the Jews, his wife shall have her
            dower and pay nothing of that debt; and if any children of the deceased are left under age, necessaries shall be provided for them in keeping with the holding of the deceased; and out of the residue the debt shall be paid, reserving, however, service due to feudal lords; in like manner let it be done touching debts due to others than Jews." – Magna Carta

            It's actually more logical, more intelligent to see these things, when it has been simply an acknowledged fact throughout all of Western history.

            Does it not strike you as odd that all of the world is either governed under a particular flavor or crony capitalism primarily fueled by Usury, or some version of social/commun-ism?
            “Some call it Marxism, I call it Judaism”. Rabbi Stephen Wise

            “The Bolshevik leaders here, most of whom are Jews and 90 percent of whom are returned exiles, care little for Russia or any other country but are internationalists and they are trying to start a worldwide social revolution.” – David R. Francis, U.S. Ambassador to Russia, 1918

            It is truly amazing, awe striking really, the degree to which our entire people have been numbed to the reality surrounding them. It’s as if the kings and robber barons magically cloak their crowns and your subservience via guilt and complex fine print legalese…

        • Alden

          Jews are the leaders dumb Gentiles are the followers

      • Most of those corporations have publicly-traded stock, so in answer to your question, your own pension plan, IRA or 401(k) probably own a nice chunk of the media.

        • The Worlds Scapegoat

          Who owns/controls all the IRA/Pension fund companies?


        • They do not run themselves. Let’s not be disingenuous.

    • Cid Campeador

      It’s so amazing how all these cretins were outraged by an incident that the “The Gentle Giant” brought upon himself. His “gentility” certainly didn’t appear in the video where he was pushing around the little store owner.

  • Alden

    Here is Tim Wise’s speaking schedule for the next 7 months, if anyone wants to go and protest.Tim Wise
    Leading Anti-Racist Writer and Educator

    03/25/15: Charlotte, NC Queens University of Charlotte
    03/30/15: Huntsville, AL Oakwood University
    04/7/15: New Orleans, LA Loyola University
    04/10/15 – 04/11/15: Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
    04/17/15 – 04/18/15: Fayetteville, AR University of Arkansas
    04/20/15: Bryn Mawr , PA Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church
    04/21/15: Providence, RI Providence College
    04/23/15: St. Petersburg , FL YWCA of Tampa Bay
    07/23/15: Phoenix, AZ Arizona State University
    09/11/15: Huntington, WV Tri-State Conference on Diversity and Inclusion (on campus of Marshall University)
    10/9/15: Portland, OR Teaching with Purpose Conference
    10/14/15: Portland, OR Warner Pacific College
    10/19/15: Providence, RI Rhode Island School of Design

    • Robert Smith

      I wonder if these places know he is anti-white. Maybe if a few thousand people called and let them know they’d change their minds. Nah, but it’s a start.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    If martin had been killed by another black or Hispanic, we would have never heard a thing.

    It was only after the media falsely immediately labeled Zimmerman as “White” that all hell broke loose – including thousands of death threats and calls for decapitating and anally raping Zim.

    Hell, the American president came out publicly against Zim.

    Zim suffered as a White would suffer! – and he isn’t even White!

    Welcome to our world, George, where no good deed goes unpunished.

    Now you know what it’s like to be White in modern day America.

    If you’re “White”, no good deed goes unpunished, George, and now you know what it’s like to be White in modern-day America.

  • Who Me?

    He’s telling the bald truth here.
    He’s also catching flack for quoting a line from Anne Frank–which he gave her credit for, so there is no plagiarism involved–I don’t quite see why, except that the media is determined to find some fault with everything he does and says, and use any means possible to deflect all criticism of Obama and Holder.
    Oh and by the way, pudgy little Georgie isn’t white, he was labelled as white by the media, over-eager to start crucifying a “white racist” for the sin of attacking one of the regimes’ pets. When they were FORCED to admit their mistake, they simply invented a whole new category–“White-Hispanic”. Nobody ever heard of a “White-Hispanic” before that. I wish he had won his suit against NBC for publishing those first misleading and inflammatory photos of the baby-faced, 10-year-old Skittles darling.

    • libertarian1234

      The corrupt judge Nelson ruled that the people at NBC who altered the tapes acted on their own and NBC had no hand in it, but how many cases have we heard of or read about wherein the employer of employees who commit a civil tort are held responsible and must pay monetary damages, because they were enablers of the tort and/or created a climate wherein misbehavior was ignored?

      Why Zimmerman’s lawyer didn’t appeal Nelson’s decision is a mystery to me, because I’m pretty sure there was an open and shut case here against NBC.
      I’m fairly certain the lack of follow-up on civil action was due to Zimmerman’s lawyer for whatever reason.

      The Florida legal system is rife with biased oddballs like Nelson and the prosecutor, Angela Corey, who said that she wanted to get “Justice for Trayvon” before she even examined the evidence. The main concern of all these Florida legal hacks was in doing whatever they had to by hook or crook to stop the black mobs from rioting, even if it meant sending an innocent man off to prison for several years.

      I hope this new lawyer Zimmerman has now will reconsider filing more civil cases, because I’m pretty sure Zimmerman has a stronger case against the media, Martin’s Parents, and others than Richard Jewel had years ago and he collected millions.

      • Weisheit77

        “Justice for Trayvon” Thanks to common sense gun laws, Trayvon got his justice.
        If you hang out behind bushes looking to jump individuals you might win 49 out 50 times, but there is always that once.
        Personally, I never participated in such juvenile street behavior.

        • When I was 17, I was busy making out with my girlfriend and playing “Traveler” and “Dungeons & Dragons” when she wasn’t around. In retrospect, nerdity has some clear survival advantages.

      • I once worked as a chemical engineer in the microelectronics industry. I was the only chemist in the company. I ordered all sorts of things for my lab work, mostly from Aldrich and Strem; I could have ordered very nearly anything, and nobody higher up would have known why I wanted it. Suppose I had ordered materials to make a bomb and had then hurt someone with said bomb, even accidentally. My employers would have instantly been on the hook for liability and probably punitive damages.

        Nelson is a political hack, plain and simple. If one does misconduct at work, or using resources from work, the employer is responsible for civil damages.

    • Spikeygrrl

      Most Spaniards are White.

      • Cid Campeador

        True. In Andalucía and Extremadura you may find those who have some Arab blood due to the conflict between Christian Visigoths and the Muslim “Moros” lasting from 711- 1492.
        The Spanish language is notably influenced by Arabic.

        • On the other hand, the Algerian Arabs who invaded Spain were a mixture of Romans, Berbers, Germanic Vandals and Levantine Carthaginians.

        • Spikeygrrl

          And most “legacy Whites” in the USA have some small admixture of Native American, Latino, and/or Native American blood.

          There goes the “one drop rule.”

          I would love to have a discussion with anyone here who sincerely believes that the descendants of 19th and mid-20th Century “pure White” immigrants have more right to be here than the descendants of of our original colonizers and founders, most of whom violated the dreaded “one drop rule” pretty quickly.

          (There’s a simple historical reason for this, but I’m not here to teach an online course in Early American Colonial History. I’ve done that elsewhere, but not recently.)

    • Cid Campeador

      An Hispanic really refers to anyone whose roots are in a country whose language is Spanish. It really isn’t a racial designation. A former President of Perú was of Japanese Origin and a speaker of Spanish.

  • Douglas Quaid

    The media (run by you know who) is far more to blame for Zimmerman’s persecution than Obama, Obama is just a lackey trotted out like a dog to perform on command. It is the media that continues to refer to “unarmed black teens” and “white police officers” on a regular basis, and fan the flames of racial strife. There is a real racial problem, that problem is a bunch of deluded minorities who have bought the propaganda they’ve been fed since they were suckling babes that they are being oppressed and kept down by whites.

    Now the blacks are violent, angry, hatefilled, and chomping at the bit to cast off the chains of white oppression, the only problem is that the chains are imaginary. I would be overjoyed if blacks suddenly got their act together, pulled up their pants, got jobs, learned to read and write functional English, and started to behave in a civilized fashion. Barring that miracle I want to have as little interaction with them as possible.

    • IstvanIN

      True, the media could have reported both Obama’s inflammatory statements and the truth.

  • George! How could you? Did you posters read that? He actually accused our dear president of stoking the fires of racism and making race a big part of this case. The nerve of that man…okay, enough sarcasm. Good for you, Mr. Zimmerman. It is about time that you engaged in a bit of push back here. Good for you. If anything, I think you were being mild in your comments. I actually think that president Obama and attorney general Eric Holder should have been indicted for incitement to riot and for actually encouraging people to attack this innocent man. Remember, it was not George Zimmerman who wanted this fight. He was a town watch volunteer. A volunteer people! Yeah, something that most of us-including me-could not say the same. He was serving his community free of charge! But did our government have anything good to say about that? Did our media? Of course not! But that want to be thug-Trayvon Martin-and his divorced parents who refused to take responsibility for him, they were the heroes. Sorry for the rant, people. But this story just annoys the heck out of me. And to George Zimmerman, I want to say: Hang in there, brother, and anything you say about this president, will be too good for him, in my humble opinion, peace!

    • Spot-on, John. Mr. Zimmerman was playing the issue low-key when he accused them of dereliction of duty. That term would imply what when they conspired to have him harassed and (unsuccessfully) railroaded to prison that it was somehow an accident, rather than deliberate, criminal behavior.

      A more introspective George Zimmerman would also have wondered aloud why the Obama regime wants to flood the United States with Hispanic immigrants while simultaneously demanding that they lay down and die when murderously assaulted by criminal blacks.

      At least he did take time to mention the death threats. I believe elements of the New Black Panther Party has a bounty on G.Z. and his family (along with former police officer Darren Wilson and his own family). This is “solicitation to murder”, a felony. When any criminal activity crosses state lines, it instantly becomes federal, as I well know. Since this was the same NBPP that received a free pass from the same Obama regime on the voter intimidation issue, we are seeing the anarcho-tyranny described by the late Sam Francis.

      Trayvon Martin was a habitual residential burglar. We never answer the door for anyone we don’t know – not even during daylight hours – unless we are expecting someone. One idiot actually tried the door latch after ringing the bell and pounding on the door late night in 1996. I calmly loaded my StG-58, taking it into an interior bathroom and wrapping it with a blanket to hide the sound of the action being worked, and lay on the floor upstairs with the brick chimney to my left, the FN-FAL clone aimed straight at the door. Anyone breaking in would have been very dead, very quickly, and yes, I really wanted to do it.

      A more recent thug just like Martin would likely have assumed that nobody was home here, broken in, and been killed with my coilgun, claymore, Sayaka’s naginata or one of my fishing spears. The latter would probably get me some street cred on Stormfront: “Quarter-Breed Blanket-Head Race-Traitor Harpoons N***** Home-Invader” (I’d have to change my handle there to “Queequeg”), but as a regular poster here, the US DoJ would rake me through the coals. Anyone with an ounce of sense can put himself in Zimmerman’s position, especially outspoken race-realists.

      • Blackfish

        +1 for the Moby Dick reference!

  • John Ambrose

    I see this article comes from the Communist News Network (CNN). They were one of the chief media outlets to make this non-story into some kind of national crisis of epic proportions. Obama & Co. just latched onto the media narrative and went along with it.

  • Rhialto

    “To me, that was clearly a dereliction of duty, pitting Americans against each other solely based on race,”

    I disagree. Prez. Obama’s duty is to generate antagonism toward and among White men. Your president was carrying out this duty in an exemplary fashion.

  • Weisheit77

    I don’t know why, but I’ve never had one of these moments like he is clearly having or our resident John Englemann had when he got jumped. It’s funny because my parents were the type to classify “the n-word” right up there with “f-bomb” (who comes up with these names?), and my grandparents were not openly racist in front of me.
    I think I lay the blame on public schools. My moment of becoming aware must be so long ago that I can’t remember it.

    I’m going off the top of my head but I think I remember a few things that were easily researchable at the time. He voted and campaigned for Obama. He defended a black man from the former police chief’s white son. A black lady was the one who asked him to patrol the neighborhood. These are hardly the actions of a cold blooded Nazi killer who itches to kill black children.

    Critical Race Theory demands a narrative and I guess they’ll slap it on to anyone, in their zeal to use it, no matter how haphazardly.

    • meanqueen

      Isn’t GZ’s mother half black? I thought I read that she was half Peruvian, half black, but I could be mistaken.

      • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

        You are right. The father is a Jooo.

  • Ella

    Obama should have known that Zimmerman is more like Obama being biracial. You can see how Obama handled the beer summit on the White House lawn with Gates and Crowley. Obama grossly insulted the police who responded to a break in and later, escalated the incident with Zimmerman.

  • Spikeygrrl

    “Asked if he felt there was one government agency or official who brought the most unfairness to his situation, Zimmerman is quick to respond. ‘By far, the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama’…”

    YA THINK??!!

  • RaySist27

    Just from my own Facebook friends I can see there are a lot of people out there who hate GZ and actually believe he murdererd an unarmed child simply because he was black. I actually had a debate with 3 blacks who made anti-GZ comments. I presented the facts and they got upset and then gave up. I’m sure they still hate GZ.

  • Like many of us, Franco was tragically flawed. At least he was wise enough to keep Spain out of World War Two. He later explained that he liked Mussolini and wasn’t afraid of him, but disliked Hitler and was afraid of him. IMHO, Mussolini missed his chance. If he had kept Italy out of the war, he would have gone into the books as one of the greatest statesmen of the 20th Century. All Mussolini had to do was nothing.

    • Alden

      Franco was a great hero to anti communists. Back in the 1930s he fought the Spanish Jewish and Russian communists to the death and won. After he won the battle he kicked all of them out if the country and kept them out until hiS death decades later. I believe Spain is the only country that ever fought off a communist invasion and revolution successfully.
      And he and Spain have been hated by progressives ever since.

  • As it turns out, anyone can claim to be gay and receive special protection. Nobody will actually ask you to prove it, either.

  • Who Me?

    I am WHITE! I have no idea if I qualify for AA benefits or not, I’ve never been interested in trying to find out. My grandmother, who was half Choctaw did her level best to marry white, live white and raise her kids (my mom and my aunt) white, and I love and respect her for that, and would never spit on her memory by going back to what she clawed her way out of.

  • Irish

    Your painting with far to broad a brush there..He was vehemently opposed to the Liberation-Theology Movement that infected the Latin-American church in the 1980’s & 90’s. That was certainly Marxist influenced..

  • Alden

    No. The Indians are pretty smart. A tribal certificate is required sometimes But the college admissions and HR depts might not know that. so you could always try My sister married an Englishman English people think she is Half Indian because of black hair and high cheekbones

  • EuropeanIdentity33

    True, I wish the Falangists stuck to the original ideology of Primo de Rivera instead.

  • Alden

    He looks no more White than Obama does

  • Alden

    Spain must be leftist to be in the EU.

  • Alden

    The Catholic and other Christian Churches have been strongly welfare and charity prone prone for 2,000 years;nothing new about it
    Read something about the early Christians raising abandoned baby girls, the communal kitchens which were free food for the poor and the vast medieval welfare system run by the Church

  • Alden

    There have been racial tensions since before we were a country. They got bad in 1820 when Quakers and puritans started the abolition movement and have been getting worse ever since