Ferguson Court to Be Taken Over by Missouri State Judge

BBC News, March 9, 2015

A state judge will oversee the court in Ferguson, Missouri, after a federal report found that the town’s justice system routinely violated residents’ constitutional rights.

In an unusual move, the state’s high court on Monday appointed Judge Roy Richter to hear all future cases.

“Extraordinary action is warranted,” Chief Justice Mary Russell said.

Ferguson came under investigation after a white police officer killed an unarmed black teenager in August.

Michael Brown’s death sparked weeks of protests in Ferguson and across the US.

A St Louis County grand jury and the US Justice Department found that Officer Darren Wilson acted in self-defence when he shot Brown.

But a US Department of Justice investigation found overwhelming racial bias in the town’s policing practices. The report detailed how Ferguson officials used the city’s police and court system to generate revenue.

Ferguson Judge Ronald Brockmeyer, who was repeatedly cited in the report for abusive practices, resigned on Monday.

He said he was stepping aside to promote public confidence and to help the town “begin the healing process”.

The report noted public officials regularly made tickets and other minor violations “go away” for white friends while some black residents spent nights in jail for non-payment of tickets.

The report also found black residents were disproportionately subject to baseless traffic stops and citations for infractions as petty as walking down the middle of the street.

“Judge Richter will bring a fresh, disinterested perspective to this court’s practices, and he is able and willing to implement needed reforms,” Chief Justice Russell said.

She also said that statewide reforms are also being considered.


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  • Here’s where the snowball starts to roll downhill.

    What is true for Ferguson is true and in fact even more true for a lot of other municipalities.

    Taken literally, this will end with municipalities existing only in theory, all but the biggest and most prosperous of them.

    Maybe that’s not such a bad thing, though. Beaver Cleaver, the Congressman from Kansas City, is introducing Federal legislation to place serious limits on these postage stamp towns and their ability to collect fines. Personally, I would take it one step further and totally prohibit any level of government from collecting fines for any offense. This way, it’ll drive fine-dependent municipalities out of business, and fine-dependent counties will have to merge with other counties.

    The state already has anti-speedtrap laws, but they’re not really enforced.

    • Andy

      Aren’t fine-dependent municipalities largely municipalities that don’t get much income tax revenue (i.e. poor municipalities)? If they merge with wealthier municipalities, that will leave the wealthy ones to take up the slack.

      • Nancy

        Exactly why cities such as Sandy Springs, John’s Creek, Milton, etc. all separated from Fulton County (where Atlanta is located). They got tired of supporting the entire southern half of the county, incorporated themselves, and all the blacks hollered “racism”. If it weren’t for Buckhead, the rest of Fulton would be completely broke.

  • D.B. Cooper

    If there ever were a city that deserves death by diversity, Ferguson is it. The white people deserve to have their property values drop 80% for not being brave enough to fight encroaching diversity, and white liberal carpetbaggers.

    • How were the white people of Ferguson supposed to be able to fight the encroaching undertow? With what weapons?

      • David Ashton

        Does Cooper care? He spends his time attacking white victims, from the US to the UK, for not emulating his own courage and revolutionary success.

        • No, I think he’s trying to compel whites to wake up and resist their own dispossession. Knowing that very few whites will do this, he shows them what awaits them because of their apathy.

          I get the sense that D.B. Cooper wants things to get downright desperate and ugly for whites because this is the only that will probably wake them up. Can’t say he’s wrong about it either.

          • Jason Lewis

            The place shown in the picture is no doubt in Iowa or somewhere similar where diversity isnt a problem. They will never wake up.

          • David Ashton

            Maybe – I hope so. A bit of moral rearmament might be more helpful than sneering demoralization.

          • Thats very generous of you. I’m pretty sure it’s more along the lines of “those who can’t do, preach”.

            He’s a self annointed priest of his own one man congregation, too scared and weak to take action himself, he instead berates everyone and everything for doing exactly as he does,…


      • D.B. Cooper

        It’s like how one man with one bullet can hold back 100 people.
        No one wants to be the first to attack him.

        • Reynardine

          Also relevant: why the large magazine ban?

          Large magazines mean you really CAN hold back 100 people.

      • WR_the_realist

        Remember that it is the federal government that ultimately uses force against all attempts at fighting the encroaching undertow, for all towns that experience such encroaching. So anybody who talks about fighting back with force of arms better have in hand a plan to deal with the full weight of the federal government. The government that has tanks, Apache helicopters, drones, and more ordnance than you could ever dream of having in your compound.

      • There’s an element of truth in what you say and, admittedly, some of it was beyond their control. But they could have found a plethora of ways to resist. Something could have been done. They could have spoken out. They could have banned together. They could have done what whites always do in the face of adversity – namely get creative and find a way to overcome it in spite of the odds! This is how we think and this is why we have conquered the world and civilized much of it.

        But whites lacked the motivation to do so and many just didn’t understand what was at stake. So, here we are.

        • The best angle that anyone has in this stead is the environment. Find some sort of endangered snail darter or dandelion where someone wants to build apartment farms or public transit. See: Maryland Purple Line.

          Otherwise, those that try to organize too openly and not nuance their motivations are going to get a visit from the Feds and threats over “Fair Housing Act.”

          • Nancy

            QD…look up “Serenbe” in the Atlanta area. Couldn’t some RR whites do the exact same thing somewhere up in the Pacific NW? Actually, if several whites bought up property like the Nygrens did for Serenbe, can the Feds still force “low income housing”, seeing as that it’s still technically someone’s private property? Steve Nygren owned all that land that eventually became Serenbe, then he parceled it out to friends and other like-minded tree-huggers.

            I do see where a few critics online finally are grumbling about the lack of low-income housing there, but Steve wisely protected a bunch of the land as “green space”, and simply answers his critics by saying, “Sorry…this is a land co-op. The area is protected green space. I’m ‘protecting the environment’ by not building a bunch of apartments on my land.'” Because Steve and Marie Nygren are/were huge Atlanta restauranteurs and wealthy liberals, no one really cast a careful eye on their possible “civil rights abuses”, since as liberals, it was assumed they couldn’t possibly be racists. But now that the entire rest of the county surrounding Serenbe is majority-black, the Negroes are looking at Serenbe with renewed interest. (Back in the early 90’s, the only house for MILES was Steve’s little farmhouse, which is now one of Serenbe’s restaurants (specializing in sustainable, organic seasonal dishes, of course).

          • Batterytrain

            Hispanics as well and Asians too except Asians do this through covert silent means by numbers instead of outright attacking like Negroes.

  • I posted an item on my site about this story last night, complete with two links to amren and a nice plug for Jared Taylor:

    “This Bolshevik-inspired power grab is a sign of the times, as law simply becomes what someone higher up on the food chain says it is.

    The high court’s tyrannical action is not something I’ve ever read about before. Nonetheless, it fits with the enormous wave of actions taken by government in the last year to overthrow totally all white values in American society and replace them with some sort of strange mix of cultural Marxist egalitarianism and Negro worship that is leading to the extermination of values and culture that developed over two thousand or more years in the West.

    Essentially, the Justice Department, led by an anti-white ogre, Eric Holder, has concluded that blacks are arrested too often and that rather than a reflection of blacks behaving badly, racism is at fault.”

    The nationalization of the courts and the police is the end game for the Bolsheviks, as local democracy is destroyed. This is only the beginning.

  • Dave4088

    I’d like to see where Constitutionally, legally or the precedent whereby a biased federal report, written by a racist mulatto who is guilty of lawlessness and obstructing justice in “Fast & Furious” among other things, allows state courts to intervene in the activities of a municipality. Once again everything gets thrown out the window and turned on its head to placate the worthless specimen that is the afro-merican.

  • james AZ

    Let Africa union take over court and see how it going……

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    We all know what happens next. Some liberal federal judge will release the violent blacks back into the community, they will then victimize other blacks and there will be outrage over why they were ever released from jail. You can’t win with these clowns.

    • David Ashton

      How right you are – in UK reporting the US police are accused of inhuman indifference to the huge black-on-black murder-rate. The inhuman indifference among the blacks responsible passes them by.

  • libertarian1234

    “The report noted public officials regularly made tickets and other minor violations “go away” for white friends while some black residents spent nights in jail for non-payment of tickets.”

    We can just about rule out this portion as totally false, because blacks ALWAYS complain whites get away with infractions blacks have to answer for, and it amounts to no more than blatant black lies, just like “Hands up, don’t shoot.” It’s based in their abject hatred of whites and their childish way of pretending to be victims of everything large and small.

    There’s no doubt a black is behind this report, because it’s filled with bias of one kind or another, mostly to favor blacks and denigrate whites, but the most telling thing as to who is behind it is the fact that the author regards “walking down the middle of the street” as trivial and thinks no tickets should be issued for it.

    Only a black thinks that way…………………………..Only a black.

    • Nancy

      Good point. Come to think of it, the only times I’ve EVER seen someone deliberately walking down the middle of the street (perhaps a half-dozen to a dozen or so times around here), they’ve been black. Half of those times were after sundown.

      Do white folks out in rural areas walk down the middle of the road? Probably. But in metro-Atlanta, I’ve only seen blacks walking along in the center turning lane like it’s their own personal sidewalk. When teaching my teen daughter how to drive, I’ve had to instruct her (in the event she encounters such a moron) to continue driving right on past him, even if she needed to make a left turn exactly where the pavement ape happened to be swaggering along. To me, it looks too much like either A) the Negro’s attempt to be in a convenient position to carjack someone, or B) an opportunity to win the Ghetto Lottery by claiming a “hit-and-run”.

      • Alexandra1973

        My dad told me about a time (this happened to him or someone he knew) a bunch of blacks started to form a chain across the road in front of his car. He hit the gas and they scattered.

        I would view that as a form of self-defense. The idea was, the driver would stop, and get carjacked or worse.

    • Alexandra1973

      While there may be some truth to that (my dad’s gotten away with a few things because he knew a few cops), I wouldn’t doubt that a black police officer might let a “brutha” get away with something as well.

      Just because one person gets away with it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have to pay the penalty for any crimes you commit. Of course it isn’t fair, but if you commit a crime, just do your time and shut up.

  • 1stworlder

    Maybe the DOJ should visit that den of Hatred known as San Francisco which is only 5% black but over 60% of criminals are black.

  • listenupbub

    Jaywalking is actually a problem among dindus. They will walk around on the busiest of streets, unexpected.

    A dindu got killed this way a few weeks ago in my city. It is idiotic, but these are dindus we are talking about, guys.

    • Nancy

      I’m telling you, I think it’s a deliberate attempt to win the Ghetto Lottery. They have a near-miss with a car, the well-meaning white driver stops to see if he’s okay, and the Negro cries “Injury”. That poor white guy in the truck last year in Detroit was likely the target of just such a scam. It was reported that the 10-year-old who got his leg broken was seen in a crowd of blacks on the curb, pushing and playing with each other, hoping for a “near miss”, in an attempt to get a car to stop. (But most Detroit drivers are too fearful to stop nowadays.)

      • listenupbub

        Look at that negro ingenuity! If the car keeps going, get hit, sue; if not, jump the car as it stops. A foolproof means of wealth accumulation.

        With genius like this, the ONLY way that dindus can NOT succeed is for whites to oppress them.

        We need more dindus in Washington, we need more dindus in science, we need more dindus in our neighborhoods and friend groups.

  • Ernest

    I am beginning to believe there isn’t anything that will cause whites to collectively act.

    • TheMaskedUnit

      I am beginning to believe there isn’t anything that will cause whites to independently act.

      • Ernest

        As long as whites who do act independently get their hats handed to them because they get no support from whites as a group we got nowhere to but down.

    • Sid Ishus

      Looking at South Africa I’d say if they won’t revolt neither will we.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      Won’t be long till we have our own Mugabe. If white Rhodesians had no collective will to survive, will we?

      The good news is that the concentration camps will probably be nicer inside than the multiculti ‘free’ world on the outside.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Any Whites who are still living in Ferguson need to GET OUT NOW.

    Ferguson will go the way of Selma, Birmingham, Camden, Detroit and every other once White, now black-run city.

    It is inevitable.

    Blacks have an enormous, negative influence on property values…quality of life…crime issues…ruined schools…

    What happened in Birmingham Al. will happen in Ferguson:

    In 1965, Virginia Wallace’s parents paid $10,000 for their two-story, four bedroom house in White Fountain Heights.

    After White Flight and a Section 8 apartment building shoe-horned into the neighborhood that brought more crime, violence and drug dealing:

    Today, Wallace still owns the home. It has an assessed value of $11,3000, just $1,300 above the price her parents paid 42 years ago…” Wallace fled the crime and blight that became standard across neighborhoods in the inner city. There wasn’t any sense in trying to sell it…There wasn’t anyone interested in buying it.”

    That is an 83% drop in value.

    —Paul Kersey, The Tragic City, Birmingham, 1963-2013

    • TheMaskedUnit

      When do you stop running away?

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        That’s what I’d like to know.

        • baldowl

          Supposedly, when we stop running, we obliterate all that oppose us.
          My faith in the spirit espoused in Kipling’s poem dwindles by the day.

      • Robert Smith

        When you stop letting it happen. Once it goes black it never goes back.

        • TheMaskedUnit

          What are you going to do? It’s not like you have control of your own property. We’re paying the bill for our own destruction. There is no political opposition despite any election result.

      • KevinPhillipsBong

        Whites in (the former) Rhodesia and South Africa are up against the wall (or at least their children are) and they still haven’t risen up. How bad does ‘bad enough’ have to be to prompt self-preservation? I don’t guess we’ve seen it yet. What are white southern Africans waiting for? Concentration camps? Bodies in a pit? Whatever it is, I fear we’ll have the same excuse when the headsman bids us kneel.

    • Robert Smith

      Ferguson has been a hellhole for years. The whites there have had plenty of time to flee. I can’t really feel sorry for them, minus the old widows that have no means to leave.

  • Luca

    Issuing traffic citations has a disparate impact on blacks.

    Do away with issuing citations.

  • dd121

    The lefties don’t stop digging until they find a white person to hang. Pretty soon they’ll have schoolchildren denounce their parents.

    • TheMaskedUnit

      That’s what government schools are for.

  • rebelcelt

    The report also found black residents were disproportionately subject to baseless traffic stops and citations for infractions as petty as walking down the middle of the street.

    I dunno, maybe, …if you walk down the middle of the street blocking traffic, like ummmm er ..Michael Brown, you get arrested more. Anybody who has had to work in Black neighborhoods often see Blacks block traffic just to be an ass. I have never seen it in white neighborhoods.

    • Young Werther

      It exists because many blacks are raised with contempt and hatred of the White Race and the White Man’s Laws that it is inherent in them to show dis-respect when ever possible. Sad but true.

  • LS Wight

    The end goal was nationalized police forces and Leslie McSpazzhead wants the United Nations to take over the country, so I see we are making “Progress.”

  • Young Werther

    The end of *local* police forces in America…all under DIRECT authority of the President…*this one* that is.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      If this trend continues, policing will greatly suffer and decent white communities (those that remain) will be forced to hire private security firms to take up the slack. There will be many standoffs and then there will be hot confrontations between the police and these security guards. The rhetoric will change into a big govt vs little guy narrative. The violence will escalate. Ideologies will form and spread. Eventually the National Guard will be called in. Whatever happens at that point will decide the future of white people in the US.

      • Young Werther

        Certainly, a rational expectation. There are already towns using private security…the last one I read about was all white and had no crime so didn’t need a costly police budget, ha! But I totally get your point. Also, the black supremacy elements, both black nationalists and the black and white leftists that support them and the liberals who have no principles and little knowledge or morality in Federal Government will make sure there are laws on the books to ban that *privilege* of hiring extra security for self-protection. Beyond doubt, the Clintons (by pardoning so many Anti-American terrorists and setting them up in job-secure positions in colleges and universities and law firms all over the country) set the radical left and liberal machine up to do the ultimate ground work for the final solution to the “White Problem”. It is amusing in that people like that actually believe they and their children are immune to the ramifications of the destruction of the *white race* and all that that entails….won’t they be surprised?

  • Robert Smith

    Walking down the middle of the street is disturbing the peace. We have sidewalks. You can’t walk down the middle of the street. It’s not just the violence. It’s the inconsiderate and disruptive behavior of these people that make live with them unbearable for anyone used to civil behavior.

    • Jason Lewis

      Even if it’s not considered disturbing the peace a sane reasonable person when told to get out of the street by a policeman would move to the sidewalk.

  • Young Werther

    If there is no Civil Rights (for blacks only) violations found then it is the responsibility (under Obama/Holder) of the Justice Department’s FBI to make them up.

  • Jason Lewis

    Basically with the full strength of the federal govenment behind him, Eric Holder was unable to find any charges against Daren Wilson. He infact was able to exhonerate Wilson and show the shooting justified. Not to show that it was all in vain, they are gonna dig and dig and find some reason to justify everything they did.

    • Robert Smith

      Who has the money to fight them?

  • AndrewInterrupted

    “….infractions as petty as walking down the middle of the street….”

    Human beings, cooperating and functioning within a system called western civilization, don’t do such things. Those types of behavior are soon in western civilization–zoos.

  • Sid Ishus

    “…infractions as petty as walking down the middle of the street.”

    Can’t keep them out of the street. I’ve had to drive through them with sidewalks on both sides. Hell, even the children will cuss you for driving down “their” street.

    • Robert Smith

      And step out in front of you and dare you to hit them.

  • Robert Smith

    Seems like we need a declaration of independence from diversity that has been imposed on us.

  • archer

    “Walking down the middle of the street”, is not a minor infraction, that’s how people get hit by cars or in the least hold up traffic.

    • … and cars have to move out of the way, thus this behavior can cause car accidents. Finally cars have to slow down, thus risking car jackings and worse.

  • Sloppo

    “infractions as petty as walking down the middle of the street”

    Perhaps that is an accepted practice in Africa, but in western civilization it is considered stupid/dangerous/provocative/asinine. The logical solution is to send Africans back to Africa where their normal behavior patterns will be considered normal and allow whites the right to live in societies which make sense to us.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    The Missouri Supreme Court is one of the most leftist courts in the nation, a vestige of far too many “Democrat” Governors…

  • >> He said he was stepping aside to promote public confidence and to help the town “begin the healing process”.

    The remaining Whites and the Asian family owners of burned down and looted businesses moving out is the most important part of the healing process.

  • “citations for infractions as petty as walking down the middle of the street.”

    Being a petty infraction makes it no less of an infraction. In fact, this petty infraction led pretty directly to a black thug being permanently taken “off da’ skreets”

    Maybe we need more enforcement of penalties for petty infractions.

  • ABC

    “Walking down the middle of the street”
    Sidewalks aren’t segregated.
    “Made tickets go away for white friends”
    “Used the cities police and court to generate revenue”
    This is true across the country. Even in places that are 90% white. It is what they do.

    There is no hope for Ferguson they’ve reached peak negro. Once it is completely destroyed the govt will shuffle them off to another white suburb. And the whites will reclaim and rebuild it.this is the cycle all over the country.

  • Pat Boyle

    There is a lack of good data here. When we notice that say twice as many blacks are arrested for some minor traffic violation – what are we to make of that bare naked statistic? The Attorney General and the media tend to jump to the conclusion that blacks are being targeted. The tacit assumption being that blacks and white violate minor traffic regulations at the same rate.

    But is that so? In fact what little objective evidence there is point to the fact that blacks commit far more traffic violations than whites. So we should expect them to be ticketed mor often.

    In 2002 in Missouri speeding tickets was a political issue. Black got may more. But then they did a study and found that at above 90 mph blacks were approximately twice as likely as whites to speed. The proportion of blacks was even greater at yet higher speeds.

    • IstvanIN

      NJ went through years of monitoring just to show that troopers didn’t pull blacks over disproportionately.

      • Pat Boyle

        I’m not surprised. very few discrimination charges hold up after investigation.

  • Kit Ingoldby

    Since when has ‘walking down the middle of the street’ been a petty infraction!?

  • listenupbub

    Yup, that is what I am talking about.

    If black people were not discriminated against in the Darwin Awards, they would win them every time.