What Intel’s $300 Million Diversity Pledge Really Means

Agam Shah, PC World, February 10, 2015

As controversy flares over workforce diversity in tech, Intel’s Rosalind Hudnell is working on an ambitious plan to spark change that could forever alter hiring practices at IT companies.

She realizes, though, that change has to start from within the company, and that it won’t come overnight. Hudnell, Intel’s chief diversity officer, is responsible for implementing the company’s much-publicized $300 million initiative to bring more women and under-represented minorities into its workforce by 2020. The challenges are many.


Intel itself was flamed for stumbling into the controversy over GamerGate, the amorphous movement that targets women’s influence and participation in gaming. After the movement’s supporters complained to Intel about Gamasutra, which publishes game-industry news and has been critical of GamerGate, the company pulled ads from the site. Intel later apologized and reinstated the ads.

Though some companies have taken gradual steps to break Silicon Valley’s dominance by white and Asian males, efforts have been inconsistent.

Intel–which had 107,600 employees worldwide at the end of 2013–employs just 24 percent women and 4 percent African-Americans in its U.S. workforce. Those percentages could be improved, said Hudnell.

“We are diverse, but not diverse enough,” said Hudnell, an African-American who joined Intel in 1996 after working in the publishing and cable television industries.

Some of Intel’s top executives are women, including Renee James, who is president, and Diane Bryant, who runs the company’s most profitable unit, the Data Center Group. Intel already provides same-sex domestic partner benefits; it also offers LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) and faith- and culture-based resources to workers. But gender and race diversity is complicated, and Intel knows workforce parity won’t come overnight.

Intel is establishing specific numbers on hiring a more diverse workforce and tying executive compensation to meet those goals, though plans haven’t been finalized. {snip}

Most of the $300 million earmarked for diversity comes on top of what Intel is already spending, though some of the money is being diverted from current expenditures, Hudnell said. The funds will be applied over five years to change hiring practices, retool human resources, fund companies run by minorities and women, and promote STEM education in high schools.


Beyond advancing a societal goal, Intel’s efforts to create a more diverse staff could help sell more products. At heart, Intel is a chip company, but it has started to play in areas like wearables, robots, mobile devices and augmented reality. Products are being tailored for different demographics, and “diverse experiences lead to different input, which leads to different engineering solutions,” Hudnell said.

A major hurdle, though, is competition to acquire talent. Men who have a bachelor’s degree are “overrepresented” in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) careers, according to a study by the U.S. Census Bureau released last year. The bureau estimates 74 percent of computer professionals and 86 percent of engineers are men.


Intel is monitoring its diversity initiative based on 59 measures related to gender, race, education and corporate role. For example, Intel wants employ more women, Hispanic and African-Americans in technical and engineering roles, which are dominated by white and Asian males. A diversity goal for the technical group will be different from the non-technical group, which employs a larger percentage of women.

Diversity goals are still being communicated, but business processes like hiring will experience big changes. Intel will try to pair applicants to interviewers they feel comfortable chatting with. For example, a woman applicant for a technical job may be interviewed by a woman. The company is also moving to diversify its group of hiring managers.



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  • Drifter745

    Can’t get blood from a turnip.

    • 1stworlder

      No but you can hire non working tokens, which is better than having them work badly.

    • Speedy Steve

      Can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear either.

  • Some of Intel’s top executives are women, including Renee James, who is president, and Diane Bryant, who runs the company’s most profitable unit, the Data Center Group. Intel already provides same-sex domestic partner benefits; it also offers LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) and faith- and culture-based resources to workers. But gender and race diversity is complicated, and Intel knows workforce parity won’t come overnight.

    For the 50,000th time, I’ll say it: The definition of “diversity” is a moving goalpost. In this matter, “diversity” only means blacks and Hispanics and some women.

    What Intel’s $300 Million Diversity Pledge Really Means

    It means Intel will hire a bunch of close relatives of a bunch of black preachers into do nothing administrative jobs at Intel.

    • dd121

      For people who have money in Intel stock, this is fair warning to get it out NOW.

    • MeanWhiteBoy

      where are all the studies proving more blacks and Hispanics makes things better? Why don’t these talented blacks and Hispanics start their own company and put the whites and Asians out of business? Why does the NBA not have at least one Asian on every team to help with unique thoughts and ideas? Whites care about making money, so why are they hiring lots of dark skinned Asians, well its because they can make money and if a black was the one making money for them they would be hired. Why is diversity defined in terms of black and Hispanic, I mean I thought every person was an individual and thinks different. What about diversity of nationality, religions, hobbies? Truth is the whole diversity movement is a scam because blacks and Hispanics have lower intelligence which makes it much harder to do complicated tasks. Thoughts and ideas are not different between races and even if they were, nothing beats having the best. I will go back to the NBA, they are all back because different thoughts and ideas (assuming it is true) among races has got nothing on having the best players play. The best makes money not the most diverse. I’m sick of this bullcrap about diversity. Being a middle class white man is the hardest thing in the world. I cannot compete with the elites because I don’t have the IQ, I cannot compete with the middle class blacks and Hispanics because they are slightly less intelligent than me but 100% more diverse.

      • 1stworlder

        Steps to making it in Silicon Valley
        1. Get Asian/white guys with ideas together
        2. Work 60-80 hr weeks for low/no pay turning ideas into something someone would buy
        4. Eventually get to the point where hiring an illiterate crack addict that counts as female, black & Hispanic is a cost saving measure.

        • jason sneed

          add – take all the money and profits as the MBAs and toss the engineers next to nothing. Retire on a beach at 35.

      • Spoda Be

        MeanWhite: Your post is so incredibly accurate, truthful and insightful I copied it into a document for later reading. Right on, sir.

    • Rhialto

      My definition of Diversity is discrimination against White Heterosexual men.

    • Earl P. Holt III


  • MekongDelta69

    Hudnell, Intel’s chief diversity anti-White RACE officer, is responsible for implementing the company’s much-publicized $300 million initiative to bring more women and under-represented minorities into its workforce by 2020.


    The challenges are many.

    “Many”?? Really?! Ya think?!

    Correction: The ‘challenges’ are infinite.


    • TruthBeTold

      I happen to see an excerpt from a TED lecture by a woman.

      She basically said that men are out of touch with the real world of running a business and women are now best suited to run companies (the companies that white MEN created).

      • withcaution

        Those who can do, those who can’t get government grants to preach to us about how we’re doing it all wrong.

        • Earl P. Holt III

          Touche` !

    • notyranny

      Right on the money Brother. White Destructionists !!

    • Alucard_the_last

      Then they’ll have to hire more whites and Asians to TRY to teach the ‘under-represnted minorities’ how to run a computer. After all, computers are racist according to ‘man on the street’ interview with a negro in Oakland.

  • JackKrak

    My God, the fortune you can make in this country if you are black and able to conceal your ghetto nature under a veneer of reserved behavior and fake eloquence.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      But even that is hard for them.

    • ejXinMI

      Those talents will get an African on the fast-track to the White House.

    • Alucard_the_last

      With the vast amounts of special rights, the negro should have Beverly Hills developments across the land. Still, we have lawless ghettos and 60% being on some form of welfare. The answer is to end all special rights. If something doesn’t work, you move on.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        60% on welfare ???? (More like 80%…)

        • Sheik Yerbouti

          The last time I ran the gauntlet of compiling this I came to just over 48% of blacks being on some sort of government assistance. This was a couple of years ago when I had time to kill. The information is out there, but it is fully scattered.

          The government housing projects, public ghettoes, are being torn down all over the country and the inhabitants are being moved to the suburbs under section 8 and HUD. They are attacking white flight while lowering crime statistics in cities marginally.

          During that same research effort I came to 8% of white people on some kind of government handout. Numerically there are almost the same number of blacks and whites on the government gimme gravy train. The left loves to tout THAT figure, but they go no comprende when you talk percentages as if that was some kind of evil white voodoo math.

        • SuperTech86

          Must be nice to make up your own facts in your head as it’s obvious that you don’t spend much time reading.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            There isn’t a conservative in the nation who doesn’t know more about welfare — its costs and who participates — than even the most “scholarly” leftist whores who created the mess in which we find ourselves…

          • Alucard_the_last

            You should know, you and your ilk do the same thing

      • SuperTech86

        So basically what your saying is that you have the economic IQ of a fruit fly.

        • Alucard_the_last

          So, no so basically, you are throwing around insults instead of facts therefore you IQ is lower than a fruit fly.

    • Sisu

      That works until you get more than three or four blacks together in the same room . Then one can watch that thin veneer quickly fade away.

    • OpenMindedForever .

      WTF! Did you mean “The fortunate you can make in America if you are white and able to conceal your white-trash-poor nature” … because I thought poverty was a socioeconomic condition, not a biological gene, dumb ass!

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      Yes indeed, the 5 or 6 I have seen pull this off in the last 2 decades shot past me like a rocket. Their sidekicks went down or out. None of the successful ones pulled their buddies up. They only pulled the smart white guys and the usual Indian to make spreadsheets and presentations do tricks.

      The system is super-rigged for the Super-N***** but he MUST be able to leave the ghetto behind entirely. The upper side has no patience for it. They also don’t move many heavily tattooed or biker guys up too far either. They want the magazine cover crew.

  • Chip Carver

    Unintentional hilarity is the best: “Though some companies have taken gradual steps to break Silicon Valley’s dominance by white and Asian males, efforts have been inconsistent.”

    Oh, the efforts have been consistent, so have the results.

    • HE2

      We could have been on the moon.

  • JohnEngelman

    The leading hi tech companies already have a high degree of diversity. A large percentage of the work forces of these companies were born in other countries, and speak English as a second language. Many are non white.

    This is not because of any outreach program. It is because these firms hire the best hi tech professionals in the world and pay them what they need to in order to hire them.

    This is the way diversity should not work, and not by lowering standards for blacks, Hispanics, and women.

    • LHathaway

      You’re wrong if you think these companies have not been using affirmative action for years. What they do is hire foreigners of color in order to meet diversity goals. This article could have been written 30 years ago. And probably was. Or at least one like it.

      So I guess the moral is, as long as a certain number of White men are replaced, or X amount of color is added to the mix, it’s OK to discriminate against people of color born in this nation in order to meet diversity goals. Let’s examine it further, however. What percentage of immigrants of color moving to this nation during the last 30 years have been male? There is more than one ‘job’ white men do for which they are being replaced.

    • 1stworlder

      H1b visas are not for the best but for the cheapest.

  • mike from Canadastan

    I demand that toy poodles be trained as police dogs. Notice that its all about race and gender and not if they can do the job. And they call us bigots.

    • Spoda Be

      Oh man. Another post I just gotta save. Nicely done.

    • Reynardine




  • LHathaway

    I’m curious when they’re going to insist on workforce parity at the local company that collects my garbage? No doubt, they likely have many female executives and office workers (perhaps even a preponderance of them) but I have never seen a female employee working on a garbage truck. Not even one. Ever. Sometimes workforce parity is vitally important. Other times it must not be important at all. I’m headed over to the grocery store (no doubt run by those who are politically correct) now. A store where I have never seen a female employee go out into the parking lot and push the shopping carts back into the store. I guess those 50 years of being obsess by ‘equality’ missed a thing or two. I’m sure they are sorry about that.

    • TruthBeTold

      Some years back there was a big push to get women into the construction trades. The MSM did profiles of women.

      I haven’t noticed any women working construction anymore.

      • Speedy Steve

        They’ve been replaced by Mexicans.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “The bureau estimates 74 percent of computer professionals and 86 percent of engineers are men.”

    Yet Intel is being criticized for “only” having 24% female employees. According to the percentage of females in the field, females are actually slightly overrepresented at Intel.

    Leftists don’t consider percentages in the field, though. As long as they look and don’t see at least 50% female they lose their mind and call for change without considering the stats in their proper context.

    • TomIron361

      lose their mind
      The interesting thing is while so many of these liberals are not what we think of as stark raving mad, they’re not quite right in the head either.

      • SuperTech86

        That must be why conservatives are severely underrepresented in the hard sciences and almost completely absent from Silicon Valley.

  • TruthBeTold

    White men do all the work and women and minorities want the fruit of their labor.

    • Wing-nut.

      They want the fruit. And they get the fruit.

    • 1stworlder

      As someone who has spent 1/2 hour+ per day per black fixing their mistakes at one job it might be better to just pay them to sit.

    • Sisu

      I wonder how many blacks a day make disparaging remarks about whitey on their Ipads/smart phones. A technology that blacks and their culture would be totally incapable of inventing by themselves.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    But gender and race diversity is complicated, and Intel knows workforce parity won’t come overnight.

    Really? What is so difficult about it? If there are so many talented women and minorities out there, why is it so difficult to find them?

    Products are being tailored for different demographics, and “diverse experiences lead to different input, which leads to different engineering solutions,” Hudnell said.

    So in other words, Blacks and Hispanics are superior to Whites in certain regards? Then is the opposite not also possible–that Blacks and Hispanics are inferior to Whites in certain regards as well? Unfortunately, no one is allowed to mention that obvious possibility (certainty).

    • Yancy Derringer

      “Products are being tailored for different demographics, and “diverse experiences lead to different input, which leads to different engineering solutions,” Hudnell said.”

      Right… and until the black female diversity director came along Intel had no clue how to develop and market product to, say, women. Some 30,000 women already work there, but I guess the new “Tailoring Division” will need a lot more than that.

      • John Smith

        Programmed to return an answer that (1 + 1 = 3)?

  • dmxinc

    “Chief Diversity Officer”


    That means there are even more of these dead weight jobs at Intel that contribute nothing to improving the product, nothing for the bottom line.

    What a racket. Great job if you can get it. What happened to America?

    • Yancy Derringer

      Diversity Officer = Official Racist

  • dd121

    These leftists may spend a half a billion dollars to get Bantu’s inside Intel’s door but what they do when they get there isn’t going to make the shareholders happy. It may cause a shareholder revolt when earnings go south.

  • dmxinc

    Intel may recoup their money from the government, but how is the government (taxpayer) going to recoup theirs?

    This is 300 million wasted. Someone is paying and not getting a thing for it. I believe that would be you and me.

  • Tarczan

    Reminds me of Ford Motor Co. when one of the Ford heirs was running it. They had some windy story in Forbes about how Ford was totally committed to being a green company. No mention of improving the product or meeting customers needs. The company eventually was hours away from bankruptcy when Alan Mulally from Boeing took it over. He emphasized product and efficiency. he also gave pep talks to the engineers and told them they were the real reason for our standard of living and they were the most important people in the turnaround. It put a tear in my eye since I am an engineer (now retired) and wished I could have worked for a guy like that. I always wanted a dragon to slay. You can read about it in “Icon”.

    The point is Intel is now off an a tangent that has nothing to do with producing microchips, and the result will be bad. Sell your Intel stock.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    $300 Million to hire minorities to file TPS reports.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Beyond advancing a societal goal, Intel’s efforts to create a more diverse staff could help sell more products.

    Anyone here believe that? Having a non-“diverse” mostly White and Asian male workforce has certainly not hurt Intel.

    They’re going to have to find educated people with high enough IQs to produce cutting-edge technology that people want to buy.

    Black IQ averages: 70-80. Hispanic IQ: 90.

    Minimum IQ needed for engineering: 125.

    See a problem with that? Then you are a hateful, bigot and racist who deserves to have his life and career destroyed.

    • 1stworlder

      Sitting at a desk playing solitaire as a token requires what?

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        It requires a $300 million downpayment from Intel and millions upon millions in perpetuity to pay tokens not to touch anything or get in the way of its productive employees – money that could be spent creating and building products people want.

        The government must have a LOT of power over these corporations to meddle in their business affairs and demand that they kowtow to unrealistic PC demands.

        No wonder so many are moving overseas.

    • LHathaway

      Artificial intelligence: White prove more and more their ‘bigger brains’ are no longer needed.

    • Charles Martel

      Look at the picture of the board of directors in any successful American company’s annual report. You will see a lineup of several old white guys who were successful in their earlier days (retired CEOs, academics, military men, politicians, etc) augmented by one black and one woman who were successful at having dark skin tone and different reproductive organs, respectively.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Al Sharpton must be called out as to why his board of directors is ALL black and not proportional to U.S. demographics – as he demands of US corporations.

        Along with being an abject hypocrite, Sharpton is an anti-White racist.

        While the media give him a pass.

  • Yancy Derringer

    This of course is racial and gender discrimination, against white men. In this country it is illegal to discriminate according to race, creed, color, gender. Intel should be fined. Criminal charges should be brought upon those responsible, such as the “diversity” officer, if applicable.

    Anyway, same old, same old. $300 million dollars comes to almost $3000 per every one of Intel’s 107,000 employees. With that money, Intel could equip half a million students with free computers. Instead it goes to push people who can’t cut it ahead of qualfied personnel. Again, that’s supposed to be illegal.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      The government has redefined the word “equal” in an Orwellian fashion. Discrimination against white men is “equality.”

      • Charles Martel

        The same imbeciles who think Hillary should be the next president because “it’s her turn.”

  • I wonder what percentage of the $300 million will get spent on hair weaves, expensive trips to Vegas, fancy dinners with celebrity ‘rappers’ invited, chicken wings, malt-liquor, and lots of ‘bling’? C’mon, I’m just ‘axin.’

  • Caucasoid88

    I’d like to see the Olympics track & field event implement diversity. Let’s toss aside meritocracy for every merit-based competition.

  • NorthernWind

    Glad my PC’s are AMD based. Hahaha.
    The problem with “diversity” in Silicon Valley is that it is impossible. The mental contortions they have to make to ignore reality (that it’s dominated by Asian and White males mostly because of genetic factors) is hilarious. Just like with closing the “gap” in academic performance between Blacks and Whites, they will never find success. Instead all we’ll see is excuse after excuse as billions of dollars go down the diversity toilet.

    • withcaution

      Sadly AMD is no longer a competitor in the microprocessor world. You can’t expect a company with 2% of the market share to shoulder the same research and development costs that Intel can spread on 98% of the market.

      • Magician

        If AMD works hard and brings very high quality CPUs for tablets and smartphones for great prices then AMD might survive and give Intel something to seriously worry about.

        From 1995 until 2000 people were willing to pay any price for the finest products out there.

        And now, people care about the price just as much as they care about the quality.

      • NorthernWind

        They have more than 2% although it’s true that their share is substantially smaller than Intel’s. Regardless, if they can pull off another Athlon 64 X2 they could retake the enthusiast market and if their APU’s eventually find success that could also allow them to regain lost ground.

        • Indeed, but they need to do better than their high end CPU having about the same performance as the top of the line of Intel’s second team while still having a 220 watt TDP.

  • RacialRay

    My yearly self-evaluation at Warlabs, Inc. includes a section in which we are supposed to detail how we encourage and promote inclusion and diversity in the workplace. I was tempted this go-around to cite my participation in vibrant, spirited debate on AmRen and Stormfront as evidence of my commitment to the rainbow concept, but thought better of it after checking into unemployment benefits in this state.

    We are a small division of an enormous defense contractor with a healthy population of asians and females. But we can’t buy a competent negro at any price. There has not been anyone darker than my summer tan working for us in over 25 years.

    Its that whole racist “education and experience” hurdle that seems to keep them out. I can’t imagine where Intel is going to find those magic, competent negros. Shy little buggers, they are scarcer than unicorns.

    • SentryattheGate

      My state’s research-development school (K-12) required a 135+ IQ to get into their enrichment classes, but there was no diversity, so, buckling to minority parents’ complaints, they kept lowering the IQ requirement. I don’t know what the resultant IQ was, but the 135+ kids, including mine, were again bored in school!

    • LHathaway

      You must not pay enough. With everyone calling for more diversity, they’ve gone to a better employer.

      • RacialRay

        This is one of the Big Three defense contractors, and the pay is pretty darned good. There just aren’t many qualified unicorns around these parts. Through the undergrad and graduate EE and CS programs at the private school where I earned my tickets, there was just a single black guy, no hispanics and two white females. All the rest were pale males and asians.

        • Charles Martel

          A situation not unique to your industry.

  • Magician

    It has become a truly sad, murderously difficult country for a straight white male to live in.

  • WR_the_realist

    I’m glad I sold my Intel stock.

    • John Smith

      I’m glad I build my computers with AMD CPUs.

      • Hurry though. Sharpton will eventually discover that there’s another major CPU manufacturer.

  • ejXinMI

    No mention of female-dominated professions, or African-dominated jobs (like government bureaucrat!). Does Intel go into this whole-hearted, or has it decided it’s just part of the cost of doing business in Amerika? Maybe the Obama/Holder/Sharpton/Jackson gang are running their extortion scam on them? Or, they are true-believer Kali-nuts who drink the Kool-Aid. They are suspect…

    • LHathaway

      Good point. A conservative think tank looked into this and found african americans were over-represented as 15 of 16 government agencies, at one of them by something like 700%. This was ignoring demographics (the average age of whites is closer to 40, the average of people of color is closer to 20). There are entire cities where whites are a relatively small minority. No one calls for diversity there – except they do, but by respect for diversity they mean even more respect and attention for themselves.

      • John Smith

        Explains why govt. is so effective and efficient….

        • LHathaway

          You know, I don’t know if I’ve voiced objections to affirmative action because I’m small minded and selfish; or if I’ve objected because I’d been exposed to too much non-white racism (the whole point, really?) and as such a genuine victim it just rubbed me on some level the wrong way. Perhaps both. I will say I don’t like how it is run. Whites give up something for the common good, and the public face presented by those who run it must always be that Whites are discriminating, and this is wrong and evil.

          So, we have affirmative action (for everyone who is not a white man) to make up for the fact most black children grow up poor? Will we have another 40 years of it? It looks like.

          Once I knew white men would never receive ‘affirmative action’, too, it became a lot easier for me to oppose it. I don’t normally oppose it in too crude a way (no doubt those in favor of it don’t see it that way). Doing so probably makes us look bad. I may be changing my stance on that, though. However we complain about affirmative action . . . if they don’t like hearing it, they can end it. Which, sadly, won’t happen until after white men are denied ‘affirmative action’, too. There are monumental hypocrisies that are too much even for them . . . or perhaps things we just will no longer be willing to tolerate. It may seem unbelievable, but it’s true.

    • Charles Martel

      I think they have figured it’s easier to go along to get along.

  • Larry Klein

    People don’t do real work in the offices of major corporations. So it’s easy to replace white males with white females and so on and so forth and not miss a beat. Most all of us our expendable, pigs in the trough, though some people walk around delusional, thinking they’re some extraordinary talent.

    • Spikeygrrl

      Wow, I wouldn’t want to live in your self-hating world! Think what ill you will of yourself, but leave the rest of out of it.

      Just curious: have you, yourself, ever worked in a corporate headquarters? or a small startup? Your low opinion of your fellow humans would probably have taken quite a bruising if you had.

    • throttler

      It is “are” not “our.”

  • Michigan Patriot

    Women & non-Whites are underrepresented in male White created companies; why is it their responsibility to ” raise all boats ” when their Marxist leaders have stated the last fifty years that every diverse group are equal ? White and males are super under represented in female or non-White created companies; why ? Either sexism or racism or these companies a few in number based on their own demographic numbers ! Must not answer their complaints with the truth !

    • John Smith

      Maybe their domestic competition will have an equal load of deadweight, but their foreign competitors are under no such obligation.

  • phatazz

    Intel must not care very much about the continued success of the company. Besides being illegal, when a company values diversity, ethnicity or gender, more than it values talent or qualifications, then failure is on the horizon.

    • John Smith

      Bob Noyce is rolling in his grave.

  • Vito Powers

    Isn’t this money for Diversity Outreach just a Jesse Jackson style shakedown? Intel is just paying lip service. I’m sure Intel will showcase a few Negroes that were given low level menial jobs as success stories.

  • BillMiller66

    Remember WaMu’s last press release before it went belly up? It patted itself on the back for its commitment to “diversity.”

    • Speedy Steve

      A 7 year old cartoon! How much we’ve forgotten.

  • Harry

    And that’s all it is. Extortion with the U.S. Government as the muscle.

  • John Smith

    I don’t know about that – the Cadillac dealers around Silicon Valley will become very rich as the Intel parking lot fills up with Escalades.

  • Spikeygrrl

    Do you want good products designed and manufactured by genuinely capable people, or questionable products designed and manufactured by questionable AA hires?

    This is ridiculous. Since DH & I do not buy desktop PCS off the shelf — we build them from parts — I can personally assure that we will never again use an Intel product.

  • archer

    Another 300 million down the rat hole, the people they are targeting can’t finish high school, let alone get a science degree.

  • Speedy Steve

    Hudnell will make a point of dishing out gibsmedats to quatroons like herself.

    • Speedy Steve

      Intel is a chip company, but it has started to play in areas like wearables, robots, mobile devices and augmented reality.

      Augmented reality; that could come in really handy in the not too distant future. Pass that bottle!

  • Alucard_the_last

    Translation: qualified whites need not apply.

  • Maybe not. This is just Intel having to pay the negro tax.

  • De Doc

    And as soon as Intel meets its lofty goals of diversity, it will no longer be a company in good standing.

  • Drifter745

    I’m thinking a charge of embezzlement will be in order in about 18 months.

  • John Lee

    I think a lot of you whites are singing the doom theme too prematurely.

    Most major corporations are inefficient and always will be inefficient. The vast majority of jobs at major corporations are do-nothing paper pushing jobs that anyone past the age of 6 can do competently.

    The only thing necessary for a tech company to survive is to have a handful (<100) of competent engineers, which intel can afford easily.

    It's like that for most companies. 100 or so people are carrying the company for the other 100,000+ people working at the company.

    Unless Intel is pushing Affirmative Action admits into the chip-building part of their business, I see no reason to worry about quality. Most of the AA hires will probably be working as Human Resources Officers or "Analysts" making nonsense predictions. They're getting paid for federal tax breaks and to stay out of the way for important people.

    Intel will be fine.

    • Magician

      Change every occurence of “corporation” and “company” into “government” in your post and it will also be surprisingly true. 😉

  • Magician

    Ways for a young straight white American male to get a job –

    – Claim that you are gay when applying for the job ( and then resume dating women once getting the job )
    – Dishonestly indicate in your CV and during the interview that you were very actively involved with anti-white movements and clubs during your college days
    – Tell the interviewers that
    – Tell them how much you love muslims and Jewish people (John!!!!!)
    – Tell them how much you hate your own race
    – Tell them how much you respect LGBT community and how much you love your gay friends and lesbian friends
    – Change your lastname into Spanish and claim that one of your biological parents is a Hispanic person who came here from the poorest Hispanic country in this world

    • throttler

      Or claim you are part American Indian.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Just adding an “ian” at the end your last name (Armenian identifier) will guarantee you a job for life. The demographic gods give concessions to several ‘…over-performing minorities..’ (John Derbyshire) like Armenian, Persian, Ashkenazi Jew, etc. Those three groups alone are doing wildly better than the average American (according to the census), but they still get coddled and accommodated in the AA area. It’s because they vote Democrat.

  • Blackhawk

    Are there any White males who are chief diversity officers? Anywhere?

    • Dave West

      Maybe Tim Wise volunteers for a little when a Chief Diversity Officer is found guilty of running a prostitution ring.

    • Any corporation could terminate every employee with the word “diversity” in their job description overnight with no effect other than to improve their bottom line. These are fake jobs.

  • Musashi5000

    America, joke.

  • dmxinc

    I guarantee you the average voters isn’t even aware of the 10% MBE/WBE requirement, nor would they have supported, especially back in the 1970’s or 1980’s before the minority deluge ever diluted our voting rights.

    The point is that our government enacts these things that the average person would know is wrong or unfair and now it is law. Laws against the interests of the very voters who put the politicians in office.

  • I guess on my next computer build, I’m going AMD. Intel sounds anti-White

  • Yancy Derringer

    Same conversation going on in Ferguson, MO, about their police force.

  • Poupon Marx

    Equal outcomes (bonus points for boneheads) instead of equal opportunity. Why not extra tutoring for POOR students and aspirants-regardless of race? That way, standards do not have to be lowered, as racial/ethnic distribution of those chosen will reflect individual achievement.

    I tell you why that won’t happen. Because the race pimps and hustlers, and the people themselves are afraid of the results with a truly “level playing field”, to use an moronic, overused trite phrase for numb nuts.

    Welfare corrupts and total warpfare corrupts totally.

    “Welfare not only increases illegitimacy and poverty in the short term, but it inflicts long-lasting, even permanent, handicaps on children who are raised in welfare-dependent homes. Dr. June O’Neill and Anne Hill, comparing children who were identical in terms of such social and economic factors as race, family structure, neighborhood, family income, and mothers’ IQ and education, found that the more years a child spent on welfare, the lower the child’s IQ. A similar study by Mary Corcoran and Roger Gordon of the University of Michigan concluded that the more welfare income a family received while a boy was growing up, the lower the boy’s earnings as an adult.”


  • drattastic

    Meanwhile China, Russia and India are closing the gap while we fiddle with social engineering and lowering standards.

  • jason sneed

    They bring in 260,000 Indians and Chinese with fake degrees every year to undercut Americans on jobs and throw americans in the street. The program is called H-1B and it is forbidden to speak of it

  • MartelsGhost

    Seems legit…………………………black diversity office gets to tell the company where she sees a need for more diversity. I’m guessing, and it’s just a hunch, that the black female is probably gonna say the company needs more black females and more diversity training.

    It’s like asking a cancer what it wants most from the body it inhabits………the answer is always “more cancer”.

    Ironic though, diversity and cancer are also both treated best by using the same methods, radiation and removal……………………

    • kikz2

      gee, i posted a comment that mentioned cancer as related to lowering educational standards for blacks the other day… that got ‘removed’… this one probably will too.

      • MartelsGhost

        Lots of comments have been getting removed here as of late. Makes me wonder just how some progtard diversity worshipper snaked their way into an admin status………………………..

        • kikz2

          thx, i couldn’t fathom why one of two got canned. that one had no triggers in it.. its removal seemed quite ‘snippy’. guess i just won’t bother any more…..i know the tribe is sacrosanct here, but blacks? come on….. of course, disqus is suspect as well……

  • yarpos .

    They are probably brainstorming with the management geniuses at McDonald’s as we speak.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      …and Cracker Barrel…

  • Earl P. Holt III

    “…workforce parity won’t come overnight…”

    Yeah: It’ll take a couple of million years of evolution.

  • finesofla

    If you have any doubt as to what “diversity”, and equal opportunity (quota hiring) gets you, go down to your local DMV and stand in long endless, slow moving lines for hours, watching the slow plodding clerks. Makes you appreciate the invention of the internet and online registeation.

  • disqus_irCdmAu8It

    Look at the the “teen” riot at the Florida moie theater over the past weekend. Look at the “teens” at Ferguson. Look at your average “teen” anywhere in the USA. They can’t even speel their ridiculous names. Who, in the right mind, would hire them?

    • Charles Martel


  • Ella

    After training their new diversity hires, white STEM workers will be the first to go to save Intel monies regardless of product quality.

  • tabanidae

    “diverse experiences lead to different input, which leads to different engineering solutions,” Hudnell said.

    I assume that by “different” she means “better”. But is there empirical evidence for this claim? No. This is nothing more than an ideological slogan. In any case, diversity of thought is plentiful within the white male population. The article implies that white males are all the same, think the same, lack creativity, etc. Yet a cursory inspection of the history of art, music, science and technology refutes this. There is no evidence that more black and Latino workers leads to better engineering solutions. And when people like Hudnell say “diversity” they mean “the percentage of black and Mestizo workers”. They don’t mean diversity of ideas. But suppose, as Hudnell claims here, more racial diversity would lead to “different engineering solutions”. This implies that race, which they say doesn’t exist, imparts difference in thought. But this contradicts the liberal position that race is nothing more than a social construct. According to race-deniers, race is nothing more than the amount of melanin in your skin. Yet, when speaking of diversity in the workplace, they claim that race imparts a cognitive ability to come up with engineering or business solutions.

    • Blacks and Mestizos are overwhelmingly not studying computer science or electrical engineering in college, so where are these NAM engineers going to come from? When I was an undergrad, I knew exactly one black computer science major, and Percy was a very light-skinned quadroon who’s family was originally from Jamaica: technically “black”, but not very. All the other STEM majors I knew were either white or Oriental, with a handful of subcontinentals and one Algerian Berber thrown in; the last could be considered “white” by any useful definition.

      What high-paying positions could a tech company like Intel possibly fill with graduates in sociology or black studies? Even a project manager needs to understand the technology. Whites and Orientals on the other hand got pretty creative when it came to double majors. One gal I knew majored in computer science and art, and upon graduating immediately interned at Lucasfilm, doing CGI animation, perfectly suited to her double major. Lori doubtless makes a damned nice living today. The only young black I have ever known to plan ahead to obtain that skill set is my mulatto neighbor’s kid (I’ve seen some of his stuff; it’s pretty good).

      In my own years in the microelectronics industry, I knew exactly six woman engineers: three Japanese, one Chinese, one Thai and one Greek, so it appears that college-age American women overwhelmingly are not studying these fields. We then ask what position Intel would hire a history or English literature graduate for. The female STEM majors I knew as an undergrad were heavily concentrated in biology, and biotechnology isn’t something Intel does.

      • tabanidae

        “… where are these NAM engineers going to come from?” I wonder the same thing. Electrical engineering in particular repels women. Not sure why that is, since, as you mentioned, women have entered other STEM fields in large numbers. The US is 13.2% black. Given that the average black IQ is 85, there’s no way to get that percentage of engineers into the tech industry except by lowering standards.

  • Who really wants to spend their own money on a computer (read: “paperweight”) that has a mother board and CPU chip designed by an African with a GED?

  • Paleoconn

    New slogan: Stupid inside.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Meanwhile, public school teachers are 86% female and 4% LGBT.
    And a not a cent is being spent to change those proportions.

  • Attila

    It seems that Intel may loose it’s edge. If they start hiring not based on talent then time to sell Intel shares.

  • OpenMindedForever .

    What’s amazing is there are white-bigots on here critiquing what Intel does with its money. The racist-bigots forget, they didn’t make this money! If you don’t like what a wealthy company does with its wealth, then don’t buy their product or go create your own racist-purity company and only sell to whites … call it white-free-market enterprise.

  • OpenMindedForever .

    It’s amazing how the most bigots are low-skilled, low-education, not wealthy white males (and a few females) who spend all their time complaining about things instead of using their so-called white-superiority to go out and create something phenomenal or becoming PhDs or Trillionaires. Bigotry always seems to come from the lips of the most mediocre, poorest, least educated whites.