Obama to Seek Emergency Order Restarting Immigration Programs

Mike Lillis, The Hill, February 20, 2015

The Obama administration will seek an emergency court order to move forward with President Obama’s executive action on immigration.

Officials at the Department of Justice (DOJ) plan to seek what is known as an emergency stay that would essentially undo a Texas-based federal judge’s injunction from earlier this week. If the stay is granted, the government could restart a pair of executive programs that will shield millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said DOJ will file for the stay by “Monday at the latest.”


Making good on earlier vows, DOJ will also file a separate appeal seeking to restart the executive programs.


In a decision announced near midnight on Monday, U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen agreed, arguing that the administration failed to comply with a federal law governing the adoption of new federal rules.


The effects of the decision were immediate, as administration officials quickly announced that they would not begin accepting applications for either program until the court decisions are final.

Before the ruling, the Homeland Security Department was poised to begin accepting applications for the expanded-DACA program this week, and the for the DAPA program in May. Both have been suspended indefinitely.


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  • MekongDelta69

    He’ll do anything to keep the browning of America on track.

    • Publius Pompilius Quietus

      And the Left doesn’t mind stepping on workers’ necks if it means that. It is colossally disturbing that the abolition of white America is first and foremost in their goals–nevermind all of the wreckage that mass immigration leaves.

      • MekongDelta69

        “It is colossally disturbing that the abolition of White America is first and foremost in their goals”

        I heard that.

        What’s even more disturbing is way too few White people realize that, or if they do, they either don’t care, or outright advocate for it.

        There HAS to be a genetic mutation of the altruism gene involved somewhere in this equation.

        • Johnny Squire

          Or hubris. White people have for too long believed they can raise others to their level. Bringing lesser races into their nations in order to bestow civilization onto savages is an act of arrogance. Or merely greed disguised as benevolence. In either case it is suicide.

          • Reynardine

            I can’t think of a better stated reason for the downfall of the white race.

            Hubris is the sin the Gods punish the hardest.

        • Earl P. Holt III

          Some whites would rather be called a child-molester than a “racist.”

        • Raymond Kidwell

          The average person of any race is not very intelligent, not astute, and a natural follower. Consider the Milgram experiments. People consider it more important to “fit in” rather than question the current paradigm. They would follow someone off a cliff, hence the term lemming. It’s not just that whites would do this, other races would too. It’s only that whites seem to be the target. Certainly misplaced altruism is a factor, but the biggest factor is just an instinct to conform and low I.Q.s.

          Nonetheless it disturbs me a bit that sites like Amren have a lot of hostile posts towards non-whites. I think it frames the whole situation wrongly, making it appear like a bunch of racists who don’t like non-whites is all it is about. Rather instead its about civil rights, the right to exist, universal fairness etc. If all this abuse were happening to hispanics or blacks or anyone else, I would speak up and say it’s wrong. I don’t hold these beliefs simply because I’m white, rather I don’t see why anyone should be discriminated against like whites are, or the hate speech, or massive immigration policies against them etc. I don’t think the Tibetans should treated like that either. It’s basically the same situation with Tibetans where the end game seems to be to mix whites out of existence.

          Although it a conglomeration of factors. You have the perfect storm- liberalism/protestantism sowed some seeds to this. You have hubris wherein whites believe they are supreme or at the top even when they aren’t, so they don’t feel threatened, you have Jewish supremacists who want to blend away non-Jewish whites into a Brazillian type race etc. I’m certainly not posting anything here against Jews, just against an ideology that is hostile towards whites.

          Although I wouldn’t consider massive immigration that much of a threat if the average white had the kind of identity a Jew does. I think it is entirely necessary to form some kind of ideological community that actually raises families and has some ethnic/racial identity.

          • ShermanTMcCoy

            You seem a reasonable person, who really just wants a color-blind society, where each is judged by his abilities and actions. Unfortunately, “disparate impact” has made that impossible.

            As far as immigration goes, it cannot work very well in a country where there is a generous social welfare system without bankrupting the productive members of society.

            Those of us who ARE productive are demonized for bringing this up.

            One last word on hostility towards blacks: I’ll go out on a limb here, and say that most of us were raised to harbor no ill will towards them, but life experience has changed our opinions. In general, I loathe them and their apologists because of what they have done to me and my family. This is why I now live in Europe, and expect to renounce my American citizenship within the next couple of years.

        • Interesting point. There could be a propensity in Whites for more altruism, which worked well in the middle ages, to form larger cities.

          It did not prevent Europeans to constantly wage wars against neighboring cities, states, countries.

          Maybe the genetic program is: “love and be altruistic towards those your authorities tell you to love”. That would explain the success of the cultural marxists to pervert White love towards Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims, and all other protected groups, and hate privileged Whites.

          That would also explain how the protected groups can be extended further and further, and include lily white blue eyed Hispanics or Muslims.

          A hard wired propensity, but programmable by authorities.

    • John Ambrose

      40 million whites voted to re-elect this clown… If Obama had lost the white vote in all 50 states (certainly not inconceivable just a few decades ago) he would have lost the presidency.

      • To Mitt Romney, who would be doing most of the same things on immigration right now as President.

        • newscomments70

          He wouldn’t be as active and radical. He would simply continue the backdoor amnesty of the previous four Republican imbeciles.

          • WR_the_realist

            Precisely. Romney would never have granted amnesty by executive order, but he’d be no more keen on enforcement than George W. Bush.

          • newscomments70

            That’s business as usual for the neo-con, and it’s the path of least resistance.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        There are videos on youtube of a lady that bragged about voting for Obama four times. I also personally witnessed the fraud of acorn. The Bush elections, Obama’s election, they all seem fraudulent these days. I’m skeptical about voting numbers. As well every year dead people cast votes etc.

        • ghettovalley

          The way I see it, if the potential for abuse is there it will eventually occur. Just as the sprawling anti-terror apparatus is now being used to monitor and spy on the very people it was supposedly meant to protect. Voting machines, I imagine, could be very easily rigged, altered, or somehow hacked. And if the potential for this abuse exists, you can be sure that someone is out there taking advantage of that.

    • Jason Lewis

      The white left is dying. They average one baby per couple. If the left is to survive they must import voters. I think they realized this in the 60’s.

      • Ella

        In big cities, they seem to be the dominating loud-mouth majority, and they’re not dying out fast enough. Libs overall believe in big government and reject family and religious values.

        • Jason Lewis

          Absolutely. Destroying Christianity and the family unit is the most important goal. Look at how single women voted for Obama vs married women.

  • Luca

    Too bad the Congress doesn’t call for emergency impeachment hearings.

    • dd121

      The Republicans have ruled that out. That does take some of the pressure off when he breaks the law.

      • Wing-nut.

        Believe they’re all in cohorts.

      • Jason Lewis

        Well Obama’s opinion on gay marriage “evolved”, so Republican’s position on impeachment can too.

        • dd121

          Hope you’re right but Republicans haven’t shown much spine in recent years.

      • shawnmer

        You want blame for that, blame the public. Impeachment was designed as a political exercise as much as a legal one. On this, the Founders candidly screwed up. We hence can have situations where Presidents blatantly flout the law, and all that matters is polls dictating whether anything SHOULD happen about it.

        Look up, “Clinton, William Jefferson! “

        • dd121

          I think it’s telling about human nature and politics in this country that not one damn Democrat thought Clinton’s behavior warranted a vote for impeachment.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            I don’t see what it has to do with his job. Besides that I would think just about every president is getting some on the side.

          • dd121

            His “job” is in part to be a symbol to the American people of good morals and decency. He certainly failed at that. Liberals don’t believe there is any right and wrong. Just scratch whatever itch you wish to satisfy.

  • I’m just waiting to see how Obama is going to be able to continue what he wants to do all while being technically in compliance with this injunction. Bet your bottom peso that a whole conga line of White House lawyers are trying to fenagle a way to do this right now.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Of course they are. This is a legal war. They will throw everything they have at it. Nothing else will really matter.

      Brown it on down, cha cha cha! Funny how after that high yaller crypto-Marxist gets all his brown brothers in…

      Those brown bruthas gonna start working on los negros a la ciudad de Los Angeles. Poor poor black people. They import their real existential threat while we Whites arm ourselves, lose ourselves, or head to the hills.

      • Even if the Supreme Court upholds this injunction and makes it permanent, and even if the HLS bill defunding the amnesty program makes it to his desk and signs it, I still think Obama has a way to get what he wants.

        Here’s how:

        Remember, Obama’s amnesty involves two things: Quasi legal status for the given illegal aliens, that is, indefinite forbearance from the deportation process, (of course, even with the deportation process, hardly anyone is ever deported anyway). Two, a work permit.

        Obama can do an end run around the first part merely by issuing an executive order that his U.S. Attorneys are not to bring deportation cases against illegal aliens in civil court.

        The work permits are a bit trickier, but he has a way: Issue another executive order ordering his U.S. Attorneys not to enforce immigration law relating to the otherwise illegal hiring of illegal aliens, either against the employers or the illegals, then assure them either in public or through back channels that at 11 AM on January 20, 2017, he’ll issue a blanket pardon to those who violated those laws, so that the incoming President won’t be able to bring those prosecutions. Though with his successor likely to be Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush, that probably wouldn’t happen anyway.

        You know, if I was a standard deviation or two more dishonest, I’d make a really good scam artist.

        • propagandaoftruth

          All the coolest saints are sociopaths, but very few sociopaths are saints.
          I hereby beatify you, brutha QD…

  • Evette Coutier

    We’re losing America. We’re losing Europe. There’s no place to run too. There’s no place to white flight. We either fight back now or lose.

    • PaleoFuturist

      Obama didn’t sound trustworthy from the very beginning, did he?
      Does a guy who comes up with the logo “CHANGE” even sound reliable?
      No wonder he was elected, he was was financed by the central banks.
      Now, folks, ask yourselves a question: “Who’s running the central banks?”

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      We need to take up arms and fight.

    • meanqueen

      There’s still New Zealand.

      • Maurice Miner

        South Island only. Do some research as to the demographical issues.

    • Ernest

      “We either fight back now or lose.”

      There is not a truer statement to be made about this.

  • Chip Carver

    No conspiracy against Whites or the West. Nothing to see here, Move along. It’s Obama all on his own. His mighty intellect powers all in DC.

  • Capn Dad

    Of course. I would have been disappointed if the con man ovomit wouldn’t have tried to cheat. I just want to know America when is enough …..enough? Are we waiting for a leader? Are we waiting for ….what?

  • dd121

    Another article said Obama is simply ignoring the Judge’s injunction. King Obama, at your service.

  • John Ambrose

    According to the Reuters article on the same topic, “the stay must be approved by the same judge who issued the injunction, U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen in Brownsville Texas,” which will potentially create “more headaches for the White House.” But I don’t expect the left to give up on this- unlike “conservatives” they believe in advancing their agenda By Any Means Necessary.

    • shawnmer

      How, HOW does this make sense? The same judge? What’s this, the legal equivalent of going back and saying, “Pretty please with sugar on top??”

  • SentryattheGate

    With over 50% of all US criminal cases in the states bordering Mexico, (according a recent DOJ report), I imagine Judge Hanan has seen quite a bit of the “enrichment” that diversity brings US!

  • John Smith

    Why is giving amnesty to criminal invaders an “emergency”?

  • Capn Dad

    Duck Judge!!!! They’re coming for you!

    • propagandaoftruth

      Roger that.

  • Jason Lewis

    Is Obama gonna start a scorched Earth policy with executive orders? He may upset potential Hillary voters but then again he may not care if she is elected.

    • Capn Dad

      Maybe he wants to stay? “Its good to be the king.” – Mel Brooks, History of the World Part 2

    • MBlanc46

      He’s already started, of course, and I don’t think he gives a fig about HC. And from her point of view, they might be a positive, as when she becomes president they’ll already be a fait accompli.

      • Jason Lewis

        I think the left is turning on Hilary. Elizabeth Warren is their dream candidate. She’ll carry on Barry’s policies and ramp them up.

        • MBlanc46

          Lefty Dems certainly prefer Warren, but it’s hard to imagine Planet Hillary not being the Dem candidate.

        • Maurice Miner

          Is this actually Warren as a member of the same Navajo or Cherokee or Sioux or Chippewa or Choctaw or Apache or Pueblo or Iroquois or Blackfeet or Creek or other tribe she falsely identifies with?

          Give me a break!

  • A Freespeechzone

    It’s obvious that laws MEAN NOTHING to Obama when it comes to favoring illegals over citizens.

    He HATES those of us and our forefathers who DID build this country and will defy the law to DESTROY us.

    WHEN will sheep ‘wake up’ and stop this agenda?

    • libertarian1234

      “WHEN will sheep ‘wake up’ and stop this agenda?”

      Probably it will take a bold courageous leader before that happens, but there’s none on the horizon right now, and it is really difficult for one to step forward as long as the radical left has the media running interference for them. He would have to understand beforehand that his career and his life will be ruined if he fails.

      A few times during history, a woman has stepped forward to save the day, because the males weren’t bold enough. Let’s hope a patriot appears…..male or female……and soon.

    • Occidental Bookworm

      As Samuel Dickson so accurately put it, more than by any other racial group we are thwarted by our own. The mass doesn’t want to fess up to reality, they don’t want to be bothered with unpleasant facts, statistics and study results. They don’t want your irksome wake-up call. Not until their white suburbs are completely overrun with Thirdworlders and they experience the joy of being a white minority in their own country will reality sink in. But by then it is too late to turn the tables. White people becoming a minority in all of the Occident is a sad but unavoidable demographic fact. I think the only viable survivel strategy for Whites in the long run are small ethnic communities like the ones now emerging in South-Africa.

      • ghettovalley

        I think that we will need to take a route more similar to that of the Jews in order to survive. Gates aren’t going to protect us. We will need our own country.

  • Evette Coutier

    We need to do a number of things. We need numbers, organization, finances, a marketing strategy, and a legal strategy. We must grow our grass roots base of support. To do this means that the movement recruit someone who is a marketing wizard. We’ve got to rebrand. The term race realist, for example, is not going to attract new people who are not already in our camp. Look at Golden Dawn. The imagery has a far better mass appeal. We need a marketing pro adept at image management to develop a marketing strategy.

    As a group we are fragmented. Jared has done an excellent job pulling us together, but there are just too many would be supporters unwilling to risk their careers and their safety to come on board. We are fragmented in the sense that there is no place for young folks in our movement beyond stormfront. We don’t have a body of vocal intellectuals leading the cause in a coordinated way. To counter this we need a legal defense fund. Our opposition has figured out that they can win by raising money and sueing people out of existence. This is why we need numbers. Contributions would allow us to sue them. But to get numbers we must rebrand.

    I’m not good at selling ideas. I don’t have the skills of leadership. I spent my life being the advisor to the king, not the king/queen. We need a charismatic frontman who is properly marketed. We need a carefully crafted message that produces numbers and dollars. I’ve seen a number of pro-second amendment organizations pop up in the past few years that have grown rapidly because they have followed this model. How to win is not the issue. It’s finding the right folks to carry it to the next level.

    In my social circle I influence and get converts. It’s a slow process that requires long term thinking and patience. I cultivate and soft sell all the time. But my peers are not good leadership candidates. I’m around geeks and eggheads. Pulse, they are too old and not motivated to act. We need someone younger.

    There are many more items to be discussed, but for now this is enough. If you’re serious about doing more, reply and let me know. I’d be happy to chat about this topic both in principle and in implementation.

    • 李冠毅

      Why not start by donating to AmRen and Jared Taylor? He seems to be a good leader, and perhaps a potential candidate for a pro-White politician. I like this method, the only problem being I don’t have much cash and have no bank account (being a school student who still lives with his parents), so I’m not able to do anything for now.

      • Evette Coutier

        Jared is a great man and he has done more than his fair share. But it is premature to run a candidate for political office. The public is not ready. We need to lay more ground work and prepare the battlefield so that success is possible.

        • 李冠毅

          I agree. But why are so many White Nationalists still searching for someone to begin the groundwork? Aren’t good pro-White groups already in existence? AmRen is one, it just lacks funding to do much beyond publishing articles on its website. With enough funding, you can turn AmRen into an active White rights group.

          • Evette Coutier

            You would need to speak with Jared about his goals and plans for the future. I’m not in a position to speak for him concerning amren.

            I cannot address the movement in America. I’m not involved with any organizations. My observations were in response to a post asking me what my suggestions would be. I’m more than willing to engage in a conversation should folks be interested. However, part of the issue we face is that most of us have too much on our plates already, and we have a great deal to lose if we become public. Moreover, we are dealing with people who generally do not want to moderate their public persona. Societal stressors are not currently sufficient to support hardline presentations of genetic reality. Consider how thoughtful and reasonable Jared is in his presentations. Yet, the general public is still not accepting. In fact a number of reasonable and factual people who have presented factual data on race and intelligence have been run out of town on a rail.

            The issue is that collectively folks like us are fact driven, and the people we are trying to reach, not so much. We are the wrong people to move this to the next level. A younger, charismatic leader, with the correct support structure is needed. Additionally, circumstances will need to degenerate further in America before folks will have the necessary motivation to seek better solutions.

          • Evette Coutier

            Funding requires recruitment. Numbers attract dollars. I’m not a fund raiser, nor am I recruiter. However, I use to be the vice president, and then president of a community service organization. You must begin with recruitment, and give new people a place and a reason to be there. Money builds as number builds if you properly fund raise. I was fortunate to have a management staff skilled in these competencies. My area was strategic planning. To answer your question on ground work, in any organization of this nature, 10 percent of people involved do 90 of the work. It requires a dedicated core team to make it happen. These core people must have real organizational skills and people skills. They really need to understand the nature of mass movements. The level of personal commitment is excessive. There’s a lot more to this than space to write in one setting. But you have to target people for commitment with skill sets you need. In every organization I’ve been a member of, I get targeted for the by-laws committee. No one ever wants to do this job. I get stuck with it because of a skill set I have. The point being I get targeted based on my specific areas of skills. In other words, I get the work no one else wants to do because I’m good at it. It’s not an issue of looking for someone to do the groundwork. It’s an issue of finding people already motivated to engage in the process with the right skills, at the right time, in the right location.

            As a group of people, we are too fragmented geographically to form a movement. There must be a sense of identity and community that is reinforced all the time. The online community cannot forge the bonds necessary to facilitate this process. The gun community is a good example. There are 100 million gun owners in America, but only 5-6 million NRA members, and gun owners tend to be fairly fanatical in their devotion to firearms. They have a common passion, activities ranging from hunting to competitions, and a rich cultural heritage that is passed generation to generation. Yet only 5 to 6 percent membership in an organization dedicated to protect their 2nd amendment rights. This is why we’d all like to see someone with the ability to pull it together. We don’t have gun ranges, community centers, churches, town halls, or even a local tavern to meet up and unify. It makes the task extremely difficult.


    Unless whites all over the world–America, Europe, South Africa, Canada, Australia, Latin America–are willing to use force of arms to kick these invaders out of our sight and stand up to those harming our people, we will perish. It’s that simple.

    • Ella

      We might be the latest Neanderthals soon enough, about 3% genetic makeup.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Where are Boehner, McConnell and Reince Priebus…? (Boehner has GOT to be retired in 2016…!)

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    As long as Obama is paying for them and keeping these illegals with him and taking care of their needs, I do not mind. if it is going to be a problem for Americans then I have a big problem.

  • libertarian1234

    The situation is looking REALLY dark right now.

    Especially since this black miscreant has declared himself a Muslim, an anti-white, anti-America hater, and someone who is skipping along, happy as a lark to see his edicts and policies make whitey scatter like cockroaches, as he goes about the destruction of their country.

    His intent from the beginning was to flood the country with non-whites and that’s what he’s happily doing right now, and it is such a vitally important part of his plan he will go to ludicrous extremes to continue it.

    If he is rebuffed in his efforts by the courts, we’re going to see him transition into a very dangerous mode. But there are so many flakes, oddballs and misfits in the judiciary nowadays, they’re more likely than not to run interference for his agenda, as John Roberts stupidly did by declaring the mandate to buy insurance a tax.

    We used to have patriotic military leaders in the Pentagon, but he has purged them from the military, specifically, many believe, in order to prevent a military coup, which would have been likely if they were still on active duty. Now there is little possibility of that.

    As it stands now, only Rudy Giuliani has attempted to warn people of the danger, but he has to be careful to only say “he doesn’t love this country,” rather than calling him out for what he is which is a seditionist. It took a lot of guts just to say what he did.

    Here’s hoping more people will come forward with the same condemnation on an escalating basis which keeps throwing up dialogue that alludes to Obama’s treasonous conduct and roundly criticizing it on various talk shows.

    If they don’t then we’re going to be at his mercy for the next two years and by his own admission he has lots more up his sleeve to yet reveal of his plan to radically transform this country.

    And, incidentally, it is Obama who has encouraged ISIS to pursue a world dominated by Sharia law, which offers a serious threat from an outside enemy, so we’re being attacked from within and from an outside force.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    You know I don’t think the main goal here is a “race war”. I think it’s about globalism and dissolving borders. They basically want to merge Mexico, Canada, and U.S. into a quasi-single entity. It started with NAFTA and it continuous with fairly open borders and less distinction between the three countries. After those three merge into a time of Amero union, then the goal will be to merge the rest of south america etc. A globe without borders is their goal. I think the secret societies and certain ideological adherents believe in this sort of like a religion or like communists goal of world domination back in the day.

    Rather than fight something (or complain about it) when you have little power to change it, it would make more sense to begin adapting by creating your own ethnic communities, religion and enclaves.

    You can see similar efforts in Europe. Sure enough the white elitists are replacing themselves with babies, even though they are tiny percent of the population. I didn’t say I think this is a smart move. They neglect important racial difference and the fact that the lowest element out breeds and over powers the more normal ones. They think they can make up for this through mixing everyone together and importing high scoring asians along with the lower ability people etc. It will all work itself out once we have one giant global brazil minus Israel and a few other nations like Japan perhaps.

    In many ways it’s just a remodeled form of communism. Communism originally wanted to blend all the races together and create a global government as well. At any rate I don’t think the white race is important enough to these people to want to destroy. That’s just a collateral effect. Instead their first priority is globalism. A good book on this is “The New World Order” by H.G. wells. It outlines the ideology that modern technology creates a need for globalism.

    • Epiminondas

      H. G. Wells was a leftist romantic dickhead.

    • Cid Campeador

      There is an undeclared Dirty War being waged against White Americans by Blacks. The B/W murder stats from 2014 alone are shocking.

      Fiat, fiat iniuria, etiam si caelum ruat

  • WR_the_realist

    What are the legal qualifications for an “Emergency” Order? Will the heavens really fall if Obama can’t do his executive order amnesty right away?

  • Epiminondas

    It’s being reported that federal bureaucrats are proceeding as though the court had not ruled. Unless the states step in, there is no controlling authority here.

    • MBlanc46

      I’m afraid it would take something else stepping in to stop the tyrant.

  • E. Newton

    Obama wants to dilute, overpower and ultimately subjugate the white European population here. He is the President of the U.S. He is a communist, along which, he despises white people. Unlike your standard communist, Obama is looking to move assets, influence and cultural dominance from white America to something else. It’s no longer the standard communist redistribution to the “worker”. This is the nightmare scenario and it’s right here in front of you. This is demographic conquest of you and your progeny.

  • Occidental Bookworm

    I don’t see why Obama would feel the need to displace all Whites. The man owes practically everything to his white mom and his white grandparents. Even though he now completely identifies himself as black, his upbringing was almost exclusively white. You can say about the man all you want, but he is obviously smart enough to realize that continued mass-immigration will eventually lead to the disintegration of the United States; of which many parts could then be described as second or even third world areas (entire states that resemble present day Detroit). What could possibly be his incentive to continue with this madness???

    • meanqueen

      Answer: madness.

      • IstvanIN

        Revenge for imagined slights.

        • ghettovalley

          Exactly. Of course he is aware that his stupid ideas are destroying America. That was the plan all along.

      • Epiminondas

        Not madness. It’s the way racial dynamics works. But liberals don’t believe it. They think it’s all about “nurture” and nothing to do with “nature”.

    • MBlanc46

      I would think that realizing that he owes practically everything to his white ancestry would be just what has induced this self-identified “African American” to hate whites and want to destroy them.

      • Ella

        Obama could as well discuss the positives of being biracial of having a mixed cultural background, but of course, he behaves like a militant social worker to create this “agent of social change” and more Marxist policies.

        • MBlanc46

          I’ve not paid a lot of attention to his biography, but it appears that at some point when he was in college, he ceased being Barry Soetero (or whatever surname he used in Hawaii) and became Barack Obama, black militant.

    • Hank Richter

      Because people like him will be just fine in such a world, if you know what the real motives of Marxists are about then you know it’s about getting rid of the notions of individualism and personal freedoms, it’s end goal is bring back societies where total power rests in the hands of a select few.

      This is how all the world was, you had Emperors in Rome, Pharaohs in Egypt, Kings in Europe, etc, ever since the French and American Revolutions people in power have been fighting like mad to get it back that way.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    Do you have any proof of this? interesting claim…

  • Cid Campeador

    I can’t believe what this guy is doing with the tacit approval of the American people.
    He’s deliberately opening the flood gates to “refugees” whose ranks will include Jihadists.
    Now the Mall of America has been targeted.
    I can’t believe what these morons who elected him twice were thinking.

    • meanqueen

      They were thinking, “Yippee! I’m not a racist!” and all was well in their world.

      The things he has been doing lately smack of malevolent revenge.

    • badbox27

      I had an Obama voter tell me ( a white guy) that Obama wants to give him a raise and Romney wants to give his boss a raise. He basically turned his back on his race for money. There are too many traitors among us.

    • Hank Richter

      So you’re saying if a white Rep was in there it’d be any different? Who was his opponent in ’08 – McCain, he’s all for open borders. Now Romney talked a good game, to bad Romney has never kept his word on anything.

      Wasn’t Bush the one who did the “Dream Act” along with McCain and Graham? Didn’t Reagan give amnesty to millions.

      People need to quit acting like all this started with Obama, I hate the guy don’t get me wrong, but I hate the whites who betrayed us even more.

      • meanqueen

        I agree. Thank you. I hate O too but he is one man. We need to get rid of him but after we do, we will still have 50% of the people in this country who voted for him. What to do with them?

        • Hank Richter

          I think you missed the point of my post, most of the people who vote for clowns like Bush, McCain, Romney – in other words that other 50% are no better, so what to do with all of them?

          • meanqueen

            Well dang if you aren’t correct – I did miss your point! 🙂 But I disagree that the GOP clowns are no better. I think they’re slightly better.

          • Hank Richter

            Lol, no, they are worse, much worse. I don’t expect someone like Obama to be on my side, he does not think like me, his idea of America is very different than mine, so nothing he does surprises me and at least he is honest in that he doesn’t pretend to be on the same page as me, but most Rep have betrayed all of us, I have a special hatred for people who stab me in the back, they deserve no loyalty from you.

  • Cid Campeador

    What we need is his removal by the Military and an armed escort to the airport and a one way flight to Kenya.

    • Ohmy!

      I agree!

  • blah1130am

    One of the most important things to do is end disparate impact. That at least means we can test for merit without it being racist.

  • Ella

    Liberals want millions of illegals to pay for their dwindling SS programs as part of their guaranteed and promised retirement programs. I’ve confronted them many times about these fantasies. How can they pay for you when most can’t afford themselves and collect welfare benefits to assist their larger families of 3 plus children? Do you think they’ll gladly pay for a bunch of old white people against their ethnic self-interests??? Liberals argue that we have no choice!

  • It is probably only $2000 to 4000. They are expected to advance part, repay the loan double and triple. And finally to benefit a few relatives to get to the US for free in a decade, after the next amnesty or the anchor baby. Plus a future wife, or same sex spouse.

  • How is he ever going to realize his goal of a national minimum wage of $10.10 when he’s flooding the country with millions of people willing to work under-the-table for pennies? I wonder the college girls running his administration have figured that one out yet…

  • Capn Dad

    “Yo cracka’s been had!” -CIC (Clown in Chief)

  • H. Leonskoi

    Obama is a dirty traitor, a communist scumbag, an anti-white racist, and an imposter who is obviously ineligible to be in office. In addition, he is an inept moron who got all of his jobs, especially this one, through affirmative action, supported by whites who are a waste of space.

    • IstvanIN

      You summed it up pretty good.

  • Dylan Lowe

    The Democratic Party needs as many migrants as they can get to fundamentally alter the balance of power between whites and non-whites in America.

    Once Hispanics become the new ethnic majority, there will be ensuing cultural, political, and ideological change, which will improve the lives of all immigrants and minorities in America.

    America is headed in the same direction as Post-Apartheid S. Africa; which is characterized by a multi-racial constitution and power sharing executive of black and white ANC.

    Thus, KKK, Neo-Nazis, and White Supremacists will be an endangered species whose ideology could never prevail in the face of such cultural, ethnic, and political change in the United States.

    Thank god for America’s Democratic Party, migrants and minorities; and good riddance to political extremists and the useless MINORITY on this forum.