Nigel Farage Trapped in Ukip’s Rotherham Office for Two Hours

Matt Chorley, Daily Mail, February 6, 2015

Nigel Farage was holed up in a Ukip office for almost two hours today after it became surrounded by protesters.

After police told the Ukip leader not to leave the office in Rotherham, he complained the protests were ‘undemocratic’ and blamed unions for mobilising opposition to his party.

It follows his outspoken criticism of the way the grooming scandal in the town had been handled by the local council, but the Labour party accused him of trying to use child abuse to score political points.

After spending almost two hours holed up in the office, Mr Farage was led to safety by police under a large red umbrella.

Mr Farage was due to cut the ribbon on the campaign office of Ukip’s general election candidate Jane Collins, but his team said he was not coming out on police advice.

Around 40 demonstrators gathered on a narrow pavement outside, along with a similar number of media.

His visit comes in the wake of the withering Casey report into way Rotherham Council failed to deal with child sexual exploitation in the town.

The party has 10 councillors in the town which is one of its main target seats in the north.

The protesters were peaceful, but noisy, many of them carrying placards saying ‘Reject Ukip lies’, and shouting that the Ukip leader was not welcome in the town.

Others said ‘your wife is an immigrant’–a reference to Mr Farage’s German-born wife Kirsten.

Outside the office one woman was seen breastfeeding, after Mr Farage said mothers of newborn babies should avoid being ‘openly ostentatious’ when breastfeeding.

But giving a live TV interview from inside the office, Mr Farage sought to blame trade unions.

He told BBC Two’s Daily Politics: ‘It’s the same as the rest of the country, to be honest with you, there is a trade-union attempt to stop Ukip speaking . . .

‘Everywhere we go there is an attempt to stop us engaging with the public.’

He added: ‘If you look, in fact you will see the two biggest unions in the country both directly contribute towards this campaign and, interestingly, amongst the protesters outside there are a couple of people who were Labour councillors until they lost their seats to Ukip.’

He complained that the protest was ‘not only undemocratic, it’s very anti-British’.

However, Ukip has been accused of trying to use the Rotherham abuse scandal to score political points, with repeated attacks on ‘multiculturalism’.

Writing in The Independent today, Mr Farage said: ‘I shall be visiting Rotherham today, and alongside Ukip’s representatives and candidates will call for immediate, wholesale change for the area, including elections for the entirety of the council on 7 May.

‘As for the crimes and the criminals themselves, I do hope–though I won’t hold my breath–that the political elite that steered us blindly into this multiculturalism experiment have learned the lessons of what they think is ‘tolerance’ but what is actually complicity.

‘There’s nothing ‘tolerant’ about looking the other way when mass rape and grooming is occurring, and in fact it does a great injustice to the law-abiding immigrants who get blamed, attacked or simply feel guilt through association.’

But local Labour MP Sarah Champion said she thought it was ‘hilarious’ that Mr Farage had been confronted by protesters unhappy at Ukip’s presence in the town.

She told BBC Two: ‘He came here to try and point score. It’s like some sort of voyeuristic tourism tourism that’s going on.

‘I’m very keen that we address the issue rather than point score. The fact that he came here with his circus and has ended up barricaded in his shop with people in Rotherham who are saying this is absolutely disgusting.

‘We don’t want you coming and trying to get elected off the back of the abuse that’s been going on in our town.

‘I do find that funny because the people of Rotherham know what’s right and what’s wrong.’

Rotherham Borough Council’s entire cabinet resigned this week in the wake of a damning report by Louise Casey into its handling of allegations of abuse and grooming in the town.

The inspection report painted a picture of a council in complete denial about the issue and a culture of bullying, ‘misplaced political correctness’ and silencing whistle-blowers.

The report had been ordered in the wake of the revelation that 1,400 children had been subjected to rape, violence and trafficking by gangs of mainly Asian men

Mr Pickles made his announcement just moments after the authority’s entire cabinet announced its intention to resign in the wake of the Casey Report.

Council leader Paul Lakin, who only took up post last year after the previous leader resigned in the wake of the scandal, stepped down with immediate effect.

Mr Farage repeated his party’s call for the whole of Rotherham Council to face re-election in May, rather than waiting until next year.

A Ukip statement said: ‘These protesters aren’t the real people of Rotherham. This is the Labour Party running scared and trying to shut down any voice of opposition.

‘They are just people who are trying to stifle democratic debate. Surely they should be directing their anger at those who presided over the industrial scale of abuse in this town, rather than those who are trying to change it for the better.

‘They are more interested in keeping power than serving the people, which is what led to the cover-up.’

In May 2013, Mr Farage had to be locked in a Scottish pub for his own safety after being surrounded by a hostile crowd.

The Ukip leader and his entourage were first heckled as they attempted to hold a press conference in The Canons’ Gait in Edinburgh by protesters shouting ‘racist scumbag’ and ‘scum’.

Jane Collin speaks to protesters, who say "No to Bigatry."

Jane Collins speaks to protesters, who say “No to Bigatry.”

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  • MekongDelta69

    Their sign says, ““No to Bigatry”

    Case closed…

    • RebelliousTreecko

      They have a deram.

  • I find these signs ironic. Because the only reason the Rotherham girls didn’t get justice sooner was because of anti-racism and anti-bigotry, that all the officials looked the other way because the rapists were Pakistani.

    Racism and bigotry is what got them justice.

    • Speedy Steve

      Maybe bigatry is something else that I didn’t learn in skool.

  • superlloyd

    The left are pathetic idiots. UKIP and the BNP were the only political parties to speak out on this scandal while the left buried their heads in the sand. If left to the left this islamic racist degeneracy would never have been revealed.

    • Martel

      The EDL worked tirelessly to wake people up to this issue. The BNP deserves credit for being the first to do so, but they weren’t effective.UKIP joined the bandwagon only after this scandal was brought to public attention.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    But Ms Champion, the MP for Rotherham who was elected in a by-election in 2012, said she was “disgusted” by Mr Farage’s attempt to “score political points” and the focus should be on victims.

    No, Mz. Champion: The main focus should be on the bastards who allowed – and even welcomed- these 3rd world, criminal child molesters into England to rape and prey on young, White, Native Born British girls – and then protected these vile child molesters from justice.

    There should be a lamppost ready for each and every one of them.

  • RationaliseThis

    If so called right wing protestors had of behaved in this way the police would have acted in force against the protestors much sooner. The police will need to be cleaned out of the politically correct managment. Rotherham was of course where the police stood aside in silence as 1800 White children were systematically sexually assaulted by West Asian muslims.

  • Samuel_Morton

    Do these protestors even pretend to care about the victims of these horrible grooming crimes? Surely they realize that rape and forced prostitution is worse than noticing that all of the groomers are Middle Eastern?

    • IstvanIN

      Apparently a dirty Pakistani male is more valuable than a White girl.

  • John Jackson

    ” ‘I do find that funny because the people of Rotherham know what’s right and what’s wrong.’ ”

    Oh really, so 40 people represent everyone of Rotherham? Didn’t this say there more reporters there than protesters, how typical.

  • A.J. Washington

    I have only one word to say about those involved in the Rotherham cover-up: Gallows.

    The same goes for the perpetrators.

    As for UKIP and Mr. Farage, I only hope that he is just playing the “moderate” role in order to garner the support of the masses. The fact is, radical action will be required in Britain to reverse the damage that has been done. I’m talking about mass deportations, not just stricter immigration policies.

    • LHathaway

      England might just do it. It will probably be a reservation for Whites in Scotland and Wales . . . but England might just do it. Other than those bright spots, it’s not looking good for Whites in England. White men, anyway. Other than that, not too good. It’s only a matter of time before rape is the only way Whites will continue in England. Do I think this will likely become a common occurrence, or even a more common occurrence? No I don’t. I doubt it will ever become more prevalent. I doubt few White men in England have any desire at all to rape a woman even if they felt they could do so and not be caught. But it is the only way whites will continue in England.

      • hastings88

        Whites will only continue to breed through rape? Reservations for whites in Scotland? As if the non-whites would bother to set up reservations. What planet are you from? Your posts are completely irrational.

        • LHathaway

          I think you’re going to have to set up reservations for Whites all on your own as a concession to the traditionalists and racist. It’s quite likely that is what Wales and Scotland will be.

  • John Smith

    You can bet these freaks weren’t out pounding the pavement to demand the book be thrown at the muzzie child rapists.

  • Sun

    This really angers me.

  • LHathaway

    The protest was undemocratic? Now, become an entrenched leftist, or sensitive or proper member of the establishment, and that line could work for you . . . You could have people trembling in fear at the thought of being seen ‘undemocratic’. You could have them fired, too.

  • KenelmDigby

    Remember all the fuss about so-called ‘free speech’ last month when Charlie Hebdo put it upon itself to publish obscene drawings? – remember all the marches the thousands of words spoken and written, and how the ‘great and the good’ made impassioned verbose windy speeches about how ‘freedom of speech’ was the ‘prime democratic value of western civilization’?
    At the time, I said I could not give a damn about Charlie Hebdo or its killed cartoonists. Actually, they were hard-core screaming, ranting ‘anti-racist’ rabid leftists just like the animals who try to silence Nigel Farage.
    Now, the difference between Charlie Hebdo and Nigel Farage is this. Nigel Farage is the leader of a major UK political party that is devoted to democracy and the exercise of free debate and free policy making, in which all can join, participate and argue. UKIP are the very essence of liberal democracy, politeness and reasoned informed debate. All they ask for is for this common decency – the right to put their message – and their message alone – to the public, to be respected. If you don’t like UKIP or what they stand for, don’t vote for them, or challenge Nigel in open debate or by means of correspondence. Nigel would be glad to respond. That’s all he’s asking for. Incidentally UKIP are supported by millions of UK voters.
    All Charlie He do ever did, on the other hand, was to peddle filthy drawings.

  • Bill_der_Berg

    “After police told the Ukip leader not to leave the office in Rotherham…”

    The local cops had reasons of their own for wanting to keep Nigel Farage from meeting the voters. They are among those who have been castigated for their inaction, and worse, over the disgraceful crimes in the town.

  • Speedy Steve

    Ukip has been accused of trying to use the Rotherham abuse scandal to
    score political points, with repeated attacks on ‘multiculturalism’

    That’s called ‘politics’ where I live. Yorkshire has been a hot bed of socialism since the Industrial Revolution, so they deserve UKIP.

    • KenelmDigby

      As Nigel Farage said she he was accused of ‘exploiting’ the Rotherham scandal for ‘political’ purposes “if this isn’t a political issue, then I don’t know what is”.

  • Martel

    The EDL protested for three straight weeks in front of the Rotherham city council to get those responsible fired for turning a blind eye to the abuse of white girls by Pakistani rape gangs. The city council and local police conspired for over a decade to sweep this under the rug. The locals applauded them, brought them hot meals and allowed them to make use of their homes to warm up when it got too cold.

    Where were these protesters demonstrating against UKIP then?

    The guts of these people to actually hold signs with “justice for the victims”, while its their ilk which caused it to happen in the first place. Absolutely disgusting.

  • David Ashton

    Reportedly the police stated they were “unable to ensure the personal safety” of a British subject going about his lawful occasions. Where is the the Queen’s peace, the impartial enforcement of the rule of law, competent policing and free speech? This person was subjected either to “protective custody” without warrant or to “unlawful detention”.

    The pretext apparently was that this law-abiding citizen trapped and silenced by the police was the leader of a legitimate political party, whose candidates will be standing in the constituency area in the forthcoming general election, but whose policies are considered objectionable by both the two main parliamentary parties and ultra-left groups like the Social Workers Party and Unite Against Fascism. The local constabulary were under instructions to collaborate with the small group of violent demonstrators who threatened the life and limb of a person with whom they disagreed. Instead of these lawbreakers being dispersed or arrested, to ensure safe passage for their intended target, their proposed victim was himself in effect arrested, without charge or excuse, by the police.

    This is not the first postwar occasion whereby the police have taken sides against peaceful opponents of multicultural mass immigration in effective collaboration with violent gangs of totalitarian marxism.