Muslim Mayor ‘Stole Votes to Win Power’

Sam Greenhill and Martin Robinson, Daily Mail, February 3, 2015

Britain’s first elected Muslim mayor was accused in court yesterday of running a ‘den of iniquity’ and systematically stealing votes.

In a rare electoral fraud trial, Lutfur Rahman is alleged to have ‘subverted democracy’ by masterminding a campaign of corruption and intimidation to rig his re-election last year.

Lutfur Rahman

Lutfur Rahman

Muslim voters were left in tears at the ballot box after being warned it was a ‘sin’ not to back the controversial mayor, the High Court heard.

Barrister Francis Hoar said: ‘Mr Rahman has been the most senior elected executive in Tower Hamlets for almost seven years and mayor for over four of them.

‘Yet Lutfur Rahman expects this court to believe that he was unaware of any corruption, any malpractice, any foul play.

‘That he knew nothing of the false registration of voters, of the diversion of public funds to pay for his support… or of fraud. An innocent amidst a den of iniquity. Only this court may now judge.’

Mr Hoar added that anyone who challenged Rahman’s crooked practices was branded ‘racist or Islamophobic’. But after neither the police nor any other public body challenged Rahman, a private petition was launched by four residents of Tower Hamlets, which was described as a ‘rotten borough’ by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles last year.

Andrew Erlam, Debbie Simone, Azmal Hussein and Angela Moffat face a six-figure legal bill to bring their action. Mr Hussein, a local restaurateur, said they had even been charged £6,000 by the police to obtain documents in support of their private case. The court heard that the children of electoral rivals received death threats on their mobiles, postal ballots were doctored, elderly voters were manipulated and an army of ‘ghost voters’ was registered.

Rahman allegedly funnelled hundreds of thousands of pounds of public money to organisations run by his cronies. Rahman, 49, won the poll in May with 51.8 per cent of the vote. He had formed his own party, Tower Hamlets First, after being expelled by Labour.

Yesterday the four campaigners sat in court as their barrister Mr Hoar opened the case before Electoral Commissioner Richard Mawrey QC. The electoral judge said £65,000-a-year Rahman–who did not attend yesterday’s hearing–would be stripped of his mayoralty if the allegations were proven.

Mr Hoar said his clients had lined up 100 witnesses, but many had reported ‘threats of violence, threats to their families in Bangladesh, pressure from their employers and pressure from their communities’. Some were so afraid, they would not take the witness stand even if ordered by the judge, he added.

Mr Hoar said: ‘Since the beginning of his political career, he has been prepared to take whatever steps, use whatever means, recruit whatever support, to obtain power–power for himself, power for his friends and most importantly, power over his community.’

He said the evidence would show Rahman to be ‘a liar and perjurer’, and claimed there was ‘overwhelming evidence’ that he was aware of, and encouraged, the corruption.

Quoting ancient Greek playwright Sophocles, he added: ‘Lutfur Rahman would not “rather fail with honour than succeed by fraud”.’

Before election day last year, residents–‘often elderly and with little English’–would be approached by canvassers with applications for postal votes, Mr Hoar said.

‘Supporters of Lutfur Rahman told voters that “you do not have to go and vote yourself, just give us the card and we will sort it out for you”.’ There were numerous examples of men ordering women how to vote or voting for them, it was claimed.

Rahman was leader of the Tower Hamlets Labour group from 2008 to 2010, during which time ‘his career of corruption, his career of intimidation, his career of fraud began’, Mr Hoar said.

In a referendum in 2010 on whether the borough should have an elected mayor, Town Hall staff said ‘half the signatures appeared to have been forged,’ the court heard.

Labour dropped Rahman as its mayoral candidate after deciding he was a stooge for the Islamic Forum for Europe, a ‘secret society’ which wants to create a sharia state.

Rahman stood as an independent and won the 2010 mayoral election. He sacked the council’s chief executive and assumed his powers.

The court heard he personally made ‘all the decisions’ and demanded to see lists of organisations shortlisted for council grants, vetoing many.

In his first four years as mayor, he and his acolytes allegedly over-ruled council officers’ recommendations in 81 per cent of grant applications–and awarded £637,000 to 30 organisations that did not even meet the minimum standards for consideration.

At his re-election in May 2014, Rahman’s supporters were an intimidating presence at polling stations and did not ‘give a damn about the law… as long as their man got elected’, Mr Hoar said.

Forensics expert Robert Radley, who examined ballot papers, concluded in some areas that half of the ‘X’ marks were forgeries.

Bangladeshi-born law graduate Rahman’s reign as mayor has been hit by a string of scandals.

He sparked a storm of protest last July by raising the Palestinian flag over the town hall ‘in solidarity’ with Gaza, and has been criticised for his £42,000-a-year taxpayer-funded chauffeur.

Rahman and the council deny any wrongdoing.

Duncan Penny QC, for Rahman, told the court: ‘There is little if any evidence of personal wrongdoing by Lutfur Rahman.’ He described the claims as ‘invention’, ‘exaggeration’ and ‘in some cases downright deliberately false allegations’.

The case is expected to last seven weeks.

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  • phorning

    I was going to say those people shoudn’t be voting, but they shouldn’t be living in Great Britain in the first place.

  • MekongDelta69

    Muslim Mayor ‘Stole Votes to Win Power’

    Was this in a Muslim country, an Arab country, an African country… or… or… or… wait… let me guess… umm… oh, I know… a White Western country?

    Of course. I’m sooooo stupid to have even ‘axed.’

  • dd121

    Memo to Brits: You should be more welcoming to the 3rd worlders at your doorstep. That’s just the way they do things.

  • Oh, I guess all those British ‘moderate muslims’ did exactly what they were told to do, didn’t they? Yep, you can count on ‘moderate muslims’ to stand up proudly for western values and not allow themselves to be influenced by their more ‘radical’ elements.

  • Luca

    “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.”

    As England continues importing wolves, it will soon be the lunch.

  • SentryattheGate

    I hope that Amren will bring us the results of the case. And I hope that England, and the whole Western world learns a lesson from this TYPICAL Third World Muslim modus operendi.

  • IstvanIN

    As if we don’t have enough of our own crooked politicians, we (the West) must import third-world low-lifes.

  • Yancy Derringer

    If this happened in the US, our DOJ would not even investigate him. Black Panthers physically intimidating white voters at a Philadelphia voting site is legal, according to Atty General Holder. One can only assume an Atty General Lynch will view similar acts as legal.

  • Hammerheart

    Keep voting diversity. Mohammed will be the driving force that either wakes the common man or woman up, or the hammer that smashes their face while they doze in ignorant slumber.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    If these brown skinned pieces of muslim filth can call themselves British, then I guess my dog can be called a Human being.

    • Luca

      The more I learn about people, the more I love my dog.

  • WoodyBBad

    They might as well change the name of Tower Hamlets to Little Mecca.

    • KenelmDigby

      I’ve heard it called ‘Tower Minarets’.

  • Transpower

    The Brits are getting dumber and dumber.

  • John Smith

    An ideal muslim he is.

  • Christorchaos

    I do not have a problem with this. There were equivalents of this in pre-Vatican II social teaching. Even popular catechisms like My Catholic Faith. But it wasnt “vote for a Catholic” but rather vote for someone who subscribes to Catholic social theory, or it is a form of a sin. Sin is just the religious equivalent of the secular word “wrong”. But I’m sure this candidate subscribed to Muslim social theory, so was the only logical choice to muslims.

    These stories are good and Jared should keep running ’em. But they’re not “wrong”, we’re wrong for letting them in in the first place because we didnt want to clean our own toilets. That’s all these stories do, is underscore how stupid we were for thinking that you can mass-import a culture as strange as theirs.

    Although sometimes I wonder whetehr importing muslims to the US isnt a good hedge against the gayization of everything (1% of the population changing US social life forever).

    British Muslims were told not voting for him was a sin.