Indictment of New York Officer Divides Chinese-Americans

Vivian Yeefeb, New York Times, February 22, 2015

In Chinatown in Manhattan, it is the ultimate feel-good holiday: a time for joy, for festive red bunting and for stocking up on dumplings and rice-flour cake. Discord and heavy thoughts, according to custom, can wait until after the Lunar New Year.

But even as Phil Gim, a businessman in Whitestone, Queens, sent holiday greetings to friends and relatives in China through WeChat, a popular social media app, he found himself preoccupied with grimmer news. Churning through WeChat was a torrent of messages denouncing the indictment this month on manslaughter charges of Peter Liang, the Chinese-American police officer whose ricocheting bullet killed an unarmed black man, Akai Gurley, in a housing project stairwell in November.

{snip} Now, Mr. Gim and others said that with the Brooklyn grand jury’s decision to indict Officer Liang, he “is being sacrificed for all the injustices that happened.”

“The climate is crying out for the indictment of a police officer,” Mr. Gim said last week at a restaurant in Flushing, Queens, where he and other supporters of Officer Liang had gathered for dim sum.


Now Chinese-Americans, too, find themselves divided.

Some have hesitated, reluctant to find politics or racial discrimination in the indictment of Officer Liang. Others have hailed the charges against him as a means of improving relations between the police and all minorities. But for some, the indictment is nothing less than the scapegoating of a young officer whose parents may have to live without their only son–and a call to arms for a minority group that has never been as politically active as blacks or Hispanics.

“We don’t want to be pushed around anymore, or picked on anymore,” Mr. Gim said. “We’re going to fight back.”

Mr. Gim and his lunchmates first met on WeChat after the death of Officer Wenjian Liu, who was shot in December. Now they are reaching out to the Chinese-language press, contacting lawyers to advise Officer Liang and planning a protest march in New York, a city with the largest Chinese population outside of Asia. An online petition opposing the indictment that was started in California by a member of the Chinese-American community has garnered more than 100,000 signatures.

The indictment has galvanized other Chinese-American leaders, but in a different way.

To say that Officer Liang has been singled out misses the bigger picture, those leaders argue. Asians have also suffered at the hands of police officers, they say, and it is time for them to join the chorus of black and Latino voices calling for reform.

“Peter Liang being Asian only means that all cops need to be held accountable, regardless of skin color,” said Cathy Dang, the executive director of CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities, an advocacy group in New York that works with Asian immigrants from several countries. “We should use this indictment as fuel for us to organize even harder to hold the white officers who’ve killed accountable.”

Councilwoman Margaret Chin, a Democrat who represents the Chinatown neighborhood, also called for Officer Liang to be indicted, saying the filing of charges would be a step toward reforming a police force that she said has unfairly targeted Asians as well as blacks and Latinos.


In some ways, Officer Liang’s case seems all too easy to slice along racial lines. Like Mr. Gurley, the shooting victim, the Brooklyn district attorney, Kenneth P. Thompson, is black; the judge who oversaw the officer’s arraignment, Justice Danny K. Chun of State Supreme Court, is Korean-American. After Justice Chun granted the prosecutors’ request to release the officer on his own recognizance, Mr. Gurley’s aunt spat out: “Asian judge!”

Even so, Ms. Dang said she hoped to encourage Asian-Americans to find common cause with blacks. Her group had previously called for the indictments of the officers involved in the deaths of Mr. Garner and other unarmed black men.


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  • They should remember, the Chinese in New York, that the very definition of “diversity” is a moving goalpost. When blacks are involved, Asians generally wind up on the “non-diverse” side of the moving goalpost. Silicon Valley and all the hoopla and non-troversy that Jesse Jackson and the NYT have stirred up is proof of that.

    • MG Huffman

      Diversity doesn’t count unless average IQ’s are being lowered.

    • Charles Martel

      Blacks consider everyone smarter than them to be white.

  • MekongDelta69

    Black vs. Yellow.

    Race, race, race.

    Saul Alinsky must be beaming in his grave…

    • SentryattheGate

      Teddy Roosevelt: “There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americans . . .The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities.”

  • TruthBeTold

    This is the first that I heard the Officer was Asian.

    To say that Officer Liang has been singled out misses the bigger picture, those leaders argue. Asians have also suffered at the hands of police officers, they say, and it is time for them to join the chorus of black and Latino voices calling for reform.

    “We should use this indictment as fuel for us to organize even harder to hold the white officers who’ve killed accountable.”

    Asians believe they can smooth things over by claiming solidarity with other minority victims and drawing the focus off the Asian Officer.

    In a few years as diversity increases, Asians are going to be running to White cops for protection.

    This is foolish and shortsighted.

    • MG Huffman

      In reality, blacks and other equatorial races will hate northern Asians because they invalidate the claim that colonialism and segregation can keep down a population across ongoing generations after equal rights have been given.

    • BillMiller66

      Almost all Asians whom I have met are race realists.

      • Charles Martel

        Same here if I was stuck in a big city when riots started I would make my way to Chinatown, screw the disingenuous white liberals.

        • Race War Provisions

          You know the Chinatown shop owners were strapped

          • TCA

            I think that’s the Koreans, but they all look alike to me.

      • HE2

        Race realists unless it is inconvenient, BillM66. That is the Chinese way.

  • superlloyd

    ‘He “is being sacrificed for all the injustices that happened.”’
    There were no injustices. He is being sacrificed because he’s 1. Not black and 2. A negro died through no fault of his own (the policeman); His and 3. Because the grand jury have buckled under the intense media and political firestorms accompanying the deaths whilst resisting arrest of the ‘gentle giant’ and Eric Garner.
    Sad to see some elements of the Chinese community swallowing whole the dishonest, libtard narrative.

  • JP Rushton

    “reforming a police force that she said has unfairly targeted Asians”

    Uh, what?

    “Even so, Ms. Dang said she hoped to encourage Asian-Americans to find common cause with blacks.”

    Good luck with that.

    • evilsandmich

      Yeah it worked out great for that Asian police officer gunned down by that black Muslim.

  • Magician

    For some reason this AmRen entry reminds me of this outfit manufacturer advertisement

    And then many people asked the retailer, “Who are the black guy and white guy supposed to be?” and of course, the retailer gave a politically correct answer. Had they given a politically incorrect anwer, they would have faced vicious legal actions and threats of boycotting from many liberal whites as well as all blacks around the world.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      Well, it is nice to see that in spite of all that is going on, the white man still has his blood pressure under control.

    • TCA

      That’s everyone’s favorite Negro Sidney Poitier, and White side-kick Tony Curtis.

  • dd121

    Maybe Chinese in the country are waking up to the fact that they aren’t a favored minority. In fact an argument could be made that the leftists hate them even more than whites.
    Go ahead my Chinese friends, push back.

    • Charles Martel

      For decades every Asian I talked to was a race realist.

      • dd121

        They be inscrutable but I know they’re not stupid.

      • evilsandmich

        A lot of the younger ones are full-on PC brainwashed though. That’s why I make it a point to e-mail articles about Chinese delivery people killed by criminal black ambushers.

  • Christorchaos

    “Race complicates everything.” Yep! If there is one phrase that I think sums everything up for me it is that. Who wants to live like this?

  • Dave West

    Get used to these type of headlines, they will become more and more common until the day that America inevitably collapses from its present form. This is what the future “diverse and post-racial America” will look like. Hispanics, blacks, and asians squabbling with one another, while blaming the diminishing white demographic for everything.

  • RacialRay

    Asians are in the soup now, too. They will be lumped together with whites in the great pantheon of “black persecutors” when this cop is justly found innocent of any crime. All that is needed now is for a Hispanic LEO to snuff a deserving Gentle Giant in the ‘hood and I will declare a Hat Trick.

  • DaveMed

    “Others have hailed the charges against him as a means of improving relations between the police and all minorities.”

    Most despicable thing I’ve read today.

    • Magician

      How is it going to improve the relations between the Chinese residents in New York and the police? I would love to know.

      While blacks were rioting following the shooting of M Brown, there were some black rioters who demanded that the police officers use pepper spray or stun guns when trying to arrest black men with real loaded guns.

      • Reverend Bacon

        I think this just mirrors how animal control specialists operate in the zoo. Even though the tigers have lethal weapons, in the form of their teeth and claws, everyone thinks it’s better to just use tranquilizer darts, and not match lethal force.

        Which says two things: (1) that it’s assumed that humans are far smarter than their quarry; and (2) there is some implicit belief that having these animals around humans is worth all the danger that they create.

        • Race War Provisions

          Ya, but most people WANT Tiger’s in this country

        • TCA

          Great comment.

  • InAFreeCountry

    “We don’t want to be pushed around anymore, or picked on anymore,” Mr. Gim said. “We’re going to fight back.”

    They are going to break out the Kung Fu.

    • Race War Provisions

      More like The AK’s

    • Jeff

      And everbody wuz kung fu fightin…fists like lightenin…

      Sorry. Couldn’t resist. Low hanging fruit and all….

      • TCA

        No problem.

  • Rhialto

    Where are the Feminists? Feminist leaders should be explaining to the African-Americans and the Asian-Americans that hetro White men are the enemy, and you must put aside these internal feuds until there is a final solution of the White Man Problem.

  • Vito Powers

    Why aren’t there any stray cats in Chinatown? Have we stopped caring as a people?

  • De Doc

    Black trumps Yellow all the time. Because Blacks own the ultimate victim status spot. Get used to it Chinese folks. Welcome to America!

    • John Smith

      When they call in our note, back in the homeland, we may change that.

  • The Dude

    “Ms. Dang said she hoped to encourage Asian-Americans to find common cause with blacks.”

    Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. Because, at the end of the day, …

    And I could go on with SAT scores and crime statistics.

    • De Doc

      “Common cause with blacks.” Ain’t that rich! The Yellows are now finding out that they are the new White.

  • KenelmDigby

    My own notion is that blacks have a stronger anti-asian animus than they have an anti-white animus.
    Due to the history of the States, although blacks have an enormous grudge against Whites, at least, at some level they recognise that Whites were the owners of the soil and the founders of America. Now Asians are starting to take over and take over dominating, controlling positions. Blacks simply won’t have it, and will lash out violently and rabidly at Asians.

    • evilsandmich

      Part of the “problem” is that Asians are less hesitant about setting up shop in sketchy neighborhoods so that if blacks want to rob someone that’s where the money is. (At least where I am, it’s a fair amount of Central Asians as well since, alas, their name makes the crime blotter when they’re shot in a robbery attempt).

  • Spaniard in LA

    I would love to know who trained officer Liang. He shoots his gun after hearing a noise. Then instead of calling for an ambulance he calls his union rep. Couldn’t he at least played it off like he cared. Such high IQ but no common sense.

    • TCA

      IIRC, the NYPD carry a modified Glock pistol with a very stiff 12lb. trigger.
      Typical factory triggers are around 4lbs, if I’m not mistaken (not a gun person.)
      In other words, these guns don’t just “go off,” you have to really intend to shoot.
      Regarding your second point, I think Chinese are like Jews: they lack empathy and thus behave in a way that shocks White Europeans.

    • evilsandmich

      I must confess, If I shot a black person my first thought would be “where’s my lawyer” as well.

  • archer

    Another great benefit of diversity.

  • TCA

    Anybody know what CAAAV stands for?
    I went to their website, but couldnt find it.
    I thought they were supposed to be so smart.
    Those letters don’t exactly roll of the European tongue.
    Hey John, you’re the smartest guy in the room: what does CAAAV stand for?

    • HE2

      I think, CAAAV is an acronym for Organizing Asian Communities (also known as Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence)

  • Weisheit77

    I have the distinct feeling that Ms. Cathy Dang is an ABC (American born Chinese) which the Chinese derisively call a xiāngjiāo 香蕉, a banana, because they’re yellow on the outside and white on the inside.

    Most Chinese I know already show up in America wary of blacks and quickly have their suspicions confirmed.

    One thing I’m starting to notice more and more is that if it’s not an Eskimo leading these things it’s usually some sort of American Asian female who is doing the rabble rousing. We’ve got enough feminist activists in this country. We don’t need to import more.

  • Wing-nut.

    Could the Asian cop have been impersonating a White cop?