Cops Make ‘Sinister Associations’ When Dealing with Black Men, Warns FBI Director

Claire Carter and Daniel Bates, Daily Mail, February 12, 2015

Police can make ‘sinister associations’ when dealing with black men and American police are facing a ‘crossroads’ in race relations, the director of the FBI has warned.

James Comey made an unprecedented speech about policing and race issues at Georgetown University today–becoming the first director of the FBI to speak at length about the issue.

Mr Comey made the speech, called ‘Hard Truths: Law Enforcement and Race’, at a time when racial tensions with police in America are high, following the police shootings of Michael Brown in Ferguson in August and Eric Garner in New York.

Mr Coney admitted that officers had to acknowledge that ‘much of our history is not pretty’ and that they had to change.

He said police officers who work in neighborhoods where most street crime is committed by young black men may hold unconscious biases which means they can be tempted to take a ‘mental shortcut’ in dealing with suspicious situations.

‘The two young black men on one side of the street look like so many others the officer has locked up,’ he said.

‘Two young white men on the other side of the street–even in the same clothes–do not. The officer does not make the same sinister association about the two white guys, whether that officer is white or black.’

He acknowledged the shortfalls of police who may take particular approaches based on their past experience or if they are working in an area where black people make up the majority of perpetrators of crime.

‘Something happens to people in law enforcement,’ he added.

‘Many of us develop different flavors of cynicism that can be hard to resist because they become shortcuts. Something happens to people working in that environment . . . that mental shortcut becomes almost irresistible.’

Mr Comey said America is at a crossroads when it comes to race relations and law enforcement, and the ‘hard truths’ must be confronted.

He added: ‘All of us in law enforcement must be honest enough to acknowledge that much of our history is not pretty.

‘At many points in American history law enforcement has enforced the status quo, a status quo that was often brutally unfair to disfavoured groups’.

The director said it was also important to break a cycle that means often ethnic minorities in poor neighborhoods too often inherit a ‘legacy of crime and prison,’ a cycle he said must be broken to improve race relations with police.

However he said that racial bias was not endemic in the force and most officers were committed to doing the right thing.

He also said that citizens needed to do more and had to ‘give (police) the respect and space they need to make their job possible’ and that body cameras on officers was not the answer.

Mr Comey has been praised for tackling race when previous directors of the bureau have made limited comments.

Chuck Wexler, executive director of the Police Executive Research Forum, told the New York Times: ‘Not to take anything away from the previous directors, but it was almost as though they thought, ‘This is something we shouldn’t weigh into.”’


Comey is best-known for a 2004 standoff at the hospital bedside of Attorney General John Ashcroft over a no-warrant wiretapping program.

Comey rushed to the room of his bedridden boss to physically stop White House officials from trying to get Ashcroft to reauthorize the program.

He later described the evening as one of the most difficult of his life.

During the speech, Comey said he keeps on his desk a copy of the order John F Kennedy signed authorising the wiretapping of Dr King as a reminder of what not to do.


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  • This is the same FBI director who wants a “conversation on race”, which really means more one-sided narrative to which whites will be expected to listen like scolded children.

    • TruthBeTold

      He flat out said, ‘it’s our fault and we have to change’.

      • Does that mean that they’re going to take me off the Terrorist Watch List?

        • Asking to be taken off the Terrorist Watch List be racisss!

          • I wouldn’t know whom to ask, and I doubt I’d get a straight answer even if I did. I would never have found out I was on the list in the first place, except by accident; that’s how they operate.

          • pwnful truth

            I am interested in how you found out you were on the watch list, and what caused you to be put on it. I appreciate it.

      • SentryattheGate

        And once again I add that teachers see that obvious racial difference from Kindergarten and up; lower intelligence, more violence, less patience, etc. It’s not the fault of policing that blacks are more often imprisoned than others. Even Eric Holder noted the much higher rate of blacks being disciplined in school—and wants that stopped!

        • Oil Can Harry

          James Comey, the man who framed Martha Stewart on trumped up charges, laments that “something happens to people in law enforcement” after spending years dealing with blacks.

          That “something’ is that they become race realists. Same with schoolteachers, as you noted.

          Comey’s response: All races are the same. Now who you gonna believe- me, or your own lying eyes?

          • John Smith

            Funny thing is, Martha is a huge liberal and didn’t mind pimping her daughter out amongst Tribe members.

      • MeanWhiteBoy

        I don’t go into black areas because I am being smart. black neighborhoods have lots of blacks and blacks have a the highest percentage of violent crime among any race. A black neighborhood means there are many violent offenders there. Being white means I/we stick out like sore thumbs. Smart people use prevention as the number one factor in deterring black violence, which is staying away from blacks. The second line of prevention the police(thank god we have them) followed by the third line which is fighting them (and by them I mean the pack of blacks that you will be wearing on your back like a knapsack).

    • DonReynolds

      Black race traitors are called “Uncle Toms” but we never got around to such a cute name for the white race traitors. I guess “Judas goat” would be a good name.

      • Sick of it

        I’m fine with calling them Judas Iscariot, as they would also have betrayed Christ for a bit of money.

        • Oil Can Harry

          I call them White Sellouts.

        • DonReynolds

          A “Judas goat” is a term used in the slaughterhouse for the goats used to lead the sheep and goats to the slaughter. Those being lead to the slaughter are more cooperative and willing because they trust (and follow) the “Judas goat”.

      • MrGJG

        In the movie Jesus Christ Superstar Judas was black, Jesus white. You could guarantee they would be reversed if made today.

    • archer

      Don’t the FBI claim that about one third of the blacks are in the “system”, either in jail, on parole or have active warrants etc. If I were a cop I’d be leery of interacting with them in any way. M. Brown was a perfect example, he tired to take Wilson’s gun, probably the biggest no no of all.

  • TruthBeTold

    Mr Coney admitted that officers had to acknowledge that ‘much of our history is not pretty’ and that they had to change.

    Yes, we must blame ourselves. It’s our fault. We don’t show them enough love. We don’t show them we care. /sarcasm

    The police don’t profile race, they profile behavior. Change behavior and end ‘profiling’.

    • Nancy

      Drawing from past experience to process current situations is called “learning”. I distinctly recall taking classes in early childhood development in college, and had to write papers about the topic. Now they call it “racism”.

  • DonReynolds

    Are there any whites remaining in the Federal civilian service in positions of responsibility?

    There should be 7 whites out of every 10 managers, administrators, directors, and senior secretaries in Washington……just to be proportionate……
    but I get the distinct impression the Federal executive class has magically become much more than 13 percent black…..which would be 1 out of 8.

    • kikz2

      doubtful… most of those are probably ‘duals’….

  • dd121

    Cops are where the rubber meets the road with blacks. They are not easily fooled by the leftist propaganda.


      But what are all these white cops and white military going to do about all this? I’m tired of hearing the ‘they’re bidding their time’ or “we have evidence to impeach Obama/Holder/etc.” Then do something about it! What are you waiting for?

      • dd121

        Boehner has already told the democrats they’re not going to impeach him regardless of what he does. Sounds like an invitation to me.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “American police are facing a ‘crossroads’ in race relations”

    Why is it the polic who are facing the crossroads in race relations? Why is it white America that’s always facing this crossroad? Why is it never black people are faced with the crossroad and must alter their actions accordingly? Afterall, in both instances that have prompted this discussion (Mike Brown and Eric Garner) the altercation could have been completely avoided had the black men followed reasonable police instructions. But, no, instead they acted as though the rules don’t apply to them. The mentality displayed by Nrown and Garner is not the exception to the rule of black men their age, it’s the norm.

    So, yes, there is in fact a racial crossroads, but the burden should be on black men to raise their standards, not for everybody else to lower their’s.

    • kikz2

      that trend… started in the 60’s in the education system, which I witnessed from ground zero in MS… it has spread, cancer like, and we find ourselves a metastasized mess.

    • Good point. Your argument is so logical and true, yet it’s maddening that people (namely blacks, DWLs) can’t see or don’t want to see such an obvious point.

      Race-conscious whites who make the argument you presented often become frustrated because arguing with liberals and their ‘pets’ is like arguing with volatile, nine-year-old children who don’t possess the acumen to understand the basics of logic and reason.

      • Spikeygrrl

        What is “DWL”? TIA

        • Sick of it

          dumb white liberals

          • I’ve always understood it to mean ‘Disingenuous White Liberals’ per Paul Kersey at SBPDL’s website.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Got it. Thanks!

    • There you go again, making too much common sense!

  • Chip Carver

    Another bureaucrat toeing the PC line in the hopes of gaining some sort of promotion or whatever else has been promised to Western leaders who sell out whites.

  • kikz2

    i certainly hope that in the imminent future mr. comey is culturally enriched to the point he develops irreversible respiratory cessation.

  • pcmustgo

    Black males could change so many perceptions just by dressing in a neater, more middle class, more “white”/normal way. But they refuse to. Most insist on wearing ghetto and baggy attire…

    • JohnEngelman

      All a young black man needs to do to set whites at ease is to smile at them and say, “Hi.”

      • I don’t want them talking to me. When a black stranger addresses me, alarm bells go off, especially if they appear friendly.

        • John Smith

          “Polar Bear” hunter would be my first thought.

        • Rabid animals often appear friendly.


          I don’t like being around them either. For work, I have to (and it’s pleasant with the older blacks) but when I really don’t like going through checkout lines with blacks/browns/nonwhites there. I resent them being there. I don’t even do small talk with them, but I’m not mean to them but I am just almost on the rude “let’s get this over with” demeanor.

        • Blackhawk

          They don’t get past the “How yoo doin?” with me.

          The best response is, “Better than you” and keep moving.

      • Or how about just quietly going about their legitimate business and leaving others alone to do the same?

      • HE2

        Right, Mr. E.
        A young black man would smile and say, “hi” in the most convincingly sincere and smarmy manner, just before he grabs your cell phone and his friend behind you delivers a knock-out punch.

        • JohnEngelman

          I have been around black people long enough to have a fairly good idea of when one is dangerous and when one is not. If he keeps his distance, smiles, and says “Hi,” he is almost certainly safe. Most young black men are not criminals. Nevertheless, it is a good idea not to let one get too close. Always have pepper spray when in or near a black neighborhood.

          • HE2

            Mr. E., I have worked with blacks as patients and colleagues. I learned not to trust any of them.
            Our affirmative action black “colleagues” were doing everything they could to sabotage Whites.
            One black female physician planted a smutty, nasty, racist cartoon in a couple of our work mailboxes, then reported that she “just happened to find them.”
            Thankfully, the hoax gradually emerged. Just your basic black psychopath who had no business working at a profession in which ethics are critical.

          • JohnEngelman

            The best friend I had working for a hi tech firm was black. When he was hired I began to mentor him, although I had not been told to. He told our boss I had been helping him. My boss told me, “It is my job to do that, but I do not always have time. You are making my job a lot easier.”

            That is the best thing one can hear from a boss. I invited that black co-worker over to my apartment a few times to watch pay per view boxing matches.

          • HE2

            Allow me to punch your “not a racist and I can prove it” ticket, Mr. E.

          • JohnEngelman

            I believe in race realism. I also believe that good people can be found in each of the races, if not in equal measure.

          • HE2

            Mr. E., go right ahead and hang out with your negro friends.
            Based on what I think accurate to label as vast experience with this species, I will keep my distance.


          Around blacks, never relax.

  • Is this the same FBI that profiles right wing white people?

    ‘The two young black men on one side of the street look like so many others the officer has locked up,’ he said. ‘Two young white men on the other side of the street–even in the same clothes–do not

    First off, there’s hardly any place where that actually occurs.

    Second, if there was, ask Jesse Jackson which side of the street he would rather be on.

  • superlloyd

    Empirical data and personal observation beats cultural marxist wish fulfilment every time.

  • Luca

    Police officers are using experience, training and instinct. After thousands of arrests you can smell a rat and you know what it looks like. Blacks perpetuate their own stereotypes.

  • Vito Powers

    Should police believe Comey or their lying eyes?

  • Many people think that white street cops who work the inner city are ignorant about blacks. They think they’re just a bunch of ‘racist’ morons who are disconnected from how blacks really are. If only they’d stop racially profiling blacks, they would come to realize what truly wonderful people they are. Nonsense!

    Truth is, they know blacks quite well, better in some cases than most of us. Many cops may not necessarily articulate their beliefs in exactly the same way we do, but they know that huge numbers of the black ‘community’ are criminals to the core, savage as hell and often dumber than a bag of rocks.

    They see face-to-face these feral beasts up-close and personal. They see how blacks conduct their everyday lives, witness their dysfunctional homes, have to resolve their volatile relationships, and the pure hatred the average negro has for whites and all forms of authority.

    I can assure you that as a retired city cop who has worked in black communities, they are nothing like the way Hollywood portrays them. Instead of ‘The Cosby Show,’ think more along the lines of ‘The First 48’ and the ‘Pawnstar’ reality show in Detroit.

    • Caucasoid88

      Love Hardcore Pawn. But lately they’ve included white actors who pretend to be raucous and ghetto because the network warned them that they appeared racist.

  • MekongDelta69

    Old ‘evil’ America:
    Cops = Good
    Blacks = Bad

    New ‘improved’ America:
    Cops = Bad
    Blacks = Good

  • JohnEngelman

    ‘The two young black men on one side of the street look like so many others the officer has locked up,’ he said.

    ‘Two young white men on the other side of the street–even in the same clothes–do not. The officer does not make the same sinister association about the two white guys, whether that officer is white or black.’

    – Claire Carter and Daniel Bates, Daily Mail, February 12, 2015


    There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.

    – Jesse Jackson


    When dealing with young white and black men you do not know, and see on city streets, “sinister associations” can keep you alive.

    • Sick of it

      I don’t think your CPUSA friends would appreciate your racist logic…

      • JohnEngelman

        They would not agree. They would respond in a civil manner. All of our disagreements were discussed politely.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    police shootings of Michael Brown in Ferguson in August and Eric Garner in New York.

    So now the narrative has changed that Eric Garner was SHOT by the cops?

    Who wrote this? Brian Williams?

    Mr. Comey admitted that officers had to acknowledge that ‘much of our history is not pretty’ and that they had to change.

    I agree.

    The history of black crime in this county is ‘not pretty.’

    Blacks need to be stopped, by force, form committing so many crimes against Whites.

  • IstvanIN

    J. Edgar must be turning over in his grave.

  • A Freespeechzone

    If forced upon police officers, it will insure MORE dead officers at the hands of negroes and minorities for not using commonsense.

    This is exactly what Obama, liberals and the media want to happen…..payback.

  • SpeedRacer69

    Maybe if they were not comitting the majority of crime, they wouldnt have to worry. Whites are being preyed upon by these savages and we get a speech about white guilt. Really?

    • libertarian1234

      I agree.

      This dork doesn’t want to hold blacks accountable either.

      Anybody like him who thinks there’s a component to be addressed about race when the problem is so overwhelmingly black crime and violence isn’t playing with a full deck and lives somewhere in the land of oz.

      But I don’t mind. Just like the community organizer and Holder wanting infractions and crimes overlooked in the schools this one wants police to do a soul searching examination of their deepest subconscious thoughts all of which will do no less than encourage these same arrogant black thugs to commit more of the same crime and violence.

      And without all this preferential treatment they were heading toward becoming dysfunctional as a people anyway. This will just hurry things along.

  • MBlanc46

    Surprise, surprise! An Obama administration official criticizing the police.

  • OhWow

    There’s a very good reason pit bulls are treated differently than poodles.

    You don’t hear about poodles locking their jaws on people’s necks or mauling them to death. Different breeds (or races) behave differently. They each have strengths and weaknesses. Poodles are smarter but not as strong or powerful. Pit bulls are much more aggressive but not as smart as poodles.

    We are humans. We see patterns. We live life. We notice things. It’s ok to call a spade a spade. Blacks will be perceived differently if they act differently. Same goes for pit bulls.

    • Good post, except we are smack in the middle of a War On Noticing.

      • Spikeygrrl


    • John Smith

      The funny thing is, liberals are usually right in front of the campaign to ban pit bulls wholesale, without so much as an individualized evaluation to the personality of a particular dog, yet fight tooth and nail when we apply profiling techniques to bipeds.

  • slobotnavich

    Dirty little factoid: When you back black crime out of US crime stats our nation becomes one of the most law-abiding and safest in the world. Places such as Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana have among the lowest crime rates in our nation, despite near-universal gun ownership. Of course, they also have practically no blacks at all. What could one conclude from this seemingly inexplicable phenomenon? Surely, some erudite AmRen readers could up with some reasonable theories…….

    • John Smith

      Liberals never can explain why more gun laws would help or how the demographic responsible for so much violent crime would be stopped by them when so many have criminal records which put them under disability to start with.

      • Let’s not forget that murder is already illegal. Someone who is eager to commit a murder isn’t going to be put off by the fact that his gun may also be illegal.

      • slobotnavich

        Well, liberals (by the contemporary definition) believe that they’re the most intelligent, the “best people,” and thus naturally endowed with the right to supervise and direct their inferiors (us). And, of course, the peasants mustn’t be armed – why, they might hurt themselves, or even worse, some of their betters. Oh, the peasants are such naughty little people – sometimes one wishes they’d just disappear, but then there’s be nobody to wait tables, fix our cars, keep the streets clean, and follow our prescient instructions. Life for we elite is so hard!

      • slobotnavich

        Liberals’ real fear of guns is that they represent, in the final extreme, the citizens’ final hope of resisting state tyranny. “Why, the peasants might even hurt themselves if they have access to weapons, and worse, they might even turn them on us!”

  • Who Me?

    I think body cameras on police ARE part of the answer. The only thing is, how are the liberals and the media going to spin it when the body cams prove beyond all doubt that that the police are clearly in the right most of the time? Body cams will also cut down on about 98% of the claims of racial harassment from LEO, as was already seen in the Oakland firefighter’s case a few weeks back.

    • I never saw the body cam thing as a panacea. And mark my words; it won’t be.

  • Who Me?

    Yup. Since they can’t identify the robber as a black male in his 20’s but only as a person wearing blue pants and a white shirt, they will have to waste hours stopping and questioning all Chinese high school girls with that particular school uniform. Makes all kids of sense–NOT!

  • John Smith

    Who better than cops to know who dominates the national crime stats and their booking sheets and wanted lists?

  • John Smith

    You don’t get to head a govt. agency any more by virtue of ability, but only through politics.

    • According to Wikipedia, Comey is a former US Attorney: a lawyer with no actual police experience. His nonsensical comments about “profiling” must therefore be taken in this light.

  • John Smith

    Die like a liberal, with no “white guilt” at the end, not having taken the life of a “protected species.”

  • WR_the_realist

    The “sinister associations” are justified by years of bitter experience. If blacks don’t like those sinister associations being made about them then maybe they should behave better and commit far fewer crimes. Then police will soon stop having those sinister associations.

  • Yancy Derringer

    “Mr Comey made the speech, called ‘Hard Truths: Law Enforcement and Race’, at a time when racial tensions with police in America are high, following the police shootings of Michael Brown in Ferguson in August and Eric Garner in New York.”

    Comey made this speech, of course, to add the FBI’s official two cents to the big lie, the very same that this article’s reporters burp up reflexively. In fact, and as those of us here well know, racial tension developed as the media blew these two standard-procedure incidents into Goodyear blimp-sized frontpage, national news “tragedies.” Sounds like Comey is running with it that way too.

    • As FBI chief, Comey works for the Department of Justice, i.e. he works for Eric Holder. This explains quite a bit.

  • HE2

    Exactly, Mr. Joy. “Profiling” is an investigatory technique practiced by Academy trained agents brought in to consult with local police to assist in the resolution of seemingly interconnected serial violent crimes. Based on commonalities with prior investigations and past experience, it is amazingly effective and a respected technique.
    I see no difference between LE employing the same probability factors to anticipate and prepare for increased criminality in communities with a large population of blacks or browns.
    One look at race related FBI stats would provide ample justification. But, we are talking about logic or the egregious sin of disparate impact, are we not? Forget it.
    BTW, excuse the nitpicking, but it is “heuristics.”

  • Look_A_Squirrel

    What a coincidence that the high rate of black violence is the same whether blacks live in a white western country or a black 3rd world country.

  • pwnful truth

    Your prose resembles that of Albert Weeks

  • Pat Kittle

    If “black community” doesn’t publicly support cops when they are being demonized, then cops should serve public notice that they will stay out of the black community.

    Problem solved.

  • David Ashton

    Even in a same-race society experienced police can make probable guesses about certain criminal types. Not always right, but a good start. Give a dog a bad name.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    Cops are only human. We all use available information in order to protect ourselves from danger. How are the police supposed to ignore their life experience and act as if blacks are no more criminal or violent than whites? That’s like expecting the dog catcher to treat a pit bull and a Pomeranian the same. It’s never going to happen.