Posted on January 6, 2015

Yellow Privilege

Just Not Said, January 2, 2015

The greatest injustice in this country right now is the unearned advantage that Asian-Americans enjoy simply by virtue of their skin color.

Non-Hispanic whites have a median household income of $58,270 a year, vs. $68,088 for Asian-Americans. This can only be due to the legacy of prejudice and discrimination that whites have historically faced.

The difference in life expectancy between the races is equally pronounced: the average age at death of Asian-Americans is 86.5, vs. 78.9 for whites. Being white in this racist country can obviously take years off your life.

Asian-Americans enjoy other privileges as well: they do better on SAT’s (in 2013, it was 1641 vs. 1578). They have more stable marriages (22% of Asian women, vs. 40% of white women, are divorced from their first marriages). They get more education (31% of Asians graduate from college, vs. 21% of whites).

Asians are only 5% of the population, but constitute 20% of the students at Ivy league schools, and 50% of the students at Cal/Berkeley, the jewel of the California system.

There’s only one way to account for this: yellow privilege.

The way yellow people walk around not realizing what unearned privileges they enjoy is enough to drive anyone crazy. Asians have an invisible package of unearned assets that they can count on to cash in every single day of their privileged lives. They may not see themselves as the oppressors in a damaged culture, but this just makes it all the worse.

They can take their lily-yellow asses anywhere and people will not be suspect them of being alcoholics or meth-heads.

No one assumes they’re spoiled trust fund babies.

No one ever assumes that they are acting like bullies, or partying too loudly.

There’s never any pressure on them to be the life of a party, or to crack funny jokes.

Nobody will automatically assume that they’re the kind of morons who can’t perform quadratic equations in their heads, or recite the periodic table.

And police are far more likely to arrest a white than a yellow. (Can you spell P-R-O-F-I-L-I-N-G?)

How did Asians come by these unearned privileges? By oppressing whites. Teachers obviously discriminate against whites, as does the Educational Testing Service. It has to be obvious to any right-thinking person that standardized tests have been rigged to discriminate against whites.

It’s a racist system, and it’s high time the concept of yellow privilege was taught in colleges.

No justice, no peace!