White Inmate Says Cell Beatdown Was Reprisal for Garner, Brown

Julia Marsh, New York Post, December 22, 2014

A white inmate is suing the city for $10 million claiming a black correction officer beat him up as reprisal for the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Joseph Haggerty, who’s locked up in the Lower Manhattan courthouse jail for violating a restraining order by his ex-girlfriend, says he asked an unnamed guard to move him from an overcrowded holding pen on Sept. 18.

The 45-year-old says in court papers that the jail guard told him to move his “white ass” then he punched him in the ribs saying “this was retaliation for the Eric Garner and Michael Brown cases,” the Manhattan civil suit says.

The hack then sent Haggerty to another cell where four different black officers assaulted him, the Manhattan Supreme Court suit claims.

The 45-year-old was taken to Elmhurst Hospital and treated for two rib fractures and a punctured lung.



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  • Oil Can Harry

    Black prison guards: almost as bad as the inmates.

    • John R


    • Dave West

      At least the black guards go to prison voluntarily!

      • Reynardine

        Well, many blacks commit crimes to go back to jail anyway. They’re clothed, housed, fed, and somewhat more protected there. There is a sense of order that is usually missing in their lives from the wasteland that is black parents.

        I read somewhere that a black teenager in prison is safer than one out in the street.

        • nBmnp

          Yeah, I’ve also read that – and it makes sense: The chances of overdosing on drugs, getting killed by drunk driving and getting murdered are much lower (or completely absent) in prison.

          • ElComadreja

            Plus they get all the downlow sex they can handle.

          • MrGJG

            Yet they’re not homos. Isn’t that the very definition of homo?

          • Brady

            The definition of homo in prison is not the same as the definition of homo on the outside.

          • cjkcjk


          • Cid Campeador

            No it isn’t. They’re Black and therefore have Carte Blanche to “realize” whatever their primitive urges are.

        • IBWHITE

          The prison I worked at once sent buses into East Saint Louis attempting to try and fill their quota for Black employees. The vast majority of them quit right out of the academy. The rest were eventually fired for being dope mules or having homosexual relations with the inmates. One of the inmates proved he had sex with a Black guard by spitting the semen into a milk carton and giving the evidence to an internal affairs officer.

          • Reynardine

            I just… no… can’t… why… need liquor now…

        • pcmustgo

          That’s why Blacks like Islam too- DISCIPLINE.

          • Reynardine

            That’s a very good point. If blacks don’t find discipline they instinctively reach out for it… even if that means worshipping at the altar of a bunch of sandy bloodthirsty pedos.

    • Brady

      Worse – a recent article on this website stated that prison gangs keep interracial violence among inmates in check. A black inmate who did this would face the wrath of the Aryan Brotherhood. The real problen with prisons now is corrupt guards.


        the real problem is white males’ collective cowardice and tolerating this BS.

        • propagandaoftruth

          How about the collective treachery of white females?

          Especially “feminists” like that Rolling Stone hack that go out of their way to invent horrible stories about White males. Has that had any impact?

          I don’t consider Aryan Brotherhood types to be cowards.

          If we’re going to discuss white male cowardice why not white female treachery?

          Perhaps this is not a good topic of conversation.

          • gemjunior

            I feel your anger, and I can’t help saying there is some truth to it. I think women are sometimes more susceptible to these types of propaganda and brainwashing – they certainly are more easily influenced by propaganda and more easily cave to the pressures of wanting to be peacemakers or diffuse the anger that can arise during these discussions as counterproductive. I am a woman, and I am not attacking other women but I simply cannot understand how these white girls listening to rap and glorifying the negro culture are falling so easily into the arms of thugs that they DO NOT belong with. And they cannot even see it. When this situation comes up, the majority of women begin to defend blacks with the usual crap – they aren’t all like that, it’s not fair because they haven’t had the same opportunities, blah blah blah. White women will get behind the white men, I have no doubt, when they see them really get serious and out in the open with this. But it can’t be one David Duke, or one Jared Taylor having once a year conferences and a media blackout of all the people who go to them that might have something to say. Somehow I think whites must find the wealth to get viable media out there – that can’t be silenced – I sometimes think of someone like Donald Trump for example. I know he wouldn’t be interested, but someone like that with mucho $$$$$$. I just don’t have an answer. Maybe we have to get out in the streets like they are in Germany.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Yeah, I love the ladies, and last thing I’d want to do is alienate or drive away any (quite the opposite)…
            So I avoid the topic generally. I strive to be as charming an ass as I can be in general, but…I’ve noticed this…
            The few times I’ve e

          • Daniel McGrath

            Some women want to be ravaged by a nazi. BELEIVE me. It gets many of them switched on.

          • gemjunior

            They probably love you, for once they are seeing a man who is not muzzled by PC-ness, which let’s face it – can get your ass in big trouble in some countries even jail time, but can get you harassed and fired if you are even remotely public (a school principal like Frank Borzellieri) . Most men choose to just stay away – my own husband sometimes shushes me if I let loose in public or voice my opinions too loud. My attitude is that if everyone really says how they truly feel we would do something about it. I’m proud of you for speaking your mind and I’m sure women silently admire men who are confident enough within themselves to speak out what nearly everyone thinks. I’m sick of feminine, sensitive men. They disgust me. I like hairy arms and would throw up if my son or husband started getting their chests waxed and all this type of new thing, chest waxes and tanning salons for men. They’re in the mirror longer than women.

          • DAWNOFNEWDAY

            I expect white females, being females by nature, to be compassionate, caring, etc. I don’t expect white men, being men by nature, to tolerate this violence, to tolerate supporting people who hate them. Yes, we need to work on how our white females are being brainwashed but we white guys need to be strong and be the types of men our ancestors were. Naturally, the females will follow us and respect us. No, I wasn’t saying the AB were cowards. I was talking in general of how we have tolerated and accomodated and appeased this behavior.

          • RationaliseThis

            We absolutely need to discuss this. I wouldn’t go down the “collective treachery” path because I wouldn’t want to alienate women. There are now a considerable number of women rejecting feminism now that there seen what it is. I’ve always found its best to treat them as human beings first, as I’ve grown older I’ve noticed we tend to grow closer in understanding. . More females have gone down the path of liberalism and their weight has swung the pendulum against us but a considerable number haven’t and now around 55% of White females now vote Republican compared to 68% of males. (A mild indicator of conservatism). Those that marry tend to be conservative. Perhaps if women aren’t receiving security from family such as a father or a husband they seek It from the state. It seems overall females are easier to indoctrinate, perhaps because of their affinity for communicating they self expose more to propaganda. Due to the different female life cycle, relatively short and early fertility window, women have a differnt problem. We need to understand first. I suppose we need to ask them Why? See what their concerns is and see if that concern is real or media scat.

            Reading the Roger F Devlin articles on Amren is useful. Two websites I recommend are return of kings and cheateu heartiste. These are pick up artist sites but the analytical nature of them is extremely useful, they’ve done a good job deconstructing radical feminism.

          • propagandaoftruth

            I use the word “treachery” because…
            That’s what it feels like – that’s what it is. I was spitting back at the notion of “collective” male cowardice by throwing out the “collective” female treachery thing…
            There’s truth in both complaints yet…sometimes better to focus in on positive – the negative thereby unmistakable in its absence.
            I’m sick of boohooing about anything much beyond the death of a beloved person or pet these days, and beyond sick of apologizing or self flagellation of any form but the Truth is this…
            1. White Men should be ashamed for some degree of cowardice, historically speaking, and…
            2 White Women for a similar degree of treachery…
            But so what? Regardless of gender…
            Wanted: White Folk to Populate the Future: Traitors and Cowards Need Not Apply

          • White women need strong men to lead them. White men need loyal women to nurture and support them at home. Both sexes must stop falling for the age-old tactic of divide and conquer. We need each other to survive and all whites everywhere share plenty of blame for our current state of affairs.

            So now that we have the blaming part out of the way, let’s unite and turn against out true enemies–those who would have us at each other’s throats while they strip-mine our civilization and leave us for dead.

        • MrGJG

          White males have grown up in what I call the Alan Alda culture.

        • pcmustgo

          The real problem is selfish, perhaps too individualistic (our individualism is good in a way, and makes us who we are) white people’s inability to think in terms of a collective and care about the plight of other whites.

    • LexiconD1

      Out here in CA, they can be the same person. Committing crimes, and drug use does not make a person ineligible to becoming a prison guard.


      Blacks with badges and power and nice suits are just like the ghetto thugs or the ones living in the jungle. As the saying goes, “You can take them out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of them.”

    • NoMosqueHere

      Prison is like the Club Med for the dazzling urbanites. It’s like a high school reunion without the car or wife envy. For most unfortunate whites, it’s a one way ticket to hell.

  • propagandaoftruth

    The tall dreadlocked White kid sought me out the other day at work. Philosophy major taking a semester off, started talking to me like he’s been reading Amren or Taki’s…
    There’s another one who listens to too much jungle music, but he’s been making interesting comments too. When I left today I noticed a cabby, White guy, cleaning out his vehicle. Watched him a while, struck up a conversation. He wasn’t too happy, was leaving the business. Then out of the blue he started talking about…stuff, you know… HE started it, not me. I told him to go check out a website called Amren.
    Tick, tick, tick, tick…

    • Robert Smith

      I’ve had similar encounters lately. I was at the bank last week and a older white lady began complaining to her teller about the protesters. She ended by saying very loudly, where everyone in the bank could hear, how stupid they were. She kept repeating it as she walked out the door. If gramma is growing a pair we are getting close.

      • Who Me?

        You’d be surprised at how many of the “Aunt Bee” types (totally oblivious politically) are *noticing* things, and now, instead of just clucking to each other at the weekly bingo game about, “What’s this younger generation coming to?”, they are actually speaking out. A lot of people who don’t pay a lot of attention to what “granny” says, still hear their opinions at spaced repetitions, and some of it gets unconsciously absorbed.
        (And “ol’ Granny” sometimes knows a thing or two about life and race relations that would surprise even us “Amreners”.)

        • Sick of it

          Not likely these days, as most of them grew up segregated from blacks. Doing something because you’re told to do it rather than because you believe in it can lead to something like the modern catastrophe.

          • I don’t know about the rest of the country, but here in the South, at least in small towns, segregation wasn’t absolute. Blacks still worked and shopped with whites, white waitresses served black customers in the colored section, the black neighborhoods abutted the white ones, etc. My grandmothers and even my mother had an intuitive pov similar to ours based on experience, just not backed up with DOJ stats or any of our other high fallutin reasons.

          • Sick of it

            Segregation was pretty strong in Louisiana. One of my grandmothers truly believed that blacks weren’t our equals. The other stayed separate because she was told to do so. Guess which one sounds more like a liberal today? She doesn’t like mixing, but thinks we are more or less the same.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            Southern segregationists were VISIONARIES…

          • DAWNOFNEWDAY

            But nobody listened at the time, or they saw more benefit in selling out the white race and playing nice with the political correct people than being true to our people.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        Grandma has always been spirited, because she was never indoctrinated in Cultural Marxism during her schooling…

    • dd121

      None of the increasingly right wing comments are being censored on the CNN website. I think our increasing numbers have worn them down. The other side of the coin is that fewer comments sections are posted by CNN.

      • MrGJG

        Absolutely, been noticing the same thing on other mainstream sites. Not only are more un-PC comments getting posted, but they’re getting 10/1 ratio up votes/down votes. People are pissed!

      • pcmustgo

        DON’T FORGET MSN AND OTHER SITES REMOVED 1000’S OF REALIST COMMENTS DURING THIS FERGUSON THING… I saw it before my very eyes… they’re swamped with such comments.

        • dd121

          I think our comments present a delimia for these liberal news sites. They can completely ban comments, such as Fox, they can delete the comments like mad, or they can throw in the towel and let them stand. I think it drives them mad because they don’t get to control the narrative any more. In my opinion they will eventually attempt to control and outlaw unapproved speech on the internet..

    • Alucard_the_last

      I’m one of those who LOUDLY announces how much I hate the anti-white media. I was telling an Asian clerk how I am sick and tired of the “..unarmed teen” phrase and she agreed with me. Furthermore, I go to a lot of political sites and there is one hell of an angry army out there. I only read one post (I’m sure it was a white liberal) who condemned the NYPD for not arresting people. Everyone is sick of it and the unwashed negroes will lose any race war it wants to start.

      • propagandaoftruth

        Everyone is sick of it and the unwashed negroes will lose any race war it wants to start.
        You are so right. People I know who never would have thought of it are purchasing firearms, getting concealed carry permits. All sorts of stuff.
        You know what I do? I put on the Pandora at work, got two channels I like. Beck and Louis Prima – both of which have Johnny Cash added to them. I play this stuff constantly and it’s strange how some of these little half ghetto-ized White boys and girls…

        Are tapping their toes and singing songs… It’s like a call to their souls, an abnegation of degeneracy. I see a spark of pride and appreciation, and they all know what I stand for, including the blacks.

        I had to stand in on the firing of one who stole from the company a couple of weeks back. Bossman likes to have me in the room when there’s a firing to be done. I’d almost come to like that one. Once I saw him lurking near my computer and shot him a murderous look, which he acknowledged and stayed far away from my stuff after.

        Nobody changes my music at work except for a couple of guys I trust.

        Good news everyone! Our finest moment approaches.

      • B Baker

        Don’t think the Asians are the enemies of Whites. Sure MSNBC brings out a few of them each year to spew liberal trash but the majority of Asians are quite conservative. My Wife is Filipina and even before she moved to the States she hated negros. Now in the states she hates the negro with a passion I cannot even match.

        • MannyR

          There isn’t a group on earth that likes Blacks except for Tribesman and white liberals.

          • ShermanTMcCoy

            And they don’t REALLY like them, or they’d move somewhere to be near to them.

        • Alucard_the_last

          I know they are not the enemies of whites. I lived in a Chinese neighborhood and many were rude but they were also rude to each other. I loved that neighborhood because it was bum free, negro free and white liberal free. The Chinese, like myself, could care less if they are called a racist. They know the truth about the savage negro.

          • Sick of it

            Then why do Asians not look like white people anymore?


          They aren’t going out doing the ‘knockout games’ or calling for violence against us, but don’t think they’re our friends either. They’re starting to ridicule whites like the blacks and hispanics are. Watch the video ‘if asians said to whites what whites say to asians’ or something. Whites need our own turf away from others.

      • Speedy Steve

        But as Goebbels predicted: they will keep on lying until it’s perceived to be truth. And for some odd reason, they keep getting sponsors.

    • Musashi5000

      Oh, it’s coming alright.

      Take a look at the Kel-Tec KSG for inspiration.

    • B Baker

      It is happening in Michigan where I am at too. I had a few drinks and I started complaining about criminal negros and only 1 20 something girl complained. One of my friends who hosted the NYE party told her to shut her negro loving mouth. Others asked her if she ever had sex with a negro and when she said she would if she wanted almost all of the guys ripped her apart with insults. She went from being popular to being told to leave. A lot of guys called her a negro loving whore and after trying to woo the crowd with being a girl and liberal and all that, the guys told her to stop crying and go to the ghetto!

      After she left I applauded these 20 and 30 year old guys and girls. The party was a really good time and a group of about 40 people spent the next hour complaining about negros. 2015 is looking good.

      • propagandaoftruth

        and a group of about 40 people spent the next hour complaining about negros.
        That’s my kind of party.

      • Alucard_the_last

        When we are complaining about negroes, we are just stating the facts. What are we supposed to do when asked a mathematic question; give the wrong answer in order to make a fool look good? It is the same when stating facts. As for that slut, she lives in an all white community and believes what she sees on television and film.


          When I get called a racist I quickly say “you’re only calling me racist because I’m white” or I will say “you can’t disprove anything I said, so you start with the name calling and knee-jerk reactions.”

          • I just freely admit it. “Yes, I am ‘racist,’ whatever that means these days. So is everyone with eyes to see. What’s your point?” They sputter helplessly after that. Remove their only trump card and it’s fun to watch them squirm.

      • Who Me?

        I’ve noticed that happening more and more often among my (grown) children’s friends. A bunch of thirty-something’s get together and they start talking about things and everybody loosens up and you hear everyone agreeing that the reason they aren’t living the way they ought to be considering how hard they work and live good, clean, drug-and-crime free lives is the dark undertow. One was complaining that he was having a hard time finding another job, and was told it was because he was the wrong color, namely White. Everybody agreed. Anybody telling that bunch they have “White privilege” better be wearing a helmet when they say it! I’m proud of our young White people and the children they are raising. Racial realists, every one of them. They are fairly quiet about it, but the White pride is there, not far below the surface.


        Good! We need to shame these white women who do this, and yes, white guys who engage in racemixing need to be shunned as well. It’s not natural! Now what to do about the whites who are adopting nonwhite kids. someone said if you see a white with a kid that’s not white to ask, “Oh, babysitting?”

        • Lin

          A Ukrainian girl I went to school with had a mother who died of cancer, and now has a Japanese stepmom because her father married a Japanese woman right after. They have a kid together than ended up looking white. This girl would act offended that everyone naturally assumed her stepmom was the babysitter of her “little sister”. I tried explaining that these people were trying to be nice and that it is a perfectly normal reaction to assume a kid who does not look anything like you isn’t yours. If they want the right to have a nice family and be treated like everyone else, they should not be mixing in the first place.

        • One of my friends is rather uncouth and likes to ask in an innocent tone, “How much did you pay for that one?”

      • Tarczan

        To know them is to love them. I’m kidding.

      • Daniel McGrath

        That’s great stuff. However the vitriol shouldn’t be whipped up too much. It’s one thing to be wise to the shines. Another to get homicidal.

      • hastings88

        A heart-warming story!

      • RationaliseThis

        It’s an interesting story, encouraging. However I am concerned that we’ve lost that girl. Has she had her biases affirmed? Will she become a strident worker for the White genocide cause? I realise we can’t save everyone from themselves and there must be altruistic punishment (shaming, shunning, career impacts) but I would prefer it to be a minimum.

    • Reynardine

      “But what is more than curious — indeed, piquant to a degree — is that an ancient god of storm and frenzy, the long quiescent Wotan, should awake, like an extinct volcano, to new activity, in a civilized country that had long been supposed to have outgrown the Middle Ages. ” – Carl Jung

      • propagandaoftruth

        You know what I think about? I think about how much blacks, as a whole, most, or at the very least a dangerous plurality, seem to detest us so deeply, so vilely, no matter how nice we are.
        Because though not perfect, we are nice. The Truth is, of course, we are way too nice.
        Now, consider again how much it appears blacks hate us, looking at crime stats and the reactions to recent events suggest, etc. What if…
        White people hated blacks and acted upon that hatred as do blacks…as much as blacks seem to hate and act upon their hatred of us?
        Think about that confusing sentence long and hard, and think about why the MSM censors all it can get away with censoring. There is a change in the wind, and a growing, righteous rage bubbling up.
        We live in interesting times, Fox.

        • archer

          I think you’re right, but there probably always was resentment to a degree, after all they were brought here as slaves. But this “new” hatred is more dangerous, it’s a hatred born out of indoctrination by cultural marxists made possible by the destruction of the black family, their hatred is more unreasoning now, it’s become an ideology. I think they have become unwitting tools in the destruction of this country’s society.

          • ElComadreja

            Being brought here as slaves was the best thing that ever happened to these primitive uncivilized hominids.

          • A Freespeechzone

            You are correct, negroes live in a modern society created by the White man, with all the technology, conveniences and medical advances that they had little or nothing to do with.

            Negroes resent that they didn’t invent the airplane, the car, harness electricity or invent the lightbulb–or anything else of significance.

            They can’t handle freedom and need to be controlled by a despot–look at Africa.

            American values are still incompatable with those of black African heritage.

          • gemjunior

            I’m not sure they resent that they didn’t invent these modern things you mention, because in their puffed-up egotistical child-minds, they had everything to do with all the inventions of the world. And WE whites STOLE their original ideas and inventions, and rewrote history to show ourselves as the inventors. No matter how many times I hear this rubbish and no matter how many times I point out to blacks that if it were true that they could invent this type of stuff, some black somewhere would have reproduced the inventiveness, they still persist in believing they are every bit as inventive or even more than western Europeans or whites. It’s insane. In their minds, they “started civilization” LOL. They still haven’t started it.

          • Sick of it

            Archer, the non-slaves in Africa have treated white people even worse.

          • Daniel McGrath

            The problem is that blacks were subsistence farmers up until around ww1. Then they migrated to metropolitan cities. It took whites 3000 years to get city living figured out. It’s going to take that long for blacks to evolve enough to do the same. Meanwhile we get Detroit.

          • hastings88

            They may never figure it out, literally. They did not go through the vetting process of evolution that enabled whites to build cities and maintain civilized behavior.

          • But we can rebuild great societies. Once they are shunned from ours, however…

          • They were not brought here as slaves. That happened centuries ago, so they have absolutely NO justification for being resentful now. They are though because they’ve been taught to be resentful & hateful. We whites MUST stop apologizing for slavery. None of us had anything to do with that.

          • archer

            “They are taught to be resentful and hateful”, that’s exactly what I said.” It’s a hatred born out of indoctrination by cultural marxists.”
            Slavery is one of the levers they pull to get the desired result, nothing more.

      • hastings88

        Wotan/Odin is the god of war, but also of wisdom. He is righteous action, aggression with purpose, defense of self, family and nation. Hail Wotan!

    • Usually Much Calmer

      This happened to me, too. I was at a policy luncheon a few weeks ago and the man I was sat next to went off about Michael Brown. Funny thing is, he was an administrative law judge for the CHA- he handled cases of people being evicted from public housing. I assume he knew what’s what for a good long time but feels free to speak it now.

    • I used to compare this phenomenon with that of migratory birds. They all just know when it is time to take to the air and fly away for the season, first in small groups and then in increasing numbers. Most people are bright enough to know when they’re being consistently lied to, and when the lies are over important enough matters – like personal safety – and sufficiently transparent, they draw the correct conclusions and begin speaking up about the matter, all without further external inducement.

      • archer

        Your analogy fits well, in other words we’re approaching a sort of critical mass, where we all start flying, finally, in the same direction.

  • Samuel_Morton

    Sounds believable, but how could the motive ever be proven? Not that all media outlets had any problem assuming Darren Wilason was a racist.

  • John Smith

    Imagine how bad it will be for a white man in a US prison in even ten years from now; given the demographic free fall we are in.

    I have wondered if “white” gangs like the Hell’s Angels, Warlocks, Pagans, Aryan Brotherhood even ponder this. They are gradually getting squeezed out of criminal activity like drugs ad guns in the US by non-whites.

    In the very near future, it will be almost impossible for whites to survive in our US prisons.

    • B.A_2014

      Those willing to murder are pretty useful in times of revolutionary struggle.

      • LHathaway

        The project then becomes restraining them.

        • Sick of it

          Criminals have been made into crime fighters in times past. They are often more trustworthy than the trash running our country.

          • See The Future

            The trash running the country are the real criminals.

          • Bill Moore


            It’s not just Washington DC.

            I live in Butler County, PA. The criminals running this county are just as corrupt as Washington DC.

            A few years ago, I applied for a building permit. At an open Butler Township public meeting, the head of the Butler Township Commissioners requested a $10,000 “donation” (bribe) or our application would never be approved.

            I didn’t pay the bribe, and the application was never approved.

            Just My Thoughts,
            Bill Moore

          • It would seem to behoove those of us who live in such corrupt municipalities to record every interaction between ourselves and the local bureaucracy. Imagine what that meeting would have looked like on YouTube? Cockroaches scurry from the light, after all.

        • propagandaoftruth

          Soldiers die.

    • David Ashton

      I know the English penal system seems soft and stupid, but isn’t the confinement of white male prisoners in the US with black rapists a “cruel [if no longer unusual] punishment”?

      • Oil Can Harry

        Don’t they do the same in the UK?

        • David Ashton

          I honestly don’t know on what scale that occurs here. I do know that the non-English population of prisons in England is huge.

    • Alucard_the_last

      I have strongly endorsed segregated prisons for a while now. Of course the negroes would deserve the worst and in the worst locations. Any white liberal who is sentence to jail would be thrown into one of the negro prisons to complete their sentence.


      I’m not that worried about our white brethren in Europe with the way things are now; they’re waking up and fighting back even with all the odds stacked against us. The best whites in the USA can do is stock up on weapons and other resources, stay in shape, eat right, spend your discretionary money wisely (I personally like to donate some of my income to prowhite groups or to the nationalist groups in Europe). Do something.

      • I donate locally to white families in need, and only white families in need. Food banks in white communities are a good way to share the wealth safe in the knowledge that it is going to our own kind.

  • Luca

    Gosh, you would think that his White privilege would have protected him.

  • Truthseeker

    This is why Whites should do everything in their power to avoid having Blacks in positions of authority over them.

    • HE2

      Agree, Truth. A black man or woman should NEVER be in a position of authority. Ever.
      What we are observing today from the White House down to the nastiest black led community on the planet, i.e., Detroit, Mogadishu, is evidence of that fact.

      • Sloppo

        I disagree. I believe they should have authority over themselves in their own countries.

        • HE2

          I meant they should never be appointed to positions of authority in civilized societies.
          Blacks, browns, other non-Whites can do as they please as long as they let us alone.
          But, of course they will not.

      • benvad

        I don’t care if it’s racist in the least. In Brazil they’d never hand over power to Blacks, they know better.

        • HE2

          Yet, Brazil is a mess of corrupt, ineffective policing.
          Crime rates are so high, the World Cup game participants and spectators were warned in advance of street muggings, kidnappings, robberies and general violence.

  • IstvanIN

    Civil suit? Why are the “guards” bring prosecuted?

    • Ringo Lennon

      Proof read before you hit the “Post as IstvanIN” button. I know I’m playing with fire here.

  • Anti-whites use the valid, rational fear of being raped and/or killed by feral blacks and browns in prison to control white people. Whites in prison must either join neo-Nazi gangs to survive (thereby forever staining themselves with the scarlet R of “racist” should they ever try to sway public opinion after getting out) or risk being sodomized, mauled, stabbed, or beaten to death in our human zoos. No wonder our people are so afraid to fight back.

    Prisons should be segregated, staff and inmates alike.


      If we don’t fight back, we and our loved ones are assuredly going to be dead. I’m at the point I’m not scared anymore of the consequences. I’m very angry with how things are going on that I’m looking for an excuse to do something physical, from them breaking into my house to them trying to start something with me when I’m out in public. They know we’re afraid of them or consumed with guilt and they are used to us not fighting back. Time to change that and make them fear and respect us…quick.

  • Dwight

    Race trumps everything for blacks. From president Obama to the garbage collector and everyone in between. Money and social status make no difference. Billionaire Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama consider themselves victims of racism right along with the mob in Ferguson.

    • See The Future

      We are seeing the casualties of the race war.

    • A Freespeechzone

      Excellent point, the Oprah and Obama–multi-millionaires and the top fraction of the top 1% and they claim racism.

      The race card will be played until the end of time by negroes–no wonder they are the most despised race on earth.


        I’ve grown very much to dislike them over the past six years. Ten years ago I felt sorry for their past, now I have no sympathy whatsoever to hear ANY of their whining or ‘woe is me, I’m black’ BS.

        • benvad

          They’re suffering or problems are of no concern if mine. I will not give a dime to save any if their lives if it can be avoided.

      • RationaliseThis

        The liberals will be playing it to the end of time as well. Compassion and pity for the many numinous gentle giants that are victims of racism in a variety of fictional genre is how they earn their votes, recruit new member and gain donations.

  • LHathaway

    Don’t they realize that They are the police? I guess not.

  • Easyrhino

    No doubt our good friends Obama and Holder will personally make certain that justice is adjudicated for the plaintiff in this case.

  • dave

    The only difference between black prison guards and black inmates is the black prison guard gets to go home at the end of his shift.

    • Robert Smith

      Not always…

  • Ograf

    Anyone that would choose to have a job that forces them to mix and be around the scumbags of the world probably himself is somewhat of a sociopath. They say you cannot work in the sewer without getting some waste on you. I have no doubt that NYC is among the worst of the jails.

    • adplatt126

      I feel that way about the entirety of NYC. One big jail.

  • DD-762

    Perhaps Mr. Haggerty is taking a page out of the black man’s book accusing LEO’s of brutality. Show me the video.

    • Harry

      How did he get the broken ribs and punctured lung? Fell down the stairs?

      • Sick of it

        Maybe he felt so guilty about the legacy of slavery that he punctured his own lungs? Or something else just as ridiculous.

      • How many cops does it take to throw a handcuffed suspect down a stairway?

        None – he fell.

      • DD-762

        Ummm, let me think…violent inmates?

  • dd121

    Every perceived slight by whites is proof to blacks that they should riot. Do you suppose the lefties who have instigated all of this behavior have completely thought this through?

  • Speedy Steve

    a black correction officer

    Excuse me. Bwahhhahhahahah!

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      Maybe he got the job through affirmative action.

  • Caucasoid88

    Yet another minor example of the crumbling of American culture. Has this ever happened in the history of Western Civilization?

    • Nimadan

      In the latter days of the Western Roman Empire, there was a Germanophile fad among young upper-class Romans. This was at a time when Germanic savages were overrunning the West, committing horrendous atrocities against the ordinary people of the cities and provinces they conquered. The response to this by the youth of the decadent Roman ruling class was to idolize and imitate the barbarians.

      So, yeah, it HAS happened before.

  • Douglas Quaid

    It’s always amusing to see some black athlete being interviewed who can barely speak a coherent sentence yet he apparently graduated from college. It’s no surprise how many of them after making millions of dollars end up in complete financial ruin. I just read about one former NFL quarterback who after making millions went broke, not by hookers and drugs, but spending $5000 a week at the Cheesecake Factory and throwing himself $300,000 birthday parties. I hope it was fun while it lasted.

    • IstvanIN

      $5000 a week at a chain restaurant? I am surprised it wasn’t Red Lobster.

      • benvad

        Too classy.

        • IstvanIN

          In NJ they loves them some Red Lobsta!

    • None of them think ahead enough to spend $200 to sit down with a financial advisor and work out a budget and a savings plan. The same phenomenon is common among lottery winners. There was also the case of Rodney King, who spent some of his settlement award from Los Angeles on a big house with a backyard swimming pool, even though he did not know how to swim and eventually drowned in the damned thing. It’s all about image.

      • benvad

        They’re godda*m retards.

    • Travis Lee

      I’ll bet he didn’t tip.

    • benvad

      What would you expect from something with an IQ at best hovering around 83 with the emotional maturity of an 11 year old with an absence of forward planning or thinking?

      I’m amazed they can tie their shoe laces properly.

  • gueppebarre

    Well, what about it, social “justice” pimps Holder, Sharpton, Obama? Oops, wrong color scheme – my bad…

  • Musashi5000

    White needs to fight.

    • The fact that Haggarty apparently did not fight back will make it easier for him to (1) have the original restraining order charge against him dismissed, and (2) collect a large settlement from the city. Hospitalizing a non-violent jail inmate who is detained pre-trial for a misdemeanor isn’t going to fly too well. There was a case like this in Texas when I was locked up, and the Bureau of Prisons ended up releasing the white inmate early and giving him a lot of money, simply because there was no realistic way for the guards who did it to claim that he had brought the beating on himself. One of the corrections officers involved flat-out hated whites, and we all knew it. He was one of my 04:00 to noon shift supervisors at the chow hall, and I never had a run-in with him of any sort, but since I did my job and kept interactions with him to a bare minimum, I never provided him the slightest excuse to go ballistic. The most I ever said to him was when he commented “You’re very quiet”, to which I replied “Nobody wants to hear what I have to say.”

      • Travis Lee

        Surprised he wouldn’t go ballistic for that.

      • Musashi5000

        I guess it’s a good thing they didn’t kill him.

  • propagandaoftruth

    Negroes HATE White people. Fact.
    Great minds think alike. Hadn’t seen this when I posted something eerily similar above.

  • 4321realist

    “White Inmate Says Cell Beatdown Was Reprisal for Garner, Brown”

    “Reprisal” for Brown and Garner?

    Reprisal for what?

    The inmate had nothing to do with either person that was killed. How can anybody be so dim-witted as to not know that paybacks are not paybacks if the victim has nothing to do with whatever the attackers feel to be a grievance?

    Oh, I see. It’s payback, because the people they hate are white so all whites need to be paid back. But isn’t that racist hate mongering? Isn’t that what they say should not be allowed?

    And don’t they complain that stereotyping is wrong? Don’t they march around with signs saying a person should be judged individually by the content of his character?

    The black attackers in this incident probably clocked into work that day after marching all morning with signs that said profiling and stereotyping are wrong. Then they proceeded to profile and stereotype.

    You know, if there are many more incidents like this even the radical leftist MSM and the goofy Mayor De Blasio might get the impression that blacks are too dumb to be allowed into any first world society.

    • Reynardine

      Garner’s reprisal is against white people who make food and cigarettes too delicious, thereby killing off blacks who might have cured cancer or have been the next Albert Einstein.

  • Vyncennt

    The same taxpayers who are paying to keep this man in jail, and paying the salaries of the men guarding this man in jail, now get to pay even more for the previous two.

    It is never the offenders who pay in these lawsuits. They, at most, lose their jobs. AA ensures a mere transfer of departments. If, by some miracle, these guards spend any time in jail…we then get to pay for their imprisonment AND the lawsuit AND the imprisonment of the original offender.

    • E. Newton

      It all starts with the money. They use your money and at the federal level, money they simply print. This will be used to fund your annihilation. Where they go next, no one knows. It’s a somewhat cold civil war and I don’t believe your opponents really understand where it takes them.

  • ElComadreja

    This sorry phenomenon has been happening ever since Colon Bowelmovement. It’s amazing how many whites are still looking for a magic negro to lead them to the promised land. Goddamned fools.

  • DD-762

    I have dealt with negroes all of my life, both in school and the workplace. I know them better than you claim to. However, I find it difficult to believe that Correctional Officers would jeopardize their jobs, benefits and pensions just to beat up some white guy under their jurisdiction.

    Or am I being too level-headed for your mentality.

    • toldev

      You are making the mistake of thinking that whites and blacks think alike. They do not. Few white men would risk their job, assets, or freedom just to beat up another person who annoyed them. Blacks on the other hand are very impulsive. They rarely stop to consider consequences. This is why a player for the National Felons League will risk messing up a job that pays millions a year to steal $40.00 worth of crab legs or some similar nonsense.

      • DD-762

        Hmmm. You’ve got a point! I never looked at it that way. Ex: O.J., et al.

        My God, am I starting to sound like a DWL? Perhaps I need to be de-programmed.

        • Sick of it

          Do not be fooled by the better 10%…or has it gone down to 8% now?

    • Negroes aren’t capable of logic, and what you’re suggesting would require logical thinking.

  • Galenical

    I saw a video maybe a year ago where Allen West showed his true colors (pun intended). He accidentally dropped his facade and the inner negro became very visible. I think it was on Fox news (I can’t recall perfectly). I believe the subject was the Zimmerman/Martin case. He supported the black narrative of young Mr. Skittles Martin. West subsequently lost the election. I think enough white voters in FL saw the piece.

  • Johnny Harper

    Wow typical.

    Nothing new here.

  • Sick of it

    Tucker, we’re going to have to fight many of these people in order to survive, let alone obtain freedom.

  • Sick of it

    Many white criminals feel genuine remorse for what they have done. Not so much with the other races.

  • Tom Metzger

    Quit bitching about it do something

    • hastings88

      Hey, Tom! W.A.R.

      • Tom Metzger

        How are you.I am fine.happy new year

  • benvad

    Please, don’t remind me!!!

  • Epiminondas

    New York is a special place.

  • MartelsGhost

    Reprisal? So violent criminals who are killed while committing violent acts are seen as saints deserving reprisals carried out of course on innocent people who had nothing to do with the original situation? The lack of logic would be surprising were it not for the identity of those involved in issuing the “reprisals”……………….

  • TotallyPeeved

    affirmative action, pc and bra have killed this country.

    • MartelsGhost

      The common thread is Communism……………….

      • Nimadan

        As obnoxious as they are, the lefties are just useful idiots. Above
        the commies is the Tribe and above them is the globalist elite.

        If the phrase, “globalist elite”, doesn’t ring a bell, it refers to the interlocking matrices of the financial banking cartel and the 10-20 families of extremely wealthy aristocrats who sit at the top of the social pyramid.

        • MartelsGhost

          Thats so cute that you feel the need to define the term “globalist elite”. I gather you are an Alex Jones fan or was it David Icke you purloined the term from?

          Sorry if I come across as pretentious or pedantic but I first read the book “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” when I was 12 which was back in the early 80’s. I know all about the theories revolving around the Rothchilds, the secret cabal behind the Federal Banks and even the nefarious goings on at the Bohemian Grove. Lots of theories out there. The more extreme consist of lizard men intent on ruling the galaxy. All of them are hogwash.

          The simple truth is motivated people will always work to further their control and wealth and will inevitably gather with other like minded people. Anyone can make it into the club nowadays, just become wildly successful in banking or politics and you too will receive an invite……………

          • Nimadan

            Your snarkiness is uncalled for. Most people are deaf, dumb, and blind to how the world is really run. I’m not a mind-reader; I had no way of knowing that you’re somewhat aware.

            And “somewhat” is the operative word. The fact that you classify serious economic analysis in the same category as Icke’s psychotic ravings about lizard people shows you have a long way to go before you’re truly awake. Once you get past the demonization of alternative research, you realize that “conspiracy” theories fall into the same spectrum as any other memes, ie there are brilliant ones, average ones, and dumb ones.

            “…you purloined the term from?”

            You sound like a black claiming Whites stole mathematics from Ancient Egypt. Who did YOU purloin the term “hogwash” from?

          • MartelsGhost

            If you noticed I did apologize for my attitude but now I’m second guessing wether or not I should have………………

            Obviously I am “more awake” than most considering you found my comment on Amren. Not exactly a run of the mill site for unaware sheeple……

            What some see as conspiracy is simply because they view events from the outside. People are always going to further their own interests. Rich people are naturally going to circulate with other rich people and help each other figure out ways to stay rich and indeed gain even more wealth. e.g.: When two football teams play against each other, both teams have spent time coming up with game-plans, practicing their plays and hoping to win.

            Just because you are on Team A, does not make Team B evil.

            You have a lot of anger about this issue which I’m guessing leads back to some sort of hatred and mistrust of all Jews.

            And BTW……………don’t ever refer to anything I do or say as negroid.

            After all it is usually blacks who feel like they know more than everybody about everything and only succeed at putting their ignorance on display for the world. This would resemble your behavior much more than mine.

            Now stop being so preachy about something you just found out was happening. These problems and plots have been around for millennia and will never cease. What matters is taking charge so that Whites can once again reign supreme and all the muds can complain about our nefarious conspiracies to ruin their lives……….

          • Nimadan

            Thank you Captain Obvious for those words of wisdom.

            “You have a lot of anger about this issue which I’m guessing
            leads back to some sort of hatred and mistrust of all Jews.”

            You sound like Paula Abdul.

          • MartelsGhost

            Your welcome.

            And it’s General Obvious. Not Captain. I have been promoted several times over the last few days………

            Paula Abdul? WTF? Okay that one made me smile but only because it’s a completely ridiculous thing to say.

            I have a sneaking suspicion we are actually on the same side as far as many current issues are concerned and have instead become distracted in this duel of snark.

            That being said, I will lay down my weapons and extend my hand in peace. If this constitutes a victory you wish to claim, then so be it. But after reading many of your past posts I will not call myself your enemy.

            Provided that is indeed you commenting on Amren as far back as 2010 about inherent behaviors and such.

            If it is not you and you still feel the need to engage in a battle of wits, even though you are clearly unarmed, then I shall oblige you……………………..sorry…..old habits die hard.

          • Nimadan

            Peace with Honor is always a good thing.

            I suspect we agree on a lot too.

          • MartelsGhost

            Hard to tell friend from foe these days on the internets, especially when two sarcastic highly intelligent people butt heads upon first meeting.

            You are correct in your usage of the term global elites. They have indeed been manufacturing drama in order to enhance their bank accounts for years……..nay…….centuries.

            I am simply being old and cantankerous because for many years I struggled to get somebody to see the world for the deep dark spider web of control that it really is. I have since let go of my virulent hatred of such men and groups as the Bilderbergs, Rothchilds, Carnegies, et al. I will never stop fighting them but I can instead view them as an enemy views a strong castle. You have to admire their long term planning and their construction.

            They have become a quite formidable foe and without a sudden global power outage there is little to no chance of removing them from power.

            I applaud you for taking the time to learn so much of what is actually going on in the world. It gives an old man like me hope for the challenges ahead.

            Peace and Good health to you sir and may you win all your future battles be they on the internets or in the real world.

            Still laughing about that Paula Abdul thing. I freaking hate Paula Abdul.

          • Nimadan

            “Hard to tell friend from foe these days on the internets…”

            Tell me about it. It’s especially difficult to tell when posters of the middle-of-the-road variety are being sarcastic since they often don’t understand how extreme the Left really is. They think their sarcasm is self-obvious and it’s just not.

            “You are correct in your usage of the term global elites. They have indeed been manufacturing drama in order to enhance their bank accounts for years……..nay…….centuries.”

            The Rothschild bank in London goes back to the mid-1700s and it didn’t start there. As for the aristos, some of these families can trace their lineage back to the early Middle Ages. They usually own shares in every major economic enterprise that their ‘nations’ were ever involved in, domestic or foreign.

            “I have since let go of my virulent hatred of such men and groups as the Bilderbergs, Rothchilds, Carnegies, et al. I will never stop fighting them but I can instead view them as an enemy views a strong castle. You have to admire their long term planning and their construction.”

            I know exactly what you mean. They’re so much more intelligent than the majority, it isn’t funny.

            “They have become a quite formidable foe and without a sudden global power outage there is little to no chance of removing them from power.”

            That’s my analysis too. Barring some catastrophe too big and too sudden for them to game, I can’t see anything overthrowing them. The entire spectrum of anti-globalist forces put together is not accomplishing anything, except to delay them. They’re still winning, just more slowly than they want to.

            “I applaud you for taking the time to learn so much of what is actually going on in the world. It gives an old man like me hope for the challenges ahead.”

            Well don’t get hopeful: I’m not young either. I’m 57 as of last month and I don’t recognize this country anymore.

            “Peace and Good health to you sir and may you win all your future battles be they on the internets or in the real world.”

            You too brother.

  • Cid Campeador

    Correct. They’re hamstrung by their liberal indoctrination. Friends of mine transferred their son from a public middle school to a Quaker Friends School because he was being bullied by Mau Maus (my words). They said that he was having issues with “African- Americans”. I want to puke every time that someone uses that.

  • Cid Campeador

    Reminds me of the story about the prison in Baltimore (no surprise here) where this Mau Mau is “de facto” running the prison. He even pimps out the female ( LOL!) COs to other prisoners.
    What a tragedy for a once great and historic city.

  • Quido

    A rabbi once told me ” they have given the least to America and expect the most”

  • pcmustgo

    They should sue if they get raped in prison too

  • You can decide what your boundaries are and stick to them. Will this non-white interloper be allowed at your family events? What about any offspring, God forbid, of such a union? This is a personal decision that only you can make, but you will sleep much better at night if you define your own principles in advance–and uphold them at all costs.

    We can only control our own behavior, so fretting over that of others is pointless. Decide how you will react in advance, and make sure the person knows what the consequences will be for such an act.