Thousands Protest Muslim Conference in Garland

NBC DFW, January 19, 2015

Thousands of protesters and counter-protesters held American flags and signs outside of a Muslim conference in Garland, Texas, on Saturday night.

“We’re here to stand up for the American way of life from a faction of people who are trying to destroy us,” a man protesting the conference said.

The demonstrations began hours before the start of the program at the Curtis Culwell Center, which is operated by the Garland Independent School District.

The conference is titled, “Stand With the Prophet Against Terror and Hate” and bills itself as a fundraiser to build a center dedicated to teaching Muslims how to combat negative depictions of their faith.


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  • MekongDelta69

    My AmRen ‘feel-good’ article of the day…

    • Bryce Armstrong

      There’s been a lot of feel good articles lately.

  • I see a Threeper Flag there. Very good.

    • Bryce Armstrong

      What’s that?

      • The flag in the foreground, the Betsy Ross with III within the circle.

        • Bryce Armstrong


      • Travis Lee

        It is called the Nyberg flag. Look it up and you will understand.

        • Bryce Armstrong

          OK thanks.

    • Reynardine

      Third time’s the charm.

  • There need to be more events like this. They need to be held more often. People need to get angry, get vocal, and get organized.

    If Islam and Muslims were such great people, they wouldn’t be coming to a country that has values that completely conflict with much of Islam. Islam doesn’t belong here.

    No retreat, no surrender.

    • Spaniard in LA

      Muslims aren’t a threat to one but themselves. We should fear the 5th column infiltrators that control our government. They are the real threat.

      • Stella

        You can make a statement like that with everything that is going on in the world????

      • The threat is anyone and everyone inflicting a primitive religion and their primitive, oppressive, and violent behaviors on my society. Theoretical and philosophical discussions about who creates the waves are of little use to a sane man when it’s obvious that there are millions of people that are more than happy to ride the anti-White/Western wave the first chance they get. They are riding it as we speak. Differentiating between people at this point is nothing short of suicidal. It would be like me spending time trying to figure out why a majority of black people are violent and destructive and how they ended up here. Don’t know, don’t care about the specifics right now, just want ’em out of my vicinity and sphere of influence.

        The way I look at it is that everything anti-White/anti-Western that is in my path should be leveled. I don’t care whether you were the guy that robbed my home and stole my possessions or just the guy that willingly bought my stolen property. You both knew it was wrong, so you both will be targeted.

  • Cid Campeador

    They were waving American Flags. They are masters of deceit. Tell the Kuffar anything that he wants to hear before you strike at his neck.

    • I know what you mean, but I’m willing to overlook that transgression in this instance.

      • Cid Campeador


    • Samuel Hathaway

      ¡Fuera con los Moros!..,.Yeah, Out with the Moors. does well for me,

  • Easyrhino

    The last place in the USA Islam could get a beach-head you would think would be Texas. The downside is if they can get a foothold in Texas then the rest of the trip is downhill from there.

    • LHathaway

      I don’t live in Texas but having visited and driven thought Texas, I noticed one thing and one thing only: black men seeming to be in relationships with large numbers of white women there. It almost seems like a mathematical equation. Whites + Blacks + Mexicans = White women sleeping with black men. I have no explanation for why this is so. Perhaps my observation is anecdotal and even incorrect. I do know White women there are likely exposed to information and education telling them they are ‘victims’ because they are women.

      The only thing Muslim immigration means for Texas is more white women marrying men of color, in this case educated Muslims. We’re not giving them affirmative action jobs for nothing.

      • Alucard_the_last

        I’ve noticed that all over America, the ‘white’ women who breed with negroes are ALWAYS fat, ugly and/or white trash. The only other exception is if the negro is rich and famous.

        • Rusty Shackelford

          One other exception – if the black guy is “white presenting”, they tend to marry white women. Probably because they want nothing to do with most black women. I’ve seen the reverse maybe once – black woman who was black in skin color only who married a white guy.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            Even is a black is black in skin color only and also in the way he or she behave, it is still the same as lipstick on a pig. Keep them away.

        • Cid Campeador

          Or that they eventually wind up permanently disabled or dead.
          Ask Nicole Brown Simpson’s Family.

      • What you have said is true. I live in the San Antonio area. White women and Mexican women do engage in sexual relationships with the monkey men far too often. And these are attractive white women. Texas women have a mean streak in them. There are more men than women in this state and thus the women have their pick of men. They enjoy that power and they use it to rub white men’s noses in excrement far too often.

        • LHathaway

          San Antonio is probably heaven for White men Compared to most other municipalities in Texas but I don’t know. . .

        • Spikeygrrl

          I’m new to San Antonio (8 months) and have seen a much lower proportion of interracial couples than I’m used to seeing in large cities throughout the contiguous 48 States. The Navy kept my husband & I in San Diego for 6 yrs immediately prior to this duty station, and there it seemed like every second or third couple we saw was interracial!

      • meanqueen

        The problem is poor whites/white trash women who are in abundance in Texas and the south. Often they are fat and slovenly, with no skills and no education. They gravitate toward black men. I still remember a time when you could be poor, white, but decent. Seems that demographic is no longer.

      • badbox27

        I was at a gas station one day (not in Texas) and saw some monkey wearing a shirt that said “White girls heart (love) me.” I wanted to throw up.

        • throttler

          A case of wishful thinking on his part.

          • Cid Campeador

            Maybe NOT wishful thinking. It’s becoming more and more obvious.

      • “I have no explanation for why this is so.”

        I do. Decades of mass-media audio-visual programming.

      • Coalburning is a homicide waiting to happen.

  • Luca

    “..teaching Muslims how to combat negative depictions of their faith.”

    They have quite a task in front of them, teaching us infidels that beheadings, pedophilia, suicide bombings, public executions, and female mutilation are normal and civilized practices from a religion of peace..

  • Alucard_the_last

    Why should they get special rights? The Brooklyn Museum would never show anything that would ‘offend’ the muslims (which is everything esp. the Bill of Rights) yet they had no problem displaying “Piss Christ” which is a crucifix in a jar of the ‘artists’ urine. If we did that with the Koran, we would be charged with a hate crime, not have it displayed in a museum.

  • Christorchaos

    What? No “Pope tells Catholics not to ‘breed like rabbits'” story in AR news today, yet 5+ stories on Muslims??

    • Cid Campeador

      I’m really beginning to think that the Holy Father is a Marxist.

      • jayvbellis

        The correct term here is “liberation theology” as developed in Central and South America. Marxist revolutionary program dressed up, disguised in Christian, Catholic dress and language.

        There are lots of variations on this terrible “Liberation Theology” Obama ‘s White hating “Pastor” Jeremiah Wright added the hate Whitey language to Liberation theology, making it “Black Liberation Theology”.

      • Christorchaos

        Groucho or Karl? (-:

        He hurls more insults than Groucho at a society ball.

  • Texans may stand up and demonstrate against Muslims, who are an easy target. But I live there and Mexicans at this point are a far greater danger. Texans have a blind spot when it comes to Mexicans.

    • Awakened Saxon

      As long as Texans keep supporting the country (USA) that is swamping their state with foreigners, then Texas has no chance of survival. Someone would have to be severely deluded to not understand the irony of waving the flag that makes immigration possible while opposing immigration. Add to that the display of the flag of a tiny Middle Eastern country that sucks our resources and opposes our interests and I’d say these protestors are major morons. Maybe one or two of them will eventually wake up, but I’m skeptical even of that.

  • Reynardine

    “Stand With the Prophet Against Terror and Hate” conference in Texas?

    Tequila and Taqiyya!

  • Dindu Nuffins

    The Texans are right. Muzzies are a threat to a civilized way of life.

  • dd121

    A lot of us have noticed that moose lums are a threat to our way of life.

    • Cid Campeador

      We have to be careful not to step in the Moose lum(ps). Otherwise I’ll take Moose over Muslims any day of the week.

  • IstvanIN

    a fundraiser to build a center dedicated to teaching Muslims how to combat negative depictions of their faith.
    How in heavens name will they put a positive spin on executing 13 teenage boys for watching soccer on TV?

  • FozzieT

    They call us “Islamophobes.” And really, who wouldn’t be? Muslims have been killing us randomly for decades in the name of Islam. Culturally, the entire West is Islamophobic. That’s why most of our major media outlets won’t publish a picture of Mohammed. They fear Muslims – i.e., they are Islamophobic.

    Guess who wasn’t Islamophobic? Chris Kyle. He’s the Navy Seal featured in the blockbuster movie, “American Sniper.” He wasn’t afraid of Muslims. He knew them for what they really are: savages. And he killed them.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I suffer from Islamonausea. I get sick when I see them in my neighborhood.

      • Ron Cheaters

        Make that IslamoRAGE in my case.
        I want to return the gifts they bring.

      • badbox27

        I have absolutely no use for muslims at all whatsoever. If I never saw another muslim again for the rest of my life it wouldn’t bother me a bit. Come to think of it, the same is true about blacks, Hispanics, and pretty much all non-whites.

    • Cid Campeador

      OI haven’t seen the movie as yet. Would someone please tell me? Did he SHOOT the kid with the RPG?

      • FozzieT

        I don’t want to spoil it for you. Go see the movie!

  • Awakened Saxon

    This is a Pamela Geller event. It is obviously controlled opposition.

    • Awakened Saxon

      Here are a few images from the controlled rally. The US flags should be enough to repulse any racialist, but apparently they are not. Something tells me that even the pictures below will not get the message across to some here.





  • NoMosqueHere

    The conference is titled, “Stand With the Prophet Against Terror and Hate” and bills itself as a fundraiser to build a center dedicated to teaching Muslims how to combat negative depictions of their faith.


    The “prophet” was a mass murdering child molester, the essence of “terror and hate.” The best way for muslims to combat negative depictions of their faith is to convert to christianity.

    • Awakened Saxon

      Do you want Muslims to assimilate?

      • IstvanIN

        They could become Christians and stay in their own countries. Win/Win for the world.

        • Awakened Saxon

          I think everyone knows they will never become Christian. Also, I don’t consider anything west or northwest of the Arabian peninsula to be theirs. North Africa, the eastern Mediterranean, and Turkey (Anatolia) were once in the European sphere.

          • IstvanIN

            We’ll be lucky to retain Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, I wouldn’t worry too much about retaking the old Roman Empire.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Once Europe is retaken, the entire Mediterranean will be a cake walk.

          • IstvanIN

            Greed often leads to a downfall.

          • Julius Caesar

            Do you really want to lose those amazing Roman and Greek structures? If Italy and Greece were to be left to the Muslims, say goodbye to any historical artifacts and structures.

          • IstvanIN

            Who said anything about Greece and Italy?

          • Julius Caesar

            Maybe I misread or misplaced who I was responding to, I was on my phone!

  • Samuel Hathaway

    Why don’t Muslims teach each other how not to hate rather than helping themselves to a country where they don’t belong and are not wanted anyway?

  • WR_the_realist

    The Prophet was a big advocate of terror and hate. The ISIS guys tell us so, and if you read the Koran, you will see that they’re right.

  • badbox27

    “This is my country too.” Um…actually…no it’s not.

  • Spikeygrrl

    Say, here’s a thought: Quit enabling terrorism among your co-religionists and there would be a lot fewer “negative depictions” to “combat.”

  • jayvbellis

    Texans are pretty much solidly against Muslims flooding in to Texas ( I’m not including Libertarian Ron and. Rand Paul true believers, who think the subject is irrelevant and everyone should concentrate on hard money issues).

    Our side should consider inching the worst Muslims a bit in Texas or maybe even do what the Left does, pretend to be on the other side and insult, enrage.

    If Muslims or actors acting as Muslims want to insult Texans, saying that Texans have to give up guns, BBQ Pork, beer and the a chrístían religion as the Muslims are taking over Texas – that works well for us.

    Another option is to hire some rather swarthy Sihks to place (Convert to Islam) flyers on the windshields of Texans going to Evangelical churches. The flyers would have photo as of White women dressed in Islamic garb posing with the 3 other wives of some swarthy Muslim guy.

    We might as well have some fun out there as the Powers That Be are getting ready to take away our 1st Amendment Rights, slam down EU, Canadian style thought crime laws and tribunals.

  • ElComadreja

    Damn right they’re a threat to everyone’s way of life and so are blacks and mestizos.

  • Whirlwinder

    I was at this protest in Garland and it felt good to be among Americans of like mind. What with the Muslim-in-Chief packing his administration with muslims and trying to destroy our culture at every turn, that protest was indeed a boost.

  • pwnful truth

    Nobody who hasn’t clicked on amren knows this news. The media keeps the american majority from organizing so that the small and well organized groups can defeat the majority. We’ve seen it happening for decades. The majority opposes the government enabled/sponsored muslim invasion, has and always has opposed “gay rights,” opposed forced desegregation, opposed racial quotas, and a myriad of other examples